August 18th, 2017
10:28 AM
Apple’s ‘cop button’ won’t keep your iPhone safe from the police
09:59 AM
Apple’s ‘cop button’ won’t keep your iPhone safe from the police
08:32 AM
Google is testing a lite Search app for Android users on slow connections
12:48 AM
Reddit’s rolling out native video — anticipate more ads
12:18 AM
Bitcoin surges to record high $4,500 — but is the bubble about to burst?
August 17th, 2017
11:49 PM
The LG V30 is shaping up to be a serious Note 8 competitor
10:51 PM
Nostalgia isn’t doing the gaming industry any favors
09:53 PM
Ford’s CEO is ready for the driverless car future: Are we?
07:28 PM
Facebook is now fighting clickbait video and fake ‘play’ buttons
07:28 PM
Newton arrives on Windows to help clear your inbox
06:59 PM
Instagram’s new Direct replies are basically threaded messaging for photos
06:01 PM
Barely into Beta, Sansar is already making social VR look good
06:01 PM
xHamster solicits Netflix with offer to produce next season of Sense8
05:03 PM
Android creator Andy Rubin: Essential Phone is now available to order
04:05 PM
Skype’s controversial redesign is coming to desktops – here’s how to try it
04:05 PM
Build and control your own robots, home automation and more with this Raspberry Pi training
04:04 PM
Want to get people talking about your disgusting food? Fake an iPhone 8 picture
02:38 PM
EU-funded online privacy tool will protect your data – and help you sell it
02:38 PM
Lofree’s $70 Poison Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate conversation starter
02:09 PM
Omnidirectional elevators are going to transform our cities
01:40 PM
How the plus sign can save your Gmail inbox from becoming a pit of doom
01:11 PM
iPhone 8 latest leak is the strongest hint wireless charging is coming
11:15 AM
How blockchain solves the complicated data-ownership problem
11:15 AM
Here’s how NEO plans to top Ethereum and Bitcoin
11:15 AM
The Putin shirtless challenge is the ice bucket challenge of Russia
09:48 AM
The startup aiming to support your smart home
09:48 AM
Silicon Valley is finally lashing out against white supremacists
07:23 AM
Google Home can now make calls and it won’t cost you a dime
04:29 AM
How entrepreneurs can build a website for the modern economy
12:09 AM
Blurry Apple ‘leak’ shows 60-inch OLED TV could be on the way
August 16th, 2017
11:11 PM
Stop trying to ‘go offline’ and learn to set priorities instead
10:42 PM
You can now ask Google Maps questions with new Q&A feature
07:19 PM
Barack Obama’s Charlottesville tweet is now the most-liked in history
06:50 PM
Zen Protocol is the next step for cryptocurrency smart-contracts
04:54 PM
The startup disrupting the conversation in the mobile data battleground
04:25 PM
Industry-leading VPN coverage at home or work — for less than $2.50 a month
04:25 PM
Facebook now lets you collect non-profit donations on your birthday
03:56 PM
Google wants to save you from allergies with new pollen forecasts
03:27 PM
The weird saga of the “water bottle for Women in Tech” hoax
03:27 PM
Facebook shifts focus away from teens with launch of new video platform
02:29 PM
Tesla calculator estimates how much it actually costs to buy a Model 3
02:00 PM
Meet the tiny Windows 10 PC designed for the internet of things
01:31 PM
Here’s why you aren’t shopping in VR (yet)
01:31 PM
Game of Thrones’ next-week episode S07E06 was leaked… by HBO
12:33 PM
The internet in India sucks more than you think
10:37 AM
MIT researchers use machine learning to kill video buffering
09:10 AM
The official D&D app is out now and you can try it for free
08:12 AM
Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer shifts base to the dark web
01:26 AM
Uber slapped with FTC audits for next 20 years due to privacy lapses
August 15th, 2017
11:30 PM
When Trump retweets you, is it an endorsement?
10:03 PM
Facebook’s new Camera features might breathe new life into Stories
09:34 PM
Heinz will let you eat Stories Ads on Instagram. Seriously.
08:07 PM
Facebook has a new look – come spot the differences
07:09 PM
Instagram becomes more like Facebook with threaded comments
06:40 PM
US Government demands details about all visitors to an anti-Trump site
06:40 PM
Five ways blockchain tech is going to rock the music and movie industries
06:11 PM
Apple doesn’t want you to set your own brightness in iOS 11
05:42 PM
Google Allo is now available for desktop… but who cares?
05:13 PM
Soooo, there’s now a “water bottle designed for Women in Tech”
04:44 PM
4 Key Rules Your Content Team Should Know To Drive Leads And Sales
04:15 PM
Pokemon Go players are furiously protesting Niantic’s new exclusive raids
04:15 PM
Secure 2TBs of cloud storage space for life — for under $50
02:19 PM
Using the smiley face emoji at work makes coworkers think you’re dumb 🙂
01:50 PM
What it’s like to be a private investigator in the internet age
01:21 PM
This site helps you find the perfect Emoji domain name (with one caveat)
12:23 PM
Intel CEO’s departure makes Dell the last tech company in Trump’s council
11:54 AM
Hit the Programming Bootcamp and unlock the power of Java coding — for under $40
10:56 AM
Why driverless car tech is ruining your driving skills
10:56 AM
3 potentially criminal pitfalls of ICO marketing you should definitely avoid
06:35 AM
Here’s how to keep your Instagram creeping on the low
03:41 AM
Real talk: how community-driven apps can help you combat your anxiety
01:16 AM
LinkedIn loses legal right to protect user data from AI scraping
August 14th, 2017
11:20 PM
Nintendo now lets you pick your own Switch color combo
11:20 PM
Apple just changed the App Store logo for the first time in years
10:51 PM
Facebook brings Marketplace to 17 European countries