August 3rd, 2020
10:01 PM
The PS4 controller will work with PS5, but not PS5 games
09:35 PM
Google confirms the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are coming this fall
05:15 PM
Google’s $349 Pixel 4a is finally here — but is it too little too late?
05:15 PM
We charted the screen-to-body ratio of Google Pixel phones
04:23 PM
Say hello to SHIFT, our new publication about the future of mobility tech
03:57 PM
Sperm have fooled scientists for 350 years — they spin not swim
02:39 PM
What to expect from Samsung’s Note 20 event on August 5
02:39 PM
How Subaru created the blueprint for selling cars to LGBTQI+ consumers
02:38 PM
Speechify can turn any written text into spoken word to boost your productivity
02:13 PM
How about a triple screen laptop? The Mobile Pixels Trio makes it happen
02:13 PM
How thermal cameras can play a key role in slowing down the coronavirus spread
12:29 PM
Forget cars, we should focus on electrifying trucks and buses instead
12:03 PM
COVID got the world addicted to (computer) tablets — we made some pie charts about it
12:03 PM
What my biggest mistake as a junior engineer taught me about taking ownership
11:37 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin plunges 6% in 24 hours’
11:37 AM
How to get rid of that annoying Meet button in the Gmail app
11:11 AM
This Chinese EV maker is bringing its small affordable cars to truck-loving Texas
10:45 AM
The Perseverance rover is our best bet for finding life on Mars
10:19 AM
Byte Me #18: Sexist jokes, sausage parties, and ‘lazy man insults’
10:19 AM
How to use ‘controversial’ content to drive high-quality backlinks
09:53 AM
Microsoft might buy TikTok — here’s what’s going on
06:25 AM
Pardon the Intrusion #23: Read this if you have a wearable
August 2nd, 2020
07:09 PM
How to declare, interact, and scope variables in JavaScript
04:07 PM
There’s no workplace equity for women in STEM – and COVID-19 made it worse
02:23 PM
Learn the SEO and social media tactics to build a truly thriving online business
01:05 PM
New 3D model reveals Venus’ volcanoes are actually still active
01:05 PM
How to name your baby using machine learning
August 1st, 2020
08:12 PM
How studying our reaction to coronavirus can help us fight climate change
07:20 PM
Why vehicle-to-grid charging could be the cheapest way to secure renewable energy
02:08 PM
Trump says he will sign the order to ban TikTok today
11:06 AM
Ultraviolet light gives astronomers new clues on mysterious stellar eruptions
02:02 AM
Prosecutors claim to have caught teenage mastermind behind Twitter hack
12:19 AM
Quantum physicists say time travelers don’t have to worry about the butterfly effect
July 31st, 2020
11:01 PM
Battletoads returns on PC and Xbox One this summer
09:43 PM
The 6 unholy AI systems thou shalt not develop
08:51 PM
Algorithm reveals which new emoji Twitter users most desire
04:57 PM
Here’s what makes the perfect ‘cursed image’
04:05 PM
How to hide from drones in the age of surveillance
04:05 PM
The dangers SpaceX’s Crew Dragon will face during its return to Earth
04:05 PM
North Korean hackers phish for victims with ‘too good to be true’ job offers
03:13 PM
Facebook is launching official music videos in the US
02:21 PM
New AI tool detects child sexual abuse material with ‘99% precision”’
02:21 PM
Soundsnap serves the audio needs of creatives and marketers. Get a library of stock audio and sounds for 25% off
01:55 PM
Amazon will spend $10B to battle Elon Musk in the internet-from-space race
01:29 PM
YouTube will no longer let viewers help creators with subtitles and captions
01:03 PM
Here’s why IT departments need predictive analytics
11:45 AM
India’s opaque site bans set a dangerous precedent for censorship
11:19 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin is now worth as much as Coca-Cola’
11:19 AM
Google’s top search result? Surprise! It’s Google
10:01 AM
The modular eBussy is the Transformer minivan you’ve been waiting for
08:43 AM
5 things to consider when you run an internship program
06:59 AM
Apple confirms the new iPhone will be delayed — but it doesn’t matter
12:04 AM
Early impressions: Amplitude’s Humankind looks like a bold step forward for the 4X genre
12:04 AM
Epic is finally adding achievements to games sold in its Store
July 30th, 2020
08:36 PM
This app uses AI to make your selfies look fabulously ridiculous
06:52 PM
Check out how often your article has been shared on social media, and by who
06:00 PM
Big Tech told Congress there’s loads of competition. This chart says otherwise
05:08 PM
Microsoft’s contribution to Blender is a win-win for the 3D community
05:08 PM
Here’s what it really means when you say ‘I’m busy’
05:08 PM
Scientists used underwater drones to find out when sperm whales like to eat
04:16 PM
Virtual Tour de France shows how esports has come of age during lockdown
03:50 PM
6 things I learned about the Meizu 17 Pro’s design after our steamy week together
02:06 PM
This invaluable design and marketing tool can keep you from wasting hours building mock websites
01:40 PM
WhatsApp might soon let you mute annoying chats forever
01:14 PM
A guide to testing Hooks for avid React developers
12:48 PM
A scientific analysis of the Facebook group where millennials pretend to be Boomers
12:22 PM
Biggest challenges and opportunities of expanding a tech business across Europe
11:30 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Iranian power plants can now mine Bitcoin’
11:04 AM
Huawei and Bytedance are prime examples of a new regional approach to trade
10:38 AM
TikTok’s CEO takes shots at Zuckerberg as it aims to continue to survive in the US
10:12 AM
Judge gives New York 45 days to pay benefits to Uber and Lyft drivers
08:54 AM
5 strategic tips to help your startup survive COVID-19
05:26 AM
Congress fumbles through antitrust hearing with big tech CEOs
12:40 AM
Google Stadia’s cellular support might draw in some new blood
July 29th, 2020
08:47 PM
Scientists use AI to predict what makes a successful relationship