May 28th, 2020
11:17 PM
Hulu is testing an official Watch Party feature (for some viewers)
09:33 PM
TNW Pride 2020: Why queer representation is so important for STEM
09:07 PM
Instagram finally offers creators a chance to get paid
07:23 PM
Google Maps makes it easier to share your location with Plus Codes — no address required
06:31 PM
Bitcoin vs. NASDAQ 100: Watch them thrive during the pandemic
06:31 PM
US joins G7 AI alliance to counter China’s influence
05:13 PM
Devious Call of Duty pranksters are building shitty guns to fool players in Warzone
05:13 PM
Working from home is great — until your co-workers show up
04:21 PM
How tech is defying death and turning our loved ones into Alexa-powered chatbots
04:21 PM
Why Gary Vaynerchuk’s 12 hour TikTok telethon revealed a gentler side
03:03 PM
How Baidu’s AI produces news videos using just a URL
02:37 PM
How the Dutch government uses data to predict the weather and prepare for natural disasters
02:11 PM
Freelancing could be the way forward for thousands of Americans. Here are some points to consider
02:11 PM
This tool helps you send emails directly to the recipient’s spam box
01:19 PM
3 possible scenarios for restoring public transport after COVID-19
12:27 PM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin is a bad investment according to Goldman Sachs’
12:27 PM
AI algorithms are puzzled by our online behavior during the coronavirus pandemic
12:01 PM
How to supercharge your team’s brainstorming sessions with sci-fi narratives
11:09 AM
Shifting to electric transport is still a game changer — even if it’s not charged by renewable energy
10:17 AM
9 tips to help you negotiate the salary you want
10:17 AM
Uber scraps thousands of Jump ebikes, because recycling them is ‘too complicated’
07:15 AM
SpaceX and NASA’s crewed mission postponed until the weekend due to bad weather
02:04 AM
HBO Max has launched — here’s what you need to get started
May 27th, 2020
08:00 PM
Scientists are using AI to predict which lung cancer patients will relapse
07:34 PM
JK Rowling releases free story The Ickabog to help kids in lockdown
06:42 PM
13 YouTube channels to turn yourself from wagecuck to finance god
05:24 PM
Just putting it out there: It’s embarrassing to exist on LinkedIn
04:58 PM
UK cities trial ‘red carpet’ crosswalks to reduce pedestrian accidents
04:32 PM
Click here if your virtual meetings are insanely inefficient
04:32 PM
Researchers use drones and AI to detect Soviet ‘butterfly’ landmines
04:06 PM
World’s top companies, including Apple, borrowed $1 trillion in just five months
03:40 PM
The invisible labor powering Silicon Valley — and the ethics behind ‘ghost work’
03:40 PM
Spotify’s removed its 10K library limit — but it won’t replace my MP3 collection
03:39 PM
You can finally customize your Mac in India – but it’s cumbersome
03:14 PM
Tesla’s Model S and Model X EVs are now $5K cheaper — but there’s no more free Supercharging
02:48 PM
How do marketers actually connect with a post-COVID audience? This might help
02:22 PM
What this massive rotating disk galaxy tells us about our early universe
02:22 PM
If you’re seeking the path to a six-figure role as a project manager, your journey starts here
01:56 PM
Fujifilm’s new app makes it easy to turn your camera into a webcam
01:56 PM
How to succeed in a post-coronavirus job market, according to Vice’s SVP
01:30 PM
A step-by-step guide to building your first Telegram bot
01:04 PM
Pablo Escobar’s brother is suing Apple for $2.6B
12:38 PM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘S&P 500 outperformed Bitcoin over the past year’
12:12 PM
Everything you need to know about artificial neural networks
10:02 AM
Don’t confuse following your gut with your ego — or your business will fail
09:10 AM
Amazon-backed Rivian reopens factory to build parts for upcoming electric SUV
08:44 AM
Facebook reportedly knew its algorithms promoted extremist groups, but did nothing
12:51 AM
YouTube removed phrase critical of Chinese government due to AI error
12:25 AM
Microsoft brings Edge’s hidden Surf Game to everyone
12:25 AM
Twitter embeds fact-checking links in Trump’s lying tweets
May 26th, 2020
08:58 PM
How to tell HBO Max, Now, and Go apart
08:58 PM
Sony patents AI soundtrack generator that adapts game music to your emotions
07:40 PM
It’s time to shark up y’all
06:22 PM
Here’s how many cyclists it takes to charge a Tesla as fast as a Supercharger
05:56 PM
A look at the $17 billion stock portfolio of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
05:04 PM
Qatar’s COVID-19 tracker could’ve exposed the data of over 1M users
03:46 PM
Chinese city’s health-tracking surveillance tech set to outlast the pandemic
03:46 PM
India open-sources its coronavirus tracker after privacy concerns
03:20 PM
Future AirPods might jam light sensors into your ears because… health
02:54 PM
5 cognitive biases in data science — and how to avoid them
02:02 PM
Xiaomi’s wireless Redmi Earbuds S are dirt-cheap at just $23 — and that’s about it
01:36 PM
Chrome is testing dark mode for Google Search
12:44 PM
There’s an actual science to good Instagram photos
12:44 PM
This GTA V mod lets you ride your own bike around Los Santos
12:18 PM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Visa approves launch of crypto debit card in Europe’
12:18 PM
The center of the Milky Way twinkles in radiation — this could explain how supermassive black holes behave
11:26 AM
5 things to do if you’re worried about job security
11:26 AM
Here’s why you should care about SpaceX’s crewed rocket launch
09:16 AM
Samsung’s new mobile security chip protects booting process and crypto transactions
08:50 AM
How to watch SpaceX’s rocket launch for its first crewed mission
08:24 AM
How I accidentally built a tech startup — without any technological knowledge
May 25th, 2020
05:42 PM
US tech execs have dumped $3.6 billion in company stock this month
05:16 PM
Icon Rewind is a time machine for your phone’s app icons
05:16 PM
Podcast: How mobility startups need to adapt and grow in 2020
04:24 PM
These are the 3 least volatile tech stocks paying out high dividends