September 24th, 2020
02:12 AM
Why were the PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders so chaotic?
12:54 AM
How to hide pages of apps in iOS 14
12:54 AM
Report: Apple’s iPhone 12 event will probably be on October 13
September 23rd, 2020
11:11 PM
Todoist takes a shot at Trello with Kanban-style ‘boards’
10:19 PM
California bans sale of (new) gas vehicles starting 2035
09:27 PM
Instagram Reels are now double the length and easier to edit
09:01 PM
Google Maps now has a COVID-19 layer because 2020
08:09 PM
This Canadian city is giving out free bus passes to help those with low income
05:59 PM
Facebook removes Chinese network of fake accounts that used AI-generated faces
04:15 PM
Volvo’s owner will offer its ‘transformative’ EV tech to competitors
04:15 PM
How UX designers can save us from our own shitty passwords
04:15 PM
Finished all of Netflix? FlixFling may be the streaming service you should check out
03:49 PM
3 productivity tips on working from home — straight from a distraction expert
03:23 PM
6 practical tricks every Python developer should have
02:05 PM
Tesla is finally waking up to the realities of being a legitimate car maker
01:13 PM
YouTube’s new AI will block videos that are inappropriate for kids
11:29 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Iran to auction surplus energy to Bitcoin miners’
10:37 AM
4 ways to use psychology to win your competition’s customers
10:11 AM
No more excuses — ‘now’ is always the right time to become a founder
09:19 AM
Microsoft gets exclusive licensing access to GPT-3 to use in its products
08:27 AM
How giving product features away for free helped my startup grow during COVID-19
07:35 AM
The strangest things gamers have played Doom on
01:05 AM
PSA: Microsoft Edge comes to Linux next month
September 22nd, 2020
11:22 PM
iOS 14: How to use the new pin, mention and reply features in Messages
11:22 PM
Pixel 5 leaks: everything we know so far
09:12 PM
The worst technology company in the world
05:44 PM
A computer can guess more than 100 billion passwords per second — still think yours is secure?
04:26 PM
Apple finally figured out what the fuck its Watch is for
04:26 PM
DevOps is an IT buzz title. And if you really want to understand it, this training can help
04:25 PM
Developers, here’s how to generate ideas for your next side project
03:34 PM
Michigan continues campaign against EV-selling startups, but leaves Tesla alone
03:08 PM
WhatsApp is working on self-destructing pics and videos
02:16 PM
Tesla stock dives after Elon Musk cools ‘Battery Day’ hype
01:24 PM
Become a better public speaker by tapping into your ‘personas’
12:58 PM
An old TV caused internet outages for an entire British village… for 18 months
12:32 PM
Why aren’t we talking about Spanish and Portuguese tech startups?
12:06 PM
Royole’s brand new FlexPai 2 does nothing to convince me of foldables
11:40 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin plunges as stock market continues downward trend’
11:40 AM
India’s biggest state’s coronavirus platform reportedly exposed data of millions
11:14 AM
Airbus’ zero emission dreams hinge on airports keeping up
09:56 AM
How to get the most out of attending a digital event
09:56 AM
KEF updates its legendary LS50 speakers with distortion-killing ‘metamaterials’
09:04 AM
How to check which apps accessed your location iOS 14
08:38 AM
Level-up your customer service with these 4 dynamite strategies
01:43 AM
The OnePlus 8T will be revealed on October 14
12:51 AM
How to set a default mail app in iOS 14
September 21st, 2020
08:31 PM
Microsoft acquires Bethesda — here’s what that means for gamers
08:31 PM
Journalists, climate crisis isn’t a topic up for debate
08:05 PM
AI devs created a lean, mean, GPT-3-beating machine that uses 99.9% fewer parameters
08:05 PM
Photoshop’s new tool makes it ridiculously easy to change the sky
05:03 PM
Bolt adds zero emission, no cost travel option: Walking
04:37 PM
This wireless charger is invisible. You never see it, yet all your devices stay charged
04:11 PM
This project management training will help streamline your business and make you standout
03:19 PM
German space agency’s modular self-driving truck is just a life-size children’s toy from the ’70s
01:35 PM
Why Twitter’s image cropping algorithm appears to have white bias
01:09 PM
Scientists believe they’ve found the origins of ‘space gold’
11:51 AM
Here’s how you measure the success of a UX design project
11:51 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Norwegian government indirectly owns hundreds of Bitcoin’
11:25 AM
The UK might bring its ban on gas-powered cars forward to 2030
10:59 AM
How to create a human-centered work environment as a remote manager
10:59 AM
Nikola stock collapses after CEO Trevor Milton resigns over fraud allegations
09:41 AM
The content gold mine your brand needs to leverage: Long-term trending topics
08:49 AM
Everything we know about the US TikTok deal so far
September 20th, 2020
07:23 PM
How humane is the UK’s plan to introduce robot companions in care homes?
04:21 PM
Study: Teachers’ expectations of their students’ digital skills are influenced by race
03:29 PM
Clear your mind, save money, improve your work and more with 10 phone apps at massive savings
September 19th, 2020
05:23 PM
This highly-rated password manager is now on sale for a limited time
04:05 PM
Scientists confirm holding a cat in your dating app profile won’t get you a date
03:13 PM
Get the most out of your Android and iPhone with these 10 accessories, now on sale
01:03 PM
5 things self-proclaimed COVID-19 ‘experts’ get wrong about statistics
11:19 AM
Apple’s iOS 14 will give users more privacy protection — and publishers aren’t happy about it
02:14 AM
How to quickly make room for iOS 14 on your iPhone
02:14 AM
Here’s our best look at Google’s new Android TV Chromecast yet
12:56 AM
6 big data blunders businesses should avoid
12:04 AM
Trump makes first move to ban TikTok from app stores on Sunday