March 17th, 2018
04:16 PM
Use Facebook, Instagram and social channels to market the right way — learn how for only $29
02:58 PM
We can’t allow big tech companies thwart the ‘right to remember’
01:40 PM
Secure voting, digital ID’s, and more: How blockchain could reform digital democracy
10:38 AM
Facebook will carry a health warning within five years
09:20 AM
Let the robots have the damn jobs — all of them!
01:59 AM
China to ban citizens with bad ‘social credit’ from some forms of travel
March 16th, 2018
10:04 PM
Bitmain’s new $12K cryptocurrency miner might be useless by the time it ships
07:54 PM
This app makes your headphones sound like a pro recording studio
06:36 PM
This startup is building an eBay for digital assets like CryptoKitties
06:10 PM
Review: Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Builder is 978 pieces of educational fun
05:44 PM
Got questions for a blockchain wizard? Alex Mashinsky is joining us on TNW Answers
05:44 PM
Let’s talk about Luigi’s bulge
05:18 PM
The Amsterdam Pirate Party is using its leader’s penis to promote privacy
05:18 PM
The first Vatican hackathon made a lot of sense, actually
04:26 PM
Accelerate your career with coveted Six Sigma project management certifications
04:00 PM
The McFly project wants to launch flying taxis on the blockchain in Nairobi
01:50 PM
The Dutch Data Protection Authority accidentally leaked its employees’ data
09:04 AM
HTC’s U12 Plus flagship leaks ahead of May launch
09:04 AM
What’s the next big thing in IoT? 14 experts share their predictions.
08:12 AM
What’s the next big thing in IoT? 14 experts share their predictions.
07:20 AM
Facebook’s latest Android app helps you find and pay for public Wi-Fi
03:00 AM
It’s official: Russia is targeting critical American infrastructure with ‘malicious cyberattacks’
01:16 AM
Reddit’s massive shoplifting sub has thus far evaded the banhammer
March 15th, 2018
11:58 PM
Understanding quantum computers: The basics
09:22 PM
Logitech’s first gaming speakers pack RGB lighting and ample bass for $199
08:30 PM
You can’t play EA’s newest game because you’re not a robot
07:38 PM
Drake and Ninja are the buddy-cop Twitch duo we all need
06:46 PM
This company wants to simplify diamond trading by tokenizing diamonds
06:20 PM
Google rebrands Android Wear as Wear OS to attract more iPhone users
05:28 PM
BitGrail will refund $195M worth of stolen Nano – but only if you promise not to sue
05:02 PM
Cryptocurrency News March 15
04:36 PM
TNW’s Big Spam: CHEGH-chew jaj-VAM jaj-KAK… we mean it…
04:36 PM
Blockchain CMOs are faced with a unique marketing challenge
04:10 PM
Blockchaining could change the future, and this training will show you how
03:18 PM
Sierra Leone is the first country to run a blockchain-powered election
02:26 PM
How to avoid getting duped by cryptocurrency ‘pump and dump’ schemes (like I did)
12:16 PM
Uber Movement launches in UK to help city planners make better decisions
12:16 PM
Digg Reader is shutting down this month – here are 3 great free alternatives
09:14 AM
This Chrome extension enables two-factor authentication logins by watching you type
09:14 AM
Two worlds’ meet and thrive: the unification of video games and blockchain
07:30 AM
Google open-sources AI for improving Portrait Mode in camera apps
06:12 AM
Theranos CEO charged with $700 million fraud, fined just $500k
05:20 AM
Nerds rejoice! Duolingo reveals long-awaited Klingon course
02:19 AM
‘Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places’ is a 3-part documentary series that’s available free for a limited time
March 14th, 2018
10:51 PM
I still hate email, but I love Canary
10:51 PM
Cryptocurrency News March 14 – what if 100% brain?
10:50 PM
Review: SteelSeries’ Arctis Pro is a gaming headset made for audiophiles
08:41 PM
No cable? No problem: Here’s how to watch March Madness online
06:57 PM
PlayTable brings the blockchain to board games
06:31 PM
I can’t wait for cities to start banning human drivers
06:05 PM
How to work in IT and still have a social life
05:39 PM
TNW’s Big Spam: Space Boobs in Space is the Citizen Kane of our time
04:47 PM
Jewelry site accidentally leaks personal details (and plaintext passwords!) of 1.3M users
04:21 PM
Shoot pictures worthy of the moment with this all-encompassing photography training for only $19.99
03:55 PM
My million dollar crypto-trading fuck-ups will make you cringe
03:55 PM
Audeze’s new gaming headphones track your head movements for convincing 3D sound
02:37 PM
Unannounced Tomb Raider sequel leaked through teaser site source code
02:11 PM
Facebook bans far-right hate group Britain First
12:53 PM
Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) got its Twitter hacked
10:43 AM
Your home screen needs these beautiful custom map wallpapers
08:07 AM
Google will ban cryptocurrency ads starting this June
07:15 AM
YouTube turns to Wikipedia to help debunk conspiracy theories spreading on its platform
05:57 AM
Renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking dies at 76
12:45 AM
Little Caesars patents robot that assembles perfect pepperoni pizza
12:45 AM
Space Boobs In Space is the best thing on Prime Video
March 13th, 2018
11:01 PM
Winklevoss twins have a plan to police cryptocurrency trading
10:09 PM
Researchers tap AI in the fight against ICO scams
08:51 PM
Nintendo’s latest update highlights what the Switch is missing
08:25 PM
A look at the services changing how we interact with money
07:33 PM
Mozilla launches new enterprise-friendly version of Firefox Quantum
05:49 PM
Cryptocurrency News March 13 – burn notice
05:49 PM
Amazon Echo users can now snag a free book from Audible
05:23 PM
Web traffic isn’t a mystery… for $19, Google Analytics will help you unlock data insights
05:23 PM
YouTube officially brings the Dark Theme to mobile and iOS gets first dibs
04:57 PM
Spotify’s newest podcast is about mental health and startup life