November 18th, 2018
04:42 PM
I communicate with my parents via email… is that weird?
03:24 PM
Public speaking doesn’t have to make you hyperventilate with this $29 masterclass
05:26 AM
Will our smart devices become a massive surveillance network?
November 17th, 2018
07:55 PM
Email on mobile sucks, but it’ll get better in the next 10 years
05:45 PM
Gig workers are forced to educate themselves to survive
03:35 PM
Drone assassination attempts are a reminder that better legislation is needed
03:09 PM
Tired of being a JavaScript ignoramus? It’s time to get schooled for $39!
01:43 AM
Report: People are going to have a lot of sex in self-driving cars
November 16th, 2018
11:59 PM
This is why women’s panties are trending on social media
11:33 PM
Facebook’s former PR firm seeded fake stories about bias at Apple News
08:57 PM
A beginner’s guide to AI: Human-level machine intelligence
05:55 PM
Twitter says the Bitcoin scam wave came from third-party app
05:29 PM
Details of 170,000 Pakistani debit cards leaked on dark web
05:03 PM
The Bitcoin Cash hash war has no real winners
04:37 PM
Blockchain hard forks explained as quickly as possible
03:19 PM
The week’s best Android games to play while putting off your holiday shopping
03:19 PM
Tech companies are using machines to fight terrorism and hate speech, and you can do it too for $49
02:53 PM
TNW presents the greatest gift guide in the world… ever
01:35 PM
India’s plans to censor streaming services like Netflix are a mess
12:43 PM
Cryptocurrency fraudster faces 5 years in prison for selling fake ICOs
11:25 AM
2FA codes are great for security, except when 26M of them are leaked
10:59 AM
Japan wants to regulate cryptocurrency wallet services
10:59 AM
Please appreciate Mozilla’s security-focused gift guide
10:07 AM
12 mistakes to avoid when funding a startup
08:23 AM
Facebook removed 1.5 billion fake accounts between April and September
02:46 AM
SCUF’s Vantage PS4 controller: A lot of issues and a big price tag
01:02 AM
Mark Zuckerberg really wants you to know he reads the New York Times
November 15th, 2018
10:26 PM
Hifiman RE2000 Review: World-class sound in a pair of earbuds
09:08 PM
Researchers create ‘master key’ fingerprints that can fool biometric databases
08:42 PM
When you wish upon an algorithm: Will Sophia ever be real?
07:50 PM
An entrepreneur’s guide to Vietnam’s startup scene
07:24 PM
Microsoft launches cloud-based blockchain development kit
06:58 PM
The contentious Bitcoin Cash hard fork is here, now the hash war begins
06:32 PM
Meet 5 blockchain developers making a real impact in the industry
05:40 PM
This (free) Amsterdam blockchain workshop will tackle scalability issues
04:22 PM
This $29 graphic design bundle could help you land a six figure career
04:22 PM
How to help remote workers feel more connected and less isolated
04:21 PM
Trump’s attorney general once endorsed a ‘time travel’ cryptocurrency
03:56 PM
What you need to know about the controversial Bitcoin Cash hard fork
03:04 PM
GitHub Desktop 1.5 makes it easy to resolve frustrating merge conflicts
03:04 PM
Even artists are using Microsoft Excel, become a master of formulas for $19
02:38 PM
Report: Microsoft’s enterprise products covertly gather personal data on users
02:12 PM
Firefox will notify you when you visit breached websites
02:12 PM
German Bitcoin exchange buys investment bank
12:54 PM
How to erase your embarrassing YouTube watch history
12:28 PM
Target blames Bitcoin scam tweet on third-party app, not Twitter
12:02 PM
The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is all about battery life
12:02 PM
KPMG: Cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) are not ready to be real currency
11:10 AM
KPMG launches Bitcoin tax estimator for Australian hodlers
09:26 AM
Instagram’s new dashboard tells you how much time you waste in the app
09:00 AM
Pocket Casts’ major redesign made it my favorite podcast app – again
08:08 AM
WhatsApp is testing a feature to add users with a QR code
06:50 AM
Facebook Messenger now lets you unsend messages
03:48 AM
Shark S87 robotic cleaning system: A great vacuum with bad AI
01:12 AM
Pentagon remains hellbent on using a single-provider cloud for Project JEDI
November 14th, 2018
11:28 PM
The US Army’s Fortnite esports team is totally not for recruitment
10:36 PM
Google’s ethical black hole swallows Deepmind’s best intentions
10:10 PM
Windows 10 is getting a ‘Light’ theme for dark mode haters
06:42 PM
Google’s astounding Night Sight is now available for all Pixel phones
06:16 PM
Here’s our first glimpse of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
05:24 PM
8 arrested for running $68M cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme in Japan
05:24 PM
EU says GDPR will only be a problem for permissionless blockchains
04:58 PM
This new site gives you an easy way to request money via PayPal, Venmo, Patreon, and Cash App
04:58 PM
Meet the startup that wants to build high-tech electric cars in Brexit Britain
04:58 PM
How to be a tech evangelist
04:32 PM
More malicious cryptocurrency apps found on the Play Store
04:06 PM
They’re just like Apple AirPods — except they’re a ton cheaper at $37
03:14 PM
Pick up an all-star roster of high-end Mac apps for $20
02:48 PM
Be My Eyes app lets you lend your eyes to a blind person in real time
02:48 PM
H&M subsidiary Arket is testing blockchain tracking with VeChain
02:48 PM
There are 4 blockchain entrepreneurs in Forbes’ ’30 under 30′
02:22 PM
Christie’s auctioneers record record $318M in art sales on blockchain
11:46 AM
This device can turn your table into a touchscreen
11:20 AM
International Bitcoin miners vanish after stacking up $1.5M debt in Sweden
11:20 AM
Bitcoin beats iTunes vouchers as preferred payment for Australian scammers