November 20th, 2019
02:14 AM
Microsoft wants Xbox Scarlett to support cross-gen Play Anywhere
01:48 AM
Kickstarter’s new budget tool helps keep projects accountable for your money
12:56 AM
Google will sell a $15 ‘Claw’ to attach your Pixel to the Stadia controller
12:56 AM
Celebrate 10 years of Angry Birds by beating the crap out of this vending machine
November 19th, 2019
10:46 PM
Disney+ accounts are being stolen and sold online
10:20 PM
Spotify now suggests which podcasts you should listen to next
09:28 PM
AI creates the perfect(ish) Nike commercial after studying 7 years of ads
08:10 PM
Facebook’s testing a meme-creation app called Whale
08:10 PM
This AI system predicts seizures an hour before they happen with 99.6% accuracy
06:00 PM
We can’t just regulate — we must teach our AIs values
06:00 PM
This Sony speaker wants to nuzzle your neck while you watch movies
04:16 PM
The Spinciti Amsterdam is a stylish e-bike that won’t break the bank
04:16 PM
The Dyson V11… or how I learned to stop worrying and love vacuuming
02:32 PM
A German airline just flew 3 execs holding blockchain tickets
02:06 PM
Open AWS database leaks PayMyTab customers’ personal info
01:40 PM
Climate change is currently triggering the sixth mass extinction
01:40 PM
Here’s what you might’ve missed at Hard Fork Summit 2019
01:14 PM
Brooklyn man sentenced to 18 months in prison after running fraudulent ICOs
12:48 PM
Unlike Facebook, Snapchat will fact-check political ads
12:48 PM
Big Canadian bank quashes cryptocurrency exchange rumors
12:22 PM
Cryptocurrency exchange that went dark with $16M in user funds only has $45k, report
12:22 PM
CHEAP: Let Google be your health instructor with $50 Fitbit Versa
11:56 AM
Czech gov wants to slap a 7% ad tax on internet giants like Google and Facebook
11:56 AM
Hackers breached Macy’s website and hijacked customers’ payment info
11:30 AM
We finally know where Rick (from Rick and Morty) stands on the Intel vs AMD debate
11:30 AM
Why voice assistants should stick to sounding like robots
10:38 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin continues its slow but steady decline (ugh)’
10:38 AM
Swedish gold-for-cryptocurrency scammer finally extradited to US
10:38 AM
Apple relaunches its WWDC app with a new name and mobile-friendly dev content
10:12 AM
Sony patents shows what the PS5 controller might look like
08:54 AM
Instagram cracks down on app that allowed users to stalk private profiles
05:00 AM
Google built a weird DJ rig to promote the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense
01:58 AM
Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s next big game – and it’s in VR
01:06 AM
Sony patents shows what the PS5 controller might look like
12:15 AM
Apple is holding a surprise event in December, but don’t expect much
November 18th, 2019
10:57 PM
Microsoft’s killing the Cortana app in most markets next year
10:31 PM
The Modern Warfare reboot is alright, but it’s no Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
09:13 PM
Report: Apple is giving the 13-inch MacBook Pro a new keyboard next year
08:47 PM
IBM’s ‘Code and Response’ documentary proves developers can be superheroes too
08:21 PM
FBI spoke with George Bush’s brother over $300K meeting with OneCoin’s missing ‘Cryptoqueen’
07:29 PM
Ubisoft turns Assassin’s Creed into an audio drama with Audible
06:37 PM
Senior UK judges say cryptoassets, including Bitcoin, are property
06:11 PM
Hands-on: Google Stadia works as advertised, but lacks a killer app
05:45 PM
Pokémon Sword & Shield are fantastic — but here’s how they could be better
04:27 PM
Researchers debunk theory that single whale caused 2017’s Bitcoin bull run
02:17 PM
DIYers love it! Fix things with this liquid plastic welding kit
12:59 PM
Decoding how some animals pause pregnancies could unlock new cancer treatments
12:33 PM
Iran shut down citizens’ internet access following protests over fuel pricing
12:07 PM
The product manager secrets to surviving the 3 pivotal startup phases
12:07 PM
The AirPods Pro have me dreaming of reality-suppressing tech
12:07 PM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘200 Bitcoin devs assess new privacy and scaling upgrades’
11:41 AM
CHEAP: Sweat-time, piglet — there’s 50% off the Bose SoundSport headphones
11:41 AM
IRS eyes Bitcoin ATMs amid cryptocurrency tax concerns
11:15 AM
TNW’s quest to discover Europe’s best scale-up is back – sign up now
10:49 AM
TNW’s quest to discover Europe’s best scale-up is back – sign up now
10:49 AM
Moonday Mornings: Russia’s security agency reportedly linked to $450M cryptocurrency loss
10:23 AM
Android phones come with 146 security pre-installed flaws
09:31 AM
WhatsApp fixes bug that would have let hackers exploit devices using MP4 files
November 17th, 2019
09:50 PM
Bill V Bowie: How (not) to sell a tech idea
06:22 PM
4 simple things social media marketers can do to improve social responsibility
06:22 PM
Why philosophers believe we’ve reached peak human intelligence
04:12 PM
Just putting it out there: I’m a sucker for influencer marketing
02:02 PM
Want to captain your own career? Learn to be a successful freelancer for under $20.
11:26 AM
CHEAP: OMFG!!! The Pandemic board game is 40% off!!!
11:00 AM
Here’s why the internet will always have enough space for all our devices
November 16th, 2019
06:07 PM
Pro-anorexia forums are dangerous — but they can teach us a lot about community and understanding
01:47 PM
These earbuds have a battery life of 150 hours, and they’re 60% off today.
12:03 PM
Europe needs to embrace 5G — before it’s too late
11:11 AM
CHEAP: It’s your last chance to suck $200 off Roomba’s ‘i-series’ robo-vacuum
10:19 AM
Honey bees are dying — but man-made hives could save them
02:31 AM
Bioware reportedly making new Mass Effect game… but do we need one?
02:05 AM
Huawei’s Mate X is finally on sale in china, but it’s already sold out
12:21 AM
Disney+ tells you when missing movies will be added
November 15th, 2019
10:11 PM
3 ways e-commerce sellers can improve ROI in 2020 with data analytics
09:19 PM
Study: There may be no such thing as objective reality