September 20th, 2019
04:44 PM
Google thinks it wasn’t sexist to give its voice assistant a female voice
02:34 PM
Russian Facebook hit with fake Telegram token ads using Pavel Durov’s face
02:34 PM
Ripple Labs wants the US to forget it’s being sued for selling Ripple (XRP) illegally
02:08 PM
This digital marketing masterclass is a must for every new entrepreneur
02:08 PM
VPN apps with 500M+ installs caught serving disruptive ads to Android users
01:42 PM
How to use iOS 13’s dark mode like a boss
01:16 PM
How product managers can bring human insights to agile development
11:58 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin network shifted the equivalent of 412 tons of gold in one day’
10:14 AM
The messy iOS 13 rollout shows Apple needs a revised release schedule
09:48 AM
Vivo’s new phone has a dual-cam pop-up because what else is left to do?
08:56 AM
Score Arkham Knight and 5 more fantastic Batman PC games for free
08:56 AM
Chrome finally introduces a visual tab switcher that’s easy to use on mobile
02:27 AM
Here’s what we like about iOS 13 (and one thing we don’t)
02:01 AM
The scarily good Impossible Burger finally lands in (a few) supermarkets
September 19th, 2019
11:26 PM
Roku’s new Ultra streaming box is faster and adds custom app shortcuts
10:08 PM
Physicists race to develop room-temperature quantum chips
08:50 PM
Should you be able to resell digitally purchased games?
07:58 PM
Scientists invented an electric baseball hat to reverse male baldness
07:06 PM
The Huawei Mate 30 Pro will ship without Google Play. That might not be a bad thing
06:40 PM
SEC chairman: Bitcoin won’t trade on real exchanges anytime soon
05:48 PM
With EMUI 10, Huawei courts developers
03:38 PM
Here’s an easy way to find out how much money you’ve wasted on Amazon
03:38 PM
CHEAP: Save big on ASUS’ powerful new ROG Phone 2 gaming handset with $180 off
03:12 PM
North Korea’s cryptocurrency is most likely bullshit — just like its conference
03:12 PM
Google supercharges its mobile payment app in India with WeChat-style mini apps
02:46 PM
Huawei launches Mate 30 Pro with quad-camera system and waterfall display
02:20 PM
Google Pay will let you use your cards in India without actually carrying them
02:20 PM
Create new skills for your Amazon Alexa with these 10 courses
01:54 PM
Man charged with running Bitcoin–powered fake ID cartel gets a year in US prison
01:02 PM
How investing in hardware differs from software — and why it’s worth the trouble
01:02 PM
Ethereum ‘ICO architect’ arrested over alleged $12M cryptocurrency extortion
12:36 PM
Microsoft’s new font for devs is very aesthetically pleasing (and free)
12:10 PM
Try this brain-melting 3D game that was built entirely in ASCII
12:10 PM
SEC sues cryptocurrency startup ICOBox for selling $14.6M worth of unregistered tokens
12:10 PM
Instagram now restricts visibility of weight loss products and cosmetic surgery posts for teens
10:26 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Daily total Ethereum transaction fees surpass Bitcoin’s’
08:42 AM
Google Assistant now has its own phone number in India
08:42 AM
Google Lens now translates text around you in Indic languages
08:16 AM
Google opens a new AI research centre in India
07:50 AM
GitHub acquires Semmle to help developers spot security vulnerabilities
02:13 AM
How to watch Huawei’s Mate 30 event – and what to expect
01:21 AM
Rockstar Games releases a PC launcher for some reason
12:55 AM
Peter Thiel’s Palantir set to delay IPO under bumbling leadership of CEO Alex Karp
September 18th, 2019
09:54 PM
Scientists came up with a reasonable plan to build an elevator to the Moon
08:10 PM
VENN is the 24/7 network gaming needs, say its creators
02:58 PM
CHEAP: Experience earbuds falling off your ear with $29 off AirPods with wireless charging case
02:58 PM
Stop sending emoji – and 6 other tips for keeping your customers
02:32 PM
WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Everyone’ doesn’t delete media files from iPhones
02:32 PM
Meet Panda, an illicit cryptocurrency mining crew terrorizing organizations worldwide
02:06 PM
DxOMark announces new ‘Night’ and ‘Wide’ scores for phone cameras
01:14 PM
The excellent Pocket Casts podcast app is now free on Android and iOS
01:14 PM
3 not-so-secret secrets on how to successfully exit for startup founders
01:13 PM
Here’s Your Shot at Winning a Samsung 65″ QLED 4K Smart TV
12:48 PM
The iPhone 11 has the same amount of RAM as the iPhone Xs and you shouldn’t give a shit
12:22 PM
Study: Blaming mass shootings on video games is based on racial discrimination
12:22 PM
Satoshi Nakamoto ‘wannabe’ Craig Wright in talks to settle multi-billion dollar Bitcoin suit
11:04 AM
Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘VanEck and SolidX withdraw ETF proposal again — lol’
11:04 AM
ING: People who know the least about cryptocurrencies are the most excited about them
10:12 AM
Amazon’s Alexa assistant now speaks Hindi
09:46 AM
The iPhone 11 has the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 6 and you shouldn’t give a shit
09:20 AM
Over 13.7M US medical test records found unsecured on servers
08:02 AM
IT firm manager arrested in massive Ecuador data breach case affecting 20M people
08:02 AM
US DoJ wants to seize profits from Ed Snowden’s new book because it violated his NDA
01:33 AM
Obsessed with death? You might have ‘existential isolation,’ says study
September 17th, 2019
10:32 PM
Review: The $990 Unagi e-scooter is sleek, powerful, and light
10:06 PM
How to build a production and recording studio that fits in a backpack
07:56 PM
The Offspring becomes latest band to play a concert inside a video game
06:38 PM
Facebook identifies secret campaign to influence voters in Iraq and Ukraine
04:02 PM
This AI researcher is fighting unsolicited dick pics… with more dicks
03:36 PM
CHEAP: What a lovely bunch of sweet deals on OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro
03:10 PM
YugaByte’s distributed database gets GraphQL integration, Jepsen testing in a major update
02:44 PM
Deloitte is testing Bitcoin in its canteen — but staff could get pretty hangry
02:18 PM
Didn’t Major in Computer Science? This $40 Training Can Get You up to Speed
01:52 PM
Canada’s Revenue Agency is now curious about defunct crypto exchange QuadrigaCX’s tax returns
01:26 PM
Xiaomi unveils its Android-powered 65-inch Mi TV 4X at $766 in India