January 23rd, 2019
09:19 PM
Massive Twitch livestream showcases the future of online fundraising
06:43 PM
Nasdaq goes $20M deep in support of enterprise blockchain startup
06:17 PM
Watch out for this new cryptocurrency ransomware stalking the web
06:17 PM
Why you should care about CERN’s new and BIGGER particle collider
04:33 PM
Global climate change could boost iPhone sales, Apple reports
04:33 PM
The internet has made sports betting easier, so Uganda is banning it
04:32 PM
Why does Google show mysterious art when searching two random 4-letter words!
03:15 PM
Use databases like a pro with this $10 MySQL training
02:23 PM
Why aren’t tablets our daily work machines?
01:31 PM
We have to save the bees, here’s how we can do it
11:21 AM
Google’s head of account security has fix for cryptocurrency SIM-swapping
11:21 AM
Here’s an explainer about soft forks you’ll actually understand
10:55 AM
Viral images of the Nairobi terror attack victims failed journalism
09:11 AM
Phone makers are going all-in on foldables, but I’m skeptical
09:11 AM
Lorian Synaro of Anonymous explains the motive behind #OpSudan and #OpZimbabwe
01:50 AM
You’d be surprised how many VPN’s are owned by the same company
12:58 AM
Why the next innovative leap in shaving tech looks like a step backward
12:32 AM
GOP pushes porn as the answer to border wall funding
January 22nd, 2019
09:04 PM
Review: A Fisherman’s Tale is the best way to play with yourself in VR
08:12 PM
You can now share your Netflix faves to Instagram Stories — if you have an iPhone
07:46 PM
Microsoft doubles down on education with cheap laptops and a $40 Surface pen
06:54 PM
How to select, copy, and paste multiple snippets of text in macOS (with no third-party apps)
05:10 PM
Announcing 5 new TNW2019 speakers: Dogecoin’s founder, Ford’s UX lead, and IBM’s Angel Diaz
05:10 PM
Resident Evil 2 raises the bar for video game remakes
04:18 PM
For $10, Biff 2 for Mac will help you use and create vector graphics
03:52 PM
Major Dutch bank bets on NY blockchain firm with 5-year deal
03:26 PM
Explore mastering digital photography for only $20
02:34 PM
Huawei has a reasonable explanation for the disappearing Twitter photos
02:34 PM
Use Apple Music in your browser with this pretty web interface
11:58 AM
Cryptocurrency exchange botches airdrop, gives $5.3M to its users
11:58 AM
Protecting yourself from inevitable data breaches is easier than you think
09:48 AM
I’m kicking myself for not buying an iPhone SE last weekend
08:56 AM
Reddit shuts down popular soccer streaming subreddit, but new ones pop-up
02:01 AM
The FBI says its photo analysis is scientific evidence. Scientists disagree.
01:09 AM
The quiet threat inside ‘internet of things’ devices
January 21st, 2019
07:05 PM
The UK government’s settled status app for EU nationals is an embarrassment
06:39 PM
Poor cloud strategy can lead to unintended silos
05:47 PM
Track down the world’s cheapest Apple products with this super simple site
05:47 PM
Why Guerrilla Games stubbornly built its amazing game engine from scratch
05:21 PM
Full moon patents: Apple hints at new ‘smart ring’ and glass-covered iPhone
04:55 PM
Zimbabwe blocked internet access, so Anonymous DDoS’d the government’s websites
04:55 PM
Celebrities accused of harassment won’t be forgotten, thanks to this Chrome extension
03:11 PM
Learn how to build tomorrow’s AI breakthroughs with this comprehensive $79 bundle
01:53 PM
Ad blockers threaten digital marketers’ ability to understand customers
09:59 AM
Moonday Mornings: Dark Web Bitcoin transactions doubled in 2018
08:41 AM
Why ‘right to erasure’ is stopping companies from complying with GDPR
08:15 AM
Uber is now working on self-driving scooters and bicycles
07:49 AM
Facebook now lets you create petitions for social causes
02:38 AM
The future of war is cyber
January 20th, 2019
06:24 PM
The challenges of moderating online content with deep learning
03:22 PM
For $40, Appz helps you win at Instagram without lifting a finger
10:10 AM
The hidden secrets of insect poop
January 19th, 2019
06:34 PM
How IoT-enabled scooters, bikes, and cars are making streets safe
06:08 PM
How 2018 became Facebook’s worst year in privacy and security
03:06 PM
Hiveage streamlines your freelance and small business invoicing for just $50
02:14 PM
The security threats of neural networks and deep learning algorithms
01:48 PM
Government use of blockchain will shape our digital identity
09:54 AM
Recycling the world’s plastic garbage could buy you the NFL, Apple and Microsoft
08:36 AM
AI isn’t here to steal your job, it’s here to make it better
02:33 AM
Facebook’s secretly working on LOL — a meme hub meant to lure teens from Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik Tok
12:23 AM
Popular travel app hands out Trump-shaped stress balls to anyone who books a trip to Mexico
January 18th, 2019
10:13 PM
The #AmazonShitCarShow is some of the best crap on Prime
08:55 PM
Facebook docs reveal a predatory policy for dealing with kids’ accidental purchases
08:03 PM
Microsoft is euthanizing Windows 10 Mobile in 2019
07:37 PM
Alexa gets a Sims 4 integration, while Sims get an off-brand in-game Alexa
06:19 PM
Ethereum devs reschedule Constantinople hard fork for late Feb
05:53 PM
ShapeShift forced to ‘help’ police with 60 cryptocurrency inquiries last year
05:27 PM
Here’s what Google, Strava, and more will reveal at TNW2019
04:35 PM
Five reasons why 2018 was a big year for paleontology
03:17 PM
Blockchain sharding made so simple your dog would understand
03:17 PM
Name your price for 50+ hours of Python coding training
02:25 PM
Bitcoin con artists charged with $51M investment scam
01:07 PM
This scientist used facial recognition technology on birds
12:41 PM
SAP’s new blockchain project helps weed out counterfeit drugs
12:15 PM
Facebook ousts hundreds of fake news accounts tied to Russia