May 22nd, 2019
12:40 PM
How DevOps managers can learn to trust automation
11:48 AM
PANIC: You have until May 28 to download The Sims 4 for FREE
11:48 AM
Google’s new policy update cracks down on misleading anti-abortion ads
11:47 AM
55,000 Brazilians scammed out of $200M+ worth of fake cryptocurrency
10:56 AM
Google stored some G Suite passwords in plaintext for 14 years
10:56 AM
The privacy-focused Tor browser is now officially on Android
10:30 AM
Tether in court: Yep, we sort of, kind of, definitely used our reserves to buy Bitcoin
04:00 AM
Report: Female-sounding voice assistants fuel gender bias
03:34 AM
Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now out, new ‘Light’ theme included
01:24 AM
This teacher earns six figures teaching Dungeons & Dragons classes online
May 21st, 2019
11:41 PM
You can build your own Lightsaber and Droid at Disney’s new Star Wars attractions
11:15 PM
What’s a flagship phone anyway?
09:57 PM
Sony shows off PS4 Spider-Man game on PS5
06:29 PM
The future of AI is collaborative
06:29 PM
The new Honor 20 series has great specs, but terrible luck
05:11 PM
Research reveals surprising relationship between climate change and fertility rate
05:11 PM
The Roadblocks to European Fintech Expansion
05:10 PM
How the messaging app ‘bthere’ became a sexual assault prevention tool
04:45 PM
Game of Thrones’ Bronn becomes Master of VeganCoin cryptocurrency (we shit you not)
04:19 PM
Google searches for how to cancel HBO spiked after Game of Thrones’ finale
04:19 PM
Dear NY Post, didn’t you learn anything about Bitcoin?
03:53 PM
TikTok’s owner is reportedly launching a music streaming app in July
03:27 PM
Dutch man conned investors out of $26M with fake Bitcoin mining rigs
02:35 PM
CHEAP: Binge into oblivion with $1,000 off an LG 4K smart TV
02:09 PM
These $300 Bang & Olafsen headphones are only $153 today
01:43 PM
Boring but necessary: 4 budgeting mistakes to avoid when growing your company
12:51 PM
Australian civil servant faces 10 years for mining cryptocurrency on government computers
12:51 PM
How an engineer at a crypto-security startup lost $100K in a SIM-swapping hack
11:33 AM
Bitcoin ETFs still a mirage as SEC delays decision yet another time
11:33 AM
Bullish Brits lost $34M to cryptocurrency scams last year
10:15 AM
You can now try out Microsoft’s Edge browser for macOS
10:15 AM
Private data (including rates) of 49M Instagram influencers leaked due to agency’s malpractice
09:23 AM
Trump delays Huawei ban by 90 days
02:27 AM
Review: Everybody’s Golf VR (nearly) aces it
02:01 AM
Hifiman Jade II Review: This $2,500 headphone sacrifices portability for supreme detail
May 20th, 2019
11:26 PM
Research indicates the only defense against killer AI is not developing it
11:00 PM
Sony blindsides PS5 team with news of Microsoft partnership
06:14 PM
I’m walking Huawei: here are 4 great Android phones you can buy instead
06:14 PM
Listen, parents, here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t use child tracking apps
05:48 PM
Hackers made $32K in 7 weeks by fixing bugs in cryptocurrency projects
05:22 PM
ABN AMRO signs on Accenture and ING Bank for its blockchain inventory platform
04:30 PM
How to remove hiring bias through gamification
04:04 PM
These 20 tech companies literally have the most valuable employees
03:38 PM
Emergency services still struggle with GDPR — but the regulation could be a benefit
03:12 PM
Realme launches in Europe to steal Honor and Xiaomi’s lunch money
03:12 PM
CHEAP: Spy on your sneaky infant with 34% off the Arlo Baby Monitor
03:11 PM
Full moon patents: Disney’s ‘paintcopter’ and Amazon’s ‘decentralized’ drone
02:46 PM
TikTok maker’s new app is another shot in the Chinese social media battle
02:20 PM
Last chance to enter to win a $1,400 iPhone XS Max & Airpods in this giveaway
02:20 PM
Start learning front- and back-end development with this $25 bundle
02:19 PM
Bitcoin’s price has pumped beyond its ‘intrinsic value,’ JPMorgan says
01:54 PM
What Trump’s Huawei blacklisting means for you
01:54 PM
Why designers are your development team’s secret weapon
12:10 PM
Get ready for the great Huawei-Android war of independence
12:10 PM
Freshness sensors for milk could dramatically reduce waste
11:18 AM
Moonday Mornings: Banks pour $50M into blockchain, Bitcoin gets on CBS’ 60 Minutes
10:52 AM
After Google, Qualcomm and Intel reportedly stops dealing with Huawei
10:52 AM
Dutch bank ABN AMRO ditches its Bitcoin wallet because it’s ‘too risky’
03:56 AM
Report: Google breaks up with Huawei, blocking it from Android apps and services
May 19th, 2019
06:25 PM
Apprenticeships are critical to America’s future as a knowledge economy
03:23 PM
Prep to ace a dozen prized CompTIA certification exams with this $69 bundle
02:05 PM
CHEAP: Save EVERYTHING with this WD 4TB external drive, now 41% off
May 18th, 2019
06:11 PM
3 things brands can learn from Apple’s struggle to stay on top
03:09 PM
Focuster turns your to-dos into an organized schedule, and it’s only $59
02:17 PM
CHEAP: No way, this guitar shirt YOU CAN ACTUALLY PLAY is 68% off!
11:15 AM
New analysis of ‘moonquakes’ indicates the moon isn’t dead
10:49 AM
Why Snapchat’s new gender swap feature is problematic for trans people
03:27 AM
Google tracks nearly all your online (and some of your offline) purchases — see it for yourself, here
02:09 AM
Here’s the real tea: A primer on YouTube drama channels
May 17th, 2019
10:16 PM
Hyperdimensional computing theory could lead to AI with memories and reflexes
08:58 PM
Microsoft unveils Minecraft Earth, the new AR hotness
08:06 PM
Cheap: This Ecovacs Deebot 601 robot vacuum cleaner is 50% off
06:22 PM
Why this geneticist says we should stop human evolution
05:30 PM
Here’s how we can change the Earth’s orbit to escape the expanding sun
03:46 PM
Facebook tweaks News Feed to favor close friends and ‘worthwhile’ content