July 17th, 2019
03:05 AM
Ubisoft reveals its list of games for Uplay+ and I have questions
July 16th, 2019
10:46 PM
Apex Legends is punishing cheaters by making them fight each other
06:52 PM
Counteracting the Sea of Sameness in Marketing
04:42 PM
There’s a secret hidden inside the binary code on Alan Turing’s new £50 note
04:16 PM
What’s a cryptocurrency exit scam and how do I spot one?
03:24 PM
This $79 portable AC is the eco-friendly way to beat the heat this summer
02:58 PM
55,000 cryptocurrency users affected in Bitpoint’s $28 million hack
02:58 PM
Hackers breached Bulgaria’s tax agency and leaked the data of 5M people
02:06 PM
Make a living keeping networks safe from attack with this $39 bundle
02:06 PM
Domestic abusers are using easily accessible apps to stalk and control their victims
02:06 PM
It’s 2019 and Google still can’t keep malware out of its Android app store
01:14 PM
To prepare today’s workforce for AI, they must understand it’s not a threat
01:14 PM
Would your mobile phone be powerful enough to get you to the moon?
01:13 PM
PRIME CHEAP: Fast! Schnell! Hurtig! The Samsung Galaxy S10 has $300 off
12:48 PM
PRIME CHEAP: Store all your sorrows with $214 off SanDisk’s Extreme 1TB SSD drive
12:48 PM
Second Canadian town set to accept tax payments in Bitcoin
12:47 PM
Trump and his ex-banker treasury secretary are really scared of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency)
11:30 AM
Venezuelans go after diamond-backed cryptocurrency Ponzi with $30M lawsuit
11:30 AM
PRIME CHEAP: Suck your responsibilities away with deez MAD Roomba discounts
11:04 AM
PRIME CHEAP: Frag like a frustrated teenager with Logitech’s G502 Proteus gaming mouse at just $35
08:28 AM
Zoom’s scary webcam flaw also affects RingCentral and Zhumu
08:02 AM
Watch Apple’s trailer for its show about the Apollo 11 mission, For All Mankind
01:06 AM
Gears of War 5 reworked to remove smoking it apparently never had
July 15th, 2019
10:31 PM
Twitter launches its faster, cleaner design, including new color themes
06:37 PM
An entrepreneur’s guide to Miami’s startup ecosystem
05:19 PM
Gorge from the consumerist trough and buy this Prime Day shit
04:53 PM
$840,000 Bitcoin ransom plot foiled, kidnapped crypto traders rescued
04:53 PM
PRIME CHEAP: The Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speaker is only $89 (not $130!)
04:52 PM
The marijuana industry needs innovation to thrive
04:27 PM
Sexual assault survivors are using this sex education app to regain confidence
04:27 PM
TaoTronics’ $90 headphones are good at noise cancellation, but not much else
02:17 PM
Pay what you want for this copywriting training
02:17 PM
Grab this DJI 4K camera/gimbal combo for $319 during this limited time discount
02:16 PM
UK drafts collaborative plan to crack down on cryptocurrency crime
02:16 PM
PRIME CHEAP: At $22, who cares if the Echo Dot is spying on you?
01:51 PM
PRIME CHEAP: Discover if you’re 0.1% extraterrestrial with $100 off a 23andMe DNA kit
01:25 PM
Nations must double down on AI R&D — or risk falling behind
12:59 PM
MyDashWallet was compromised for 2 MONTHS — users, move your cryptocurrency
12:59 PM
Here’s how to delete or deactivate your Snapchat account
11:41 AM
Study: Influencers can’t even influence anymore
11:15 AM
German schools ban Microsoft Office 365 amid privacy concerns
11:15 AM
PRIME CHEAP: Bark sweet nothings at your lightbulbs with 57% off an Echo Dot + 2 Philips Hue bulbs
11:14 AM
EU’s GPS-like Galileo satellites have been down since July 11
10:49 AM
Moonday Morning: US college hit by ransomers demanding $2M in Bitcoin
10:49 AM
Dutch researchers are developing quantum technology to secure your bank account
10:23 AM
PRIME CHEAP: A 4K Fire TV Stick For $25? This must be a mistake
08:39 AM
India’s ambitious Chandrayaan-2 launch delayed due to “technical snag”
07:47 AM
Huawei wants to name its Android OS replacement ‘Harmony’ in Europe
July 14th, 2019
06:48 PM
CHEAP: At $60, the Instant Pot is at its lowest price ever
02:28 PM
CRISPR is less like molecular scissors and more like molecular malware
02:02 PM
This $29 Cisco course bundle can kickstart your cybersecurity career
July 13th, 2019
06:33 PM
RIP Fernando “Corby” Corbató, inventor of the password (1926-2019)
03:05 PM
Here are 4 deals for building a side hustle that can fatten your wallet
02:13 PM
Here’s how algorithms can protect us against deepfakes
02:13 PM
CHEAP: This Samsung 256GB microSD is only $37 — you know what to do
01:40 AM
Is the Switch Lite the death knell for the Nintendo 3DS?
01:40 AM
How to go the fuck to sleep
12:22 AM
How to get surround sound on any headphones with Windows 10 and Xbox One
July 12th, 2019
11:05 PM
How to use the PlayStation 4’s hidden trophy reveal (and other tricks)
10:39 PM
We gave US police, ICE, and CBP AI without regulations in 2016: Now it’s 1984
08:55 PM
Review: The Renogy Phoenix 100 is a portable power station you can take on a plane
06:45 PM
CHEAP: Get $20 off this 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription
03:17 PM
Go from novice shutterbug to photo pro with this $29 bundle
02:25 PM
Charge your laptop and smartphone at the same time with the SuperTank
01:59 PM
Review: RHA’s handy travel adaptor lets you use your favorite wireless headphones in flight
01:33 PM
Bitpoint exchange loses $32 million worth of cryptocurrency in hot wallet hack
01:07 PM
6 foolproof content creation tips to boost your marketing strategy
12:41 PM
Donald Trump’s critique of Bitcoin is antiquated and irrelevant
12:15 PM
The battle between streaming platforms is getting nasty — here’s how much it’ll cost you
11:49 AM
Here’s how to mute those Instagram Story spammers
11:49 AM
I’m excited about this portable bidet because toilet paper is fucking disgusting
11:23 AM
End-to-End Encryption Systems: Nine Vital Elements to Remember
09:39 AM
Facebook now tells you where brands are getting your ad targeting data
08:47 AM
How to keep focus in the office
07:55 AM
How to play Google’s addictive Wimbledon game on your phone or desktop