July 15th, 2018
06:47 PM
The web alienates non-English speakers — and we need to change that
04:11 PM
How to check the security of your Google Chrome extensions
04:11 PM
A course package that’ll make you a professional-grade photographer, and you name your price
02:53 PM
The car industry needs to embrace open source
10:59 AM
Data shows people want serious long-form content — and brands need to take note
10:07 AM
Car dealers don’t want you to have electric vehicles
July 14th, 2018
09:34 PM
Quick guide to understand the hype around ‘deep learning’
08:16 PM
The fact that we want blockchain to solve every problem is a problem
07:50 PM
People who send voice notes are poison
06:32 PM
3 ways regulations need to change for the drone industry to take off
04:22 PM
Intellezy serves up learning videos that don’t waste your time, now under $50
03:56 PM
Listen to Google — UX and SEO are a match made in heaven
12:54 PM
3 things your startup should consider outsourcing
10:44 AM
The $24 billion chatbot industry sucks because it needs better AI
03:22 AM
This Nintendo Switch adapter addresses one of our biggest annoyances
02:30 AM
This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything
01:38 AM
Academic expert says Google and Facebook’s AI researchers aren’t doing science
01:12 AM
Report: Apple’s iPhone 6 has the highest failure rate among iPhones — but Samsung is worse
12:46 AM
Facebook’s fight against fake news stops short of banning it
July 13th, 2018
11:53 PM
Apple brings True Tone to (some) external monitors
11:27 PM
Techies leave the likes of Apple and Amazon for greener pastures in the cannabis industry
07:33 PM
Photoshop is reportedly coming to the iPad – for real this time
07:33 PM
There’s only 1 Blockbuster store left
06:15 PM
The Surface Phone isn’t being killed, just ‘significantly reworked’
04:05 PM
Find out what’s holding any company back from success with this certification
03:13 PM
Apple just discontinued the only MacBook Pro worth buying
02:21 PM
This sex-positive dating app connects people through their fantasies
01:55 PM
Fully autonomous trains are better suited for moving ores than people
10:53 AM
China breaks up underground $1.5 billion World Cup crypto-gambling ring
10:53 AM
AI is finding out when the person using your account isn’t you
10:27 AM
AI is finding out when the person using your account isn’t you
08:17 AM
Microsoft’s free Whiteboard app for Windows is a dead-simple way to brainstorm with your team
03:06 AM
When life gives you lemons, make a video of it rolling down a hill and get 4M views on Twitter
01:48 AM
A 100-rapper Fortnite Rap Battle Royale now exists — and it’s glorious
12:56 AM
Apple’s updated MacBook Pros are a long-awaited step in the right direction
12:30 AM
Experts warn DeepFakes could influence 2020 US election
12:03 AM
Microsoft Teams’ new free plan looks like a better deal than Slack’s
July 12th, 2018
09:53 PM
Apple’s Face ID thwarted by ‘morning face’
09:53 PM
Startups! Here’s what you need to know before taking on Asia
07:43 PM
Apple and BlackMagic’s new eGPU is the quiet solution to your MacBook’s lame graphics
07:17 PM
Facebook’s ‘trustworthy’ news is mostly Anderson Cooper and Fox News
05:59 PM
Scientists genetically modified gerbils to hear light through an implant
05:59 PM
Blackmailers threaten to leak users’ masturbation vids unless they pay Bitcoin ransom
05:33 PM
Embarrassment can make you a better designer
05:33 PM
AI can kick your ass at all these games
05:07 PM
Fly the world’s smallest camera drone — now with a price tag to match
05:07 PM
Apple unveils underwhelming MacBook Pro update
04:41 PM
Here’s why Bitcoin’s blockchain has blocks that go over the 2MB limit
04:15 PM
Dragify lets you drag-and-drop a website into existence, then host it for life for under $50
03:23 PM
I tested this kid-friendly phone to see if it could protect me from pervs
09:45 AM
Google X’s ambitious Loon and Wing projects graduate into independent companies
09:19 AM
Magic Leap’s mixed reality headset is coming this summer
08:01 AM
India says ‘yes’ to net neutrality
02:23 AM
Teen requires surgery to remove knotted USB cable from penis
01:57 AM
Yes, you’re losing Twitter followers. No, it’s not because you’re an asshole (probably).
12:39 AM
Hackers attack Utah’s online voter database more than a billion times a day
July 11th, 2018
11:47 PM
Bethesda exec says he’ll stop selling Skyrim ports when we stop buying them
11:21 PM
A cannabis expert told us which strains of weed could help Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg
09:11 PM
Report: The Mac mini is finally getting an update after nearly 4 years
06:09 PM
Facebook will let you use AR to ‘try on’ items in ads
06:09 PM
Facebook is teaching AI to talk you through directions
05:43 PM
How can we use coding more creatively? Artist and hacker Zach Lieberman will be taking all your questions
05:17 PM
Should software developers have to pay income tax? Serious question.
04:51 PM
CryptoKitties finally finds a real use-case in charity auction for sea turtles
04:25 PM
Jabees’ wireless earbuds are good for the gym, but can’t compete with AirPods
04:25 PM
Kik is giving $3M to developers to build for its KIN cryptocurrency
04:24 PM
Keep users in the heart of web development with this UI/UX Design training — and name your price
03:07 PM
Here’s what Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain phone looks like
01:49 PM
4 cryptocurrency trends to watch out for
01:49 PM
Scalability is the biggest hurdle ahead of cryptocurrency mass adoption, research says
09:55 AM
HTC’s blockchain-powered Exodus phone will arrive in Q3 and cost a bomb
09:03 AM
Opera is expanding its suite of cryptocurrency tools with a built-in wallet
08:37 AM
This $250 Wear OS-powered smartwatch promises month-long battery life
07:19 AM
WhatsApp’s label for forwarded messages won’t be enough to battle fake news
03:51 AM
There are numerous reasons to dislike Elon Musk. This isn’t one of them.