March 23rd, 2019
02:45 PM
Smart grids are essential to prevent old power infrastructure from holding back the US economy
01:27 PM
Machine learning academics are flocking to tech giants and that might be a problem
01:27 PM
CHEAP: Our beloved UE BOOM 3 now has TOO MUCH DISCOUNT
08:41 AM
Why banning phones from schools is a backward step for education
12:28 AM
Dyson’s V11 vacuum automatically changes its suction power to last longer
March 22nd, 2019
11:10 PM
Dyson’s V11 vacuum automatically changes its suction power to last longer
05:58 PM
You can now play scratchcards with Bitcoin, thanks to the Lightning Network
05:32 PM
Two months on, the Honor View 20 is still one of the best mid-range phones you can buy
05:32 PM
PSA: MetaMask reveals your Ethereum address to sites you visit, here’s how to hide it
04:40 PM
TNW2019 Daily: Don’t be a stranger
04:14 PM
GitLab now automatically warns against merging API keys into your codebase
04:14 PM
A quick guide to understanding blockchain smart contracts
02:30 PM
Find the perfect gift for your mum with TNW’s Mother’s Day guide
02:30 PM
To stay relevant in the 5G era, telcos will need to step up their IoT game
02:04 PM
Kickstart a career running Oracle & Microsoft databases with this $39 training
02:04 PM
CHEAP: At $185, this Samsung Chromebook 3 is more than half off
02:03 PM
PUBG Mobile is testing a 6-hour per day limit in India
12:20 PM
WeChat Pay to reportedly take on Google Pay and Paytm in India later this year
12:20 PM
4,000 art auction houses are putting their sales records on the blockchain
12:19 PM
Alleged Russian boss of Bitcoin ‘money-laundering scheme’ wants to go home
11:28 AM
CHEAP: You can now get Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Neo wireless buds for just $50
10:36 AM
Netflix’ $4 mobile-only subscriptions could bolster its growth in India
10:10 AM
13 ways entrepreneurs can help their company guard against hacking
10:10 AM
How to watch the Indian Premier League 2019 cricket tournament online
07:08 AM
Facebook’s been reportedly storing user password in plain text since 2012
01:05 AM
YouTube’s ‘child safe’ app is crawling with videos advocating suicide, murder, and sexual exploitation
March 21st, 2019
10:55 PM
This obscure Steam game makes me feel… nothing (and that’s the point)
10:03 PM
Bitcoin scammer boasts $760,000 payday through dark web domain squatting
08:19 PM
Xbox Live comes to Nintendo Switch, starting with Cuphead
07:01 PM
Bitcoin scammer boasts $760,000 payday through dark web domain squatting
06:35 PM
Here’s how much ‘Bitcoin Twitter’ loves presidential candidate Andrew Yang
06:09 PM
Steam vulnerability exposed users to account hijacking and malware
05:43 PM
Why we should trust Apple and Google more than our governments
05:17 PM
Switzerland inches closer to cryptocurrency regulation
04:51 PM
Brexit is a mess, but UK startups may find refuge in Estonia’s e-Residency
03:59 PM
CHEAP: This 6TB Western Digital external HDD is 42 percent off
03:59 PM
Cryptocurrency scammer pleads guilty in $4M fraud case
03:33 PM
TNW2019 Daily: Learning is fun
03:07 PM
Here’s the difference between ICOs and IEOs
02:15 PM
Kickstart your career as a high-paid project manager with this $35 training
01:49 PM
Mt. Gox readies to pay back creditors five years after hack
12:57 PM
This app collects wallpapers designed to hide Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera
12:57 PM
After Google, Walmart is reportedly building a game streaming service
12:56 PM
PSA: Don’t use this fake Wasabi wallet to ‘store’ your Bitcoin
12:05 PM
Here’s why you’re having issues with Reddit and Wikipedia in the EU
11:13 AM
Introducing TQ South: TNW’s second Amsterdam space for tech companies
11:13 AM
Facebook is hiring a lead for its blockchain counsel
08:37 AM
Google’s AI-powered Doodle to celebrate Bach’s birthday is its best ever
03:25 AM
‘Flat Earthers’ are embarking on a bizarre journey to Antarctica to prove that YouTube makes you stupid
March 20th, 2019
11:58 PM
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he will pay you to work on Bitcoin full-time
11:06 PM
Futuristic hover bike promises 15,000 foot climbs and 150 MPH top speed (and you can pre-order it now)
09:48 PM
Snapchat is getting into games — here’s what we’d like to see
08:56 PM
Amazon has a new cheap Kindle, but the Paperwhite is still a better deal
08:04 PM
Cryptocurrency platform Augur can’t fix ‘invalid market’ scam without huge update
08:04 PM
Huawei is putting blockchain into the stratosphere
06:20 PM
Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia resumes trading months after debilitating hack
05:54 PM
Disney resurrects Lucasfilm Games for a mysterious Star Wars project
05:02 PM
Here’s how Apple could’ve made the new AirPods even better
04:36 PM
TNW2019 Daily: You’re my hero
04:36 PM
Full moon patents: Uber’s pick-up AR, Microsoft’s crime scene AI, and Boeing’s toilet
04:10 PM
I wanted to fold Huawei’s foldable phone but they wouldn’t let me
03:18 PM
Apple’s new AirPods include wireless charging, Siri, and a fancy new chip
03:18 PM
North Korean dissidents are using Ethereum to overthrow Kim Jong-un
02:26 PM
Why designers create products that are never meant to be real
01:08 PM
Here’s how to attend TNW2019 and a 1-day course with a discount
01:08 PM
SERPstash can help push your site to the top of Google searches; get it for $24
12:42 PM
EU fines Google €1.49 billion in AdSense antitrust case
12:16 PM
How to be a better boss, according to Google
10:59 AM
We shouldn’t care about companies accepting Bitcoin in 2019
10:34 AM
The upcoming Angry Birds AR game for your iPhone looks like a ton of fun
10:34 AM
Malware rises from the dead to take vengeance on cryptocurrency trading firms
07:06 AM
PSA: Update Firefox to block autoplaying videos by default
12:12 AM
Stadia’s Google Assistant integration is the gaming feature I never knew I needed
March 19th, 2019
07:52 PM
Google announces Stadia, its cross-platform game streaming service
06:34 PM
Review: The Huawei Matebook X Pro (2019) is the best laptop I’ve ever used… ever