May 22nd, 2018
09:01 AM
Google Photos is adding ‘Favorite’ and ‘Like’ buttons to your pictures
08:09 AM
Microsoft, Intel, and Google disclose another Spectre-like CPU flaw
07:17 AM
Adobe acquires ecommerce CMS Magento for $1.68 billion
12:48 AM
Apple’s Siri will get a brand new voice and more at WWDC
May 21st, 2018
11:55 PM
Review: Royole’s RoWrite Smart Writing Pad is an upgrade on the ink pen
09:19 PM
Epic Games announces $100 million prize pool for upcoming Fortnite season
08:27 PM
Elon Musk reveals new Tesla Model 3 variants with AWD and dual motors
07:35 PM
AC repair tech claims he/she found a missile in a server room
06:17 PM
This Twitter bot invents the most heinous flavors of Fanta ever
05:25 PM
Here’s a free AI class that’ll prepare you for the robot takeover
05:25 PM
The future of music is about power for artists, no matter the medium
04:07 PM
No service? No problem with the personal mobile networking goTenna — and save almost $25
03:41 PM
Facebook is killing Snapchat with the format it created
01:31 PM
Roger Ver has found a new use for cryptocurrency: crowd-bribing
01:05 PM
This startup wants to make buying a dog online safer and more ethical
12:39 PM
What this revenge porn site’s shutdown means to one of its victims
12:13 PM
The Nintendo Switch is finally getting Resident Evil 7 – but you’ll have to stream it
11:47 AM
How salary transparency can lead to a more trusting workplace
10:29 AM
Review: Anker’s Soundcore Flare is a perfect party speaker for only $60
10:03 AM
This website lets you curate podcast playlists for friends (or yourself)
07:01 AM
Microsoft just bought an AI startup to improve Cortana’s conversational skills
May 20th, 2018
06:53 PM
Fintech is disrupting big banks, but here’s what it still needs to learn from them
04:17 PM
Wanna make animations, but don’t have art or coding training? No problem with Animatron
03:25 PM
Counter-terrorism police get real training from virtual terrorists
02:33 PM
6 things I learned marketing for startups (and early stage companies)
10:39 AM
How to use influencer marketing to successfully launch your product
08:55 AM
North Korea’s willingness to temporarily suspend nuclear testing can be explained by geology
May 19th, 2018
06:38 PM
Alternative facts are fine in business — but too dangerous for politics
04:02 PM
Learn to code for Python — and the entire training package is just $10
02:44 PM
3 reasons why a ‘live personality’ can take your brand from drab to fab
01:00 PM
This creepy thought experiment about a serpent king brought Grimes and Elon Musk together
10:50 AM
Hey entrepreneurs: Here’s how to fix your sucky product
09:58 AM
We used this MILF-recognizing AI so you don’t have to
12:27 AM
Microsoft wants to revolutionize MRIs with quantum-inspired algorithms and HoloLens
12:27 AM
Fortnite is finally coming to Android
12:01 AM
Review: Dyson’s Cyclone V10 vacuum is $500 overkill, but I love it anyway
May 18th, 2018
11:35 PM
LA County data leak exposes personal information of callers to crisis and abuse line
08:33 PM
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 migrates from Steam to
06:49 PM
China’s facial recognition AI has a new target: Students
06:49 PM
GDPR laws force promising blockchain service to shut down
05:57 PM
TNW Answers panel: Should everyone learn to code?
04:13 PM
Coinsecure starts the refund process after its $3.5 million cryptocurrency heist
04:13 PM
This startup wants to help traditional businesses effectively adopt blockchain
04:12 PM
Learn to build your own video games — 30 minutes at a time
03:47 PM
Google Maps is broken on some Huawei and Honor phones. Here’s how to fix it
03:21 PM
Lesara’s CEO on why entrepreneurs should always have a beginner’s mindset
02:29 PM
The AmpPack might be the most ambitious crossover since ‘Infinity War’
12:45 PM
Making Britain a tech success means looking outside London
12:45 PM
1 in every 5 ICOs is phony, WSJ study finds
09:43 AM
Elon Musk promises $1 tunnel rides at 240 kmph in LA
09:17 AM
15 online trends to watch for in 2018 and beyond
07:59 AM
Steam’s app for streaming PC games to your phone works like a charm
01:04 AM
400 consecutive hotter-than-average months and we’re still pretending climate change isn’t real
12:38 AM
Instagram finally realized Feed and Stories are part of the same app
12:38 AM
Review: The Focal Clear are $1,500 headphones worth every penny
May 17th, 2018
11:20 PM
This unintentionally hilarious AI should caption every Instagram photo
10:02 PM
Daughter has best reaction when her dad becomes a Twitter meme
08:18 PM
Facebook’s working on a platform to connect marketers with influencers
07:26 PM
Golem CEO: Ethereum is by far the most promising blockchain platform
07:26 PM
Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 makes the office of the future actually look fun
05:42 PM
IBM files patent for AI-managed traffic lights
05:16 PM
This tiny USB-C adapter will solve all your MacBook port issues
04:50 PM
Making Star Wars a reality through design thinking
04:24 PM
Protect Microsoft Office and Windows 10 with this comprehensive security training for just $49
03:32 PM
State of Decay 2: If you survive the bugs, the zombie apocalypse ain’t so bad
03:06 PM
SEC sets up a fake ICO to warn naive investors against cryptocurrency scams
12:56 PM
Fender’s excellent desktop app for learning to play songs is now available for free
11:38 AM
eToro is expanding its cryptocurrency trading operation to the US
10:20 AM
Microsoft is reportedly making cheaper Surface tablets to rival the iPad this year
09:02 AM
Microsoft unveils its clever new Xbox Adaptive Controller for gamers with disabilities
07:44 AM
YouTube’s streaming music service is launching next week
04:16 AM
Google News has a new feature that may just pop your filter bubble
12:23 AM
Facebook updates push Stories past its Snapchat clone beginnings
May 16th, 2018
11:31 PM
Senator John Thune is the patron saint of bullshit and his remarks on net neutrality are lies
11:31 PM
This mashup of 46 Nintendo melodies just made my day