June 28th, 2017
06:37 PM
Tinder Gold lets you see who likes you without matching
06:08 PM
Xbox Game Pass adds first batch of new titles — and it’s already time to cancel
05:39 PM
Juggle data with training in the top data management tools around — for under $40
05:10 PM
Snapchat now lets you create your own filters – right in the app
05:10 PM
Samsung has a special walking app for distracted pedestrians but nobody’s using it
04:12 PM
How one company is using analytics and AI to sniff out potential security breaches
04:12 PM
Pornhub launches ‘interactive’ videos so you can outsource manual labor to robots
01:47 PM
This $3,000 deep-diving drone can be controlled like a video game
11:51 AM
How firefighters in South Africa are using drones to protect their forests
11:22 AM
12 important lessons for building a business in your first year
10:53 AM
Inside Facebook’s plan to wire Uganda with fibre optic internet… and why it could fail
10:24 AM
Microsoft will tap your Windows 10 PC to build its new antivirus
08:28 AM
Samsung is bringing back its Galaxy Note 7 for fans who aren’t afraid of exploding phones
07:01 AM
Petya ransomware victims can’t get their files back even if they pay up
03:10 AM
Google News shows off its minimalist new look
12:45 AM
Lunch gets seriously weird when an AI decides what’s on the menu
June 27th, 2017
11:47 PM
Cyberghost CEO: Assume everything online is public until further notice
11:18 PM
Meet your new cybersecurity experts — the Girl Scouts
11:18 PM
NSA knew about the vulnerability exploited by NotPetya for over 5 years
10:49 PM
Samsung Galaxy Book Review: A formidable Surface competitor with one infuriating flaw
09:22 PM
No, NASA isn’t about to announce it found aliens
08:53 PM
Yahoo Mail’s redesign is a fresh coat of paint on a burnt-down house
08:53 PM
Facebook reaches 2 billion user milestone
08:24 PM
If you thought Facebook ads were creepy before, we’ve got some bad news
05:59 PM
This $3000 deep-diving drone can be controlled like a video game
05:59 PM
Get access to over 1,000 tech training courses for life, for under $80
05:30 PM
Wimbledon serves up a new take on journalism in the age of AI
05:30 PM
Customer Behavior Analysis in the Telecom Arena
05:01 PM
Massive ransomware attack is causing chaos in airports, banks and more worldwide
05:01 PM
Huawei’s Honor 9 gets a great price tag, but it’s not coming to the US
04:32 PM
Huawei’s Honor 9 gets a great price tag, but it’s (probably) not coming to the US
04:03 PM
Our search experience is changing, here’s where one CEO sees it going
03:34 PM
Fake news is your fault, this startup is trying to help
03:05 PM
Fiverr quits the race to the bottom with new premium freelancer marketplace
02:36 PM
Apple’s new augmented reality kit makes Minecraft look magical in AR
01:38 PM
Why algorithms will be at the core of our AI-powered future, and why you should care
12:11 PM
Google hit with record €2.4B fine for abusing EU antitrust laws to stifle rivals
11:42 AM
Before Amazon’s Echo Show, there was the Chumby
07:21 AM
Amazon is building a translation service for your sites and apps
06:52 AM
Amazon Echo now works as a home intercom
02:02 AM
Mario 64 gets the Super Mario Odyssey treatment thanks to this modder
01:33 AM
The clueless parent’s guide to understanding Snapchat
01:33 AM
Study shows just glancing at your phone makes you dumber
01:04 AM
How high can shoe technology elevate your game?
12:35 AM
Amazon’s robots are invading Whole Foods
12:35 AM
iOS 11: The best new features in one handy list
June 26th, 2017
11:08 PM
iOS 11’s public beta is out now – here’s how to get it
10:39 PM
GoPro captures the moment an alligator nearly took a man’s head off
09:41 PM
Facebook teams with Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube to fight terrorism
09:12 PM
Experts weigh in on how 5G could change the world
08:43 PM
Nintendo announces the SNES Classic (and Star Fox 2)
08:43 PM
Google Easter egg celebrates Pride in your spreadsheets
07:45 PM
How to leverage your brand’s voice via your employees’ social media accounts
07:45 PM
Dell Precision 5520 Developer Edition: An amazing Ubuntu mobile workstation
06:18 PM
Meet Laughly: The Pandora for jokes
05:49 PM
Get trained and certified with Microsoft Excel for less than $20
05:49 PM
This app uses augmented reality to turn your smartphone into a ruler
04:51 PM
How to improve your style (and confidence) in the office
04:22 PM
3 ways cognitive computing can transform banking
04:22 PM
The UK parliament getting pwned by a brute-force attack is utterly, utterly embarrassing
03:24 PM
Bored programmer built a site that turns Trump’s tweets into shitty poems
02:55 PM
10 questions that can dramatically change your life (and your business)
12:59 PM
Sony should do more to boost cross-platform gaming
12:30 PM
Samsung launches new phone-to-phone ‘switch’ app to lure iPhone users
12:01 PM
Craziest Aircraft Design Ever
11:32 AM
Facebook has a magical Harry Potter easter egg to celebrate the book’s 20th anniversary
10:05 AM
How the cloud has changed education and training
08:38 AM
Facebook wants to be your next destination for streaming TV shows
07:11 AM
Open Spotify links in Google Play Music with this handy Chrome extension
June 25th, 2017
05:38 PM
Get over 1.1 million graphics at your fingertips — for only $31
June 24th, 2017
05:57 PM
Learn the art of manipulating data with this serious MATLAB training for only $27
02:01 AM
Tone-deaf cop addresses real-life shooting while playing video games
12:34 AM
I trained a neural network to create CIA malware codenames
June 23rd, 2017
11:36 PM
TRVL is the best travel platform you’re not using (yet)
11:07 PM
Bethesda is bleeding gamers dry, and I’ve had enough