April 24th, 2017
06:44 PM
Amazon opens Subscription store to help you manage all your monthly fees
06:15 PM
Ask this Swedish politician anything during his weekly Hearthstone Twitch stream
06:15 PM
Apple might make you wait unusually long to get the new iPhone
06:14 PM
LinkedIn just hit the 500 million user mark
05:46 PM
Get 2TB of ultra-secure cloud storage for life — for under $60
04:19 PM
Why the fuck is will.i.am advising this UK fintech startup?
04:19 PM
Larry Page’s new startup promises to bring flying cars by the end of 2017
03:50 PM
Protected: South African telco partners with a local church to sell phones to its 7m members
03:21 PM
South African telco partners with Shembe Church to sell phones to its 7m members
03:21 PM
Universities finally realize that Java is a bad introductory programming language
02:52 PM
Samsung obliterates Twitter troll’s dick pic joke with one savage emoji
01:25 PM
You can still remap the Bixby button on Galaxy S8 to open Google Now
01:25 PM
These are the fastest growing developer technologies in the UK and Ireland
12:56 PM
12 ways your landing page is making you lose potential customers
10:31 AM
Eerie tech promises to copy anyone’s voice from just 1 minute of audio
09:04 AM
Don’t use email unsubscription services that sell your data – try this instead
08:06 AM
Uber was reportedly almost booted from the App Store for tracking iPhones
April 23rd, 2017
05:37 PM
Create effective and dazzling business plans with the help of Bizplan Premium — just $69
03:41 PM
Artificial Intelligence has to deal with its transparency problems
April 22nd, 2017
05:56 PM
Study to be a Cisco networking master with nine certifications for just $49
02:33 PM
Fundamental growth hacking for new ‘solopreneurs’
12:08 PM
Uber: The good, the bad, and the really, really ugly
02:58 AM
Target is asking for trouble with new Mario Kart-themed stores
01:31 AM
Submersible drone gives us a peek at what’s hiding under the sea
01:02 AM
Microsoft needs to change customer perceptions of Windows to take on ChromeOS
12:33 AM
Einstein chatbot shows Facebook Messenger’s potential as an educational tool
April 21st, 2017
10:36 PM
Abandoning browser tabs is the best choice I’ve made for my productivity
09:38 PM
Bill Gates wasn’t as tech-forward a parent as you might think
09:09 PM
The future of uTorrent is browser-based (and it’s coming soon)
07:42 PM
Twitch’s Affiliate Program wants to help streamers make bank
06:44 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 owners will get a souped-up version of Google Play Music
06:44 PM
Court rules fan subtitles on TV and movies are illegal
05:46 PM
Get ALL the Mac apps you’ll need for any creative project — for under $30
05:46 PM
French voters bombarded with fake news days before election
05:45 PM
The Old Computer Museum is a portal to the captivating past of vintage tech
03:50 PM
Samsung will replace Galaxy S8 units with red screens if software fix fails
02:52 PM
Google updates PhotoScan so you can take glare-free pics in one tap
01:25 PM
Tesla is recalling 53,000 cars over faulty parking brakes
12:27 PM
Elon Musk started a new company to turn us into cyborgs by 2020
11:58 AM
Samsung Galaxy S8 is now officially shipping… in these four countries
11:58 AM
Uber Employees created an #Undelete mural, because of course they did
11:57 AM
In the future your money will be handled perfectly by the Semantic Bank
10:31 AM
GoPro’s Fusion camera lets thrillseekers shoot 360-degree video in 5.2K
09:33 AM
This $400 juicer that does nothing but squeeze juice packs is peak Silicon Valley
08:35 AM
Watch the world’s first electric VTOL jet take flight
02:48 AM
Apple leak suggests AR glasses are in the works
01:21 AM
Plastc goes belly up after swiping $9M from backers
12:52 AM
Analyst: Tesla could rake in $7.5B annually leasing batteries to truckers
12:23 AM
Mastercard tests fingerprint verification for credit cards
April 20th, 2017
10:27 PM
Microsoft commits to major Windows 10 releases every 6 months
10:27 PM
30 days of standing: My experience with a sit/stand desk
09:58 PM
Google Home rolls out multiple-user support
09:00 PM
Master & Dynamic’s first wireless speaker is literally a (gorgeous) block of concrete
08:31 PM
Zara drops skirt over internet hate symbol
06:06 PM
Oculus founder allegedly hid $100K Trump donations with Chrono Trigger references
06:06 PM
Behold the hippest tech on Earth: Blockchain for peer-to-peer solar energy markets
05:37 PM
Get ALL the Mac apps you’ll need for any creative project — for under $30
05:37 PM
Track every project and team member easily with Task Pigeon – for under $60
05:36 PM
Skype is the number one communication choice among cybercriminals
03:41 PM
Hardwell will take the stage during our first ever Music Summit
03:12 PM
Apple’s promise to stop mining for metals is great news for the developing world
02:43 PM
MIT created an app to help you learn a language while waiting for stuff to load
02:14 PM
4 tools to keep even the most easily-distracted people focused
02:14 PM
Snaphash is an augmented reality weed doctor for your iPhone
01:45 PM
This minimalist smartwatch only reminds you of appointments – and that’s just perfect
12:18 PM
This cute dancing robot is actually a 3D-printed teapot hooked to an Arduino
09:24 AM
HTC’s squeezable phone is coming next month
08:55 AM
Microsoft just killed Wunderlist to launch a new To-Do app
07:57 AM
Google is reportedly building an ad blocker for Chrome, and it’s not the dumbest idea ever
02:10 AM
The $80,000 entry-level tech job American students are mostly ignoring
12:43 AM
Samsung Galaxy S8 submitted to durability tests, doesn’t burst into flame
April 19th, 2017
11:44 PM
Questioning Facebook’s vision of brain-controlled devices
09:48 PM
Facebook’s ideas for futuristic AI-powered glasses, in a handy list
07:52 PM
Facebook’s new VR cameras let you move within a 360 video
05:56 PM
What’s the most popular programming language? It depends on the time