March 23rd, 2017
06:44 AM
Google’s bringing audio-only calls to Duo at last, but I’ll probably never use it
05:46 AM
Apple acquires automation app Workflow and makes it free
12:58 AM
Nintendo releases ‘Super Mario Run’ on Android a day early
12:29 AM
Ev Williams has lost his goddamn mind
March 22nd, 2017
11:31 PM
Did Trump order a teenager to take down a kitten website?
09:06 PM
Nintendo offers fix for Switch but won’t admit it’s broken
09:06 PM
Bitcoin is tanking (again)
08:08 PM
Google is letting celebs speak directly to fans via search results
07:39 PM
Instagram will let businesses add a ‘book appointment’ button
07:39 PM
Human bias is making AI racist
07:10 PM
Sorry Apple, but the iMessage App Store sucks
06:12 PM
Facebook now lets anyone go Live from a desktop
06:12 PM
OnePlus 3T now comes in a stealthy Midnight Black color option
06:12 PM
Hate speech leads to thousands in donations for girl coders
05:43 PM
iPhone lorded over the smartphone industry last year, Samsung came in second
05:14 PM
How to partner with data to create insightful stories
04:16 PM
Google Maps now lets you share your location with your friends
03:18 PM
A nightmare future of AR is closer than we think
02:49 PM
Lithuanian scammer posed as Asian contractor to swindle US tech giants out of $100M
02:20 PM
Review: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is a premium (if flawed) Android tablet experience
01:22 PM
Samsung leak gives us our first look at the desktop dock for Galaxy S8
12:24 PM
iPhone concept design reimagines new ‘red’ model with neat black front
11:55 AM
Facebook demographics analysis reveals several startling truths
11:26 AM
Learn how to maximize your Raspberry Pi 3 with this comprehensive training bundle
11:26 AM
Supreme Court hearings are not a good place for Reddit memes
09:01 AM
Samsung Pay arrives in India
08:32 AM
15-year-old girl’s sexual assault streamed on Facebook Live
07:34 AM
Airbnb has a new name in China
06:07 AM
Scotland Yard reportedly worked with Indian police to spy on activists and journalists
01:18 AM
Tech billionaires are moving up on Forbes’ list of wealthiest people
March 21st, 2017
10:52 PM
Xbox Live goes down during major game release and gamers are furious
09:54 PM
Twitter’s new Producer API is going to make live streams a whole lot better
08:27 PM
Android O preview is now available (if you’re brave enough to flash)
07:29 PM
The BackBeat 500 Series is Plantronics’ latest attempt at mid-range headphones
07:29 PM
Reddit adds user profiles to morph into a real social network
07:00 PM
Google turns Search into an app launcher (and it’s a pretty big deal)
06:31 PM
UK joins US in banning large electronic devices from cabins on select flights
06:02 PM
Whoops! EU’s copyright reforms might suck for AI startups
06:02 PM
Sideways Dictionary uses hilarious analogies to explain boring tech terms
05:33 PM
Twitter’s tenth transparency report shows massive scale of fight against extremism
04:35 PM
Help us help: 20 used smartphones to fight Female Genital Mutilation
04:35 PM
Apple blackmailed by hackers over stolen photos and iPhone credentials
03:08 PM
Apple’s new video sharing app is called Clips
02:10 PM
Apple launches ‘special’ new red iPhone and revamped iPad
01:41 PM
Bragi Headphone review: Comfy wireless buds with enough stamina for a long day
01:41 PM
Bootstrapped, profitable, and proud: Our journey to $1,000,000+ ARR
01:12 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 video shows TouchWiz no longer looks that horrible
12:14 PM
Apple Store goes down as Apple teases ‘something special’ – possibly new iPad
11:45 AM
New Gorillaz album partially leaked due to password fuck up
11:16 AM
Learn all the tricks of the SEO trade — and earn search engine certification
10:18 AM
Laptops and tablets may soon be banned in cabins on some US-bound flights
09:20 AM
Amazon Music might land in India in 2018
07:24 AM
Stephen Hawking is going to space
03:04 AM
Watch: Nest cam catches twin toddlers partying until dawn
12:39 AM
Get your retro Pokémon fix with this Gameboy emulator for Apple Watch
March 20th, 2017
11:41 PM
VR motion tracking narrows the gap between real and digital
09:16 PM
Company offers $10k to employees willing to ditch the Bay Area
08:47 PM
Tesla’s P100D sets new real-world quarter-mile record
08:18 PM
Man electrocutes himself while charging iPhone in the bath
07:49 PM
eBay wants you to believe it’s as good as Amazon
06:22 PM
Impulse-buying crap you see on TV has gotten easier thanks to ZapBuy
06:22 PM
Instagram now lets you save live videos for later
06:22 PM
Dutch police mistakenly pays €3M for Office licenses, court tells Microsoft to keep it
05:53 PM
Global economies upside down: the three worlds of fintech
05:53 PM
Study: Fake news more likely to be trusted if shared by the right person
05:24 PM
Google Maps can now save your parking spot
05:24 PM
Did Braintree Payments just kill a successful Serbian taxi startup?
03:57 PM
Video: We got a demo of Fleshlight’s new dick-sucking robot
03:28 PM
Samsung officially unveils new virtual assistant Bixby ahead of Galaxy S8 launch
02:30 PM
How Samsung’s Galaxy S8 measures up to Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7
02:30 PM
Silicon Valley is no longer #1 for talent says huge global startup report
02:30 PM
Super Mario Run makes the jump to Android this week
01:32 PM
What Snapchat learned from Google
01:03 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in three colors and cost more than iPhone 7
11:36 AM
The future of startup growth