March 23rd, 2019
02:12 AM
Elon Musk defends tweets in SEC’s contempt proceedings
01:46 AM
What’s the cost of buying users from Facebook and the other ad networks?
12:02 AM
Equity Shot: Pinterest and Zoom file to go public
March 22nd, 2019
10:44 PM
This is how much money Pinterest execs made last year
10:18 PM
Our 9 favorite startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day 2
09:52 PM
Drone analytics startup Aria Insights suddenly shutters
09:26 PM
Pinterest drops its IPO filing
09:26 PM
Zoom, a profitable unicorn, files to go public
09:25 PM
What to expect from Apple’s ‘Show Time’ event
09:25 PM
Clark, a venture-backed tutoring platform, will now help tutors build their own sites
09:25 PM
Gates-backed Lumotive upends lidar conventions using metamaterials
07:42 PM
Mailchimp and Shopify break up
07:16 PM
Firefox is now a better iPad browser
06:50 PM
Talk about the big news from GDC with TechCrunch writers
06:24 PM
Crunchyroll raises its monthly subscription price to $7.99
05:58 PM
Daily Crunch: Facebook admits password security lapse
05:06 PM
How Salesforce paved the way for the SaaS platform approach
04:40 PM
GM investing $300 million to build a new electric Chevy in the U.S.
04:40 PM
Respondology helps brands and influencers hide toxic comments
03:48 PM
Respondology helps brands and influencers hide toxic comments
03:22 PM
Could Walmart be the next big company to launch a game streaming service?
03:22 PM
Homeland Security warns of critical flaws in Medtronic defibrillators
02:56 PM
Facebook staff raised concerns about Cambridge Analytica in September 2015, per court filing
02:56 PM
North Korea’s new website and pro rata rights
02:55 PM
Lyft’s IPO is hot, YC demo day, two new unicorns, and what’s Boy Brow?
01:38 PM
Indonesia’s Kargo comes out of stealth with $7.6M from Travis Kalanick, Sequoia and others
11:54 AM
Keatz, a European ‘cloud kitchen’ startup, raises further €12M
10:10 AM
Asia’s AnyMind pulls in another $8M and expands into outdoor advertising
08:26 AM
Tesla’s customer referral program is back weeks after it was killed off
02:23 AM
Nintendo’s Labo: VR Kit is not Virtual Boy 2.0
12:39 AM
Trump promotes Michael Kratsios to US Chief Technology Officer
March 21st, 2019
11:47 PM
Tech regulation in Europe will only get tougher
10:29 PM
To fund Y Combinator’s top startups, VCs scoop them before Demo Day
10:29 PM
Gig workers need health & benefits — Catch is their safety net
10:03 PM
Facebook’s AI couldn’t spot mass murder
10:03 PM
Robotics process automation startup UiPath raising $400M at more than $7B valuation
09:11 PM
How to develop a brand identity system (like Intercom)
09:11 PM
Why it’s no surprise that pro rata rights don’t mean what they used to
09:10 PM
How to save the third wave of technology from itself
08:19 PM
Streaming site Kanopy exposed viewing habits of users, researcher says
07:27 PM
MoviePass parent’s CEO says its rebooted subscription service is already profitable
07:27 PM
Tesla sues former employees, Zoox for alleged trade secret theft
07:01 PM
This is what the Huawei P30 will look like
07:01 PM
Introducing the Extra Crunch Stage at Disrupt SF 2019
07:00 PM
Rent the Runway hits a $1 billion valuation
06:35 PM
Aurora’s Sterling Anderson, Uber ATG’s Raquel Urtasun to discuss self-driving cars and AI at TC Sessions
06:35 PM
Daily Crunch: The new iPad mini, reviewed
06:35 PM
Paris to tax scooter and bike services
06:34 PM
How Amazon and Walmart are putting robots to work behind the scenes
06:09 PM
Marqeta files to raise $250M on a $1.9B valuation
05:17 PM
HoneyBook, a client management platform for creative businesses, raises $28M Series C led by Citi Ventures
05:17 PM
Facebook admits it stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of account passwords in plaintext
04:51 PM
Veteran tech journalist Dan Frommer launches his own subscription publication, The New Consumer
03:59 PM
Tencent Q4 profit disappoints, but cloud and payments gain ground
03:33 PM
Epic Games CEO says Apex Legends hasn’t made a dent in Fortnite
03:33 PM
UK’s Police Federation hit by ransomware
03:32 PM
MoviePass co-founder’s new startup PreShow gives you free movie tickets for watching ads
03:07 PM
Ludlow Ventures raises $45m for third fund
03:07 PM
Taxes on VC and electric buses harming oil prices
02:15 PM
Xbox One S is reportedly getting a disc-free version in May
02:15 PM
Slowdown or not, China’s luxury goods still seeing high-end growth
02:15 PM
LogRocket nabs $11M Series A to fix web application errors faster
12:31 PM
Review: Apple’s new iPad mini continues to be mini
11:39 AM
Guesty, a tech platform for property managers on Airbnb and other rental sites, raises $35M
11:39 AM
Nigerian fintech startup OneFi acquires payment company Amplify
10:21 AM
Razer hooks up with Tencent to focus on mobile gaming
10:21 AM
Windows Virtual Desktop is now in public preview
10:20 AM
Microsoft Defender comes to the Mac
10:20 AM
The Plum Guide raises $18.5M to expand its ‘vacation homes for the elite’ service
02:33 AM
PicsArt hits 130 million MAUs as Chinese flock to its photo editing app
01:41 AM
Amify, which promises more profits to third party sellers on Amazon, just raised its first outside venture round
12:23 AM
Dyson launches a vacuum with better battery, a desk lamp and a personal air purifier
March 20th, 2019
11:58 PM
Ford will invest $850 million to add more production capacity for EVs
11:06 PM
Microsoft warns Windows 7 users of looming end to security updates
11:06 PM
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