August 18th, 2017
10:28 AM
Watch the Australia Post Regional Pitch Finals right here, right now
09:01 AM
Travis Kalanick strikes back against Benchmark lawsuit, calling it a ‘public and personal attack’
09:01 AM
New Apple videos explain how iOS 11 and its multi-tasking features work on the iPad
06:36 AM
Virtual telescope company Slooh is ready for the eclipse
05:09 AM
Crunch Report | Essential Phone Now Available to Order
02:15 AM
Alt-social network Gab booted from Google Play Store for hate speech
02:15 AM
An iOS 11 feature could let you quickly disable TouchID and keep cops out
01:17 AM
Original Tech helps banks offer better loan applications
12:48 AM
‘Airbnb for boats’ startup Boatsetter buys competitor Boatbound
12:18 AM
Changing the security landscape for entrepreneurs
August 17th, 2017
11:20 PM
New Star Wars movie focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi is in the early stages
11:20 PM
LiftIgniter raises $6.4M to bring website personalization to the rest of the internet
10:51 PM
Forever Labs preserves young stem cells to prevent your older self from aging
10:22 PM
First round of Disrupt SF Hackathon tickets now available
09:53 PM
Independent inquiry called for in FCC’s secretive cyberattack claims
09:24 PM
Cloudflare CEO calls for a system to regulate hateful internet content
08:26 PM
Survey adds detail to patterns of sexism and harassment in the tech industry
07:57 PM
YouTube TV now available to 50% of U.S. households
07:57 PM
Apple’s ARKit could be huge for virtual car showrooms and online sales
07:56 PM
Steve Jurvetson on why the digital divide needs to be addressed now
07:28 PM
Reddit rolls out its own video platform
07:28 PM
Bitcoin wallet ‘Blockchain’ adds Ethereum support
07:28 PM
Social Capital adds a new partner to the mix: Mike Ghaffary
07:27 PM
Tomorrow is the last day to save $1,000 on Disrupt SF tickets
06:59 PM
A defense company put a machine gun on a drone
06:59 PM
Facebook downranks video clickbait and fake play buttons
06:59 PM
B2B platform Releaf helps African businesses by taking the guesswork out of networking
06:30 PM
Coup launches new electric scooter service in Paris and faces off with Cityscoot
06:30 PM
Tesla and GE are installing solar rooftop systems on 50 Home Depots
06:29 PM
ProtonMail adds Bitcoin support so you can pay for e2e encrypted email more privately
06:29 PM
Can Didi out-network Uber to win the global ridesharing market?
06:01 PM
ZeroCater expands from meal catering to office snacks
06:01 PM
Fat Lama is a platform to lend and borrow anything
06:01 PM
Watch the new trailer for The Defenders before it hits Netflix on Friday
06:00 PM
Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 Switch bundle will be a Walmart exclusive
05:32 PM
Can the security community grow up?
05:32 PM
Ripcord’s $40 million Series B will pay for more file digitizing robots and human jobs
05:32 PM
Teen bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman is launching Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ into space
05:03 PM
Skype’s much-debated redesign hits the desktop
04:05 PM
Amazon opens up access to developer tools for adding Alexa to commercial products
04:05 PM
Essential Phone now available to order, ships soon to pre-sale customers
03:36 PM
Applications for betaworks newest accelerator, Visioncamp, open September 6
03:07 PM
CoreOS’s Tectonic container platform gets full support for Microsoft Azure
03:07 PM
Alibaba leads $1.1B investment in Indonesia-based e-commerce firm Tokopedia
02:38 PM
Codacy, a platform that helps developers check the quality of their code, raises $5.1M
02:38 PM
Alibaba’s profit doubles to $2.1B after another huge quarter of business
02:09 PM
Android newbie HMD’s Nokia 8 flagship lets you livestream ‘frontbacks’
11:44 AM
Google is testing a data-friendly version of its Search app
11:15 AM and Personal merge to put you in control of the nascent ‘personal data ecosystem’
10:17 AM
Alibaba, Tencent, Didi and other tech firms pour $12B into mobile operator China Unicom
09:19 AM
Nielsen announces new division unit to measure e-sports sponsorships
07:52 AM
Uber’s new head of Asia is a former Goldman exec who once climbed Mount Everest
05:56 AM
Tim Cook says he ‘disagrees’ with Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville violence
05:56 AM
Startup initiatives from down under may offer inspiration to the failing US Postal Service
05:27 AM
Crunch Report | Apple Spending $1 Billion on Original Content
04:00 AM
Tech is not winning the battle against white supremacy
04:00 AM
Run to the rock
01:36 AM
The TechCrunch Podcast: Augmented reality’s promise
01:07 AM
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 refurbished batteries get recalled due to overheating concerns
01:07 AM
Protecting 3D printers from cyberattacks could be as simple as listening carefully
12:38 AM
Digital Ocean and Cloudflare ditch neo-Nazi client, The Daily Stormer
12:09 AM
Google acquires AIMatter, maker of the Fabby computer vision app
August 16th, 2017
11:40 PM
Nvidia invests in Chinese autonomous trucking startup TuSimple
10:42 PM
Roku cracks down on private channels
10:42 PM
Ofo comes to the US, joining the bike-share fray in Seattle
10:13 PM
Color Genomics has raised $52 million in equity financing
10:13 PM
Only 3 days left to save big on Disrupt SF tickets
09:44 PM
Crowdfunded reMarkable e-paper tablet ships on August 29
09:15 PM
Netflix’s ‘What Happened to Monday’ looks like Orphan Black-style sci-fi
08:17 PM
Amazon’s private label business is booming thanks to device sales, expanded fashion lines
07:48 PM
Google brings Q&As to Google Maps
07:48 PM
Trump Strategic and Policy Forum, which included IBM and GM CEOs, disbands
07:48 PM
Apple could guide you around your city using augmented reality
07:19 PM
You can now make free phone calls with your Google Home
07:19 PM
Announcing the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 agenda