January 23rd, 2020
02:45 AM
The Jeff Bezos hack could happen to anyone
January 22nd, 2020
01:20 PM
6 reasons smaller companies want to break up Big Tech
03:54 AM
San Francisco Pride voted to ban Google and YouTube from its parade
12:26 AM
Marc Benioff picks a new fight with Silicon Valley — over trees
12:00 AM
Marc Benioff picks a new fight with Silicon Valley — over trees
12:00 AM
Netflix says Disney and Baby Yoda may have cut into the streaming service’s growth
January 21st, 2020
08:06 PM
Amazon Ring sales nearly tripled in December despite hacks
02:54 PM
AI can help find illegal opioid sellers online. And wildlife traffickers. And counterfeits.
January 18th, 2020
05:10 AM
Spotify may buy The Ringer. Here’s why that makes sense.
12:00 AM
Mike Bloomberg throws shade at Joe Biden as a looming “lame duck”
January 17th, 2020
09:50 PM
Things can get “really bad, really quickly” when a 24-year-old runs a company
09:50 PM
When Pinterest users started searching for vaccines, CEO Ben Silbermann pulled all medical information from the platform
08:06 PM
Amazon’s Ring blamed hacks on consumers reusing their passwords. A lawsuit say that’s not true.
04:12 PM
“Privacy shouldn’t be a luxury”: Advocates want Google to do more to secure cheap Android phones
03:12 AM
Twitter, Microsoft, LinkedIn, are calling for an end to Trump’s rule to keep out low-income immigrants
01:02 AM
New York could put a hold on facial recognition in schools. Here’s why.
January 16th, 2020
08:43 PM
Google Chrome’s cookie ban is good news for Google — and maybe your privacy
03:24 AM
Bloomberg plans to make a secret pitch to Silicon Valley billionaires, showing he’s not afraid to schmooze Big Tech
01:40 AM
Why #NeverWarren should make you nervous about 2020
January 15th, 2020
05:52 PM
Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service, won’t have Baby Yoda. But it will have ads.
03:16 PM
25% of users watching Netflix on their iPhones also watch Disney+
01:50 AM
Why Jack Dorsey (and you) should pay attention to this proposed charity law in California
12:07 AM
A top Away executive quit the same day the founder and CEO said she was returning
January 14th, 2020
03:01 PM
In defense of Twitter
12:25 PM
Why activists want to ban facial recognition on college campuses before it arrives
January 13th, 2020
11:53 PM
The government is again asking Apple to unlock iPhones. Here’s why you should care.
10:09 PM
Today’s rich heirs want to beat Trump. They may have to beat their families first.
January 11th, 2020
03:03 AM
The new MIT report on Jeffrey Epstein raises questions about how much to blame billionaires like Bill Gates
01:45 AM
Alphabet’s top lawyer, who has been accused of inappropriate workplace relationships, is stepping down
January 10th, 2020
11:36 PM
Barstool Sports is close to selling to a casino company you’ve never heard of
10:44 PM
How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells
January 9th, 2020
10:54 PM
Grubhub sale rumors highlight the state of the struggling food-delivery industry
12:56 PM
Facebook will continue letting politicians lie in ads
02:06 AM
AI poses risks, but the White House says regulators shouldn’t “needlessly hamper” innovation
January 8th, 2020
07:37 PM
WeWork is still growing. That’s not necessarily a good thing.
04:01 AM
Facebook is like sugar — too much is bad for you, says a top Facebook exec
12:34 AM
Iran’s most likely form of retaliation? A cyberattack.
12:34 AM
How Silicon Valley’s secretive donor group plans to beat Trump
January 7th, 2020
07:49 PM
Facebook is banning deepfake videos
January 6th, 2020
08:28 PM
Inside the secretive Silicon Valley group that has funneled over $20 million to Democrats
07:10 PM
Tech companies tried to help us spend less time on our phones. It didn’t work.
January 4th, 2020
02:20 PM
Bill Gates’s big takeaway from 2019: raise his taxes
January 3rd, 2020
09:01 PM
A “new” Amazon waffle maker came with an old crusty-looking waffle already in it
02:58 PM
Google and Amazon are now in the oil business
01:06 AM
Amazon threatened to fire employees who spoke out against its environmental policies
January 2nd, 2020
07:54 PM
AT&T is cutting jobs, but Trump is focused on its management of CNN instead
07:02 PM
California’s new privacy law, explained
January 1st, 2020
04:36 PM
Illinois says you should know if AI is grading your online job interviews
December 31st, 2019
04:21 PM
Thousands of Google’s cafeteria workers have unionized
01:12 AM
California’s new privacy law, explained
December 30th, 2019
06:16 PM
Adam Sandler is Netflix’s biggest star, and Netflix thinks that’s great
December 28th, 2019
01:47 AM
All those hacks got Amazon’s Ring sued
December 26th, 2019
10:31 PM
Tenants sounded the alarm on facial recognition in their buildings. Lawmakers are listening.
10:31 PM
Amazon wants to patent technology that could identify shoppers by their hands
December 21st, 2019
02:06 AM
One of Amazon’s first employees says the company should be broken up
December 20th, 2019
10:39 PM
Simple changes to Amazon’s Ring could protect users from hacks
04:09 PM
Schools are using facial recognition to try to stop shootings. Here’s why they should think twice.
01:26 AM
Amazon’s new area of domination: its own package delivery
December 19th, 2019
10:51 PM
Santa isn’t the only one tracking you this holiday season. Stores are watching you, too.
December 18th, 2019
10:10 PM
Amazon, Apple, and Google are working together so that your “smart” home works better
08:00 PM
Google’s Larry Page gave $400 million in Christmas donations. Not a penny went straight to charity.
06:42 PM
The 14 charts that explain tech in 2019
02:48 PM
New York City couldn’t pry open its own black box algorithms. So now what?
December 17th, 2019
11:39 PM
Facebook says California’s new privacy law doesn’t apply to its trackers. These lawyers disagree.
09:29 PM
Consumer groups issue product warning for Amazon Ring after latest video hack
09:29 PM
Netflix shows off the numbers behind its global growth story for the first time
December 16th, 2019
04:29 PM
Most investors don’t want to touch media anymore. But Axios is going to raise another $20 million.
03:11 PM
What’s going on with TikTok, China, and the US government?
December 14th, 2019
01:41 AM
Pete Buttigieg is raising money from Silicon Valley’s billionaires — even as Elizabeth Warren attacks him for it
December 13th, 2019
10:13 PM
Twitter is disturbingly right and alarmingly wrong about what you’re interested in
02:25 PM
Genetic testing is an inexact science with real consequences
December 12th, 2019
09:06 PM
The founder of Bonobos was supposed to help reinvent Walmart. Two-plus years later, he’s leaving.
06:56 PM
The robot revolution will be worse for men
06:30 PM
WeWork is shutting down a restaurant coworking startup it acquired only 4 months ago
02:36 PM
Artificial intelligence will help determine if you get your next job