April 30th, 2017
08:10 PM
This night light goes inside your toilet bowl because why not
06:43 PM
Google-backed exhibit shows robots just want to be friends. They promise.
12:22 AM
Merriam-Webster thinks Apple lovers are sheeple
12:22 AM
Here's Mark Zuckerberg totally 'not' campaigning in Indiana
April 29th, 2017
09:28 PM
It's the end of the line for Yik Yak
08:30 PM
"Switch On" is a dream space for fans of synthesizers and vintage electronics
08:01 PM
Snowden takes a bow for whistleblowing after NSA pulls back surveillance
05:07 PM
This week in apps: Instagram hits 700 million, Apple's new music deal, and more
03:11 PM
3 shower speakers to upgrade your shower time
04:33 AM
Trump's big EPA website change should make you furious
02:38 AM
The NSA's massive surveillance operation is now just a little less massive
02:09 AM
Whoops. Millions of Android phones are wide open to hackers
12:42 AM
The Tesla Model 3 dashboard sure looks nice
April 28th, 2017
11:44 PM
Amazon wants to make Alexa sound like your human friends
11:44 PM
This electric surfboard can move without the waves
10:17 PM
Damn, Elon Musk's underground tunnels look slick in new video
10:17 PM
Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales's quest to fill the internet with real facts and stories
09:19 PM
Is Twitter's growth all thanks to Donald Trump?
08:50 PM
Twitter's search just got a very important update
07:52 PM
Richard Branson's supersonic jets could find a landing spot in Dubai
05:56 PM
The Galaxy S8's weird moving home button might be a problem the iPhone 8 has too
05:56 PM
Apple's self-driving car reportedly spotted on the streets in California
05:55 PM
Some users say their Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps restarting for no reason
05:55 PM
Snapchat's pitch to media: We'll make fickle millennials your loyal fans
04:29 PM
Affordable supersonic jets promise to cut flight time in half
04:00 PM
Uber finally lets you delete Uber without having to beg
01:35 PM
Unroll.me's shadiness is exactly why people don't trust tech companies
11:10 AM
Apple shares photos and video of its fancy new store in Dubai
10:12 AM
Behold, the boring machine for Elon Musk's Boring Company
10:12 AM
Here's why police were able to illegally access the call logs of a journalist
03:55 AM
Instagram's fixed the glitch that had you spamming everyone you've ever tagged
02:57 AM
Google's Assistant is headed to a lot more hardware
02:28 AM
Teenagers are taking breaks from social media —but are you?
02:28 AM
You can make your Samsung Galaxy S8 transparent, but there's a catch
12:32 AM
Snapchat no longer shames you with white borders in Stories
12:32 AM
Google remains a boring, tremendously successful company
12:03 AM
Uber self-driving chief steps aside: report
12:03 AM
Trekkies rejoice, you can now pilot a 'Starfleet' ship in VR
12:02 AM
This wearable chair will help doctors through long surgeries
April 27th, 2017
11:34 PM
Acer's new gaming laptop is the anti-MacBook Pro
10:36 PM
7-year-old who wrote adorable letter to Google CEO continues to crush it with new tech job
10:36 PM
Microsoft is blocking some PCs from getting the Windows 10 Creators Update
09:38 PM
Surprise! U.S. Senate email lacks the most basic of security features.
08:11 PM
Apple's Siri-based, Alexa-killing speaker hub could be coming soon
07:42 PM
Amazon's screen-equipped Echo might arrive next month
07:42 PM
The rise of artificial intelligence has given birth to something beyond smartphones
07:42 PM
Acer debuts the world's first 360 video camera with built-in LTE
07:13 PM
Forget cords. Apple might be planning to charge your future iPhone using Wi-Fi.
02:23 PM
The VR for Change Summit shines a spotlight on impactful virtual reality projects
01:54 PM
How to make money designing custom Snapchat geofilters
01:25 PM
Goddamn it Samsung, just let the Galaxy Note 7 stay dead
12:27 PM
Kim Kardashian's gonna have to wait a little longer to get the new BlackBerry KEYone
12:27 PM
I can confirm Google's massive Street View camera backpack is heavy AF
10:02 AM
Google researcher figures how to make great night photos with a smartphone
03:45 AM
Amazon wants to see into your bedroom, and that should worry you
03:16 AM
Samsung has an app to keep you from texting and driving
03:16 AM
Drones that pass packages to each other could be the future of home delivery
April 26th, 2017
10:27 PM
Zombie Galaxy Note 7s reportedly have a release date
09:58 PM
If you disable and re-enable your Instagram, it will set off notification apocalypse
09:58 PM
Break free from social media with this minimal phone
09:29 PM
Google Home is upping your cooking game with 5 million new recipes
08:31 PM
This gripping app lets you 'walk a mile' in a 16-year-old refugee girl's shoes
07:33 PM
These shades will have you looking like the life of the party
07:04 PM
Gett buys Juno, making your ride-hailing app choices a little less difficult
06:35 PM
Spotify is really trying to win back artists with this latest acquisition
06:35 PM
Amazon Echo Look is basically a home selfie camera
06:34 PM
Another day, another Google co-founder building a secret flying craft
05:08 PM
A newly-developed artificial womb could save lives
05:08 PM
Kylie Jenner uses this whitening kit. But does it actually work?
05:08 PM
All hail the Trump Twitter bump
05:07 PM
Twitter CEO is totally fine with not having met Donald Trump, really
03:12 PM
Instagram is closer than ever to a billion users
02:43 PM
New video shows what the iPhone 8 might look like in shiny white
01:45 PM
Twitter, for once, is soaring and says it's seeing less abuse on site
01:45 PM
Soylent, the food of the tech gods, needs a rebrand, fast