March 26th, 2017
05:19 AM
This week in apps: Mario 'runs' onto Android, Uber for teens and a Google search redesign
March 25th, 2017
11:58 PM
Um why is there a teddy bear emoji on these leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 camera photos?
08:35 PM
Dangerous, explosive hoverboards are still lurking, and here's another recall to remind you of it
07:08 PM
Robots are plotting to make your salads
04:43 PM
Uber's self-driving car crashes in Arizona
03:16 PM
This robot maid could revolutionize the hospitality business
01:20 PM
9 secret apps to hide your sexts
01:16 AM
This app is absolutely exploding right now and it's all because of Snapchat
01:16 AM
You soon won't need a card to withdraw cash at this shady bank's ATMs
12:18 AM
Don't fall for this Siri 'challenge' from your terrible Twitter friends
March 24th, 2017
11:49 PM
This ambitious U-shaped skyscraper could soon loop over NYC
11:49 PM
This is the language that an Uber recruiter used to discuss its sexism problem
11:20 PM
Esports bars bring fans together to socialize and game
09:53 PM
Google is killing SMS support for Hangouts
09:53 PM
Elon Musk just told some rando on Twitter when Tesla's new solar tiles are available
09:24 PM
Oh man this leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 video is a game-changer. A goddamn game-changer.
09:24 PM
Google is working on a new social app for editing photos
08:55 PM
T-Mobile's fight against robocalls just got real
08:55 PM
Stephen Hawking gave a speech via hologram. Again.
08:55 PM
Uber to potential recruit: 'Sexism is systemic in tech and other industries'
08:54 PM
How your car might be protected from hackers in the future
08:26 PM
iCloud wasn't hacked for ransom, but you should make sure to keep your account safe, anyway
07:57 PM
MashTalk: Will the new electronics ban affect your travel plans?
07:57 PM
Facebook reaction GIFs could soon finally be a thing
06:59 PM
This creepy robot pup looks just like Zuckerberg's dog
06:30 PM
People are weirdly into that Facebook 'On This Day' feature but FB won't give them access
06:30 PM
'She's not waking up:' Boy saves mom using Siri to call ambulance
06:01 PM
Hey! You! Quick! The Nintendo Switch is on Amazon right now
06:01 PM
Elon Musk teases 'Model Y,' says it's coming in a few years
05:32 PM
Life lessons learned from the 2017 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas
04:34 PM
Watch the moment an Amazon drone delivers sunscreen for the first time
03:07 PM
'Sunless Sea' is a wild 350,000-word literary RPG, out for iPad
03:07 PM
This Lego camera actually works
02:09 PM
You can order the (RED) iPhone and cheap iPad today at 11:01 a.m. eastern time
11:44 AM
Uber rival Lyft acquires Indian startup to build large-scale infrastructure
10:46 AM
Future of farming: smart autonomous drones with eyes on the field
04:29 AM
Can the CIA hack your iPhone? What you need to know about the WikiLeaks dump.
04:00 AM
Twitter floats the idea of a service like Tweetdeck, but you pay for it
03:02 AM
Here's what Apple had to say about those WikiLeaks files on hacked Macs and iPhones
01:35 AM
Google partners with Howard University to launch program for black engineers
01:35 AM
How to block 'Game of Thrones' spoilers, curse words and eggplant emoji on Twitter
01:34 AM
Drones are revolutionising dinosaur research by mapping giant footprints by air
01:34 AM
Google Home goes on a defensive rant if you ask it about the CIA
12:37 AM
WikiLeaks reveals someone at the CIA really, really likes 'Doctor Who'
March 23rd, 2017
10:41 PM
This nature-inspired wind turbine is shaped like a tree
10:41 PM
The Galaxy Note7 was an explosive failure. Here's how Samsung could follow it.
10:41 PM
'Business and politics are inseparable' says our favorite Silicon Valley tweeter
10:40 PM
WikiLeaks dump shows how CIA compromised iPhones and Macs
09:43 PM
Uber will totally narc on teens
09:43 PM
Deloitte's CEO gave her 15-year-old son some great advice on job-stealing robots
08:45 PM
Apple patents a way to transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook
08:45 PM
Give your useless DVDs new life with this new digital conversion app
07:47 PM
Instagram will soon censor sensitive content in your feed
06:49 PM
Adobe Summit 2017: Bad habits in marketing that need to end immediately
06:20 PM
British teen is so cool that he corrected NASA on their own data
04:24 PM
Rotating dome-shaped homes lets you change the scenery anytime you wish
04:24 PM
Facebook Messenger is basically Slack now
03:26 PM
Apple buys automation app Workflow and makes it free
03:26 PM
Fossil unveils two Q smartwatches to give Android Wear 2.0 some fashion cred
01:59 PM
Michael Kors' new smartwatches let you make custom watch faces using your Instagram pics
01:01 PM
Google adds audio calling to Duo and file sharing to Allo
11:05 AM
This game is teaching particle physics to five-year-olds
08:11 AM
India says no to most of Apple's demands
07:42 AM
A whole state in India is giving all college students free internet access
04:48 AM
This formula explains why NYC is great for ride-sharing and Sydney is terrible
03:50 AM
3 reasons to worry about the FBI's facial recognition program
02:54 AM
Facebook struggles to prevent violence on Facebook Live
02:54 AM
This startup wants to send electric planes from London to Paris within 10 years
01:27 AM
LinkedIn tries to make a smarter news feed with 'trending storylines'
12:29 AM
It's time to start thinking about cybersecurity for sharks. Yes, the fish.
12:29 AM
Why Apple won't mention (Product) RED or HIV/AIDS in China
12:00 AM
Mermaid, vampire and zombie emojis are coming to your iPhone in 2017
12:00 AM
Does AppleCare care about the electronics travel ban? Maybe!
March 22nd, 2017
11:31 PM
Google is (slowly) fixing the biggest problem with Android
09:35 PM
Confused? Here's how to get your laptop to your destination