December 17th, 2018
07:38 AM
What TV Show Character Felt Like They Lasted Longer Than They Did?
07:38 AM
Babylon Berlin — "Zu Asche, zu Staub"
06:46 AM
How Canadian TV Shaped Me - Nitro Rad
05:54 AM
Steve Harvey to a Miss Universe contestant, "Engineering is boring. Stick with the Modeling"
05:02 AM
A program created by the Enterprise's holodeck argues for its existence. Star Trek: The Next Generation
04:10 AM
‘Daredevil’ Actress Says Netflix Was Responsible for Cancellation - Amy Rutberg says "people high up" at Marvel were shocked by the decision
04:10 AM
What specific TV show moment gave you second hand embarrassment?
04:10 AM
Actress Yael Stone (Lorna in Orange is the New Black) tells her #MeToo story about working with Geoffrey Rush
04:09 AM
What's So Funny About $1 Trillion? The world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund gets its own sitcom in Norway
03:18 AM
It's a Wonderful Life: The Lost Ending (Classic SNL)
01:34 AM
I always get into shows and then find out they were cancelled before I even heard of them.
01:34 AM
Has there ever been a show you really liked that made it to its final season, but you were worried it'd get cancelled?
01:33 AM
What is your favourite cathartic moment in TV?
12:42 AM
SLIDERS APPRECIATION THREAD! When are we gonna see a reboot?
12:42 AM
Are there many American actors or characters on foreign tv series?
12:41 AM
Don Cheadle's new " Black Monday" series on Showtime set in the 80's
December 16th, 2018
11:49 PM
I’ve figured out The Simpson’s plots by characater...
10:57 PM
The 2018 r/television favorite shows survey
10:57 PM
Oscar Host Auditions - SNL
09:13 PM
What We Know So Far About Masters of the Air: The Latest on HBO's Upcoming WWII Miniseries About The Mighty Eighth
07:29 PM
Christmas with the Joker was the second episode of Batman The Animated Series and the first to include Mark Hamill as the Joker.
07:29 PM
Which lesser-known TV shows are you ITCHING to see in 2019??
07:28 PM
Freeform Mocks ‘Shadowhunters’ Fan Campaign — Source: It Was a Mistake
05:45 PM
Cecily Strong brings some of that Sweeney Sisters Christmas magic back to Saturday Night Live
05:45 PM
Sabrina is better than Riverdale.
04:01 PM
Weezer - SNL
03:09 PM
Advent Calendar TV Shows
03:09 PM
Strike Back (2019) | Official Trailer - Revolution | Cinemax
12:33 PM
'The Office' generates more viewing hours than anything else on Netflix
10:49 AM
What are your Top 5 Favourite Tv episodes
09:57 AM
Best Christmas Ever - SNL
09:57 AM
Netflix’s “The Fix” is the closest any American show has come to replicating British Panel shows.
09:05 AM
Colin Jost and Michael Che swap jokes without knowing what they are beforehand - Weekend Update - SNL
08:13 AM
The legendary Phil Hartman's guest appearance on David Letterman (1994)
08:13 AM
It's a Wonderful Trump - Cold Open - SNL
05:37 AM
Who has watched The Haunting of Hill House? What are your thoughts on it? What should I pay attention to for the second watch through? (Potential spoilers)
04:45 AM
Happy! is a fantastic show and a great crime thriller
03:53 AM
Atlanta S2, Brockmire S2, Lodge 49 S1, Detectorists S3 Among Titles Coming to Hulu in January
02:10 AM
Game of Thrones’ was Comcast’s number one video-on-demand show of 2018
01:18 AM
Freakazoid was a hilarious children's cartoon that got away with a LOT of jokes it probably shouldn't have...
01:18 AM
DC TV Watch: Why "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Is a Game-Changer
01:17 AM
Pete Davidson accounted for after disturbing post; ‘SNL’ cast member deletes Instagram.
01:17 AM
What are your favorite final episodes (Only very final episodes, no season finales)?
01:17 AM
I need to get some Richard - A discussion about jokes that flew over our heads as kids that we're just now getting.
12:26 AM
Counterpart S2 has begun!!!
December 15th, 2018
11:34 PM
The TV Club, 2018, Entry 1: The year of fine TV
10:42 PM
Tucker Carlson suggested immigrants make the U.S. ‘dirtier’ — and it cost Fox News an advertiser
10:42 PM
Netflix’s latest true crime series The Innocent Man investigates two violent murders leaving viewers gripped
09:50 PM
Seth Meyers: Save 'Detroiters,' the Most Brilliantly Stupid Show on TV
09:50 PM
Black Mirror Nosedive and China
09:50 PM
Scrubs tableread
09:49 PM
Famous/Favorite Cars From Television: Modern Edition.
08:58 PM
NYPD have sent officers to do a welfare check on SNL star Pete Davidson after posting suicidal note.
08:58 PM
Pauley Perrette, Sasha Alexander Defend Michael Weatherly After Sexual Harassment Claim Surfaces - Weatherly's former 'NCIS' co-stars tweeted messages of support for the actor following reports of Eliza Dushku's accusation of him on the set of CBS' 'Bull.
08:06 PM
Dragon Ball GT: What The Hell Happened?
06:22 PM
Lucifer S1 - S3 is now available on Netflix US
06:22 PM
Michael Schur shares 2 key decisions -and 1 happy accident- that made The Office great
05:30 PM
Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 2 Filming Begins In February
05:30 PM
Battlestar Galactica Is Now a Classic — 15 Years Ago, Fans Thought It Was a Mistake
04:38 PM
The Conners: ABC Eyeing Season 2 of Roseanne Spinoff Amid Strong Ratings
04:38 PM
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter's Tale should be seen as a blueprint for how modern shows can tackle The Christmas Special
04:37 PM
Brexit (2019) | Trailer | HBO
04:37 PM
BBC and HBO's adaptation of "His Dark Materials" has officially wrapped filming on Season 1. Season 2 is reportedly set to start filming in Spring 2019
03:46 PM
CBS Paid Eliza Dushku $9.5 Million After Alleged Sexual Harassment, Termination
02:54 PM
Anybody else annoyed that Constantine never finished?
02:02 PM
Timeless Series Finale (airing December 20) Trailer
12:18 PM
"So Close" - Tommy Shelby - Peaky Blinders - Best Scene
11:26 AM
Any fans of the Netflix series Travelers? Season 3 has just been released
10:34 AM
Would you guys be down if Terry Crews, who happens to also be a very talented artist, did a TV show a la Bob Ross?
08:50 AM
Kevin Smith Can't direct CW's Arrow cause showrunners dislike him.
08:50 AM
Community S2 E11 - Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas. My favorite Christmas episode of any TV show. Remember that it’s good to be nice.
08:49 AM
The Slap, Season 2.
07:58 AM
Early 2000's E! Network Late Night Commercials. Between Wild On, Howard Stern, and the GGW commercials, after 11PM, E! was borderline softcore back in the day.
07:06 AM
'Andi Mack’ Actor Stoney Westmoreland Fired By Disney Channel Following Arrest For Planning Liaison With 13-Year-Old
06:14 AM
What are your views about Norsemen a Netflix original)?