April 16th, 2018
08:42 PM
Lian Li Releases PC-011 Dynamic Mid-Tower Chassis
08:42 PM
Enermax Gaming Giveaway
07:24 PM
UK Parliament: Ethics Must Take Center Stage In AI Development
06:58 PM
Intel Docs Reference Eight-Core Coffee Lake Processor
06:32 PM
UK, US Governments Warn Against Buying ZTE Hardware
04:22 PM
Exklim ‘ex Core’ eGPU Kickstarter Challenges Lenovo’s TB3 Graphics Dock
03:30 PM
Natural Locomotion Application Enables Arm Swinger Locomotion In VR Games (Hands-On)
April 13th, 2018
11:51 PM
MSI Has Five AMD X470 Motherboards
11:25 PM
How To Completely Turn Off Mouse Acceleration In Windows
10:07 PM
Gigabyte Launches Three High-End X470 Motherboards
08:49 PM
Biostar Brings Two To Motherboards To The X470 Party
07:57 PM
Asus Ready For 2nd-Gen Ryzen With Five X470 Motherboards
07:31 PM
Facebook Defends U.S. Mass Surveillance Of EU Citizens For ‘National Security’ Reasons
07:05 PM
ASRock Releases Full Line Of X470 Motherboards For AMD 2nd-Gen Ryzen
04:55 PM
Russia To Block Telegram After Failing To Gain Backdoor Access
04:03 PM
The Latest Steam VR Beta Addresses Vive Pro Audio Quality, Sort Of
03:37 PM
SilverStone Releases Its First Flex ATX Power Supply
03:11 PM
AMD Announces Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge 2000-Series Pre-Orders
April 12th, 2018
09:50 PM
Tech Tom's Relies On: Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
06:48 PM
Cloudlare Launches ‘Spectrum’ DDoS Protection Service For All Internet Traffic
06:22 PM
Adata Also Hits 5,000MHz On Air-Cooled DDR4
05:30 PM
Tom's Explains: What Do 80 PLUS Bronze, Silver, Gold & Titanium Signify?
April 11th, 2018
11:45 PM
Congress Grills Facebook CEO Over 'Shadow Profiles'
11:45 PM
Ransomware Asks You To Play ‘PUBG’ To Decrypt Your Files
10:01 PM
HP Makes Mainstream Pavilion x360 and Notebook Laptops Surprisingly Premium
10:01 PM
HP's 'Pavilion Gaming' Laptop, Desktops, And Monitors Debut
07:51 PM
Chris Hook Leaves AMD, Radeon Technology Group
07:25 PM
AMD Rebrands RX 500 Series GPUs As RX 500X Series
06:33 PM
Tom's Explains: What Do RGB+W And RGB+WW Mean?
05:41 PM
Valve Breaks 'Steam Spy' With New Privacy Settings
05:41 PM
CONSENT Act To Increase Privacy Regulations For ‘Edge Providers,’ Exclude ISPs
03:31 PM
Zuckerberg Didn’t Think It Was Necessary To Inform FTC, Users Of CA Data Leak
12:20 AM
Zuckerberg Dismisses The Idea That Facebook Is A Monopoly
April 10th, 2018
11:54 PM
Corsair Launches High-Contrast Special Edition Dominator RAM Kits
10:36 PM
AMD Releases Spectre Microcode And Software Patches
07:34 PM
'JellyFish’ Sighting: Adata's Liquid-Cooled Memory Spotted At PAX East 2018
07:08 PM
Yubico 'Security Key' Launches With Support For New FIDO2 Candidate Protocol
05:50 PM
Facebook Launches Data Abuse Bounty Program
03:40 PM
Watch Zuckerberg Testify Live In April 10, 11 Congressional Hearings
04:24 AM
Hyperx Pulsefire Surge RGB Mouse Packs Pixart 3389 Sensor
April 9th, 2018
10:45 PM
G-Technology Releases Flash-Based Storage For Creatives
09:27 PM
EKWB Water Block Announcement Mentions 'Skylake-E'
09:01 PM
HP Announces Intel-Powered Chromebook x2 Tablet
07:43 PM
AOC Updates Agon Monitor With 120Hz Refresh Rate
07:17 PM
Leap Motion Introduces Open-Source AR Reference Headset
07:17 PM
What The Tom’s Team Played This Weekend: 'Crossout'
06:51 PM
Zotac Announces Quadro-Powered Q Series Mini-PCs
05:07 PM
Kaby Lake-G's Vega Credentials Questioned: Rapid Packed Math Not Working
April 7th, 2018
12:05 AM
How To Set Up And Join A Workgroup In Windows 10
April 6th, 2018
10:47 PM
Micron Breaks Ground On New NAND Fab In Singapore
07:19 PM
Facebook Aimed To Match Patient Data To User Profiles Without Consent
06:27 PM
HyperX Is Preparing To Launch RGB Infrared DDR4 Memory
04:43 PM
Cougar Shows Off New Cases At PAX East
04:17 PM
Seasonic Releases The Prime Snow Silent PSUs
03:51 PM
EVGA Introduces The PQ PSU Line
April 5th, 2018
10:05 PM
Alphacool Launches Mining Rack 12 Open-Air Case Frame For Crypto-Miners
09:39 PM
Google Project Zero Researcher Finds Bug In Windows Defender
08:21 PM
All The New B360, H370, And H310 Motherboards
07:55 PM
Facebook Restricts Data Access As It Admits Abuse Was Rampant
07:29 PM
Razer Launches Digital Game Store With zGold Payment Options
07:03 PM
Intel Sneaks Out Core+ Processors With Bundled Optane Drives
06:37 PM
Windows 10 Preview Build 17639 Improves ‘Sets’ Cross-Program Tabs Feature
06:11 PM
Intel’s Core i7-9700K: What We Know (And How It Could Beat AMD)
05:45 PM
HP Launches All-New ZBook Notebooks And 27” DreamColor Monitor
03:09 PM
Watch & Win With EVGA & Tom’s Hardware At PAX East 2018
April 4th, 2018
11:07 PM
Don’t Be Evil: Google Employees, Academics Call For Boycott Of 'Killer Robots'
09:49 PM
Valve Responds To Apparent Discontinuation Of Steam Machines
08:31 PM
Ncore V1 Is A Skeletal Water Block For Delidded Processors
08:05 PM
Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Everything We Know So Far
06:47 PM
Graphics Card Makers Shipping DDR4-Based Nvidia GT 1030 GPUs
04:37 PM
Community Choice: The Best PC Games
04:11 PM
Microsoft Dismisses Own 'Ireland' Lawsuit In End To Privacy Fight
03:11 AM
Adata's New Flagship, The GAMMIX S11 SM2262 NVMe SSD
April 3rd, 2018
11:43 PM
First Coffee Lake Mobile Core i9, i7 Laptops Tested: Gaming & Battery Life
11:17 PM
All The New Coffee Lake-H Laptops