May 29th, 2017
04:49 AM
Riotoro Reveals A Trio Of Next-Gen PC Cases
03:51 AM
Riotoro Returns With New ‘Ghostwriter’ Keyboard, ‘Aurox’ Mouse
May 28th, 2017
03:18 PM
Google's AutoML AI Won't Destroy The World (Yet)
03:14 AM
Rift Gameplay Footage Of 'Arktika.1,' 'Brass Tactics,' And 'Lone Echo'
May 27th, 2017
02:11 PM
Tom's Hardware Goes To Computex
01:08 AM
Nvidia Quietly Debuts MX150 Mobile Graphics
May 26th, 2017
11:11 PM
PNY Outs The Silent But Deadly GTX 1080 Ti XLR8 Gaming OC
09:44 PM
Baidu's 'Deep Voice 2' Promises Next-Gen Real-Time Speech Synthesis Technology
08:17 PM
PowerColor’s External Graphics 'Gaming Box' Made For Devils And Dragons
07:19 PM
Latest Oculus Software Update Officially Supports Room-Scale VR
05:52 PM
AMD's New AGESA Update Promises Increased Memory Support And Overclocking
05:52 PM
Oculus To Embrace Mixed Reality Recording, Adds Support For Third Touch Controller
05:23 PM
'Far Cry 5' Is Set In Montana? We Take An Early Glimpse
05:23 PM
Vicarious Now Available On Google Daydream, Other VR Platforms To Follow
04:54 PM
Victims Whose Names Were Used In Fake FCC Comments Call For Investigation
May 25th, 2017
11:58 PM
Zotac Showcases Two Of The World's Smallest GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPUs
09:33 PM
MSI Announces X370 Gaming M7 Motherboard, Shares No Images
09:04 PM
Samsung Reveals 4nm Process Generation, Full Foundry Roadmap
08:35 PM
Microsoft Renames Beam To 'Mixer,' Adds New Features To Streaming Service
08:06 PM
EKWB Goes Gigabyte With Aorus 1080 Ti Full-Cover Water Block
07:08 PM
Kingston's First NVMe SSD, The KC1000
06:10 PM
Aerocool Project 7 PSU Family Coming To Computex
04:43 PM
Ke Jie ‘Pushed AlphaGo Right To The Limit’ In Second Match, Still Loses To AI
08:30 AM
Fractal Design Unveils Focus G Series Cases
07:03 AM
Acer Ignites Nitro 5 Notebook For Cost-Conscious Gamers
06:05 AM
MSI Z270 Godlike Gaming Motherboard Emerges
05:36 AM
Intel Brings Thunderbolt To The CPU, Gives It Away
05:07 AM
MSI Brings Frozr Coolers To Pair Of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Cards
05:07 AM
MSI Offers 'Infinite' Possibilities With New Desktop Series
04:09 AM
Unreal Engine 4.16 Adds Support For Nintendo Switch
12:17 AM
'Divinity: Original Sin II' Release Date Set For September 14
May 24th, 2017
11:18 PM
Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Arrives June 1
10:49 PM
Cougar's Latest Chassis Set To 'Conquer' Computex 2017
10:49 PM
The Tom's Hardware Definitive List Of PC Games
10:20 PM
Futuremark Reveals PCMark 10, Coming June 5
09:51 PM
Phanteks Adds An AMD Water Block To Its Line Of CPU Liquid Coolers
07:55 PM
Sony PSVR Aim Controller: A Great Gun Peripheral With Gamepad Buttons
06:28 PM
Appeals Court: Wikimedia Has Standing To Sue Government Over NSA's 'Upstream Surveillance'
03:01 AM
Intel Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X Leaks Vs AMD ThreadRipper 'TBD': Fun Summer Ahead
12:07 AM
Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Recognition System With A Photo And A Contact Lens
May 23rd, 2017
11:38 PM
Latest 'Dirt 4' Trailer Shows Off Chaotic Rallycross Racing
10:40 PM
Celebrating One Year Of 'Overwatch'
10:11 PM
Cooler Master Brings Tempered Glass To Cosmos II Chassis
09:13 PM
Liquid Cooling On A PSU? FSP Will Release One At Computex 2017
09:13 PM
ODG Works With Citrix To Bring Cloud-Hosted Apps To Smartglasses
08:15 PM
Microsoft's Project Scorpio Console Coming To China Later This Year
07:46 PM
'AlphaGo' AI Scores Narrow Win Against Ke Jie, World's Top 'Go' Player
07:46 PM
Microsoft Begins Shipping Hololens To Chinese Market
06:48 PM
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 China Government Edition
06:48 PM
New Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Features Kaby Lake, Surface Pen
03:25 PM
Hands & Eyes On Corsair’s New Commander Pro
06:14 AM
MSI To Debut Vortex G25VR Desktop At Computex
03:49 AM
'Red Dead Redemption 2' Delayed To Spring 2018
May 22nd, 2017
10:59 PM
HoloLens And Acer MR HMD Play Nice Together
10:01 PM
New Nvidia GeForce Driver Preps You For 'Star Trek: Bridge Crew,' 'Tekken 7'
09:03 PM
Inno3D’s Latest GTX 1050 Series Offerings Are Slim and Trim
08:05 PM
J.P. Morgan's 'Quorum' Blockchain Platform Will Implement Zcash Privacy, Security Features
08:05 PM
'Far Cry 5' Teaser Trailer Shows Montana Setting
May 20th, 2017
05:50 PM
State Of Tango, Google I/O 2017
May 19th, 2017
10:58 PM
Asus ROG Rolls Out Two Mini-ITX Strix Motherboards
10:00 PM
Corsair’s T1 Race Gaming Chair, Hands (And Back, And Butt) On
09:31 PM
LastPass Authenticator Now Easier To Use With Cloud Backup Feature
08:33 PM
Intel Demos 3D XPoint Optane Memory DIMMs, Cascade Lake Xeons Come In 2018
08:04 PM
Asus Has A Pair Of GeForce GT 1030 Graphics Cards
08:04 PM
MSI Launches No Fewer Than Six GeForce GT 1030 Graphics Cards
07:35 PM
Asus ROG Video Teases Zen-Powered Laptop
07:06 PM
SilverStone Introduces Its First TFX PSU
06:37 PM
Apple's iCloud Keeps Forgetting To Delete Users' Synced Data
05:10 PM
Watch Us Play The 'Forza Horizon 3' Hot Wheels Expansion Today At 1pm PDT
04:12 PM
Valve’s Destinations To Become SteamVR Home, Beta Available Now
02:16 PM
Lenovo’s (Conservative) VR Gambles
12:45 AM
Lenovo Goes High-End With Legion Y920 Gaming Notebook, Outs New IdeaPads And Flex Laptops, Too
12:16 AM
New Tools From Google Promise PC Quality VR On Mobile
May 18th, 2017
11:47 PM
Google Aims For Social VR With Daydream 2.0
10:49 PM
AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.5.2 Increases 'Prey' Performance, Reportedly Fixes 'Nier: Automata' Crash