November 8th, 2017
01:58 PM
SEC filing shows China's Tencent has bought a 10% minority stake in Snap; shares of Snap erased Tuesday's 16% loss in after-hours trading following revenue miss (Terri Cullen/CNBC)
01:58 PM
Sources: Apple ramps up work on AR headset, which has its own display and runs on a new chip and OS, aims to have tech ready by 2019 and ship as early as 2020 (Mark Gurman/Bloomberg)
01:00 PM
Uber partners with NASA for its Elevate flying car project, aims to launch aerial taxis in Los Angeles by 2020 (Andrew J. Hawkins/The Verge)
12:31 PM
Tencent's China Literature shares close 86.2% over their offer price in debut on Wednesday, giving the company a market value of ~$12B (Reuters)
04:18 AM
Apple Pay Cash launches in iOS 11.2 beta 2 today, letting users send and receive Apple Pay money in Messages (Matthew Panzarino/TechCrunch)
03:49 AM
Sources: Snap's head of engineering Tim Sehn to step down; announcement expected tomorrow (Tom Dotan/The Information)
02:52 AM
UK's Office for National Statistics tests using Vodafone cell data to track daily commutes in London boroughs, a task that previously relied on the census (BBC)
02:23 AM
Corephotonics sues Apple for using its patented camera tech in iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus; suit claims Apple expressed contempt for Corephotonics patents (Jan Wolfe/Reuters)
02:23 AM
iPhone X shows how Apple's integration of hardware and software fends off less integrated rivals, like Google, even when rival services are superior (Ben Thompson/Stratechery)
01:54 AM
Memo: Raja Koduri, AMD Radeon Technologies Group leader, to leave company after two years (Tarinder Sandhu/ Tech ...)
01:25 AM
Facebook tests hashing to eliminate revenge porn in some countries; users send nude pics to themselves that Facebook will hash so they never appear on its sites (Caitlyn Gribbin/ABC)
12:27 AM
SaaS provider Proofpoint acquires Cloudmark, a firm that provides messaging security for ISPs and mobile carriers, for $110M (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
November 7th, 2017
11:58 PM
Snap says it will start paying top creators over the next year and that it's "neglected the creator community" (Ashley Carman/The Verge)
11:29 PM
Berlin-based startup Neufund raises $11.6M for a platform that will let companies issue equity tokens when it launches in Q1 2018 (Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss/Reuters)
11:00 PM
Evan Spiegel says Snap is redesigning its app to make it easier to use and expects that it will be "disruptive to our business in the short term" (Chris Welch/The Verge)
11:00 PM
Snap reports Q3 revenue of $207.9M, up 62% YoY, vs. $235.5M est., as DAUs grew 17% YoY or 3% QoQ to 178M; stock down 18%+ after hours (Alex Heath/Business Insider)
11:00 PM
Snap reports Q3 net loss of $443.2M, vs. last year's $124.2M, and writes off $39.9M in unsold Spectacles inventory (Snap Investor Relations)
11:00 PM
Amazon's AWS S3 adds five new tools, including default encryption and warnings about unencrypted files, to prevent data leaks (Ron Miller/TechCrunch)
10:02 PM
Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets around the world (Casey Newton/The Verge)
10:02 PM
Tencent's e-book publishing arm, China Literature, set to spin out and raise $1B+ in Hong Kong IPO (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
09:33 PM
China revises law to penalize online retailers that use bots to inflate sales and create positive reviews (Bloomberg)
09:04 PM
TechInsights: iPhone X sells for $999 and costs Apple $357.50, giving it a gross margin of 64%; iPhone 8 sells for $699 with a 59% gross margin (Stephen Nellis/Reuters)
09:04 PM
UK-based digital bank Monzo raises £71M Series D at £280M post-money valuation led by Goodwater Capital (Steve O'Hear/TechCrunch)
09:04 PM
After declining multiple invitations, ex-Yahoo CEO Mayer subpoenaed to appear before Congress, alongside Equifax execs, to shed light on respective breaches (Ali Breland/The Hill)
08:35 PM
Facebook promoted comments expressing disbelief under news stories as part of an experiment that has since ended (BBC)
08:35 PM
Uber CEO announces new "cultural norms" for company after employee input: celebrate differences, "do the right thing", "act like owners", "make big bold bets" (Dara Khosrowshahi/LinkedIn)
08:06 PM
GOP tax bill, still in early stages, includes a big break for employees of privately held startups, would allow tax to be deferred on exercised stock options (Dan Primack/Axios)
07:37 PM
Google is testing an AirDrop competitor, file manager, and cleanup utility for Android called Files Go, which reportedly will launch globally in December (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
07:37 PM
Facebook expands its peer-to-peer Messenger payments tool to the UK and France, the first expansion since p2p payments launched in US in 2015 (Facebook)
05:41 PM
A major Ethereum flaw potentially freezes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the currency, the second critical bug disclosed in the past few months (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
05:41 PM
Waymo now offers free taxi rides in fully driverless cars in Phoenix, plans for a paid taxi service; at first, most of the cars will have employee in back seat (Timothy B. Lee/Ars Technica)
05:12 PM
Facebook launches closed beta of Customer Chat, a plugin for businesses to enable Messenger chats on company websites; works across multiple devices (David Lumb/Engadget)
03:45 PM
Amazon launches $50 Fire TV Stick Basic Edition without Alexa for international users of its Prime video service in 100 markets (Jon Russell/TechCrunch)
02:18 PM
How WearWorks' wearable haptic navigation device Wayband helped Simon Wheatcroft, a blind athlete, navigate and run unassisted, at the New York Marathon (Patrick Sisson/The Verge)
11:24 AM
The rise of workplace surveillance: how employers are monitoring their staff's web-browsing patterns, keystrokes, social media posts, and private messaging (Olivia Solon/The Guardian)
08:30 AM
Smartkarma, a marketplace for investment research focused on Asian firms, raises $13.5M Series B led by Sequoia India, ahead of European Union's new MiFID rules (Yoolim Lee/Bloomberg)
07:03 AM
Sources: Chinese online services provider Meituan-Dianping considering raising at least $3B, or 10% of its current valuation, in US IPO in first half of 2018 (Reuters)
06:34 AM
Facebook introduces way for publishers to toggle Instant Article recirculation ads on and off after requests from publishers (Hossam Tewfik/Facebook Media)
06:05 AM
Google patches Wi-Fi KRACK flaw in Android, adds new saturated color display option in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, releases fix for Pixel 2 "clicking" noise (Dieter Bohn/The Verge)
05:36 AM
Google unveils Resonance Audio, an open-source, cross-platform spatial audio SDK for VR, AR, games, and 360 video (Lucas Matney/TechCrunch)
05:07 AM
Sources: Chinese internet company Tencent is developing its own autonomous driving technology, has created a prototype and begun testing internally (Lulu Yilun Chen/Bloomberg)
04:38 AM
Tech investor Shervin Pishevar sues political opposition firm, claiming it alleged Russian ties, sexual assault incident, and more (Tony Romm/Recode)
04:38 AM
French driverless vehicle company Navya extends autonomous shuttle tests in Las Vegas with free rides to the public over a half-mile loop in yearlong trial (Andrew J. Hawkins/The Verge)
04:37 AM
Kobalt Capital, subsidiary of royalty tracker Kobalt, unveils $600M music royalties fund to buy new copyrights (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
04:09 AM
Internal email: Lyft COO Rex Tibbens to step down, as company prepares to go public next year (Kia Kokalitcheva/Axios)
03:12 AM
Consortium of energy firms, including BP and Shell, will make a blockchain-based platform for trading energy commodities, slated to be operational by end of '18 (Arpan Varghese/Reuters)
02:14 AM
iOS 11.2 will let developers offer introductory pricing for auto-renewable subscriptions in the App Store (Zac Hall/9to5Mac)
01:16 AM
Apple says no operations or investments moved from Ireland after 2015 corp restructuring, changes in Ireland's tax laws did not reduce its tax payments (Apple)
12:47 AM's tech startup announces it has raised $117M, has created a voice assistant for customer service (Salvador Rodriguez/Reuters)
November 6th, 2017
11:20 PM
DisplayMate: iPhone X display has the best color accuracy of "any display we have ever tested", top full screen brightness of OLED-equipped phones at 634 nits (DisplayMate)
10:51 PM
Google announces strategic partnership with Salesforce, will better integrate G Suite with Salesforce's CRM software (Nan Boden/Google)
10:22 PM
Russian Twitter accounts posing as Americans began to support Trump in June 2015, weeks after he announced campaign and earlier than previously known (Wall Street Journal)
09:24 PM
A look at bot-made YouTube videos for kids, which deliberately target young children with traumatic imagery (James Bridle)
08:55 PM
Paradise Papers: Apple shifted to new tax haven of Jersey, after crackdown by European regulators of its Irish tax arrangement, sought to keep move secret (BBC)
07:57 PM
SoftBank reports Vision Fund has secured $97.7B in commitments through end of Sept., up from ~$93B in May, has deployed $18.4B, will increase holdings in Sprint (Dan Primack/Axios)
06:59 PM
Survey: about 60% of Prime customers say they definitely don't want Amazon Key, which lets the courier inside the house, while 5% say they definitely do want it (Rani Molla/Recode)
05:03 PM
US mobile trends in Q3: 62% of carrier net-adds from IoT and cars, smartphone penetration at 92%, phone upgrade cycle at 3 years, data use to pass 6GB/mo in '17 (Chetan Sharma)
04:05 PM
Intel and AMD team up to co-design an Intel Core processor with custom AMD Radeon graphics, to bring top-tier games to thin and light notebook PCs (Mark Hachman/PCWorld)
04:05 PM
Salesforce's collaboration service Quip launches a developer platform, adding third-party "Live Apps" (Jared Newman/Fast Company)
04:04 PM
Apple Says 'Face With Tears of Joy' is Most Popular Emoji in United States Among English Speakers (Joe Rossignol/MacRumors)
04:04 PM
Rivals Intel and AMD Team Up on PC Chips to Battle Nvidia (Ted Greenwald/Wall Street Journal)
04:04 PM
Broadcom offers $105B to buy Qualcomm for $70/share, a 28% premium to Qualcomm's closing price on Thursday, in deal valued at ~$130B including $25B of net debt (Bloomberg)
04:04 PM
A behind-the-scenes look at an e-commerce startup's successful ad campaign on Facebook, powered by Facebook's opaque AI ad-targeting algorithm (Burt Helm/New York Times)
04:04 PM
Estonia freezes access to online services for 760K people using national ID cards until certificates potentially compromised via RSA security flaw are updated (Mariella Moon/Engadget)
04:04 PM
Amazon quietly rolls out a "Discount provided by Amazon" tag, discounting select items from independent merchants by up to 9% (Laura Stevens/Wall Street Journal)
04:04 PM
Twitter's list of Russian trolls that it supplied to Congress included an account run by a real US citizen (Louise Matsakis/Motherboard)
04:04 PM
Overview of Bitcoin's contentious SegWit2x fork, projected to occur on November 16, supported by some big Bitcoin startups and miners (Jeff John Roberts/Fortune)
04:04 PM
Sources: inability to agree on controlling stake, valuation, and fear of opposition from regulators doomed the T-Mobile Sprint merger (Wall Street Journal)
04:04 PM
Fourth-largest US cable operator Altice USA to start offering mobile voice and data services via MVNO deal with Sprint (Reuters)
04:04 PM
Two Russian state-owned companies, VTB Bank and Gazprom, owned stakes in Yuri Milner's DST Global funds that invested in Facebook and Twitter pre-IPO (The Guardian)
04:04 PM
Researchers find malware with Stuxnet-style use of legitimate digital certificates is much more common than previously believed, going back as early as 2003 (Dan Goodin/Ars Technica)
04:04 PM
A list of all the questions Facebook, Google, and Twitter told Congress they would answer later (Bloomberg)
November 4th, 2017
10:30 PM
Researchers build real-world objects to fool neural nets into classifying them as different objects, trick Google classifier into thinking a toy turtle is a gun (James Vincent/The Verge)
07:07 PM
T-Mobile and Sprint end merger talks after being "unable to find mutually agreeable terms" (T-Mobile)
05:11 PM
Inside story: How Russians hacked the Democrats' emails (Associated Press)