September 23rd, 2018
11:07 AM
The Swiss Bankers Association unveils new guidelines for banks that could make it easier for cryptocurrency/blockchain companies to open corporate bank accounts (Brenna Hughes Neghaiwi/Reuters)
08:31 AM
Amazon increasingly looks like a traditional retailer, with Prime as a loyalty program, Basics as its house brand, and seller ad placements via search results (Steven Sinofsky/Learning By Shipping)
07:39 AM
Museums around the world, including the Smithsonian, are increasingly using augmented reality technology to engage visitors at the exhibits (Arielle Pardes/Wired)
06:47 AM
Sources shed light on how Qualcomm's nascent server chip unit withered amid Broadcom takeover saga that resulted in cost cuts and key executive departures (Ian King/Bloomberg)
05:55 AM
A look at SASS, which provides anonymous online counseling on abortion pills and helps women avoid prosecution in states where self-managed abortion is illegal (Lux Alptraum/The Verge)
03:19 AM
Doctors and scientists at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center strongly object to its for-profit deal with AI startup PAIGE for exclusive rights to patient data (New York Times)
September 22nd, 2018
11:51 PM
Bitcoin Core client, patched earlier this week, contained a second vulnerability which let attackers create new bitcoins above the 21M hard cap (Alyssa Hertig/CoinDesk)
10:07 PM
White House says draft EO ordering probes into practices of Facebook and Google is not an official document; sources: Yelp contacted WH aides with the draft EO (Washington Post)
10:07 PM
As it gets ready to launch its first commercial robot, Boston Dynamics is still struggling to articulate what the big application for its robots is (New York Times)
09:15 PM
Latvian hacker sentenced to 14 years in prison for creating and running Scan4You service that allowed malware authors to check the detection rates of their code (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)
08:23 PM
NextVR now supports Oculus Rift and Oculus Go for its live sports and entertainment broadcasts (Mariella Moon/Engadget)
08:23 PM
Lately @Twitter account became more playful in its interactions with users; Twitter says it's part of an effort to promote healthy conversations on the platform (Casey Newton/The Interface)
06:39 PM
Sources: Apple delayed launch of a streaming video service twice, last time till March, spiked Dr. Dre's series as too violent as it looks for less edgy content (Wall Street Journal)
04:55 PM
Q&A: Amazon Prime Video India head Vijay Subramaniam on Indian content for worldwide audiences, sparking conversation, and passing on film production for now (Nyay Bhushan/Hollywood Reporter)
12:35 PM
Profile of Marc Randazza, a free speech advocate and lawyer who tries to limit social media platforms' ability to act against hateful and abusive content (Joseph Bernstein/BuzzFeed News)
08:15 AM
How counterfeit Apple products, such as adapters and chargers, take circuitous shipment routes via multiple companies to reach the US consumer market (Kevin McCoy/USA Today)
08:15 AM
IPO prospectus of Meituan-Dianping, which owns Mobike, said that the Chinese bike-sharing service had 48.1M active bike users, 7.1M active bikes as of April 30 (Tim Culpan/Bloomberg)
07:23 AM
UK-based Cleo, an AI chatbot that gives users insights into spending across multiple accounts and credit cards, raises $10M Series A led by Balderton Capital (Steve O'Hear/TechCrunch)
07:23 AM
In internal email, Google CEO Pichai denied any effort to politically bias Google's search results, reinforced the company's need to remain politically neutral (Ina Fried/Axios)
07:23 AM
Australian Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton accused of rushing legislation through parliament that tech companies say would weaken encryption (Josh Taylor/BuzzFeed)
03:55 AM
A look at how tech products aimed at civic engagement made by technologists from Silicon Valley have mostly failed to have any long term impact (Joshua Brustein/Bloomberg)
02:12 AM
Luxury clothing marketplace Farfetch closes up 42% on its first day of trading, after raising $885M in its IPO; Farfetch is now valued at $8.2B (Alex Barinka/Bloomberg)
01:20 AM
NYT sues FCC for records that NYT alleges may reveal Russian government interference in FCC's comment period before rollback of Obama-era net neutrality rules (Jon Reid/
01:20 AM
Telltale Games, which makes games based on franchises such as Jurassic Park and Batman, lays off most of its staff, keeps 25 to begin "majority studio closure" (Megan Farokhmanesh/The Verge)
01:20 AM
Pinterest makes Shop The Look Pins, a free product-tagging tool previously available only to big businesses, available to all businesses and influencers (Amy Gesenhues/Marketing Land)
September 21st, 2018
11:36 PM
Ethereum-based decentralized exchange Bancor to launch BancorX, an extension of its protocol to EOS blockchain which will allow cross-blockchain conversions (Colin Harper/Bitcoin Magazine)
09:52 PM
Patents, ads on display in NY and Toronto, and a source indicate that wearables startup Thalmic is about to launch smart glasses under the new brand North (Douglas Soltys/BetaKit)
09:52 PM
Twitter says it fixed a bug that sent some users' direct messages from their interactions with business accounts to third-party developers, since May 2017 (Zack Whittaker/TechCrunch)
09:00 PM
Google announces new experimental Daydream VR features for developers: support for all Android apps, new 6DoF controllers, and a see-through mode (Jonathan Huang/Google Developers Blog)
08:08 PM
Sources: Google made staff delete internal memo that said Dragonfly required logins to search, tracked location, gave Chinese partner unilateral access to data (The Intercept)
08:08 PM
PayPal says it has banned all Infowars-related sites for promoting hate or discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions (Russell Brandom/The Verge)
07:16 PM
How Facebook is turning M Suggestions, its AI virtual assistant in Messenger, into a real-time conversation translator, currently supporting Spanish and French (Rob Price/INSIDER)
06:24 PM
Bitmain announces its next generation, 7 nm BM1391 ASIC to power its cryptocurrency miners (Daniel Palmer/CoinDesk)
05:32 PM
Investigation finds that Instagram's IGTV recommended disturbing and potentially illegal videos in UK; Instagram took five days to remove some of the videos (Isobel Asher Hamilton/Business Insider)
05:32 PM
Origami, a Tokyo-based mobile payments company, raises ~$60M Series C from China Union Pay, others for developing and rolling out QR-code based payment services (Nikkei)
04:40 PM
Review: HP's Chromebook x2 has outstanding build quality, great performance, very good battery life, but screen is a little wobbly in laptop mode (Mark Coppock/Digital Trends)
03:48 PM
Teardown reveals iPhone XS has a notched L-shaped battery, iPhone XS Max has an extended logic board with an Apple-designed power management chip (iFixit)
03:48 PM
A look at how Amazon Prime has compelled Target, Walmart, and many Google Express vendors to offer "free" two-day shipping and the challenges in matching Amazon (Christopher Mims/Wall Street Journal)
02:56 PM
Trucking and freight-booking startup Convoy raises $185M Series C led by CapitalG at a $1B valuation, bringing its total raised to $265M (Taylor Soper/GeekWire)
02:04 PM
China's "pay-for-knowledge" economy, primarily podcasts with subscription fees, is estimated at $7.3B in 2017, compared to US ad-driven podcast revenue of $314M (Jennifer Pak/Marketplace)
01:12 PM
In letter to Congress, Google confirms it continues to allow third-party apps to scan and share data from Gmail accounts, though Google itself stopped doing so (Wall Street Journal)
11:28 AM
Bing rolls out AMP support for searches on the mobile web two years after adding support for the protocol to its mobile apps (Dan Thorp-Lancaster/Windows Central)
08:52 AM
Social Capital CEO Chamath Palihapitiya appears unconcerned about the string of exits from the firm and says it will no longer raise outside capital (Sara Salinas/CNBC)
07:08 AM
A roundup of all the major announcements from Amazon on Thursday, from a new microwave to a subwoofer to new Alexa skills and developer tools (GeekWire)
06:16 AM
Sources: Facebook plans to unveil its "Portal" video chat device for home with Alexa support next week; it will come in two screen sizes for ~$400 and ~$300 (Alex Heath/Cheddar)
05:24 AM
China-based Huazhu Hotels Group says hacker who was selling 1.415GB data on millions of its guests and tried to blackmail the chain, has been arrested (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)
04:32 AM
Farfetch, the UK-based marketplace for high-end fashion and luxury goods, prices its US IPO at $20 per share, above the expected $17 to $19 range, raising $885M (Alex Barinka/Bloomberg)
04:32 AM
Playstation Now announces subscribers can download PS4 and remastered PS2 games, as the service becomes more like Xbox Game Pass (Timothy J. Seppala/Engadget)
03:40 AM
RIAA: revenues from streaming up 28% YoY to $3.4B in H1 2018, accounting for 75% of recorded music revenue; 75% of streaming revenue comes from subscriptions (Patricia Hernandez/The Verge)
02:49 AM
Google confirms the personal Gmail accounts of an unspecified number of US senators and Senate staff have been targeted by foreign government hackers (CNN)
01:57 AM
Instagram is testing a way for users to reshare posts from other accounts to their own feeds; obtained screenshots suggest the feature is early in development (Casey Newton/The Verge)
01:57 AM
Facebook says that for future political campaigns, it will pull back from dedicated on-site support like the kind it provided to Trump's 2016 campaign (Bloomberg)
01:57 AM
Amazon introduces Wi-Fi Simple Setup to automatically share a user's home wireless network credentials with compatible smart home devices (Andrew Gebhart/CNET)
01:56 AM
Hulu rolling out an updated web interface designed for watching shows on a computer that shows more options and controls (Chaim Gartenberg/The Verge)
01:56 AM
Amazon says it is experimenting with giving Alexa a rudimentary form of emotional awareness, such as to listen for frustration in a person's voice (Tom Simonite/Wired)
01:05 AM
Microsoft says Skype is coming to Amazon Alexa devices later this year, letting Alexa users make outgoing voice and video calls, accept incoming calls, and more (Mary Jo Foley/ZDNet)
01:05 AM
Amazon introduces APL, a design language for building Alexa skills for devices with screens, says APL-powered skills coming to Alexa device owners next month (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
12:13 AM
Facebook says it is reviewing its policies on white supremacy, white nationalism, and white separatism after a backlash from civil rights groups (Motherboard)
September 20th, 2018
11:47 PM
Online ticketing company Eventbrite closes up 59% on its first day of trading after raising $230M in its IPO at a $1.76B valuation (Sara Salinas/CNBC)
11:21 PM
How Amazon wants to win the smart home with Alexa Connect Kit, a wireless circuit board that manufacturers can add to any device that has a microcontroller (Laura Stevens/Wall Street Journal)
11:21 PM
Sources: Amazon plants empty packages with fake labels in the trucks of delivery drivers to check the drivers' integrity (Hayley Peterson/INSIDER)
11:21 PM
Sources: Uber is in early talks to buy London-based food-delivery company Deliveroo for several billion dollars; Deliveroo was last valued at more than $2B (Bloomberg)
11:20 PM
Twitch website is currently not accessible in China and its app has disappeared from the App Store, indicating that Twitch may have been blocked in the country (Josh Ye/Abacus)
11:20 PM
John Bolton says Trump signed off on a new national cyber strategy to guide how the administration handles cyberthreats, offensive and defensive cybersecurity (Shannon Vavra/Axios)
10:29 PM
Adobe says it is acquiring the marketing automation company Marketo for $4.75B (Ron Miller/TechCrunch)
10:29 PM
Amazon unveils Alexa Connect Kit, a module with Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and a real-time OS that companies can put in their products in order to make them smart (Dani Deahl/The Verge)
09:37 PM
Alexa Hunches use AI to help Alexa learn from and predict user behaviour to offer suggestions and reminders like turning off the porch light when going to sleep (Kirsten Korosec/TechCrunch)
09:37 PM
Sources: Meredith Perry has stepped down as CEO of uBeam, the controversial wireless charging startup she founded in 2011 (Dan Primack/Axios)
09:37 PM
Amazon adds Alexa Guard to Echo devices enabling them to notify users of sounds like smoke alarms or breaking glass (Jacob Kastrenakes/The Verge)
09:36 PM
Amazon updates the $180 Ring Stick Up camera and adds a wired version with an ethernet cable, available later in the year (Mallory Locklear/Engadget)
09:36 PM
Amazon unveils Echo Auto, a $49.99 dash mounted in-car accessory that puts Alexa in any car with an aux jack and gives directions using Waze (Brian Heater/TechCrunch)
08:45 PM
Amazon announces a DVR called Fire TV Recast, available this fall in two versions: a 2-tuner 500GB model for $230, and a 4-tuner version with 1TB of storage (John Falcone/CNET)
08:45 PM
Amazon's $30 Echo Wall Clock connects to nearby Echo devices via Bluetooth to track and display timers via LEDs around its rim (Jessica Conditt/Engadget)
08:45 PM
Amazon announces an update to the $229 Echo Show with a large 10" display, Dolby speakers, an eight microphone array, built-in Skype, third party browsers, more (Brian Heater/TechCrunch)
08:44 PM
Amazon launches a $60 AmazonBasics branded microwave that works with Alexa-enabled speakers, has built-in WiFi, and an Amazon Dash Replenishment (Ashlee Clark Thompson/CNET)