January 23rd, 2020
09:10 PM
Software Motor Company, which develops software to make electric motors in HVAC systems more efficient, raises $25M from BMW to apply its tech to electric cars (Eric Walz/Futurecar.com)
08:44 PM
DHS issues an alert about six flaws in popular health care devices from GE Healthcare that could affect device functionality and expose patients' health info (Jeff Stone/CyberScoop)
08:44 PM
Amazon claims Prime Video has 65K titles, but 66% of those are user uploaded, including thousands of short instructional clips and conspiracy-theory videos (Wall Street Journal)
08:18 PM
Experts say FTI's report on the hack of Bezos' phone does not explain why FTI wasn't able to decrypt the malicious file or perform actions like jailbreaking (Shannon Vavra/CyberScoop)
07:52 PM
Bear Robotics, which is developing self-driving robot waiters, raises $32M Series A led by SoftBank (Connie Loizos/TechCrunch)
07:26 PM
Tech executives and employees, particularly from Facebook, have become increasingly common targets for swatting; Adam Mosseri was swatted in November (Sheera Frenkel/New York Times)
06:34 PM
New York-based project management platform Clubhouse raises $25M Series B led by Greylock Partners, source says at a valuation of $100M (Alex Konrad/Forbes)
05:42 PM
San Diego-based edge AI chip maker Kneron raises $40M led by Horizons Ventures, bringing the total raised in its Series A round to $73M (DealStreetAsia)
05:16 PM
Match Group invests in safety app Noonlight to add features like a panic button, check-in, and photo verification to its dating apps, starting with Tinder (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)
05:16 PM
TikTok inks licensing deal with Merlin to use music from independent labels in videos and new Resso streaming service (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
04:50 PM
Hivebrite, a community management and engagement platform, raises $20M Series A led by Insight Partners, bringing its total raised to about $23M (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)
04:24 PM
NYPD disputes facial recognition firm Clearview AI's claim that it identified a terrorism suspect; company's founders have previous connections to the far right (BuzzFeed News)
04:24 PM
Microsoft starts rolling out developer kits and emulators for its dual-screen Surface Duo Android phone and Windows 10X-based Surface Neo (Mary Jo Foley/ZDNet)
03:58 PM
Google's new look for desktop search results blurs the lines between ads and search results, leading many critics to identify it as a dark pattern (Jon Porter/The Verge)
03:32 PM
Niantic says it helped drive more than $249M in tourism revenue for the cities on its events list in 2019 through its walking games like Pokémon Go and Ingress (Dean Takahashi/VentureBeat)
03:32 PM
Google helps publish largest high-resolution map of brain neurons of a fruit fly, using a machine learning technique called flood-filling networks (Gregory Barber/Wired)
02:40 PM
Proxyclick, a Belgian provider of enterprise visitor management software, raises $15M Series B led by Five Elms Capital (Annie Musgrove/Tech.eu)
01:48 PM
Inside the IRS's 8-year audit into Microsoft after the company sold its IP to a factory it owns in Puerto Rico to reduce tax rate on US profits from ~35% to ~2% (Paul Kiel/ProPublica)
12:30 PM
Interview with David Cicilline, the chairman of the House subcommittee on antitrust, on his approach to investigation of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon (Politico)
07:44 AM
Game studio Playful Studios, which raised $23M from a host of individual investors in August, says it is laying off a significant portion of its full-time staff (Mike Minotti/VentureBeat)
05:08 AM
Outlier, which uses machine learning to spot anomalies in business data, raises $22.1M Series B led by Emergence, bringing its total raised to $30M+ (Kyle Wiggers/VentureBeat)
04:16 AM
Austin-based Vapor IO, an edge computing startup, raised $90M from Berkshire Partners and wireless infrastructure giant Crown Castle, says total raise $100M+ (Mary Ann Azevedo/Crunchbase News)
03:24 AM
Twitter is rolling out a pop-up feature that lets users add an emoji reaction to a Direct Message, similar to a feature in iMessage (Chance Miller/9to5Mac)
02:33 AM
Epic Systems, a leading provider of digital medical records, calls on large hospitals to oppose proposed US rules that would open up access to patient records (Christina Farr/CNBC)
01:15 AM
India-based Zoomcar, a car rental platform which has its own fleet and also lets users rent out their own cars, raises $30M as part of an ongoing $100M Series D (Salman S.H./Livemint)
January 22nd, 2020
11:58 PM
Federal filings: Google spent ~$150M on lobbying over the past decade in the US, followed by Facebook with ~$81M, and Amazon at nearly $80M (Tony Romm/Washington Post)
11:06 PM
An in-depth look at the long history of facial recognition, focusing on Woody Bledsoe, a University of Texas professor working in the 1960s backed by the CIA (Shaun Raviv/Wired)
10:14 PM
Sources: ByteDance is seeking a US-based CEO for TikTok and has interviewed candidates; current head Alex Zhu may still manage product and engineering in China (Bloomberg)
08:56 PM
Interview with Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr., on his $10M smartphone forensics lab and balancing public safety while working under Apple and Google's rules (William D. Cohan/Fast Company)
08:56 PM
Disney sold its FoxNext video game unit, which it acquired with 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets, to Scopely, a Culver City-based mobile game developer (Alex Weprin/Hollywood Reporter)
08:30 PM
Microsoft will forcibly install the Bing extension in Chrome for Office 365 ProPlus users starting mid-February, to change the default search engine to Bing (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)
08:04 PM
Google says it found five separate flaws in Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention tool for Safari that lets users' browsing behavior be tracked (Madhumita Murgia/Financial Times)
07:38 PM
CB Insights: global AI startup funding reached $26.6B in 2019 across 2,200 deals, up from $22.1B across 1,900 deals in 2018; 10 AI companies had $100M+ rounds (Khari Johnson/VentureBeat)
07:12 PM
Indian mobility startup Zoomcar, which has a P2P marketplace for vehicles that users can drive themselves, raises $30M as part of an ongoing $100M Series D (Miguel Cordon/Tech in Asia)
07:12 PM
In a first for the US, a district encompassing Greater Seattle will let 1.2M voters cast votes on smartphones in a February 11 election (Miles Parks/NPR)
06:46 PM
Leaked FTI Consulting report: investigators found a suspicious encrypted file on Jeff Bezos' iPhone, causing data transfers to jump by ~29,000%, but no malware (VICE)
05:54 PM
FOIA docs: law enforcement in over 11 states, including CA, FL, and NY, spent $4M+ over the past decade on software and devices that can break into smartphones (Michael Hayes/OneZero)
05:54 PM
Email collaboration startup Front raises $59M Series C led by a group of CEOs from Atlassian, Okta, Qualtrics, and Zoom, following its $66M Series B in 2018 (Mary Ann Azevedo/Crunchbase News)
05:54 PM
UN experts say Saudis likely used NSO Group's Pegasus mobile spyware to hack Jeff Bezos' phone in May 2018, six months after the Saudis obtained the spyware (Zack Whittaker/TechCrunch)
05:28 PM
British government proposes sweeping changes to privacy protections for under-18s, requiring platforms turn on heightened privacy settings by default and more (Natasha Singer/New York Times)
05:28 PM
Amazon says Amazon Music has 55M users across six different price tiers, including a free tier, "nearly all" of which are paying subscribers (Anna Nicolaou/Financial Times)
05:28 PM
Motorola says its foldable Razr will be available for pre-order on January 26, one month after originally planned, arriving on February 6 (Chaim Gartenberg/The Verge)
05:02 PM
UN special rapporteurs say they are "gravely concerned" about the alleged hacking of Jeff Bezos' phone by Saudi's MbS, calling for further investigations (Stephanie Kirchgaessner/The Guardian)
04:36 PM
Behind the scenes at Rotten Tomatoes, whose Tomatometer is run by 12 "curators" who read just about every review from a pool of about 4,500 approved critics (Simon Van Zuylen Wood/Wired)
03:18 PM
Sysdig, which offers tools to secure container environments, raises $70M Series E led by Insight Venture Partners, bringing its total raised to $206M (Mike Wheatley/SiliconANGLE)
03:18 PM
French SaaS startup LumApps, which provides a cloud-based enterprise communication platform, raises €63.1M Series C led by Goldman Sachs (Charlotte Tucker/EU-Startups)
03:18 PM
Placer.ai, which offers location and foot traffic analytics for the retail industry, raises $12M Series A led by JBV Capital (Catherine Shu/TechCrunch)
02:26 PM
Analysis of 11,430 Play Store apps in 2019 found that 14.2% used a privacy policy with contradicting statements about user data collection practices (Catalin Cimpanu/ZDNet)
10:38 AM
Uncertainty grows for Chinese workers in Silicon Valley after trade war tensions, the Huawei controversy, and cases of Chinese accused of stealing trade secrets (Yuan Yang/Financial Times)
05:52 AM
Judge dismisses Sidecar's lawsuit against Uber; Sidecar, a ride-hailing company that closed in 2015, had accused Uber of using anti-competitive practices (Kanishka Singh/Reuters)
05:00 AM
GM's Cruise unveils Origin, its first driverless vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals, says it will share more info about its production plans in the future (Andrew J. Hawkins/The Verge)
04:08 AM
Sources: Quibi's CEO Meg Whitman, in an internal meeting, compared reporters' friendly rapport with their sources to how sexual predators groom their targets (The Information)
03:16 AM
Stillfront Group, a Sweden-based group of gaming studios, is acquiring mobile gaming studio Storm8 for $300M, of which $75M will be in Stillfront shares (Mike Minotti/VentureBeat)
01:58 AM
Source: the new low-cost iPhone, which looks like iPhone 8 and has a 4.7" screen, will enter production in February and may be announced as early as March (Bloomberg)
01:32 AM
How social networks cite the Stored Communications Act, a privacy law from the '80s, to withhold information that might exonerate defendants in criminal cases (Megan Cassidy/San Francisco Chronicle)
12:40 AM
Corporate moving services startup Shyft, which claims its tech is 95% accurate at identifying volume and weight of the move via video call, raises $15M Series A (Anthony Ha/TechCrunch)
January 21st, 2020
11:22 PM
Analysis: Netflix now boasts 1,211 originals and has been adding one show a day on average over the past eight months (Joshua Fruhlinger/Thinknum)
11:22 PM
IBM's Q4 revenue grew slightly to $21.77B, beating expectations after five quarters of declines, with Red Hat revenue up 24% YoY; stock up 4%+ after hours (Jordan Novet/CNBC)
10:56 PM
Sources: a WhatsApp message from an account belonging to Saudi Arabian Crown Prince MbS was sent to Jeff Bezos in 2018 with a file that hacked Bezos' phone (Stephanie Kirchgaessner/The Guardian)
10:30 PM
Netflix Q4 revenue grew 31% YoY to $5.467B and net income rose to $587M, surpassing 100M paid memberships outside the US; global paid net additions totaled 8.8M (Netflix IR)
09:12 PM
Facebook says it plans to hire 1,000 workers in the UK this year, with over half in technology, bringing its total in the UK to over 4,000 (Reuters)
08:46 PM
Google debuts experimental wellbeing apps including Activity Bubbles, which slowly fill the screen after unlocking, and wallpaper showing phone usage time (Garrett Bridges/Android Police)
08:20 PM
SCOTUS declines to review Facebook facial recognition case, meaning FB will likely face a class-action suit alleging its photo-tagging feature violated IL law (Emily Birnbaum/The Hill)
07:54 PM
Massachusetts-based startup Berkshire Grey, which develops AI-powered pick-and-place retail and warehouse robots, raises $263M Series B led by SoftBank (Brian Heater/TechCrunch)
07:28 PM
Skylo emerges from stealth and announces a $103M Series B led by SoftBank to connect IoT devices to satellite networks using the Narrowband IoT protocol (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)
06:36 PM
Sources: Business Insider, Vox Media, The Information, Axios, and Politico all turned profits in 2019, in some cases for the first time ever (Sara Fischer/Axios)
06:36 PM
Federal court reverses $10.1M judgment against Nintendo in case involving the Wii remote, calling iLife Technologies' patent for motion sensing tech "abstract" (Kyle Orland/Ars Technica)
05:44 PM
Dapp.com 2019 report: total volume of dapps reached $10B from 9 leading blockchains, up 58.5% YoY, and the number of active dapp users doubled YoY to 3.11M (Dapp.com)
04:52 PM
Intezer, which identifies and tracks new malware by analyzing existing malware to detect code reuse and coding similarities, raises $15M Series B (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
04:26 PM
Snyk, which helps developers find vulnerabilities in their open source apps, raises $150M at a $1B+ valuation, led by New York-based private equity firm Stripes (Paul Sawers/VentureBeat)
04:00 PM
AppsFlyer, a mobile ad attribution platform, raises $210M Series D led by General Atlantic at a $1.6B valuation (Allison Schiff/AdExchanger)
03:34 PM
Flutterwave, which provides payment services for companies operating in Africa, raises $35M Series B led by Greycroft and eVentures, partners with Worldpay (Jake Bright/TechCrunch)
03:08 PM
Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 720G, 662, and 460 chipsets with support for Wi-Fi 6 and NavIC, India's homegrown GPS (Sumukh Rao/Technology Personalized)
03:08 PM
Source: Uber is testing a feature letting drivers in three California cities set fares on rides from the airport; drivers can charge up to 5x the Uber fare (Preetika Rana/Wall Street Journal)
03:08 PM
France has agreed to suspend this year's digital tax until the end of 2020 as part of trade negotiations with the US (Reuters)