October 21st, 2020
05:20 AM
Nintendo Nukes 'Zelda' Fan Game, As Per Usual
01:00 AM
Watch Out: The Patent Maximalists Are On The Warpath To Destroy Innovation And Empower Patent Trolls
October 20th, 2020
10:51 PM
Techdirt Podcast Episode 259: A New Model For Independent Journalism, With Casey Newton
09:33 PM
Bill Barr's Google 'Antitrust Inquiry' Is A Weaponized Farce
08:15 PM
Cambridge Analytica's Crime Was Not Violating Your Privacy Or Taking Data From Facebook, It Was A Massive Campaign Finance Scam
08:15 PM
Daily Deal: 3ft Magnetic FidgetCable
06:57 PM
Section 230 Basics: There Is No Such Thing As A Publisher-Or-Platform Distinction
03:55 PM
Employees Say Foxconn & Donald Trump's Wisconsin Factory Scam Was An Absurdist Hellscape
12:53 PM
Five Bar Owners Arrested In France For Not Logging Internet Use By Patrons Using Bars' WiFi Connections
05:57 AM
Judge Shuts Down Vallejo PD's Illegally-Obtained Stingray
01:11 AM
COVID-19 Is Driving The Uptake Of Chess -- And Of Surveillance Tools To Stop Online Players Cheating
October 19th, 2020
11:01 PM
San Diego Cops Who Abused Old 'Seditious Language' Law To Ticket Residents Also Engaged In Other Misconduct
09:17 PM
Facebook Is So 'Biased Against Conservatives' That Mark Zuckerberg Personally Agreed To Diminish The Reach Of 'Left-Leaning' Sites
07:59 PM
Wisconsin Gets Wise To Foxconn's Grift, Blocks New Subsidies
07:59 PM
Daily Deal: The Complete RapidWeaver 8 Bundle
07:07 PM
Republicans, Who Have Made Sure The Federal Election Commission Can't Do Anything, File A Complaint About Twitter's Moderation Practices
04:05 PM
The GOP's Blisteringly Hypocritical Road From Whining About Net Neutrality To Supporting Trump's Idiotic Attack On Social Media
October 18th, 2020
09:28 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
October 17th, 2020
09:12 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: October 11th - 17th
05:10 AM
Another Anti-Section 230 Bill? Sure, Why Not?
01:15 AM
Content Moderation Case Study: Apple Removes Games Containing Confederate Flags (June 2015)
October 16th, 2020
11:06 PM
Location Data Obtained By CBP Comes From Phone Apps, Is Capable Of Tracking People On Both Sides Of The Border
09:22 PM
Court Says Trump Appointee Had No Authority To Fire Open Technology Fund Board; Says They Remain In Place
08:30 PM
DOJ Says Trump's Tweets Declassifying All Russia Investigation Docs Doesn't Mean Anything; Judge Says They Better Go Ask Him
08:30 PM
Daily Deal: The Learning Apps Bundle
06:46 PM
Twitter Fixes Its Bad Policy On Blocking 'Hacked' Documents
03:44 PM
Half Of Smartphone Users Incorrectly Think They Already Have 5G
12:42 PM
Mumbai Police Help Indian Prime Minister Modi Scrub BuzzFeed Of Images That Offended His Delicate Sensibilities
05:46 AM
Take-Two Opposes Trademark For An Entertainment Company Running An Axe-Throwing Facility
01:01 AM
We Interrupt This Hellscape With A Bit Of Good News On The Copyright Front
October 15th, 2020
11:17 PM
Ted Cruz Once Insisted That Net Neutrality Was The Gov't Takeover Of The Internet; Now Demands That Twitter Host All Nonsense
09:33 PM
Blatant Hypocrite Ajit Pai Decides To Move Forward With Bogus, Unconstitutional Rulemaking On Section 230
08:15 PM
DOJ Is Suing Melania Trump's Ex-Friend Over Her Book, Despite Never Being A Government Employee
08:15 PM
Daily Deal: Lumen5 Video Maker Starter Plan
06:57 PM
Facebook & Twitter Try To Limit The Spread Of Sketchy NY Post Story; Leading To Ridiculous Trumpist Meltdown
03:55 PM
Verizon's New 'Nationwide' 5G Isn't Nationwide, Barely Faster Than 4G
12:53 PM
Microsoft Wields Its IP For Good, Cripples Botnet Via Trademark Litigation
05:57 AM
How Linus Torvalds Invented Today's Work From Home Paradigm In 1991
01:11 AM
Content Moderation Case Study: Handling Off Platform Harassment On Platform (June 2020)
October 14th, 2020
11:02 PM
An Update On The Pretty Crummy Supreme Court Term So Far On Issues We Care About
09:44 PM
With 42,000 Layoffs Since 2017, AT&T Plans Thousands More Layoffs At HBO, Time Warner
08:00 PM
Twitter Attempts To Add A Bit Of Friction In Run Up To The Election
08:00 PM
Daily Deal: Refurbished Acer Chromebook
07:08 PM
FBI Sent A Special Task Force To Portland To 'Exploit' Phones Taken From Protesters
04:32 PM
FCC's Pai Puts Final Bullet In Net Neutrality Ahead Of Potential Demotion
01:04 PM
Court Says Twitter Must Unmask User Whose Bogus Document Jumpstarted Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory
05:16 AM
Esports March On: Nike Jumps In With Glitzy Ad While Forbes Ponders If Esports Will Be Our New Pastime
12:56 AM
If Something Is Advertised As A Knockoff Product... Is It No Longer Counterfeiting?
October 13th, 2020
11:13 PM
Techdirt Podcast Episode 258: The TikTok Order And What It Means For Innovation
09:55 PM
Clarence Thomas Doesn't Like Section 230, Adding To His Anti-Free Speech Legacy
08:11 PM
Five Eyes Countries Band Together To Complain About Facebook And End-To-End Encryption
08:11 PM
Daily Deal: iBolt ChargeDock With MFi-Certified Cable
06:53 PM
Law Enforcement Also Using 'Reverse' Warrants To Obtain Google Searches
03:51 PM
As COVID Highlights U.S. Broadband Failures, State Bans On Community Broadband Look Dumber Than Ever
October 11th, 2020
09:25 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
October 10th, 2020
09:35 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: October 4th - 10th
05:07 AM
DOJ Seizes Domains, Claiming They Pushed Iranian Disinformation; Should Raise 1st Amendment Concerns
01:13 AM
Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook's Internal 'Hate Speech' Guidelines Appear To Leave Protected Groups Unprotected (June 2017)
October 9th, 2020
11:04 PM
San Diego PD Uses Police Charity To Buy Off-The-Books Phone Cracking Tech
09:20 PM
Internet Of Broken Things Jumps The Shark With IoT Chastity Penis Lock That Can Be Hacked
08:02 PM
While Trump Continues To Complain About 230, It's Copyright Law That Once Again Actually Gets His Content Removed
08:02 PM
Daily Deal: TimeSync Pro
06:44 PM
Federal Judge Ridiculously Says That Holding A Sign Telling People Cops Are Ahead Is Not Free Speech
03:42 PM
AT&T Gives Up On DSL, Leaving Many Out Of Broadband's Reach
12:40 PM
US Patent Boss Says No Evidence Of Patents Holding Back COVID Treatments, Days Before Pharma Firms Prove He's Wrong
05:44 AM
China Micro-Censors The VP Debate In The Most Hamfisted Way
01:25 AM
ICE Spent Your Tax Dollars Dragging A Journalist Through The Internet Sewer Over A Mistake She Apologized For
October 8th, 2020
11:16 PM
League Of California Cities Want Congress To Change Section 230... To Let Cops Spy On Everyone Using Social Media
09:06 PM
AT&T Is Taking An Absolute Bath On Its DirecTV Merger
08:14 PM
Devin Nunes Asks Appeals Court To Invalidate Bedrock Supreme Court 1st Amendment Ruling
08:14 PM
Daily Deal: Edraw Infographic Software
06:56 PM
Facebook Abuses Trademark To Give New Prominence To Group Of Facebook Critics Who Are Trying To Shame Company Into More Moderation
03:54 PM
Forget TikTok. IRS Inquiry Shows The Continued Abuse Of Location Data Is The Real Scandal.
01:18 PM
Administration Officials (Again) Break The Law By Investigating Voice Of America Journalist For 'Anti-Trump Bias'
05:04 AM
16K COVID-19 Cases Go Missing In UK Due To Government's Use Of Excel CSVs For Tracking