September 23rd, 2017
09:33 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: September 17th - 23rd
05:07 AM
'Smart' Hospital IV Pump Vulnerable To Remote Hack Attack
01:15 AM
Company CEO Pleads Guilty After Forging Judge's Signatures On Bogus Court Orders Sent To Google
September 22nd, 2017
10:50 PM
More Government Agencies Filing Lawsuits Against Public Records Requesters
09:23 PM
Turkish President Claims Jailed Journalists Are Actually Terrorists
07:56 PM
Report Details The NSA's Decade-Long Abuse Of Its Surveillance Powers
07:56 PM
Daily Deal: Freeter Pro
06:58 PM
Backpage's Biggest Law Enforcement Critic Doesn't Think He Needs SESTA To Take Down Backpage
04:04 PM
More Thoughts On The Senate's SESTA Hearing
12:41 PM
The Soaring Cost Of Sports Programming Is Simply Not Sustainable
04:57 AM
Dispute Between Roberto Escobar And Netflix Over 'Narcos' Gets Weird: Licensing Talks And A Dead Location Scout
01:06 AM
CCleaner Hack May Have Been A State-Sponsored Attack On 18 Major Tech Companies
September 21st, 2017
11:10 PM
Released Snowden Doc Shows NSA Thwarting Electronic Dead Drops By Using Email Metadata
09:43 PM
WhatsApp Reportedly Rejected UK Government Demand For Encryption Backdoor
08:16 PM
What Netflix's Congenial Trademark 'Threat Letter' Says About Everyone's Tolerance For Trademark Bullying
08:16 PM
Daily Deal: Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle
06:49 PM
Insanity: Theresa May Says Internet Companies Need To Remove 'Extremist' Content Within 2 Hours
03:55 PM
EU Buried Its Own $400,000 Study Showing Unauthorized Downloads Have Almost No Effect On Sales
01:01 PM
FCC Sued For Ignoring FOIA Request Investigating Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments
04:48 AM
With Court Ruling, Fan Subtitles Officially Copyright Infringement In Sweden
01:26 AM
Bogus Lawsuit-Slinging Rep Management Firm Sued By Pissed Consumer
September 20th, 2017
11:01 PM
Verizon Hangs Up On Tens Of Thousands Of 'Unlimited' Wireless Customers For Using Too Much Data
09:05 PM
NSA Employees Routinely Undermined 'Non-Attributable' Web Access With Personal Web Use
08:07 PM
Alt-Right Twitter App Developers Sue Google After Gab.Ai App Is Kicked Out Of The Play Store
08:07 PM
Daily Deal: CASA USB-C 6-Port Hub
07:09 PM
Florida Utilities Lobbied To Make It Illegal For Solar Users To Use Panels In Wake Of Hurricanes, Outages
03:46 PM
The NSA's Weird Interest In File Sharing Programs
12:52 PM
Free Software Foundation Europe Leads Call For Taxpayer-Funded Software To Be Licensed For Free Re-use
04:39 AM
Court Allows San Diego Comic-Con's Suit Against The Salt Lake City Comic Con To Move Forward
12:47 AM
HP Brings Back Obnoxious DRM That Cripples Competing Printer Cartridges
September 19th, 2017
10:50 PM
Techdirt Podcast Episode 138: When Godwin's Law Met The Streisand Effect
10:50 PM
Senator Blumenthal Happy That SESTA Will Kill Small Internet Companies
10:50 PM
Shockingly, NY Times Columnist Is Totally Clueless About The Internet
10:50 PM
Daily Deal: Ultimate Windows File Management Suite
10:49 PM
Is There A Single Online Service Not Put At Risk By SESTA?
10:49 PM
Why SESTA Is Such A Bad Bill
10:49 PM
California Sides With Comcast, Votes To Kill Broadband Privacy Law Favored By EFF
10:49 PM
EFF Resigns From W3C After DRM In HTML Is Approved In Secret Vote
10:49 PM
The Most Popular Mod For Fallout 4 Is The One That Removes The Title Screen Crawl For Bethesda's 'Creation Club'
10:49 PM
Arizona Motel 6 Branches Start Handing Out ICE To Unsuspecting Customers
September 18th, 2017
09:13 PM
The Senate Is Close To Undermining The Internet By Pretending To 'Protect' The Children
08:15 PM
Yes, You Can Believe In Internet Freedom Without Being A Shill
07:46 PM
Daily Deal: Martian mVoice Smartwatches with Amazon Alexa
06:48 PM
EFF, ACLU Sue Government Over Warrantless Electronic Searches At The Border
03:54 PM
Yet Another Report Says The Rate Of TV Cord Cutting Is Worse Than Anybody Thought
01:00 PM
Government Drops Facebook Search Warrant Gag Order At Eleventh Hour
September 17th, 2017
10:00 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
September 16th, 2017
09:22 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: September 10th - 16th
04:56 AM
When Godwin's Law Met The Streisand Effect
September 15th, 2017
11:07 PM
Music Industry Is Painting A Target On YouTube Ripping Sites, Despite Their Many Non-Infringing Uses
09:40 PM
Unlimited Data Customers Report Fewer Network Problems Than Capped Users
08:13 PM
Moral Muppets At Harvard Cave In To The CIA; Rescind Chelsea Manning's Fellowship
08:13 PM
Daily Deal: uTalk Language Education
06:46 PM
Trump Administration Says It's Classified If They Can Let The NSA Spy On Americans
03:52 PM
FCC's New 'Diversity Chair' Has Long History Of Undermining Minority Consumers At Comcast's Behest
12:58 PM
Netflix Has Narcos Actors Threaten To Shoot The Families Of French People For Pirating The Show
04:45 AM
Vermont State Police Rewrite Press Rules To Withhold As Much Information As Possible
September 14th, 2017
11:26 PM
House Passes Amendment Rolling Back Jeff Sessions' Civil Asset Forfeiture Expansion
09:30 PM
ATF Ran Illegal Mixed-Money Slush Fund For Years With Zero Oversight, Auditing, Or Punishment
08:03 PM
Lawyer: Without The Monkey's Approval, PETA Can't Settle Monkey Selfie Case
08:03 PM
Daily Deal: The Ultimate Computer Science Career Bundle
07:05 PM
Charles Harder Loses Again: You Can't Just File Defamation Lawsuits In A Random State Because You Like Its Statute Of Limitations
03:42 PM
The Google Fiber Honeymoon Period Appears To Be Over
01:17 PM
Free Software, Open Access, And Open Science Groups Join Fight Against EU Copyright Directive's Terrible Ideas
05:04 AM
Chicago Bears Back Off GoBears Hashtag Dispute Over Trademark Concern With Cal
01:13 AM
Critic-Raiding Sheriff Settles With Bloggers Who Sued Him Over His Unconstitutional Actions
September 13th, 2017
10:48 PM
Saying Someone Might Do Something Illegal With Cash Isn't Enough For Gov't To Seize It, Court Rules
09:50 PM
The Latest Scam To Protect Sketchy Patents From Patent Office Review: Sell To Native Americans
07:54 PM
Texas Attorney General Issues Complaint Against Reputation Management Company For Bogus Lawsuits
07:54 PM
Daily Deal: Oomi Home 2.0 Starter Kit
07:25 PM
Dear Government Employees: Asking Questions - Even Dumb Ones - Is Not A Criminal Offense
04:02 PM
0-Day Vulnerability Exposes Thousands Of AT&T Broadband Customers To Attack
01:08 PM
AG Sessions, DOJ Ask Congressional Leaders For A Clean, Forever Re-Authorization Of Section 702
04:55 AM
Another Craft Beer Brand Gets Bullied To Death Over Shaky Trademark Claims
04:26 AM
Las Vegas Police Union Fire Off Whining, Flag-Dripping Request To The NFL To 'Investigate' Michael Bennett For Saying Things