August 4th, 2020
12:51 AM
Days After FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly Suggests Trump's Section 230 Exec Order Is Unconstitutional... His Renomination To The FCC Is Withdrawn
August 3rd, 2020
11:07 PM
DHS Obtained Protesters' Encrypted Messages, Used Them To Craft 'Intelligence' Reports
09:23 PM
The FCC Knows Trump's Social Media Order Is A Joke, But Fecklessly Pretends Otherwise
08:31 PM
Russian Stream-Rip Sites Attempt To Take Jurisdiction Issue All The Way To SCOTUS
08:05 PM
Daily Deal: The Accredited Agile Project Management Bundle by SPOCE
07:13 PM
FBI Used Information From An Online Forum Hacking To Track Down One Of The Hackers Behind The Massive Twitter Attack
03:45 PM
The Latest Targets Of DHS Surveillance Are Journalists Who Published Leaked Documents
August 2nd, 2020
09:33 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
August 1st, 2020
09:18 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: July 26th - August 1st
07:52 AM
Update: The TikTok Clusterfuck: Trump To Order A Block, Microsoft Wants To Buy, And Competition Is Still There
05:16 AM
DOJ And Florida Officials Announce Arrests Relating To Twitter Hack
01:24 AM
Content Moderation Case Studies: Misleading Information From Official Sources (2020)
July 31st, 2020
11:15 PM
The TikTok Clusterfuck: Trump To Order Chinese Owner To Sell, Microsoft To Buy, And Competition Continues
08:39 PM
Internet Archive Responds To Publishers Lawsuit: Libraries Lend Books, That's What We Do
07:21 PM
Federal Court Can't See Any First Amendment Implications In Local Ordinance Blocking The Photography Of Children
03:53 PM
AT&T Loses Another 1 Million TV Customers As Cord Cutting (And Greed) Take A Toll
01:17 PM
DOJ Says Cruel And Unusual Punishment Is Alive And Well In Alabama Prisons
05:29 AM
Two Breweries Fight Over The Right To Use A Geographic Name Due To Trademark
01:35 AM
Disinformation Campaigns Are Murky Blends Of Truth, Lies And Sincere Beliefs: Lessons From The Pandemic
July 30th, 2020
11:00 PM
Appeals Court Says Sheriff Thomas Dart Must Face Lawsuit Over His Violation Of Arrestees' Rights
09:42 PM
New Hampshire Supreme Court Issues Very Weird Ruling Regarding Section 230
08:24 PM
Portland Journalists Ask For Sanctions As Federal Agents Continue To Assault Reporters And Legal Observers
08:24 PM
Daily Deal: The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Bundle
06:40 PM
House Judiciary Spends 5.5 Hours Making Themselves Look Foolish, Without Asking Many Actual Tough Questions Of Tech CEOs
03:38 PM
It Only Took A Massive Pandemic For Hollywood To Ease Off Stupid, Dated Movie Release Windows
12:36 PM
Australian Tech Giant Says Country's Anti-Encryption Laws Are Harming Local Tech Companies
04:48 AM
Stone Brewing Is Very Upset That People Don't Like Its Trademark Bullying
01:20 AM
Moderation Of Racist Content Leads To Removal Of Non-Racist Pages & Posts (2020)
July 29th, 2020
11:11 PM
Former Rep. Chris Cox Used His Testimony At Tuesday's Senate Hearing On The Internet's Foundational Law To Do Some Myth-Busting
09:27 PM
Banning TikTok Will Accomplish Nothing. Fix Our Broader Security & Privacy Problems Instead.
08:09 PM
NIST Study Confirms The Obvious: Face Masks Make Facial Recognition Tech Less Useful, More Inaccurate
08:09 PM
Daily Deal: Film And Cinematography Mastery Bundle
06:51 PM
Facebook Employee Revolt Shows, Yet Again, That There Are Other Incentives Beyond Section 230
03:49 PM
Under Investigation For Antitrust Abuse, Trump DOJ Rubber Stamps Major Ad Industry Consolidation
12:47 PM
EU Plans To Use Supercomputers To Break Encryption, But Also Wants Platforms To 'Create Opportunities' To Snoop On End-To-End Communications
05:25 AM
Tech And COVID-19: Stop Using Video Game Graphics For Fake Crowds, Fox
01:05 AM
ProPublica Releases NYPD Discipline Records Its Union Thought It Had Talked A Court Into Keeping Secret
July 28th, 2020
11:22 PM
NTIA Follows Trump's Unconstitutional Order To Request The FCC Review Section 230
09:38 PM
Nick Sandmann's Wacky QAnon Supporting Lawyer Threatens Reporters For 'Speculating' On Washington Post's Settlement With Sandmann
08:46 PM
2nd Circuit Refuses To Stop Sanctions Order On Troll Richard Liebowitz, So He Files Required Notices With Petulant Note Attached
08:46 PM
Daily Deal: The Creative Arts Bundle
07:02 PM
Publisher Decries Damn Libraries Entertaining The Masses Stuck At Home For Free
03:34 PM
Trump Campaign Gets Pissed At Wireless Carriers For Blocking Unwanted Political Spam
12:58 PM
Top NYPD Official Says Cops Don't Need To Worry About Being Criminally Charged For Violating Chokehold Ban
05:10 AM
Viacom's Copyright Bots Take Down 'Star Trek' Comic-con Panel Because These Bots Suck Out Loud
01:17 AM
Appeals Court Bashes Predictive Policing And The Judge Who Argued People In High Crime Areas Want Fewer Rights
July 27th, 2020
11:08 PM
How Technology And The Pandemic Are Bringing People Closer Together, Even As We're Physically Apart
09:24 PM
Court Blocks Federal Officers From Attacking, Arresting Reporters Covering Protests In Portland
08:58 PM
The FBI Issued Warning To Law Enforcement Agencies After Being Duped By A Satirical 'Paid Protester' Website
08:06 PM
Patent Troll Gets Court To Order Startup It Sued To 'Edit' Blog Post; Troll Now Asks Startup To Get Us To Change Our Techdirt Post
08:06 PM
Daily Deal: The Complete 2020 Cloud Foundation Certification Bundle
07:14 PM
The FBI Issued Warning To Law Enforcement Agencies After Being Duped By A Satirial 'Paid Protester' Website
03:46 PM
After 100 Years As A Bullying Gatekeeper, AT&T Pivots To Whining Unironically About Bullying Gatekeepers
July 26th, 2020
09:09 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
July 25th, 2020
10:12 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: July 19th - 25th
05:18 AM
NY Post's Journalistic Malpractice: Misleading Reporting On Nick Sandmann's Washington Post Settlement
12:59 AM
Content Moderation Case Study: Talking About Racism On Social Media (2019)
July 24th, 2020
11:16 PM
The First Amendment Bars Regulating Political Neutrality, Even Via Section 230
09:06 PM
Philippines Senator Targets Critics With 'Cyberlibel' Law, Gets Hailed As A Son Of A Bitch By Thousands Of Citizens
08:14 PM
About Time: New York Finally Passes Anti-SLAPP Bill
08:14 PM
Daily Deal: Beingo PRO Virtual Assistant
06:56 PM
Trumpian Loudmouths Apparently Losing Interest In Parler With No One To Play Victim To
03:54 PM
FCC Boss Ajit Pai Pretends To Care About A Prison Telco Monopoly Problem He Helped Protect
12:52 PM
CBP Has Access To Billions Of License Plate Images Collected By Private Companies
05:30 AM
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet Just Applied For Trademark On Jingle For Some R-R-R-Reason
12:44 AM
Judge Benchslaps Richard Liebowitz Again Over His Request To Not Have To Tell Everyone About Previous Sanctions
July 23rd, 2020
11:01 PM
Good News: ACLU Calls On Californians To VOTE NO On Bogus 'Consumer Privacy' Proposition 24
09:43 PM
Japan's Top Court Says 45 Million Twitter Users Must Check That Anything They Retweet Is Not A Copyright Infringement
07:59 PM
Judge Says The Bureau Of Prisons Violated Michael Cohen's 1st Amendment Rights In Sending Him Back To Prison
07:59 PM
Daily Deal: The Complete IoT eBook + Video Course Bundle
07:07 PM
Bill Barr Celebrates New DOJ 'Surge' Targeting Violent Crime By Touting 199 Arrests That Occurred Pre-Surge
04:05 PM
Why Is The Boys And Girls Club Trying To Kill A Cable Monopoly's Merger Conditions?
12:11 PM
DNA Company Accidentally Exposes Opted Out Users' Data To Law Enforcement
05:41 AM
Stone Brewing, One-Time Battlers Of 'Big Beer', Out Here Trying To Cancel Non-Confusing Trademarks
01:22 AM
Content Moderation Case Study: Can An Open Encyclopedia Handle Disinformation? (2005)