July 23rd, 2017
09:35 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
July 22nd, 2017
09:25 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: July 16th - 22nd
04:59 AM
San Diego Comic Con Gets Gag Order On Salt Lake Comic Con
01:07 AM
MLB Mulls Over Opposing Trademark For New Overwatch League Logo
July 21st, 2017
10:42 PM
Court Rejects Cell Site RF Signal Map In Murder Trial Because It's Evidence Of Nothing
09:44 PM
Politician Uses Bad Cyberharassment Law To Shut Down Critic; Critic Hoping To Have Law Struck Down
08:17 PM
Olive Garden Asks Olive Garden Reviewer Not To Refer To Olive Garden Due To Trademarks
08:17 PM
Daily Deal: Beginner Web Development Bundle
06:50 PM
Judge Dumps Stupid Libel Suit Featuring A Man Suing A Third Party For Things A Journalist Said
03:56 PM
FCC Won't Release Data To Support Its Claim A DDOS Attack, Not John Oliver, Brought Down The Agency's Website
12:33 PM
Top European Court To Consider If EU Countries Can Censor The Global Internet
03:51 AM
Freedom Of Information Lawsuit Results In NYPD Agreeing To Follow FOI Law
12:57 AM
Massachusetts Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Felony To Have Secret Compartments In Your Car
July 20th, 2017
11:00 PM
Giganews Sues Perfect 10 For $20 Million For Trying To Play 'Hide The Assets' After Jury Award
09:33 PM
Russia Does A 'Copy/Paste' Of Germany's New 'Hate Speech' Online Censorship Law
08:06 PM
Seeking Clarification: Is James Woods A Hypocritical Asshole?
08:06 PM
Daily Deal: IT Process And Project Management Bundle
06:39 PM
Prosecutors Say Subpoenas Will Be Used For Serious Crimes Against Children, Use Them For Everything Else
03:45 PM
Supposed Stickler For Transparency, FCC Boss Won't Release Net Neutrality Complaints
12:51 PM
DOJ Boss Promises The Return Of Everything That Didn't Work During The Last 40 Years Of Drug Warring
04:09 AM
Connecticut Latest State To Add A Conviction Requirement To Its Forfeiture Laws
12:47 AM
Oversight Board Finds NYPD Officers Still Violating Citizens' Right To Film Police
July 19th, 2017
10:51 PM
Moonton Responds To Copyright Infringement Suit From Riot Games By Threatening The Press With Lawsuits
09:24 PM
EFF Highlights How ISPs Are Lying To Californians To Try And Kill New Broadband Privacy Protections
08:26 PM
Comcast: We Must Kill Net Neutrality To Help The Sick And Disabled
07:57 PM
Daily Deal: The Robotics And Machine Learning of Self-Driving Cars
06:30 PM
DHS Confirms There Will Be More And Greater Intrusiveness During Border Searches
04:05 PM
AT&T Tricked Its Customers Into Opposing Net Neutrality
12:42 PM
Researchers Say Chinese Government Now Censoring Images In One-To-One Chat
04:00 AM
BrewDog's Trademark Application For 'Elvis Juice' Brew Blocked By The Elvis Presley Estate
01:07 AM
From Sans Serif To Sans Sharif: #Fontgate Leads To Calls For Pakistan's Prime Minister To Resign
July 18th, 2017
10:41 PM
Techdirt Podcast Episode 130: Is It Bad If Facebook Copies Everything Snapchat Does?
09:14 PM
Appeals Court Agrees Government Can Tell NSL Recipients To STFU Indefinitely
08:16 PM
George Romero, Zombies... And The Public Domain
07:47 PM
Daily Deal: 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle
06:49 PM
DOJ Tells Court There No Need To Establish A Warrant Requirement For Stingray Devices
03:55 PM
Senator Wyden To FCC Chair Pai: Hey, Stop Lying About What I Said To Undermine Net Neutrality
01:01 PM
EU Looks To Prevent Employers From Viewing An Applicant's Publicly Available Social Media Information
03:50 AM
When The 'Sharing Economy' Turns Into The 'Missing Or Stolen Economy'
12:56 AM
Capcom Manually DMCAs English Translation Of Ace Attorney Game Not Available In English
July 17th, 2017
10:31 PM
De-Escalation Works, But US Law Enforcement Hasn't Show Much Interest In Trying It
09:04 PM
Our Net Neutrality Comments To The FCC: We Changed Our Mind, You Can Too
08:06 PM
Latest EU Parliament Votes On Copyright: Fuck The Public, Give Big Corporations More Copyright
08:06 PM
Daily Deal: SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits
06:39 PM
Indian ISPs Continue Futile Effort To Prevent Subscribers From Using Decent Encryption
03:45 PM
New Zealand Airports Customs Officials Performing 'Digital Strip Searches' Of Travelers' Electronics
12:51 PM
The FCC Needs Your Quality Comments About Net Neutrality Today
July 16th, 2017
09:23 PM
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt
July 15th, 2017
09:14 PM
This Week In Techdirt History: July 9th - 15th
04:48 AM
Trump's Pick For FBI Head Sounds A Lot Like The Guy He Fired When It Comes To Encryption
12:56 AM
Privacy International Sues US Government Over Denied Access To Five Eyes Surveillance Agreements
July 14th, 2017
10:31 PM
The War On Dogs Continues: Cop Shoots Two Non-Threatening Dogs During Burglar Alarm Call
09:04 PM
All Out Of Ideas, Legacy News Providers Ask US Gov't For The Right To Collude Against Google & Facebook
08:06 PM
Aussie Prime Minister Says The Laws Of Math Don't Apply In Australia When It Comes To Encryption
08:06 PM
Daily Deal: StreamJack TV SmartDNS
07:37 PM
DHS, CBP Admit They Have No Legal Authority To Access Americans' Social Media Accounts
07:37 PM
Charter Spectrum 'Competes' With New $20 Streaming TV Service Featuring $6 In Entirely Bogus Fees
07:37 PM
DHS Goes Biometric, Says Travelers Can Opt Out Of Face Scans By Not Traveling
07:37 PM
Canada Capitulates: Supreme Court Throws Away Government's Great Pharma Patent Victory
07:37 PM
Desk Jockeying: FBI Puts Out The Call For 'Cyber Security Furniture'
07:36 PM
Trump Puts Voter Data Collection On Hold After Highly Insecure & Potentially Illegal Process Is Widely Ridiculed
07:36 PM
Canadian Rapper Sends Rap Video Cease & Desist Letter To Coca Cola For 'Jacking' His Catchphrase
07:36 PM
Comcast/NBC Caught Intentionally Misspelling Show Names To Help Hide Sagging Nielsen Ratings
07:36 PM
Daily Deal: The Ultimate Cord Cutting Kit Subscriptions
07:36 PM
Government Lawyers Hoping To Keep Leaker's Lawyers From Talking About Leaked Documents
07:36 PM
Private Data Of 6 Million Verizon Users Left Openly Accessible On The Internet
07:36 PM
Copyright Madness: Blurred Lines Mess Means Artists Now Afraid To Name Their Inspirations
07:36 PM
EU's Brexit Strategy Shows How Aggressive Transparency Can Be Used To Gain The Upper Hand In Negotiations
07:36 PM
Court Won't Let Patent Troll Dismiss Its Way Out Of A Lawsuit, Orders It To Pay Legal Fees
07:36 PM
EFF Officially Appeals Tim Berners-Lee Decision On DRM In HTML
07:36 PM
Taking The 'S' Out Of 'TSA:' Minneapolis Screeners Fail To Detect Contraband 94% Of The Time
07:36 PM
Trump Hopes To Use AT&T Time Warner Merger As 'Leverage' Over CNN
07:36 PM
Daily Deal: The Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle
07:36 PM
Copyright Law And The Grenfell Fire - Why We Cannot Let Legal Standards Be Locked Up By Copyright
July 12th, 2017
03:53 PM
Microsoft Unveils Plan To Deliver Broadband To 2 Million, NAB Immediately Craps All Over The Announcement