October 20th, 2019
03:38 AM
'How Andrew Yang Would Fix The Internet'
01:54 AM
Is America's Federal Banking System Considering Its Own Digital Cryptocurrency?
12:36 AM
'South Park' Nears $500-Million Deal for US Streaming Rights
October 19th, 2019
11:44 PM
Australia's Buggy Automated System Suspended 1 Million Welfare Payments This Year
10:52 PM
Why The 'Not-Com' Stock Bubble Is Popping
10:26 PM
Huawei Says US Firms Have Expressed Interest In Licensing Its 5G Technology
10:00 PM
Forbes Raves Upcoming Linux Desktop Will 'Embarass' Windows 10 and macOS
08:42 PM
Google Criticized After Voice From 'Nest' Camera Threatens to Steal Baby
07:50 PM
Russian Cyber-Espionage Group Controlled Its Malware Partly Through Reddit Posts
07:24 PM
Blizzard Suspended Three College 'Hearthstone' Players For Pro-Hong Kong Protests
06:58 PM
Blizzard Criticized By Bipartisan Group of US Lawmakers (Including Ron Wyden, Marco Rubio, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
05:40 PM
Would You Trust Amazon To Run Free and Fair Elections?
04:48 PM
Unpatched Linux Bug May Open Devices To Serious Attacks Over Wi-Fi
03:04 PM
The Most Important Right-To-Repair Hearing Yet Is On Monday
12:02 PM
Apple Hid a Lightning Connector For Debugging In the Apple TV 4K's Ethernet Port
09:26 AM
Air Force Finally Retires 8-Inch Floppies From Missile Launch Control System
05:32 AM
Unnatural Selection: the Eye-Opening Netflix Docuseries On Gene Editing
04:40 AM
Tesla Gets the Go-Ahead To Build Cars In China
03:48 AM
California Launches First Statewide Earthquake Early Warning System
02:56 AM
Motorola Teases the New Razr Phone In November Event Invitation
02:30 AM
DeepMind AI Beats Humans At Deciphering Damaged Ancient Greek Tablets
01:38 AM
MediaLab Buys Kik
01:12 AM
Imgur Won't Support Reddit's NSFW Communities Anymore Because They Put Its 'Business At Risk'
12:20 AM
Home Builders Ditch Nest After Google Ties Devices To Digital Assistant
October 18th, 2019
11:54 PM
Indians Are Using TikTok To Learn English
11:02 PM
Boeing Pilot Complained of 'Egregious' Issue With 737 Max in 2016
10:36 PM
Lebanon Withdraws Plan To Charge a Fee on WhatsApp Calls as the Country Faces Its Biggest Protests
09:44 PM
Facebook Portal Sales Are 'Very Low'
08:52 PM
Canonical Releases Ubuntu Linux 19.10 Eoan Ermine with GNOME 3.34, Light Theme, and Raspberry Pi 4 Support
08:26 PM
US Astronauts Embark on the First All-Female Spacewalk
07:34 PM
Banning Out-of-Hours Email 'Could Harm Employee Wellbeing'
06:42 PM
Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Passes Away
06:16 PM
Multifactor Authentication Issue Hitting North American Azure, Office 365 Users
05:50 PM
Google Hardware Chief Says He Does Not Know Why Pixel 4 Smartphone With Snapdragon 855 Processor Can't Support 4K Video Recording at 60FPS
04:58 PM
Facing Unbearable Heat, Qatar Has Begun To Air-Condition the Outdoors
04:32 PM
Most U.S. Dairy Cows Are Descended From Just 2 Bulls. That's Not Good
03:14 PM
Physicists Propose Listening For Dark Matter With Plasma-Based 'Axion Radio'
12:12 PM
Rocket Lab Launches Highest Mission Yet To Put Astro Digital Satellite In Orbit
09:10 AM
Mars InSight's 'Mole' Is Moving Again
05:42 AM
New Bill Promises an End To Our Privacy Nightmare, Jail Time To CEOs Who Lie
04:24 AM
Call of Duty Will Have a Battle Pass Instead of Loot Boxes
03:32 AM
School Field Trips: Amazon Warehouses Are the New Smithsonian
03:06 AM
Google Clips AI-Powered Camera Has Been Discontinued
02:14 AM
Senators Propose Near-Total Ban On Worker Noncompete Agreements
01:48 AM
Reddit-Born Engineering Group Buys Leftovers of Failed Hyperloop Startup Arrivo
12:56 AM
DoNotPay App Waits On Hold For You
12:30 AM
Germany's Cybersecurity Agency Recommends Firefox As Most Secure Browser
October 17th, 2019
11:39 PM
Earth-Like Planets May Be Common Outside Our Solar System, Scientists Discover
11:13 PM
The Death of Cars Was Greatly Exaggerated
10:21 PM
Malware That Spits Cash Out of ATMs Has Spread Across the World
09:55 PM
Machine Learning Can't Flag False News, New Studies Show
09:03 PM
Hot Online Bank Startup Leaves Customers Without Access to Their Cash
08:37 PM
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says He Fears 'Erosion of Truth' But Defends Allowing Politicians To Lie in Ads
07:45 PM
Google Expands Chrome's Site Isolation Feature To Android Users
07:19 PM
Brexit Deal Leaves Companies in Limbo Over Data Flows
06:27 PM
The Water Crisis Cities Don't See Coming
05:35 PM
Youth Suicide Rate Increased 56% in Decade, CDC Says
05:09 PM
Samsung Says Anyone's Thumbprint Can Unlock $900 Galaxy S10 Smartphone
04:17 PM
Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free
03:25 PM
Berkeley City Council Unanimously Votes To Ban Face Recognition
12:23 PM
China's Helicopter Prototype Looks Like a UFO
09:21 AM
Paris Zoo Unveils the 'Blob,' An Organism With No Brain But 720 Sexes
05:53 AM
Magic Mushrooms Can Help Smokers Kick the Habit
04:35 AM
SpaceX Says 12,000 Satellites Isn't Enough, So It Might Launch Another 30,000
03:44 AM
GitLab Won't Exclude Customers On Moral Grounds, Says That Employees Should Not Discuss Politics At Work
02:52 AM
Google Ejects Open-Source WireGuard From Play Store Over Donation Links
02:26 AM
For Now Women, Not Democracy, Are the Main Victims of Deepfakes
01:34 AM
The Creators Of Pokemon Go Mapped The World. Now They're Mapping You
01:08 AM
Volvo To Roll Out a New Electric Vehicle Every Year Through 2025
12:16 AM
Huge Child Porn Ring Busted As Authorities Cite Ability To Crack Bitcoin Privacy
October 16th, 2019
11:50 PM
Microsoft Launches Two New Open Source Projects for Developers -- OAM and Dapr
10:58 PM
FCC Votes To Approve T-Mobile-Sprint Merger
10:32 PM
Analogue Announces Game Boy Clone Dubbed 'Analogue Pocket'
09:40 PM
Yahoo Groups Is Winding Down and All Content Will Be Permanently Removed
09:14 PM
Hacking 20 High-Profile Dev Accounts Could Compromise Half of the NPM Ecosystem