January 25th, 2021
10:00 PM
AMC Raises $917 Million To Weather 'Dark Coronavirus-Impacted Winter'
09:34 PM
Myopia Correcting 'Smart Glasses' From Japan To Be Sold in Asia
08:42 PM
Twitter Launches 'Birdwatch,' a Forum To Combat Misinformation
08:16 PM
GameStop Stock Jumps To New Record
07:24 PM
Dutch COVID-19 Patient Data Sold on the Criminal Underground
06:58 PM
Google Workers To Form Global Union Alliance
06:06 PM
Apple Hit With Another European Class Action Over Throttled iPhones
05:40 PM
More Than 260 Airports At Risk of Getting Submerged Due To Sea Level Rise, Coastal Flooding: Study
04:48 PM
Waymo CEO Dismisses Tesla Self-Driving Plan: 'This is Not How It Works'
03:56 PM
Earth is Losing Ice Faster Today Than in the Mid-1990s, Study Suggests
03:30 PM
Google To Open Up Its Office Facilities for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics
12:54 PM
After 28 Years, Tucows Finally Closes Its Downloads Site
09:52 AM
BP Slashes Its Oil Exploration Team by 85%, Starts Switching to Renewables
07:16 AM
10 Years After Its Discontinuation, Some Fans Still Love Microsoft's Zune Mp3 Player
04:40 AM
Does Facebook Have a Joe Biden Problem?
03:22 AM
Dropping WhatsApp? Despite Privacy Concerns, Nostalgia Drives Users to ICQ
02:31 AM
Dropping WhatsApp? Despite Security Concerns, Nostalgia Drives Users to ICQ
01:13 AM
Andrew Yang Proposes a Local Currency, Sees Growing Support for Universal Basic Income
January 24th, 2021
11:56 PM
Despite SolarWinds Cyberattack, Microsoft's Azure Business Predicted to Benefit
11:04 PM
More Companies Are Joining 'Tech Exodus' From California
10:12 PM
'We Messed Up'. Microsoft Rescinds Xbox Live Gold Price Hike
08:54 PM
Ant Group Sponsors Reality Competition Show About Programmers
07:36 PM
When Adobe Stopped Flash Content, It Also Stopped A Chinese Railroad
06:44 PM
Ask Slashdot: Is There a Battery-Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera That Supports FTP/SMB?
05:52 PM
Can You Tell a Programming Language Inventor From a Serial Killer?
05:00 PM
'Babylon 5' Actress Mira Furlan Dies At 65
01:58 PM
The Ethical Source Movement Launches a New Kind of Open-Source Organization
10:30 AM
Ransomware Attackers Try Publishing 4,000 Scottish Government Agency Files
06:36 AM
New Site Extracts and Posts Every Face from Parler's Capitol Hill Insurrection Videos
04:00 AM
US Treasury Nominee Yellen Wants to Encourage Cryptocurrencies -- 'For Legitimate Activities'
01:51 AM
Are We Slowing Global Warming?
12:59 AM
GitHub Reverses Takedown of Code for Anime Torrent Site Despite Film Group's DMCA
January 23rd, 2021
11:42 PM
Why AWS Is Forking Elasticsearch and Kibana
10:50 PM
SpaceX Re-Schedules Record-Breaking Launch With 143 Satellites to Sunday
09:58 PM
Chrome 88 Released, Removing Adobe Flash -- and FTP
08:40 PM
How Law Enforcement Gets Around Your Smartphone's Encryption
07:48 PM
Report Finds Extremists Did Use Facebook to Plan Capitol Attack
06:56 PM
Are Experts Underselling the Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccines?
05:38 PM
How DNSpooq Attacks Could Poison DNS Cache Records
04:46 PM
Facebook Refers Its Trump Ban To Its 'Supreme Court'
02:10 PM
Electric Vehicles Close To 'Tipping Point' of Mass Adoption
11:08 AM
SpaceX Plans Record-Breaking Launch With 143 Satellites
08:06 AM
Brad Cox, Creator of Objective-C Programming Language, Dies At 76
04:38 AM
Twitter Bots Are a Major Source of Climate Disinformation
03:20 AM
US Emissions In 2020 In Biggest Fall Since WWII
02:29 AM
Honor Launches First Post-Huawei Phone
02:03 AM
Cloudflare Introduces Free Digital Waiting Rooms For Any Organizations Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines
01:11 AM
Intelligence Analysts Use US Smartphone Location Data Without Warrants, Memo Says
12:45 AM
FTC Fines Three Ticket Scalping Companies For Illegally Using Bots
January 22nd, 2021
11:53 PM
Apple Plans Thinner MacBook Air With Magnetic Charger In Mac Lineup Reboot
11:27 PM
A Home Security Worker Hacked Into Surveillance Systems To Watch People Have Sex
11:01 PM
Boston Globe Will Consider People's Requests To Have Articles About Them Anonymized
10:09 PM
As Bitcoin Price Surges, DDoS Extortion Gangs Return in Force
09:17 PM
EU Lawmakers Want Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google CEOs at Feb. 1 Hearing
08:25 PM
No Cases? No Chance. The Truth About North Korea and Covid-19
07:59 PM
Why Do We Assume Extraterrestrials Might Want To Visit Us?
07:07 PM
James Bond Film No Time To Die Delayed Again Over Covid
06:41 PM
Samsung Considers $10 Billion Texas Chipmaking Plant
05:49 PM
Microsoft Increases Xbox Live Gold Prices
05:23 PM
Alphabet Shuts Down Loon Internet Balloon Company
04:31 PM
Intel Says Hacker Obtained Financially Sensitive Information
04:05 PM
Federal Judge Blocks Parler's Bid To Be Restored on Amazon Web Services
03:13 PM
Google Threatens To Remove Search in Australia as Spat Escalates
02:21 PM
DDoS-Guard To Forfeit Internet Space Occupied By Parler
11:19 AM
Microsoft Patent Shows Plans To Revive Dead Loved Ones As Chatbots
08:17 AM
Elon Musk To Offer $100 Million Prize For 'Best' Carbon Capture Tech
04:49 AM
Prostate Cancer Can Be Precisely Diagnosed Using a Urine Test With AI
02:40 AM
Google Agrees To Pay French News Sites To Send Them Traffic
02:14 AM
Pebble Founder Says His New App Brings iMessage To Android With a Little 'Trickery'
01:22 AM
Twitter's Decentralized Social Network Project Takes a Baby Step Forward
12:56 AM
The DeLorean Might Be Coming Back As an Electric Car
12:05 AM
There's Still No Sign of Privacy Labels On Most Google iOS Apps
January 21st, 2021
11:13 PM
Biden Names Jessica Rosenworcel Acting FCC Chair
10:47 PM
US Panel Asks FBI To Review Role of Parler In Capitol Attack
09:55 PM
Pandemic Paved the Way for Sim Racing, but Will It Last?