October 24th, 2018
03:37 AM
Russia Is Behind Cyberattack On Saudi Petrochemical Plant, Researchers Say
03:12 AM
Yahoo To Pay $50 Million, Offer Credit Monitoring For Massive Security Breach
02:20 AM
An ISP Left Corporate Passwords, Keys, and All Its Data Exposed On the Internet
01:54 AM
Why the Google Pixel 3 Charges Faster On a Pixel Stand Than Other Wireless Chargers
01:02 AM
IBM Open Sources Mac@IBM Code
12:36 AM
Apple's Upcoming TV Service To Launch In Over 100 Countries In 2019, Starting With the US
October 23rd, 2018
11:44 PM
Coinbase Lets You Buy and Sell USDC Stablecoin
10:52 PM
Multiple iCloud Services Experiencing Issues
10:26 PM
DARPA Wants To Build 'Contextual' AI That Understands the World
09:34 PM
Almost 9 in 10 Android Apps Are Able To Share Data With Google, Says Study
09:08 PM
Facebook's Ex Security Boss: Asking Big Tech To Police Hate Speech is 'a Dangerous Path'
08:16 PM
Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
07:50 PM
Silicon Valley's Dirty Secret: Using a Shadow Workforce of Contract Employees To Drive Profits
07:24 PM
World's Longest Sea Bridge Opens After 9 Years of Construction
06:32 PM
Amazon's Move Off Oracle Caused Prime Day Outage in One of its Biggest Warehouses, Internal Report Says
05:40 PM
Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company To Sell DIY Repair Kits To Its Customers
05:12 PM
Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines
04:20 PM
Firefox 63 Arrives With Enhanced Tracking Protection, Search Shortcuts, and Picture-in-Picture on Android
03:01 PM
White House Wants To Borrow Tech Workers From Google and Amazon, Says Report
12:25 PM
Mozilla Is Reportedly Going To Sell VPN Subscriptions Within Firefox
09:23 AM
Google News App Bug Is Using Up Gigabytes of Background Data Without Users' Knowledge
06:21 AM
Intel Says They Aren't Abandoning 10nm Chips, Despite Report Saying They're Canceled
06:21 AM
YouTube Is Investing $20 Million In Educational Content, Creators
06:20 AM
Feds Shut Down Self-Driving School Bus Pilot In Florida
06:20 AM
UK ISP Tests SIM Card That Forces All of Your Mobile Data Through Tor
06:20 AM
Richard Branson Steps Down As Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One
02:01 AM
Netflix To Raise $2 Billion In Debt To Fund More Original Content
01:09 AM
Oculus Co-founder is Leaving Facebook After Cancellation of 'Rift 2' Headset
12:43 AM
16-Year-Old Dethrones Tetris World Champion With Difficult Hyper-Tap Technique
October 22nd, 2018
11:51 PM
AWS CEO Andy Jassy Follows Apple In Calling For Retraction of Chinese Spy Chip Story
11:25 PM
SQLite Adopts 'Monastic' Code of Conduct
10:33 PM
Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars
10:07 PM
Now Apps Can Track You Even After You Uninstall Them
08:23 PM
Chinese Company Oppo is the Latest To Be Caught Cheating on Phone Benchmarks
07:05 PM
Microsoft's Problem Isn't How Often it Updates Windows -- It's How It Develops It
06:13 PM
YouTubers Will Enter Politics, And If They Do, They're Probably Going To Win
05:47 PM
China Requires Blockchain-Based Information Service Providers To Register Users Using Real Names, Censor Postings and Store User Data
04:03 PM
Intel Has Killed off the 10nm Process, Report Says
03:37 PM
Hack On 8 Adult Websites Exposes Oodles of Intimate User Data
01:53 PM
Linus Torvalds is Back in Charge of Linux
12:35 PM
Bill Gates Honors Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen: He 'Changed My Life'
09:33 AM
A Device That Can Pull Drinking Water From the Air Just Won the Latest XPrize
09:33 AM
Micron Plans To Buy Out Intel's Stake In Flash Memory Joint Venture For $1.5 Billion
06:57 AM
GitHub's Website Remains Broken After a Data Storage System Failed Earlier Today
06:05 AM
US Air Pollution Deaths Nearly Halved Between 1990 and 2010
04:21 AM
MPlayer, VLC Media Player Hit By Critical Vulnerability
01:46 AM
TSA Lays Out Plans To Use Facial Recognition For Domestic Flights
October 21st, 2018
11:36 PM
Armenia Opens $50 Million Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining Farm
10:44 PM
Not Exercising Worse For Your Health Than Smoking, Diabetes and Heart Disease, Study Reveals
09:26 PM
Experimental Android App Determines Alertness By Examining Eyes
08:34 PM
Windows 10 Will Banish Spectre Slowdowns With Google's Retpoline Patch
07:42 PM
How the Finnish Survive Without Small Talk
06:24 PM
Will Tech Leave Detroit In the Dust?
05:32 PM
Germany Urges Global Minimum Tax For Digital Giants
04:40 PM
New Material Could Up Efficiency of Concentrated Solar Power
12:46 PM
Latest Windows 10 Update Has Yet Another File-Managing Issue
09:44 AM
Trolls Are Still Actively Trying to Influence Brexit and US Elections
05:50 AM
Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight With Bits of Halley's Comet
03:40 AM
Climate Modeller Wins $10,000 Wager Against Solar Physicists, Fails To Collect
01:57 AM
Slashdot Asks: Should 'Crunch' Overtime Be Optional?
01:05 AM
Popular Mechanics Defends Elon Musk -- While He Tweets About Fortnite
12:13 AM
As PHP Group Patches High-Risk Bugs, 62% of Sites Still Use PHP 5
October 20th, 2018
10:55 PM
Bloodhound's 1,000 MPH Car Project Needs Money
09:37 PM
Researchers Secretly Deployed A Bot That Submitted Bug-Fixing Pull Requests
08:45 PM
NASA Has Explored Manned Missions To Venus
07:53 PM
Watch What Happens When A Drone Slams Into An Airplane Wing
07:01 PM
Sentimental Humans Launch A Movement to Save (Human) Driving
05:43 PM
GitHub Launches 'Actions' -- Code That Can Be Run (and Maybe Monetized)
04:51 PM
Equifax Web Site Designer Fined $50,000 And Confined To Home Over Insider Trading
03:07 PM
HealthCare.gov Portal Suffers Data Breach Exposing 75,000 Customers
12:05 PM
Winamp 5.8, the First Update In 4 Years, Is Released
09:03 AM
Spacecraft BepiColombo Poised For Mission To Mercury
05:35 AM
Earth's Inner Core Is Solid, But Squishier Than Previously Thought
04:17 AM
Ajit Pai Killed Rules That Could Have Helped Florida Recover From Hurricane
03:51 AM
Zero-Day In Popular jQuery Plugin Actively Exploited For At Least Three Years