September 24th, 2017
04:53 PM
Governments Turn Tables By Suing Public Records Requesters
03:55 PM
ARM TrustZone Hacked By Abusing Power Management
01:59 PM
Are Companies Overhyping AI?
09:38 AM
Saudi Arabian Textbook Shows Yoda Joining The UN
05:46 AM
Experian Criticized Over Credit-Freeze PIN Security and 'Dark Web' Scans
03:50 AM
Inside Amazon's Warehouses: Thousands of Senior Citizens and the Occasional Robot Mishap
01:54 AM
'Tetris' Recreated In Conway's 'Game of Life'
12:56 AM
Spain's Crackdown on Catalonia Includes Internet Censorship
September 23rd, 2017
11:58 PM
Amazon Starts Charging For Cloud Computing Resources By the Second
11:29 PM
Do Strongly Typed Languages Reduce Bugs?
10:02 PM
Microsoft and Facebook Just Built a 4,000-Mile Cable Across the Pacfic Ocean
09:04 PM
Popular Chrome Extension Embedded A CPU-Draining Cryptocurrency Miner
07:37 PM
Apple's Swift 4.0 Includes A Compatibility Mode For 'The Majority' Of Swift 3.x Code
06:39 PM
Facebook Relents, Switches React, Flow, Immuable.js and Jest To MIT License
05:41 PM
Memorial Set For 'Pi Day' Creator
04:43 PM
IBM Open Sources 'WebSphere Liberty' For Java Microservices and Cloud-Native Apps
03:16 PM
Would a T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Hurt Consumers?
12:22 PM
Apple: iPhones Are Too 'Complex' To Allow Unauthorized Repair
09:28 AM
Super-Accurate GPS Chips Coming To Smartphones In 2018
05:36 AM
New Antibody Attacks 99% of HIV Strains
04:09 AM
Hackers Using iCloud's Find My iPhone Feature To Remotely Lock Macs, Demand Ransom Payments
03:40 AM
Court Rules That Imported Solar Panels Are Bad For US Manufacturing
03:11 AM
Microsoft and Canonical Make Custom Linux Kernel
02:13 AM
Google Experiment Tests Top 5 Browsers, Finds Safari Riddled With Security Bugs
01:44 AM
Verizon Backtracks Slightly In Plan To Kick Customers Off Network
12:46 AM
Walmart Wants To Deliver Groceries Straight To Your Fridge
12:17 AM
Adobe Security Team Accidentally Posts Private PGP Key On Blog
September 22nd, 2017
11:48 PM
Passwords For 540,000 Car Tracking Devices Leaked Online
10:50 PM
Oracle Announces Java SE 9 and Java EE 8
10:21 PM
Move Over Connected Cows, the Internet of Bees Is Here
09:52 PM
Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For
08:54 PM
Major Cyber-Attack Will Happen Soon, Warns UK's Security Boss
08:25 PM
Anatomy of a Moral Panic: Reports About Amazon Suggesting 'Bomb-Making Items' Were Highly Misleading
07:27 PM
This Guy Is Digitizing the VHS History of Video Games
06:58 PM
Red Hat Pledges Patent Protection For 99 Percent of FOSS-ware
06:29 PM
Apple's Latest Products Get Rare Mixed-Bag Reviews, Muted Reception
05:31 PM
The Problem, Really, is This Thing Called 'Disruption'
05:02 PM
T-Mobile, Sprint Close To Agreeing Deal Terms
04:04 PM
London Has Decided To Ban Uber
03:06 PM
Why You Shouldn't Imitate Bill Gates If You Want To Be Rich
12:12 PM
A New Zealand Company Built An AI Baby That Plays the Piano
09:18 AM
Most Powerful Cosmic Rays Come From Galaxies Far, Far Away
05:55 AM
Fathers Pass On Four Times As Many New Genetic Mutations As Mothers, Says Study
03:31 AM
'Dear Apple, The iPhone X and Face ID Are Orwellian and Creepy'
03:02 AM
Tesla Discontinues Its Most Affordable Model S
02:33 AM
Ford Is Using Microsoft's HoloLens To Design Cars In Augmented Reality
01:35 AM
DC Court Rules Tracking Phones Without a Warrant Is Unconstitutional
01:06 AM
EU Paid For Report That Said Piracy Isn't Harmful -- And Tried To Hide Findings
12:08 AM
Distrustful US Allies Force Spy Agency To Back Down In Encryption Fight
September 21st, 2017
11:39 PM
Firefox For iOS Gets Tracking Protection, Firefox Focus For Android Gets Tabs
10:41 PM
Security Researchers Warn that Third-Party GO Keyboard App is Spying on Millions of Android Users
10:12 PM
Facebook Will Share Copies of Political Ads Purchased by Russian Sources With the US Congress
09:14 PM
Corporations Just Quietly Changed How the Web Works
08:16 PM
Judge Kills FTC Lawsuit Against D-Link for Flimsy Security
07:47 PM
Bitcoin Futures-Based ETF Likely To Be Approved in the US
06:49 PM
PC Gaming Is Back in Focus at Tokyo Game Show
06:20 PM
John McAfee Said Top Executives From the Major Bitcoin Exchanges Weren't Allowed To Leave China
05:22 PM
NVIDIA Drops the Basic Shield TV's Price To $180
04:53 PM
SEC Discloses Hackers Penetrated EDGAR, Profited in Trading
04:24 PM
The CCleaner Malware Fiasco Targeted at Least 20 Specific Tech Firms
03:26 PM
Tesla Is Working With AMD To Develop Its Own AI Chip For Self-Driving Cars
12:03 PM
How Flying Seriously Messes With Your Mind and Body
09:09 AM
Scientists Create World's First 'Molecular Robot' Capable of Building Molecules
07:13 AM
Google Buys Part of HTC's Smartphone Team For $1.1 Billion
05:46 AM
E-Cigarettes With Nicotine Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease, Says Study
04:48 AM
Democrats Ask FEC To Create New Rules To Keep Foreign Influence Off Social Media Ads
03:50 AM
China Arms Upgraded Tianhe-2A Hybrid Supercomputer
03:21 AM
Amazon Customers Can Now Return Things For Free At Kohl's Or Whole Foods
02:53 AM
Computer Science Degrees Aren't Returning On Investment For Coders, Research Finds
02:24 AM
More Are Paying To Stream Music, But YouTube Still Holds the Value Gap
01:26 AM
Bill Gates Says He's Sorry About Control-Alt-Delete
12:57 AM
Amazon Is Reportedly Working On Alexa-Enabled Smart Glasses
12:28 AM
AMD Opteron Vs EPYC: How AMD Server Performance Evolved Over 10 Years
September 20th, 2017
11:30 PM
Seismologist Explains Mexico's Back-To-Back Earthquakes
11:01 PM
Mathematical Formula Predicts Global Mass Extinction Event in 2100