August 21st, 2019
03:12 AM
Former Siri Chief Is Leaving Apple To Join Microsoft's AI Division
02:20 AM
Solar Power Is Now As Inexpensive As Grid Electricity In China
01:54 AM
IFTTT Warns Its Users Not To Migrate To Google Accounts
01:02 AM
'Matrix 4' Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss
12:11 AM
Man Sued For Using Bogus YouTube Takedowns To Get Address For Swatting
August 20th, 2019
11:45 PM
Google Launches Android Studio 3.5 With Improved Memory Settings, Build Speed, and Apply Changes
10:53 PM
IBM is Moving OpenPower Foundation To The Linux Foundation
10:27 PM
NASA Mission To Jupiter Moon Europa Moves Step Closer To Launch
09:35 PM
Flawed Algorithms Are Grading Millions of Students' Essays
09:09 PM
A Diet Based on Caloric Restriction Might Make You Live Longer. It'll Certainly Feel Like Longer.
08:17 PM
You Can Finally See All Of The Info Facebook Collected About You From Other Websites
07:51 PM
Google's Clickless Era
06:59 PM
Bitbucket Dropping Support For Mercurial
06:33 PM
Microsoft's Chromium-Powered Edge Browser Moves Closer To Release With New Beta Build
05:41 PM
WebKit Introduces New Tracking Prevention Policy
05:15 PM
The Truth About Faster Internet: It's Not Worth It
04:49 PM
States To Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Big Tech Companies
03:05 PM
Juul, Philip Morris Sued Under Racketeer Act For Targeting Kids
12:03 PM
35 Million-Year-Old Asteroid Left a Trail of Destruction Across the Eastern US
09:01 AM
How SpaceX Plans To Move Starship From Cocoa Site To Kennedy Space Center
05:33 AM
Scientists Are 99 Percent Sure They Just Detected a Black Hole Eating a Neutron Star
04:15 AM
Jaguar and Audi SUVs Fail To Dent Tesla's Electric-Car Dominance
03:49 AM
Pentagon Conducts First Test of Previously Banned Missile
02:58 AM
Twitter Blocks State-Controlled Media Outlets From Advertising On Its Social Network
02:06 AM
Terrorists Turn To Bitcoin For Funding, and They're Learning Fast
01:40 AM
How Malformed Packets Caused CenturyLink's 37-Hour, Nationwide Outage
12:48 AM
Sony Buys Spider-Man Developer Insomniac Games
12:22 AM
Paging Big Brother: In Amazon's Bookstore, Orwell Gets a Rewrite
August 19th, 2019
11:31 PM
Cerebras Systems Unveils a Record 1.2 Trillion Transistor Chip For AI
11:05 PM
Newt Gingrich Trying To Sell Trump on a Cheap Moon Plan
10:13 PM
Bernie Sanders Wants To Ban Facial Recognition Use By Police
09:47 PM
Hacker Releases First Public Jailbreak for Up-to-Date iPhones in Years
08:55 PM
An Ode To Microsoft Encarta
08:03 PM
Developers Accuse Apple of Anti-Competitive Behavior With Its Privacy Changes in iOS 13
07:37 PM
Twitter is Blocked in China, But Chinese State News Agency is Buying Promoted Tweets To Portray Hong Kong Protestors as Violent
07:11 PM
Small Companies Play Big Role in Robocall Scourge, But Remedies Are Elusive
06:19 PM
Wireless Carrier Throttling of Online Video Is Pervasive: Study
05:27 PM
Degrading Tor Network Performance Only Costs a Few Thousand Dollars Per Month
05:01 PM
The Latest Claim To Satoshi Nakamoto is the 'Stupidest One Yet'
04:09 PM
Fearing Data Privacy Issues, Google Cuts Some Android Phone Data For Wireless Carriers
12:41 PM
The US Army Wants To Microwave Drones in Midair
09:39 AM
PayPal Builds 'Zoid' JavaScript Library To 'Make IFrames Cool Again'
06:37 AM
Massive Ransomware Attack Hits 23 Local Texas Government Offices
03:35 AM
A New Idea For Fighting Rising Sea Levels: Iceberg-Making Submarines
01:52 AM
Stack Overflow Touts New Programming Solutions Tool That Mines Crowd Knowledge
01:00 AM
A Major Cyber Attack Could Be Just As Deadly As Nuclear Weapons
August 18th, 2019
11:42 PM
XKCD Author Challenges Serena Williams To Attack A Drone
11:16 PM
Why Am I Receiving Unordered Boxes From Amazon?
10:50 PM
Alexa, Siri, and Google Home Can Be Tricked Into Sending Callers To Scam Phone Numbers
09:58 PM
Should HTTPS Certificates Expire After Just 397 Days?
08:40 PM
Wells Fargo's Computer Kept Charging 'Overdrawn' Fees On Supposedly Closed Accounts
07:48 PM
Tech Companies Challenge 'Open Office' Trend With Pods
06:56 PM
Slackware, the Longest Active Linux Distro, Finally Has a Patreon Page
05:38 PM
Google Open-Sources Live Transcribe's Speech Engine
04:46 PM
Researchers Find New State of Matter, Claim It Could Aid Quantum Computing and Data Storage
04:20 PM
'Paint' and 'WordPad' Will Soon Become Optional Features In Windows 10
03:54 PM
Google Plans To Remove All FTP Support From Chrome
01:44 PM
How Should Schools Grade Unexpected-But-Correct Answers On Coding Tests?
06:48 AM
'I Want a Super-Smart Chair!'
03:46 AM
Intel Patches Three High-Severity Vulnerabilities
03:46 AM
Three Years Later, France's Solar Road is a Flop
01:37 AM
YouTube's Algorithms Blamed For Brazil's Dangerous Conspiracy Video-Sharing on WhatsApp
12:45 AM
Elon Musk Begins Selling $25 'Nuke Mars' T-Shirts
August 17th, 2019
11:53 PM
US Navy Tests WWII-ERA Messaging Tech: Dropping Bean Bags Onto Ships
11:01 PM
Can JPEG XL Become the Next Free and Open Image Format?
09:43 PM
Google Criticized For Vulnerability That Can Trick Its AI Into Deactivating Accounts
08:51 PM
Dreams of Offshore Servers Haunt The Ocean-Based Micronation of 'Sealand'
07:59 PM
'Futurefon' Crowdfunded on Indiegogo Was Part Of a Multimillion-dollar Scam
07:07 PM
June Windows Security Patch Broke Many EMF Files
06:41 PM
Windows Update To Fix Critical 'Wormable' Flaws May Break VB Apps
05:49 PM
'Mining Bitcoin On a 1983 Apple II: a Highly Impractical Guide'
04:57 PM
Chrome and Firefox Changes Spark the End of 'Extended Validation' Certificates
03:13 PM
US Set To Give Huawei Another 90 Days To Buy From American Suppliers
12:11 PM
YouTube To Allow Everyone To Watch YouTube Originals For Free
09:09 AM
A New Species of Leech Is Discovered Near Washington, D.C.