January 21st, 2020
08:12 AM
New Research Provides Evidence of Strong Early Magnetic Field Around Earth
04:44 AM
A Newly-Discovered Part of Our Immune System Could Be Harnessed To Treat All Cancers, Say Scientists.
02:35 AM
Loot Boxes Push Kids Into Gambling, Says England's NHS Mental Health Director
02:09 AM
Ultrafast Camera Takes 1 Trillion Frames Per Second of Transparent Objects, Phenomena
01:17 AM
Huge PS5 Leak Spills a Bunch of Info On Sony's Reveal Event
12:51 AM
Instagram Drops IGTV Button Because Nobody Was Using It
January 20th, 2020
11:59 PM
Feds Seize WeLeakInfo.com For Selling Access To Stolen Data
11:59 PM
Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access To Detailed Medical Records
11:33 PM
Frontier, an ISP In 29 States, Plans To File For Bankruptcy
10:41 PM
China Reports More Than 200 Infections With New Coronavirus From Wuhan
10:15 PM
People Can Be Identified By the Way They Dance
09:23 PM
China To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags and Straws
08:57 PM
The Official Kubuntu 'Focus' Linux Laptop Goes on Sale
08:05 PM
Cash, Plastic or Hand? Amazon Envisions Paying With a Wave
07:13 PM
Bruce Schneier: Banning Facial Recognition Isn't Enough
06:47 PM
Netflix Secures International Rights To Studio Ghibli Animated Films
05:55 PM
Huawei Signs Maps Deal With TomTom
05:29 PM
Google's Sundar Pichai Doesn't Want You To Be Clear-Eyed About AI's Dangers
04:37 PM
HP Remotely Disables a Customer's Printer Until He Joins Company's Monthly Subscription Service
03:45 PM
Apple CEO Calls For Global Corporate Tax System Overhaul
03:19 PM
Craig Wright Doesn't Have Keys To $8 Billion of Bitcoin
12:43 PM
Why This Time The New Browser Wars Are Different
08:56 AM
As UK Police Deploy Facial Recognition, Questions Raised About False Positives
04:36 AM
Opera Accused of Offering Predatory Loans Through Android apps
02:27 AM
Do Engineering Managers Need To Be 'Technical'?
12:43 AM
71-Year-Old William Gibson Explores 'Existing Level of Weirdness' For New Dystopian SciFi Novel
January 19th, 2020
11:52 PM
127 Tesla Owners Complain The Cars Accelerate On Their Own
11:00 PM
Facebook Won't Put Ads in WhatsApp -- For Now
09:42 PM
Scientists Are Generating Oxygen from Simulated Moon Dust
08:50 PM
HBO's New Space Comedy Mocks 'Tech Bros in Charge'
07:58 PM
Telnet Passwords Leaked For More Than 500,000 Servers, Routers, and IoT Devices
06:40 PM
Are Software Designers Ignoring The Needs of the Elderly?
05:48 PM
Is Google Facing a Backlash From Medical Record Vendors?
04:56 PM
'What's Up With Betelgeuse?'
03:38 PM
Introducing JetBrains Mono, 'A Typeface for Developers'
10:00 AM
What Linus Torvalds Gets Wrong About ZFS
05:40 AM
Another Project Goes Private: Amara Stops Being Developed As Open Source
03:30 AM
Red Hat and IBM Jointly File Another Amicus Brief In Google v. Oracle, Arguing APIs Are Not Copyrightable
01:46 AM
Slate Announces List of The 30 Most Evil Tech Companies
12:54 AM
Microsoft's New Windows Terminal Preview Offers a Retro CRT Screen Effect
January 18th, 2020
11:36 PM
Exploit Fully Breaks SHA-1, Lowers the Attack Bar
10:44 PM
Facial Recognition Database With 3 Billion Scraped Images 'Might End Privacy as We Know It'
09:52 PM
Major Breakthrough In Quantum Computing Shows That MIP* = RE
09:00 PM
Tuxedo's New Manjaro Linux Laptops Will Include Massive Customization
07:42 PM
Why Did Red Hat Drop Its Support for Docker's Runtime Engine?
06:50 PM
A Broken Computer System Is Costing F-35 Maintainers 45,000 Hours a Year
05:58 PM
Microsoft Is Also Launching a New $1 Billion 'Climate Innovation Fund'
04:40 PM
'Watch SpaceX Blow Up a Falcon 9 Rocket in a Safety Test Sunday'
04:14 PM
Boeing Discovers Issue With 737 Max Flight Computers
02:04 PM
'Watch SpaceX Blow Up a Falcon 9 Rocket in a Safety Test Saturday'
11:02 AM
98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Isn't the Average Anymore
08:26 AM
NBC's New Peacock Streaming Service Is Just One Big Ad-Injection Machine
04:32 AM
An Algorithm That Learns Through Rewards May Show How Our Brain Does Too
03:15 AM
PopSockets CEO Calls Out Amazon's 'Bullying With a Smile' Tactics
02:49 AM
Google Parent Company Alphabet Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap
01:57 AM
Researchers Find Serious Flaws In WordPress Plugins Used On 400K Sites
01:31 AM
It's Not Just You: Google Added Annoying Icons To Search On Desktop
12:39 AM
Best Buy Opens Probe Into CEO's Personal Conduct
12:14 AM
DigitalOcean Is Laying Off Staff
January 17th, 2020
11:48 PM
Disney Drops 'Fox' Name, Will Rebrand As 20th Century Studios
11:22 PM
Xiaomi Spins Off POCO as an Independent Company
10:30 PM
How Just Four Satellites Could Provide Worldwide Internet
10:04 PM
Every Place is the Same Now
09:12 PM
NPD's Best-Selling Games of the Decade Charts 'Call of Duty' Domination
08:46 PM
A Hacker is Patching Citrix Servers To Maintain Exclusive Access
07:54 PM
Teaching Assistants Say They've Won Millions From UC Berkeley
07:28 PM
Climate Models Are Getting Future Warming Projections
06:36 PM
Toshiba Touts Algorithm That's Faster Than a Supercomputer
06:10 PM
FBI: Nation-State Actors Have Breached Two US Municipalities
05:18 PM
Biden Wants To Get Rid of Law That Shields Companies like Facebook From Liability For What Their Users Post
04:26 PM
EU Mulls Five-Year Ban on Facial Recognition Tech in Public Areas
04:00 PM
Aussie Firefighters Save World's Only Groves Of Prehistoric Wollemi Pines
03:34 PM
YouTube's Algorithm is Pushing Climate Misinformation Videos, and Their Creators Are Profiting From It
02:16 PM
Oracle Ties Previous All-Time Patch High With January 2020 Updates
11:14 AM
MLB: Use Electronic Surveillance To Capture Fans' Data, Not Opponents' Signs