May 29th, 2020
12:23 AM
Why You Shouldn't Make a Habit of Force-Quitting iOS Apps or Restarting iOS Devices
May 28th, 2020
11:31 PM
Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Protections For Social Media Platforms
11:05 PM
Amazon To Offer Permanent Roles To 70% of 175,000 New US Hires
10:13 PM
China Rules Out Animal Market and Lab as Coronavirus Origin
09:47 PM
Coronavirus Antibody Testing Shows Lower Fatality Rate For Infection
08:55 PM
A Monday Is a Tuesday Is a Sunday as COVID-19 Disrupts Internal Clocks
08:03 PM
$100 Million in Bounties Paid by HackerOne To Ethical Hackers
07:37 PM
What a Week's Disasters Tell Us About Climate and the Pandemic
07:11 PM
How Baidu's AI Produces News Videos Using Just a URL
06:19 PM
Developers Reveal Programming Languages They Love and Loathe, and What Pays Best
05:27 PM
Mark Zuckerberg Says Social Networks Should Not Be Fact-Checking Political Speech
05:01 PM
Trump To Order Review of Law Protecting Social Media Firms After Twitter Spat
04:09 PM
Google Highlights Indian 'Hack-for-Hire' Companies in New TAG Report
03:17 PM
Americans, It Turns Out, Would Rather Visit a Store Than Buy Food Online
12:15 PM
A Third of Americans Now Show Signs of Clinical Anxiety or Depression
09:13 AM
Bankrupt OneWeb Seeks License For 48,000 Satellites, Even More Than SpaceX
05:45 AM
Docker Expands Relationship With Microsoft To Ease Developer Experience Across Platforms
04:27 AM
Anti-Porn Filters Stop Dominic Cummings Trending On Twitter
03:36 AM
Japan Enacts High-Tech 'Super City' Bill Where AI, Big Data and Other Technologies Are Utilized To Resolve Social Problems
02:44 AM
Amazon In Advanced Talks To Buy Self-Driving-Car Tech Company Zoox
01:52 AM
Turla Hacker Group Steals Antivirus Logs To See If Its Malware Was Detected
01:26 AM
Sony Is Planning a PS5 Conference For As Early As Next Week
01:00 AM
Proposed Bill Would Ban Microtargeting of Political Advertisements
12:34 AM
Gamemakers Inject AI To Develop More Lifelike Characters
May 27th, 2020
11:42 PM
New Fuzzing Tool Finds 26 USB Bugs in Linux, Windows, macOS, and FreeBSD
11:16 PM
GE Is Saying Goodbye To Its 129-Year-Old Light Bulb Business
10:24 PM
Watch SpaceX Launch People To Space For the First Time Live
09:32 PM
OpenSSH To Deprecate SHA-1 Logins Due To Security Risk
09:06 PM
Huawei CFO Meng Loses Key Court Argument in Fight Against Extradition To United States
08:14 PM
Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Update with Linux and Notepad Enhancements
07:48 PM
Mysterious Radio Bursts Reveal Missing Matter in Cosmos
06:56 PM
Fauci: Data is "Really Quite Evident" Against Hydroxychloroquine For Coronavirus
06:30 PM
Boeing Cutting More Than 12,000 US Jobs With Thousands More Planned
05:38 PM
Local News Stations Run Propaganda Segment Scripted and Produced by Amazon
04:46 PM
Trump Threatens To Shut Social Media Companies After Twitter Fact Check
04:20 PM
HBO Max Takes on Netflix With Human Curation Instead of Solely Relying on Algorithms
03:02 PM
The CDC Says Its New 'Best Estimate' Is That 0.4 Percent of People With Symptoms and COVID-19 Will Die
12:26 PM
CDC Warns of Increasingly Aggressive Rodents Looking For New Food Sources
09:24 AM
Insignia Project Aims To Resurrect Xbox Live For the Original Xbox
05:56 AM
Supercomputer Simulates the Impact of the Asteroid That Wiped Out Dinosaurs
04:12 AM
Why Glass Frogs Have See-Through Skin Becomes Clear In Study
03:46 AM
Chrome and Firefox Block Torrent Site YTS Over 'Phishing'
02:55 AM
Audi Drops Driver For Secretly Using a Ringer To Compete In Virtual Race
02:29 AM
New Android Vulnerability Strandhogg 2.0 Exploits User Trust
01:31 AM
Apple Assisting Authorized Repair Shops With COVID-Related Expenses
01:05 AM
Google To Begin Reopening Offices July 6, Will Let Employees Expense $1,000 for Equipment While Telecommuting
12:14 AM
Looking Glass Starts Shipping Its 8K Holographic Display
May 26th, 2020
11:48 PM
House Leaders Strike Deal To Protect US Web Browsing Data From Warrantless Surveillance
10:56 PM
A Virus-Hunter Falls Prey To a Virus He Underestimated
10:30 PM
India Open Sources Its Contact-Tracing App
09:38 PM
Slack CEO: Microsoft is 'Unhealthily Preoccupied With Killing Us'
09:12 PM
Grand Theft Auto VI in 2023? Take-Two SEC Filing Hints at Release Date
08:20 PM
Microsoft's Jeff Teper: Teams 'Will Be Even Bigger Than Windows'
07:54 PM
YouTube is Deleting Comments With Two Phrases That Insult China's Communist Party
07:02 PM
Facebook Knows It Encourages Division. Top Executives Nixed Solutions.
06:36 PM
Twitter Refuses To Delete Trump's Baseless Claims About Joe Scarborough
05:44 PM
Ask Slashdot: Did Fear and Groupthink Drive Unnecessary Global Lockdowns?
04:52 PM
As Chinese Authorities Expand Use of Health Tracking Apps, Privacy Concerns Grow
04:26 PM
Former HTC Boss Plots Return To Spotlight With 5G VR Headset
03:08 PM
College-Bound Students To Miss Out on Billions in Financial Aid Due To Pandemic
10:22 AM
Virgin Orbit's First Orbital Test Flight Cut Short After Rocket Released from Carrier Aircraft
05:36 AM
The Moon Pays a Spring Visit To Virgo
02:35 AM
Microsoft Promises New Skype Features Despite Teams For Consumers Launch
12:51 AM
NASA and SpaceX Confirm SpaceX's First Ever Astronaut Launch is a 'Go'
May 25th, 2020
11:08 PM
Thousands of Enterprise Systems Infected by New Blue Mockingbird Malware Gang
10:16 PM
Chrome: 70% of All Security Bugs Are Memory Safety Issues
09:50 PM
In $16 Billion Push To Expand Broadband, America Is Flying Through a Fog
08:58 PM
'Japan Model' Has Beaten Coronavirus, Shinzo Abe Declares
08:32 PM
Google Removes QAnon Apps From Play Store for Violating Terms
07:40 PM
WHO Temporarily Suspends Trial of Hydroxychloroquine Over Safety Concerns
06:48 PM
A Massive Database of 8 Billion Thai Internet Records Leaks
06:22 PM
eBay Port Scans Visitors' Computers For Remote Access Programs
05:56 PM
Twitter Struggles To Label Misleading COVID-19 Tweets
05:04 PM
Leaked Senate Talking Points Say Internet Surveillance Warrants Would Force FBI To Let Terrorists Bomb Things
04:12 PM
Locked-Down Teens Stay Up All Night, Sleep All Day