March 17th, 2018
04:56 PM
New York Cryptocurrency Miners Will Have to Pay a Premium for Electricity
04:56 PM
Microsoft Wants to Force Windows 10 Mail Users to Open Links in Edge
04:04 PM
Far Cry 5 Has Microtransactions, Campaign Is Playable Offline
04:48 AM
Power Outage at Samsung Destroys 3.5% of Global NAND Flash Output For March
12:28 AM
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer Released
March 16th, 2018
10:44 PM
AMD Ryzen 2700X & 2600 Review Leaked
09:52 PM
Battlefront 2 Progression System Revamped
09:00 PM
NY Municipalities to Charge Miners More For Electricity
08:08 PM
Are More Expensive Motherboards Better Motherboards?
08:08 PM
Tobii and Qualcomm Teaming Up to Bring Eye Tracking to Mobile VR/AR Headsets
07:16 PM
Linus Torvalds Gives His Opinion on Latest AMD "Security Bugs"
06:24 PM
No New Cryptocurrency Farms for the Next 18 Months in Plattsburgh
06:24 PM
Are More Expensive Motherboards Better Motherboards?
05:32 PM
AMD Jabs Intel Good Over Spectre/Meltdown Problems
05:32 PM
Payday 2: VR Available in Main Game
04:40 PM
Microsoft Now Offering Lots of Intel Microcode Patches in Their Update Catalog
04:40 PM
Intel Now Offering System Studio for Free
03:48 PM
Google Tricked Again Into Serving Up Scam Amazon Ads
03:48 PM
Another Government Employee Caught Mining Crypto With Government Equipment
02:56 PM
Flying Taxis Getting Closer to Reality
02:56 PM
Walmart Might Get Into the Farming Drone Business
March 15th, 2018
11:20 PM
The Crew 2 Will Be Released June 29th
10:28 PM
Toys R Us Is Closing All Its U.S Stores
09:36 PM
Agony System Requirements Announced
09:36 PM
Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns
08:44 PM
Microsoft Joining Intel in Offering $250K Bounty for Speculative Execution Bugs
08:44 PM
Racing Drone Sets World Record
07:52 PM
President Trump Getting Options to Crack Down On Chinese IP Theft
06:34 PM
Intel Releasing New Server Chips This Year That Block Spectre Attacks in Hardware
05:42 PM
Stephen Hawking's New 3-part TV Series Now Free to View Online
05:42 PM
Boeing 737 Hits 10,000 Planes Shipped Milestone
04:50 PM
Google Believes Android is as Secure as iOS
03:58 PM
Prime Video Really Bringing in the Customers for Amazon
03:58 PM
Employees Blame Flawed Parts for Tesla Model 3 Production Woes
03:06 PM
Blockchain Coming to a Polling Booth Near You?
02:14 PM
AI Allows Robot to Dance to Live Music
March 14th, 2018
11:31 PM
Samsung is Offering Same Day In-Person Repairs
10:39 PM
Skyrim VR Available For Pre-Order Now
09:47 PM
Apple Removes Calendar App That Mined Monero
08:55 PM
Google Brings Maps API To The Unity Engine
08:03 PM
Don't Steal Venomous Snakes For Your YouTube Channel
08:03 PM
Samba Problem Lets Any User Change Admin Passwords
05:27 PM
GeForce Partner Program Coverage Intensifies
04:35 PM
Google Bans Crypto Ads
03:43 PM
Much AMD-Do About Nothing
03:43 PM
Swarm Technologies Tells FCC to Suck It
03:43 PM
Bitcoin Slide Continues Towards $8K
02:51 PM
Amazon Prime Members Perks at Twitch
12:07 AM
Sex Robots Coming to Pr0n Soon
March 13th, 2018
11:15 PM
Microsoft Admits It Incorrectly Upgraded Some Windows 10 Users To V1709
10:23 PM
HardOCP Spec Bookshelf Speaker Setup a Year Later
09:31 PM
Cryptocurrency Exchange Offering $250k Bounty For Hackers
09:31 PM
JoshTek Sez AMD Exploits BS
08:39 PM
Security Flaw Can Turn Smart Cameras Into Spying Tools
06:55 PM
PC World Live
06:03 PM
AMD CPU Attack Vectors and Vulnerabilities
03:27 PM
MoviePass CEO Shifts on How Much Data it Collects on Members
02:35 PM
AMD - NVIDIA and GPU Development Deceleration
02:35 PM
Pirated Final Fantasy XV Runs Better Than Purchased
03:20 AM
AC: Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Launches Tomorrow
02:28 AM
Radeon Adrenalin 18.3.2 Drivers Released
01:36 AM
Broadcom Takeover of Qualcomm Blocked By Trump
01:36 AM
Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W PSU 10 Year Redux
March 12th, 2018
11:52 PM
DOTA Announces "DOTA Plus"
10:08 PM
AMD 2018 Roll Out Schedule
10:08 PM
YouTube TV Pricing Goes Up $5 Per Month Starting Tomorrow
10:08 PM
Tesla Increases Cost Of Using Superchargers
09:16 PM
A Team of 50 Engineers Spent 6 Months Making a Fidget Spinner
07:32 PM
Robots Want Bitcoins Or They Will Kill Us All!
06:40 PM
Mazda Leaking Your Private Information
04:56 PM
Fortnite on iOS Tests
04:04 PM
FBI Backs Away from the Backdoor and Asks for Private Sector Co-op
03:12 PM
Ready Player One Sneak Peek at SXSW 2018
02:20 PM
Zack Nelson Samsung Galaxy S9 Durability Test
March 11th, 2018
10:45 PM
FCC Accuses Stealthy Startup of Launching Rogue Satellites