January 25th, 2021
09:34 PM
AT&T may keep majority ownership of DirecTV as it closes in on final deal
09:34 PM
Bad news for land-speed record fans as Bloodhound goes up for sale
09:08 PM
How Final Fantasy VII Remake legitimizes sexuality and gender identity
07:24 PM
Apple launches “Time to Walk” fitness service with celebrity guests
07:24 PM
SpaceX set to launch its next Starship prototype on Monday
06:58 PM
“I can’t tell you how much vaccine we have,” new CDC head says
06:32 PM
The secret to this $5,000 electric motorcycle is a cast aluminum frame
05:40 PM
Google Maps will soon show COVID vaccine locations
04:48 PM
Egyptian archaeologists unearth dozens of tombs at Saqqara necropolis
03:56 PM
Valve’s Gabe Newell imagines “editing” personalities with future headsets
03:30 PM
The history of the connected battlespace, part one: command, control, and conquer
12:22 AM
Godzilla vs. Kong trailer is a rock ‘em, sock ’em monster mashup
January 24th, 2021
03:16 PM
A curious observer’s guide to quantum mechanics, pt. 3: Rose colored glasses 
02:24 PM
Review: Lupin updates classic French gentleman thief for the 21st century
01:32 PM
Is this a fossilized lair of the dreaded bobbit worm?
January 23rd, 2021
05:38 PM
DDoSers are abusing Microsoft RDP to make attacks more powerful
02:10 PM
What’s the technology behind a five-minute charge battery?
02:10 PM
The art and science of boarding an airplane in a pandemic
12:52 PM
This site posted every face from Parler’s Capitol Hill insurrection videos
02:03 AM
What happens to the brain on sudden impact? Egg yolks could hold the answer
12:19 AM
Waymo CEO dismisses Tesla self-driving plan: “This is not how it works”
January 22nd, 2021
11:01 PM
Blizzard absorbs acclaimed Activision studio as a dedicated “support” team
10:35 PM
SpaceX to set record for most satellites launched on a single mission
10:09 PM
Military intelligence buys location data instead of getting warrants, memo shows
10:09 PM
Home alarm tech backdoored security cameras to spy on customers having sex
09:43 PM
How desperate are you for GPUs, CPUs, consoles? Newegg tests with new lottery
09:17 PM
Google: We’ll shut down Australian search before we pay news sites
07:59 PM
New MacBook Air will feature MagSafe and be even thinner, report claims
06:41 PM
CenturyLink, Frontier missed FCC broadband deadlines in dozens of states
06:41 PM
Loon’s bubble bursts—Alphabet shuts down Internet balloon company
06:15 PM
Today’s best tech deals: Apple Magic Keyboard, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more
05:49 PM
Xbox Live price increase sets a new $10/month floor for online access
01:55 PM
Chrome and Edge want to help with that password problem of yours
01:29 PM
Rocket Report: Starship going offshore, Blue Origin may launch humans in April
02:14 AM
A look at all of Biden’s changes to energy and environmental regulations
12:30 AM
Resident Evil VIII gets May release date, massive preview, playable demo
12:05 AM
“Nothing for us to rework:” Biden team starts from scratch on COVID
January 21st, 2021
11:39 PM
Judge rejects Parler claim that Amazon must reinstate Web-hosting service
11:39 PM
Google agrees to pay French news sites to send them traffic
11:13 PM
Facebook calls in its Oversight Board to rule on Trump ban
10:21 PM
Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel replaces Ajit Pai, is now acting FCC chairwoman
10:21 PM
Phishing scam had all the bells and whistles—except for one
07:19 PM
Corellium got Ubuntu Linux running on M1 Macs—and you can, too
06:53 PM
Samsung is making “very large quantities” of 90Hz OLED displays for laptops
06:01 PM
Ars Technicast special edition, part 1: The Internet of Things goes to war
05:35 PM
GamersNexus’ Steve Burke overclocks his YouTube channel’s best comments
04:17 PM
QAnon in crisis as day of reckoning fails to materialize
04:17 PM
Report: Apple’s VR headset will be a pricey, high-end niche standalone
03:25 PM
One of Biden’s first climate actions looks at fuel efficiency rollback
01:15 PM
Three rows, 37mpg, and under $34,000? The 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid
January 20th, 2021
11:50 PM
Biden Treasury pick Yellen favors new restrictions on cryptocurrency
11:50 PM
New metamaterial merges magnetic memory and physical changes
11:24 PM
Twitch’s Trump ban sustained after leaving office
11:24 PM
Amazon offers Biden help to speed up vaccine distribution
10:06 PM
PC fan port of early Sonic games lets you zoom the camera way, way back
09:40 PM
Security firm Malwarebytes was infected by same hackers who hit SolarWinds
09:14 PM
3Mbps uploads still fast enough for US homes, Ajit Pai says in final report
07:04 PM
LG says it might quit the smartphone market
06:12 PM
Paramount+ will replace CBS All Access on March 4
05:20 PM
Trump pardons engineer Google accused of stealing secrets for Uber
04:28 PM
Porsche adds a cheaper, lighter Taycan to its electric lineup
04:02 PM
The persistence of memory in B cells: Hints of stability in COVID immunity
03:36 PM
First task for Biden’s CDC director: Fix everything Trump broke
02:18 PM
CentOS is gone—but RHEL is now free for up to 16 production servers
January 19th, 2021
11:34 PM
Qualcomm repackages last year’s flagship SoC as the “Snapdragon 870”
11:08 PM
Fired former data scientist Rebekah Jones arrested, tests positive for COVID-19
10:42 PM
Trump’s Clean Power Plan replacement gets thrown out by a court
09:24 PM
Today’s best tech deals: Lots of Switch games, Fire HD tablets, and more
08:58 PM
Aston Martin’s new SUV is actually extremely good: The 2021 DBX review
08:32 PM
Microsoft invests in $30 billion driverless car company Cruise
08:32 PM
What psychology of mass mobilization can tell us about the Capitol riot
08:06 PM
As Ajit Pai exits FCC, Charter admits defeat on petition to impose data caps
07:40 PM
iFixit tears down Apple’s $550 AirPods Max headphones
07:40 PM
NASA likely to redo hot-fire test of its Space Launch System core stage
07:14 PM
Ars online IT roundtable tomorrow: What’s the future of the data center?