January 23rd, 2019
10:51 PM
Sapphire Launches Mining-Focused Radeon RX 570 with 16 GB of GDDR5 Memory
09:07 PM
Dynabook’s Shows Off New G-Series Laptops: Under 2 Pound Ultrabook With 19 Hour Battery Life
08:15 PM
CES 2019: GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Xtreme WaterForce Motherboard
07:23 PM
CES 2019: New Kingston KC2000 NVMe SSDs for High Performance
06:31 PM
CES 2019: The Quintessential ADATA HC770 External HDD, with RGB
03:55 PM
Double Height DDR4: 32GB Modules from G.Skill and ZADAK Reviewed
03:55 PM
CES 2019: Hands-On With Dirac Bass For Mobile Devices
02:11 PM
Toshiba Begins to Sample UFS 3.0 Drives: 96L 3D TLC NAND, Up to 2.9 GB/s
January 22nd, 2019
11:28 PM
The True Shortest AM4 Motherboard: Thin-ITX Comes to AMD
10:36 PM
ZOTAC’s Streaming Mini-PC, the MI553B, with Integrated AVerMedia Capture Card
09:44 PM
Xeon W-3175X Roundup: Intel’s 28-Core at CES 2019
08:52 PM
CES 2019: Digital Storm Spark, a ‘Mini-ITX’ with MXM RTX 2080
07:08 PM
EVGA Launches Its First Audio Card, the Nu Audio
05:24 PM
CES 2019: Origin PC Readies An All Glass Cube Compact PC
04:32 PM
The Samsung 970 EVO Plus (250GB, 1TB) NVMe SSD Review: 96-Layer 3D NAND
03:40 PM
Intel Discontinues Quark SoCs and Microcontrollers
02:48 PM
ASUS Z390 Platforms Now Support 128 GB of Memory
January 18th, 2019
09:35 PM
CES 2019: Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD Aiming for Below SATA Pricing
07:51 PM
CES 2019: Digital Storm Entry-Level Vanquish PC with Bespoke Chassis
06:07 PM
CES 2019: Deepcool Unveils 280W Capacity Assassin III Air Cooler
05:15 PM
CES 2019: Dell Alienware Area-51m DTR Laptop with Core i9-9900K & GeForce RTX
03:31 PM
Google Acquires Smartwatch Tech and R&D Personnel from Fossil
02:39 PM
The Western Digital WD Black SN750 SSD Review: Why Fix What Isn't Broken?
02:39 PM
Quick Look: Using WD's Black SN750 SSD as a Thunderbolt 3 External Drive
January 17th, 2019
11:56 PM
CES 2019: ECS SF110-A320 Ultra-Compact PC using AMD Ryzen
09:20 PM
CES 2019: ASUS Reveals StudioBook S W700 Workstation with Xeon & Quadro
08:28 PM
CES 2019: A Monitor from GIGABYTE? The 1440p 144 Hz IPS FreeSync 'Aorus AD27QD'
07:36 PM
CES 2019: $900 InWin 928 Chassis for Intel's 28-Core Xeon W-3175X
05:52 PM
CES 2019: GIGABYTE’s High-Performance Aorus PCIe and M.2 SSDs
03:16 PM
TSMC: 7nm Now Biggest Share of Revenue
02:24 PM
The Microsoft Surface Go LTE Review: Unmatched Mobility
January 16th, 2019
02:08 PM
Intel’s Graphics-Free Chips Are Also Savings-Free: Same Price, Fewer Features
January 15th, 2019
11:24 PM
CES 2019: MSI PS63 Modern Notebook, a 15.6-inch with 16 Hours Battery Life
06:12 PM
CES 2019: MSI's Gaming Laptop Lineup With NVIDIA RTX Graphics
04:28 PM
CES 2019: Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kudan at 1.8 GHz GPU Clocks
03:36 PM
CES 2019: ASRock's Five New B365 Motherboards
02:44 PM
The Snapdragon 855 Performance Preview: Setting the Stage for Flagship Android 2019
01:44 AM
Micron Exercises Option to Buyout Intel's Share of IMFT
January 14th, 2019
11:08 PM
Intel Core i9-9990XE : Up to 5.0 GHz, Auction Only
09:24 PM
CES 2019: ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha X399 Motherboard
08:32 PM
CES 2019: GIGABYTE Aorus RGB Memory Hits DDR4-4000 with SK Hynix ICs
07:40 PM
CES 2019: ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega X299 Motherboard
06:48 PM
CES 2019: ADATA Spectrix Memory & SSDs Get More RGB
05:56 PM
CES 2019: ASUS' Chromebook Tablet CT100 for Education
04:12 PM
Corsair One Pro i180: New Flagship Mini-PC with i9-9920X and RTX 2080 Ti
03:20 PM
AMD Comments on Threadripper 2 Performance and Windows Scheduler
02:28 PM
The $60 CPU Question: AMD Athlon 200GE or Intel Pentium Gold G5400? A Review
January 11th, 2019
11:15 PM
ASUS at CES 2019: ProArt PA32UCX 4K Monitor with 1000-Zone FALD Unveiled
10:23 PM
CES 2019: MSI Unveils GUNGNIR 100 Chassis and Vigor GK60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
09:31 PM
Samsung at CES 2019: 219-Inch and 75-Inch Micro LED Ultra-HD TVs Demonstrated
08:39 PM
CES 2019: PowerColor & VisionTek Launch Compact eGFX Solutions
06:55 PM
AMD: “No Chiplet APU Variant on Matisse, CPU TDP Range same as Ryzen-2000”
06:55 PM
Dell at CES 2019: Alienware 55-Inch 4K 120 Hz OLED Gaming Monitor Showcased
05:11 PM
Dell at CES 2019: Alienware m17 Packs Core i9, GeForce RTX into 17.3-Inch Chassis
04:19 PM
Mushkin at CES 2019: Carbon X100 & Carbon Z100 External SSDs at Up to 2.2 GB/s
03:27 PM
Mushkin at CES 2019: SSDs With 96L 3D NAND in Q2
02:35 PM
Lenovo at CES 2019: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gets Thinner Aluminum Body, 4K HDR LCD
January 10th, 2019
11:25 PM
Lenovo at CES 2019: 43.4-Inch Curved Monitors for Gaming and Work
10:33 PM
CES 2019: Colorful’s New Watercooled iGame GeForce RTX 2070 Neptune OC
09:41 PM
Lenovo at CES 2019: Yoga C730 Gets AMOLED Display
08:49 PM
Intel’s Core i5-9400F Hits Amazon
07:57 PM
Lenovo at CES 2019: 7th Gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gets Thinner
06:13 PM
ASRock at CES 2019: DeskMini A300, World’s First AMD Ryzen Mini STX PC Launched
05:21 PM
CES 2019: Cooler Master Announces Three New Wireless Mechanical Keyboards, SK621, SK631 And SK651
04:29 PM
CES 2019: FSP's Cannon 2000 Watt Power Supply
03:37 PM
CES 2019: TeamGroup And ASRock Release Phantom Gaming Branded Memory and SSD
02:45 PM
Lexar at CES 2019: 1 TB SDXC UHD-I Memory Card Announced
January 9th, 2019
11:10 PM
Toshiba at CES 2019: World’s First 16 TB TDMR HDD Debuts
10:18 PM
HP Announces EX950 M.2 NVMe SSD
09:26 PM
CES 2019: Thermaltake Unveils Its WaterRAM RGB Liquid Cooled DDR4-3200 Memory
07:16 PM
AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen 'Matisse' Coming Mid 2019: Eight Core Zen 2 with PCIe 4.0 on Desktop
07:16 PM
AMD Reveals Radeon VII: High-End 7nm Vega Video Card Arrives February 7th for $699
06:24 PM
The AMD Keynote at CES 2019: Looking Ahead
06:24 PM
CES 2019: Razer Displays The Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor
04:40 PM
CES 2019: Liquid Cooled Power Supplies from FSP, up to 1200W