August 17th, 2017
06:17 PM
Retesting AMD Ryzen Threadripper’s Game Mode: Halving Cores for More Performance
02:54 PM
MSI Launches the X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC: Going Micro-ATX
03:18 AM
Samsung & SK Hynix Graphics Memory Prices Increase Over 30% In August
August 16th, 2017
06:08 PM
ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Available: 27” Curved, FHD@144Hz & FreeSync w/ELMB
04:12 PM
The Corsair Neutron NX500 (400GB) PCIe SSD Review: Big Card, Big Pricetag
August 15th, 2017
04:31 PM
Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review: 64-Layer V-NAND Debuts in Retail
03:33 PM
Intel Officially Reveals Post-8th Generation Core Architecture Code Name: Ice Lake, Built on 10nm+
03:04 PM
Geil Announces EVO Spear Series DRAM: Up to DDR4-3466
03:04 PM
Seagate Demos New SSD Features And Prototypes At FMS
09:45 AM
More Denverton Noise: GIGABYTE’s MA10-ST0 Features Unannounced 16-Core C3958
August 14th, 2017
10:09 PM
EVGA Launches SC17 1080 Laptop: Core i7-7820HK, GeForce GTX 1080, TB3
08:13 PM
EKWB Unveils Threadripper Edition EK Supremacy EVO CPU Water Blocks
05:19 PM
Arctic Announces the Freezer 33 TR: An Air Cooler Designed for AMD’s Threadripper
03:23 PM
The AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 & RX Vega 56 Review: Vega Burning Bright
02:54 PM
Shuttle’s X1 Now Available: NUC-Like PC With a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU
August 11th, 2017
05:49 PM
G.Skill Unwraps Flare X 32 GB and 128 GB DDR4 Kits for AMD Threadripper: Up to 3600 MT/s
12:54 AM
NVIDIA Announces Earnings Of $2.2 Billion For Q2 2018
August 10th, 2017
09:31 PM
Enermax Shrinks Depth of Platimax D.F. 80 Plus Platinum 1200 W PSU to 6.3”/16 cm
07:06 PM
Intel EOLs Atom Chip Used for Microsoft HoloLens
05:10 PM
Enermax Launches LiqTech TR4 AIO LCS for AMD's Threadripper: 100% IHS Coverage, 500 W TDP
03:14 PM
The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X Review: CPUs on Steroids
August 9th, 2017
11:45 PM
EKWB Releases New Varder EVO Fan with Start-Stop Function
09:20 PM
Intel Introduces "Ruler" Server SSD Form-Factor: SFF-TA-1002 Connector, PCIe Gen 5 Ready
07:24 PM
Samsung At Flash Memory Summit: 96-Layer V-NAND, MLC Z-NAND, New Interfaces
06:26 PM
Acer and ASUS Delay Their 4K 144 Hz G-Sync HDR Displays to 2018
04:30 PM
EKWB Releases New Varder EVO Fan with Start-Stop Function
04:25 AM
Intel to Announce 8th Generation Core Processors on August 21st
August 8th, 2017
05:18 PM
Micron Introduces 9200 Series Enterprise NVMe SSDs
05:18 PM
Seagate Refreshes Enterprise SSDs With 3D NAND
August 7th, 2017
07:33 PM
Microsoft to Enable Eye Control in Windows 10
07:04 PM
Intel Finalizes Skylake-X Processor Specifications: 18-Cores, 4.4 GHz Turbo, 165W on September 25th
03:12 PM
Unannounced AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920 CPU in Motherboard Support Lists
03:12 PM
Toshiba Announces SAS And NVMe Enterprise SSDs With 3D TLC NAND
August 5th, 2017
08:12 PM
Corsair’s ONE SFF PCs Get Upgraded: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 32 GB of RAM, NVMe SSD
04:20 PM
Intel to Discontinue First-Generation Thunderbolt 3 Controllers
August 4th, 2017
08:31 PM
Western Digital’s 3D TLC-Based SanDisk Ultra 3D SSDs Now Available
06:06 PM
Lian-Li Announces Availability of the DK-05 Motorized Adjustable PC Desk
03:12 PM
SK Hynix: Customers Willing to Pay 2.5 Times More for HBM2 Memory
02:14 PM
The G.Skill KM570 ΜΧ Mechanical Keyboard Review: Sturdy & Efficient
August 3rd, 2017
03:32 PM
The Toshiba XG5 (1TB) SSD Review
03:32 PM
Toshiba Announces BG3 Low-Power NVMe SSD With BiCS3 3D NAND
03:32 PM
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X: We’re Allowed To Show Pictures Now
August 2nd, 2017
11:36 PM
Coffee Lake Not Supported by Intel’s 200-Series Motherboards
04:16 AM
Apple Announces Q3 FY 2017 Results
August 1st, 2017
03:14 PM
Dell Announces Updated Precision Workstation Lineup at SIGGRAPH: Refreshed Towers, Racks, and Laptop
07:30 AM
HP Expands Commercial VR Strategy: Z VR Backpack and Immersion Centers
July 31st, 2017
04:30 PM
AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software for Vega: Crimson ReLive Edition Vega Pro
02:34 PM
The Dell XPS 15 9560 Review: Infinity Edge Part Two
04:54 AM
AMD Threadripper 1950X and 1920X Out August 10th, New Eight-Core TR 1900X at $549 due Aug 31st
04:54 AM
Radeon RX Vega Unveiled: AMD Announces $499 RX Vega 64 & $399 RX Vega 56, Launching August 14th
July 30th, 2017
03:47 AM
Spotted: AMD's Radeon RX Vega, Air & Liquid Cooled
July 28th, 2017
08:24 PM
Thermaltake Releases New Smart RGB Power Supply Series
06:28 PM
Silverstone Announces New SFF Chassis: RVZ03 With RGB Light Strip
04:32 PM
Corsair Announces White Color Option for RM750x and RM850x Power Supplies
02:07 PM
Samsung Galaxy S8 Showdown: Exynos 8895 vs. Snapdragon 835, Performance & Battery Life Tested
05:54 AM
Intel Announces Q2 FY 2017 Earnings: Record Quarter
04:27 AM
AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q3
03:29 AM
Apple Discontinues iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle
July 27th, 2017
11:08 PM
Silicon Power Launches Mobile C50 USB Drive with USB Type-A, Micro-B and Type-C
08:14 PM
EVGA Introduces the GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N Edition Video Card
05:20 PM
EagleTree and Partners Acquire Majority Stake in Corsair for $525 Million
03:53 PM
The AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and Ryzen 3 1200 CPU Review: Zen on a Budget
03:24 PM
Toshiba Announces TR200 Retail SATA SSDs With 3D NAND
03:24 PM
AMD Releases Bristol Ridge to Retail: AM4 Gets APUs
03:20 AM
HTC Announces Snapdragon 835-Based VIVE VR Headset for Chinese Market
01:24 AM
USB 3.2 Update to Bring 20 Gbps Bandwidth: USB 3.1 Type-C Cables Compulsory
July 26th, 2017
11:28 PM
AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2: ReLive Edition Refined for Gamers and Developers
04:08 AM
AMD Announces Q2 2017 Results: Ryzen Makes An Impact
July 25th, 2017
05:31 PM
Bluetooth SIG Announces Bluetooth Mesh for Large-Scale Device Networks
02:08 PM
Western Digital Announces Four Bit Per Cell 64-Layer 3D NAND Flash
05:26 AM
NVIDIA Releases 384.94 WHQL Game Ready Driver: ShadowPlay Highlights for LawBreakers
July 24th, 2017
02:58 PM
The Intel Kaby Lake-X i7 7740X and i5 7640X Review: The New Single-Threaded Champion, OC to 5GHz
July 22nd, 2017
05:33 PM
BenQ Announces ZOWIE XL2546 ‘eSports’ Display: 24'', FHD, 240 Hz, DyAc ULMB Tech
July 21st, 2017
08:17 PM
Dell’s UltraSharp U3818DW Now Available: Curved 37.5”, 3840×1600, USB-C, $1499
04:25 PM
MAINGEAR Launches R2 Razer Edition: Mini-ITX System with AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i7