April 3rd, 2020
09:35 PM
Facebook rolls out hours and services update for COVID-19 communications
08:43 PM
Amazon rolls out product targeting for Sponsored Display
04:23 PM
New official Google advice on generating structured data with JavaScript
02:13 PM
Google ends support for data-vocabulary.org structured data in rich results
02:13 PM
Can we trust automation in a time of crisis?
02:12 PM
How the Paycheck Protection Program can save your agency, and your clients
12:21 AM
What location data can tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic
April 2nd, 2020
10:11 PM
Video: 8 takeaways for B2B advertisers in the time of COVID-19
02:23 PM
SMX Overtime: How to run effective top-of-funnel search campaigns
April 1st, 2020
11:13 PM
Marketers surveyed say they would choose Google Ads over SEO if they had to
10:21 PM
SEO for recreational and commercial vehicles in a COVID-19 world
09:55 PM
Support for SpecialAnnouncement schema is coming to Google search
09:29 PM
Should you continue to solicit reviews during the outbreak? Local SEOs disagree
07:19 PM
Why you need to update your PPC ad copy now
05:09 PM
Did you know that over 60% of organic site visits come from mobile?
03:25 PM
Google Ads ends monthly campaign budget test
03:25 PM
The Tiger King used illicit SEO tactics to mislead searchers
02:59 PM
Video: Dawn Anderson on Google BERT and what comes next
02:07 PM
Coding for SEO: Using JavaScript to track COVID-19
12:16 AM
Small and mid-sized Google Ads agency partners to lose dedicated ad rep support
March 31st, 2020
10:05 PM
Google updates its ads policy for inappropriate content to include ‘public health emergency’
09:13 PM
Setting up a Microsoft Audience ads campaign
09:13 PM
Communication tips for local businesses during COVID-19
07:55 PM
Google creates best practices guides & support for health organizations around COVID-19
07:55 PM
Desktop search is rising amid the work-from-home surge
06:37 PM
SMX Overtime: How to manage and optimize B2B accounts
05:45 PM
Next up: PPC experts join Live with Search Engine Land
04:53 PM
Coding for SEO 101: Understanding source code, compressed code and compiled code
03:09 PM
Google webmaster conference videos now available
March 30th, 2020
11:34 PM
Google Posts, ‘temporarily disabled,’ now back
09:24 PM
SMX Overtime: Creating a video-first content strategy
08:06 PM
Google My Business: When should you use ‘special hours’ vs. ‘temporarily closed’?
05:56 PM
Live with Search Engine Land: Local SEOs talk ‘buggy’ Google My Business, COVID-19
05:56 PM
Amazon FBA challenges highlight broader vulnerability in e-commerce ecosystem
04:38 PM
Video: Kevin Doory on difference between traditional SEO and local SEO
03:20 PM
Google Search Console adds performance report and email preferences
02:02 PM
Microsoft Advertising expands UI redesign to more pages
March 27th, 2020
11:32 PM
Will Facebook’s massive usage increases (eventually) turn into revenue?
08:56 PM
Search marketers are volunteering services, support to help small businesses get through COVID-19
07:38 PM
Google pledges $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs
04:10 PM
Tell us: How are you pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis?
04:10 PM
Did you know that users’ gazes follow a pinball pattern?
02:18 AM
Compare ad management software for Google Shopping, Amazon, and more
March 26th, 2020
10:25 PM
Businesses should limit, not disable, their sites during temporary closures, Google says
09:59 PM
Now, analyze more accounts in Google Ads Report Editor
08:15 PM
Explaining the Chrome ‘explainers’ for advertising without third-party cookies
07:23 PM
Small agencies brace for impact, but say remote work isn’t slowing them down
06:05 PM
Pinterest rolls out new commerce features for retailers as search volume climbs
06:05 PM
EU Android search choice screen’s impact delayed due to COVID-19
01:19 PM
The new contextual ad targeting works, study says
March 25th, 2020
11:03 PM
COVID-Consumers: Pessimistic, but spending more online
10:37 PM
Live with Search Engine Land to talk Google My Business with local search pros
10:11 PM
Social platforms cut streaming quality as ‘social distancing’ wages on
08:27 PM
Pivoting and planning for a future after COVID-19
08:01 PM
Google turns on ‘mark a business temporarily closed’ for business owners on GMB
07:35 PM
Pro Tip: 3 important XML sitemap checks to improve your SEO
07:35 PM
Google Podcasts gets a redesign and iOS rollout
06:17 PM
How B2B companies can be proactive about managing paid media during COVID-19
02:49 PM
Video: Hamlet Batista on scaling and automating SEO with code
March 24th, 2020
11:13 PM
Winners and losers: How COVID-19 is affecting search behavior
09:03 PM
Summer Olympics postponement further shakes 2020 ad spending expectations
05:09 PM
Pro Tip: How to fix 3 not so obvious crawl errors
02:59 PM
Yelp announces fundraising partnership with GoFundMe to support local businesses
01:15 PM
Reducing digital marketing due to COVID-19? Read this first
March 23rd, 2020
09:40 PM
Google My Business not functioning as expected under the strain of coronavirus
08:22 PM
Corona to COVID: How Google’s ‘corona’ results page has evolved
07:56 PM
Google intros open testing ads, new asset reporting and more for App campaigns
04:28 PM
Bing adopts SpecialAnnouncement structured data for COVID-19
03:10 PM
Video: Max Prin on technical SEO tools and PWAs
10:24 AM
E-commerce ad spend doubled as social distancing behavior took hold
March 20th, 2020
08:02 PM
Google temporarily disables local reviews
05:52 PM
Bing launches new portal for URL and content submission APIs
05:00 PM
Google’s right-sidebar featured snippets are no more
05:00 PM
Yelp sees huge decline in restaurant demand, offers $25MM relief package
05:00 PM
How Google close variants brought broad match to every match type