March 22nd, 2019
09:43 PM
Pulsar Seen Speeding Away From the Supernova That Created it
March 20th, 2019
09:13 PM
LIGO Just Got a Big Upgrade, Will Begin Searching for Gravitational Waves Again on April 1st
08:47 PM
The Incredible Challenge of Landing Heavy Payloads On Mars
07:03 PM
Weekly Space Hangout: March 20, 2019 – Dr. Michael Zemcov of NASA’s SPHEREx Mission
01:46 AM
Six People Have Begun a 122-Day Simulated Mission on the Moon
March 19th, 2019
08:09 PM
Almost 13,000 Years Ago, a Comet Impact Set Everything on Fire
07:43 PM
SpaceX Tests the Starship’s Hexagonal Heatshield. Starhopper Tests Could Come as Early as This Week
04:41 PM
Spot Failed Soviet Venus Probe Kosmos 482 in Earth Orbit
01:05 AM
Messier 81 – the Bode Galaxy
12:13 AM
Astronomy Cast Bonus Episode: Dust with Dr. Paul Sutter
12:13 AM
Astronomy Cast Ep. 522: Judging Age & Origins, part 1 – Earth Rocks
March 18th, 2019
08:19 PM
Carnival of Space #603
March 17th, 2019
03:36 AM
Which Habitable Zones are the Best to Actually Search for Life?
March 16th, 2019
04:13 AM
SLS Rocket Promises To Do Better
March 15th, 2019
11:28 PM
Progress for the Skylon. Europe agrees to continue working on the air-breathing SABRE engine
10:36 PM
Do You See the “Cosmic Bat” in NGC 1788?
09:18 PM
This Star has been Kicked Out of the Milky Way. It Knows What It Did.
06:42 PM
Carnival of Space #602
05:50 PM
The Iridium Flare Era is About to End
March 14th, 2019
11:14 PM
New Ring of Dust Discovered in the Inner Solar System
07:20 PM
This is the Final Photograph from Opportunity
March 13th, 2019
11:50 PM
Weekly Space Hangout: Mar 13, 2019 – Dr. Luisa Rebull, Spitzer, and Star Formation
11:24 PM
This is What It’ll Look Like When the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Collide Billions of Years from Now
08:22 PM
China’s Lunar Rover Wakes Up and Gets to Work for its 3rd Lunar Day
07:56 PM
Using Black Holes to Conquer Space: The Halo Drive!
March 12th, 2019
11:35 PM
Jupiter or Earth? Which One’s Which, and Why Do They Look so Similar?
09:25 PM
Now You Can See MU69 in Thrilling 3D
09:25 PM
A Newer, More Accurate Measurement Sets the Mass of the Milky Way at 1.5 Trillion Solar Masses
March 11th, 2019
08:43 PM
Messier 80 – the NGC 6093 Globular Cluster
05:59 AM
Massive Photons Could Explain Dark Matter, But Don’t
March 9th, 2019
09:32 PM
Pluto and Charon Don’t Have Enough Small Craters
March 8th, 2019
11:27 PM
It Took 10 Years to Confirm the First Planet Ever Found by Kepler
07:33 PM
Ho-Hum. More Boring Success for SpaceX as Crew Dragon Splashes Down
March 7th, 2019
11:12 PM
This is an Actual Photograph of the Shock Waves from Supersonic Jets Interacting with Each Other
10:46 PM
Weekly Space Hangout: Mar 06, 2019 – Dr. Jeff Morgenthaler of the Planetary Science Institute
08:10 PM
You’re in This Picture. It’s a Selfie Taken by SpaceIL’s Beresheet Lunar Lander on its Way to the Moon
March 6th, 2019
10:57 PM
Gamma Ray Telescopes could Detect Starships Powered by Black Hole
09:13 PM
Sorry Hollywood, it’s Going to Take a Lot More to Destroy an Asteroid
March 5th, 2019
08:33 PM
InSight’s Rock-hammer is About Half a Meter Down and has Already Run into Rocks.
March 4th, 2019
09:35 PM
Astronomy Cast Ep. 520: Transients: What They Are and Why They Matter Part 2
09:35 PM
Carnival of Space #601
09:09 PM
Hayabusa2 Left a Dark Spot Where it Touched Down on Ryugu. Engineers Aren’t Sure Why
09:09 PM
Another Milestone for SpaceX as Crew Dragon Docks with ISS
06:25 AM
Astronomers are Using NASA’s Deep Space Network to Hunt for Magnetars
04:15 AM
Complex Life Might Require a Very Narrow Habitable Zone
March 3rd, 2019
12:59 AM
Curiosity Crashed, but it’s Working Fine Again. NASA Won’t Have to Send Astronauts to Turn it off and Back on Again.
March 1st, 2019
08:50 PM
More Evidence that Planet 9 is Really Out There
February 27th, 2019
11:49 PM
The Record for the Most Distant Object in the Solar System has been Shattered. Introducing FarFarOut at 140 Astronomical Units
February 26th, 2019
11:34 PM
Virgin Galactic Sends Three People to the Edge of Space. Flights with Paying Customers Around the Corner Now
09:24 PM
NASA has Cleared Crew Dragon to Fly. Demo-1 Launches on March 2
08:32 PM
Weekly Space Hangout: Feb 27, 2019 – Dr. Ellen Stofan, Director of the National Air and Space Museum
08:32 PM
Carnival of Space #600
12:36 AM
Massive Volcanic Eruptions 66 Million Years Ago Happened Almost Exactly When the Dinosaurs Died Off
12:36 AM
Messier 79 – the NGC 1904 Globular Cluster
12:10 AM
Messier 79 – the NGC 1904 Globular Cluster
February 25th, 2019
11:18 PM
The Latest Images of Ultima Thule are in, and they are the Sharpest Yet!
February 24th, 2019
12:57 AM
X-rays Might be a Better Way to Communicate in Space
February 23rd, 2019
12:42 AM
Meet WFIRST, The Space Telescope with the Power of 100 Hubbles
February 22nd, 2019
10:06 PM
Say Hello to Hippocamp! The New Moon Discovered at Neptune, Which Could Have Broken off from the Larger Moon Proteus
09:14 PM
The Oldest and Coldest White Dwarf Ever Found has Bizarre Dust Rings Around it
07:30 PM
Shout Out to Japan! Their Hayabusa2 Spacecraft has Collected its First Samples from Asteroid Ryugu
06:30 AM
Signs that Ancient Rivers Flowed Across the Surface of Mars, Billions of Years Ago
February 21st, 2019
09:51 PM
Antarctica is About to Unleash an Iceberg Twice the Size of New York City
06:49 PM
Japan’s Hayabusa2 is About to Shoot Up the Surface of Ryugu with Tiny Impactors so they can Collect a Sample
February 20th, 2019
11:21 PM
Did You Know the Earth’s Atmosphere Extends Beyond the Orbit of the Moon?
01:15 AM
Gateway Foundation Shows off Their Plans for an Enormous Rotating Space Station
01:15 AM
This is a Dust Devil… on Mars
01:14 AM
Weekly Space Hangout: Feb 20, 2019 – Dr. Emily Holt talks Archaeology and Ancient Astronomy
February 19th, 2019
11:58 PM
This Star Has Been Going Nova Every Year, for Millions of Years
February 18th, 2019
11:46 PM
Messier 78 – the NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula
05:34 AM
Astronomy Cast Ep. 518: When the Universe tried to Declare War
03:50 AM
Carnival of Space #599
February 17th, 2019
11:56 PM
British Satellite Tests its Space Junk Harpoon
February 16th, 2019
02:54 AM
Land Heavier Payloads on Mars. Aim for the Ground and Then Pull up at the Last Moment
12:44 AM
We Hate Long Goodbyes, But Opportunity has Earned One