July 17th, 2019
12:20 AM
Pictures from Curiosity Show the Bottom of an Ancient Lake on Mars, the Perfect Place to Search for Evidence of Past Life
July 16th, 2019
10:37 PM
NASA is Building Robots That Can Climb Rock and Ice Cliffs
08:53 PM
Hayabusa 2 is the First Spacecraft to Sample the Inside of an Asteroid
02:23 PM
Our Guide to Tuesday Night’s Partial Lunar Eclipse
06:35 AM
Messier 89 – the NGC 4552 Spiral Galaxy
12:31 AM
There’s A Fire in Greenland… Again. It’s 10 Degrees Hotter Than Normal
July 15th, 2019
09:30 PM
A Disk of Debris is Forming Moons Around an Exoplanet. A Proto-Lunar Disk?
08:12 PM
Carnival of Space #620
08:04 AM
Hubble Spots “Impossible” Debris Disk Around a Black Hole
July 13th, 2019
12:39 AM
Researchers May Have Found the Missing Piece of Evidence that Explains the Origins of Life
July 12th, 2019
08:20 PM
Move Over SpaceX. Amazon Wants To Launch Thousands of Internet Satellites Too
08:20 PM
Virgin Orbit Tests its Satellite-Delivery Rocket for the First Time
July 11th, 2019
11:34 PM
There Should Be More Iron In Space. Why Can’t We See It?
09:50 PM
Two NASA Heads Demoted, Possibly as Part of a Shake-Up to Get Back to the Moon.
08:32 PM
NASA has Figured Out How to Extend the Lives of the Voyagers Even Longer
July 10th, 2019
10:28 PM
New Study Shows How Breaching “Carbon Threshold” Could Trigger Mass Extinction in Earth’s Oceans
10:28 PM
Can We Use Special Sails To Bring Old Satellites Back Down To Earth?
02:06 AM
Skywatcher and Satellite Tracker Photographs US Air Force’s Secret Space Plane in Orbit!
July 9th, 2019
10:38 PM
Mars’ North Pole is Doing the Dust Storms Thing Again
09:46 PM
LightSail 2 Mission is Going Strong and Sending Mission Info Home!
04:35 PM
Our Guide to Saturn Opposition Season 2019
06:37 AM
Is NASA Sacrificing Sending Astronauts to Mars in Order to Get to the Moon Sooner?
July 8th, 2019
11:42 PM
The ESA’s SpaceBok Robot Will Hop Its Way Around Low-Gravity Worlds
09:58 PM
A Jarful of Titan Could Teach Us A Lot About Life There, and Here On Earth
07:22 PM
Carnival of Space #619
12:44 AM
Fraser and John Michael Godier Debate the Fermi Paradox
July 5th, 2019
07:56 PM
Orion Capsule Passes Key Launch Abort Test. Next Stop: The Moon!
01:45 AM
Where Does Mars’ Methane Go? New Study Provides Possible Answer, with Implications in the Search for Life.
July 4th, 2019
04:58 AM
The Planet-Hunting TESS Discovers Its Smallest Exoplanet to Date
01:30 AM
NASA’s Still Trying to Get InSight’s Mole Working Again. Progress is Slow.
July 3rd, 2019
11:46 PM
NASA Telescopes Reveal the Atmosphere of A Strange Hybrid Exoplanet
08:18 PM
Hubble has a Brand New Picture of the Massive Star Eta Carinae. It Could Detonate as a Supernova Any Day Now
01:15 AM
Dr. Avi Loeb Thinks the Government Should set its Sights on Big Ideas in Space Exploration
July 2nd, 2019
11:06 PM
SpaceX has Lost Contact With 3 of its Starlink Satellites
10:40 PM
Carnival of Space #618
09:48 PM
Airplane Contrails are Contributing to Global Warming Too
07:12 PM
“Eight Years to the Moon:” Read a Book Excerpt
03:36 AM
Who Wants to be a Trillionaire? Mission to Psyche Could Uncover Tons of Precious Metals!
July 1st, 2019
08:41 PM
Ep. 536: Everyday Relativity
June 29th, 2019
10:22 PM
Astronomers See Evidence of Supermassive Black Holes Forming Directly in the Early Universe
08:38 PM
Meet the Comet Interceptor. It’ll Wait Patiently In Space for a Comet, Then Pounce On It
June 28th, 2019
11:51 PM
The Latest Insanely Beautiful Image of Jupiter Captured by Juno
11:51 PM
A Fast Radio Burst has Finally Been Traced Back to its Source: the Outskirts of a Galaxy 4 Billion Light-Years Away
10:59 PM
Earth To Mars In 100 Days? The Power Of Nuclear Rockets
10:07 PM
NASA is Going Back to Saturn’s Moon Titan, this Time With a Nuclear Battery-Powered Quadcopter
June 27th, 2019
11:10 PM
French Scientists Claim to Have Created Metallic Hydrogen
08:34 PM
Eruption of the Raikoke Volcano, Seen From Space
04:40 PM
Our Complete Guide to the July 2019 Total Solar Eclipse
02:22 AM
The Most Efficient Way to Explore the Entire Milky Way, Star by Star
01:30 AM
SpaceIL Scraps its Plans to go Back to the Moon. Instead, it’s Got a New Secret “Significant Objective” for Beresheet 2
June 26th, 2019
11:46 PM
Lakes on Titan Might Have Exotic Crystals Encrusted Around Their Shores
09:10 PM
Hubble Finds Buckyballs in Space
06:00 AM
Of Course Mars 2020 is Going to Get a New Name. NASA is Looking for Judges for an Upcoming Naming Contest
12:49 AM
Curiosity Sniffs a Spike in Methane. Could it be a Sign of Life?
June 25th, 2019
11:06 PM
Third Falcon Heavy Launch Blasts 24 Payloads Into Orbit Including a Solar Sail. Doesn’t Quite Stick the Landing
09:22 PM
Carnival of Space #617
07:38 PM
Hubble is the Ultimate Multitasker: Discovering Asteroids While it’s Doing Other Observations
June 24th, 2019
10:51 PM
Uranus’ Rings are Surprisingly Bright in Thermal Emissions
08:41 PM
Messier 88 – the NGC 4501 Spiral Galaxy
June 21st, 2019
10:57 PM
NASA Model Shows Greenland’s Ice Sheet Will Disappear Over the Next 1000 Years, Raising Sea Levels by 7 Meters
07:29 PM
Deep Space Atomic Clocks Will Help Spacecraft Answer, with Incredible Precision, if They’re There Yet
02:10 AM
Enceladus is Filled with Tasty Food for Bacteria
12:00 AM
Want to Find Aliens? The Largest Dataset in the History of SETI has Been Released to the Public
June 20th, 2019
10:42 PM
Stunning Image Shows How Saturn’s Tiny Moon Sculpts the Planet’s Rings
01:03 AM
Two Earthlike Worlds Found Orbiting a Red Dwarf Only 12.5 Light-Years Away
12:37 AM
Competition Will Let You Name an Exoplanet
June 19th, 2019
10:01 PM
The Earliest Example of Merging Galaxies Ever Found
01:13 AM
This is the Closest OSIRIS-REx has Gotten to Bennu. Just 680 Meters Above the Asteroid
June 18th, 2019
11:04 PM
New Ideas to Reduce Muscle Loss During Spaceflight
08:54 PM
Carnival of Space #616
08:54 PM
Weekly Space Hangout: June 19, 2019 – Corey Gray, Lead Operator at the LIGO Hanford Observatory
08:02 PM
Martian Clouds Might Start with Meteor Trails Through the Atmosphere
07:02 AM
Inflatable Heat Shield Could Deliver Heavy Payloads to Worlds With a Thick Atmosphere
June 17th, 2019
10:49 PM
Earth has a Water Cycle. Mars has a Dust Cycle
June 15th, 2019
09:51 PM
Satellites Equipped With a Tether Would be Able to De-Orbit Themselves at the end of Their Life