November 18th, 2018
10:37 PM
Consensual Hugs Seem To Reduce Stress
09:19 PM
Fanworms, "Nature's Eye Factories", Stick Them Pretty Much Anywhere
06:17 PM
Do You Have a Healthy Personality?
03:15 PM
Putting Yourself on a Map
November 17th, 2018
09:04 PM
When Beer Becomes the Burden
07:46 PM
World's Largest Organism Faces Bleak Future
06:02 PM
The Lost World of Prehistoric Parasites
03:52 PM
How Can Science Help Reverse Blindness?
03:26 PM
Don't Make Me One with Everything
02:08 PM
Genetics Start-Up Wants to Sequence People's Genomes for Free
November 16th, 2018
07:30 PM
Likely New House Science Chair Seeks to Move Away from "Suspicion" of Science
04:02 PM
From Pine Cones to Hobbit Holes, Mimicking Nature Can Help Humans Adapt to Wildfires
02:18 PM
Scientist–Politicians Rack Up Wins on Election Day
01:26 PM
We Need to Change the Trajectory of Mental Health Research
November 15th, 2018
09:25 PM
What Lurks Beneath the Surface?
07:41 PM
Fishermen Sue Oil Companies Over Rising Ocean Temperatures
05:31 PM
U.S. Immigrants Leave Country—and Microbes—Behind
04:39 PM
Gun Violence Is Our Lane, and It's Time to Accelerate
04:39 PM
The Benefits of Applying Mindfulness to Exercise
04:13 PM
Scientists Spot Giant Crater Hidden Under Greenland's Ice
03:21 PM
Reprogrammed Stem Cells Implanted into Patient with Parkinson's Disease
01:11 PM
Trump, Zombie Deregulation and the Hawaiian Hawk
01:11 PM
Why Don't We Forget How to Ride a Bike?
05:49 AM
U.S. Immigrants Leave Country--and Microbes--Behind
November 14th, 2018
10:01 PM
Cities Can Alter Hurricanes, Intensifying Their Rainfall
08:43 PM
A Solar Storm Detonated U.S. Navy Mines During the Vietnam War
07:25 PM
A Frozen Super-Earth May Orbit Barnard's Star
06:33 PM
Renewable Energy Is Surging, But Not Fast Enough to Stop Warming
06:07 PM
The Biggest Story of the Century Needs More Coverage
01:21 PM
Do We Actually Experience the Flow of Time?

12:55 PM
Wind Turbines Can Act Like Apex Predators
03:23 AM
Science News Briefs From All Over
November 13th, 2018
08:27 PM
Can AI Create True Art?
07:35 PM
Major Campaign Aims to Unravel Exactly What Is in Wildfire Smoke
06:17 PM
Africa Doesn't Need Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
02:23 PM
How to Give Better Advice
01:05 PM
How Have Plants Shaped Human Societies?
01:05 PM
Climate Change May Curtail Shorebirds' Need to Fly North
November 12th, 2018
07:20 PM
Blue Wave in Midwest Could Resurrect Climate Compact
06:28 PM
This Scientist Chases Wildfires to Better Predict Fire Behavior
06:28 PM
Can AIs Create True Art?
06:28 PM
Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling—and Fundamental Rethinking
04:18 PM
How Capital Influences Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment
02:08 PM
Bats Beat Dolphins in the Battle over Who Has the Best Sonar
12:50 PM
Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling--And Fundamental Rethinking
November 11th, 2018
02:18 PM
Armistice Day: November 11, 1918 to November 11, 2018
05:38 AM
Babies And Chimps Share A Laugh
November 10th, 2018
09:24 PM
Delicate Fossil Bird Reveals Prehistoric Plumage Patterns
06:22 PM
Working Hard Even If You Might Lose
03:20 PM
Can You Have Too Much "Good" (HDL) Cholesterol?
03:20 PM
The Queen of the Fold-and-Cut Alphabet
02:28 PM
How History Forgot the Woman Who Defined Autism
November 9th, 2018
08:17 PM
Seeking the Truth When the Consensus Is against You
06:07 PM
Shock as China Legalizes Medicinal Trade in Rhino Horns and Tiger Parts
06:07 PM
Do Brazilians Really Care about the Environment?
05:41 PM
Hurricane-Damaged Air Force Base Has an Opportunity to Rebuild for Resilience
03:05 PM
Proofs and Guarantees
01:21 PM
The (Scientific) Path Less Traveled
12:55 PM
Neuroscientists Make a Case against Solitary Confinement
09:27 AM
Live from Berlin: Falling Walls Conference 2018
04:41 AM
Singing Fish Reveal Underwater Battles in the Amazon
November 8th, 2018
09:45 PM
To Every Pathogen There Is a Season
07:35 PM
What a Democratic House Means for Health and Medicine
07:09 PM
Index Ranks U.S. Cities Based on Climate Risk and Readiness
05:25 PM
Deep-Brain Recordings May Show Where Unhappiness Lives
04:33 PM
The Science of Falling Walls
01:31 PM
How to Engineer Biology
01:05 PM
How Dad's Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring
05:43 AM
Social Construct of Race Imposes Biology
November 7th, 2018
09:29 PM
Why We Need Innovative Nuclear Power
08:37 PM
Supermassive Black Holes Collide in Galactic Merger Grand Finales
07:19 PM
South Africa's Invasive Species Guzzle Water and Hurt the Economy
06:27 PM
We Should Teach Media Literacy in Elementary School
05:35 PM
Voters Reject Several Climate-Related Ballot Initiatives
03:51 PM
Why "Getting Away" in Nature Is Good for Your Mental Health