September 21st, 2017
06:23 PM
You don’t need a brain to sleep. Just ask jellyfish
06:23 PM
Updated: First big efforts to sequence ancient African DNA reveal how early humans swept across the continent
06:23 PM
Craig Venter’s synthetic biology company hit with gender discrimination suit
05:54 PM
A far-right party is about to enter the German parliament. What does that mean for science?
05:25 PM
Russia wants to protect itself from climate change—without reducing carbon emissions
05:25 PM
HHMI’s own brand of diversity in the life sciences
12:31 AM
UK science seeks ‘a new and special relationship with the EU’
September 20th, 2017
09:37 PM
U.K. pledges $88 million to gigantic U.S. particle physics experiment
08:39 PM
Why flu vaccines so often fail
08:10 PM
Sea turtles still in peril, but many populations are climbing
08:10 PM
This robotic ‘remora’ can cling to objects with a force 340 times its own weight
08:10 PM
Publishers go after networking site for illicit sharing of journal papers
07:41 PM
China’s atomic clock passes space test
07:12 PM
Scientists use gene-editing technology to knock out genes in human embryos for first time
07:12 PM
A new study is changing how scientists think about Alzheimer’s disease
06:14 PM
Scientific society defines sexual harassment as scientific misconduct
05:16 PM
Giant trilobite crashes Wisconsin corn field
02:22 PM
Human semen can host up to 27 different viruses
01:19 AM
Watch the secret to why barn owls don’t lose their hearing
September 18th, 2017
11:12 PM
Is the sky really blue? Some hunter-gatherers don’t describe colors the same way most people do
09:45 PM
Cybersecurity and technology transfer seen as top priorities for NIST director nominee
02:30 PM
Animal hoarding is its own mental disorder, study argues
September 15th, 2017
09:43 PM
Top stories: A Viking warrior woman, PETA’s targeting of postdocs, and where spacecraft go to die
09:14 PM
Artificial intelligence just made guessing your password a whole lot easier
08:16 PM
New dyes that don’t fade are made of the same molecule that colors your skin
06:49 PM
Top astronomer on the challenges of building the world’s largest telescope, and what’s next
06:20 PM
Satellites measuring Earth’s melting ice sheets to go dark
05:51 PM
Satellites measuring Earth's melting ice sheets to go dark
05:22 PM
Cats that behave like liquids, tampons that play music, and other ‘advances’ honored with Ig Nobel Prizes
02:57 PM
After a dive into Saturn, Cassini spacecraft melts into history
September 14th, 2017
10:02 PM
Are countries being honest about their carbon emissions? Satellites could tell
09:33 PM
U.S. House approves 2018 spending bills, but process far from finished
09:33 PM
Take an interactive look at the 42 spacecraft that have met their end on another planet
09:04 PM
After uproar, U.K. Parliament’s science committee now has a female member
09:04 PM
Exploring the solar system graveyard
09:04 PM
Once this Viking warrior was revealed to be a woman, some began to question her battle bona fides
08:35 PM
Cargo-sorting molecular robots, humans as the ultimate fire starters, and molecular modeling with quantum computers
08:35 PM
Q&A: Once this Viking warrior was revealed to be a woman, some began to question her battle bona fides
08:35 PM
From selfies to selfless: Managing multigenerational teams
08:35 PM
The islanders of New Guinea are some of the most diverse people in the world. Here’s why
08:35 PM
Plants can grow their own glow-in-the-dark cotton, no genetic engineering required
02:18 PM
Watch this year’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony live
September 13th, 2017
11:49 PM
Updated: Researchers rally around science advocate convicted in Egypt
11:20 PM
Scientists discover an underwater city full of gloomy octopuses
09:53 PM
Social media 'bots' tried to influence the U.S. election. Germany may be next
09:53 PM
Plan for new medical preprint server receives a mixed response
07:57 PM
New study finds link between flu vaccine and miscarriage. But is it real?
07:28 PM
Quantum computer simulates largest molecule yet, sparking hope of future drug discoveries
06:30 PM
NIH quietly shelves gun research program
05:03 PM
‘I don’t care what they say about me’: Paleontologist stares down critics in her hunt for dinosaur proteins
02:33 AM
Pay up or retract? Survey creator's demands for money rile some health researchers
01:06 AM
Plan for new medical preprint server receives lukewarm response
01:06 AM
Q&A: Who is starting all those wildfires? We are
01:06 AM
Pay up or retract? Survey creator's demands for money rile drug researchers
September 12th, 2017
09:14 PM
U.K. expands kill zone for badgers in fight against bovine TB, sparking controversy
07:47 PM
Hurricane Irma update: On ravaged Barbuda, an archaeology center tries to pick up the pieces
07:18 PM
Hurricane Irma update: On ravaged Barbuda, an archeology center tries to pick up the pieces
12:27 AM
Unusual Mexico earthquake may have relieved stress in seismic gap
September 11th, 2017
10:59 PM
Pall hangs over U.S.-Iran science ties
09:32 PM
Biggest producer of coffee could see bean-growing land shrink nearly 90% by 2050
09:32 PM
Gut microbes could help trigger multiple sclerosis
06:09 PM
How artificial intelligence could negotiate better deals for humans
September 8th, 2017
11:01 PM
Hurricane Irma updates: While scientists in Florida prepare, Caribbean labs clean up
10:03 PM
DNA proves fearsome Viking warrior was a woman
10:03 PM
Top stories: A newly found black hole, water-cooling solar panels, and a bone-strengthening therapy
08:36 PM
Watch these hot balls cut through water like a knife through butter
08:07 PM
Senate panel seeks middle ground on human fetal tissue research and abortion
07:09 PM
Scientists put a ‘smartfin’ on my surfboard. Is it the next wave in ocean monitoring?
07:09 PM
PETA versus the postdoc: Animal rights group targets young researcher for first time
September 7th, 2017
11:21 PM
Italian scientists welcome surprise €400 million boost for basic research
10:52 PM
Cargo ships may be creating lightning at sea
10:23 PM
Cargo ships may be creating lighting at sea
09:25 PM
Taking climate science to court, sailing with cylinders, and solar cooling
08:27 PM
Coolest science ever headed to the space station
08:27 PM
Why do bats crash into smooth surfaces? They never ‘see’ them, this video reveals