March 22nd, 2019
09:43 PM
Scientists fight over threat to Texas songbird—and who owns the data
07:59 PM
New effort aims to study brain diseases in African-Americans
05:49 PM
Top stories: Jack the Ripper, engineering coral, and the first woman to win math’s Nobel
02:47 PM
This cuckoo catfish tricks other fish into raising its head-chomping young
March 21st, 2019
11:38 PM
Another major drug candidate targeting the brain plaques of Alzheimer’s disease has failed. What’s left?
08:10 PM
Something is rapidly killing young apples trees in North American orchards. Scientists are stumped
08:10 PM
Vacuuming potato-size nodules of valuable metals in the deep sea, and an expedition to an asteroid 290 million kilometers away
07:18 PM
Researchers embrace a radical idea: engineering coral to cope with climate change
07:18 PM
The corn syrup in a soda a day can give mice bigger colon tumors
04:16 PM
Philosophers and neuroscientists join forces to see whether science can solve the mystery of free will
03:24 PM
Watch the world’s smallest bear copy its friends’ facial expressions
March 20th, 2019
07:29 PM
Did judgmental gods help societies grow?
06:11 PM
For these intrepid crickets, Hawaii’s lava is home sweet home
05:19 PM
Q&A: Why fishery managers need to overhaul recreational fishing rules
04:27 PM
Clever math enables MRI to map molecules implicated in multiple sclerosis, other diseases
11:16 AM
Unlaid egg discovered in ancient bird fossil
March 19th, 2019
10:45 PM
Mysterious asteroid activity complicates NASA’s sampling attempts
10:19 PM
Seismic hum detected on Mars for the first time
09:53 PM
WHO panel proposes new global registry for all CRISPR human experiments
09:53 PM
NSF hopes Congress will dig it out of a $1 billion budget hole
06:25 PM
Gene-edited foods are safe, Japanese panel concludes
12:21 PM
Founder of geometric analysis honored with Abel Prize
04:07 AM
Cost of Mars 2020 mission may rise by up to 15%
March 18th, 2019
11:21 PM
Mini tremors detected on Mars for first time
09:11 PM
The space ‘snowman’ at the edge of our solar system is actually two lumpy pancakes
08:19 PM
Girls who share a womb with boys tend to make less money than those with twin sisters
08:19 PM
Appeals court dismisses charges of institutional racism at U.K.-Kenyan research partnership
06:35 PM
NSF hopes JASON can lead it through treacherous waters
06:35 PM
Humans—like other animals—may sense Earth’s magnetic field
06:09 PM
Humans—like other animals—may sense Earth's magnetic field
March 15th, 2019
10:36 PM
If an alien ship left its trash near Earth, here’s what it might look like
09:18 PM
Curing HIV just got more complicated. Can CRISPR help?
08:00 PM
Top stories: The dark triad, the lost men of ancient Spain, and the race to save the pangolin
07:34 PM
Does a new genetic analysis finally reveal the identity of Jack the Ripper?
March 14th, 2019
08:38 PM
Men who lived in Spain 4500 years ago left almost no descendants alive today
07:46 PM
Mysterious fast radio bursts and long-lasting effects of childhood cancer treatments
07:20 PM
Ancient switch to soft food gave us an overbite—and the ability to pronounce ‘f’s and ‘v’s
07:20 PM
Treatments for childhood cancer can devastate lives years later. Scientists are trying to change that
03:26 PM
Sea otter archaeology reveals the most smashing rocks
03:00 PM
A homespun Canadian telescope could explain mysterious radio signals from the distant universe
01:16 PM
Bus-size robot set to vacuum up valuable metals from the deep sea
March 13th, 2019
09:40 PM
Lawmakers seek delay of radio spectrum auction for next-gen cell service, saying 5G plans could hurt weather satellite data
08:22 PM
New call to ban gene-edited babies divides biologists
07:04 PM
Antifungal drug could help cystic fibrosis patients for whom common treatments don’t work
07:04 PM
Stonehenge-like monuments were home to giant pig feasts. Now, we know who was on the guest list
07:04 PM
Waterfall-chasing scientists uncover rare, self-forming cascades
07:04 PM
A controversial new call to ban editing and implanting human embryos
02:18 PM
In a first, U.S. private sector employs nearly as many Ph.D.s as schools do—from Science Careers
01:26 PM
These odd, scaled mammals are the most poached in the world—and they’re going extinct
March 12th, 2019
08:59 PM
People with dwarfism and cleft palate may have been revered in ancient times
08:59 PM
The planet’s premier health agency has announced drastic reforms. Critics say they aren’t drastic enough
08:07 PM
NCI Director Norman Sharpless named acting FDA chief
06:23 PM
New fuel cell could help fix the renewable energy storage problem
04:13 PM
Does a ‘dark triad’ of personality traits make you more successful?
March 11th, 2019
10:01 PM
Vanderbilt panel votes against tenure for #MeToo scientist
09:09 PM
Largest ever HIV prevention study delivers sobering message
07:51 PM
Renowned Sudanese geneticist behind bars for opposing regime
05:41 PM
Trump once again requests deep cuts in U.S. science spending
March 8th, 2019
07:59 PM
Top stories: antivax protests, the war on prediabetes, and a possible cure for lupus
04:05 PM
Men get larger first NIH grants, but is the news all bad for female scientists?
March 7th, 2019
08:36 PM
Clues that the medieval plague swept into sub-Saharan Africa and evidence humans hunted and butchered giant ground sloths 12,000 years ago
08:36 PM
The war on ‘prediabetes’ could be a boon for pharma—but is it good medicine?
08:36 PM
Humans are wiping out chimpanzee cultures
08:36 PM
How a ‘landscape of fear’ transformed the ecosystem of this African wildlife park
08:36 PM
New pill shows early promise for blocking many strains of flu
06:52 PM
Japanese government punts on decision to host the International Linear Collider
03:50 PM
Disorder left ancient human relative with teeth pocked like golf balls
03:24 PM
Rain is melting Greenland’s ice, even in winter, raising fears about sea level rise
March 6th, 2019
11:49 PM
This alligator gar sucks—at lightning speeds
10:57 PM
A report about Plan S’s potential effects on journals marks a busy week for the open-access movement
08:21 PM
Genetically engineered immune cells wipe out lupus in mice
07:55 PM
Q&A: New light pollution tracking tool is a physicist’s bright idea
06:37 PM
U.S. Senate Republicans hold rare climate hearing, and more might be coming
06:11 PM
The Black Death may have transformed medieval societies in sub-Saharan Africa
02:17 PM
How a school of fish is like a rubber band