February 17th, 2018
11:06 PM
Ocean array alters view of Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’
11:06 PM
Fighting back against ‘alternative facts’: Experts share their secrets
09:22 PM
“Acoustic lighthouses” could prevent birds from hitting buildings
08:56 PM
Martians welcome: Studies find people cheer—not fear—the possibility of alien life
04:10 PM
Picasso painted over another artist’s work—and then over his own, new imaging reveals
February 16th, 2018
09:07 PM
FDA floats new rules for testing Alzheimer's drugs
08:41 PM
Babies can spot language, even when it’s not spoken
07:23 PM
Massive U.S. ecological observatory gets new director
06:31 PM
America’s Corn Belt is making its own weather
05:39 PM
Top stories: Data thugs, dirty drinking water and a sports car in space
02:11 PM
This Roman 'gate to hell' killed its victims with a cloud of deadly carbon dioxide
February 15th, 2018
11:27 PM
U.S. diplomats in Cuba have unusual brain syndrome, but no there’s no clear proof they were attacked, study says
08:51 PM
Genes that turn off after death, and debunking the sugar conspiracy
08:25 PM
Genome editor CRISPR’s latest trick? Offering a sharper snapshot of activity inside the cell
08:25 PM
Paints, pesticides, and other consumer products now add as much to air pollution as cars
08:25 PM
Scientists have discovered how to wrap a single drop of oil—without a bottle
06:41 PM
Missing data hinder replication of artificial intelligence studies
06:15 PM
Strong tides may have pushed ancient fish to evolve limbs
05:23 PM
Gravitational waves help reveal the weight limit for neutron stars, the densest objects in the cosmos
05:23 PM
Vast bioenergy plantations could stave off climate change—and radically reshape the planet
February 14th, 2018
10:46 PM
A romance gone bad: Valentine’s Day program examines biomedical researcher’s ignoble lies
09:02 PM
Don’t panic: The chance of this space-traveling sports car hitting Earth is just 6% in the next million years
09:02 PM
Mishandling of spent nuclear fuel in Russia may have caused radioactivity to spread across Europe
09:02 PM
‘Still working’: Astronomers explain why they don’t publish
07:18 PM
U.K. moms are turning parenting into an experiment
07:18 PM
Anesthesia drug ketamine may fight depression by muzzling ‘bursting’ brain cells
06:52 PM
Meet the ‘data thugs’ out to expose shoddy and questionable research
01:33 AM
Watch these African ants treat comrades injured on the field of battle
01:33 AM
Watch this cockroach-inspired robot try to walk through walls
February 13th, 2018
05:19 PM
Changes in gene activity may one day reveal the time of death for crime victims
01:17 AM
Budget increase for 2020 census falls short, say advocates
February 12th, 2018
11:32 PM
NIH stays flat, absorbs three institutes in president’s 2019 budget proposal
10:40 PM
Trump rescinds planned 29% budget cut at NSF
09:48 PM
First take: Trump’s 2019 budget request is not quite as disastrous for science as it first appears
09:22 PM
Millions of Americans drink potentially unsafe tap water. How does your county stack up?
09:22 PM
Fossil poop reveals critical role of giant birds in New Zealand’s ecosystem
09:22 PM
Researchers debate whether journals should publish signed peer reviews
07:38 PM
This new fuel cell could turbocharge renewable power
February 9th, 2018
11:38 PM
Canada’s new environmental review plan gets a lukewarm reception
11:38 PM
Turkish-American NASA scientist sentenced to 7.5 years in prison
09:02 PM
Top stories: Crayfish clones, happy lab animals, and the world’s smallest 3D glasses
06:26 PM
New U.S. budget deal includes more funding for 2020 census
04:16 PM
How to escape a Venus flytrap, in one easy step
02:32 PM
What your keystrokes reveal about your gender
01:33 AM
These lab-grown human eggs could combat infertility—if they prove healthy
February 8th, 2018
11:49 PM
Q&A: George Church and company on genomic sequencing, blockchain, and better drugs
08:21 PM
Major mental illnesses unexpectedly share brain gene activity, raising hope for better diagnostics and therapies
08:21 PM
High-speed cameras reveal how hummingbirds can turn on a dime
08:21 PM
Happy lab animals may make better research subjects, and understanding the chemistry of the indoor environment
06:37 PM
This walking fish may reveal how animals first took to land
06:11 PM
World’s tiniest 3D glasses reveal how praying mantises see the world
04:53 PM
Big tobacco’s offer: $1 billion for research. Should scientists take it?
04:27 PM
NSF requires institutions to report sexual harassment findings
03:09 PM
China’s massive investment in artificial intelligence has an insidious downside
February 7th, 2018
11:08 PM
How a surging stockpile of vaccines could help conquer cholera
10:42 PM
Breakthrough in budget negotiations could raise spending for science
10:16 PM
Moon’s unusual bulge may indicate early Earth had no ocean
09:50 PM
WHO rebuts House committee criticisms about glyphosate cancer warning
07:14 PM
Scientists get their first look at ‘Cheddar Man,’ one of England’s oldest modern humans
06:22 PM
Are happy lab animals better for science?
05:04 PM
Racing to match China's growing computer power, U.S. outlines design for exascale computer
01:28 AM
These deep-ocean starfish can see—and glow—in the dark
01:28 AM
Watch a bombardier beetle escape from a toad’s stomach
01:28 AM
Want to cure your hair’s split ends? Try washing them with wheat gluten
February 6th, 2018
10:00 PM
Internal logs show White House interviewed science adviser candidates. But who?
06:58 PM
Critics blast move to dismember Puerto Rico’s statistical agency
04:48 PM
Solar system with seven Earth-size planets may contain worlds with liquid water
06:24 AM
Ozone hole’s repair belies thinning of planet’s ultraviolet shield closer to equator
February 5th, 2018
10:36 PM
Could these be the oldest Neandertal tools made with fire?
09:18 PM
First cow embryonic stem cells could lead to healthier, more productive livestock
09:18 PM
Was Flint’s deadly Legionnaires’ epidemic caused by low chlorine levels in the water supply?
08:00 PM
Astronomers ready to unveil prototype radio dish for landmark observatory
05:24 PM
An aquarium accident may have given this crayfish the DNA to take over the world
05:24 PM
Part spider, part scorpion creature captured in amber
05:24 PM
New cellphone and health studies don’t eliminate uncertainty