August 17th, 2018
10:34 PM
Top stories: fresh-baked fossils, cloud-seeding algae, and how ancient farmers braved global cooling
07:58 PM
Why does AI stink at certain video games? Researchers made one play <i>Ms. Pac-Man</i> to find out
07:06 PM
Quantum chicken-or-egg experiment blurs the distinction between before and after
05:22 PM
Congo’s new Ebola outbreak is hitting health care workers hard
03:38 PM
Researcher at the center of an epic fraud remains an enigma to those who exposed him
12:03 AM
U.S. energy research agency doesn’t need a scientist at the helm, Congress tells nominee
August 16th, 2018
08:35 PM
Ancient volcanic eruptions, and peer pressure—from robots
08:09 PM
Wheat’s complex genome finally deciphered, offering hope for better harvests and nonallergenic varieties
August 15th, 2018
09:37 PM
A new pesticide may be as harmful to bees as the old one
09:11 PM
Q&A: Doctoral students at Germany’s Max Planck Society say recent troubles highlight need for change
08:19 PM
Being watched by a cranky robot might help you focus
08:19 PM
When did a massive volcano blow this island to bits and rock the ancient world?
07:27 PM
Eye regeneration technique lets blind mice see the light
06:35 PM
To hone its collaborative skills, this AI is taking on the world’s top video game players
05:43 PM
This alga may be seeding the world’s skies with clouds
August 14th, 2018
10:14 PM
Endangered eel larvae make a tasty treat for fish in an ocean desert
09:22 PM
Critics pan EPA plan for evaluating studies of toxic chemicals
02:26 PM
These labmade fossils could reveal how dinosaurs really looked
06:38 AM
Survey of U.S. government scientists finds range of attitudes toward Trump policies
August 13th, 2018
09:57 PM
Animal fat on ancient pottery shards reveals a nearly catastrophic period of human prehistory
09:05 PM
People might have bred tropical macaws in the desert 1000 years ago
05:37 PM
The world’s oldest pterosaur may have had a pouch like a pelican
August 10th, 2018
09:12 PM
Psychologists keep policy on U.S. detainees, but issue remains open wound
08:46 PM
Top stories: friendly foxes, a creature from a lost world, and wasps that won’t wait
08:20 PM
This synthetic wood is as strong as the real thing—and won’t catch fire
August 9th, 2018
08:30 PM
Doubts about the drought that kicked off our latest geological age, and a faceoff between stink bugs with samurai wasps
08:30 PM
Fears lessen that invasive fungi will completely wipe out Hawaii's iconic native tree
07:12 PM
Ancient hookups between different species may explain Lake Victoria’s stunning diversity of fish
05:54 PM
Worms may age because they cannibalize their own intestines
04:10 PM
Scientists spent years on a plan to import this wasp to kill stinkbugs. Then it showed up on its own
02:26 PM
Could the meg really bite a ship in half? We took a paleobiologist to the new movie to find out
01:08 PM
‘Biological passports’ help researchers track the world’s biggest fish
August 8th, 2018
10:50 PM
She’s the world’s top empathy researcher. But colleagues say she bullied and intimidated them
10:24 PM
She's the world's top empathy researcher. But colleagues say she bullied and intimidated them
09:58 PM
A plan to shoot tiny droplets into the sky would cool the planet—but wouldn’t help crops
08:40 PM
Powerful beams of infrared light could probe cells, diagnose diseases
08:40 PM
Is your dog lying to other dogs about its size?
08:14 PM
Massive drought or myth? Scientists spar over an ancient climate event behind our new geological age
07:48 PM
Japanese medical university admits to discriminating against female applicants
01:18 PM
These half-billion-year-old creatures were animals—but unlike any known today
04:12 AM
Salk Institute settles two of three gender discrimination lawsuits
01:36 AM
This walrus tusk trinket may shed light on the early days of Viking trading
August 7th, 2018
06:13 PM
U.S. plans for Mars should include more than sample return, report warns
August 6th, 2018
10:42 PM
Out of the frying pan, into the fire with a new Ebola outbreak in Congo
05:56 PM
These docile foxes may hold some of the genetic keys to domestication
05:04 PM
Elephant trunks are long-distance food detectors
05:04 PM
To kill climate rule, Trump’s EPA wants to redefine danger of soot
02:54 PM
To kill climate rule, Trump's EPA wants to redefine danger of soot
August 4th, 2018
12:58 AM
University finds prominent astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss grabbed a woman’s breast
August 3rd, 2018
10:48 PM
Top stories: Trump’s pick for science, a sun-chasing probe, and a better flow battery
09:30 PM
Ghost peppers are saving U.S. grasslands—by scaring off hungry mice
08:12 PM
These tiny, stretchy speakers and microphones let your skin play music
07:20 PM
Researchers not thrilled to see their work cited by Trump car mileage proposal
06:02 PM
Mylan, lambasted for EpiPen price hikes, complains of overpriced anti-HIV drugs in U.S.
05:36 PM
Scientists, do you want to succeed on Twitter? Here’s how many followers you need
August 2nd, 2018
11:51 PM
Atmospheric carbon last year reached levels not seen in 800,000 years
09:41 PM
Scientists nail the coolest course for marathoners at the 2020 Olympics
08:23 PM
Island living can shrink humans
08:23 PM
How our brains may have evolved for language, and clues to what makes us leaders—or followers
07:31 PM
March of Dimes abruptly scales back research funding
06:39 PM
Updated: Deadly Ebola surfaces in Africa’s center yet again
05:47 PM
Can these birds explain how language first evolved?
04:03 PM
Stonehenge cremations shed light on where mysterious monument builders came from
August 1st, 2018
10:18 PM
Deadly Ebola surfaces in Africa’s center yet again
09:26 PM
Science candidates are on the ballot next week in three states
07:42 PM
Trump’s effort to roll back auto efficiency rules could hinge on debate over safety
07:16 PM
Staying slim during pregnancy carries a price
06:50 PM
This scientist convinced an Australian city to become a haven for mosquitoes
05:06 PM
NASA’s Parker Probe will venture closer than ever to the sun to explore its mysterious atmosphere
04:07 AM
Trump’s pick to head White House science office gets good reviews
01:05 AM
Breaking: Trump’s pick to head White House science office gets good reviews
12:39 AM
Breaking: Trump's pick to head White House science office gets good reviews
12:13 AM
Plan to replicate 50 high-impact cancer papers shrinks to just 18
July 31st, 2018
10:29 PM
A campaign to end AIDS by 2030 is faltering worldwide
09:37 PM
Lip-reading artificial intelligence could help the deaf—or spies