November 24th, 2017
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Astronomers Want to Send a Probe to That Interstellar Asteroid, But There's a Catch
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99% of Ocean Plastic Waste Is Invisible, But This Method Could Help Find It
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British Water Firms Are Using Discredited Pseudoscience to Look For Pipes
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World's Smallest Tape Recorder Has Been Built Inside a Living Bacterium
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A New Bird Species Has Evolved on Galapagos And Scientists Watched It Happen
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Here's The Real Science Behind The Unreal Predictions of Major Earthquakes in 2018
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Elon Musk Just Met That 100-Day Deadline to Get Australia a Giant Tesla Battery
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US Military Is Working to Turn Plants Into a Network of Environmental Spies
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A Team of Students Just Won a Prestigious Award For This Cheap Skin Cancer Detector
November 23rd, 2017
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ScienceAlert Deal: 5 of The Most Important New Technologies For 2018
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Space Dust Really Can Transport Life From Star to Star
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This Amazing Heart-Squeezing Robot Keeps Blood Pumping in Damaged Organs
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A Dangerous Fungal Infection Hid Inside a Man For 30 Years Before Revealing Itself
04:50 AM
Costa Rica's Electricity Has Run Entirely on Renewables For 300 Days in 2017
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Energy-Saving LED Lighting Has Backfired in a Spectacular Way
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A Stunning Blue Tarantula And Its Friends Were Just Discovered in South America
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These Free Resources on Science Could Be The Answer to The 'Fake News' Epidemic
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This Horrifying 'Slaughterbot' Video Is The Best Warning Against Autonomous Weapons
November 22nd, 2017
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Here Are The Best Science-Based Hacks For The Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal
08:36 PM
Breaking: Thunderstorms Observed Triggering Nuclear Reactions in The Sky
08:36 PM
Earth's Absorption of Ghost-Like Neutrinos Has Been Measured For The First Time
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Use of Hand Sanitiser Can Seriously Mess With Breath Alcohol Test Results
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People With Loads of Facebook Friends Share an Interesting Trait, Says Study
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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum, The Next Big Cryptocurrency
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Headless Skeleton of Enormous Extinct Sea Cow Has Been Unearthed in Siberia
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Here's What You Need to Know About That Mysterious Radiation Cloud Over Europe
01:33 AM
Big Sugar Buried These Concerning Health Studies 50 Years Ago
12:41 AM
Humanity's Fertility Decline Could Be Driven by Poor Air Quality
November 21st, 2017
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This Man Is Launching Himself in a Homemade Rocket to Prove Earth Is Flat
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Antivaxxers in The US Have Finally Stopped Gaining Ground, Study Suggests
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Sleep Position in Late Pregnancy Linked to More Than Doubled Stillbirth Risk
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A Mysterious 3,000-Year-Old Castle Has Been Found Under a Lake in Turkey
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The Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs Triggered a Worse Global Disaster Than Ever Imagined
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Here's Another Reason The Global Warming 'Hiatus' Never Actually Happened
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This Former NASA Engineer Has Debunked Pretty Much Every Online UFO Sighting
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The First Interstellar Object to Visit Us Is More Incredible Than We Ever Expected
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Melted Nuclear Core at Fukushima Finally Discovered by Robot After 6 Years
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Those Signs of Liquid Water on Mars May Not Be Water After All
November 20th, 2017
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Here Are Ways You Can Be More Persuasive, According to Science
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There's a Type of Brain Exercise That Could Reduce Dementia Risk by Nearly 30%
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Chimps Eat Poop, So Is There Anything That Actually Grosses Them Out?
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New Analysis Says We Were Wrong About What Caused The Chernobyl Disaster
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Ancient Skeletons Could Finally Reveal Origins of The Dead Sea Scrolls
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Dog Ownership Is Linked to Yet Another Great Health Benefit, Says Study
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This NASA Scientist Has Had Enough of Your Ridiculous Planet X Doomsday Theories
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Here's The Science on Why Eating Fat Won't Make You Fat
November 18th, 2017
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We Might Finally Know Why Pluto Is So Much Colder Than It Should Be
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Physicists Just Quantum Entangled Two Silicon Chips That Can Share Information
11:25 PM
Scientists Just Messaged an Alien Star – And Some Thinks It's a Bad Idea
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A Surgeon Inspired by Frankenstein Claims He Has Completed The First Head Transplant on a Corpse
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An Ex-Google Exec Is Founding a Religion Where People Worship an AI God
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This Exoplanet Periodic Table Neatly Classifies More Than 3,700 Distant Worlds
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These Strange Spiders Have The Fastest Internal Clocks in Nature
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Engineers Have Created an 'Impossible' Stable Ring of Plasma in The Open Air
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Our Knowledge of Our Own Anatomy Is Really Bad – Here's Why It Matters
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Eating Too Fast Can Lead to Several Health Problems, Study Shows
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The Truth Behind The 'First Marijuana Overdose Death'
November 17th, 2017
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Surgeons Find a Parasite Unlike Any They've Seen in Defector Who Escaped North Korea
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This 8,000-Year-Old Rock Art Is The Earliest Depiction of Domesticated Dogs
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NASA Has Captured Earth's Pulse of Life in a Breathtaking Time-Lapse
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Look Up! The Leonid Meteor Shower Is Peaking This Weekend
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10 Gift Ideas Under $100 For The Tech Lovers in Your Life
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1,500 Skeletons Have Been Found in Record-Breaking Mass Graves in Europe
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Earth Is Getting Hit by Too Much Anti-Matter, And Nobody Knows Why
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Humanoid Robot From Boston Dynamics Can Now Do a Backflip And OMG
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Here's What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them
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These Pigeons Went From Billions to Extinct, And Humans Need to Take Note
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The Way Our Brains Process Sound Is Weirder Than We Ever Expected
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SpaceX Is Launching The Top-Secret 'Zuma' Mission Tonight - Here's What We Know
November 16th, 2017
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NASA Finally Has Stunning Photos of The Giant Iceberg That Broke Off Antarctica
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Over 400 Scientific Papers Have Cited a 'Phantom' Reference That Never Existed
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First Ever Anti-Ageing Gene Discovered in a Secluded Amish Family
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This 2.5 Billion-Year-Old Explosion Is Unlike Any Astronomers Have Seen
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We Finally Know What Creates These Eerie Whistling Sounds in Space