November 20th, 2019
07:43 AM
Physicists Claim They've Found Even More Evidence of a New Force of Nature
07:43 AM
An Entomologist Claims That Mars Is Covered in Bug-Shaped Things, And He Has 'Proof'
07:17 AM
A New Type of Migraine Medication Just Passed a Promising Large-Scale Trial
07:17 AM
We Need to Treat Human Noise as a Global Pollutant, New Study Says
03:23 AM
That Starlink Problem Astronomers Were Worried About Is Totally Happening
02:31 AM
Astonishing Footage Shows Bees Have Learned to 'Surf' to Avoid Drowning
01:39 AM
NASA Has Detected The Building Blocks of Life in Two Meteorites
01:13 AM
Data Shows We're Living Through Earth's Second Hottest Year on Record
November 19th, 2019
07:27 AM
The Sound of Earth Being Wracked by a Solar Storm Is Eerily Disturbing
07:01 AM
That Rogue Interstellar Comet Was Imaged Almost a Year Before Its Actual Discovery
07:01 AM
Over 140 New Nazca Lines Have Been Discovered, And We Finally Have Clues to Their Use
05:43 AM
The 'Most Common Disease You've Never Heard Of' Is Being Handled With Dangerous Drugs
03:33 AM
The First Map of Saturn's Moon Titan Just Revealed Some Tantalising Features
03:33 AM
Scientists Have Detected a Rapid Spike of a Widely Overlooked Greenhouse Gas
12:57 AM
NASA Just Confirmed There Are Water Plumes Above The Surface of Jupiter's Moon Europa
12:57 AM
Man Gets Extremely Sick From His Feather Bedding in Scary Medical Case
November 18th, 2019
08:04 AM
What's The Real Human Equivalent of Your Dog's Age? Here's a New Formula
07:12 AM
Are We Really in a 6th Mass Extinction? Here's The Science
07:12 AM
Neolithic People in The Near East Made Jewellery Out of Human Teeth
06:46 AM
This Woman's Velvety 'Tripe Palms' Ended Up Being a Symptom of Cancer
03:44 AM
A Fresh Case of Bubonic Plague Has Now Been Confirmed by China
02:52 AM
NASA Has Detected Weird Orbital Movement From Two of Neptune's Moons
02:26 AM
Most of The Antivax Ads on Facebook Are Funded by Just 2 Organisations
01:08 AM
Here's The Truth About That Bizarre Catfish-Egg-Coke-Mentos Video
November 17th, 2019
12:09 PM
A Researcher Explains Why Those Beautiful Infographic Maps Can Be So Misleading
12:09 PM
We've Found a Serious New Health Risk to Human Spaceflight
12:09 PM
Headlines Claim Asthma Inhalers Are 'Choking The Planet'. Here's The Real Science
11:43 AM
Physicists Detect Strange Electron Pairs Acting as a Brand New State of Matter
November 16th, 2019
11:54 AM
Antidepressants in Our Waters Really Are Affecting Fish in a Strange Way, Study Shows
11:54 AM
Here's Why Scientists Are So Excited About NASA's New Planet-Hunting Space Telescope
11:54 AM
Is Your Cat in Pain? Their Face Might Hold Subtle Clues
11:28 AM
Scientists Have Created an 'Unsinkable' Metal That Floats Even When Damaged
11:28 AM
Researchers Find a Way to Treat Cyberchondria: Anxiety Over Googling Your Symptoms
11:28 AM
Gorgeous Collection of Fossil Feathers Reveals How Dinosaurs Kept Warm in Ancient Gondwana
12:12 AM
Scientists Capture Spectacularly Rare Footage of Deep-Sea Fish Devouring a Whole Shark
12:12 AM
Brain Scans Confirm There's No Difference Between Boy And Girl Brains Doing Math
12:12 AM
Entire Koala Colonies Are Being Ravaged by Australia's Devastating, Ongoing Bushfires
November 15th, 2019
11:46 PM
New Quantum Physics Experiment Suggests Objective Reality Doesn't Exist
11:46 PM
70% of Venice Is Now Submerged, And It's a Disturbing Preview For Coastal Cities
06:26 AM
A Terminally Ill British Scientist Aims to Be The Most 'Cybernetic' Human Ever Created
06:00 AM
NASA's New Mars Rover Is Going to a Place Perfect For Preserving Fossils
06:00 AM
This Simple Video Breaks Down The Real Truth About MSG Safety, With Science
05:34 AM
There's Now Evidence an Ancient Political Superpower Failed Due to Climate Change
05:34 AM
Major Report Says Drug-Resistant Superbugs Are Already Killing More People Than Feared
02:33 AM
Scientists Just Reconstructed The Family Tree of The Biggest Giant Ape That Ever Lived
02:07 AM
Microsoft Is Hiding Open Source Code in an Apocalypse-Proof Storage Facility
12:49 AM
This Adorable 'Unicorn' Puppy Has a Tail on His Face. Here's How That's Possible
November 14th, 2019
07:04 AM
Doctors Say They've Performed The First Double Lung Transplant Due to Vaping
06:38 AM
Professors Are Listing Their Kids as Co-Authors of Studies, For Totally Dodgy Reasons
06:38 AM
Fun New Paper Says We Should Make Machines Freak Out About Their Own Mortality
05:46 AM
TESS Data May Already Hold a Clue to The Mysterious Planet Nine
03:11 AM
Hundreds of Mysterious 'Ice Eggs' Have Washed Up on a Finland Beach
02:19 AM
Stunning Amber Discovery Just Pushed Evidence of Pollination Back 50 Million Years
01:27 AM
Two People Have Been Hospitalised With Deadly 'Pneumonic Plague' in China
01:01 AM
Japan's Space Probe Is Returning to Earth With an Actual Piece of Asteroid
November 13th, 2019
08:08 AM
Thousands of Years Ago, a Human Stepped in a Mammoth Print. Those Tracks Still Exist
07:16 AM
Oxygen on Mars Is Behaving in a Way Scientists Can't Explain
06:50 AM
Flesh-Eating Infections Can Spawn From Bacterial Strains Teaming Up, Study Shows
06:50 AM
The Mystery of How The Nile Kept Flowing For 30 Million Years May Finally Be Solved
05:32 AM
Incredible Video Shows What We Would See if Planets Replaced The Moon
03:23 AM
NASA Renames Faraway Ice World 'Arrokoth' After Nazi Controversy
02:31 AM
Leaked EPA Plan Reveals Controversial Effort to Restrict Science in Public Health
01:13 AM
Radioactive 'Tomb' in Pacific Filled With Nuclear Waste Is Starting to Crack
November 12th, 2019
09:46 PM
Here Are 6 Science-Backed Ways We Can Actually Tackle Climate Change
07:54 AM
Something Strange And Unseen Seems to Be Causing Distant Galaxies to Synchronise
07:28 AM
Should Free Internet Be a Basic Human Right? There's a Strong Case For It
06:36 AM
Extreme Hurricanes Are 3 Times More Likely Now Than 100 Years Ago, Scientists Warn
06:10 AM
Incredibly Rare 'Mouse Deer' Spotted in Vietnam After Vanishing For Almost 30 Years
04:52 AM
Here Are 6 Surprising Facts About The Human Skeleton You Probably Don't Know
03:08 AM
Mercury Just Passed The Sun For The Last Time Until 2032. Here Are The Epic Photos
02:17 AM
Arctic Blast Hitting The US Predicted to Break Hundreds of Weather Records
01:25 AM
This Man Invented The Deadliest Weapon of The 20th Century, And Was Tortured by It
November 11th, 2019
11:16 PM
Individual Neurons Target Specific Memories When We Remember, Study Shows
08:06 AM
Incredible Footage Reveals Orcas Chasing Off The Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator
07:14 AM
Intense Gravity Makes One Galaxy Appear in The Sky at Least 12 Times