September 21st, 2017
10:10 AM
6th Global Mass Extinction Is Coming All Too Soon, According to This Mathematician
09:41 AM
More Viruses Than We Previously Thought Could Be Transmitted Sexually
09:12 AM
This Gigantic, Extinct Devil Frog Was Capable of Eating Dinosaurs
08:43 AM
This Nuclear Bomb Map Shows What Would Happen if One Exploded Near You
05:49 AM
Social Pressures Have Incredible Effects on The Size And Growth of Duck Penises
05:20 AM
Astronomers Have Spotted a Strange Hybrid Asteroid in Our Solar System
04:22 AM
Where No Flatworm Has Gone Before: Doctors Find Wriggling Parasite in Teen's Eyeball
03:24 AM
The Iconic Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico Is Being Battered by Hurricane Maria
02:56 AM
A Vaccine Is Being Developed For Preventing Tooth Decay And It Sounds Amazing
September 20th, 2017
10:01 AM
Pirates Are to Blame For Why The US Doesn't Use The Metric System
10:01 AM
There's a Much Better Option Than Pap Smears For Detecting Cancer, Evidence Shows
10:01 AM
Your Dog Is Probably Dumber Than a Wolf, And Here's Why
09:32 AM
These Baby Spiders Demand The Flesh of Their Mothers When They Get Hungry
06:09 AM
EXCLUSIVE: This Infographic Reveals Which Cancer Remedies Could Harm You The Most
05:11 AM
Archaeologists Discover Something Truly Bizarre in an Isolated Medieval Graveyard
04:42 AM
Teenagers Are Avoiding Sex, Alcohol, And Driving Like Never Before, Says New Study
03:44 AM
This New Method For Testing Blood With Sound Waves Is Insanely Clever
02:46 AM
Here's Why Mexico Is in One of The Worst Possible Places For Earthquakes
September 19th, 2017
10:19 AM
This Newly Discovered Jurassic Sea Monster Was Related to Ocean Super-Predators
09:50 AM
Physicists Just Cracked The Problem of Stabilising a Totally New Kind of Particle
09:21 AM
One of The Brightest Stars in Our Sky Is Spinning Nearly Fast Enough to Destroy Itself
09:21 AM
Here's 13 Things That Make People Dislike You Immediately, According to Science
08:23 AM
ScienceAlert Deal: Start Exploring The Stars With This Awesome Telescope
05:58 AM
We Can Still Reach The Most Optimistic Target of The Paris Climate Deal, Says New Study
05:58 AM
Blue Dinosaur Eggs Have Revealed a Surprise About Ancient Bird-Like Creatures
04:31 AM
These 9 Charts Clearly Show Our World Is Actually Doing Better Than Ever
03:33 AM
Biologists Just Discovered an Underwater Octopus City And They're Calling It Octlantis
03:04 AM
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Has a Stern Warning For All of Humanity
September 18th, 2017
11:36 AM
BREAKING: Light Has Been Stored as Sound For The First Time
10:09 AM
This Critical Thinker's Letter to His Daughter Will Restore Your Hope For The Future
10:09 AM
This Needle-Covered Patch Dissolves Excess Body Fat Wherever You Stick It
10:09 AM
Mystery Fossil Finally Confirmed to Be an Animal After 70 Years of Research
09:40 AM
Here's The Story Behind This Heartbreaking Photo, in The Photographer's Own Words
06:46 AM
A Rare Occultation Is About to Happen as The Moon Will Block Out Three Planets
05:48 AM
Astronomers Just Found a Surprise Hidden on The Mysterious Night Side of Venus
03:52 AM
This Badass Koala Survived a 10 Mile Journey Trapped Under a Car
03:52 AM
If You Feel Everyone Around You Has More Friends, You're Probably Wrong
02:54 AM
Is The US Actually Pulling Out of The Paris Climate Agreement or Not?
September 17th, 2017
09:58 AM
This Is How Weed Actually Affects Your Sleep
09:58 AM
Here's What Psychoanalysis Really Is, And What Science Says About Whether It Works
September 16th, 2017
07:24 AM
Want to Fix America's Health Care? We Need to Focus on Food
06:55 AM
These Incredible Micropods Could Mean an End to Vaccine Booster Shots
06:55 AM
New Research Takes Us Another Step Closer to a Hydrogen-Fuelled Future
06:55 AM
Bilingual People's Brains Process Arithmetic in a Quirky Way, Study Shows
06:55 AM
An AI Recreated an Old-School Video Game Just by Watching Someone Play It
06:55 AM
Astronomers Have Discovered a Bizarre Inferno World With Titanium Oxide Skies
06:54 AM
Bacteria Use Freaky Ways to Develop Drug Resistance Once They're in Space
06:54 AM
Here's Why Gun Violence Research in The US Is About to Come to a Grinding Halt
06:26 AM
The Science Museum And Natural History Museum Had a Massive Twitter Argument, And We Love It.
04:30 AM
Third-Hand Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Can Still Damage Your Organs
02:34 AM
Official: NASA's Cassini Probe Is Dead After 20 Years of Exploring Saturn
02:34 AM
Watch This Electric Eel Zap a Biologist in The Name of Science
01:36 AM
This Surprising New Model of The Universe Doesn't Need Dark Energy at All
01:36 AM
Giraffes Didn't Evolve Long Necks Simply to Reach Tree Leaves, New Study Shows
September 15th, 2017
09:38 AM
The Snow Leopard Was Just Declared No Longer Officially Endangered
09:38 AM
Get Started With The Ultimate Computer Science Career Bundle Online Now
09:38 AM
Experiences in Childhood Can Alter Your DNA For The Rest of Your Life
09:09 AM
This Extremely Hot Exoplanet Is So Black It Eats Up Almost All Visible Light
05:46 AM
An 8-Year-Old Bullied For Her Love of Bugs Just Got Her First Scientific Publication
04:48 AM
Here Are 15 All-Time Best Photos From Cassini That You Absolutely Must See
03:22 AM
That Creepy Fanged Creature Washed Up in Houston Has Finally Been Identified
02:24 AM
NASA Is Now Receiving The Last Photos Ever Taken by Cassini Before Its Death
September 14th, 2017
09:57 AM
NASA Will Be Streaming Video During Cassini's Death Plunge - Here's How to Watch
09:57 AM
The Most Stunning Wildlife Photos of 2017 Are Here And Holy Crap
09:57 AM
These 7 New Species of Adorable Little Peacock Spiders Will Make You Go 'Aww'
09:57 AM
Mind-Altering Cat Parasite Just Got Linked to a Whole Lot of Neurological Disorders
09:57 AM
Here's a List of 100 Words Scientists Really Want You to Stop Misusing
05:07 AM
A Potential Vaccine Is in The Works For This Horrifying Flesh-Eating Parasite
05:07 AM
IBM Just Broke The Record of Simulating Chemistry With a Quantum Computer
03:40 AM
Cassini Is Dying, But Its Groundbreaking Huygens Lander on Titan Lives On
03:12 AM
We Just Found 500-Million-Year-Old Fossils From The Earliest Complex Life on Earth
02:43 AM
By 2050, Most of World's Best Coffee Growing Areas Won't Be Viable Any More
September 13th, 2017
11:20 PM
Uncontacted Tribe in The Amazon Reportedly Massacred by Illegal Gold Miners
10:17 AM
Bill Gates Reveals The Biggest Public Health Threats Over The Next 10 Years
10:17 AM
Reddit Has Found a Way to Reduce Hate Speech That Actually Works