December 2nd, 2020
07:21 AM
There Are 6 Human Chronotypes, Not Just Morning Larks And Night Owls, Study Says
06:55 AM
An Astronomer Has Searched The Universe For a Potential Message From Its Creator
06:55 AM
A 37-Million-Year-Old 'Sabre-Toothed Tiger' Just Went Up For Auction
06:03 AM
It Now Looks Like COVID-19 Was Already in The US in December 2019
02:35 AM
New Study Reveals SARS-CoV-2 Can Invade The Brain Through The Nose
01:43 AM
China's Lunar Mission Just Landed on The Moon And Is Ready to Bring Back Some Rocks
12:25 AM
The Arecibo Telescope Has Suffered a Fatal Collapse, Smashing It Into Pieces
December 1st, 2020
11:34 PM
New Study Reveals The Content of People's Dreams During This Weird Pandemic Time
07:32 AM
Only a Small Fraction of The Dark Web Is Being Used For Hidden Activity, Study Finds
07:32 AM
Physicists Observe Trippy 'Vortex Rings' in a Magnetic Material For The First Time
07:32 AM
Astronomers Just Solved a Dark Matter Mystery, Saving Our Galaxy Formation Models
06:40 AM
A Baby Was Born With Protective Antibodies After Mom Had COVID-19 During Pregnancy
03:13 AM
AI Solves 50-Year-Old Biology 'Grand Challenge' Decades Before Experts Predicted
01:55 AM
Astronomers Just Mapped 1 Million Previously Unknown Galaxies, And You Can Take a Tour
01:03 AM
Over 100 Infected Danish Mink Have Escaped And Could Spread SARS-CoV-2 to Wildlife
November 30th, 2020
11:20 PM
This Gym Routine Is Not Only Effective But Also Saves Time
07:44 AM
Scientists Confirm Entirely New Species of Gelatinous Blob From The Deep, Dark Sea
06:52 AM
Neutrinos Prove Our Sun Is Undergoing a Second Type of Fusion in Its Core
06:52 AM
Endometriosis May Actually Have a Genetic Link to 2 Common Health Conditions
03:25 AM
That Bizarre Monolith in Utah Desert Has Now Mysteriously Disappeared
01:15 AM
'Surge Upon a Surge' of Virus Cases Now Threatens to Decimate The US For One Reason
November 29th, 2020
11:31 PM
Laughter Is Important For Our Bodies And Minds - Here's What The Research Says
11:21 AM
Study of 40,000 People Identifies a Key Personality Trait That Creates a Happy Family
10:29 AM
These Medicinal Plants Have Evolved an Ingenious Way to Hide From Their Predators: Us
10:29 AM
New Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Immunity Can Last 6 to 8 Months After Infection
10:29 AM
AI Predicts 96% of COVID-19 Pneumonia Cases That Will Require Intensive Care
01:49 AM
Our Solar System Is Going to Totally Disintegrate Sooner Than We Thought
01:23 AM
In an Unexpected Twist It Turns Out Alligators Can Regrow Their Tails Too
November 28th, 2020
02:34 PM
Egypt Has Unearthed 160 Ancient Coffins Since September. Some Were Sealed With a 'Curse'
11:32 AM
Scientists Have Located The Physical Source of Anxiety in The Brains of Mice
08:30 AM
Moth Wings Have Evolved a Rare 'Metastructure' We've Been Trying to Make in The Lab
08:30 AM
Scientists Propose a Brand New Periodic Table, And It's a Trip
01:08 AM
On Monday You'll Be Able to See The Full Moon Pass Through Earth's Shadow
12:42 AM
Scientists Detect Hints of Strange New Physics in The Universe's Background Radiation
November 27th, 2020
09:41 PM
A Day-by-Day Breakdown of Coronavirus Symptoms Shows How The Disease Progresses
07:49 AM
Stop Everything - It Turns Out Wombats Also Have Biofluorescent Fur
06:31 AM
The Last Fertile Female in Guinea's Tool-Using Ape Tribe Has Successfully Given Birth!
06:31 AM
Brain Scans Confirm There's a Part of You That Remains 'You' Throughout Your Life
06:31 AM
Earth Is a Whole Lot Closer to Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Than We Thought
03:03 AM
Melting Ice Has Revealed a Spectacular Trove of Ancient Hunting Artifacts in Norway
02:11 AM
Fossil Reveals Weird, Toothed 'Toucan' That Lived Alongside The Dinosaurs
12:53 AM
On The Eve of Thanksgiving, The US Recorded Its Highest COVID-19 Death Toll Since May
November 26th, 2020
10:18 PM
What Are The Health Risks of Space? Scientists Just Unveiled The Biggest Study Yet
08:00 AM
Controversial 7-Million-Year-Old Skull May Not Have Been as Human as We Thought
06:42 AM
Scientists Figured Out How Much Exercise You Need to 'Offset' a Day of Sitting
05:50 AM
Astronomers Predict Giant Sunspot Cluster Coinciding With Thanksgiving
05:50 AM
Huge Underground Reservoir of Freshwater Discovered Off The Coast of Hawai'i
02:48 AM
What Sealed The Fate of The Giant Megalodon? Its Ancient Teeth May Reveal The Answer
01:56 AM
A Clinical Trials Expert Explains Why We Should Feel Optimistic About COVID Vaccines
01:04 AM
X-Ray Scans of Ancient Egyptian Mummy Reveal a Surprising Discovery
November 25th, 2020
11:21 PM
A Giant Star Explosion 350 Years Ago Was Vastly More Powerful Than We Ever Knew
07:45 AM
Strange, Newly Found Magnetar Signals May Force Us to Rethink Fast Radio Bursts
07:19 AM
Artificial Intelligence Is Now Smart Enough to Know When It Can't Be Trusted
06:53 AM
Massive Swarm of Eels Is The Most Fish Ever Recorded at The Bottom of The Ocean
06:01 AM
Grisly Beach Discovery Reveals Broken 'Sword' That Slayed an Unlucky Shark
02:59 AM
Scientists Are Puzzling Over 1 Weird Number in The Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Results
02:33 AM
Mysterious Metal Monolith Appears in Remote Utah Desert And Has Authorities Stumped
01:15 AM
Giant Search Confirms Charles Darwin's Notebooks Are Missing, Presumed Stolen
November 24th, 2020
11:32 PM
These Ants Suit Up in a Protective 'Biomineral Armor' Never Seen Before in Insects
07:56 AM
Scientists Are Sharing Memories of The Iconic Arecibo Telescope, And It's Emotional
07:30 AM
Something's Making Dead Stars Mysteriously Hot, And We're Running Out of Explanations
07:04 AM
Greenhouse Gases Still at Record Levels Despite COVID-19 Lockdowns, UN Warns
06:38 AM
China Launches 'Audacious' Mission to Obtain First New Lunar Samples in Decades
03:11 AM
Cave in California Holds First Evidence of Humans Taking Hallucinogens, Study Says
01:53 AM
Scientists Detect 'Superbolts' 1,000 Times Brighter Than Typical Lightning Strikes
12:35 AM
The Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine Is Now a Global Game Changer. Here's Why
November 23rd, 2020
11:18 PM
Athletes 'In The Zone' Inhabit 2 Different Psychological States, Scientists Say
05:14 PM
The World's Oldest Evidence of Animals Might Be From a Very Different Organism
07:42 AM
Radical Testing Plan Could 'Drive Epidemic Toward Extinction' in Weeks, Study Claims
07:16 AM
Spacecraft With Precious Asteroid Cargo Is Almost Home After 5-Billion Km Trek
06:50 AM
Nightmare Ultrasound Reveals Parasitic Worms Squirming Around Inside Man's Stomach
03:23 AM
'Incredible' Meteor Footage Shows Bright Fireball Blazing Across The Night Sky
02:05 AM
Ancient Victims of Mount Vesuvius's Fury Discovered in The Ashes of Pompeii
01:13 AM
The US Could Begin Coronavirus Vaccinations Within Weeks, Official Says
November 22nd, 2020
11:29 PM
We're About to Witness a Super-Rare Planetary Alignment Not Seen in 800 Years