May 21st, 2018
05:34 AM
Browsing The Internet at Work May Not Make You Less Productive, Says Study
04:42 AM
NASA Is About to Create The Coldest Temperature in The Universe, Using Lasers in Space
04:42 AM
'Introvert Hangovers' Are a Thing. Here's The Best Way to Deal With Them
03:24 AM
The First Known Injury From Hawaii's Volcano Eruption Has Been Reported
02:32 AM
There's a Reason Why Puppies Reach 'Peak Cuteness' at a Certain Age, According to Science
May 20th, 2018
05:26 PM
The Xbox Adaptive Controller Is The Feel Good Gaming Announcement of 2018
04:08 PM
There's Exciting New Evidence a Real Planet Nine Is Out There
02:50 PM
Can You Actually Die From a Lack of Sleep? Here's What Science Says
02:24 PM
The Link Between Gut Bacteria And Brain Could Influence Multiple Sclerosis
07:54 AM
This Nightmare Shark With a Snake Head And 300 Teeth Is Absolutely Horrifying
07:54 AM
Epic Games Announces Fortnite And Android Are Finally Getting Together
06:10 AM
The Serious, Important Science Around Solo: A Star Wars Story
02:17 AM
Some Lizards Have Green Blood That Should Kill Them And It's a Scientific Mystery
01:51 AM
Do You Cry More on Planes? Here's Some Scientific Reasons to Explain Why
01:51 AM
Elon Musk Thinks Flying Cars Could 'Guillotine' People on The Ground
May 19th, 2018
03:27 PM
Fake Facebook Accounts And Online Lies Multiply in Hours After Santa Fe School Shooting
03:01 PM
There's a Strange New Theory For Those Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts in Space
02:35 PM
If You Have Lower Back Pain, Here's What Science Says You Should Do
04:11 AM
Bill Gates Says Trump Asked Him The Difference Between HIV And HPV
03:20 AM
Here's Why a Disrupted Sleeping Pattern Could Increase Your Risk of Depression
02:54 AM
What Everyone Gets Wrong About ADHD
12:18 AM
These Students Created a Mosaic of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Face Out of 600 Rubik's Cubes
May 18th, 2018
11:52 PM
Scientists Built The World's Fastest Water Heater, And It Sounds Totally Insane
11:52 PM
Chimp Nests Have Fewer Fecal Microbes Than Our Own Beds, But It Actually Makes Sense
11:26 PM
Here's Why Some Brains Really Are Smarter, According to This New Study
07:58 PM
Trump Supporters Appear to Value Power And Wealth Over Altruism, Study Suggests
07:58 PM
Former EPA Chief Says Scott Pruitt Has No Idea What He's Doing
07:58 PM
Now, Even Some Republicans Want Scott Pruitt Booted From The EPA
07:58 PM
Even The White House Thinks Scott Pruitt's Climate Science Debate Is Foolish
07:57 PM
Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Going All-Out For Young Women in STEM
07:57 PM
Millennial Voters Are Set to Crack Open The U.S. Debate on Climate Change
07:57 PM
Madame Tussauds Is Making Life-Like Robots of Celebrities And It's Just Too Freaky
07:57 PM
Bill Gates Sticks Up For GMOs Amid News That Russia Is Spreading Anti-GMO Propaganda
07:57 PM
5 Photos That Show Just How Much The EPA Website Has Censored Climate Change
10:00 AM
GM Potato Can Help Cut Pesticide Use by Up to 90 Percent, Study Shows
10:00 AM
A "Made in China" Label Solved The Mystery of an 800-Year-Old Shipwreck
09:34 AM
A New Type of Long-Anticipated Migraine Medication Was Just Approved by The FDA
09:08 AM
Anne Frank's Censored Diary Pages Have Been Revealed, And They're Not What We Expected
08:42 AM
ScienceAlert Deal: Get 100+ Hours of Cisco Certification Training
06:58 AM
A Congressional Hearing on Climate Change Turned Into a Circus of Absurdist Climate Denial
05:14 AM
A Teenage Girl Got Respiratory Failure After Just 3 Weeks of Vaping
04:22 AM
These 6 Baby Squirrels Accidentally Got Into a 'Rat King' Situation
03:56 AM
Protons Contain 10 Times More Pressure Than a Neutron Star, According to First-Ever Measurement
03:30 AM
People in The US Have No More Excuses to Avoid Salad
02:39 AM
The Explosion Geologists Feared From Hawaii's Volcano Has Just Happened
01:47 AM
Thousands of Google Employees Are Worried Their Company Will Help Create Autonomous Weapons
May 17th, 2018
11:11 PM
Eerie Remains of a 2,000-Year-Old Horse Have Been Discovered in Pompeii
11:11 PM
Ebola Is Back. Here's How The New Outbreak Is Different From 2014
11:11 PM
This Disturbing Timelapse Video Shows a Tarantula Crawling Out of Its Own Skin
08:09 PM
A Single Mosquito Bite Could Mess With Your Immune System to Pave Way For Diseases
09:19 AM
Space Lasers Are Shooting Out of This Gorgeous Nebula, Which Means It's Hiding Something
09:19 AM
A Cancer Researcher Was Caught Using Her Own Blood For Almost 100 Samples
08:53 AM
Hawaii's Volcano Is Now Shooting 'Ballistic Blocks' And Causing Earthquakes
05:25 AM
Hippos Poop So Much, Sometimes Their Waste Kills All The Fish
04:33 AM
A New Yellowstone Park Discovery Points Back to The Origins of Life
03:41 AM
A Mystery Source Is Producing Banned Ozone-Destroying Chemicals, Shocking Scientists
02:50 AM
A Speech Scientist Reveals Why This Illusion Has Only One Correct Answer
02:24 AM
A Florida Teacher Accused of Enlisting Kids to Drown Raccoons in His Science Class
May 16th, 2018
11:22 PM
This GIF of a Dandelion Posted on Reddit Is Blowing People's Minds For a Crazy Reason
11:22 PM
Acupuncture Will Not Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy on IVF, Study Shows
11:22 PM
An Insane Paper Tests The Limits of Science by Claiming Octopuses Came From Space
07:28 PM
Record-Breaking Evidence Just Changed What We Know About Star Birth After The Big Bang
09:30 AM
The Rise And Fall of The Roman Empire Is Being Rewritten by Ice Hidden Under Greenland
09:30 AM
Best-Selling Author Michael Pollan Took Several Psychedelic Drugs, And Then Wrote About It in Vivid Detail
09:30 AM
Eating Collagen Is Becoming a Health Fad, And We Can Only Sit Back And Sigh
09:30 AM
ScienceAlert Deal: This Meditation App Uses Machine Learning to Help You De-Stress
09:04 AM
Here's What Really Happens in The Skin When You Have Eczema
05:36 AM
Megan Fox Thinks Archaeologists Are Too Narrow Minded to Understand History
05:10 AM
Massive, Hairy 'Globster' Has Washed Ashore in The Philippines, And Nobody Knows What It Is
04:18 AM
There's a Reason For Holes on The Tops of Pen Caps, And It's Surprisingly Awesome
03:52 AM
Yanny or Laurel? The Internet Is Going Mad Over This Auditory Illusion
03:01 AM
When It Comes to Scientific Research, Most Americans Don't Know What to Think
02:35 AM
Astronomers Have Found a Monstrous Black Hole That's Eating Stars Shockingly Fast
02:09 AM
A Surprise Asteroid The Size of The Statue of Liberty Is Hurtling Past Earth Right Now
01:17 AM
These Beautiful, Translucent Cases Transform Your IPhone X Into a Classic IMac