November 19th, 2018
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Should You Really Take Probiotics if You're on Antibiotics? The Answer May Surprise You.
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The Weird Reason Your Wounds Heal Faster During The Day Than at Nighttime
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Climate Change Likely Caused The Collapse of This Ancient Civilisation 4,000 Years Ago
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Scientists Are Challenging The Next Generation to Put Together a New Message For Aliens
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Here Are Some of The Strangest Things on Earth You May Not Have Heard Of
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Is There Actually a 'Right' Age to Have a Child? Here's The Science
November 18th, 2018
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Weight-Loss Surgery Data Indicates There Are Actually 4 Types of Obesity
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George Clooney Can Probably Convince You That Evolution Is True
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Submarine That Vanished a Year Ago With 44 Sailors Has Been Found Near Argentina
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There's a Crucial Physiological Difference Between Us And These Remote Amazonian Tribes
November 17th, 2018
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There's a Secret Meaning Behind The Devil's Number 666
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Here Are 4 'Natural' Depression Therapies That Can Actually Work, According to a Psychiatrist
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17 Signs You Might Be Smart - Even if It Doesn't Feel Like It
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Scientists Find Compelling Evidence Depression in Men Could Be Treated With Testosterone
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If You're on Any Medications, You Need to Know About These Weird Drug Interactions
02:52 AM
17 Signs You Might Be Smart - Even if It Doesn't Feel Like It
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Here Are The Anti-Vax Hotspots in America
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The Pill Was Just Implicated in The Rise of Another Concerning Symptom in Women
November 16th, 2018
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Marvel at The Plans For Japan's Futuristic New Space Research Center
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Why Your Palm Oil Boycott May Not Be The Best Way to Save The Environment
10:58 PM
A Startling Microbe Discovery Just Revealed a Whole New Branch of Our Tree of Life
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Human Are Still Evolving – Possibly Faster Than Ever
10:06 PM
It's Official: The Definition of a Kilogram Has Changed
07:30 PM
The Brightest Known Galaxy in The Universe Has Turned Out to Have a Really Dirty Secret
07:22 AM
Scientists Have Determined The Worst Year to Be Alive in Human History
06:30 AM
Elon Musk's Boring Company Has Been Tunnelling Under People's Homes Without Their Permission
06:30 AM
These Jobs Have The Highest Suicide Rates, According to The CDC
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NASA Just Detailed a Magnetic Explosion Right in Earth's Atmosphere
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Orangutans Just Became The Only Non-Human Primates We Know of Who Can Talk About The Past
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Hoverbikes Are a Real Thing Now, And You Probably Didn't Even Notice
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Are You a Coffee or Tea Person? It Could Be Down to Your Genetics
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Watch Divers Encounter a Bizarre Sea 'Creature' That Looks Like a Giant Tube
November 15th, 2018
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Get Six Sigma Certified With This $59 Training Bundle
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There's a Surprising Link Between IVF And Intellectual Impairment For The Baby
07:59 AM
When It Rains in The Driest Desert on Earth, It Literally Brings Death, Not Life
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Good News! We Have Found a Thriving Polar Bear Population Somewhere on Our Planet
06:41 AM
China's Nuclear Fusion Machine Just Smashed Temperature Records by Getting 6 Times Hotter Than The Sun
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This Italian Supervolcano Looks to Have Restarted Its Deadly Cycle of Fire
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Something Is Causing Male Infertility in One of The Most Important Life Forms on Earth
01:55 AM
The Definition of The Kilogram Is About to Change. Here's What That Really Means
01:55 AM
Scientists Just Found Errors in a Huge Climate Study That Made Headlines Two Weeks Ago
01:03 AM
China Has Changed Its Mind on Legalising Tiger And Rhino Part Trade After International Outcry
November 14th, 2018
08:17 PM
A Massive Geological Surprise Has Been Discovered Under Greenland's Ice Sheet
07:25 PM
Astronomers Have Detected a Super-Earth Orbiting a Star That's Surprisingly Close to Us
07:43 AM
We Thought Earth's Water Came From Comets. Turns Out That's Not The Full Story
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This Study Suggests Multitasking Is Not as Awful For Us as We Thought
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Humans Have Changed The Course of Evolution in Ways We Never Predicted, Scientist Warns
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There's a Major Change in The Latest US Exercise Guidelines. Here's What You Need to Know
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Historians Have Revealed a Totally Unexpected, Unique Depiction of Jesus's Face
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Scientists Develop a Spiky Eye Patch That Injects Drugs Straight Into The Eye
01:39 AM
Watch 40 Years of Icebergs Break Off Antarctica in Less Than a Minute
12:47 AM
A US Government Agency Has Doubled Down on Running Controversial Experiments on Dogs
November 13th, 2018
07:09 PM
These Fractal Triangles Made Out of Electrons Will Quite Possibly Blow Your Mind
07:53 AM
Our Brains Could Actually Have Bacteria Living Inside, New Evidence Suggests
07:27 AM
An Incredibly Fast 'Dark Matter Hurricane' Is Blowing Past Earth Right Now
06:35 AM
This Jupiter Cloud Kinda Looks Like a Dolphin, So We Found Some More Animals to Keep It Company
06:09 AM
Furry Moths Have Evolved Impressive 'Acoustic Camouflage' on Par With Military Technology
03:59 AM
Illegal 'Whale Jail' Has Been Spotted in Russia, Lifting The Lid on a Massive Animal Exploitation Industry
03:08 AM
We Just Got Closer Than Ever to Unlocking Graphene's Superconducting Powers
01:50 AM
Stan Lee Said He Was "The Least Scientific Person You'll Ever Know", But He Inspired Us Anyway
12:58 AM
Stunning Data Reveal How Wildfires in California And The US Are Becoming More Devastating
November 12th, 2018
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Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are 5 Simple Food Mistakes to Avoid
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5 Reasons ESignatures Are The Must-Have Tool You Don't Think About
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This Insane Device Both Harvests Solar Energy And Sends Excess Heat Into Space
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Our Top 9 Early Black Friday Deals For Knowledge Lovers
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Scientists Found a Bird That's 3 Species in One, And We've Never Seen Anything Like It
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Heart-Wrenching Ad on The Dark Reality of Palm Oil Banned in The UK For Being Too 'Political'
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There's a Strange Explosion of Certain Meditative Practices in America Right Now
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Dozens of Cat Mummies Have Been Found in a 2,500-Year-Old Egyptian Tomb
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Infographic: Here's What Was Important in Science News This Week
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Two Huge Studies Have Just Revealed The Actual Benefits of Fish Oil And Vitamin D
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This Crazy Optical Illusion Shows We Have a Weird Need to Relate to All Things
November 11th, 2018
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Apple Admits There Are Hardware Issues With Its IPhone X And 13-Inch MacBook Pro
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Researchers Think They've Glimpsed What Sadness Looks Like in The Brain
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This Scientist Has a Warning About The WEIRD Problem in Psychology Research