August 21st, 2019
01:05 AM
High blood pressure in your 40s linked to smaller brain size at 70
August 20th, 2019
08:20 PM
Is air pollution causing mental health conditions like depression?
07:02 PM
An inside look at the NHS's plans to revolutionise healthcare with AI
04:26 PM
We could find alien life on exoplanets by looking for its glow
04:00 PM
Cities are using walls of moss to tackle air pollution from traffic
August 19th, 2019
06:48 PM
Extinction Rebellion founder calls for mass psychedelic disobedience
05:30 PM
Climate change will drive longer extreme heatwaves in summer
05:30 PM
A classic quantum theorem may prove there are many parallel universes
02:02 PM
We have spotted 8 more mysterious repeating radio bursts from space
02:02 PM
Genetic studies hint alcohol isn’t linked to breast cancer after all
02:02 PM
A variety of CBD health products are in the shops - do they work?
01:36 PM
The UK has lost its World Health Organization ‘measles-free’ status
12:18 PM
Our obsession with perfection is damaging individuals and society
August 18th, 2019
08:35 AM
Having kids makes you happier, but only when they move out
08:35 AM
White nationalists are perverting environmentalism to smear migrants
August 17th, 2019
08:46 AM
Genetic studies suggest alcohol isn’t linked to breast cancer afterall
August 16th, 2019
12:51 PM
15 studies retracted due to fears they used Chinese prisoner’s organs
11:33 AM
Tiny magnets could help rid the ocean of harmful microplastics
08:31 AM
Wildlife summit to consider global ban on saiga antelope trade
August 15th, 2019
08:25 PM
Super-deep diamonds contain traces of a pristine chunk of early Earth
08:25 PM
Robotic shorts could help you run and walk more efficiently
05:49 PM
Sticky nets of DNA from immune cells may be to blame for gallstones
04:05 PM
Europe’s extinct cave bears went into decline just as humans arrived
04:05 PM
Biologists have a problem with homosexuality – they should get over it
02:40 AM
Lyme disease in England and Wales is most common in older, white women
August 14th, 2019
09:55 PM
Ketogenic diet may stop migraines by changing the brain’s fuel
08:37 PM
Plant growth has declined drastically around the world due to dry air
08:37 PM
Microplastics in the Arctic and the Alps may have blown in on the wind
08:37 PM
Neanderthals spent a surprising amount of time underwater
07:45 PM
A massive collision may have made Jupiter's core so weird
04:43 PM
Radioactive dust in Antarctic ice could help map interstellar clouds
04:17 PM
Cannabis-based health products are going mainstream – do they work?
04:17 PM
Fracking boom could explain the puzzling rise in global methane levels
01:41 PM
The US Army is developing AI missiles that find their own targets
11:57 AM
Military-grade jet fuel made cheaply from plant waste instead of coal
01:34 AM
Lack of sleep is more of a problem for teen girls than social media
August 13th, 2019
08:22 PM
Sperm sorting method could prevent girls being born, scientists warn
03:36 PM
We could put enough wind turbines on European land to power the world
01:52 PM
Ebola breakthrough: two drugs could treat up to 90 per cent of cases
01:19 AM
Chlamydia vaccine shown to be safe in first ever human trial
August 12th, 2019
08:33 PM
No sign radiation from a missile explosion has spread beyond Russia
07:41 PM
No sign Russian missile explosion radiation has reached Europe
01:37 PM
Google's hate speech-detecting AI appears to be racially biased
01:11 PM
A company has used trees to find gold deep underground in Australia
11:01 AM
Hackers could use Wi-Fi to install ransomware on DSLR cameras
August 11th, 2019
09:55 AM
Hackers could use Wi-Fi to install ranomware on DSLR cameras
09:03 AM
Ibuprofen and other common drugs may help antibiotic resistance spread
August 9th, 2019
06:31 PM
Milky Way's black hole has got 75 times brighter and we don't know why
05:39 PM
Deep-sea microbe could answer one of evolution's biggest mysteries
05:13 PM
Weird microbe could answer one of the biggest mysteries of evolution
01:37 AM
World’s largest frog builds its own ponds using heavy rocks
August 8th, 2019
07:08 PM
James Lovelock at 100: Ecclectic conference considers Gaia's future
06:16 PM
Mysterious signals from space could teach us how dark energy works
05:24 PM
Sharks use a special kind of protein to glow green in deep water
04:58 PM
Personalised breast cancer test could tell when to stop treatment
04:32 PM
AI learns to predict the outcomes of human rights court cases
12:12 PM
The NHS is setting up a lab for medical artificial intelligence
10:54 AM
UN warns most plans for limiting climate change would wreck the planet
August 7th, 2019
08:38 PM
Earth's magnetic poles probably won't flip within our lifetime
07:46 PM
We just found dozens of missing galaxies from the early universe
07:46 PM
Plate tectonics began nearly 2 billion years before we thought
07:46 PM
How the coolest, smallest stars could help us discover new exoplanets
06:54 PM
Why the news on dementia deaths is not as bad as it sounds
04:44 PM
Enormous ‘cannonballs’ of plasma spotted hurtling around the sun
04:18 PM
Your guide to the carbon sucking tech we need to save the planet
12:50 PM
Snowglow can cause the night sky to be twice as bright as a full moon
01:37 AM
Staring down seagulls can stop them stealing your chips
01:37 AM
World’s largest parrot was a metre tall and lived 19 million years ago
August 6th, 2019
04:58 PM
Physicists who came up with supergravity win $3m Breakthrough Prize
02:48 PM
We could use Earth's atmosphere as a giant lens for a space telescope
01:48 AM
Artificial tongue could taste whisky to make sure it isn't counterfeit
August 5th, 2019
06:27 PM
Most people would rather lose their job to a robot than another human
05:35 PM
Space agency chief fired after revealing recent Amazon deforestation
11:31 AM
Water wars: How to avoid conflict over our most precious resource
August 4th, 2019
09:59 AM
Two planets orbiting a nearby star could have oceans and maybe life