March 17th, 2018
04:33 PM
Essential oils in hygiene products may make boys grow breasts
March 16th, 2018
07:19 PM
The FDA wants to cut the nicotine in cigarettes by a third
07:19 PM
Bacteria-killing nanofibres could make clothes that stop disease
05:09 PM
Mystery of neutrino masses may be explained by dark matter force
04:17 PM
Bottled water is bad – but microplastics aren’t the reason
03:25 PM
Electrodes fitted behind your ear can make you walk faster
03:25 PM
The sun’s mysteriously hot corona may be due to invisible plasma
03:25 PM
People with Tourette’s may be better at learning without trying
01:15 PM
Killer kettles show security an afterthought for connected homes
01:15 PM
Earthquake AI makes it easier to predict devastation of strikes
11:31 AM
Puppy smart toy reveals who’ll be a good guide dog
March 15th, 2018
07:55 PM
The Novichok spy attack was brazen – it needs a tough response
07:55 PM
Exercising during pregnancy can make your labour shorter
05:19 PM
Our ancestors mated with the mystery ‘Denisovan’ people – twice
05:19 PM
Band-aid made of youthful protein stops wounds from scarring
04:27 PM
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot keeps getting less great and less red
03:35 PM
8 hilarious ways AI has outsmarted us to get the job done
02:43 PM
AI has spotted nearly 7,000 undiscovered craters on the moon
12:33 PM
Lab-grown pet food promises a wholesome vegan lifestyle for dogs
12:33 PM
These searing hot chilli peppers are in danger thanks to snakes
March 14th, 2018
07:14 PM
Face-faking AI isn’t just for porn – it will change the world
07:14 PM
Two herbivores gang up and silence a plant’s cries for help
07:14 PM
Being in a relationship really does seem to make you fatter
07:14 PM
Dwarf planet Ceres has a water cycle but it’s not like Earth’s
07:13 PM
Polar melt may shut down the Atlantic current that warms Europe
05:30 PM
Hawking’s global warnings divided opinion but the world listened
04:38 PM
AI drones are controlling self-driving diggers on building sites
02:02 PM
A quarter of people have bad reactions to fragranced products
12:44 PM
Stephen Hawking: Tributes pour in as physicist dies aged 76
11:26 AM
Ten connected miniature organs are best human-on-a-chip yet
09:16 AM
Stephen Hawking dies aged 76
07:32 AM
A brief history of Stephen Hawking: A legacy of paradox
March 13th, 2018
06:32 PM
Malfunctioning fertility clinic tanks may put eggs at risk
06:06 PM
Weird crystals could grow on Titan and help alien life thrive
05:14 PM
Dinobird Archaeopteryx only flew in short bursts like a pheasant
05:14 PM
Loops in the sun’s plasma may reveal how its corona gets so hot
12:54 PM
Chemistry bots collude on Twitter to speed up their experiments
12:28 PM
US climate report warns nation will lose out if it doesn’t act
11:10 AM
What are Novichok nerve agents and did Russia do it?
March 12th, 2018
09:45 PM
We’ve just spotted the brightest mystery radio burst from space
08:27 PM
Psychopaths pay less attention to what other people are thinking
07:35 PM
Daft male spiders prefer females who are more likely to eat them
06:43 PM
$10m prize to let you feel what a distant robot is feeling
06:17 PM
Found: more than 500 genes that are linked to intelligence
06:17 PM
Start-up accused of launching mini satellites without permission
05:25 PM
Election polling accuracy has not improved since the 1940s
05:25 PM
Polar melt may shut down the Atlantic current that warms Europe
04:59 PM
Being in a relationship really does seem to make you fatter
12:13 PM
We need to be mindful as we develop thought-reading tech
March 9th, 2018
08:32 PM
Eco-friendly nanowood is a super strong and recyclable Styrofoam
07:14 PM
How to keep foreign pests away from the UK’s natural treasures
05:56 PM
Young babies disapprove when they see adults acting immorally
05:04 PM
Ancient black holes may have made the first stars look cool
03:20 PM
Brain zap can make people re-experience old dreams while awake
02:54 PM
Ancient birds couldn’t sit on their eggs without smashing them
01:10 PM
People with epilepsy can replay their dreams when awake
11:00 AM
Swarms of cheap drones are attacking missile defences in Yemen
March 8th, 2018
08:16 PM
Fake news travels six times faster than the truth on Twitter
08:16 PM
A high fibre diet helps treat diabetes by changing gut bacteria
06:58 PM
Swarms of DIY drones are attacking missile defences in Yemen
06:06 PM
Stretchy ‘electric skin’ generates power from your movements
03:56 PM
Deep sea discovery suggests world’s oldest fossils misunderstood
03:30 PM
Record low Arctic ice linked to freak weather in US, Europe
01:20 PM
Could a bedtime pill protect you from morning heart attacks?
11:36 AM
What was the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal?
06:24 AM
Leopards that live in cities are protecting people from rabies
March 7th, 2018
08:27 PM
Parts of San Francisco are sinking faster than the sea is rising
07:35 PM
Elon Musk wants to turn our homes into one big power plant
05:25 PM
Allow lesbians to use ‘three-parent’ baby IVF to have children
05:25 PM
23andMe’s breast cancer test may create false sense of security
04:59 PM
People with Tourette’s may find it easier to pick up new skills
04:59 PM
Smart toys predict which pups will make the best guide dogs
01:05 PM
Cancer algorithm uses game theory to double survival time
01:24 AM
A deadly predator could save the UK’s threatened red squirrels
March 6th, 2018
06:28 PM
Drones reveal huge colonies of 1.5 million penguins on islands