October 19th, 2019
08:37 AM
Bacterial infections in pregnancy may make schizophrenia more likely
07:45 AM
Farmed bees are mating with native bees - and that could endanger them
01:41 AM
Creepy human-like skin makes your phone ticklish and pinchable
October 18th, 2019
02:25 PM
DeepMind AI beats humans at deciphering damaged ancient Greek tablets
October 17th, 2019
08:40 PM
Long strand of DNA from Neanderthals found in people from Melanesia
07:48 PM
Google gets green light to access five years of NHS patient data
06:04 PM
SpaceX plans to put more than 40,000 satellites in space
05:38 PM
Early mouse fetuses generated without sperm or eggs for first time
03:28 PM
Technology’s future isn’t gleaming, it’s dirty and biological
12:52 PM
Archaeologists are racing to find a lost city before it's ransacked
12:45 AM
Desert ant runs so fast it covers 100 times its body length per second
October 16th, 2019
08:51 PM
A second mutation that makes people need less sleep has been found
08:51 PM
Mother’s attention may shape baby’s hormone system and temperament
08:51 PM
Strange sand dunes on Titan could be made by cosmic rays hitting ice
08:51 PM
Deadly frog fungus now thrives where we thought it couldn’t survive
08:25 PM
Extinction Rebellion protests should be embraced, not banned
07:59 PM
Damping down brain cell activity may help us to live longer
07:59 PM
Humans evolved to think faster by slowing down brain development
06:15 PM
UK scraps plan to enforce age checks on pornography websites
05:23 PM
These evidence-based strategies may turn the tide on domestic violence
10:53 AM
A curved invisibility screen could hide soldiers or buildings
01:47 AM
Humpback whales use their flippers to swat salmon into their mouths
12:55 AM
The best of the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year winning photos
October 15th, 2019
08:36 PM
Nightjars time their epic migration flights using a lunar calendar
08:36 PM
Extreme snow stopped plants and animals breeding in parts of Greenland
06:52 PM
Extremely dexterous robot can solve a Rubik's cube one-handed
05:34 PM
How deadly disease outbreaks could worsen as the climate changes
03:50 PM
US green economy has 10 times more jobs than the fossil fuel industry
02:32 PM
Extinction Rebellion protests should be embraced, not banned
01:40 PM
Ancient jungle capital of the Khmer Empire mapped for the first time
06:18 AM
Huge fire blankets can protect houses from destructive wildfires
October 14th, 2019
07:54 PM
Eliud Kipchoge's sub-2 hour marathon may herald even faster times
07:02 PM
Astronomer Royal: We're destroying the book of life before reading it
05:44 PM
High levels of air pollution seem to be linked to early miscarriages
05:44 PM
Lee Berger: We have made another major discovery about early humans
04:00 PM
Eliud Kipchoge's sub-two hour marathon may herald even faster times
11:40 AM
Are experiments on how animals think ever justified?
01:42 AM
Renewables overtook fossil fuels in UK electricity mix for first time
October 13th, 2019
03:45 PM
Cannabis extract may work as a treatment for cannabis addiction
October 12th, 2019
03:57 PM
These New Scientist-inspired Twitter bots are surrealist art
02:39 PM
Your heartbeat may shape how likely you are to have a car crash
02:13 PM
Data trial identifies vulnerable children who may otherwise be missed
October 11th, 2019
05:25 PM
Crabs are being found in the Thames with stomachs full of plastic
03:15 PM
Cancelled Dyson electric car project received £5m from UK government
01:31 PM
NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics
11:47 AM
Life may have begun with simple genes made out of urine
08:19 AM
Quantum weirdness could allow a person-sized wormhole to last forever
October 10th, 2019
08:38 PM
Fridges made from twisty materials could be better for the environment
08:38 PM
Wealthy families in prehistoric Europe may have had live-in slaves
07:20 PM
Depression may reduce the amount of white matter in the brain
07:20 PM
Will a ban on snacking on public transport really help combat obesity?
05:10 PM
You probably score worse than monkeys on questions about the world
03:26 PM
If we label eco-anxiety as an illness, climate denialists have won
03:00 PM
Cold-blooded mammals roamed Earth for tens of millions of years
02:08 PM
Plans for UK's first moon rover announced at New Scientist Live
12:50 PM
Deep-sea anglerfish may shed luminous bacteria into the ocean water
10:40 AM
Plans for UK's first moon lander announced at New Scientist Live
12:43 AM
Bees are better at counting if they are penalised for their mistakes
October 9th, 2019
09:15 PM
Return of warm water 'blob' in the Pacific threatens marine life
08:49 PM
Ancient humans planned ahead and stored bones to eat the marrow later
08:49 PM
Mini organs grown from tumour cells can help us choose the best chemo
08:49 PM
Some corals ‘killed’ by climate change are now returning to life
08:23 PM
Longer life, flying, mind-bending drugs: Dreams that science made real
07:31 PM
Chronic Lyme disease may be a misdiagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome
04:03 PM
We've discovered 20 more moons of Saturn - and you can help name them
03:37 PM
Takeaway food packaging may be source of synthetic chemicals in blood
03:11 PM
UK launched passport photo checker it knew would fail with dark skin
12:35 PM
Experiments show us how animal minds work – but should we do them?
12:35 PM
Nobel prize in chemistry goes to developers of lithium-ion batteries
01:45 AM
Real time badger tracking shows culling could increase spread of TB
October 8th, 2019
06:50 PM
Tea and banana plants have been genetically modified by bacteria
06:24 PM
Tea and peanut plants have been genetically modified by bacteria
05:58 PM
UN agency meant to be limiting flying emissions votes to limit action
12:20 PM
Nobel prize in physics for discovery of exoplanet orbiting a star
12:20 PM
UN agency meant to be limiting flying emissions votes to block action