May 21st, 2019
11:59 PM
Biden aims to bring a divided nation back to normal. Good luck with that.
11:59 PM
HUD Secretary Ben Carson demonstrates lack of basic knowledge about housing at hearing
11:07 PM
Alabama Senate hopeful who authored an ACA repeal sells ‘free’ pro-life stickers — for $4 each
11:07 PM
Fox News host lobbying Trump on behalf of accused war criminals enjoys cozy relationship with him
11:06 PM
Carson to Congress: Pass immigration reform or immigrant families will be kicked out of their homes
10:15 PM
Hundreds of activists rally at Supreme Court in protest of extreme abortion bans
09:49 PM
Koch network tries to rebrand from greedy capitalists to benevolent philanthropists
08:31 PM
After a week of discussing war, Trump says there is ‘no indication’ of threats from Iran
08:31 PM
‘We’re not going to have this’: Thousands protest nationwide against extreme abortion bans
07:39 PM
Senate agriculture climate change hearing reinforces industry resistance to action
06:47 PM
Walmart workers are bringing a megaphone to the 2019 shareholders meeting: Bernie Sanders
05:55 PM
One of the biggest champions of D.C. statehood is a woman from Iowa
05:03 PM
Justin Amash faces barrage of scorn from fellow Republicans after calling for Trump’s impeachment
04:11 PM
GOP lawmaker: No need to impeach Trump because the people who obstructed justice are in jail
03:19 PM
Texas law firm reveals it is working with Russia’s ally in the Balkans
02:27 PM
Meet the Texas law firm acting as a foreign agent for Russia’s ally in the Balkans
02:27 PM
One of the biggest champions of D.C. statehood is a woman from Iowa
01:53 AM
Republicans are undermining Michigan’s redistricting effort, secretary of state says
12:10 AM
Federal judge smacks down Trump’s resistance to congressional oversight
May 20th, 2019
11:18 PM
Conservative media defends Navy SEAL accused of war crimes
09:34 PM
Muhlaysia Booker, a trans woman who was assaulted in April, has been found dead
08:42 PM
A war with Iran would require all US troops, and then a draft
07:50 PM
Major oil companies are backing a carbon tax — but there’s a catch
06:58 PM
Second Guatemalan child in one week dies at the border
06:58 PM
Meet the most willfully ignorant person in the Senate
06:58 PM
Kamala Harris’ equal pay plan shifts burden to companies, not employees
05:40 PM
Border patrol agent reportedly called migrants ‘subhuman’ before hitting one with his truck
05:14 PM
If Trump doesn’t need banks, why does he keep asking them for loans?
03:30 PM
Fox News hosts accidentally forget they are supposed to be against free college
02:38 PM
The most important question facing whoever wins the Democratic primary
02:38 PM
The forgotten history of the women who performed illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade
May 19th, 2019
08:53 PM
Deutsche Bank staffers flagged suspicious transfers from Jared Kushner’s companies to Russians
06:17 PM
House intel chair: Even with Justin Amash’s comments, GOP Senate isn’t willing to remove Trump
06:17 PM
Pennsylvania senator defends Trump tariffs hurting his state because maybe they’ll pay off someday
05:25 PM
Tom Cotton says overturn Roe v. Wade because medical science only ‘informs’ these decisions
03:41 PM
Trump may pardon US war criminals, including Blackwater security guard who killed 14 unarmed Iraqis
03:41 PM
The 1990s GOP would have demanded a special prosecutor for Trump’s Air Force One fundraising
02:49 PM
The forgotten history of the women who performed illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade
May 18th, 2019
09:57 PM
‘We have lost Australia for now,’ warns climate scientist in wake of election upset
09:57 PM
Player empowerment is taking women’s sports to new heights
06:55 PM
Ocasio-Cortez calls out GOP hypocrisy on abortion and climate change
05:37 PM
Jim Jordan claims horrific report on sex abuse at Ohio State exonerates him. It doesn’t.
05:11 PM
The rise in extreme anti-abortion bans
04:19 PM
Trump administration ignores federal law that gives Congress access to the president’s tax returns
03:27 PM
Republicans say their goal is to stop abortions. Their policies say otherwise.
02:35 PM
The Republican Party is causing more abortions than it’s stopping
May 17th, 2019
11:26 PM
GOP pretends to care about women’s sports in order to discriminate against LGBTQ community
11:26 PM
Florida county Trump won in 2016 was among two hacked by Russia, reports say
10:34 PM
These 25 Equality Act opponents should have known better
09:42 PM
Johns Hopkins Hospital has been hounding the poor for a rounding error’s worth of revenue
08:24 PM
Missouri sends sweeping anti-abortion bill to governor
07:58 PM
EPA watchdog offers clear steps to avoid Pruitt-like scandals. Will Trump officials listen?
07:06 PM
New court filings in Michael Flynn’s case spell trouble for Trump
07:06 PM
Alabama governor’s belief in sanctity of life doesn’t seem to extend beyond the womb
07:06 PM
173 Republicans vote against Equality Act banning LGBTQ discrimination
06:14 PM
Republican congressman cites LGBTQ ally, civil rights icon Coretta Scott King to oppose Equality Act
05:22 PM
Plastics are sealing the planet’s fate
05:22 PM
White House confirms Trump is considering using the military to remove immigrants
04:30 PM
We need a better plan for abortion rights than ‘elect more women’
02:20 PM
Can Uber and Lyft make a profit without destroying the climate?
May 16th, 2019
11:37 PM
Super Tuesday looms as a ‘pass-fail’ test for 2020 Democrats
09:53 PM
The Republican lawmakers banning abortion have no idea how bodies work
09:53 PM
Trump’s new immigration plan is short on the details. Here’s what we do know.
09:52 PM
Trump’s pardon of Conrad Black proves that flattery will get you out of legal trouble
07:43 PM
Abortion is legal everywhere, but misinformation is panicking patients in Alabama and Georgia
06:25 PM
Senate refuses to consider bills protecting elections from foreign interference
04:15 PM
It’s not just Alabama: Missouri advances package of stringent abortion bans
03:23 PM
Chick-fil-A Foundation says anti-LGBTQ giving is part of its ‘higher calling’
02:31 PM
Inslee drops new climate plan focused on creating 8 million jobs over 10 years
02:31 PM
The White House’s stonewalling on the Russia probe, by the numbers
May 15th, 2019
11:49 PM
‘Greed, plain and simple’: Sanders, Warren blast Delta’s union-busting in letter to CEO
10:57 PM
Pat Robertson opposes Alabama abortion ban, but only because it might lose in court
10:57 PM
Gillibrand to headline Georgia rally against anti-abortion ‘heartbeat bill’
10:56 PM
White House refuses to join global effort to tackle online extremism
10:05 PM
Gas car sales ‘have already peaked and may never recover’ as battery prices plunge