March 23rd, 2019
04:21 PM
Mississippi banned abortion at six weeks into pregnancy, before many people know they’re pregnant
03:55 PM
FEMA exposed more than 2 million wildfire and hurricane survivors to identity theft and fraud
01:45 PM
Why far-right attackers aren’t charged as domestic terrorists
12:20 AM
Lawmakers, 2020 candidates call for immediate release of Mueller report
March 22nd, 2019
11:28 PM
The Mueller report is done. What now?
11:28 PM
Star gymnast ditches popular Michael Jackson routine after ‘Leaving Neverland’
11:27 PM
DACA protected flight attendant set to be released from ICE custody after nearly two months
10:10 PM
Trump’s corporate tax cuts have helped fuel the largest monthly deficit ever
09:44 PM
The 2020 presidential candidates say they want to end the death penalty. If only it were so simple
08:52 PM
Ongoing Midwest flooding projected to cost billions of dollars in damages
08:52 PM
Trump’s decision on Golan Heights receives jeers from the world, but cheers from Israel
05:24 PM
Charlottesville residents say school threats represent the persistent danger of white supremacy
04:58 PM
30 years after Exxon Valdez, new perspectives on fossil fuel dangers
04:06 PM
San Antonio City Council drops Chick-fil-A from airport concession deal over anti-LGBTQ donations
02:22 PM
EPA’s ‘secret science’ proposal being used by Big Oil to undermine clean water rules
02:22 PM
Trump administration plan to offer lump-sum payout to private pension holders is a Wall Street scam
01:04 PM
Oil lobby groups are using EPA’s ‘secret science’ proposal to argue against clean water rules
01:04 PM
Wall Street wins again as Trump administration plans quiet rollback of pension protections
01:03 PM
Indiana Republicans push anti-trans legislation days after gender-neutral license victory
March 21st, 2019
11:39 PM
WATCH: How Fox helps Trump weaken our democracy
11:39 PM
Kushner accused of using private messaging for official White House business
10:47 PM
Fox viewers think Trump’s the best president, and that’s far from their worst misconception.
10:47 PM
MAGAbomber Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty
08:37 PM
ISIS is ‘gone’: Trump takes credit for something that hasn’t even happened
07:45 PM
Jacinda Ardern’s ‘no notoriety’ response to New Zealand mosque shootings has paid off
07:45 PM
Kellyanne Conway says she won’t leave her job over Trump’s feud with her husband because of feminism
06:53 PM
It’s presidential campaign season. Time to talk about reparations again.
06:01 PM
The stunning hypocrisy of JP Morgan and CEO Jamie Dimon on climate change
04:43 PM
NFL coach Bruce Arians proves hiring women is as simple as hiring women
04:43 PM
New Zealand announces assault rifle ban to broad cross-party support
02:59 PM
Lindsey Graham says people are only defending McCain to hurt Trump
01:15 PM
State legislatures shore up Obamacare with 2020 prospects uncertain
12:16 AM
New North Carolina bill would hold doctors accountable for sexual assault
March 20th, 2019
10:32 PM
Why was Franklin Graham schmoozing with a sanctioned Russian official this month?
10:32 PM
Ari Fleischer denies Bush administration lied about Iraq on 16th anniversary of invasion
10:31 PM
Pentagon to set up task force to investigate military sexual assault at Sen. McSally’s request
07:56 PM
Supreme Court ruling to strip immigrants of due process rights has major repercussions, experts say
07:56 PM
Marco Rubio says 9 justices are enough on the Supreme Court
07:55 PM
Low-wage federal workers still want their shutdown pay, please
07:55 PM
Low-income New Hampshire residents sue Trump administration over Medicaid work requirements
07:55 PM
Chemical fire that burned for days in Texas sparks fears over Trump rollbacks
06:12 PM
Brett Kavanaugh emerges as an unlikely hero against racist jury discrimination
06:12 PM
Coal companies veto Trump nominee who opposed bailing out money-losing power plants
05:20 PM
Trump defender Alan Dershowitz says Devin Nunes has ‘no case at all’ against Twitter
05:20 PM
Ignoring historic floods, EPA’s Wheeler says climate impacts are ’50 to 75 years out’
04:28 PM
Can Florida go from swing state to blue? Andrew Gillum wants to try.
03:36 PM
Eric Trump accidentally advocates for net neutrality protections his father killed in 2017
02:44 PM
Here’s how Thomas Massie became the most Russia-friendly member of the House
01:52 PM
Chick-fil-A donated to anti-LGBTQ group that bars employees from ‘homosexual acts’
01:52 PM
Here’s how Rep. Thomas Massie became the most Russia-friendly member of the House
March 19th, 2019
09:28 PM
How ‘tropical Trump’ is harnessing racism to destroy the Amazon
09:02 PM
White House proposal to cap student loans would mean only rich people can afford elite schooling
09:02 PM
Trump and Bolsonaro praise one another for discriminatory policies
07:18 PM
The Supreme Court is about to kick America’s democratic death spiral into overdrive
07:18 PM
Elizabeth Warren calls for ‘right to vote’ constitutional amendment, abolishing electoral college
06:26 PM
Lawmaker: Bill would extend the statute of limitations if a president is charged with a crime
06:00 PM
New report implicates Trump in same crime that’s sending Michael Cohen to jail
05:34 PM
Bolsonaro dismisses links to murder suspects in Fox News interview
05:34 PM
Evangelicals among those battling EPA efforts to weaken toxics regulations at power plants
04:42 PM
Devin Nunes’ lawsuit backfires as parody cow account racks up followers
04:42 PM
The Pentagon still can’t explain everything that’s being cut to fund the border wall
04:41 PM
Hogan pivots on guns in schools, claims lawmakers who disagree are ‘pro-criminal’
02:58 PM
In a crowded presidential primary, how much do home state endorsements matter?
01:14 PM
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand finally snagged a home state endorsement. Why on earth did it take so long?
12:40 AM
Joe Manchin says he won’t support nondiscrimination bill for LGBTQ people as written
March 18th, 2019
11:48 PM
Donna Brazile and Fox News are a bad pairing in the Trump era
09:38 PM
These are the stories of LGBTQ people who need the Equality Act’s protections
09:38 PM
What to do when ICE knocks on your door? A Sacramento advocacy group tells immigrants their rights
08:46 PM
Deadly flooding in Midwest after ‘bomb cyclone’ offers terrifying preview of climate impacts
07:54 PM
Experts agree with Beto’s warning that ‘we have no more than 12 years’ for bold climate action
07:02 PM
Maryland could become the first state to stop participating in the federal family planning program
06:10 PM
Republican senator promotes censorship conspiracy, urges conservatives to ‘stand up to Big Tech’
06:10 PM
The fate of one of America’s worst gerrymanders appears to rest in Clarence Thomas’ hands
05:18 PM
Steve King denounces hatred two days after posting Facebook meme threatening Democrats
04:26 PM
Kellyanne Conway urges the public to read New Zealand shooter’s hateful manifesto