December 17th, 2017
08:18 PM
Virginia’s new governor campaigned on Medicaid expansion, but now is sending mixed signals
07:26 PM
Team Trump just launched an aggressive new attack on Mueller. It’s not going well.
06:34 PM
House Republicans threaten to subpoena FBI, Justice officials for alleged bias against Trump
05:42 PM
Fox News asks if there is a coup in America (there isn’t)
December 16th, 2017
10:13 PM
Top Senate Republican joins effort to discredit Mueller investigation
07:37 PM
ACLU says two undocumented teens seeking abortions have been stopped by Trump administration
07:37 PM
Rupert Murdoch claims Fox’s sexual harassment problem was solved by firing Roger Ailes
05:01 PM
The Trump administration sent the CDC a list of banned words, including transgender and fetus
05:01 PM
Republicans slip arcane new provision to benefit Trump in final tax bill
December 15th, 2017
11:15 PM
Rep. Schiff warns Republicans may prematurely shut down the House Russia investigation
09:31 PM
Republicans are rushing to jam their 503-page tax bill through Congress
08:39 PM
Trump makes at least 7 false claims in one 90 second statement about Russia
07:47 PM
Matt Damon’s tone-deaf interview on sexual predators in Hollywood
07:47 PM
‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ may upset some people, and that’s okay
07:46 PM
Trump claims he’s fighting for coal miners, but he’s reevaluating the rule protecting them from black lung
06:55 PM
The EPA spent $120,000 in taxpayer funds to hire a GOP public relations firm
06:03 PM
Trump’s Jerusalem decision isn’t going over very well in the Middle East
05:11 PM
The major tell in Trump’s comments about a possible pardon for Michael Flynn
04:19 PM
FCC chair says supporters of net neutrality are ‘proven wrong’ because you can still tweet today
03:27 PM
Humiliated Trump judicial nominee spent last decade blocking enforcement of campaign finance law
03:27 PM
2017 made it clear there is no end in sight to Colin Kaepernick’s movement
02:35 PM
2017 was the year of Colin Kaepernick
01:09 AM
The FCC’s party-line vote isn’t the end for net neutrality
December 14th, 2017
11:24 PM
Trump says he wants to go back to 1960-level regulations. Here’s what that would look like.
11:24 PM
Paul Ryan says American women need to have more babies
10:32 PM
Nikki Haley claims Iran made missile fired in Yemen, but the U.N. isn’t so sure
10:32 PM
Marco Rubio says he won’t vote for the GOP tax bill unless he gets what he wants
09:40 PM
Sanders was asked what Trump is doing to prevent the next Sandy Hook. Her response was a mess.
09:40 PM
A Black 11-year-old girl was handcuffed and held at gunpoint by Michigan police
08:48 PM
2017 in charts: A stunning year for the clean energy revolution
07:56 PM
Trump super PAC quietly launches new ad campaign targeting Special Counsel Robert Mueller
07:56 PM
BREAKING: FCC votes to repeal net neutrality
07:55 PM
Ohio just passed the same abortion restrictions that a judge blocked in another state 3 months ago
06:38 PM
More than 700 employees have left the EPA since Scott Pruitt took over
06:38 PM
From ‘Moonlight’ to ‘Get Out,’ Tiffany Haddish to Cardi B., artists of color dominated 2017
06:38 PM
Now we know: Myanmar has killed at least 9,000 Rohingya in less than 4 months
05:46 PM
Roy Moore refuses to concede as new campaign video targets transgender people, liberal judges
05:46 PM
Ahead of net neutrality vote, FCC chairman stars in video with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist
04:54 PM
Groups urge greater scrutiny of Trump’s ‘disastrous nominees’ after EPA pick withdraws name
04:02 PM
Republicans bury anti-LGBTQ provisions in massive higher education bill
04:02 PM
Judge: No, wearing all black isn’t ‘inciting a riot’
03:10 PM
2017 was a year of trying to believe women
03:10 PM
90 percent of all executions in 2017 may have involved people who were innocent or had disabilities
02:18 PM
LGBTQ survivors are missing from the #MeToo conversation
02:18 PM
An alarming number of state executions in 2017 raised questionable red flags
02:18 PM
This immigrant’s journey to a border wall reunion may be her last
02:17 PM
U.S.-Cambodia relations at their ‘worst point,’ as China steps in to fill the void
01:45 AM
Ignoring widespread protests, FCC moves forward with plans to repeal net neutrality
12:53 AM
Babies born near fracking sites face low birth weight, new study finds
12:01 AM
Fox News and congressional Republicans are laying the groundwork for Trump to fire Mueller
12:01 AM
Alabama’s newest senator isn’t afraid to take a strong stance on science and clean energy
December 13th, 2017
10:17 PM
Democrats silent on whether Trump should resign over sexual assault allegations
08:33 PM
Doug Jones’ victory proves the power of black voter turnout
08:33 PM
Ranking Democrat scolds Republicans for trying to undermine Special Counsel Mueller
07:41 PM
Congressman announces cancer diagnosis months after characterizing illnesses as personal failings
07:41 PM
Republicans finally find something more important than a 20 percent corporate tax rate
06:49 PM
The history of cowardice about Roy Moore that Senate Republicans are desperate for you to forget
06:49 PM
Tillerson says U.S. is willing to talk to North Korea about anything, even ‘the weather.’ Really.
06:48 PM
Parental notification laws delay minors’ access to abortion care, study finds
05:57 PM
‘Do the right thing’: Mitch McConnell, Alabama, and the Jason Kander rule
05:05 PM
Can Mitch McConnell ram the tax bill through the Senate before Senator-elect Jones is seated?
05:05 PM
Two days left in Obamacare enrollment. Was Trump successful in sabotaging it?
05:04 PM
Black voters are the story of the Alabama election
05:04 PM
Trump administration illegally denied funds to Department of Energy program, government says
04:13 PM
As CIA deepens its presence in Afghanistan, locals speak of constant fear and surveillance
04:13 PM
Fox News’ desperate spin on Roy Moore’s loss
02:29 PM
2017 is the year Trump and the Religious Right made the Religious Left unavoidable
06:15 AM
Fox News is worried Moore’s loss means Trump might be held accountable for sexual assault
05:23 AM
Black voters just saved America from Roy Moore
04:31 AM
Doug Jones beats Roy Moore, dealing stunning defeat to Trump and the far right
12:12 AM
Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump’s tweet was fine, Gillibrand’s ‘mind is in the gutter’
December 12th, 2017
10:28 PM
Honduras is coming apart. The U.S. response? More military aid.
10:28 PM
Alabamians cry ‘voter suppression’ as black voters are forced to cast provisional ballots
10:27 PM
Major financial institutions rebuke the Trump agenda, announce big steps away from fossil fuels
10:02 PM
Chuck Grassley decides these two awful Trump judicial nominees are just too awful