March 17th, 2018
04:34 PM
House Republican blasts McCabe firing, says Trump’s conduct doesn’t ‘bode well’ for GOP
04:34 PM
Trump ends the charade, directly engages in Stormy Daniels lawsuit
03:42 PM
Jeff Sessions’ stunningly dishonest rationale for firing Andrew McCabe
01:58 PM
How can Britain punish Putin for his nerve gas attack? Real estate.
March 16th, 2018
11:14 PM
John Kelly said $31,000 isn’t all that much for a table if you think about it, according to report
11:14 PM
Landmark study upends GOP lawmakers’ favorite talking point to justify restricting abortion
10:22 PM
‘Mob rule’: Cult hero director Terry Gilliam takes myopic swing at the #MeToo moment
09:04 PM
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president under investigation for sexual harassment
09:04 PM
A Minnesota jury just sided with a college women’s hockey coach in her discrimination lawsuit
08:38 PM
Scott Pruitt met coal executive whose company was seeking to weaken EPA pollution rule
07:20 PM
Georgia Republicans are trying to eliminate Sunday voting to suppress black turnout
07:20 PM
Indiana moves to relax lifetime food stamps ban for drug crimes
07:19 PM
EPA expected to roll out new anti-science plan inspired by climate science denier Lamar Smith
06:28 PM
6 months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still in crisis
06:28 PM
Nevada GOP group is so desperate for candidates they’re offering to pay people to run as Republicans
06:28 PM
Schools are punishing students who walked out to protest gun violence
05:36 PM
House Republican argues Putin just wanted to hurt Hillary Clinton, not help Trump
05:36 PM
Iowa House to vote on one of the most draconian anti-abortion measures in the country
04:44 PM
Jersey City teachers go on strike after failed negotiations with board of education
04:18 PM
Oregon Supreme Court suspends judge for refusing to marry same-sex couples
03:52 PM
Farm workers protest in New York, demand Wendy’s end sexual abuse in supply chain
03:26 PM
Liberian immigrants may face deportation under this little-known U.S. foreign policy program
03:26 PM
‘A Wrinkle in Time’ and ‘Black Panther’ aren’t just revolutionary. They are evolutionary.
02:34 PM
Troubled staffers fired from the Trump administration brought on to help his 2020 campaign
01:42 PM
Everyone knows Trump is a liar, including Trump
01:42 PM
Community fights massive drilling site planned near public school in low-income area
03:44 AM
Stormy Daniels’ lawyer says six other women have come forward with similar stories
01:34 AM
Maine Democrat steps up to challenge Republican candidate who attacked Parkland shooting survivors
March 15th, 2018
11:50 PM
GOP won’t back down from Pennsylvania’s 18th district
10:58 PM
Net effect? More like nyet effect for new White House sanctions on Russia.
10:06 PM
The Dodd-Frank rollback Republicans always dreamed of could get derailed by its biggest fan
10:06 PM
Sarah Sanders defends Trump’s blatant lies about trade and bowling balls
10:05 PM
The nonsensical reason behind the FBI’s injection into March Madness
10:05 PM
Mass casualties reported following bridge collapse at Florida International University
09:14 PM
Minutes after blockbuster report on Russia investigation, the knives are out for Rod Rosenstein
08:22 PM
1 person missing, 2 injured after chemical plant explosion in Texas
07:56 PM
Trump’s aid cuts to Palestinian refugees may be worse than originally thought
06:38 PM
Oil giant’s rebrand is an admission renewables are the future
06:38 PM
Congressman brings giant picture of Carl Icahn to House floor to draw attention to stock dump
06:12 PM
Even Kris Kobach’s experts don’t think voter fraud swings elections
05:46 PM
In the lead up to his U.S. visit, Saudi prince continues to say dangerous things about Iran
05:20 PM
White House admits Russia is behind UK spy attacks, after repeatedly dodging questions about it
04:02 PM
Tennessee lawmakers refuse to pass legislation condemning white nationalism
04:02 PM
Senator says it’s time for ‘do-nothing’ climate caucus to push meaningful legislation
03:36 PM
Caught making up facts, Trump makes humiliating effort to defend himself
02:44 PM
NRA spokeswoman says don’t assume students rallying against gun violence want gun control
02:44 PM
Here’s why Americans should care about the Egyptian elections
01:52 PM
Nebraska is mere steps away from defunding Planned Parenthood
01:52 PM
In Egypt’s ‘hot mess’ of an election, Sisi is virtually the only choice on the ballot
01:52 PM
Trump’s nominee for CIA director could help bury key torture documents
01:51 PM
‘This is a matter of life and death’: A Virginia community choking on coal dust pleads for help
01:45 AM
Department of Defense spent thousands at Trump properties in 2017
01:19 AM
Governor says students protesting gun violence are being manipulated by ‘left-wing group’
12:27 AM
The extravagant spending of Trump’s champagne cabinet
March 14th, 2018
11:35 PM
Police investigate whether victims of Austin bombings were deliberately targeted
10:43 PM
A Brooklyn school reportedly threatened to suspend students if they participated in ‘walk out’
10:17 PM
Black youth lend a powerful voice to the National School Walkout Day protests
10:17 PM
Oakland students walk out for gun violence victims who aren’t in national headlines
10:16 PM
Trump’s new economic adviser is really bad at economics. Here are the receipts.
09:25 PM
House lawmakers tackle gun violence by passing bill that doesn’t address guns
09:25 PM
Retiring Texas Republicans blast anti-trans bill on their way out the door
09:24 PM
Kris Kobach plagiarized language from the ACLU when he drafted changes to federal voting law
09:24 PM
Republican congressman suggests voter fraud may have helped Conor Lamb
09:24 PM
2 California schools could not participate in National Walkout Day because they were on lockdown
08:33 PM
How the NRA is spending National School Walkout Day
08:33 PM
Trump’s new director of the National Economic Council is a climate denier
08:32 PM
One day after her nomination, Trump’s pick to lead the CIA is already in trouble in the Senate
07:41 PM
Senator calls Trump’s coal bailout plan ‘most ridiculous’ policy she’s ever seen
07:15 PM
San Francisco cop fired for killing unarmed carjacking suspect
05:57 PM
Stephen Hawking warned Trump polices could render Earth uninhabitable
05:57 PM
After attacking Conor Lamb as for abortion rights, GOP now says he won because he’s ‘pro-life’
05:05 PM
Leading white supremacist arrested following affair with mother-in-law
05:05 PM
Tucker Carlson delivers impassioned defense of white nationalist ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy theorist
04:13 PM
Lawmakers and activists slam Texas ‘show me your papers’ law, vow to continue the fight
03:47 PM
Health care is a top priority for the Pennsylvania voters who turned out for Conor Lamb