June 17th, 2018
09:19 PM
‘Moderate’ Susan Collins sides with Trump on separating immigrant kids from their parents
08:27 PM
Trump accidentally admits everything he’s been saying about North Korea’s nukes is a lie
08:27 PM
Bannon claims Martin Luther King, Jr. would love what Trump has done for minorities
07:35 PM
Conway attacks Dems for not stopping Trump’s family separation policy months before he enacted it
07:35 PM
Migrants finally land in Spain after other ports turned them away
06:43 PM
1 dead, 22 injured in shooting at New Jersey art festival
06:43 PM
Trump encourages Post employees to strike, hours after paper breaks bombshell Russia collusion story
05:51 PM
Trump uses his weekly address to lie to the public about immigrants
04:59 PM
Texas Democrat leads Father’s Day march on tent city where migrant kids are separated from families
04:07 PM
Minneapolis police regularly used ‘date rape drug’ on people in custody, report finds
03:15 PM
Trump blames media for his tense relationship with Merkel. There’s just one problem.
June 16th, 2018
10:48 PM
Parkland students set off on their “Road to Change” voter registration drive
09:04 PM
Prosecutors piece together Trump attorney’s shredded documents, retrieve encrypted phone messages
09:04 PM
Hawaii becomes the first state to ban the use of pesticide linked to brain damage
08:12 PM
Duterte wants to arm thousands in his already deadly war on drugs
08:12 PM
Religious leaders unite against Trump’s cruel immigration policies
08:11 PM
McDonald’s eliminates plastic straws in Britain, bowing to environmental pressure
07:20 PM
A new holding place for hundreds of immigrant children: A vacant warehouse in Houston
05:36 PM
US eyes quitting United Nations human rights council
03:52 PM
Immigration judge says woman’s forced labor was “material support” for terrorists
03:26 PM
House Republicans pass bill that spells chaos for low-income housing
12:43 AM
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes indicted for fraud
June 15th, 2018
10:59 PM
The Trump administration’s explanations for separating migrant families continue to unravel
10:33 PM
Rudy Giuliani says Trump will ‘clean up’ new legal problems with pardons
10:07 PM
Former NFL star says it would not be ‘wise’ for players to simply present Trump with pardon list
09:41 PM
Farmers accuse Pruitt of prioritizing oil and gas interests over the Heartland
09:41 PM
New Orleans utility chose from menu of astroturfing services to win approval of power plant
07:57 PM
Hours before Paul Manafort went to jail, Trump said he had ‘nothing to do with our campaign’
07:05 PM
Why are these former Trump campaign officials meeting with pro-Moscow separatists?
06:39 PM
The media lets Republicans off the hook for their role in family separation
06:39 PM
At long last, Paul Manafort is heading to prison
06:38 PM
Trump admits he dictated a lie about his son’s meeting with a Russian informant
05:47 PM
Booming oil and a pipeline shortage pose an environmental conundrum in West Texas
05:47 PM
Trump falls into absolute gibberish on Russia, Crimea, and Obama
05:47 PM
Trump wants you to think an IG report about the Clinton probe ‘exonerates’ him. That’s ludicrous.
04:55 PM
Trump lied about his family separation policy, got fact-checked to his face, and kept lying anyway
04:55 PM
You’re less likely to stay overnight in the hospital for abortion than wisdom teeth removal
04:54 PM
Letter reveals Oklahoma energy PR exec helped Pruitt secure Rose Bowl tickets
04:54 PM
Trump says he wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat dictator Kim Jong Un
04:03 PM
Sessions defends family separation with a Bible verse used to defend slavery, Nazis and apartheid
04:03 PM
ADF defends Indiana teacher who rejected his district’s transgender-inclusive policy
04:02 PM
Scientists to America: Embrace climate action or lose your coastal cities
04:02 PM
This is how Florida makes it nearly impossible for ex-felons to get their voting rights restored
03:11 PM
The Republicans’ Jekyll And Hyde approach to denting the opioid crisis
02:45 PM
Anti-LGBTQ hate group defends teacher who refused to respect transgender students
02:45 PM
Trump’s policies will destroy America’s coastal cities, warn top scientists
02:45 PM
For Florida’s ex-felons, regaining voting rights requires patience and a lot of luck
02:11 AM
News outlets claim Paul Ryan ‘broke’ with Trump on separating immigrant families. He didn’t.
12:01 AM
The flop-sweat is starting to show in Trump team’s scramble to defend child separation
June 14th, 2018
11:35 PM
Buried in the new lawsuit against the Trump Foundation is a road map to something much bigger
11:35 PM
Sarah Sanders makes disastrous, ill-informed attempt to defend Trump’s family separation policy
11:35 PM
Trump administration confirms it will hold migrant children in tent cities
10:17 PM
The Inspector General’s most damning conclusions about how Comey helped throw the election to Trump
09:25 PM
The crazy backstory of the Trump mural on the wall of a children’s detention center
07:15 PM
Ignoring U.S. spin, the UN blames Israel for Gaza violence, not Hamas
07:15 PM
The much-hyped IG report about the Clinton email investigation backfires on Trump
06:23 PM
Solar energy employee sues over racism, alleges ‘White Only’ clubhouse in company warehouse
06:23 PM
New York State sues Trump Foundation for allegedly breaking state and federal law
05:31 PM
Baltimore to lose dozens of skilled immigrant teachers, thanks to Trump’s crackdown on H-1B visas
05:31 PM
Trump saluted a North Korean general — and it’s already being used as propaganda by Kim Jong Un
05:30 PM
Argentina inches closer to legalizing abortion
04:39 PM
Donald Trump Jr. is surprisingly chill with the Republican Party being called ‘a cult’
03:21 PM
Uncovering the mental health crisis of climate change
03:21 PM
Trump’s bizarre story about parents of Korean War vets illustrates just how effortlessly he lies
03:20 PM
Gunmakers have the successor to the bump stock lined up
02:55 PM
Your complete guide to corruption at the 2018 men’s World Cup in Russia
02:29 PM
These new technologies allow gunmakers to skirt federal law, make their products more deadly
02:29 PM
Your complete guide to corruption at the 2018 men’s World Cup in Russia
02:47 AM
Trump responds to Kim Jong Un’s atrocities by praising him for being ‘tough’
01:55 AM
Migrant woman says federal authorities took her child as she was breastfeeding at the border
12:11 AM
Pompeo could only point to one word in the Trump-Kim agreement to explain how it’s verifiable
June 13th, 2018
11:45 PM
Even Scott Pruitt’s top Senate ally has had enough of his scandals
11:45 PM
As scandals mount, EPA starts referring reporters to Pruitt’s outside legal counsel
11:44 PM
BREAKING: Feds give up on another 8 cases in #J20 Inauguration Day protest crusade
10:53 PM
Members of Congress risk arrest protesting Trump administration’s child separation policy