September 26th, 2020
04:27 PM
Packing the Court Doesn’t Work. Threatening to Pack It Might.
11:15 AM
Trump Gets China Wrong–Again
09:57 AM
GOP Leaders Are Using Weasel Words To Avoid Rejecting Trump’s Attempted Coup
September 25th, 2020
11:33 PM
How the Merchants of Doubt Are Planting the Seeds of Chaos About Election Results
11:33 PM
Trump and McConnell Did Something Semi-Sane. It Wasn’t Nuts Enough for Senate Republicans
11:25 AM
A Post Office: If You Can Keep It
September 24th, 2020
10:26 PM
Why Texas Republicans Are Suing Their Own Governor
11:10 AM
The Postal Service’s Nightmare Election Scenario
September 23rd, 2020
10:37 PM
How Republicans and the Media Are Feeding the QAnon Frenzy About Child Sex Trafficking
10:37 PM
What If the Election Brings Chaos Instead of Normalcy?
11:21 AM
Donald Trump’s Favorite Voting Machines
September 22nd, 2020
10:48 PM
Chuck Schumer’s Last Desperate Options to Stop a Supreme Court Vote
10:48 PM
Can Democracy Survive the Demise of the GOP?
06:28 PM
Trump’s Manufacturing Record Stinks, Newest Data Shows
11:06 AM
Ginsburg Vacancy: Will it Cause White Voters to Move Back to Trump?
September 21st, 2020
10:07 PM
What Drives Leonard Leo’s Campaign to Remake the Courts?
September 19th, 2020
04:15 AM
RIP RBG. Now End the Filibuster. Add States to the Union. Expand the Courts.
03:49 AM
Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg
September 18th, 2020
10:12 PM
Why Are Both Trump and Biden Visiting Northern Minnesota?
08:02 PM
A Tale of Two Town Halls
07:36 PM
Let’s Use Stimulus Money to Boost Entrepreneurs
11:22 AM
Is America Strong Enough to Confront Our Racist Past?
September 17th, 2020
06:55 PM
Dan Coats Wants a Special Commission to Oversee November’s Elections
11:33 AM
Please, Democrats: Kill the Filibuster
11:33 AM
The Spy Was a Grifter
September 16th, 2020
05:48 PM
Trump Tries the Town Hall Format and It Doesn’t Go Well
01:50 PM
How to Save Ballot Drop Boxes
September 15th, 2020
08:55 PM
What Biden and Democrats Are Doing to Ensure a Fair Election
11:23 AM
The Consequences of Having a Liar-in-Chief
11:23 AM
North Carolina Has a Literacy Test On the Books?
September 14th, 2020
07:47 PM
After Trump, How Do We Save Democracy?
06:55 PM
Trump Gets More Extreme Because His Audience Is Addicted to Outrage
01:43 PM
Milking Profits: The Dairy Monopolies That Are Hurting Farmers
September 13th, 2020
08:51 PM
As The West Burns, Trump Appoints a Climate Science Denier to NOAA
02:14 AM
The GOP Is Staging Chaos On the Way To A Coup
September 12th, 2020
11:56 AM
Trump Officials Must Face Accountability In Order to Save Democracy
11:30 AM
Why Bill Barr Shields Foreign Terrorists From The Death Penalty
September 11th, 2020
07:28 PM
A Lesson From the Pandemic on How Our Culture Infects Politics
06:36 PM
We Can’t Endure Much More Bad Leadership
05:18 PM
Will an Endorsement From Joe Lieberman Help Susan Collins?
11:14 AM
Donald Trump, Constitutional Grift and John Yoo
September 10th, 2020
09:24 PM
Why This is the Steadiest Presidential Race on Record
05:56 PM
The Case Against Trump is Complete, Now We Need a Verdict
11:26 AM
New Whistleblower Outlines How Trump Is Politicizing Intelligence
11:26 AM
Is Trump Scaring Democrats Away from Vote by Mail?
September 9th, 2020
11:44 PM
Want Proof the Resistance Will Last? Meet the 33-Year-Old Former Nurse Turned House Democrat
06:58 PM
Trump’s Lafayette Square Bible is Reportedly for Sale
11:10 AM
The Trump Vaccine That Actually Works
September 8th, 2020
09:19 PM
Why No One Should Ever Trust Trump With Their Money
08:01 PM
Sheldon Adelson is Buying the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Israel
11:47 AM
Trump is Wrong: Affordable Housing Can Help the Suburbs
September 7th, 2020
11:32 AM
How Police Reform Can Improve the Plight of the Poor
September 5th, 2020
11:29 AM
Don’t Forget About the Steve Bannon Indictment
September 4th, 2020
11:49 PM
Is it a Coincidence That Moscow Is Peddling the Same Lies as the Trump Campaign?
07:29 PM
It’s a Bad Idea to Vote Twice
11:15 AM
What Should Happen With the Hate Trump Has Unleashed?
11:15 AM
White Voters Are Turning Away from Donald Trump
12:25 AM
America Needs International Observers to Monitor the 2020 Elections
September 3rd, 2020
10:15 PM
Trump and Barr Issue a Threat to Blue Cities and States
06:21 PM
Killer Soup? Vote Twice? Trump’s Crackpot Ideas Will Get Us Killed
11:25 AM
Biden Has a Plan to Reopen Schools. Trump Does Not.
September 2nd, 2020
09:35 PM
Trump Is Corrupting the Entire Federal Government to Help His Reelection
06:33 PM
Trump’s Steadfast Campaign of White Nationalism
September 1st, 2020
10:37 PM
Trump’s Attack on Booker Would Be Laughable If it Wasn’t So Racist
08:53 PM
How Ratcliffe and Barr Are Aiding Trump’s Collusion with Putin
07:09 PM
Why Did Trump Suddenly Visit Walter Reed Medical Center Last November?
11:21 AM
Trump’s Fear and Loathing Isn’t Playing Well in the Heartland
August 31st, 2020
09:31 PM
Why We Still Don’t Know If Trump Is a Russian Asset
07:47 PM
Trump’s Visit to Wisconsin is Not Welcomed by State and Local Officials
11:07 AM
Our 2020 College Rankings Are Out: See How Your School Did
03:45 AM
Introduction: A Different Kind of College Ranking
03:45 AM
Why STEM Needs to Focus on Social Justice
03:45 AM
How to Save Higher Education
03:45 AM
Higher Ed’s Most Successful Failure
03:45 AM
Why Apprenticeships Should Go Soft