March 23rd, 2019
12:46 AM
The Mueller Probe Is Finished. Now What?
March 22nd, 2019
10:10 PM
The African Renaissance the U.S. Can’t Afford to Miss
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Foreign Policy By Tweet
08:00 PM
Christian Nationalists Have Made Trump Their Savior
06:16 PM
Hillary Clinton Talked to the FBI, but Trump Refused
04:58 PM
The Volatility of the Electability Argument
01:30 PM
How to Save the International Order from Trumpism
11:20 AM
Ensuring the Right to Vote Is the Cornerstone of Progressive Change
March 21st, 2019
10:47 PM
Sarah Palin Broke the Republican Party
08:37 PM
Rubio’s Hypocritical Concern About Political Tribalism
06:01 PM
Is Biden-Abrams a Brilliant or Desperate Move?
05:09 PM
The Trump Administration’s Losing Streak in the Courts
11:31 AM
What People Don’t Know About Gentrification
11:05 AM
Trump and His Enablers Are Busy Pre-Spinning the Mueller Report
March 20th, 2019
08:48 PM
Abolishing the Electoral College Was a Republican Idea
07:30 PM
How the Nation of New Zealand Is Mourning
05:20 PM
Florida Republicans Are Attempting to Nullify the Will of Voters
04:28 PM
It’s Not the Collusion, Stupid! It’s the Compromise
11:17 AM
Why Did Bernie Hire a Known Bully Who Attacks Democrats?
March 19th, 2019
10:46 PM
Does Devin Nunes Oppose Frivolous Lawsuits or Not?
09:02 PM
Conservatives Issue a Clarion Call on Trump’s Mental Health
08:10 PM
The Attorney General Should Answer to Congress
06:00 PM
Abraham Lincoln’s Warning: ‘We Must Not Be Enemies’
11:04 AM
Removing Barriers to Voting Improves Turnout
March 18th, 2019
10:30 PM
Trump’s Hate Speech Makes the Threat of Violence More Real
08:46 PM
Donna Brazile Will Not Save the World at Fox News
07:28 PM
When Trump Told Us to Follow the Money
05:44 PM
Do Democratic Voters Want a Fighter or a Uniter?
07:20 AM
Under Pressure, Donald Trump Begs, Cajoles and Threatens Fox News
02:08 AM
New Wisconsin Poll Shows Increasing Strength for the Left
March 17th, 2019
11:24 AM
It’s Finally OK to Admit That White Supremacist and Islamist Terror Are Conservative Cousins
05:20 AM
Donald Trump Has a Tough Choice To Make
March 16th, 2019
04:40 AM
The New Right Has Mainstreamed the Rhetoric of Mass Killers
March 15th, 2019
09:45 PM
Quick Takes: The EPA vs the Pentagon
08:01 PM
Byron York Makes a Weak Case for Presidential Harassment
06:43 PM
A Powerful Message From Down Under
05:51 PM
When the President Inspires Violence
04:33 PM
A Looming Conflagration in Venezuela
04:07 PM
Vulnerable Republicans Voted to Support Trump’s National Emergency
11:21 AM
A Rational Immigration Debate Can’t Be Grounded in Nativism
March 14th, 2019
08:13 PM
The Unique Challenges Facing a Movement With No Agenda
06:55 PM
Suddenly the GOP is Rebuking Trump a Lot
05:37 PM
There Is No Predicting Who Will Win the Democratic Nomination
04:19 PM
Democrats Have Flipped the Identity Politics Narrative
11:07 AM
The Real Elitists Who Look Down on Trump Voters
March 13th, 2019
11:25 PM
The College Admissions Scandal Is Even Worse Than You Think
11:25 PM
A Lot of #TrumpRussia News All At Once
09:41 PM
Republican Attempts to Discredit Investigators Backfires
07:31 PM
Paul Manafort Learns His Fate, For Now
06:39 PM
Why Nielsen Continues to Lie About the Family Separation Policy
11:43 AM
When Fox News Spiked the Stormy Daniels Story, Was it a Campaign Contribution?
March 12th, 2019
11:10 PM
The World Has Grounded Boeing’s 737 Max 8 Plane, Why Haven’t We?
07:16 PM
Is Warren a Hypocrite for Taking Money From Employees of Big Tech?
06:50 PM
Do We Really Need a Black James Bond?
05:32 PM
Pelosi Was Almost Entirely Correct About Impeachment
04:40 PM
Trump’s Foreign Policy: More Nukes and Less Diplomacy
11:54 AM
The Second Trump Tower Meeting
March 11th, 2019
10:28 PM
Democrats Want to Avoid Repeating Their Wisconsin Mistake
08:44 PM
Liz Cheney Demonstrates How Republicans Play the Media
06:34 PM
The U.S.-Israel Alliance Must Be Questioned
04:50 PM
On the Trump-Russia Conspiracy, Follow the Laundered Money
March 10th, 2019
08:56 PM
For the Love of God, Please Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent
03:18 PM
NCAA Narrowly Loses Antitrust Lawsuit
March 9th, 2019
11:43 PM
Springtime in Algeria?
07:23 PM
Democrats Dodged a #MeToo Bullet Named Michael Bloomberg
12:27 PM
What Dollar Stores Tell Us About Electoral Politics
12:45 AM
Politico Takes Another Crack at ‘Democrats in Disarray’
March 8th, 2019
11:54 PM
Joe Biden Needs to Catch Up to His Rivals on Monopoly
09:18 PM
House Democrats Are United in Passing Massive Electoral Reform Bill
07:34 PM
D.C. Statehood Gets A Vote in the House
07:08 PM
Towards a More Balanced View of Joe Biden’s Legacy
06:42 PM
Judge T.S. Ellis III Did Real Damage With His Manafort Sentence
12:12 PM
The Loss of Sherrod Brown as a Presidential Candidate
12:05 AM
The Forces Lining Up to Fight Political Reform
March 7th, 2019
10:47 PM
Joe Biden is the Front-Runner for the Democratic Nomination