July 4th, 2020
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July 3rd, 2020
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The Colleges That Can Spur America’s COVID-19 Recovery
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July 2nd, 2020
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Trump’s Thinks 2020 Will Be a Repeat of 1968
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Texans Are Turning on Trump. Could Their GOP Senator Be Next?
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Oklahomans Voted to Expand Medicaid. That’s Bad News for Republicans.
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How to Build a Post-Pandemic America
July 1st, 2020
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What Are Trump’s Plans for Reviving His Failing Campaign?
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Trump Has Taken Republicans Down a Dead End of Anti-Expertise
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Why Do Reporters Assume Candidates of Color Are Insurgents?
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Trump’s Bungled Pandemic Response Is Crushing American Incomes
June 30th, 2020
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Is Trump Projecting When He Accuses Others of Treason?
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Trump’s Red Wall Is Beginning to Crumble
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How Would a Competent President Respond to Russia Right Now?
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Watching Rachel Maddow Is Not Enough
June 29th, 2020
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John Roberts Just Dealt the Anti-Abortion Movement a Crushing Defeat
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What If Trump Decides Not to Seek a Second Term?
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Washington Monthly Announces the 2020 Kukula Award Winners
June 28th, 2020
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A Lesson from Eastern Europe on How to Deal with Problematic Statues
June 26th, 2020
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What Tom Cotton’s Racist Speech Against D.C. Statehood Says About the GOP
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Netanyahu Wants to Annex the West Bank. Will Joe Biden Stop Him?
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What Happens When Trump Stops Believing He Can Win Reelection?
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Republicans Are Delusional to Hope That Trump Will Change
June 25th, 2020
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What Will It Take to End the Culture War?
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How Biden Is (Mostly) Staying Home and Still Winning the Campaign
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Why Biden Should Pick Kamala Harris for VP
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The White Evangelical Christians’ Revisionist Civil Rights History
June 24th, 2020
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Americans Want a President They Can Trust
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Trump Has Destroyed the GOP’s Vote-by-Mail Advantage in Florida
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Can the Black Lives Matter Movement Inspire a More Inclusive Pride Month?
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How China Now Threatens America’s Academic Freedoms
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How Trump Will Try to Steal the Election
June 23rd, 2020
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What Was Behind Barr’s Friday Night Massacre?
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Why Young People Are Demanding America Rethink Its Past
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Before Congress Subpoenas Barr, DOJ Whistleblowers Should Speak Out
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Who Are America’s Best Nonfiction Book Reviewers?
June 22nd, 2020
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Americans Don’t Need to Love Biden to Vote for Him
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Trump’s Tulsa Rally Was a Humiliating Debacle
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Why Can’t Republicans Elect Women?
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Both Parties Should Accept Reality And Hold Their National Conventions Virtually
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Trump Admitted to a Crime Against Humanity Last Night. And No, He Wasn’t Joking.
June 21st, 2020
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Even Trump’s Rallies Are a Problem For Him Now
June 20th, 2020
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Spike Lee Tells a Different Vietnam War History
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America Just Learned About Two More Impeachable Offenses by Trump and Barr
June 19th, 2020
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What Will It Take to Burst Trump’s Delusions?
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Why the 2020s Will Look a Lot Like the 1960s
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Will Conservatives Stick with Trump If He Keeps Losing in the Courts?
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How Biden Can Prove He’s Serious About Busting Corporate Monopolies
June 18th, 2020
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The Ongoing Struggle Between Two American Ideals: Liberty and Equality
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What Are Trump and Giuliani Getting Out of Boosting Hydroxychloroquine?
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John Bolton Didn’t Tell the Truth When It Mattered Most
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The Surprising Roots of the Supreme Court’s LGBTQ Rights Ruling
June 17th, 2020
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The Photo Ops That Define Trump’s Biggest Failures
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The Polls Are Probably Exaggerating Biden’s Lead
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Why Are Conservatives So Threatened by Equality?
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A Simple Way to Demilitarize the Police
June 16th, 2020
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How Republicans Convinced Themselves That Trump Will Win in a Landslide
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Two Stories That Show Why Trump’s Unfit for Office
12:15 PM
How Television Has Distorted Our View of Police and Crime
11:49 AM
Will the World Ever Know Who Really Killed Olof Palme?
June 15th, 2020
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No One Is Attempting to Silence White Men
05:12 PM
Trump’s Self-Defeating Campaign Against Vote by Mail
11:34 AM
The Racial Stereotypes Infecting American Police Departments
June 13th, 2020
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Conservatives Made It Easier for Coronavirus to Spread
June 12th, 2020
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Trump’s Solution to a Drop in the Polls: More Racism
07:29 PM
The GOP’s Revealing Decision Not to Debate on a 2020 Platform
03:09 PM
The City That Transformed Its Police Department
12:07 PM
Republicans Take Some Small Steps in Defiance of Trump
June 11th, 2020
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The Dubious DOJ Investigation Barr Is Already Pre-Spinning
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Trump Is Going Down Swinging
05:57 PM
Why I Threw Away My Copy of Gone with the Wind
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If Trump Loses in November, He Will Thrust the U.S. Into a Legitimacy Crisis
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The Economic Messaging That Biden Needs
June 10th, 2020
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What Republicans Really Mean When They Talk About “Law and Order”