November 19th, 2018
06:27 AM
Defiant White House vows to once again suspend CNN’s Jim Acosta: report
05:09 AM
Congressional Dems rushing to support ‘Green New Deal’ plan pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
03:51 AM
‘It’s going to be up to him’: Trump would ‘not get involved’ if acting AG destroys Mueller probe
02:33 AM
WATCH: Former commanding general of U.S. Army Europe destroys Trump’s ‘jackassery’
01:41 AM
Finns ruthlessly mock Trump’s claims they ‘take care of the floors’ of forests
12:49 AM
‘You threaten the Constitution’: Adm. McRaven replies directly to Trump’s smear of Navy SEALS
November 18th, 2018
11:56 PM
Cleveland Browns deny report they are considering Condaleeza Rice as head coach
11:30 PM
‘Accept his apology’: Jack Kingston falsely claims Trump said he’s sorry for skipping Veterans Day
10:38 PM
‘Disgusting’: Retired general calls Trump ‘a failure’ after president slams Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden
10:12 PM
Iowa Democrat loses race by 7 votes — but officials refuse to count 29 absentee ballots from left-leaning county
09:46 PM
MSNBC panel lambastes ‘dumb bully’ Trump: ‘He’s acting like an 11-year-old boy on the playground’
08:54 PM
‘Adam Schitt will have subpoena power soon’: Internet laughs at Trump’s misspelled attack on Rep. Adam Schiff
08:02 PM
MSNBC panel mocks Trump telling Fox ‘I wasn’t on the ballot’ — after telling supporters election was about him
07:36 PM
Trump bashes Navy SEALs for not taking out Osama bin Laden ‘a lot sooner’
07:10 PM
Nate Silver says media missed massive ‘blue wave’ while covering ‘stories about Trump voters in truck stops’
06:44 PM
Liz Cheney slams Democrats for record female wins in House: ‘Women can make bad policy too’
05:52 PM
Trump promised ‘we are going to start winning again’ — but his supporters are losing even more now
05:00 PM
‘We’ve just been very busy’: Trump says ‘phony witch hunts’ prevent him from visiting troops in a war zone
04:34 PM
Donald Trump is the most inept Commander-in-Chief in US history — and it matters
04:34 PM
Flat Earth conference attendees explain how they have been brainwashed by YouTube and Infowars
04:08 PM
Stacey Abrams tells CNN’s Jake Tapper she intends to run again — despite ‘systematic disenfranchisement’
04:08 PM
‘You ran a casino’: Fox’s Chris Wallace laughs in Trump’s face after he refuses to give ‘odds’ on ending Mueller probe
02:24 PM
Pope Francis slams Trump’s treatment of migrants without even saying his his name
02:24 PM
Central African war crimes suspect known as ‘Rambo’ handed to global court
02:24 PM
Malta police identify suspected journalist murder masterminds: report
12:40 PM
Donald Trump’s fascist politics and the language of disappearance
12:14 PM
The biggest myth about the ’Trump economy’
06:10 AM
WATCH: SNL’s Kate McKinnon brutally mocks Laura Ingraham and her ‘feel facts’
05:18 AM
SWEEP! Democrat officially takes down the last Orange County Republican in Congress
05:18 AM
Central Americans stalled at U.S.-Mexico border, mull work offers
04:26 AM
GOP worried about losing Mississippi Senate seat as candidate’s lead narrows ‘significantly’: report
03:34 AM
Trump calls CIA assessment of Khashoggi murder premature but possible
02:17 AM
New emails reveal Trump strategist may have illegally participated in Brexit campaign: report
01:51 AM
UK Prime Minister May sees ‘no alternative’ to her Brexit plan
01:51 AM
Mueller appears to be zeroing in on Roger Stone by demanding ally answer new round of questions: report
01:25 AM
Max Boot says time is running out on Khashoggi investigation: ‘Saudi government is going to rush to execute these henchmen’
12:33 AM
‘His 3-hour workday is about to go bye-bye’: CNN conservative reveals how Trump prepping for ‘rectal exam’ from House Dems
12:33 AM
Arkansas GOP rep gets brutally roasted after claiming ‘being poor is a choice’
November 17th, 2018
11:41 PM
Ex-Facebook security boss slams FBI and media in defense of his handling of Russian interference
11:41 PM
‘God will not bless America’: Texas pastor curses nation after ‘Godless’ Democrats win midterms
09:57 PM
WATCH: Right-wing Proud Boys forced to walk home from Philadelphia rally after taxi drivers refuse them
09:31 PM
GOP strategist slams Republicans for playing along with Trump’s voter fraud lies: ‘Nobody’s changing their clothes like Batman’
08:13 PM
Top GOP adviser denounces Georgia’s Brian Kemp: ‘He cheated & undermined democracy every step of the way’
07:47 PM
‘Secret litigation’ rocketing through courts could mean Mueller has already subpoenaed Trump: Legal expert
07:21 PM
Series of ‘horrible decisions’ starts in strip club — and ends with man running streets naked after bizarre kidnapping
06:29 PM
#BoycottGeorgia: Celebrities disgusted by Brian Kemp’s tainted election win in ‘Hollywood of the South’
06:03 PM
Trump angrily denies reports that he questions Pence’s loyalty: ‘They made up sources and refused to ask me for a quote’
05:37 PM
Former federal prosecutor tells MSNBC why Mueller may already have filed 18 sealed indictments
05:11 PM
MSNBC intel analyst explains Trump’s role in murder coverup: He’s ‘Michael Cohen for the Saudi Arabian government’
04:45 PM
British columnist worries Donald Trump is making America mentally ill by undermining ‘reality itself’
04:19 PM
‘He’s going to be impeached’: Ex-campaign adviser Sam Nunberg says Trump can’t outrun Mueller
03:53 PM
Yogurt shop employees ‘scared’ of black man supervising mother-son custody visit — so cops ask him to ‘move along’
03:27 PM
Cannabis industry shops for a suit and tie
03:27 PM
The bitter lesson of the California fires
03:01 PM
CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman behind Khashoggi murder: reports
03:01 PM
Trump to discuss Khashoggi murder with Secretary of State Pompeo, CIA
03:01 PM
Donald Trump isn’t our president — he is the Jefferson Davis of a new red state confederacy in a slow-motion civil war
02:35 PM
The Kentucky Supreme Court upholds state’s ‘right-to-work’ law
02:35 PM
Eleventh child dies from viral outbreak at New Jersey facility
02:35 PM
GOP senator under fire for racist comments accepts $2,700 donation from notorious white supremacist
02:34 PM
Grim fiscal forecast awaits Illinois’ new governor JB Pritzker
02:34 PM
Judge eases Reagan shooter Hinckley’s release conditions
02:34 PM
In a bluntly worded speech, Vice President Mike Pence vows no end to tariffs until China bows
02:09 PM
Argentine Navy submarine found a year after disappearing with 44 aboard
12:25 PM
Here are 5 signs extreme wealth deadens the ’empathy’ and ‘honesty’ parts of the brain
10:15 AM
This book was beloved by evangelical Christians — but the author now says it’s harmful bunk
09:49 AM
Jimmy Kimmel catches Americans lying about having voted
09:49 AM
Republicans were humiliated 3 times in federal court this week — all by judges Trump appointed
06:21 AM
WATCH: Garry Kasparov and Van Jones get into heated debate about Obama’s response Russian election meddling
05:55 AM
Bill Maher’s Real Time panel smashes Amazon’s ‘extortion’ in HQ2 stunt
05:29 AM
CNN’s Don Lemon explains why you should ‘rethink your friendships’ because of politics
04:37 AM
‘Not even close’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo hammers Corey Lewandowski for comparing Trump’s nasty behavior to reporters
04:37 AM
WATCH: HBO’s Bill Maher destroys Trump for bungling his response to every national disaster that happens
04:36 AM
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reveals how motions in thousands of cases will be fired at acting AG Whitaker
04:11 AM
There are now 1000 people reported missing in California wildfires