November 16th, 2018
08:23 PM
What’s Going On With Those Reported Charges Against Assange?
05:21 PM
Today’s Agenda: Will Mueller Break His Silence?
04:29 PM
Slash and Burn
02:12 AM
Coming Home To Roost
02:12 AM
More on the DC Neo-Nazi Tied to Pittsburgh Shooter
November 15th, 2018
09:00 PM
Seems Plausible
06:50 PM
More on Pelosi
05:06 PM
Today’s Agenda: Democrats’ Leadership Fight Intensifies
04:58 AM
Do the Dems Need Nancy Pelosi?
November 14th, 2018
05:16 PM
Today’s Agenda: Strange Addendum To The Pittsburgh Massacre
08:10 AM
Neo-Nazi Brothers Tied to Pittsburgh Massacre
12:48 AM
TPM Turns 18
November 13th, 2018
07:10 PM
WSJ Says Deputy NSC Director to Be Canned Over Spat with FLOTUS
05:00 PM
Today’s Agenda: Challenges To Whitaker
03:09 AM
McSally Concedes Senate Battle
12:59 AM
12:59 AM
TPM at 18
November 12th, 2018
09:57 PM
Site Status
09:57 PM
Thinking About The House Majority in 2019, Part 1
09:05 PM
Trump’s Post Election Dip Is No Surprise
02:01 AM
TPM 18
12:43 AM
A Good Book for This Centenary
November 11th, 2018
05:39 AM
Bet We’ll Hearing More About This
04:47 AM
McSally’s Ace in the Hole
November 10th, 2018
06:49 PM
Churchill’s Grandson
02:55 PM
Very Provisional Thoughts on Who will be the Democratic Nominee in 2020
04:31 AM
Read This
November 9th, 2018
09:36 PM
The Terrain Comes Into View
08:44 PM
Good Stuff Here
06:08 PM
Here Are Some Answers
04:50 PM
Today’s Agenda: Vote Count Drama In Key States
03:32 PM
Rick Scott’s Sudden Death Overtime Voting
03:25 AM
Getting Ugly Fast
01:41 AM
12:23 AM
How The States Races Go?
November 8th, 2018
06:44 PM
First Thoughts On Whitaker and What’s Ahead
05:26 PM
Today’s Agenda: Who’s The New Attorney General Going To Be?
04:34 PM
This is Important
03:42 PM
Inside Q&A Today at 4 PM
02:50 PM
White House Releases Doctored Video To Back Up Attack on Acosta
05:44 AM
The Unfolding Details Are Remarkable
03:34 AM
Matt Whitaker’s Small Russia Probe World
November 7th, 2018
10:22 PM
The Deed Is Done
10:22 PM
The Showdown Begins
08:38 PM
Revealing Moments
08:38 PM
What Happened In State Legislatures?
07:20 PM
Stop Everything and Watch This
05:36 PM
Today’s Agenda: A New World In Washington
04:18 PM
It’s a Start and A Critical One
09:22 AM
Well, That’s Awkward
09:22 AM
Walker Goes Down to Defeat
09:22 AM
Still More Results
08:30 AM
Looking at the Final House Seats
08:30 AM
Putting It All Together
08:30 AM
Abrams Still In This?
06:20 AM
Amendment 4
06:20 AM
Spanberger Wins
06:20 AM
Rep. Steve King Could Lose
05:28 AM
It’s Wave, But Just in One Ocean
05:28 AM
New York Is Big For House Dems
05:28 AM
Can’t Always Get What You Want But If You Try Some Time …
05:28 AM
Some Key Dem Victories in the House
04:10 AM
Big Result: Kobach Goes Down
04:10 AM
Let’s Take a Deep Breath
04:10 AM
Bright Spot
04:09 AM
Okay, Let’s Talk About This
03:18 AM
Nail Biting
02:27 AM
The 8 PM Flood Begins
02:27 AM
Now We’re Getting Somewhere
01:35 AM
Okay, 7 PM Is Here
12:43 AM
Okay Let’s Do This, Folks
November 6th, 2018
10:33 PM
The Official Josh Guide To Watching the Midterms
09:15 PM
Handy Senate Results Guide
09:15 PM
Oh, Brad
07:31 PM
Thoughts on a Momentous Day