March 22nd, 2019
11:28 PM
The Mueller Report Will Now Be A Political Battle
10:36 PM
At Long Last?
09:18 PM
Pound, Politics and Poetry
07:34 PM
Stephen Moore’s Record
06:16 PM
Rudy Outdoes Himself
05:24 PM
We Need To See Fox For What It Is
04:32 PM
Today’s Agenda: Fate Of Secret Mueller Grand Jury Case Unclear
03:14 PM
The E-Mail Scandal Goes Well Beyond Javanka
March 21st, 2019
09:29 PM
Biden’s Desperate Gambit
07:19 PM
Compare and contrast
04:17 PM
Today’s Agenda: Maybe We’ll Get A Mueller Report Soon?
03:25 PM
Is The McCain Attack Just A Distraction?
March 20th, 2019
10:58 PM
Donna Brazile And The Fox Problem
09:14 PM
Where Is This Nunes Lawsuit Coming From?
08:22 PM
Trump’s Stonewall Strategy
08:22 PM
New Heights Of Folly
06:12 PM
We Can Ignore The Iraq War Dead-Enders
04:02 PM
Today’s Agenda: Nunes Laments The Mean Tweets Public Figures Face
03:36 PM
Keep An Eye On The Jeffrey Epstein Case.
12:04 AM
White House Interns are Superheroes
March 19th, 2019
10:20 PM
Voting Rights Primer: Ross Declines To Answer Key Questions About Census Citizenship Question
10:20 PM
Paul Ryan Moves Up In The Company
09:02 PM
Trump And Bolsonaro Start A Beautiful Friendship
06:00 PM
Farewell To The Resistance?
04:16 PM
The Feds Were All Over Michael Cohen
02:58 PM
High Comedy
02:58 PM
Daily Agenda: March 19, 2019
07:10 AM
Nunes And The Peter Thiel Era
March 18th, 2019
07:02 PM
Taking Some Time Away
06:10 PM
Top Takeaways From The Feds’ Raid Of Trumpworld Bigwig Elliott Broidy
04:52 PM
Poli Sci Celeb Reader Email
04:52 PM
True O’Rourke-mentum?
04:00 PM
Daily Agenda: March 18, 2019
03:00 AM
Rep. Omar’s Oped
March 17th, 2019
05:54 PM
Reductio Ad Absurdum
March 16th, 2019
06:58 PM
Don’t Miss
March 15th, 2019
10:37 PM
Look at the Exact Words
10:37 PM
Trump Channels the Manifesto
08:27 PM
The Charlottesville Shuffle
07:35 PM
So I Read the Manifesto
05:51 PM
Chilling, Predictable
05:51 PM
Violent Far-Right White Radicalism
03:41 PM
Daily Agenda: March 15, 2019
03:41 PM
Fighting the Good Fight
02:42 AM
A Bad Day for Beto
01:50 AM
Lest We Forget
March 14th, 2019
09:31 PM
Stunning Development
08:39 PM
Your Career on Trump
08:39 PM
08:39 PM
Bernie Curious?
05:37 PM
There It Is
04:45 PM
04:45 PM
More Clues
03:27 PM
Today’s Agenda: March 14, 2019
02:35 PM
Are the NY State Charges Shoddier Than They Look?
04:37 AM
Fast Times in Port Richey
March 13th, 2019
09:15 PM
The View From Ukraine: Here’s The Backstory Behind The Crimes That Landed Manafort In Court
08:23 PM
So Much To Discuss
07:31 PM
The DA Who Just Indicted Manafort Has A Complicated History With The Trumps
06:13 PM
The Moment That Did In Mark Harris
05:21 PM
Manafort Sentencing Imminent
03:11 PM
Today’s Agenda: Manafort Is Sentenced, Again
03:11 PM
Will Paul Get Lucky Twice?
03:11 PM
Some Notes on Voting, Ethnicity, Religion and Race
03:10 PM
Manafort Sentencing, Part Deux
03:29 AM
Fathers and Sons
01:19 AM
You’re The Critical Part of This
March 12th, 2019
10:18 PM
A Third Line of Business!
08:34 PM
08:34 PM
More on Impeachment
06:24 PM
They Speak
04:14 PM
Today’s Agenda: DOJ Gets Involved In NC-9 Investigation
03:22 PM
Did Pelosi Fold?
March 11th, 2019
09:36 PM
Trump’s Epic History of Coddling, Promoting and Refusing to Denounce Anti-Semitism
08:18 PM
Census Showdown Coming