April 4th, 2020
02:48 AM
A Note on TPM’s Finances and Business During the COVID Crisis
April 3rd, 2020
11:47 PM
German Officials Accuse US of COVID Mask Piracy
10:55 PM
COVID Miscellany #1
10:03 PM
07:53 PM
Understanding Global Distribution Networks in The Hour of Chaos
06:35 PM
Where Things Stand: Then What Purpose Does A Federal Stockpile Serve, Jared?
05:43 PM
Fortunes for a Lifetime on Medical Grade Masks
03:51 AM
You Need To Look At This
02:59 AM
Hopes Dashed After Trump Mega Fan Announces Mask Hoard
April 2nd, 2020
11:31 PM
New CBO Projections Are Bleak
11:31 PM
More Hidden Heroes
10:13 PM
Media Carnage
08:29 PM
Say Their Name
08:29 PM
The Looming Cash Crisis Facing Small Businesses
06:19 PM
Where Things Stand: Kushner’s Many Hats
05:27 PM
Snapshot of the Crisis in and Out of New York
06:37 AM
Hidden Mortality In Spain
03:35 AM
It Will Haunt History
02:17 AM
How Do We Know the True Toll?
April 1st, 2020
10:23 PM
Is Germany a Model for COVID-19 Response?
10:23 PM
We’re Starting To See The Impact Of Supply Chain Disruptions
09:05 PM
We Asked You To Describe What’s Happening Around You. It’s Now All In A COVID Timeline
06:29 PM
More On the IHME Study
06:29 PM
Where Things Stand: Trump Didn’t Take McConnell’s Political Out
March 31st, 2020
10:33 PM
Another Update on Rosy Scenarios
08:23 PM
Rosy Scenarios
07:57 PM
An Economy on Life Support
06:13 PM
Where Things Stand: 2020 On His Mind
12:27 AM
A Snapshot
March 30th, 2020
10:18 PM
10:18 PM
Another Information Source
09:26 PM
We’re About To Get A Ton Of New Economic Data
07:16 PM
Look Beneath the National Numbers
07:16 PM
A World Beyond Imagination
07:16 PM
Where Things Stand: DOJ Digs In
06:24 PM
This is War. No Really.
03:40 AM
Today’s Presser
12:12 AM
Tories and Society
March 29th, 2020
11:20 PM
When Did New York City Shut Down?
04:16 AM
Ron DeSantis Previews the Trumpist Line on Who’s to Blame for COVID-19
March 27th, 2020
06:48 PM
Where Things Stand: Will We Have A Grandstander?
04:38 PM
National Leaders Need To Take More Personal Precautions
04:56 AM
12:36 AM
A Dark Day
March 26th, 2020
11:45 PM
09:35 PM
Have You Gotten the CDC’s Trump Campaign Mailer?
08:43 PM
Today Was Just a Preview
06:33 PM
This is Very Important News from Italy. Please Read.
05:41 PM
The Warning of SARS
04:49 PM
Where Things Stand: A Sign Of The Times
03:31 PM
‘Practicing Medicine Like We Are At War’
03:49 AM
What Can The Subways Tell Us About When NYC Locked Down?
March 25th, 2020
09:47 PM
New Data Out of Italy
08:29 PM
Dipping Into the Grim Numbers
06:45 PM
Where Things Stand: Trump Tries To Have It Both Ways With ‘China Virus’ Rhetoric
March 24th, 2020
09:57 PM
Absorb These Words
09:05 PM
What We’re Up Against
09:05 PM
Living In Fear Of The Rona
07:47 PM
Back for Easter
06:55 PM
Not A President For When A Crisis Hits
05:37 PM
Where Things Stand: Signs That You And Trump Might Be On The Fritz
05:37 PM
Cuomo Begging
01:35 AM
Bracing for the Storm
March 23rd, 2020
09:42 PM
Looking for Patterns
07:32 PM
What Are We Trying to Accomplish with Testing?
06:40 PM
Return from Peru
05:48 PM
A Reminder
05:48 PM
Where Things Stand: Trump’s Having Second Thoughts
05:48 PM
A Bit More on Donating PPEe
03:38 PM
The Demography of The Disease
02:46 PM
The View In Thailand And Nepal
12:54 AM
Donate PPE Gear
March 22nd, 2020
07:42 PM
Rand Paul Positive for COVID-19
07:42 PM
Italian Doctors Urge Move from Patient-Centered Care
07:34 AM
Three Weeks On