May 22nd, 2019
01:24 PM
Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs
06:02 AM
Trump unhappy to see Democrats on Fox News
04:18 AM
Loose Ends (82)
04:18 AM
Washington Post writer sees justice in injury to football player
02:08 AM
Transformative Technology Needed?
May 21st, 2019
10:41 PM
An Evening With Candace Owens
10:15 PM
Males at work (2)
06:21 PM
Comey vs. the world
03:19 PM
Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs
01:09 PM
Males at work
11:25 AM
The Infantile, Superficial Left (2)
06:39 AM
Joe Biden flips on the Hyde Amendment
05:21 AM
Illegal immigrants won’t be sent to Florida after all
02:45 AM
Emails Show Deep State Conspiring Against Trump
May 20th, 2019
11:44 PM
Another Democrat worth backing in the Virginia primary
06:58 PM
VIP Live, Thursday Evening
04:22 PM
Spy vs. spy euphemism
01:46 PM
How to read Herman Wouk
06:50 AM
Justin Amash, a party of one
01:38 AM
Populists poised to make major gains in European elections
May 19th, 2019
11:03 PM
Loose Ends (81)
08:01 PM
From Beto to Zero in Six Months
06:43 PM
The Flynn tapes
05:51 PM
Et Tu, Mitt?
04:59 PM
Whose Children?
04:33 PM
Sunday morning coming down
07:01 AM
2018-19 English Premier League all-stars
05:17 AM
Crisis at the border deepens
May 18th, 2019
09:31 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep. 125: The Antidote to Howard Zinn? “Land of Hope” with Wilfred McClay
05:37 PM
Breaking: Big Election Upset in Australia
03:01 PM
The Barr factor, cont’d
02:35 PM
Dave Begley: Live from Sioux City
12:51 PM
The Week in Pictures: Train Wreck Edition
05:03 AM
A phony war
03:45 AM
Silliest Protest Ever?
02:01 AM
Trade War Is Hurting Trump
May 17th, 2019
09:42 PM
The Antidote
08:24 PM
The “adversity score” gambit
05:48 PM
The Barr factor
03:12 PM
Scoring the adversity score
01:54 PM
Thoughts from the ammo line
06:06 AM
A silly attack on Alabama’s governor
04:48 AM
Trump’s immigration proposal
02:13 AM
Re-Learning the Lessons of the Past
02:13 AM
The Cultural Revolution at Evergreen State
May 16th, 2019
06:51 PM
Straight talk about China and corporate America
06:51 PM
The Infantile, Superficial Left
07:09 AM
Bill de Blasio poised to enter the presidential race
07:09 AM
Loose Ends (80)
04:34 AM
Our Communist Labor Unions
02:50 AM
Kafka Goes to College
May 15th, 2019
08:47 PM
The Prospects for Trump, 18 Months Out
06:37 PM
A Democrat worth backing in her Virginia primary contest
06:11 PM
Customer service, WSJ style
05:19 PM
Trump Jr. agrees to testify
07:21 AM
White House sacks top aide to Alex Acosta
06:55 AM
From Rashida With Love
01:18 AM
Mike Pompeo: A foreign policy from the Founding
12:01 AM
Today’s good news
May 14th, 2019
10:17 PM
Steny Hoyer faces primary challenge
08:59 PM
Justice Kavanaugh, the new Anthony Kennedy?
02:03 PM
Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington
06:41 AM
Rashida Tlaib’s latest: Not anti-Semitic but blatantly false
04:31 AM
Media heads explode over Trump’s tongue-in-cheek tweet about the Red Sox
02:47 AM
Twitter Delenda Est
01:55 AM
Standing Up to China
May 13th, 2019
06:59 PM
Report: Obama loyalists not sold on Biden
06:33 PM
“Diversity” and the Welfare State
02:13 PM
Biden’s China syndrome
01:47 PM
Hanging up on the New Yorker
02:58 AM
“Trump’s all-out war against House probes”
02:32 AM
This day in baseball history: Gibson does it all
01:40 AM
Google’s Bias, Quantified
01:14 AM
Immigration Skepticism: It’s Not Just For the Right Anymore
May 12th, 2019
03:43 PM
Brainwashing Children Works?