September 26th, 2020
09:13 PM
Mayor Adamson responds
07:55 PM
Life In a Blue City
05:45 PM
Karma Catches Up to Joe Biden
03:09 PM
A deepening disgrace, cont’d
02:17 PM
Coronavirus in one state (104)
12:59 PM
The Week in Pictures: Witness Protection Edition
06:29 AM
This day in baseball history: The Pirates take charge of the NL East
03:27 AM
Trump Broadens Attack on Critical Race Theory
01:43 AM
Report: It will be Judge Barrett
01:43 AM
Thank Dems for the Barrett Nomination
September 25th, 2020
10:41 PM
Ginsburg’s alleged “blind spot”
09:49 PM
How to break the left’s chokehold on the teaching of American History
05:03 PM
Americans Are Losing Patience With Riots
03:19 PM
Don’t Bogart that point
01:35 PM
A deepening disgrace
01:09 PM
Thoughts from the ammo line
02:20 AM
Catching Up With California and Texas
02:20 AM
Schumer spoils bipartisan effort to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg
September 24th, 2020
10:52 PM
Law Enforcement Priorities
10:00 PM
Amy Coney Barrett, superstar
08:42 PM
Justice but no peace
06:58 PM
More In-Kind Contributions to the Trump Campaign
04:48 PM
The Hunter Biden report
12:54 PM
Coronavirus in one state (103)
05:06 AM
Labor Department’s disgraceful discrimination case against Oracle fails
01:38 AM
Are Liberals Responsible For the Consequences of Their Death Threats?
12:46 AM
Now he tells us
September 23rd, 2020
11:55 PM
Murkowski: I’m Not a “No”
09:19 PM
Biden Voters Reportedly Attack Home of Trump Supporters in Minnesota
08:01 PM
What if the Democrats pack the Supreme Court?
03:41 PM
DoJ would prefer not to…
01:57 PM
Suicide of the liberals
06:09 AM
Our “Non-Partisan” Media At Work
04:25 AM
Poll: California voters don’t want racial preferences reinstated
02:41 AM
Defund Your Police, Not Theirs
September 22nd, 2020
09:30 PM
Does the plasticity of “racism” give Princeton a way out?
07:46 PM
COVID Conundrums
07:20 PM
Romney on board with considering Supreme Court nominee
06:54 PM
Will Biden Pack the Court?
06:28 PM
Democrats Then and Now
05:10 PM
(Almost) inside the Walz morgue
03:00 PM
When Biden lost his line
01:42 PM
The pledge’s the thing
01:42 PM
Coronavirus in one state (102)
05:28 AM
DOJ joins challenge to New Mexico’s restriction on private school openings
02:53 AM
Invitation to Voter Fraud
01:35 AM
The Democratic Party of the Past, and the Future
September 21st, 2020
10:59 PM
Let the Winning Continue!
09:41 PM
The McSally conundrum
07:05 PM
Pittsburgh Steelers center honors fallen police officer
01:53 PM
The Pelosi confusion
01:27 PM
The Floyd case revisited
03:55 AM
Trump to select woman for the Supreme Court
02:37 AM
Time for the Democrats to Pull the Plug on Joe Biden?
02:11 AM
Princeton squirms
12:53 AM
Leftists Trash Portland
September 20th, 2020
09:51 PM
Mark Steyn Speaks
05:31 PM
The “systemic racism” dodge
03:47 PM
Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour—”The Frigate 93 Election?”
02:03 PM
Questions on the table
03:13 AM
What it all comes down to
September 19th, 2020
10:27 PM
The Democratic Supreme Court Freakout
07:51 PM
If You’re Free On a Saturday Night…
07:25 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep 213: Trump’s Democrats
05:41 PM
The Latest in Leftist Fakery
03:57 PM
Thoughts on the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
02:39 PM
His name is David Steinberg
12:55 PM
The Week in Pictures: Desperate Despacito Edition
03:23 AM
How Does Ginsburg’s Death Affect the Race?
02:32 AM
Asian victims of Harvard’s discrimination get day in court
02:06 AM
Breaking: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Passed Away
02:06 AM
Trump and Biden Come to Minnesota
September 18th, 2020
08:54 PM
Inside the Free State of George Floyd
08:54 PM
Princeton responds to the Department of Education’s letter
08:02 PM
Steelers’ star: I should have done more research before honoring drive-by shooter