June 18th, 2018
03:49 AM
The truth about separating kids at the border
03:49 AM
Children Separated at the Border?
01:39 AM
Strzok Speaks
June 17th, 2018
11:29 PM
Blue Wave? Not Where I Live
08:01 PM
Live from the Fifth District
07:09 PM
Five Ways to Look at the IG Report
04:59 PM
To and from Russia, with emails
01:57 PM
How to read a book
01:05 PM
Color Him Father
06:09 AM
Our under-incarceration problem, D.C. edition
June 16th, 2018
09:30 PM
Does Trump have “dictator envy”?
08:38 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep. 75: The IG Report & Our Surf Forecast
05:10 PM
“Minnesota men” appeal their convictions
01:16 PM
The Week in Pictures: Aftermath Edition
03:19 AM
Harvard Doesn’t Like Asians
12:43 AM
Bill Clinton takes offense
June 15th, 2018
10:33 PM
Cartoon of the Day
07:57 PM
Media Alert
06:39 PM
Trump stands tall against bad amnesty legislation
05:21 PM
About that salute
05:21 PM
President Trump Responds to IG Report
02:45 PM
Comey responds to IG report
02:19 PM
Scalise makes the play
01:53 PM
Thoughts from the ammo line
07:49 AM
Hillary Responds to IG Report
04:21 AM
More lyin’ lovers of the FBI
04:21 AM
Team Mueller lawyer: “Viva le resistance”
03:03 AM
The latest push for amnesty-style immigration reform
02:11 AM
Notes on the IG Report
01:19 AM
Analyze this
June 14th, 2018
10:17 PM
Report on the Clinton email investigation
05:05 PM
Rod Rosenstein, cult hero
03:47 PM
How to watch a movie
11:53 AM
Food Justice??
05:49 AM
A Humorous Coda to G7 and Singapore
05:23 AM
Trump and Kim: Who got more?
01:29 AM
Green Weenie of the Week: The DNC
01:03 AM
A great high school and the mayor who would diminish it
June 13th, 2018
11:19 PM
Loose Ends (40)
08:43 PM
The Kim Destiny Pictures Video: Brilliant or Stupid?
05:15 PM
At last, evidence of collusion
04:49 PM
Rosenstein’s rot
02:39 PM
Felled by a tweet
06:51 AM
Trump helps take down Mark Sanford
05:59 AM
How anti-Trump hysteria helps the president on North Korea
02:31 AM
In Venezuela, the End Is Near
01:39 AM
Harvard Begs to Discriminate
June 12th, 2018
11:55 PM
In search of lost text
09:19 PM
Donald Trump as “Goldenhair”?
06:43 PM
Poll: Most Americans favor the death penalty
05:51 PM
The agreement
02:23 PM
What happened? TK
01:31 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep. 74: Suicide of the University Revisited
10:03 AM
How to Read a Newspaper
07:01 AM
A leftist’s take on the summit
03:08 AM
Is Trump a Shoo-In In 2020?
03:08 AM
A victory for election integrity
12:06 AM
Loose Ends (39)
June 11th, 2018
09:56 PM
A Climate Change Free Lunch?
07:46 PM
Unsolved killlings, what do they tell us?
05:36 PM
Monday in Pictures: G-7 Photoshop Edition
05:36 PM
Senator Grassley requests (again)
02:34 PM
In Singapore, a White House statement
02:34 PM
In Singapore, Pompeo meets (and disputes) the press
06:20 AM
Red Schoendienst, RIP
03:44 AM
Asylum Seeker’s Rape/Murder Roils Germany
02:52 AM
Rapprochement with Russia?
12:16 AM
Going Postal Revisited
June 10th, 2018
10:58 PM
Eye on the news
09:40 PM
“Something happened a while ago”
04:54 PM
More Mueller madness
04:54 PM
How the Democratic Party Has Mainstreamed Anti-Semitism
04:54 PM
The Iran factor revisited
03:10 PM
Sunday morning coming down
06:30 AM
Getting “world order” wrong