January 21st, 2020
05:14 AM
“Inside Edition” looks for crime, finds more than it wanted
04:48 AM
A Blind Pig–the New York Times–Finds an Acorn
03:56 AM
There are some things it’s embarrassing to know
01:47 AM
Pro-Gun Rally In Richmond Is Peaceful; Liberals Hardest Hit
January 20th, 2020
09:27 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep 163: Martin Luther King Jr., Yesterday and Today
08:09 PM
Trump’s harsh brief
07:17 PM
Elizabeth Warren, “gifted storyteller”
05:33 PM
The 1619 Project on MLK Day
02:31 PM
We now know: FISA court must go (4)
02:05 PM
Resisting the socialist siren
01:39 PM
The prophetic voice
06:24 AM
The New York Times Never Disappoints!
05:58 AM
The horror: Trump balked at being spoon fed conventional wisdom
01:13 AM
What Do Iran, Chile and France Have In Common?
January 19th, 2020
08:28 PM
Thread: A Story That Makes You Proud to Be an American
06:18 PM
President Trump responds, harsh brief to follow
05:00 PM
Tigers at the White House
03:16 PM
Impeachment a la mode
04:52 AM
The Parnas problem
02:16 AM
Good News From Mexico
12:32 AM
Bernie’s History With Iran
January 18th, 2020
09:04 PM
Rotherham and Race
09:04 PM
Media Madness: NBC News Tells CNN, “Hold My Beer”
03:52 PM
More of the same, but less
11:32 AM
The Week in Pictures: Blowout Impeachment Edition
05:28 AM
Sympathy for Sanders? I have none.
05:02 AM
Why People Hate the Media, Chapter 12,186
02:53 AM
Supreme Court to Rule on Faithless Electors
January 17th, 2020
11:52 PM
Enter Dalia
07:06 PM
Dershowitz for the defense
07:06 PM
President Trump and the Latino vote
06:14 PM
A New Theory About Bloomberg’s Grand Strategy
03:12 PM
We now know: FISA court must go (3)
01:54 PM
David Steinberg reports: The Omar investigations
12:10 PM
Thoughts from the ammo line
03:56 AM
Trump Moves to Protect Religious Freedom In Schools
03:30 AM
The Dem debate’s biggest loser — CNN
01:46 AM
Teacher of the Year Takes a Knee
January 16th, 2020
10:19 PM
Is Warren now the new Hillary Clinton for Bernie Bros?
09:01 PM
Feel Good Stories for Today
05:59 PM
Was Soleimani contemplating a coup in Iran?
02:05 PM
Who’s zoomin’ who?
01:13 PM
A gross engrossment
12:47 PM
Does anybody really know what time it is?
03:42 AM
Did Iran intend to kill Americans when it attacked U.S. bases?
02:24 AM
Landmark Trade Deal With China; New York Times Hardest Hit
January 15th, 2020
07:28 PM
New Social Science of Note
05:44 PM
Ilhan Omar, Dope
05:18 PM
Greatest college QB ever?
02:42 PM
Brian Mast speaks — silence ensues
01:50 PM
Flynn seeks to withdraw guilty plea
01:24 PM
“A little bit of money” revisited
06:54 AM
Warren doesn’t shake Sanders’s hand
02:08 AM
Remembering James Hodgkinson
01:42 AM
He said, she said: Bernie and Liz edition
January 14th, 2020
07:39 PM
A Bernie Sanders Supreme Court short list?
06:21 PM
Prince Harry’s pursuit of happiness
05:55 PM
Bernie Sanders, Pro-Gulag?
05:55 PM
We now know: FISA court must go (WSJ edition)
05:55 PM
The Washington Compost Strikes Again
03:19 PM
The crowd roars
03:37 AM
Iran’s State News Anchor Resigns
01:54 AM
Venezuela Mourns Soleimani
12:11 AM
The 15-Minute Video Book of Bernie
January 13th, 2020
11:19 PM
What if they held an anti-Trump women’s march and only 10,000 came?
10:27 PM
Leila Adan: Ilhan Omar doesn’t represent us (the interview)
06:59 PM
The Power Line Show, Ep. 162: Stephen Knott on “The Lost Soul of the American Presidency”
06:33 PM
Booker quits the race
06:07 PM
Smollett prosecutor faces tough reelection fight
05:15 PM
We now know: FISA court must go
02:13 PM
Pelosi unhinged
05:33 AM
Sanders campaign hits Warren
02:32 AM
The Way We Live Now, Monarchy Edition
02:06 AM
No blacks on the debate stage. Do blacks care?
January 12th, 2020
09:21 PM
Sir Roger Scruton, RIP