January 21st, 2020
05:14 AM
Monday night owls: New Texas fossil-fuel projects could add hugely to greenhouse gas emissions
04:22 AM
Texas militiaman's life on the lam ends in apparent suicide in a remote spot
03:31 AM
Taco Bell says it will test six-figure salaries for managers. Fast-food workers deserve every penny
02:13 AM
They thought they were buying healthcare coverage; instead they got ‘thoughts and prayers’
01:21 AM
Marriott's 'green choice' isn't so green, and it's hurting workers
12:29 AM
ICE is going around directive to continue detaining immigrants at New York courthouses, report says
January 20th, 2020
11:37 PM
FBI tweets its 'honors' to Dr. King with zero mention of its attacks on him
11:11 PM
Year over year, inflation-adjusted wages rose 0% in 2019. 51% of workers got no raises
10:19 PM
Childcare costs are sucking U.S. parents dry and still leaving early childhood teachers in poverty
09:01 PM
Vast majority of Americans say U.S. economic system unfairly benefits the powerful
08:35 PM
Daily Kos Elections 2020 primary calendar
07:17 PM
An Obamacare win: Racial and ethnic disparities in access to care have narrowed
06:25 PM
Wisconsin school officials' non-response to Nazi salute photo gives a green light to open racism
05:07 PM
U.S. officials have deported some asylum-seekers without first telling them where they're going
04:15 PM
How Democrats can avoid handing Senate seats to the GOP if Warren or Sanders wins the presidency
03:23 PM
Will three gun-reform bills passed by the Virginia Senate spark right-wing violence at rally today?
02:31 PM
Cartoon: The return of the Unbelievable Trump
02:05 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Monday
01:39 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Lev Parnas is not a distraction, he's central to how Trump operates
04:40 AM
Sunday night owls open thread. IMF chief: inequality, climate crisis heading us to economic disaster
04:14 AM
Unity pledges, racists hijacking mainstream symbolism, and more you might have missed this week
03:23 AM
Kentucky mom says Christian school expelled daughter over photo with rainbow cake and sweater
02:31 AM
Military leaders requested new force to fight cyberwar, but got Space Force instead
01:39 AM
Nuts & Bolts: From caucus to delegate, please explain Iowa
01:13 AM
Unarmed subway rider tackled and ambushed by mob of New York cops plans $1 million lawsuit
12:47 AM
Retired LAPD officer charged with revenge porn after sharing colleague's images with department
January 19th, 2020
11:56 PM
GOP state senators proposed a bill to make specialty Trump-themed license plates in Oklahoma
11:30 PM
We can regain the world's trust—by dumping Trump
11:04 PM
Trump's 'Space Force' debuts some new uniforms. There's only one problem with them ...
10:38 PM
Beyond Monday's gun-laden march in Richmond, militias' plans for a 'civil war' look to go national
10:12 PM
Schiff says NSA, CIA are now attempting to withhold documents 'potentially relevant' to impeachment
09:20 PM
Sunday snippets: 60,000 expected at Vegas gun show; Trump's Iran lies; student workers owed millions
08:28 PM
Cattle Call 2020: They debated in Iowa, so where do they stand now?
07:10 PM
Mom charged $600 to see video of 5-year-old daughter bullied on Dallas school bus
06:18 PM
Here's another way to fight Trump: Help feed people
04:34 PM
Planned Parenthood pumping $45 million into 2020 elections in its largest voting push ever
03:16 PM
Who's afraid of the 1619 Project?
04:52 AM
Saturday night owls open thread. Joe Stiglitz: The truth about the 'booming' Trump economy
04:26 AM
School board votes against banning Confederate flag in dress code
03:08 AM
Oceanic 2014-2016 heatwave killed an estimated 1 million sea birds: 'unprecedented and astounding'
02:16 AM
What Greta Thunberg knows that you might not: It’s easy to take a bite out of climate change
01:24 AM
Pregnant Workers Fairness Act takes a step forward in the House, this week in the war on workers
12:32 AM
We're Back! Picks of the Week from the Daily Kos Community, Jan. 18
12:32 AM
Spotlight on green news & views: Altruistic parrots; 'On the Beach' for real in Australia
January 18th, 2020
11:14 PM
LGBTQ+ issues should be included in sex education curriculum. Here's why.
10:22 PM
Trump's finances appear shaky, opening up more opportunities to buy presidential 'favors'
09:04 PM
Saturday snippets: Petition says WI regulators undercut solar; fact-checking Trump's 'biggest ever'
08:12 PM
Here's some good-news polling that's terrible news for Trump
07:20 PM
Trump administration escalates attack on nutrition standards for children's school meals
06:28 PM
Republican super PAC caught using the same ‘local woman’ in ads attacking Democrats in 8 states
05:36 PM
Stalin would be proud: National Archives secretly censors Women's March photo
05:36 PM
Latest approval ratings for vulnerable GOP senators are some serious bad news for them
04:18 PM
Organizer says movement work of Women’s March might be ‘messy,’ but it's beautiful in its power
03:26 PM
Voting Rights Roundup: Florida's top court validates GOP poll tax on voters with felony convictions
01:42 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Is it an impeachment trial or a reality tv show?
05:28 AM
Friday night owls open thread. David Brooks ignores the evidence to assert there is no class war
04:36 AM
School apologizes after 90 Texas freshmen receive homework question on rape
04:10 AM
'White Power' and a swastika spray-painted on newly opened Sikh temple in Orangevale, California
03:44 AM
Trump's own opinions on Ken Starr: 'I think Ken Starr is a lunatic,' and 'He's a freak'
03:19 AM
Susan Collins caught telling flat-out lies about donations from opioid manufacturers
02:53 AM
Some California community colleges to begin offering free legal help to undocumented students
02:53 AM
Republican organization trolls Trump administration, posts videos of Ken Starr's 1998 testimony
02:27 AM
New evidence shows Nunes' top aide pushed Lev Parnas to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton
01:35 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!
01:35 AM
Trump campaign makes a show of outreach to groups he's attacked, demonized, and assaulted
12:43 AM
Susan Collins overtakes Mitch McConnell as most unpopular senator in the land
12:18 AM
Cartoon: Climate action distractions
January 17th, 2020
11:52 PM
Justice Department reportedly investigating Comey—again—for years-old media leak
11:26 PM
Moscow Mitch, perjurer
10:34 PM
House Democrats travel to border to meet asylum-seekers returned to Mexico under cruel Trump policy
10:08 PM
Big bank explains in great detail why Elizabeth Warren scares big banks
09:42 PM
Democrats across the country seek to make California's mistake, destroying careers of freelancers
08:50 PM
Can’t attend a Women’s March? Here’s what you can do instead
08:24 PM
Day after Ukraine launches probe of ambassador's alleged surveillance, Pompeo's shamed into acting
07:58 PM
McConnell readies nuclear option for shielding Senate trial from public view