March 17th, 2018
05:00 PM
Congress is back at it, passing internet laws it doesn't understand
04:34 PM
Surprise! EPA head Scott Pruitt's personal soundproof booth didn't cost $25,000. It cost $43,000
04:08 PM
Ohio lawyers' association issues alert regarding ICE arrests at courthouses
03:42 PM
Freedom of Information Act requests are rising, but so is government obstruction of those requests
03:16 PM
Voting Rights Roundup: New Hampshire Democrats plan to oust secretary of state over voting rights
02:24 PM
Confirmed: 'Donald J. Trump a.k.a. David Dennison'
01:06 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Chaos and false choices
05:18 AM
Open thread for night owls: Why do we subsidize Big Telecom to provide subpar internet?
04:26 AM
Vindictive Trump fires FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe just two days before his retirement
04:26 AM
Jeff Flake, who has voted with Trump almost every time, positions himself as the 2020 anti-Trump
03:34 AM
Jewish woman and Baptist minister unite to protect immigrant family from ICE
03:34 AM
Fox News' obsession with sexual abuse committed by women fits neatly into an 'alt-right' agenda
02:43 AM
Tennessee Republicans heart neo-Nazis—or at least won't condemn them
02:43 AM
Super PAC misleads Obama-supporting Illinois voters about conservative Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski
01:51 AM
Mike Pompeo is most likely bad news for the Iran nuclear agreement
01:51 AM
Republican state lawmakers have some ... creative ideas about guns in schools
01:25 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!
12:59 AM
Trump tries to extend his white supremacist, anti-Muslim agenda to the UN
12:33 AM
Donald Trump wants Andrew McCabe fired, and if McCabe is fired his only hope is Donald Trump
12:06 AM
This Week in Statehouse Action: Beware The Ides edition
12:06 AM
Cartoon: Cabinet madness
March 16th, 2018
11:14 PM
Wildlife conservation, Trump-style: Elephant killers promoting big game hunting and trophy imports
11:14 PM
Louise Slaughter, longtime congresswoman and fierce liberal fighter, dies at 88
10:48 PM
Stormy Daniels' gale-force onslaught is proving too strong for blowhard Trump
10:22 PM
CIA hit squad program that Obama shut down reportedly resurrected by Trump. Agency denies it
09:56 PM
In possible first, groups petition to have ICE walled off from Massachusetts courthouses
09:30 PM
Dreamer medical student fights to keep her dad, 'example of the American Dream,' in the U.S.
09:04 PM
The real story behind Trump's steel tariffs? Favors to friends and grift, plain and simple
08:38 PM
Midday open thread. Court: Pay pecan-picking kids; NH Senate nixes death penalty, but guv vows veto
08:12 PM
Kelly escapes West Wing tweet-by-tweet cable news takeover—for now
07:46 PM
Trump's new economic adviser says the rich can't be corrupt. Let's look at the Trump administration.
07:20 PM
Cook Political moves 9 House races toward Democrats following the GOP's Pennsylvania nightmare
06:54 PM
'It is a death sentence': ICE to deport dad with incurable heart condition today
06:28 PM
Teachers don't want guns in schools, even if they're the ones carrying, poll finds
06:02 PM
California Republicans don't want to be seen with Donald Trump
05:36 PM
Republicans defend private prison group, claiming forced immigrant labor has 'improved morale'
05:10 PM
The bank bill that divided Senate Democrats might die in the House
05:10 PM
Trump: 'That'll be almost half of the judiciary ... appointed by us.'
05:10 PM
Panicked Republican leaders start calling out slacker House incumbents—by name
04:18 PM
NRA attorney who Democrats wanted to testify had 'concerns' about NRA's pipeline to Russian funds
04:18 PM
Rep. Louise Slaughter has died
03:52 PM
Stormy Daniels lawyer says she was physically threatened and six more women are stepping forward
03:26 PM
Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maine show the way for Democrats in 2018: Fight for health care
03:00 PM
National security adviser reportedly next on Trump's firing list, but the chaos won't stop there
02:34 PM
In 2018, run against McConnell and Ryan. Republicans don't like them.
02:34 PM
ProPublica retracts part of 2017 story saying CIA director-wanna-be Haspel oversaw Zubaydah torture
02:08 PM
Morning Digest: Republican who wants to impeach state Supreme Court might end his own career instead
01:42 PM
Cartoon: MAGA staffing solutions
01:42 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Mueller subpoenas the Trump organization
12:24 PM
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04:36 AM
Open thread for night owls. Marcetic: 'Russia was a latecomer to the cyberwar game'
04:10 AM
Kimmel's shopping spree at Trump's store turns up potential violations and zero American-made goods
03:44 AM
'Intellectual' conservative says students protesting gun violence are 'human shields' for activists
03:18 AM
Republicans agree on attacking hungry families—they're just arguing over how much
02:52 AM
The genius Larry Kudlow during the 2007 financial catastrophe: 'There's no recession coming.'
02:26 AM
Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un has a snag—there's no one to negotiate the details
02:26 AM
Republicans continue to decry our free press as 'fake news'
02:00 AM
Senate passes 'Bank Lobbyist Act' but its future in the House is uncertain
01:34 AM
The US military has spent $138,000 at Trump's own hotels and clubs
01:08 AM
New Jersey governor's budget taxes millionaires to invest in working families, public transit
12:42 AM
Trump's lawyers give in to the inevitable, begin prepping for an interview with Robert Mueller
12:42 AM
Republicans flirting with government shutdown over Obamacare sabotage
12:16 AM
Trump to unveil new opioid plan that includes proposal to execute drug dealers
March 15th, 2018
11:50 PM
California attorney Lizbeth Mateo becomes first undocumented immigrant named to statewide post
11:50 PM
Nebraska Republicans voted to block federal funds to family planning clinics because they hate women
11:24 PM
Idaho legislature passes bill mandating that women be told their medication abortion can be reversed
10:58 PM
White House leaves it up to Putin to determine the nature of the US relationship with Russia
10:32 PM
Sen. John Kennedy rejected new gun laws after Parkland—but leaps into action after puppy death
10:06 PM
National Democrats are letting local candidates be local—and it's working
10:06 PM
Internal emails show conservative paranoia led to State Department purge of 'Obama holdovers'
09:40 PM
Becerra to Trump, Sessions: California 'is in the business of public safety, not deportation'
09:14 PM
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin blew an astonishing $1 million in taxpayer money on only seven flights
08:48 PM
Republicans can’t stop sabotaging Obamacare, no matter how politically disastrous it is for them
08:22 PM
Midday open thread: Happy birthday, Justice RBG; Trump's torture appointees; @#!¡%*^ ringtones
08:22 PM
The immigration policy fiasco shows again that Paul Ryan is really, really bad at his job