September 20th, 2019
06:20 PM
Trump makes it clear: 'It doesn’t matter what I discussed,' but someone should 'look into' Biden'
05:28 PM
Trump's extortion scheme seems disgusting in the United States, but is all too familiar in Ukraine
05:02 PM
Moscow Mitch says 'nyet' to cutting into drug companies' massive profits and saving Medicare money
04:10 PM
The worst thing about Trump extorting an ally for political gain is how easily everyone accepts it
03:44 PM
Impeachment, resignation, treason, federal charges—reaction to the stunning Trump-Ukraine news
03:18 PM
Morning Digest: You don't like Darrell Issa? Well, the Senate doesn't like him much, either
02:52 PM
Cartoon: How to get the U.S. to care about the war In Yemen
02:26 PM
Bill de Blasio ends presidential campaign
02:26 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: The whistleblower complaint, climate change and more
01:34 PM
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06:38 AM
New York City is letting 1.1 million students walk out for Friday's youth climate strike
05:46 AM
Reunited after nearly six months apart, 3-year-old separated boy cries and pulls away from dad
05:46 AM
Buttigieg offers middle-of-the-road 'Medicare for All who want it' plan
05:20 AM
Trump has been extorting U.S. ally Ukraine—and we've known it for months
04:54 AM
Rudy Giuliani lost his mind on CNN and admitted he was a co-conspirator in Ukraine deal
04:02 AM
Radio host Larson platforms a far-right veteran's plan to murder antifascists in their homes
03:37 AM
Washington Post: Whistleblower complaint about Trump involves Ukraine
03:37 AM
New York Times reporters reveal Brett Kavanaugh asked them to lie in upcoming book
03:11 AM
It costs $110 to appeal a deportation ruling. Trump officials may now hike that to nearly $1,000
02:45 AM
Trump's secretary of state reminds reporters that people who frequently lie should be called liars
02:19 AM
This Week in Statehouse Action: Batten Down the Hatches edition
01:27 AM
Nancy Pelosi backs D.C. statehood, meaning 218 Democrats—a majority of the House—now support it
01:01 AM
Two years after Hurricane Maria, Trump administration continues to block Puerto Rico aid
12:35 AM
With SCOTUS soon to hear DACA case, Dreamers report increased fear of detention, family separation
12:10 AM
Gun manufacturer says it is temporarily suspending AR-15 production for the civilian market
September 19th, 2019
11:44 PM
Donald Trump's attorneys file suit against New York, claiming he's immune to criminal investigation
10:52 PM
House passes short-term spending bill, averting government shutdown this round, for now
10:52 PM
Whistleblower complaint involved a 'series of actions' by Trump
10:00 PM
Warren's 'second-choice' status makes her the candidate to beat, aka the front-runner
09:34 PM
Watchdog report exploding into constitutional crisis as White House and DNI move to block access
09:08 PM
West Virginia's 'hidden communities' and the complicated history of the fight for LGBTQ rights
08:42 PM
William Barr's Department of Justice put the muzzle on the whistleblower complaint
08:16 PM
Moscow Mitch capitulates, supports election security spending amendment
07:24 PM
Parts of Texas that survived Hurricane Harvey are underwater again as Imelda dumps feet of rain
06:58 PM
Watchdog report still a mystery: Intelligence inspector general refuses to provide details to House
06:32 PM
HHS official testifies family separation policy inflicted 'extraordinarily severe' trauma on kids
05:40 PM
Pelosi introduces Medicare drug plan, exploiting Trump's campaign promises and split with Republican
04:48 PM
Nancy Pelosi tells lawmakers that Corey Lewandowski should have been held in contempt during hearing
04:22 PM
Trump’s come up with a judicial nominee so bad even Republicans hate him
03:30 PM
Hidden whistleblower report directly concerns Trump and a 'promise' to a foreign leader
03:04 PM
Morning Digest: Longtime House Republican is undecided about re-election in swingy New York district
02:12 PM
Cartoon: A Malthusian experiment: are we doomed?
02:12 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
02:12 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: More Israeli election and U.S. primary fallout
01:20 PM
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04:40 AM
Black detective files civil rights lawsuit after white officers beat him while he worked undercover
04:40 AM
Texas teacher who tried to contact Trump to have her students deported is officially fired
04:40 AM
Trump labor board's drive to hurt temp and fast food workers hits another conflict-of-interest snag
03:23 AM
North Carolina Republicans pass new state legislative gerrymanders—and some Democrats join them
02:57 AM
New Mexico plans to offer tuition-free public college to every state resident
02:31 AM
Trump is 'tired' of dealing with the ethanol mess he created
02:05 AM
Trump campaign's big plan to get labor to support him: 'They just will'
01:39 AM
White House burns through a fifth general counsel at Homeland Security
01:13 AM
Drama alert: Bolton reportedly slammed Trump in closed-door meeting with influential conservatives
01:13 AM
Abortion rate plummets to lowest level since the procedure became legal nationwide in 1973
12:47 AM
Pentagon says the cost of Trump's border fence could be measured in the lives of American troops
September 18th, 2019
11:56 PM
In new poll, Warren leads in first choice, second choice, and induction by 'magic wand'
11:30 PM
White House disavows gun proposal that the (checks notes) White House is circulating in Congress
11:04 PM
Acting intelligence chief declines to testify to Congress about mysterious whistleblower cover-up
10:38 PM
Trump's border fence is slicing right through irreplaceable archaeological sites
10:12 PM
GM cancels strikers' health insurance as UAW strike enters its third day
09:46 PM
Back-to-school season gets brutal dose of realism in latest Sandy Hook Promise 'Know the Signs' PSA
09:20 PM
Trump's focus on homeless centers on removing them from wealthy people's view
08:28 PM
Pelosi driving mixed messages from House on impeachment; it's time she knocks it off
08:02 PM
Trump announces that he's 'revoking' part of the Clean Air Act, an absolute violation of the law
07:36 PM
McConnell and Trump continue deadly game of hot potato while nation awaits next gun massacre
07:10 PM
Mercenary Nation: Trump declares Saudi Arabia a 'great ally' because 'they pay cash'
06:44 PM
Elizabeth Warren dominates Daily Kos Straw Poll, Sanders and rest of field far behind
06:18 PM
Trump names his 4th national security adviser in 3 years, a man who didn't want the job or Trump
05:52 PM
It wasn't Corey Lewandowski who impaired the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday. It was Jerry Nadler
05:00 PM
Recent Republican-pushed federal shutdowns gained nothing, but cost taxpayers at least $4 billion
04:34 PM
CNN shamelessly booked admitted liar Corey Lewandowski and it predictably went off the rails
04:08 PM
Watch as House Judiciary counsel Barry Berke knocks the smug off Corey Lewandowski's mug
03:42 PM
Post-debate poll: Biden, Warren on the rise; enthusiasm surging for Warren
03:16 PM
Morning Digest: North Carolina GOP passes new legislative gerrymanders—and some Democrats join them