May 22nd, 2019
05:36 AM
Open thread for night owls: An impeachment inquiry can serve public as a powerful educational tool
04:44 AM
Republican knives are out—here are leaked 'immigration czar' Kris Kobach's ridiculous job demands
04:18 AM
The Tale of the Pontifex Maximus and His Lawyer: Glenn Greenwald's strange far-right blind spot
03:52 AM
A woman asked Elizabeth Warren for help with her love life and Warren brilliantly came through
03:26 AM
FFS, the number of times Donald Trump said 'hell' is not worth a single paragraph of reporting
03:00 AM
ICE is again defying congressional limits by jailing a record 52,398 immigrants
02:34 AM
New campaign launches for Washington, D.C., statehood
02:08 AM
Susan Collins just voted to put another forced birther judge on an important court
01:42 AM
William Barr isn't Trump's personal attorney, he's the agent provocateur of authoritarianism
12:50 AM
Housing secretary confuses a banking term for a brand of cookies, puts full incompetence on display
12:24 AM
Cartoon: RePUBLICan transit map
May 21st, 2019
11:59 PM
America needs Robert Mueller's service one more time. Testify, publicly, set the record straight
11:33 PM
House Judiciary Committee issues subpoenas for Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson
10:41 PM
Vulnerable Senate Republicans pretend like they were never about Obamacare repeal
10:41 PM
Hundreds of groups are calling on Congress to protect Dreamers, TPS, and DED holders now
10:15 PM
For the Freedom Caucus, freedom doesn't mean free speech if it's against Trump
09:23 PM
Midday open thread: An election in Kentucky, a great white shark, and an upcoming resignation
08:57 PM
Robert Mueller's reluctance to say anything 'political' has his House testimony deadlocked
08:31 PM
With McGahn's no-show, impeachment pressure mounts on Pelosi—for all the right reasons
08:05 PM
Border agent who hit man with truck had called migrants 'disgusting subhuman sh—' just weeks before
07:39 PM
#StopTheBans rallies for abortion rights launch across the country today
07:13 PM
Trump appeals ruling ordering accounting firm to turn over his financial records to House Oversight
06:47 PM
No children had died in federal immigration custody for a decade—until the Trump administration
05:55 PM
Brief House Judiciary Committee hearing calls out absence of former White House lawyer Don McGahn
05:29 PM
Trump's financial records appeal will go to court . . . Merrick Garland's court
05:03 PM
Democratic leadership team pushes Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment, and Pelosi pushes back
04:11 PM
Trump reportedly considering very terrible former ICE leader for immigration 'czar' post
03:19 PM
House Judiciary to 'use all enforcement mechanisms at its disposal' to compel testimony from McGahn
03:19 PM
Morning Digest: Michigan GOP congressman picks up a primary challenger after anti-Trump tweetstorm
02:27 PM
Cartoon: Fantasy Joe Biden
02:27 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
01:35 PM
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05:21 AM
Open thread for night owls: Gun control or climate crisis, the right-wing smears young activists
04:55 AM
Game of Thrones 8.6: 'The Iron Throne'
04:29 AM
The politics of abortion in fiction
04:03 AM
Someone hacked Trump's United States Golfing Association account and began posting bad scores
03:37 AM
National Public Radio wants you to know that Trump lovers still love Trump, even when it hurts them
03:11 AM
Mitch McConnell is reveling in destroying our democracy, and Politico is lionizing him for it
02:19 AM
Amy Klobuchar makes it 13 Democratic candidates pledging not to accept fossil fuel money
01:53 AM
Congressional leaders, Trump set to meet on budget, debt ceiling, infrastructure
01:27 AM
Congressional Democrats demand review of Putin ally Deripaska's big new investment in Kentucky
01:01 AM
Cohen told lawmakers Trump's lawyer told him to make false claims about timing of Trump Tower Moscow
12:10 AM
Judge sides with House Democrats, orders accounting firm to turn over Trump's financial records
12:10 AM
Cartoon: The rule of law
May 20th, 2019
11:44 PM
Harry Reid: Trump blocking people from testifying 'opens the door to impeachment'
11:18 PM
Trump's EPA to erase 1,400 deaths a year—not by keeping people alive, but with sketchy math
10:52 PM
Expect to see much more of Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan as his team sweats 2020
10:26 PM
These 19 people all have one thing in common: they worked for Trump while undocumented
10:00 PM
Trump plans to order former White House counsel to defy congressional subpoena for testimony
09:34 PM
Midday open thread: A plan for everything, running for office, and kicked out of office
09:08 PM
Democrats weigh using power of the purse to try to force Trump into compliance on subpoenas
08:42 PM
How the press helped Rep. Jim Jordan whitewash his role in Ohio State sex abuse scandal
08:16 PM
For fifth time since December, a migrant child has died after being taken into U.S. custody
07:50 PM
Pete Buttigieg is latest Democrat to empower Fox News. Fox News returns favor by trashing him
06:58 PM
Trump admin identifies 1,712 additional migrant kids it may have stolen—and that number may grow
06:06 PM
Morehouse commencement speaker promises to pay off student loans for entire graduating class
05:14 PM
Senate has under four days to pass long overdue disaster aid
04:48 PM
Republicans attack Republican congressman in wake of call for impeachment
04:22 PM
A desperate Milo announces he wants to be a leader in the far-right civil war
03:30 PM
Kamala Harris announces equal pay plan: Fine companies that pay women less
03:04 PM
Morning Digest: National GOP threatens action to keep Kris Kobach from winning Kansas Senate primary
02:12 PM
Cartoon: The explainers
02:12 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Monday
02:12 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Impeachment is needed after reading the Mueller report says J Amash (R)
01:20 PM
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05:06 AM
Sunday night owls: 'Defeating the voters'
04:14 AM
Wrong-way Trump is on a one-way road to war with Iran
03:22 AM
A sad, but fond, farewell to a community of ice and fire
02:04 AM
Just how much is confirmed from the Christopher Steele dossier?
12:20 AM
Democrats beware: Trump could ride tariffs to a presidential win
May 19th, 2019
11:03 PM
Have we learned nothing about wars in the Middle East?
09:19 PM
Why would allies trust congenital liar Trump on Iran threat when he's already lied about Iran nukes?
07:35 PM
Three things I learned from Elizabeth Warren's amazing town hall
06:43 PM
Farmers are angry as Trump's trade war with China causes record losses
04:33 PM
Is it time to disband the White House press corps?