October 19th, 2017
05:25 AM
Don't expect a league that allows a racist nickname and logo to care about justice and human rights
04:56 AM
Father of slain U.S. soldier says Trump called and offered him $25,000 and then never followed up
04:27 AM
Five-year-old helps pay for schoolmate's milk and then starts a campaign that raises thousands
03:59 AM
Rex Tillerson is a double disaster for American diplomacy ... and he doesn't even have a trophy wife
03:30 AM
Lawsuit against Greenpeace claiming racketeering and fraud is dismissed by judge
03:01 AM
FCC will be put on the spot to prove claims of pro-net neutrality hackers taking down system
02:03 AM
NAFTA means abortion and infertility, according to internal White House document
02:03 AM
GOP 'deficit hawks' explain why ballooning the deficit is actually a good thing now
01:05 AM
Get ready for the Republican push for 'small business' tax cuts for the 1 percent
12:36 AM
Pruitt: Scientists who receive EPA grants should be kicked off the agency's advisory boards
12:36 AM
Trump nominee for federal judge thinks Hillary Clinton should be in jail
12:07 AM
ACLU wins court order against Trump administration that blocked a young woman from an abortion
October 18th, 2017
11:38 PM
Dad of four goes to USCIS appointment for green card, gets arrested instead
11:09 PM
Republicans want the Russia investigation wrapped up before 2018—can't imagine why
10:40 PM
Day 18: Still no progress on the Children's Health Insurance Program
10:11 PM
White House refuses to deny Trump told soldier's widow her husband 'knew what he signed up for'
09:42 PM
ICE head says he's ordered increase of workplace raids 'by four to five times'
09:13 PM
Midday open thread: A Trumpian judge, a Twitter thread worth reading and a plush hideaway
08:44 PM
When it comes to Russia, Jeff Sessions proves he still has a very selective memory
08:15 PM
'Millions' of Puerto Ricans may move to the mainland in hurricane's wake
07:46 PM
Disgusting: Virginia Republican goes all-in on anti-LGBTQ smear campaign in key legislative race
07:17 PM
Judge orders Trump admin to turn over all documents relating to decision to end DACA
06:48 PM
Mother of dead soldier: 'President Trump did disrespect my son'
06:19 PM
NFL owners and players take the cowardly approach about player protests, deciding to do nothing
05:50 PM
Showing no shame, Donald Trump turns the war dead into political footballs
05:50 PM
Trump is now against the Obamacare deal he engineered
04:52 PM
Second federal judge blocks parts of Trump's latest Muslim ban
04:23 PM
Cartoon: Gun nuts always need more bullets
03:54 PM
#MeToo hashtag raises awareness but falls short on creating action to combat racism and sexism
03:25 PM
Trump denies telling grieving widow 'he knew what he signed up for'
02:56 PM
Morning Digest: New polls find tight race for Virginia governor, but Democrats lead in fundraising
02:27 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday
02:27 PM
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01:58 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Remember when things were (nearly) normal?
05:16 AM
Google Doodle honors the late Mexican-American superstar Selena
04:47 AM
Senate Intelligence Committee comes for the stupidest man in the Trump–Russia investigation
04:18 AM
Trump finally calls military widow, tells her 'he knew what he signed up for'
03:49 AM
White House won't answer congressional questions over official business done on private emails
03:21 AM
Good news: 'Trump's unpopularity has been massively underplayed in the media'
02:52 AM
Schumer: Republicans 'own the health-care system in this country from top to bottom'
02:23 AM
Scientists detect collision of neutron stars for the first time, sparking a new age in astronomy
01:54 AM
Spicer's day-long interview with special counsel Mueller
01:54 AM
With FEMA largely MIA, Chicago woman treks to Puerto Rico to aid her ailing parents
01:25 AM
Poultry lobbyists hope Trump will okay dangerous chicken processing speed-up Obama rejected
12:56 AM
FCC Chair finally decides that he needs to declare support for the First Amendment
12:27 AM
Cartoon: Remake of Cable Classic
October 17th, 2017
11:58 PM
Sick Puerto Ricans suffer as naval hospital ship sits mostly empty—nobody knows how to get to it
11:29 PM
Without the DREAM Act, hometowns of anti-immigrant legislators will lose millions in revenue
11:00 PM
Day 17: Still no progress on the Children's Health Insurance Program, Senate moves on to tax cuts
10:02 PM
A student lunch fund in Philando Castile's name raises enough to wipe out lunch debt for a year
10:02 PM
Another strikeout: Federal judge blocks Trump's Muslim ban 3.0
09:33 PM
Midday open thread: An idiot and living on the edge
09:04 PM
Senators reach bipartisan agreement on plan to try to stabilize Obamacare markets
08:35 PM
Republicans drop breathtakingly racist mail piece in Virginia House race, targeting Latina Democrat
08:06 PM
Busting the 'Obamacare is dead' and other Trump myths about the law
07:37 PM
Sorry Mitch, Bannon ain't backing off one bit
07:08 PM
ICE's anti-immigrant smear campaign came straight from former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly
06:39 PM
McCain warns against 'half-baked, spurious nationalism'
06:10 PM
Conway tries to clean up Trump's lies about calls to Gold Star families with more lies
05:41 PM
Activists deliver more than 325,000 signatures calling for clean DREAM Act vote to Pelosi's office
04:43 PM
Trump and McConnell make a show of friendship, but that doesn't mean they get anything done
04:14 PM
Trump's drug czar pick withdraws after report he blocked DEA from fighting opioids
04:14 PM
Cartoon: Choose your own sexual harassment adventure
03:45 PM
Mississippi school district bans 'To Kill a Mockingbird' citing language that offends students
03:16 PM
Donald Trump: Liar, hostage-taker, sucks as a deal-maker
02:47 PM
Morning Digest: Tennessee's former Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen says he's considering a Senate bid
02:47 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
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02:18 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: The president blames everyone but himself for his failures
04:38 AM
Rex Tillerson not literally castrated—please, no film at 11
04:09 AM
Republican senator: The big premium hikes caused by Trump's Obamacare sabotage 'helps the family'
03:40 AM
Trump campaign spent $1 million on lawyers in just three months
03:12 AM
Trump still silent about actual American soldiers who died on his watch
02:43 AM
Seven out of 10 Americans are telling Trump he's delusional on Obamacare sabotage
02:14 AM
College presidents call for DREAM Act vote: 'These young people belong here'