April 4th, 2020
05:49 AM
Friday night owls: 'We're going to need a bigger bailout'
05:23 AM
RIP, but remember: We will always have Bill Withers' music to lean on
04:57 AM
Man who tested positive for coronavirus after attending party at Trump golf club dies
04:31 AM
7-year-old girl and dad finally released after horrific 250 days at migrant family jail
04:05 AM
Trump super PAC follows instructions from Trump campaign with $10 million ad campaign against Biden
03:39 AM
Fox News host tries to insult Ocasio-Cortez, gets reminded of her own journalistic failures instead
03:14 AM
Collins says Trump did 'a lot that was right' in epidemic, including withholding supplies from Maine
02:48 AM
This Daily Show supercut 'Heroes of the Pandumbic' dissects Fox News' coronavirus coverage
02:22 AM
COVID-19 updates: Cheering sailors warm the heart but can't erase the disaster going on around us
01:56 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Social Distancing FRIDAY!
01:30 AM
Florida Republicans eating their own as unemployment numbers rise
01:04 AM
Undocumented farm workers deemed 'essential' during pandemic but are shut out of financial relief
12:38 AM
How bad are this week’s record-breaking unemployment numbers? One stunning graphic says it all
12:13 AM
McConnell aims to elevate unqualified judge to powerful appeals court after just 5 months on bench
12:13 AM
Cartoon: Quarantine T.V.
April 3rd, 2020
11:47 PM
A catalog of capital incompetence: The short list of things Donald Trump did to kill America
11:21 PM
Republican poll confirms: Joe Biden can win Georgia
10:55 PM
Early last year, two top Trump officials said threat of a deadly pandemic kept them up at night
10:29 PM
House lawmakers circulate proposals for a COVID-19 Commission
10:03 PM
Every state that's failed to issue stay-at-home orders is run by a Republican governor
09:37 PM
'We also have families and children': Undocumented workers call for inclusion in coronavirus relief
09:11 PM
Amid fury of NY hospital officials, DOD loosens rules for accepting patients on the USNS Comfort
08:45 PM
Fauci and Birx show frustration with stay-at-home failures but Trump won't take the next step
08:19 PM
6 ICE detainees and dozens of agency employees have now tested positive for COVID-19
07:53 PM
FDA authorizes COVID-19 antibody test that could give us a better idea of the spread of the disease
07:27 PM
Coronavirus conspiracy theorists are too nuts even for a zombie-apocalypse movie scenario
07:01 PM
White House changes official stockpile website to match Jared's ridiculous statement
06:35 PM
Biden calls firing of Capt. Crozier a 'chilling message' as sailors cheer their caring commander
06:09 PM
Trump canceled pandemic early warning program designed to find threats exactly like COVID-19
05:43 PM
Jared Kushner warns states to get their grubby hands away from 'our stockpile' of medical equipment
04:51 PM
Trump's team is preparing for deaths to go even higher ... so they can explain how it's a 'win'
04:51 PM
Banks warn Trump administration it's screwing up on key coronavirus small business lending program
04:25 PM
Trump will definitely get credit if deaths exceed 100,000, but not the good kind
03:59 PM
Sailors cheer Navy captain fired for COVID-19 warning as he leaves ship
03:07 PM
Because of the timing of its surveys, the government's job report today comes nowhere near reality
02:41 PM
Morning Digest: Judge won't delay Tuesday elections in Wisconsin despite grave health risks
02:15 PM
Cartoon: Are you smarter than a grownup?
01:49 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Trump's culpability front and center in this health-economic crisis
01:23 PM
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05:09 AM
Thursday night owls: New York & other locales getting gouged big time for medical equipment
05:09 AM
Tremors, chipped tooth, and more—CNN's Chris Cuomo gives intimate look at his battle with COVID-19
04:43 AM
White working-class voters can’t be Democrats' focus. The future is with the rising majority
04:17 AM
Amid pandemic, Kentucky college senior makes masks for deaf and hard of hearing community
03:51 AM
Florida man Matt Gaetz says the Democratic Party wants vote by mail so Joe Biden can win
03:25 AM
Texas racist says coronavirus fears made him stab an Asian American family as they grocery shopped
02:59 AM
'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' songwriter dies of COVID-19. His widow's story is heartbreaking
02:33 AM
COVID-19 news: 6.65 million new jobless claims; FEMA orders 100,000 body bags for pandemic victims
02:07 AM
Review: Christian nationalism's insidious hold on America is not an overnight phenomenon
01:41 AM
Trump supposedly laments not being able to help undocumented workers as he also exploits them
01:15 AM
Appeals court gives Texas green light on banning abortion as nonessential during COVID-19 fight
12:49 AM
'You have a responsibility to protect their health': Warren urges CEOs to reclassify gig workers
12:23 AM
Coronavirus is endangering the postal service when we need vote by mail. Congress needs to act now
April 2nd, 2020
11:57 PM
McConnell prioritizing more extremist judges over saving lives, the economy
11:57 PM
Trump Navy Secretary relieves captain from duty after plea for COVID assistance leaked to press
11:57 PM
Security is heightened around Dr. Anthony Fauci after he becomes newest target of conservative ire
11:56 PM
Fox News host sits in silence as infectious disease specialist exposes Trump’s coronavirus failure
11:56 PM
Senate Republicans have no excuse for their piss-poor coronavirus response. No excuse whatsoever
10:13 PM
Senate Democrats call for provision barring DHS from using funds to detain DACA or TPS beneficiaries
10:13 PM
Seniors won't have to file tax returns for stimulus check, but some disabled and veterans will
09:21 PM
From PPE to hospital laundry, COVID-19 outbreak exposes America’s dependence on incarcerated labor
08:55 PM
Georgia Republican says widespread vote by mail would be 'extremely devastating to Republicans'
08:29 PM
COVID-19 threatens to rip apart Southern states in a way that isn't happening anywhere else
08:03 PM
A fevered surge in gun sales fueled by coronavirus fears outpaces all previous spikes
07:37 PM
Pelosi creating special committee to make sure Trump doesn't screw up coronavirus response
07:37 PM
While Trump plays president, New York's doctors and nurses are forced to decide who lives, who dies
07:11 PM
Jared Kushner rebrands himself as Mr. Coronavirus, and is working to privatize public health
06:45 PM
Democratic National Convention delayed until mid-August due to coronavirus concerns
06:45 PM
White House and public health experts disagree on which states should get COVID-19 rapid tests
06:19 PM
Pandemic be damned, Secret Service just signed a new golf cart rental contract with Trump's VA club
05:53 PM
Pandemic profiteers are making a fortune off the deaths of Americans, while Trump stands aside
05:27 PM
Farm laborers are essential workers who need protections now, Congressional Hispanic Caucus says
05:01 PM
'There’s no way to get out': Some 30,000 Americans abandoned abroad after countries close borders
04:35 PM
COVID-19: The model behind Trump's numbers, and the numbers behind the model
04:09 PM
CDC doctors warned about dangers of pandemic in 2018—yet another warning Team Trump ignored
03:43 PM
FEMA enters the fight against COVID-19 with order for 100,000 body bags and 85 refrigerated trucks