September 26th, 2020
08:21 PM
Why Trump's expected Supreme Court nominee believes all Civil Rights legislation is 'illegitimate'
07:03 PM
'We were looking for a home and this is where they’ve left us': Billboards demand ICE release kids
06:11 PM
Trump's court nominee has views in life and in law that could tear apart far more than Roe v. Wade
05:45 PM
Trump rarely mentions his one major legislative accomplishment. That's because people don't like it
05:19 PM
Senate Republicans second only to Putin in their reckless disregard for U.S. democracy
04:53 PM
Trio of House Democrats plans on introducing Supreme Court term limit legislation
04:27 PM
Food insecurity and housing struggles are rampant as COVID-19 continues to devastate the economy
03:09 PM
‘Heartbroken, confused and bewildered’: Taylor’s family calls for jury transcripts to be released
01:51 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: As the electorate gels, Trump's problems come to a head
05:11 AM
Friday Night Owls: Researchers in a Montana town find serious lasting effects from breathing smoke
05:11 AM
If Adams and Jefferson could change the number of justices, so can Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi
04:19 AM
Judge tosses defamation suit against Tucker Carlson: 'any reasonable viewer' shouldn't believe him
03:53 AM
Marjorie Taylor Greene is the logical next step for a Republican Party that elevates its fringe
03:27 AM
Trump loses in court again, and the House lawsuit against his border wall money grab advances
03:01 AM
Trump administration rescinded award to foreign journalist over Trump comments, then lied about it
02:35 AM
A new poll finds a tight special election contest for Georgia Senate seat
02:09 AM
Driver yelled ‘I don’t like y’all black lives matter’ as she drove into protesters, witness says
01:43 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Social Distancing FRIDAY!
01:17 AM
Trump to name Amy Coney Barrett to take Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat
01:17 AM
It's been 100 days since the Supreme Court ruled on DACA. Trump is still defying the order
12:51 AM
Trump's big health care plan is just a 'taxpayer-funded bribe' to senior voters
12:25 AM
Power is performative—let's remember that when Trump contests the election
September 25th, 2020
11:59 PM
In a busy week, the Department of Justice gets purposely leaky to help Trump
11:59 PM
Cartoon: Fall TV preview
11:33 PM
Analysts say economy would do far better under Biden's policies than another four years of Trump's
10:41 PM
Proud Boys’ plans to invade Portland this weekend amid vows of revenge spur emergency declaration
10:15 PM
House Democrats get serious about more COVID-19 stimulus as Wall Street gets increasingly nervous
09:49 PM
Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe all get a win in court, and the loser is William Barr
08:57 PM
Here are all the ways, big and small, you can help defeat Donald Trump and his Republican enablers
08:31 PM
Trump admin again loses on census, ordered by court to continue count through end of October
08:05 PM
Philadelphia election official warns mail-in ballot technicality could invalidate 100,000 votes
07:39 PM
Leaked email shows normalized and racist mentality of Louisville police department
07:13 PM
Pentagon worried that Trump will drag them into his fight to hold onto power no matter what
06:47 PM
Immigration officer falsified records following detainee's death, House Oversight report says
06:21 PM
Democrats, don't let RBG's seat—or the Supreme Court—be further soiled by Trump
05:29 PM
Republicans cynically use Ginsburg's 2016 words, hoping voters will miss one key detail
05:03 PM
Trump's latest attempt to find vote-by-mail fraud proves just how strong the system actually is
04:11 PM
Justice Ginsburg becomes the first woman and first Jewish person to lie in state at U.S. Capitol
04:11 PM
If Trump wants a vaccine by Election Day, he'll have to do it without the FDA
03:19 PM
Trump signs meaningless paper, promises bribes to seniors and calls it his healthcare plan
02:53 PM
Morning Digest: Minnesota House election pushed to February after pro-cannabis candidate dies
02:27 PM
Cartoon: The hypocritical oath
01:35 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Fair and free elections, Trump style, are not an acceptable alternative
01:09 PM
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05:21 AM
Thursday Night Owls: FinCEN files show how ineffective our supposed financial watchdogs are
04:55 AM
Summer melt season shrinks Arctic sea ice to second-lowest level in satellite record
04:29 AM
The latest vaccine to go to phase 3 testing may still emerge among the first to reach public use
04:03 AM
Millions of COVID-19 survivors will have a preexisting condition, Trump doesn't care
03:12 AM
This Week in Statehouse Action: All Falls Down edition
02:46 AM
As nation braces against pandemic, GOP senators quietly introduce yet another anti-trans bill
02:20 AM
Detained women report they were inexplicably sent to doctor accused of sterilization
01:54 AM
Fauci: COVID-19 is a 'double whammy' on nonwhite Americans. Vaccine trials should represent that
01:28 AM
Trump supporters claim arsonists tagged home with 'BLM,' 'Biden 2020,' and ... an anarchy symbol?
12:36 AM
Surprise! The ‘real people’ in Trump ad campaign are actually Republican operatives
12:10 AM
Joe Arpaio's ex-deputy, now running for sheriff, really wants you to quit bringing up his old boss
September 24th, 2020
11:44 PM
17 states will instantly ban abortion if Trump's Supreme Court shreds Roe. Here's how we fight back
11:18 PM
Pelosi, Mnuchin talking COVID-19 relief again
10:52 PM
Postal Service executives directed mail delivery changes, newly released documents show
10:26 PM
$16 million contribution to help pay Florida poll tax panics Republicans into calling the FBI
10:00 PM
Texas teacher says she was fired over declining to stop wearing Black Lives Matter mask
09:34 PM
How fascism ascends: 2020 election may be the crisis of democracy that opens the door to a coup
09:08 PM
New jobless insurance claims hit 1.5 million again. Workers begin to exhaust regular state benefits
08:42 PM
The work isn’t over. Activists respond to Breonna Taylor grand jury decision
08:16 PM
Cornyn asked what he would do in a Trump coup attempt, refuses to answer
07:24 PM
Biden maintains big polling leads as Trump shifts from trying to win votes
07:24 PM
Human rights organization issues 'rare call' for halt to unlawfully appointed Chad Wolf's nomination
06:58 PM
For the first time in almost a century, Democrats can win a Senate seat in Kansas—yes, Kansas
06:32 PM
Durham is now asking about the Clinton Foundation as his unbounded investigation slogs on endlessly
06:06 PM
Vulnerable Republicans don't want to talk about why the Supreme Court in 2020 isn't the same as 2016
05:40 PM
The list of retired military and national security leaders rejecting Trump just grew by a lot
04:48 PM
Trump showered with loud boos and chants of 'Vote him out' outside the Supreme Court
04:48 PM
CIA scrubbing intelligence on Russia to assuage irascible Trump
04:22 PM
After refusing to enact a statewide mask mandate, Missouri's governor and his wife test positive
03:30 PM
Protests increase after ruling in Breonna Taylor's murder highlights injustice of the entire system
03:04 PM
Trump's plan to stay president: 'Get rid of the ballots' and 'there won't be a transfer' of power