September 19th, 2018
03:21 PM
Republicans stop pretending they care and get on with smearing Kavanaugh's victim
02:55 PM
Morning Digest: New polls show Democrats ahead or within striking distance in key House seats
02:29 PM
Cartoon: Why women claim sexual assault
02:29 PM
Cheers and Jeers: I'm On Drugs WESDEE
02:03 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: SCOTUS mess continues unabated; Trump misuses unredacted info
01:11 PM
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05:49 AM
Open thread for night owls: Betsy DeVos tells students but not her boss—don't be mean on Twitter
04:57 AM
Border Patrol serial killer targeted sex workers, transgender women
04:31 AM
Senate Judiciary Democrats file suit to obtain Kavanaugh's Bush administration documents
04:05 AM
Anita Hill writes op-ed urging Senate to do better than they did in 1991
03:39 AM
If Democrats take the House, Trump is in all kinds of trouble
03:14 AM
Trump administration slashes refugee admissions, yet again, to new record low
02:22 AM
A shady 'summons' and a threat about barbecue: Desperation is making Ted Cruz weird(er)
02:22 AM
Republicans don't want another Kavanaugh hearing because they know he'll lie at that one, too
01:56 AM
NYT: Kavanaugh's accuser forced into hiding due to death threats
01:30 AM
Kavanaugh spokesperson says described sexual assault was merely 'rough horseplay'
01:04 AM
Border patrol agent confesses to killing four women, as agency goes virtually unchecked by Congress
12:38 AM
Cartoon: Trump rally
12:12 AM
Collins trying to put Kavanaugh's accuser on trial
September 18th, 2018
11:46 PM
Experts say account of Kavanaugh's accuser is credible, but fact-free Republicans don't think so
10:54 PM
Trump claims FBI 'doesn't want' to investigate sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh
10:28 PM
Trump is very sad that 'incredible individual' Brett Kavanaugh is 'going through this'
10:02 PM
Senate Republican caught in his own Kavanaugh lie: Who's 'mixed up' now, Senator Hatch?
09:36 PM
Midday open thread: EPA chief rejects smog plea; SpaceX Moon passenger buys tickets for artists
09:10 PM
Republicans already setting up an ambush for Kavanaugh's accuser
08:18 PM
Trump insists he wants a 'full process,' but won't have FBI investigation of Kavanaugh allegations
07:52 PM
Flood waters continue to rise in North Carolina, 32 dead, aftermath of Florence leaves genuine swamp
07:26 PM
Grassley playing politics with hearing on Kavanaugh assault allegations
06:34 PM
54 days after deadline, Trump officials still haven't reunited all migrant kids stolen from parents
06:08 PM
Republican senators lay the groundwork to support Kavanaugh despite sexual assault allegations
05:42 PM
There's no 'boys will be boys' in attempted rape. It's time for Republicans to understand that.
04:50 PM
Trump's legal team is getting mushroom management: He keeps them in the dark and feeds them BS
04:24 PM
Sexual assault allegation forces Republicans to whitewash dirty Kavanaugh confirmation process
03:32 PM
Trump throws a long ball in an attempt to wreck the FBI and DOJ before the midterms
03:06 PM
Morning Digest: GOP gets stuck with indicted congressman in New York, giving Democrats an opening
02:40 PM
Cartoon: Kavanaugh's oath
02:14 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Kavanaugh nomination in trouble
01:48 PM
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05:34 AM
Open thread for night owls: Rescuers risk themselves to save animal lives during natural disasters
05:08 AM
$52,000 curtains for Trump's U.N. ambassador? Team Trump is blaming Obama, of course
04:42 AM
FCC chair Pai calls California net neutrality law illegal, gets smacked down for crony capitalism
04:16 AM
McDonald's workers plan historic strike to demand better sexual harassment protections
03:24 AM
DACA recipients are still waiting in limbo. This November, we can help change that
02:58 AM
Ted Cruz: Amber Guyger may have committed murder, but she shouldn't lose her job over it
02:32 AM
Trump admin roadblocks are keeping migrant kids under U.S. custody for longer periods of time
02:06 AM
Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations offer up a sharp contrast between Republicans and Democrats
01:40 AM
Senate Republican: Kavanaugh is 'honest' and his victim is 'mixed up'
01:40 AM
200+ alumnae sign letter supporting Kavanaugh accuser: 'Many of us are survivors ourselves'
01:14 AM
Kavanaugh vote POSTPONED; hearing on sexual assault allegation scheduled for MONDAY
12:48 AM
McConnell's response to Kavanaugh allegations: Blame the Democrats, of course
September 17th, 2018
11:56 PM
GOP enthusiasm gap widens as Trump supporters dismiss potential blue wave as 'fake news'
11:04 PM
Collins cornered: Demands testimony, says 'if Kavanaugh lied, that's disqualifying'
11:04 PM
Pressure builds on Collins to oppose Kavanaugh confirmation
10:38 PM
Pathological liar who assaults women offers unqualified support for same
10:12 PM
Brett Kavanaugh showed us who he is, and now a woman is telling us. Listen.
09:46 PM
Midday open thread: A new world record, an all-clear, and a bird
09:20 PM
The Kavanaugh nomination just grew politically treacherous for Republicans
08:28 PM
Donald Trump Jr. mocks Kavanaugh assault allegations in disgusting Instagram post
08:02 PM
Brett Kavanaugh's chief character witness thinks 'uncontrollable male passion' is 'awesome'
07:36 PM
Trump's aides have tried to tell him things look bad for November, but he's not hearing it
07:10 PM
Lying liar Brett Kavanaugh lawyers up
06:18 PM
53 days after deadline, Trump officials still haven't reunited all migrant kids stolen from parents
05:52 PM
Judiciary Democrats demand delay in Kavanaugh vote
05:26 PM
Kavanaugh, White House continue to stonewall in face of credible assault allegations
05:00 PM
Republicans rev up the smear engine against Kavanaugh accuser
04:08 PM
You can measure Trump's racism by his hurricane-related tweets
03:42 PM
Kavanaugh accuser is willing to testify before Senate committee
03:16 PM
Morning Digest: National GOP cuts back on TV ads in a sign of pessimism on Minnesota governor's race
02:50 PM
Cartoon: The never ending story
02:24 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Ideology, identity, and dumpster fires
01:32 PM
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04:52 AM
Open thread for night owls: 'Plenty of space on the Ark for dinosaurs'
03:34 AM
Today's grandmothers should call out Trump, as this GOP grandmother did to Nixon in 1974
02:16 AM
01:24 AM
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake on Kavanaugh: 'For me, we can't vote until we hear more'