January 23rd, 2019
11:47 PM
Mass arrest of federal employees outside Sen. McConnell's office: 'Where is Mitch? We want to work!'
11:47 PM
How the 'cultural Marxism' hoax began, and why it's spreading into the mainstream
10:55 PM
Border security conference canceled due to 'border security' shutdown. It's worse than it sounds
10:55 PM
Civil rights group sues Trump admin on behalf of thousands of detained unaccompanied migrant kids
10:03 PM
Pelosi: House 'will not consider' a formal State of the Union invitation until government reopens
10:03 PM
Midday open thread: Climate change harms us 'right now'; a trillion photos; reefer madness redux
09:37 PM
Rep. Cummings wants answers on how Kushner, Flynn, and others got their security clearances
09:11 PM
Michael Cohen pulls out of testifying before Congress, may face subpoena compelling his appearance
08:45 PM
Can Trump just 'show up' to give a State of the Union? Nope.
08:19 PM
House chair says 'we are going to get him here' after HHS head refuses to testify on separated kids
07:53 PM
Latest shutdown White House moves clearly orchestrated by Trump's domestic puppeteer: Stephen Miller
07:27 PM
Trump wants to grab House by the dais, whether Pelosi invites him or not
07:27 PM
Forced-birthers lose a round in Iowa as state judge strikes down 'fetal heartbeat' abortion ban
07:01 PM
Support for impeaching Trump is higher than his approval rating
06:35 PM
Kamala Harris announces presidential bid, makes big splash in this week's Straw Poll
06:09 PM
Where's the money? Elizabeth Warren demands answers from Trump officials about funds for Puerto Rico
05:43 PM
Senate Democrat has plan to end government shutdowns
05:17 PM
Lara Trump: Workers missing paychecks is a little painful, but 'this is bigger than any one person'
04:51 PM
Who's to blame for shutdown? Three new polls have answers: Trump, Trump, and Trump
04:25 PM
CNN pins lack of White House briefings on a 'power struggle.' Are we sure they're not just hiding?
03:59 PM
Donald Trump, beat poet
03:33 PM
Senate to vote Thursday on temporarily re-opening government ... after Trump's wall gets a vote
03:07 PM
Morning Digest: Tulsi Gabbard, busy running for president, earns a primary challenge back home
02:41 PM
Cartoon: The upstanding kids of Covington
02:15 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday
02:15 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Shutdown showdown goes on. And on. And on. But maybe with end in sight.
01:23 PM
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05:35 AM
The nominees for the 2019 Academy Awards
05:09 AM
Cartoon: Nascar
04:43 AM
Donald Trump nearly tripled his rate of daily lying in his second year in office
04:17 AM
Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan still hate the FBI but 'lack much power to do anything about it'
03:25 AM
How the press keeps whitewashing the racism that fuels Trump's base
03:00 AM
Trump lifting sanctions against Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, punishing him with profits
02:08 AM
The government may be shut down, but not the part that works to help oil companies
01:42 AM
Trump doesn't do deals; he does announcements and sips Diet Coke
01:16 AM
Robert Mueller's team is investigating Trump's odd relationship with the NRA
12:50 AM
Striking Los Angeles teachers get a (good) deal and may be back in schools Wednesday
January 22nd, 2019
11:58 PM
No, Politico, Democrats are not in disarray over shutdown, however hard you try to say otherwise
11:32 PM
Trump, McConnell offer another white supremacist wish-list bill as 'compromise' to reopen government
11:06 PM
McConnell caving? Senate to hold vote to reopen government, along with Trump white supremacist bill
10:14 PM
Dreamers say 'no way' to Trump 'deal' offering temporary protections in exchange for permanent wall
10:14 PM
Arizona lawmaker wants to tax pornography to pay for Trump's erection ... of a border wall
09:48 PM
Midday open thread: Divorce, death, and a Super Blood Wolf Moon
09:22 PM
Alarming FBI agents union report details the ways the shutdown is putting national security at risk
08:56 PM
Sen. Merkley calls on FBI to open perjury investigation into DHS Sec. Nielsen over family separation
08:30 PM
Still fuming, Trump contemplating giving his State of the Union anyway—but not to Congress
07:38 PM
Supreme Court declines to review rulings against transgender military ban but lets ban proceed
07:12 PM
Trump's shutdown is also prolonging the detention of migrant kids stolen from their families
06:46 PM
Daily Kos Democratic Straw Poll: January 22
06:20 PM
McConnell's Republicans frantically spin to paint themselves as the hostages in this shutdown
05:54 PM
'The crisis has arrived' as shutdown threatens housing and homeless aid groups
05:02 PM
In major blow to Trump administration, Supreme Court declines to take up DACA case this term
04:36 PM
House Democrats give themselves a new tool to investigate Trump on Russia and everything else
03:44 PM
Giuliani tops a weekend of jaw-dropping confessions with a genuine John Dean moment: There are tapes
02:52 PM
Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 1/18
02:52 PM
Cartoon: Sharp advice
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02:26 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
02:00 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's shutdown scam
01:08 PM
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05:46 AM
From State Line to Cheerwine to Krystal vs. White Castle, what are the regional brands you love?
05:20 AM
Cartoon: The Tribal Elder
04:28 AM
The rate of asteroids striking Earth has actually increased since the age of the dinosaurs
03:37 AM
Health care is the top concern for Iowa Democratic and swing voters, new report finds
02:45 AM
Hospitals 'furious' at Trump's Medicaid block grant proposal
01:27 AM
Race will play a central role in the 2020 elections. So why can't CBS find black reporters?
12:35 AM
Nobody knows what's going on in Syria—and now we know even less
January 21st, 2019
11:43 PM
The Atlantic names family separation No. 1 'unthinkable' moment of Trump presidency
10:25 PM
Historian ponders McConnell's role as a 'gravedigger of American democracy'
09:33 PM
Trump's digital campaign and Russia's Internet Research Agency: a fully integrated operation.
09:07 PM
McConnell bows to Trump pressure and schedules a shutdown vote he insisted he wouldn't allow
08:41 PM
Coffee shop owners fear a future without their DACA protections: 'We’ll lose it all'
07:23 PM
Trump's approval ratings are historic—historically bad, right as debate rages about his fitness
06:31 PM
The Senate has never been more undemocratic, thanks to Mitch McConnell
05:39 PM
Black voters enabled the blue wave in 2018. Here's what motivated them, and what it means for 2020