March 23rd, 2019
05:39 PM
Daily Kos Science: A discovery in China could add extraordinary details to the history of life
05:13 PM
The report may be in, but the investigations go on, and Trump is still at risk
04:47 PM
33 California news outlets join forces to shine a light on 'rogue police officers'
03:29 PM
Team Trump is on a remarkable losing streak in federal courts
03:03 PM
Mueller has provided his 'closing document' to the attorney general, what happens now?
02:37 PM
Facebook is now a key platform for anti-Muslim extremists. Facebook could stop it—if it wanted to
12:53 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: It's Mueller time! But what does that mean?
04:13 AM
Not breaking news: White supremacist Steve King can't stop himself from being a racist pig
03:22 AM
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos keeps trying to hurt students, and the courts keep blocking her
03:22 AM
House Democrats may soon get Trump's personal tax returns. But what about his business ones?
02:30 AM
Pompeo says Trump may have been chosen by God to save the Jewish people—from the problem he created
02:04 AM
Lindsey Graham's soaring poll numbers show exactly why he's sidled up to Trump at any cost
01:38 AM
Georgia misses deadline to provide House Democrats with voter suppression documents
01:12 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!
12:46 AM
With a huge Democratic 2020 field, liberal groups are united in running against Trump
12:20 AM
Border officials accused a U.S. citizen child of lying and then detained her for more than 30 hours
March 22nd, 2019
11:54 PM
Pelosi, Schumer call it 'imperative' for the Attorney General to release Mueller's full report
11:54 PM
Cartoon: Boeing 737 Max 8 safety guide
11:28 PM
Schumer doesn't want to talk about the filibuster before the election. He doesn't have that luxury
11:02 PM
Trump's policies are destroying the American farm 'and no one knows how to stop it'
11:02 PM
Robert Mueller has reportedly delivered his final report to the Justice Department, now we wait
10:10 PM
Democrats plan to order FBI, DOJ, and White House to preserve all records in Mueller probe
09:44 PM
Police arrest Charlottesville teen in connection with racist death threat against minority students
09:18 PM
Trump reverses North Korea sanctions, because he 'likes Chairman Kim'
08:52 PM
Midday open thread: Americans killed in Afghanistan, cathedral dismisses Trump's lie
08:26 PM
Spring flooding is 'unprecedented' and 'historic' as thousands of Americans become climate refugees
07:34 PM
ICE continues being terrible by arresting a record number of immigrants with no criminal record
07:08 PM
Judge temporarily blocks Wisconsin Republican lame-duck laws passed to limit new governor's powers
06:16 PM
'I know nothing about it': Trump denies any knowledge of Jared, Ivanka using personal email accounts
05:50 PM
Officials in charge of sanctions 'defect' as Trump's trade war ramps up damage to the economy
04:58 PM
Hispanic Caucus calls for 'multi-agency meeting' on Trump admin's family separation policy
04:06 PM
Kansas Democrats get Medicaid expansion through the state House
03:14 PM
Anti-vaxxers on both right and left are endangering Americans with ignorance
02:22 PM
Defense Department proposes paying for Trump's racist wall by screwing over military families
02:22 PM
Morning Digest: Here's the first of many GOP ads trying to demonize AOC as a socialist hobgoblin
01:30 PM
Cartoon: @DevinNunesLawyers
01:30 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Reforming the Electoral College, waiting for the Mueller report and more
12:12 PM
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03:58 AM
State Dept. of Civil Rights, Attorney General Nessel step up to document, confront hate in Michigan
03:07 AM
Judge temporarily stops NYC anti-vaxxer parents from sending kids to school during measles outbreak
02:41 AM
Trump ally Franklin Graham met with sanctioned Russians to discuss 'U.S.-Russia relations'
01:49 AM
Devin Nunes' cow-suit may be a joke, but his defense of the N-word is not funny
01:23 AM
White House stiff arms House panels on any information related to Trump's secret Putin talks
12:31 AM
Fox ponders whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a 'Manchurian candidate' because reasons
12:05 AM
Top Democrat seeks info on Kushner, Ivanka using personal email accounts for official work
March 21st, 2019
11:13 PM
Marine commandant: Trump's troop deployment to border poses 'unacceptable risk' to combat readiness
10:47 PM
Trump pal Roger Stone invokes Fifth Amendment, declining to cooperate with House Judiciary
09:55 PM
Ex-press secretary Ari Fleischer pipes up to defend Bush's catastrophic war. He's still lying
09:03 PM
Sad Trump aides find Trump's unhinged attacks on war hero and husband of a top advisor uncomfortable
08:11 PM
Midday open thread: Flooding, fires, and favorite dogs
07:45 PM
Trump using 'Stalinist tactics' to discredit climate change, as federal judge stops drilling plan
06:53 PM
Kentucky governor chose chicken pox over science for his nine kids
06:27 PM
Trump gets $2.9 million payday earlier this month from mysterious real estate buyer
06:01 PM
Marco Rubio pretends Republicans have principles about the Supreme Court
05:09 PM
Out-of-control ICE has been wrongfully targeting hundreds of U.S. citizens, reports finds
04:43 PM
Trump did NOT say he was going to make the Mueller report public, no matter how it's reported
03:51 PM
Republicans praise 'American hero' McCain, but don't have much to say about the man trashing him
03:25 PM
Trump's point person on Moscow real estate deal to get a workout by House Democrats
02:33 PM
New Zealand moves to ban military-style rifles 6 days after mass shooting in Christchurch
02:07 PM
Morning Digest: Democrats hang on to swingy Iowa seat with an assist from presidential hopefuls
01:41 PM
Cartoon: Hollingsworth Hound charged in college admissions scandal
01:15 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
01:15 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Gun safety reform, Florida's 'poll tax' and more
12:23 PM
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03:43 AM
Clyburn: Trump and family one of 'the greatest threats to democracy of my lifetime'
02:51 AM
Hundreds of Texas landowners get notice of Trump administration's land grab
02:25 AM
Trump promised muscular economic growth would pay for his $1.5 trillion tax cut—he lied
01:33 AM
Michigan bail reform bills aim to drop the price tag on the presumption of innocence
01:07 AM
Trump sent the military to build a new border fence. Thieves are now making off with it.
12:16 AM
Devin Nunes' Cow now has more followers than Devin Nunes, thanks to boost from Twitter lawsuit
March 20th, 2019
11:50 PM
Cartoon: We need a border wall like I need a hole in the head
10:58 PM
Only 19 percent of Americans are foolish enough to believe Trump opposes white nationalism
10:32 PM
Kia Kaha: New Zealand shows the world how to face down white supremacist terror
09:40 PM
Trump attacks the late John McCain yet again: 'I didn't get a thank you' for approving his funeral
09:14 PM
McConnell giving Democrats incentive to pack the courts when we take back the White House, Senate