August 18th, 2017
05:29 AM
Open thread for night owls: Trump has plenty of power to wreck the final version of climate report
05:00 AM
White supremacists have been getting their DNA checked. It hasn't been going well.
04:02 AM
Emoluments, anyone? Gorsuch to speak at event in Trump's DC hotel
04:02 AM
A heartbroken family says goodbye as Oakland nurse, husband deported
03:33 AM
Wall Street Journal's 'Coal Makes a Comeback' is real fake journalism
02:35 AM
The Trump administration is making it harder for kids fleeing violence to come to the U.S. legally
02:06 AM
The Economist: 'Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office'
02:06 AM
Republicans aren't just hiding from constituents this August
01:37 AM
The latest Republican to spew white supremacist talking points: Gov. Paul LePage
01:08 AM
Congressional Hispanic Caucus takes down Sessions's sanctuary city rant play-by-play
12:39 AM
Trump's 'Infrastructure Week' collapses around him
12:09 AM
This week in statehouse action: racist is as racist does edition
August 17th, 2017
11:40 PM
Under Trump, rural America is a difficult place to live for people of color
11:11 PM
Arizona Democrats to Trump: Don't pardon Arpaio for 'his illegal conduct and brazen abuse'
10:42 PM
White House staff wrings hands over Trump, yet sticks around
10:13 PM
Nation discovers evangelicals have no moral compass as business leaders pick up the slack
09:44 PM
Trump tweets bigoted and debunked pig's blood story as solution for terrorism
09:15 PM
Midday open thread: Driver sues Uber over no-firearms rule; Houston green policy misses some people
08:46 PM
Trump quickly condemns terror attack in Barcelona
08:46 PM
Mayor of Phoenix asks Trump to postpone rally, fearing his appearance could be contentious
08:17 PM
Nancy Pelosi calls for immediate removal of Confederate statues from Washington, D.C.
07:48 PM
In a show of solidarity, hundreds lined up to turn themselves in for toppling a Confederate statue
07:19 PM
Tell us another one: McConnell is 'secretly' furious with Trump and is also a civil rights champion
06:50 PM
Steve Bannon claims he's actually running the government while opponents are 'wetting themselves'
06:21 PM
Republican Party torn over taking moral stand against Trump's coddling of white supremacists
05:52 PM
Trump's 'both sides' defense has a long and sordid history in American racism
05:23 PM
Trump doesn't mind destroying art, but loves Confederate monuments so much he made one up
04:54 PM
The man in the White House is melting down
04:25 PM
Trump laments removal of 'beautiful statues and monuments' celebrating fight for human enslavement
03:56 PM
Donald Trump's lawyer equates Lee and Washington, says FBI and BLM are run by terrorists
03:27 PM
Donald Trump's morning rant attacks Republicans who dare to say his name
02:58 PM
Morning Digest: Court ruling striking down Texas GOP's congressional map still disappoints Democrats
02:29 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
02:29 PM
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02:00 PM
Abbreviated pundit round-up: Waiting for DJT to order staff to smile when he spews; Charlottesville
05:18 AM
Open thread for night owls. Katherine Cross: The Art of the Real—Disinformation vs. Democracy
04:49 AM
Perfect: Paul Ryan's first public town hall in nearly two years will be on eclipse day
04:20 AM
Heller finally admits he voted for Trump, reminding Nevada voters how weak and dishonest he is
03:51 AM
This is why Republicans stand with Trump: Appeals court rules Arkansas can defund Planned Parenthood
03:22 AM
Transgender military ban still in limbo as Mattis awaits official 'guidance' from Trump
02:54 AM
Court strikes down Texas GOP's congressional gerrymander, but Democratic victory is limited
02:25 AM
Colorado Republican feels the heat back home for his Obamacare repeal vote
01:56 AM
Trump regime killed funds dedicated to fighting Nazis, denies there's an issue
01:27 AM
Troll organizer cancels far-right 'March on Google' before it can flop and embarrass him
12:58 AM
Ding dong, Texas' anti-trans bathroom bill is dead, for now
12:29 AM
100 law professors to Trump: 'No question' DACA is constitutional
12:00 AM
Cartoon: Trump does not see a problem
12:00 AM
Trump sabotage could cost country billions, says CBO, but not destroy Obamacare
August 16th, 2017
11:02 PM
Our top cop Sessions demonstrates exactly the kind of moral clarity we needed on 'Charlotte'
10:33 PM
From racist bully to victim: watch this Nazi leader break down in tears over his imminent arrest
10:33 PM
Silence is complicity; 'support' is collaboration
10:04 PM
The fact Trump's first pardon may be for an 'authoritarian racist' shouldn't be a shock to anyone
09:35 PM
In the middle of the night, Baltimore removes its Confederate statues and residents celebrate
09:06 PM
Midday open thread: Nazi site gets a new home, Hope Hicks gets a new title. Laugh! Cry!
08:37 PM
Pence suddenly cuts overseas trip short so he can literally 'stand with' Trump
08:08 PM
Not one person working in Trump's White House has shown the dignity and moral fiber to resign yet
07:39 PM
Trump takes his ball and goes home, disbands business advisory councils
07:10 PM
Historians explain the difference between George Washington and Confederate monuments
06:41 PM
Majority of CEOs seem to be okay associating with the racist White House
06:12 PM
There is no such thing as a 'fine person' who goes along with racism and hate
05:43 PM
Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine commanders publicly say what the president will not
05:14 PM
White House gives Republicans their talking points on Nazis: 'The president was entirely correct'
04:45 PM
Republicans need to name names—or name—if they want anti-white supremacy statements to count
04:16 PM
Cartoon: What gets Trump mad
03:47 PM
'What do we do when DACA is under attack? Fight back': Immigrant youth and allies lead day of action
03:18 PM
GOP on the brink: Embrace Nazis or reject Trump
02:49 PM
Morning Digest: Roy Moore and Luther Strange advance to GOP runoff in Alabama
02:20 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
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01:22 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The inflection point of a white supremacist apologia
05:09 AM
Open thread for night owls. M.D. Smith: As a nation, we condemn slavery, but why not its defenders?
05:09 AM
Cartoon: I C-Villains
04:40 AM
Benjamin Wittes of the Lawfare blog is suing Trump over his lies about terrorism
04:11 AM
California sues the Trump administration over 'sanctuary city' funding threat
04:11 AM
Hundreds rally in support of Oakland nurse, family members facing deportation within hours