July 4th, 2020
05:05 PM
Don’t underestimate community power in the fight for racial and reproductive justice
04:13 PM
The 3 phases of pandemic response in the United States, and why it keeps getting worse
03:21 PM
Gun dealers rack up profits by marketing to 'Boogaloo Bois' and their civil war fantasies
01:37 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Independence Day, dampened by a pandemic and a recession
04:57 AM
AT&T argues being misleading about data plans isn't misleading because reporters caught them
03:40 AM
'No one should be forgotten or left to die': ICE detainees plead for release in handwritten letters
02:48 AM
Before Pence visit, 5 members of megachurch choir had tested positive for COVID-19
01:56 AM
'Get the f--k back!' Michigan woman shown on video threatening Black mom with pistol
01:30 AM
Cheers and Jeers: July 4, 1776 Edition
12:38 AM
NASA renames its headquarters building for 'Hidden Figure' engineer Mary W. Jackson
12:12 AM
Cartoon: Cancel landlords
July 3rd, 2020
11:20 PM
New study says 30% of U.S. children do not have adequate internet access to learn from home
10:28 PM
These COVID-19 first responders are getting left behind, and it says a lot about racism and sexism
09:10 PM
'We don't see color,' Trump supporters say as they tell their kids to fear Black Lives Matter
08:18 PM
Trump and Pence are fine with their evangelical base dying, so long as the photo ops continue
07:26 PM
Five times white privilege failed to save these racists in aftermath of George Floyd's death
06:08 PM
Soon all Trump will have left is white supremacists and neo-Nazis. That's where the GOP is headed
05:16 PM
Jorge Ramos: 'A small group of undocumented young people has beaten the world's most powerful man'
04:24 PM
Terrorism experts fear outbreak of violence by pro-Trump 'Boogaloo' fans around 2020 election
03:06 PM
U.S. public health funding never recovered after the Great Recession. Now things are much worse
02:14 PM
Cartoon: Make Fireworks Great Again!
01:48 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: A holiday election appraisal
04:42 AM
Trump and the GOP are taking us into a second Great Depression, yet the magical thinking continues
03:50 AM
Donald Trump is a profile in weakness, with the help of petty men like Mitch McConnell
03:25 AM
Trump's health secretary hits the road, not to virus hot spots but to Trump swing states
02:33 AM
Candidates for a vaccine in the U.S. are racing for a prize even bigger than beating COVID-19
02:07 AM
This Week in Statehouse Action: 2 Lock 2 Down edition
01:41 AM
McConnell lies to Kentucky, takes credit for the COVID-19 relief bill Pelosi and Schumer negotiated
01:15 AM
Big majority of voters want more COVID-19 economic relief. Guess who's standing in the way
12:49 AM
Crickets from D.C. as drought and water rationing take over Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
12:23 AM
Stonewall Jackson's statue is down. Too bad the endless lies about Jackson won't go with it
July 2nd, 2020
11:58 PM
'Infrastructure week' finally happens, with House Democrats, anyway
11:32 PM
Abbott reverses himself, issues mandatory face mask order for Texas in response to rising cases
11:06 PM
Jared Kushner, back in April: 'The hope is that by July the country is really rocking again'
10:40 PM
Ted Cruz single-handedly blocked a vote on permanent protections for DACA recipients
10:14 PM
Trump admin still hasn't reopened DACA to new applicants two weeks after court ruling
09:48 PM
Herman Cain hospitalized with 'serious' COVID-19 symptoms after attending Trump's Tulsa rally
09:22 PM
Biden campaign raises massive $141 million during June, topping Trump by $10 million
08:30 PM
Banks tell Congress to just give small businesses COVID-19 relief grants, leave them out of it
08:04 PM
'People with badges acting like thugs': Florida cops laugh after firing rubber bullets at protesters
07:12 PM
McConnell must've looked at recent Senate polling, because he's freaking out again
06:46 PM
ICE is resisting calls to free families together following judge's ruling that kids must be released
05:54 PM
Survivors in Weinstein lawsuit to receive $18.8 million settlement, but some consider it ‘sellout'
05:02 PM
Commerce Department is suppressing a report showing how NOAA was coerced during Sharpiegate
04:36 PM
Racist Trump blames China, declares victory (again) on jobs, ignores surging COVID-19 infections
03:44 PM
Internet platforms crack down on right-wing extremists and their 'Boogaloo' cult
03:18 PM
Trump's attempt to play off Russian bounties as a 'hoax' is crumbling in the face of more details
02:52 PM
Morning Digest: Repeal of Jim Crow election law in Mississippi could still harm Black voters
02:26 PM
Cartoon: A month-by-month analysis of Trump's response to Russia's bounty on U.S. soldiers
02:00 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday
01:08 PM
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04:54 AM
Study says March through April U.S. COVID-19 death toll may be ‘underestimated’ by as much as 30,000
04:02 AM
Supreme Court affirms constitutionality of consumer bureau, but opens executive power can of worms
03:36 AM
‘Permit Karen’ calls cops on Black law professor and family for building patio on their own property
03:11 AM
Senate passes COVID-19 loan program extension, gives House leverage on housing, unemployment
02:45 AM
'Denigrating this luxury Avenue': Trump calls proposed Black Lives Matter sign 'symbol of hate'
02:19 AM
Trump, right-wing evangelicals want the Supreme Court as an election issue, left says 'bring it'
01:27 AM
'This was avoidable': First confirmed COVID-19 cases hit 'Remain in Mexico' border camp
01:01 AM
McConnell, Republicans say extra unemployment and not raging COVID-19 keeps people from working
12:35 AM
Cartoon: Tear her down
12:10 AM
The other 'Trump Effect': New polling finds Americans are becoming more pro-immigrant
July 1st, 2020
11:18 PM
To save lives in the fight against COVID-19, doctors are looking to those who lost that fight
10:52 PM
Trump pledges to help 'many great Americans who live in the Suburbs' with racist housing policy
10:26 PM
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynold's SUV hits Black Lives Matter protester
09:34 PM
COVID-19 cases continue to increase, and deaths from the disease may be 30% higher than reported
09:08 PM
Trump White House more concerned with messaging on virus than the virus itself
08:42 PM
Fox News host Ed Henry fired after sexual misconduct investigation
07:50 PM
Nothing to see here: Just Mike Pompeo talking to the Russians about how to handle the Russian threat
07:24 PM
If Trump wanted a real celebration at Rushmore, he'd support Lakota sovereignty over the Black Hills
06:58 PM
A Trump-appointed federal judge just threw out the administration's inhumane asylum ban
06:32 PM
'I was a victim of a mob': Missouri attorney defends pointing assault rifle at protesters
05:40 PM
Rudy Giuliani releases audio of Biden in Ukraine that shows Biden … was telling the truth all along
05:14 PM
Mitch McConnell knows his Senate Republicans are headed to the minority
04:22 PM
The day Trump was briefed on Russian bounties, he was more interested in a play about the Deep State
03:56 PM
Healthcare voters prevail in one more red state: Oklahoma votes for Medicaid expansion