July 17th, 2019
03:48 AM
Alabama company invited to White House has history of customer complaints and OSHA violation charges
03:48 AM
Democrats vie to replace former Republican Justin Amash in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District
02:57 AM
Former 'nonprofit' CEO received $3.6 million salary for jailing separated migrant children
02:57 AM
Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Pramila Jayapal unveil historic National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
02:31 AM
Bernie Sanders will introduce legislation to save failing hospitals
02:05 AM
Trump-advising PayPal billionaire says he's 'most scared' by Elizabeth Warren. Warren: 'Good.'
02:05 AM
House Republicans just voted en masse to prove how racist they are. Here's how we kick them out
01:39 AM
Democrats vote to condemn Trump's racist tweets as Republicans vote in near-lockstep to defend them
12:47 AM
Trump 'adviser' says non-white Trump opponents are 'dark underbelly' of America. Then it gets worse.
12:47 AM
Cartoon: Make America Grateful Again
July 16th, 2019
11:56 PM
George W. Bush doomed these coal miners, now Donald Trump is sealing their fate
11:30 PM
Pelosi draws Republican fire for calling Trump's racist tweets racist
11:04 PM
Schumer blasts Republicans refusing to condemn Trump's tweets, takes aggressive stance on 2020
10:38 PM
Scalise claims Republicans never 'disrespected' Obama's office. He's lying his ass off, of course
10:12 PM
Kellyanne Conway fails to obey subpoena to appear before House Oversight Committee
09:46 PM
Midday open thread: Meth gators, Girl Scout badges and racism, so much racism
09:20 PM
Kamala Harris has a very smart, aggressive plan to lower drug prices
08:28 PM
Daily Kos Democratic presidential primary straw poll: One-year-out-from-the-convention edition
08:02 PM
Trump administration slaps abortion gag rule on family planning clinics, effective immediately
07:36 PM
AG Barr rejects Dept. of Justice recommendation to charge NYC officer in the death of Eric Garner
07:10 PM
Border officials tried to make a child named Sofi choose being separated from her mom or her dad
06:44 PM
Sen. Elizabeth Warren reveals who inspires her and what President Warren's America looks like
05:52 PM
While Trump rages, a behind-the-scenes Mick Mulvaney quietly remakes the government
05:52 PM
Neo-Nazi troll Anglin's celebratory mood crushed by $14 million judgment against him
05:00 PM
Pelosi has the upper hand over Mnuchin in hammering out budget and debt ceiling deal
04:08 PM
Republicans don't even pretend to be offended as they embrace Trump's racism
03:42 PM
Pelosi announces upcoming resolution condemning Trump's racism against members of Congress
03:16 PM
Morning Digest: Vulnerable GOP congressman thinks he ran in a special election in May. He didn't.
02:24 PM
Cartoon: Color Blind
02:24 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
02:24 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Republicans embrace Trump's racism
01:32 PM
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05:44 AM
Open thread for night owls: Excerpts from the August Harper's Index
05:18 AM
What does it take for the media to call something racist?
04:26 AM
Poll: Somehow, 64% of Americans still don't want D.C. to become a state
03:34 AM
Leaked British memos: Trump withdrew from Iran deal as 'vandalism' against Obama
03:08 AM
Trump's big plan to lower prices on prescription drugs fizzles out
02:42 AM
Vulnerable Republican congressman somehow thinks he ran in a special election in May. He didn't
02:16 AM
Susan Collins sternly scolds Trump for attacking those awful, horrible House Democrats she hates
01:24 AM
Officials jailed teen who has lived in U.S. since he was a baby at the prison camp for migrant kids
12:58 AM
Democratic congresswomen on Trump's racist attacks: 'We are focused on his hateful policies'
12:32 AM
Cartoon: Suffer the Little Children
12:07 AM
Cory Booker unveils long-term healthcare proposal
July 15th, 2019
11:41 PM
'Trump has not only always been a racist, but anyone around him who denies it, is lying'
11:15 PM
Rep. Al Green will force impeachment vote on 'racist, bigot, misogynist' Trump
10:49 PM
Julián Castro: 'Instead of breaking up families, we should break up ICE'
09:57 PM
Trump continues racist attacks on non-white congresswomen: 'If they want to leave, they can leave'
09:05 PM
Déjà vu all over again: Senate Republicans feel 'urgency' to do something about health care
08:39 PM
As a handful of Republicans speak up against Trump's racist comments, the rest remain silent
08:13 PM
Dark days: When journalists won't name Trump's blatant racism
07:21 PM
'No, I’m not coming outside': 'Know Your Rights' facts helped protect some families from ICE
06:29 PM
Biden unveils health plan doubling down on the Afforable Care Act
06:03 PM
ACLU to sue Trump admin over latest illegal move attacking the right to asylum
05:11 PM
Trump boot-polisher Cuccinelli won't rule out child separation in Trump's mass deportation schemes
04:45 PM
Midday open thread: Desegregation by another name, a name that deserved to be said
04:19 PM
Pentagon logs longest stretch ever of 'acting' leadership
03:27 PM
Trump continues racist attacks on 'the squad' of Democratic women of color
03:01 PM
Morning Digest: Centrist California Democrat in blue House seat draws progressive primary challenger
02:35 PM
Cartoon: Twelfth dimensional chess
02:09 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: When cruelty is the point, decency takes a back seat
01:43 PM
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03:19 AM
The cult of faux outrage
02:01 AM
Not all executives are selfish and thoughtless; some are victims of Powell memo indoctrination
12:43 AM
Power, poverty and a well-developed system of injustice and tragedy
July 14th, 2019
11:00 PM
Trump 2020 will emphasize his 'record' on trade and immigration. Democrats must have an answer
09:42 PM
A community read: The Mueller report finale. Lock him up!
09:16 PM
Reminding women of color 'squad' in Congress they are not isolated: 'We love you. Keep going'
07:58 PM
The most important issue for Democrats in 2020? The courts
07:06 PM
In racist tweets, Trump tells non-white congresswomen to 'go back' to the countries they came from
06:40 PM
GOP's new methods of ratf**king: Spreading lies online via social media
04:56 PM
How the Sunday morning network shows became willing Trump enablers
03:38 PM
Black Philadelphia
01:28 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Waiting on the storms
05:40 AM
Saturday evening open thread
04:48 AM
Cartoon: Secret group