June 26th, 2017
07:07 PM
Trump supporters make a huge shift: 'You can collude all you want with a foreign government'
07:07 PM
McConnell wheeling and dealing to find 50 Trumpcare votes
06:38 PM
The fight continues: Daily Kos proudly endorses three great Democrats to resist the Trump agenda
06:09 PM
Trumpcare's national numbers are horrifying. The state numbers bring the horror home.
05:40 PM
Kellyanne Conway says people on Medicaid should just get jobs—but most of them have
05:40 PM
Supreme Court allows Trump's Muslim ban to take partial effect, will hear case in fall
05:11 PM
When is an $800+ billion cut not a cut? When you are a Republican
04:42 PM
Trump's morning tweets: I'm not the colluder, Obama's the colluder
04:13 PM
Cartoon: Health care solutions
03:44 PM
Medicaid, Obamacare more popular than ever now they Republicans want to kill them
03:15 PM
Pro-Trump PAC launches anti-Mueller ad as Trump continues to attack the Special Counsel
02:46 PM
Morning Digest: Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick could return to Congress in a new district
02:17 PM
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01:48 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: How to sell the health bill? Lie about it.
04:37 AM
Open thread for night owls: Rick Perry humiliates himself yet again
03:10 AM
A final ode to Cliff Huxtable: Burying the past in order to deal with the present
02:12 AM
Trump 'struggling to stay calm' as Russia investigation continues
01:14 AM
Hot enough for you? It's likely to get worse. Much worse.
12:15 AM
Few Republican voices seem to consider Trump campaign collusion with Russia unthinkable
June 25th, 2017
11:17 PM
Right-wing 'news' sites distract from nightmare Trumpcare with scary fairy tales of freedom lost
10:19 PM
Republicans settle on public strategy to sell their healthcare repeal bill: Lie, lie, and lie.
09:21 PM
The Democratic Party does not need a civil war, now or later
07:25 PM
The consequences of voting against your best interests
05:29 PM
Message to Sen. Portman: 220,000 Ohioans with substance abuse coverage will lose it if ACA repealed
03:04 PM
Step, tap, stomp: The power of dance rhythms
01:37 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The Great Leap Backwards
04:55 AM
Open thread for night owls: Sen. Warren blasts 'blood money' cuts in Republican healthcare bill
04:26 AM
Donald Trump lost just one seat in West Virginia's entire state legislature
03:28 AM
Nuts & Bolts: A guide to Democratic campaigns—Activists
02:30 AM
This week in science: itty-bitty tiny dots
01:03 AM
This week in the war on workers: Port truck drivers strike against exploitation and wage theft
12:05 AM
Spotlight on green news and views: Grizzlies unprotected; media ignore congressional climate hearing
June 24th, 2017
11:07 PM
DoE head displays willful ignorance while killer heat waves broil the southwest
10:09 PM
Trump administration drops grant for a nonprofit helping people leave violent right-wing groups
09:11 PM
This week at progressive state blogs: Request for no uniformed cops at OR gay pride march irks some
08:13 PM
View from the Left: Trump's a monster—but that alone won't win elections
07:44 PM
If those lips are moving ... a catalog of lies from the man who wants to make reality irrelevant
07:15 PM
Canadian leaders have given up on Trump—so now they're going around him
06:17 PM
Trump is picking judges to swing the courts hard right for a generation
05:19 PM
It's starting to look like layoff week at factories where Donald Trump has bragged about jobs
04:21 PM
Voters oppose Trump's air traffic control privatization plan, poll finds
03:23 PM
Voting Rights Roundup: Supreme Court agrees to take landmark case on partisan gerrymandering
01:27 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Health care debacle and the reaction
05:14 AM
Open thread for night owls: Gessen—The Reichstag fire next time: The coming crackdown
04:45 AM
A day in the life of Trump's man-made disaster of a White House
04:16 AM
Sen. Kamala Harris, leading Senate Dems call for decreased funding for Trump's deportation force
03:47 AM
Today's weather report: Rick Perry likely to get burned
03:19 AM
Federal judge temporarily stops Trump effort to deport 100 Iraqi Christians
02:50 AM
Republicans in Missouri want to be able to keep women who use birth control from working
02:21 AM
Rex Tillerson is so slow at filling offices that even Donald Trump is complaining
01:52 AM
Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Resistance FRIDAY!
01:23 AM
Trumpty Dumpty gets huffy with his White House counsel
12:54 AM
Trump's Russia investigation rage leaves staff and friends worried
12:25 AM
Cartoon: Hot take wave
June 23rd, 2017
11:56 PM
The potentially tragic consequences of the GOP's healthcare repeal on people like Steve Scalise
11:27 PM
More Americans believe James Comey than Donald Trump, second poll this week confirms
10:58 PM
Trump suggests 'new immigration rules' that Clinton already signed into law 20 years ago
10:29 PM
Nevada's Dean Heller says he’s opposed to Trumpcare 'in this form'
09:31 PM
Senate Trumpcare bill: Gratuitous tax giveaways to the rich, gratuitous, monstrous pain for the poor
09:31 PM
Midday open thread: House committee wants 'space corps'; EPA's methane measures being investigated
09:02 PM
As Senate Republicans attack health care, House Republicans continue attacks on immigrants
08:33 PM
Does Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito have a heart?
07:35 PM
The completely gratuitous gift to the super-rich that proves Trumpcare is a tax bill
07:06 PM
How McConnell wins on Trumpcare (unless we stop him): 'Moderates always cave'
06:37 PM
The North Carolina law you've never heard of that says consent during sex is irrelevant
06:08 PM
Add higher deductibles to the ways Trumpcare will hurt you
05:39 PM
Donald Trump reveals how he outsmarted James Comey with pretend tapes 'it wasn't very stupid'
05:10 PM
In a strong statement, AARP vows to 'hold all 100 Senators accountable' for health care bill
04:41 PM
Here's why disabled people faced arrest to protest Medicaid cuts: Their lives were at stake
04:12 PM
Cartoon: Friend or foe
03:43 PM
Republicans blocked President Obama from telling the public about Russian actions to help Trump
03:14 PM
The Senate Trumpcare bill: Mean, mean, mean
02:45 PM
Morning Digest: Nevada Democrats land their first major candidate in pivotal 2018 gubernatorial race
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02:16 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Senate GOP unveils massive tax cut for the rich as its health care bill