December 2nd, 2020
04:46 AM
Tuesday Night Owls: Don't assume there's nothing bad left to discover about Donald Trump
04:20 AM
Arizona governor appeared to send Trump to voicemail as he certified election results on live TV
03:54 AM
Chef donates million-dollar winnings to take care of restaurant workers as coronavirus roars
03:02 AM
RIP Arecibo: Enormous radio telescope in Puerto Rico that made stunning discoveries has collapsed
02:36 AM
The National Review calls Trump's post-election behavior by its name: disgraceful and dishonest
02:10 AM
Pandemic news: White House planning a 'spate' of indoor extravaganzas to celebrate holiday season
01:44 AM
Trump’s FCC head, Ajit Pai, is leaving with him. Here’s a partial list of his bad deeds
01:18 AM
'Utterly arbitrary and unlawful act': Farmworker groups sue Trump administration over wage freeze
12:52 AM
The best argument for Georgia's Senate races? Saving the nation with COVID-19 stimulus
12:26 AM
'Someone’s going to get shot': Georgia official decries Republicans for fueling Trump's fraud claims
12:01 AM
McConnell's latest poison pill-filled COVID-19 package is the cruelest yet
12:01 AM
Cartoon: Taking Stock
December 1st, 2020
11:35 PM
Meet the Black women to serve in central roles in Biden-Harris administration
11:09 PM
The fight to save net neutrality and a relevant FCC is back on
10:43 PM
LIVE video: The role of the Asian community in winning Georgia, this week on The Brief
10:17 PM
California inmates surprise student with scholarship from pooled wages: ‘We want to do good things’
09:51 PM
After confirming Trump's Cabinet of partisan incompetents, GOP balks at policy-steeped Biden pick
09:25 PM
Let the rage tweeting begin: Barr finds no evidence of election fraud
08:59 PM
L.A. sheriff's officials invoke Fifth Amendment, refuse to testify in Andrés Guardado inquest
08:33 PM
After shilling for Trump for 'free,' Giuliani apparently needs a preemptive pardon
07:41 PM
Bipartisan 'gang' totally misses the mark on COVID-19 stimulus compromise
06:49 PM
Trump admin is fighting court ruling forcing it to respect the rights of kids seeking asylum
06:23 PM
The hidden deplorables don't care about Republicans, their crap world revolves around Trump
05:31 PM
Biden planning massive stimulus, flurry of executive actions to start erasing stain of Trump
05:05 PM
Trump tells GA Gov. Kemp to 'call off election' because 'it won't be needed'
04:13 PM
Trump's pardon of Flynn absolves him of 'any and all possible offenses,' even those not yet known
03:47 PM
It's bad when Brian Kemp has to remind Trump it's illegal to interfere in elections
03:21 PM
Scott Atlas shrugs all the way off
02:55 PM
Morning Digest: Trump takes aim at another disloyal governor—and may foment a primary challenge
02:29 PM
Cartoon: Death worship
02:03 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
01:37 PM
Abbreviated pundit roundup: Trump's sabotage
05:23 AM
Monday Night Owls: Inequality was bad enough before it went viral in the Pandemic Recession
04:57 AM
'I am proud to be bilingual': US-born Latinas detained by CBP after speaking Spanish settle lawsuit
04:31 AM
We won the presidency by writing letters. Now, let's do the same in Georgia before time runs out!
04:06 AM
Organizer of anti-COVID lockdown rallies in PA tests positive DURING meeting in White House
03:40 AM
When orcas attacked sailboats off coast of Spain, they may have been reacting to harpoon attacks
02:48 AM
Religious hypocrite and moral coward Marco Rubio tweets scripture, gets avalanche of Bible lessons
02:22 AM
Oregon oncology nurse on administrative leave after bragging about flouting COVID-19 guidelines
01:56 AM
Ohio Medicaid launches program to help ease holiday isolation for people in long-term care
01:30 AM
Kamala Harris is already exhibiting a level of leadership impossible under Trump
01:04 AM
Georgia voters ask RNC chair why they should vote in 'rigged' election
12:38 AM
Cartoon: The Trump Legal Team
November 30th, 2020
11:21 PM
5 issues this HBCU student says Ossoff and Warnock cannot afford to miss the mark on, so they don't
10:55 PM
Another Day One job for Biden: Cut off Trump's intelligence briefings
10:29 PM
Trump admin is pushing rule changes on its way out attacking vulnerable populations
10:03 PM
Instead of working on COVID-19 pandemic, Trump's HHS is laying landmines for Biden
09:37 PM
With national eviction moratorium expiration a month away, millions face homelessness
09:11 PM
Arizona's Republican leaders certify Joe Biden's win, but Giuliani is not giving up
08:19 PM
The richest person in Congress is running an ad about 'how it feels like waiting on that paycheck'
07:53 PM
McConnell's insistence that companies literally get away with murder is causing people to go hungry
07:01 PM
In closing weeks of Trump administration, William Barr rewrites rules to allow firing squads
06:09 PM
'Unconscionable': ICE expelled kids under Stephen Miller policy just minutes after judge blocked it
05:17 PM
Biden faces Republican blockade of judicial nominees unless Democrats can take Georgia
04:51 PM
White man deems music too loud and kills Lucy McBath's son. Then, same thing happens 8 years later
03:59 PM
Moderna is taking its COVID-19 vaccine to the FDA for emergency approval
03:07 PM
The Biden administration continues taking shape, day by day
02:15 PM
Cartoon: Everything is fine and normal
02:15 PM
Cheers and Jeers: Monday
01:49 PM
Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: As the pandemic gets ever more serious, the Trump WH gets ever less
05:09 AM
Sunday Night Owls: Republicans STILL oppose climate policies that would reduce fossil-fuel use
04:43 AM
Mike Kelly asks Pennsylvania high court to disenfranchise 6.9 million voters. Court says, nah
03:26 AM
Saying goodbye to ableist language is an easy and effective way to become a better ally
01:42 AM
Meet Major Biden, the first White House shelter dog
12:24 AM
When capitalism goes to war on democracy, America loses, and may be lost itself
November 29th, 2020
11:32 PM
Wisconsin's partial recount finishes, and Joe Biden wins again
10:40 PM
'A stronger, more united nation': Latinos among Biden's first White House senior staff picks
09:48 PM
Sen. Roy Blunt goes on Sunday shows to explain Republican Party's cowardly stance on Democracy
09:22 PM
There are so many reasons to criticize Republicans, but weight doesn't have to be one of them
08:30 PM
'Thugs': Trump resorts to namecalling in first televised interview since losing election
07:38 PM
Lavin's 'Culture Warlords' dives into the radical right cesspool and emerges with the will to fight
07:10 PM
As US fumbles through holiday season, Dr. Fauci warns we may see a 'surge upon a surge' of virus
06:18 PM
Gender representation has improved in kids' TV, but there's a recent archetype that needs to go
04:34 PM
There has been one successful coup in the United States. It foreshadowed the rise of Donald Trump
03:16 PM
John Coltrane's favorite composition was the love song he wrote for his first wife, Naima