August 16th, 2019
05:38 PM
Friday News Dump: Why Rep. Tlaid Won't Go To Israel, And Other News
05:12 PM
Cuccinelli Takes 'Lady Liberty' Selfie; Crops Out 'Immigrants Welcome'
04:20 PM
Never Trumper Tom Nichols: I Will Vote For Almost Any Democrat
03:54 PM
Oh Look, Republicans Everywhere Are Trying To Roll Back Redistricting Reform
03:02 PM
Maryland Public Television Is Giving White Nationalist Pat Buchanan A New Television Gig
03:02 PM
Fox News Goes To Bat For Bibi's Ban
02:10 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:30 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Oh Sees
05:30 AM
Samantha Bee Investigates Jerry Falwell Jr. And That Pool Boy
05:04 AM
Trump Asks If It's Possible For The U.S. To Buy Greenland
02:55 AM
Maddow Does A Deep Dive Into Russia Strategy And Mitch McConnell
02:03 AM
Cory Booker On Guns In America: 'A Society That Has Surrendered Basic Freedoms'
01:11 AM
Fox News 'Democrat' Attacks Julian Castro Ad
12:20 AM
Peitition To Rename 5th Avenue In Front Of Trump Tower After Barack Obama Gains 100,000 Signatures
August 15th, 2019
07:34 PM
New WH Press Secretary Gives First Interview To Disgraced Ex-Fox News Pundit
07:08 PM
'The Daily Show' Wants To Protect Melania From Deportation
06:16 PM
Peter Navarro Calls Trump's Delayed China Tariffs A Christmas Present To America
06:16 PM
Beto O'Rourke Focuses On Trump's White Nationalism
05:50 PM
Obeying Trump, Israel Bars Reps Tlaib And Omar From Entering
04:58 PM
Hickenlooper Out Of Presidential Race; To Run For US Senate
04:58 PM
Ha, Ha! Nancy Pelosi Sticks It To 'Moscow Mitch' In Speech To IL Dems
04:32 PM
Philadelphia Mayor: 'Our Officers Need Help With Gun Control'
03:40 PM
Stacey Abrams Spells Out How She Plans To Fight 2020 Voter Suppression
03:14 PM
Ben Shapiro Thinks It's Your Fault You Need Two Jobs
03:14 PM
Kamala Harris Melts Into Laughter At Steve King And Ken Cuccinelli: 'What Is That?'
02:22 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:22 PM
Rudy Giuliani Is Angry That Politicians' Children Profit From Family Ties
05:16 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Can
05:16 AM
It's Time For Back To School Feel Good Vids And Pics!
03:07 AM
How Moscow Mitch Helped The Russkies And Himself In Kentucky
03:07 AM
Epstein Suicide A Reminder: Federal Prisons Are Underfunded
August 14th, 2019
11:14 PM
Fox News Host On Market Crash: Just Don't Look Your 401K Balance
09:04 PM
Steve King: If Not For Rape And Incest, 'Would There Be Any Population Left?'
08:12 PM
Fox Nation Host Amps Up 'Invasion' Rhetoric, Even Now
07:46 PM
Senator Maizie Hirono Slams Unreliable 'Tuesday Thursday Trump'
07:20 PM
Michael Flynn To Speak At Conference Organized To Train For 'Digital Civil War'
06:54 PM
Uh Oh Wilbur Ross Just Gave The Con Away On Tariffs
06:02 PM
George Conway Has One Word For Trump's Insane Speech: 'Wut'
05:10 PM
Global Markets Drop As U.S. Bonds Send Classic Recession Warning
04:18 PM
Michael Bennet Explains Why He Wouldn't Nuke The Filibuster
03:26 PM
Claire McCaskill On Exactly Why The NRA Is So Important To #MoscowMitch
02:08 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:08 PM
Bill Maher Mocks Tucker Carlson’s ‘White Supremacy Hoax’ Remarks
02:08 PM
Cuccinelli: Statue Of Liberty Poem Meant For 'People Coming From Europe'
01:16 PM
Trump Calls Baltimore 'Vermin Infested' While Feds Fail To Remove Rodents In Subsidized Housing
05:28 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Backsliders
05:28 AM
Take A Moment To Revel In Simone Biles' Triple Double
02:53 AM
AOC Pwns Barstool Sports Creator For Threatening Employees Over Unionizing
02:27 AM
In Unhinged Rant, TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Compares Hong Kong Protests To Hitler's Germany
02:27 AM
House Judiciary Committee To Investigate Epstein's Death
August 13th, 2019
10:59 PM
Curt Schilling Weighing Bid For Congress, Trump Endorses
09:41 PM
History Shows Republicans Cheat In Presidential Elections
07:57 PM
Fox News Promotes Student Op-ed Attacking Bernie And Warren Because He Missed The Boat On College Debt
07:31 PM
Trump Spouts Off On Chris Cuomo; 'Too Mentally Ill' For A Gun
06:13 PM
WOW: Fox And Friends Edits Viewer Tweet To Remove Pro-Medicare Hashtag
05:47 PM
Did Trump Delay China Tariffs After Being Criticized On Fox News?
04:55 PM
Julián Castro Makes A Small Ad Buy On Fox News, Just For Trump
04:03 PM
What Happened With Nuclear Explosion In Russia Last Week?
03:37 PM
'Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor....' On Second Thought, Not If They Need Food Stamps!
02:45 PM
Stephen Colbert Goes After Trump For Pushing Conspiracy Theories
02:19 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:19 PM
Evangelicals Voted For An Admitted P***y Grabber But Are Angry He Said 'Goddamn'?
02:19 PM
Geraldo Rivera Decided Trump’s A Racist, But He Attends Hampton Fundraiser
05:13 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Kraftwerk
05:13 AM
The Most Remarkable Deepfake Video Is A Terrifying Warning
12:28 AM
How The El Paso Killer Echoed The Incendiary Words Of Conservative Media
August 12th, 2019
10:18 PM
MSNBC Reporter Fail: Defends Trump On Immigration
09:52 PM
Ken Cuccinelli Announces More State Crimes Against Immigrant Children
09:00 PM
Byron York Concern Trolls Democrats On Age
08:34 PM
Fox News Political Director: The Press Hates 'Joe Biden Like God Hates Sin'
07:42 PM
No One Trusts Bill Barr On Epstein Case
07:16 PM
Teacher's Union May Boycott WalMart Over Gun Sales
06:50 PM
Foreign Service Officer Resigns Over Trump Administration's Incoherent Policies
06:24 PM
CNN: Here's A List Of Conspiracy Theories Promoted By Trump
04:40 PM
Angry S.E. Cupp Says: 'I Am No Longer An NRA Member'