September 26th, 2020
06:37 PM
Elie Mystal Absolutely Levels Amy Coney Barrett's Judicial Reputation On AM Joy
05:45 PM
Does Biden Have A Shot...In TEXAS?
04:53 PM
Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis Lifts COVID Restrictions On Businesses
04:53 PM
Lindsey Graham Needs You
03:35 PM
Patriot Prayer Member In Portland Vows To Use 'Violent Means' To 'Take Back' Cities
02:17 PM
You Know How Trump Was Whining About Discarded Military Ballots In PA?
05:11 AM
Scare A Republican This Halloween
04:19 AM
Trump’s Vaccine Czar Refuses To Give Up Stock In Related Drug Company
02:35 AM
Geraldo Rivera Calls Breonna Taylor 'Collateral Damage In The Drug War'
12:51 AM
Fox Guest On Barrett: There’s Nothing Christian About Taking Away Health Care
September 25th, 2020
11:33 PM
And The Supreme Court Rose Goes To: Amy Coney Barrett
10:15 PM
Trump's The Puppet Getting Marching Orders On The Supreme Court Pick
10:15 PM
Trump Signs Meaningless Paper, Promises Bribes To Seniors And Calls It His Healthcare Plan
06:47 PM
Sorry, Bob Woodward, Trump Voters Are Not 'Good People'
06:47 PM
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Humiliated By Australian TV Host
05:55 PM
Trump's Chief Of Staff Bashes His Own FBI Director For Not Lying About Non-Existent Voter Fraud
04:37 PM
Friday News Dump: Trump Is Trying To Steal The Election, And Other News
02:53 PM
Carol Cadwalladr Explains Exactly How Facebook Is Destroying Democracy
02:01 PM
CNN Takes A Look At The Disinformation Your Q-Loving Relatives Are Consuming
12:43 PM
Trump Aide Works The Fox News Refs To Game The Debate
12:43 PM
EXPOSED: Far-Right Patriot Coalition Of Oregon Plots Violence To Disrupt Election
12:43 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
12:43 PM
Brianna Keilar Destroys Larry Kudlow, Trump's Economic Lap Dog
05:21 AM
Trump Ain't Leavin'
04:03 AM
Donald Trump's Niece, Mary Trump, Sues Him For Fraud
03:12 AM
A Few Questions For Trump's Supreme Court Nominee
September 24th, 2020
11:18 PM
Donald Trump: Get Rid Of Ballots And I'll Win
10:52 PM
Is This The Best Get Out The Vote Ad EVER?
10:52 PM
Pence Defends The Insanity Of Large Trump Rallies During Pandemic
08:16 PM
Judge Forces Eric Trump To Give Deposition To NY AG By October 7th
06:58 PM
Florida AG 'Investigating' Bloomberg? Bring It
06:58 PM
Lindsey Graham Begs For Campaign Donations On Fox And Friends
05:14 PM
Larry Kudlow Calls Question About Americans In Poverty 'Nitpicking'
05:14 PM
No 'Respect' As Trump Is Booed At RBG Visitation
04:48 PM
Fox's Pete Hegseth Touts Minnesota As National Bellweather
04:22 PM
Pay Attention: Naked Ballots Will Be The Focus In PA Vote-By-Mail Count
03:56 PM
New Lincoln Project Ad : If You're Over 65, Donald Trump Doesn't Care If You Die
03:30 PM
Breonna Taylor Didn't Get Justice Because Of The McConnell-Connected Prosecutor
02:12 PM
‘Hunterghazi’ Undone By GOP Star Witness, But Expect GOP To Pretend Otherwise
02:12 PM
Facebook Continues Censorship Of Liberals And Democrats While Promoting Republicans
02:12 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:32 AM
Actual Fox And Friends Screenshot Features 'Mother, Jugs, And Speed'
01:12 AM
Trump Is Not King, And Media Needs To Stop Acting Like He Is
September 23rd, 2020
11:55 PM
The Ginsburg Power Grab—The Press Plays Dumb On Radical GOP
11:55 PM
Missouri Governor Who Shrugged At Kids Getting COVID-19 Tests Positive
11:03 PM
One America News Now Selling Cute QAnon Emojis For Its YouTube Channel
08:27 PM
Only One Officer Charged In Breonna Taylor Case With 3 Counts Of 'Wanton Endangerment'
08:01 PM
Trump Admits He'll Fill RBG Vacancy Before Election So SCOTUS Can Help Fight Mail-In Ballots
07:35 PM
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Call On Americans To Vote Against Hate
07:35 PM
Ron Johnson Denounced Over Hunter Biden 'Report': ‘As If Putin Wrote It’
07:09 PM
BOOM: Dr. Fauci Slaps Down Rand Paul By Name At Hearing
06:17 PM
Rep. Ilhan Omar Claps Back At Trump's Racist Diatribe
06:17 PM
Fox Propagandists Portray Kyle Rittenhouse As 'Little Boy'
03:15 PM
Just A Crazy Coincidence That Mrs. Chad Wolf's Employer Just Got A $6M HHS Contract
02:49 PM
Donny Deutsch Furious With Jews Who Support Trump: 'How Dare You?'
02:49 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:57 PM
Morning Joe: It's Time We All Talked About Fascism
12:13 PM
Kayleigh McEnany Can't Explain Why Trump Says COVID Affects ‘Virtually Nobody’
12:13 PM
Proof COVID Doesn't Just Kill Old People, Adeline Fagan Edition
12:13 PM
In The Debates, Biden Can Make Trump Expose Himself As A Racist Crackpot
05:17 AM
Take Care Of This (White) House
12:58 AM
Sheldon Whitehouse: Hypocrite Republican Senators Are Slaves To Dark Money
September 22nd, 2020
11:40 PM
Old White Republican Dude Wants Liberals To Make Nice After GOP Destroys Republic
10:48 PM
Time For Senate Dems To Gum Up McConnell's Plans For Supreme Court
07:20 PM
As U.S. Tops 200,000 Dead From COVID, Trump Claims The Virus 'Affects Virtually Nobody'
07:20 PM
On Fox, Trump's Favorite Quack Doctor Claims Biden Must Be Taking Speed
06:28 PM
Republicans Have Long Endorsed Statehood For Puerto Rico
05:36 PM
Whoa, Prosecutors Want To Seize Steve Bannon's Assets And Bank Records
05:10 PM
Mitt Romney Will Vote For Trump's SCOTUS Nominee
04:44 PM
Kelly Loeffler Ad Boasts She's More Conservative Than Attila The Hun
04:18 PM
New Lincoln Project Ad: 'He's Not That Innocent'
03:52 PM
CIA: Putin Directing The Disinformation Attacks And Influence Campaign On Joe Biden
02:08 PM
Bloomberg Raises More Than $16 Million For Restoring Voting Rights To Florida Ex-Cons
01:42 PM
White House Comms Director Cannot Say When Trump Will Present His Tremendous Health Care Plan
01:42 PM
Elie Mystal: 'If Mitch McConnell Can Do It, Then The Democrats Can Do It'