March 17th, 2018
04:34 PM
Fox & Friends Make Ridiculous Claim Trump Had Nothing To Do With McCabe Firing
01:32 PM
Steve Schmidt Drags 'Scumbag' Michael Cohen And It Is Glorious
01:32 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
04:52 AM
Open Thread: Disco, Or Deep Thought?
04:26 AM
Republican Who Called Parkland Teens ‘skinhead Lesbian’ And ‘bald-faced Liar’ Abruptly Quits Race
04:26 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Beach House
04:00 AM
FBI's Andrew McCabe Fired One Day Before His Retirement
01:25 AM
Rick Wilson Taunts Paris Dennard Into Saying ‘I Love Donald Trump Screwing A Porn Star!’
01:25 AM
Right Wing Christianist Linda Harvey Way Too Interested In 'Sexual Anarchy'
March 16th, 2018
09:30 PM
Fox Pundit: Trump's Cabinet Picks Originate 'In Fox News' Green Room'
07:20 PM
WATCH: Outnumbered Host Cut Off While Being Stupid
06:28 PM
Maybe Liz Cheney Should Zip It About Torture Around Meghan McCain
06:28 PM
Dear Students: Did Armed Jerks Protest Your Walkout? Ban Their Open Carry
05:36 PM
Handsome Devil Larry Kudlow: You’re Hired!
05:36 PM
How Many Women Can Claim A Trump Payday? Maybe Six
03:00 PM
Is John Kelly Next To Go?
02:34 PM
Roanoke City Employee Claimed She Was Fired For Her Concealed Carry Permit. She Lied.
02:34 PM
DHS, FBI Warn: Russian Hackers Attacking Power Grid, Aviation
01:42 PM
BOMBSHELL: Lawyer Says Stormy Daniels Was Physically Threatened
01:16 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:28 AM
Maine Republican Who Attacked The Parkland Kids Gets An Opponent
04:10 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ann Peebles
04:10 AM
Ryan Zinke's Very Bad Week Continues With Flippant 'Konnichiwa' Remark
01:34 AM
Bernie: 'I Detest That Type Of Politics And I Think Most Americans Do'
12:16 AM
You'd Better Sit Down, Kids: Donald Trump Jr. Getting Divorced
March 15th, 2018
09:40 PM
Alex Jones And Gavin McInnes Rant About 'Sexless, Depressed, Old Chubby Dykes' Like Hillary Clinton
09:14 PM
BREAKING: Mueller Subpoenas Trump Org's Documents In Russia Probe
06:38 PM
John Harwood Rips Trump For 'BSing' Trudeau Based On Simplistic, Out-Of-Touch Economic Voodoo
06:38 PM
Dana Loesch, Slaughter Lobbyist, Attacks Student March In Bonkers Rant
06:12 PM
Seth Rich's Mom Cries As She Describes What Fox Did To Her Son's Soul
05:46 PM
Ali Velshi Is Not Amused: Trump Brags About Lying To Trudeau
04:28 PM
Oh Boy! Trump Brags To GOP Donors That He Just Makes Sh*t Up
03:36 PM
Mika And Joe Are Trying So Hard To Save The Republican Party!
02:18 PM
Republicans' Love Affair With Russians Goes All The Way Back To DeLay And Abramoff
01:26 PM
Trump Wants To Re-Cast VA Slot With Fox & Friends Personality
04:46 AM
Open Thread - You're Gonna Need A Bigger Board
04:46 AM
At Fundraiser, Trump Says Conor Lamb Claimed He Was 'Like Trump'
04:21 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Man Or Astroman
03:55 AM
Fox Writes GOP Conor Lamb Talking Points For Trump: He's A Republican! Like Trump!
02:37 AM
Will Details Of Trump's Sex Life Hurt Him With His Base? Nahhh.
01:19 AM
Tomi Lahren Rants About Hillary Clinton Hating White Women After GOP Loses Pennsylvania Election
12:27 AM
British Reporter Warns Trump's Lukewarm Response To Nerve Agent Attack Is 'Deeply Worrying'
March 14th, 2018
09:25 PM
It Will Never Be 'Morning In America' For Trump Voters
08:59 PM
MSNBC Host Asks If Larry Kudlow Is A 'Real Economist Or Plays One On TV'
05:57 PM
Ben Carson Must Resign
05:31 PM
Fox And Friends Can Barely Keep Their Panties On Because 'No Collusion'
04:39 PM
WATCH: Massive Protests On National Walkout Day Against Gun Violence
04:39 PM
Colbert Brings Back 'The Hunger Games' To Bid Tillerson Adieu
03:21 PM
Mission Accomplished: Putin Splits US/UK Alliance Over Spy Poisoning
01:37 PM
GOP In Dem Clothing John Morganelli Supported By Trump-Loving Racist Hate Groups
01:37 PM
PA-18: Hey Trump, Can You Hear Us Now? No Safe Seats For GOP!
04:57 AM
Open Thread, Because Today Was Straight Outta Monty Python
04:31 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ronnie Love
03:13 AM
After 60 Minutes Epic Fail, Betsy DeVos Gets Republican Rehab From Fox & Friends
02:21 AM
'Christian' Broadcaster Defends President P*ssygrabber: 'He's Been A Buzz Saw On Evangelical Issues'
March 13th, 2018
11:45 PM
Trump Continues His Decline With Rambling, Incoherent Comments About 'See-Through Walls'
10:01 PM
CNN Anchor Stunned After Trump's Racist Remarks At Mexico-California Border
09:09 PM
Kellyanne Conway Rode On Expensive Junkets With Tom Price
09:09 PM
Tillerson Never Mentioned Trump By Name
08:17 PM
InfoWars, Gateway Pundit Sued Over Charlottesville Conspiracy Theory
07:25 PM
John King Builds A 'Both Sides' Lifeboat For House Intel Republicans
06:33 PM
Tillerson's Firing Was Comey-esque UPDATED: Messenger Also Fired
05:41 PM
California Democrats Troll Trump With Travel Tips
05:15 PM
Trump Attempts To Distract From Russia With Trip To 'The Wall' Prototypes
05:15 PM
Oops! Washington Post: Roger Stone Talked About Wikileaks Emails In 2016
04:23 PM
Scarborough Ridicules The Idea Of Nunes' Claims Of A Liberal Conspiracy To Get Trump
03:31 PM
Trump Fires Rex Tillerson; Mike Pompeo Will Be His Replacement
02:13 PM
Phil Mudd Rips GOP Intel Committee Report: 'I Wouldn't Wipe My Ass With It!'
01:21 PM
GOP Rep. Tom Rooney Admits The Truth: 'We've Lost All Credibility'
01:21 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
04:41 AM
Open Thread - Bad Lip Reading Meets 'Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope' Again!
04:15 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Buzzcocks
March 12th, 2018
11:30 PM
Why Won't Sarah Sanders Acknowledge Russia's Role In U.K. Nerve Gas Attack?
10:38 PM
Shep Smith Rips Trump's Gun Wimp-Out: 'The NRA Gets To Them And That's That'
10:12 PM
GOP's Kevin McCarthy: Trump Calling Chuck Todd 'Son Of A Bitch' Is A Way To Stop NoKo Missiles