June 23rd, 2017
10:29 PM
CNN Made Today's White House Briefing Hilarious
10:00 PM
WATCH: Sen. Dean Heller Says He'll Vote No On Trumpcare
09:31 PM
Why Is Russia Helping Republicans Win Elections?
08:04 PM
Kellyanne Conway Flips Out About Russia And Trump's Tweets On CNN
07:35 PM
Rand Paul Is So Full Of Crap, His Eyes Are Brown
06:08 PM
Donald Trump: James Comey Friendship With Bob Mueller: 'Is Very Bothersome'
05:39 PM
Trump Proposes 'New' Law That Has Already Existed For 20 Years
04:41 PM
Years From Now, This Will Be The Right-Wing Narrative Of The Trumpcare Disaster
03:43 PM
Jimmy Kimmel: 'And Then These Guys Wonder Why We Hate Them'
02:45 PM
Trump's Carrier Deal, The Deal That Wasn't
02:16 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:16 PM
Does Rep. Collins Have Insurance For A Gun Accident?
06:03 AM
Open Thread - Ron Howard To Direct Han Solo Movie
05:34 AM
'Infowars' Pizza Parlor Shooter Gets Four Years
05:34 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Lusine
12:44 AM
Protesters Greet Fleeing Senators At DCA Over Trumpcare
June 22nd, 2017
11:17 PM
President Obama Speaks Out On Trumpcare's 'Fundamental Meanness'
09:50 PM
Sen. Warren Warns 'American Women Are Here To Fight Back' On 'Mean Healthcare Bill'
09:21 PM
Watch Out! Trump Runs Over Putting Green With Golf Cart
08:52 PM
Meghan McCain Paints Massive Medicaid Cuts As 'A Phase Down'
08:23 PM
Twitter Reacts To The Senate's Trumpcare Unveiling
07:54 PM
Andrea Mitchell: 'A Brutal Image For Republicans And Supporters Of This Bill, Frankly'
07:25 PM
Trump Spills The Beans: Lordy, There Are No Tapes!
07:25 PM
WATCH: Capitol Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of McConnell's Office
06:56 PM
Dear Sean Spicer, Trump Just Called Russian Hacking Stories A 'Hoax'
06:27 PM
John Oliver Sued For Defamation By Coal Baron - Just As He Predicted
06:27 PM
Just In Time, Hugh Hewitt Gets A Saturday Morning Show On MSNBC
05:29 PM
Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Bernie Sanders A Violent 'Radical Marxist'
05:00 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
04:31 PM
Hannity Unhinged: Dog Whistle To Violence Edition
03:04 PM
'I Know That Voting Machines Can Be Hacked, Because My Colleagues And I Have Done It'
02:35 PM
Heartbreaking: Navy Sailor's Dad Talks To CNN About His Lost Son
05:53 AM
Open Thread - Amazing Dad Of The Week Award
05:24 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Roy Ayers
03:28 AM
Trump Says He Likes Poor People As Long As They're Not In His Cabinet
02:31 AM
Apparently Democrats Need An Agenda To Win. Apparently Republicans Don't
02:02 AM
Mormons Shame Twelve-Year-Old Girl For Coming Out In Temple
01:33 AM
Sigh. Obama Spokesman Has To Respond To Trump, Again
12:35 AM
Sen. Cassidy On Healthcare Bill: Wishin' And Hoping!
June 21st, 2017
11:37 PM
Competing Alt-Right 'Free Speech' Rallies Reveal Infighting Over White Nationalism
09:41 PM
Corey Lewandowski Calls David Brooks A 'Liberal' And Demands End To Special Counsel
08:43 PM
Coal Lobbyist Jeff Holmstead Expected To Join Trump EPA
08:14 PM
Rep. King: Senate Secrecy On Healthcare Looks Like They Have 'Something To Hide"
07:45 PM
The Senate Healthcare Bill Is Secret Because It's Horrible
07:16 PM
Republican Rep. On Russian Election Interference: 'Went Way Beyond Their Wildest Dreams Of Success'
05:20 PM
Laura Ingraham’s Fox Friends Encourage Her To Become White House Press Secretary
04:22 PM
Dashcam Footage Shows Cop Truly Murdered Philando Castile
03:24 PM
Noah Rothman: 'Republicans Should Look To 2018 A Little Fearfully'
02:26 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:44 AM
Open Thread - Happy Summer Solstice!
05:15 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Mount Carmel
05:15 AM
Do Not Laugh At Me Because He Was My Governor. He’s Now Your Secretary Of Energy.
03:19 AM
How Can America Stand For The Ivanka - Jared Foreign Policy Team?
01:24 AM
Election Night Open Thread
June 20th, 2017
11:56 PM
One Of The 13 Senators Drafting Health Care Bill Hasn't Even Seen It
09:31 PM
Does Trump Believe Russia Interfered With Election? Sean Spicer Feigns Ignorance
08:33 PM
Sean Spicer Press Briefing, June 20, 2017
08:33 PM
McCain Threatens To Reject Trump's Nominee For Defense Post
07:06 PM
Sen Bob Corker Gives 'Fart In A Car' Treatment To Trumpcare
06:37 PM
Trump Openly Blames Obama For Otto Wambier's Death
06:08 PM
Steve Bannon Fat Shames Sean Spicer? Really?
05:10 PM
Readers At Right-Wing Sites Are Celebrating The Finsbury Park Incident
04:41 PM
Fox News' Eric Bolling: Time For A 'Preemptive Strike' Against N. Korea?
03:43 PM
Dick Durbin: To Stop Healthcare Bill, 'The Magic Number Is Three'
02:16 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
06:03 AM
Open Thread - Deep Throat, 2017
05:34 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Craig Brown Band
04:07 AM
Trump Surrogate And Fox And Friends Spin 'Deep State' Conspiracy To Keep Trump Happy
03:38 AM
Why Yes, Paul Ryan CAN Be Replaced By A Democrat
02:40 AM
Senate Dems #HoldtheFloor To Bring Attention To GOP Stealth TrumpCare Bill
12:14 AM
Jay Sekulow Sticks His Head In The Sand To Defend Trump
June 19th, 2017
11:16 PM
Otto Warmbier Has Died Days After Evacuation From North Korea
10:47 PM
Politics And Reality Radio: An Oligarchy Run By Jackasses?
10:18 PM
CNN Reporter Rips Spicer On Closed Press Briefings: 'It's Like Bad Reality Television!'
09:20 PM
Freebie Day! RNC Genius Consultant Opens Up 198 Million Voters' Data To Everyone