October 19th, 2017
05:54 AM
Open Thread - In The Case Of Expected Turbulence?
05:25 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Beck
05:25 AM
Politics And Reality Radio: How Congress Just Screwed Puerto Rico, Healthcare, And TrumpRage
03:01 AM
Judge Orders Detained Pregnant Undocumented Minor Be Allowed To Have An Abortion
02:03 AM
Gold Star Parents Speak Out About Their Grief: 'We're The Casualties Of War'
October 18th, 2017
11:09 PM
Sessions Refuses To Say If Trump Asked Arpaio Case To Be Dropped
10:40 PM
Brew Pub Offers Free Beer To Shred Richard Spencer Speech Tickets
10:11 PM
Huckabee Sanders Won't Deny Trump's Words To Widow, But Says He Was 'Perfectly Respectful'
09:13 PM
What Kinds Of Businesses Get Helped By The Republican Tax Plan?
09:13 PM
Rep. Frederica Wilson Calls Trump 'A Liar'
08:44 PM
Face To Face With Al Franken, Sessions Runs The Clock And Takes Offense
08:44 PM
Trump Once Again Denies He Said 'What The Congresswoman Said And She Knows It'
07:17 PM
Fallen Soldier's Mother: 'President Trump Did Disrespect My Son' And Family
07:17 PM
Fox And Friends Disgusting Defense Of Trumps' Call To Grieving Widow
06:19 PM
Is 'Recused' Jeff Sessions On Mueller's Witness List?
05:21 PM
Trump Unfitness For Office: Exploiting Gen. Kelly’s Fallen Son Edition
05:21 PM
McCain Snaps At Fox News Reporter
03:25 PM
Meow! Sen. Graham Snipes At Sen. Paul Over Budget Fight
03:25 PM
Katy Kay Asks Congresswoman If She 'Politicized' Trump's Call To Widow
02:27 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:45 AM
Open Thread - Caption This Picture!
05:16 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Throwing Muses
05:16 AM
Trump Invites More Monsters Into The Swamp
04:47 AM
Trump’s Call To Green Beret’s Widow Is Horrific: He ‘Knew What He Signed Up For’
04:18 AM
Study: Colorado Opioid Deaths Are Dropping After Pot Legalization
01:25 AM
Sci-fi Author Shuts Down Anti-Abortion Activists With The One Question None Of Them Will Answer
October 17th, 2017
10:02 PM
Herman Cain Claims There Is 'No Rampant Injustice In America'
10:02 PM
GOP Senate Confirms Known Adulteress As Vatican Ambassador
09:33 PM
John McCain Blasts Trump's Threat: 'I’ve Faced Far Greater Challenges Than This'
08:35 PM
Stephanie Ruhle Smacks Down Koch Lobbyist's 'Tax Cuts Raise Wages' Lie
07:37 PM
Trump Threatens John McCain
06:39 PM
Sen. Reed: Trump Has Not Been Forthcoming About The Ambush In Niger
06:10 PM
WTF? Scaramucci's New Media Venture Goes Into Full Holocaust Denial
05:12 PM
Fox 'News' Host Wonders What Motivates Poor People To Live A Healthy Lifestyle If Healthcare Is Free
04:43 PM
Trump's Supreme Court Ghoulishess: Is He Thinking About Genes Again?
03:45 PM
In Wake Of Shocking Expose, Marino Withdraws Name As Drug Czar
03:45 PM
Sen. John McCain Shreds Trump In Liberty Medal Acceptance Speech
03:16 PM
Scarborough Rips Evangelicals For Supporting Trump And Bannon
02:18 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
05:36 AM
Open Thread - Best Metro PSA's Ever?
05:36 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Railroad Jerk
03:40 AM
New Jersey Teacher Caught On Video Telling Students To 'Speak American'
October 16th, 2017
11:49 PM
Trump Blames 'Generals' For Telling Him Obama Didn't Call Family Members
11:20 PM
Mike Pence Is A Calculating Gay-Bashing Koch-Toady, But You Knew That
10:22 PM
Trump Tries To Lie About Obama Not Calling Familes Of Our Fallen Soldiers
09:24 PM
'Spooktacular Halloween' Party At Fort Bragg Draws Criticism
08:55 PM
Trump Dumps On Mitch As McConnell Praises His Dear Leader
08:26 PM
Trump Takes No Blame For Legislative Failures: 'I'm Not Going To Blame Myself'
08:26 PM
Trump Declares 'There Is No Such Thing As Obamacare Anymore'
07:28 PM
Hilarious 'Tribute To Pumpkin Spice Latte' From Last Week Tonight
07:28 PM
Fox And Friends: Trump's Sexual Assault Is 'Child's Play' Compared To Weinstein
06:01 PM
Everyone Using The Internet Is Screwed, Part Infinity
05:32 PM
Isikoff: Russian Trolls Were Ordered To Watch House Of Cards
04:34 PM
Rex Tillerson Massages Trump's Ego, But Still Wants To Stay In Iran Nuclear Deal
03:36 PM
Bombshell Expose: Big Pharma Wrote Bill That Crippled DEA Fight Against Opioid Epidemic
02:38 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:38 PM
2018's Most Important Primaries
05:56 AM
Open Thread - Monty Python And The Necessity Of Idiots
05:27 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With David Nance
04:29 AM
Jennifer Rubin Whacks Republicans For Failing To Act As A Check On Trump
03:31 AM
'Does That Kill Childhood?' Fox & Friends Has Dumbest Segment Yet Over Female Thomas The Tank Engine
02:34 AM
Collins: Trump Is 'Affecting The Ability Of Vulnerable People To Receive Health Care Right Now.'
01:36 AM
Snowflake David Webb Cries About SNL's Kellyanne Conway Pennywise Skit On SNL
12:38 AM
Van Jones: 'We Are So Into The Crazy Now When Something Significant Happens We Don't Notice'
October 15th, 2017
11:40 PM
Rex Tillerson Once Again Refuses To Deny Calling Trump A 'Moron'
10:42 PM
Fox & Friends Hypocrites Attack Hillary Clinton For Reminding Us Donald Trump Is A Sexual Predator
09:15 PM
Mike Huckabee: 'Can't Recall' If Trump Admitted Sexually Assaulting Women After Weinstein Scandal
07:19 PM
Rex Tillerson: Diplomacy With North Korea Will Continue 'Until The First Bomb Drops'
05:23 PM
Right-Wingers Respond To Harvey Weinstein: Men Aren't The Problem, They're The Solution!
05:23 PM
SNL Turns Kellyanne Conway Into Terrifying Clown 'Pennywise' From Stephen King's 'It'
05:23 PM
SNL Cold Open Mocks Trump Demanding Pence Leave Colts Game
03:27 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
03:27 PM
Trump Turned To Fox News' Sean Hannity And John Bolton For Advice On Iran Nuclear Deal
02:29 PM
Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread
05:47 AM
Open Thread - Seniors React To Advanced Halloween Makeup