July 4th, 2020
04:39 PM
Fox Pundits Still All-In On Trump Spreading COVID-19 At MAGA Rallies
04:39 PM
'Kill 'Em!: GOP Power Broker In Houston Leaves Chilling Voicemail For Gov. Abbott
04:13 PM
Al Sharpton: GOP’s ‘Shotgun Wedding’ To ‘Fat Elvis’ Trump To End Soon
03:47 PM
Trump Actively Threatens The American Experiment — Russian Bounties Edition
02:29 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:03 PM
House Progressives Attack Big Pharma COVID Price-Gouging
05:23 AM
The Susan Collins Threat Advisory System
02:22 AM
Oregon Trooper Goes On Profane Tirade When Confronted About Not Wearing A Mask
July 3rd, 2020
11:46 PM
Sara Gideon Raises More Than Twice The Money That Susan Collins Did In Second Quarter
11:46 PM
Peter Navarro In Bonkers Interview: China 'Spawned COVID' To Intentionally Infect The U.S.
11:20 PM
Fox Was Warned About Ed Henry’s Sexual Misconduct Before Promoting Him To Anchor
06:34 PM
Steve Doocy Shocked! Wearing Masks Has 'Become Political'
06:08 PM
As COVID19 Cases Explode, Trump's Press Seceetary Calls It 'Embers'
05:16 PM
Mississippi Election Official Concerned Blacks Are Registering To Vote, 'People Should Too'
03:06 PM
Pence Megachurch In Middle Of COVID Outbreak When He Visited For 'Freedom Sunday'
03:06 PM
Friday News Dump: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally Arrested, And Other News
03:06 PM
Dems Have The Ads That Inspire And Move People, So Be Sure To Share Them
02:14 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:14 PM
After Rep. Andy Biggs Claims Dr. Fauci's Time Has Expired, Neil Cavuto Trashes Him
05:08 AM
Sign Of The Times!
02:33 AM
Trump's Campaign Merchandise Targets Neo-Nazis As Primary Market
02:33 AM
Trump Is Trying To Turn Joe Biden Into A Dirty Hippie, But It Isn't Working
July 2nd, 2020
11:58 PM
Social Media Platforms Crack Down On Right-wing Extremist 'Boogaloo' Cult
11:58 PM
Fair Housing Advocates Celebrate Victory Over 'Faircloth Amendment'
09:48 PM
Herman Cain Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Attending Trump's Tulsa Rally
08:30 PM
GOP Congressman Calls On White House To Disband Coronavirus Task Force
05:54 PM
A Panicked Lindsey Graham Defends Trump As A 'Too Busy General'
05:28 PM
Fox And Friends Does Its Duty: Defend Trump's Incompetence On Russia Bounty
05:02 PM
Rep. Katie Porter Raises Staggering $2.5mil In Second Quarter
04:36 PM
Trump's Attempt To Play Off Russian Bounties As A 'Hoax' Crumbles As More Details Arise
04:10 PM
Report: Trump Trained His Briefers Not To Tell Him Intel That Made Russia Look Bad
03:18 PM
Morning Joe Laughs At Giuliani's 'Cognitively Impaired' Attacks On Joe Biden
02:00 PM
U.S. Hits Record High Of 50K New Cases Of COVID-19 In One Day
01:08 PM
Trump's 2020 Strategy: Culture Wars Forever!
01:08 PM
Ari Fleischer Blames America For Russian Bounties On Our Troops In Afghanistan
01:08 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:07 PM
Debating A New Yorker Doesn't End Well For GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx
05:20 AM
Political Cartoon: Supporting The Troops
02:45 AM
New Front On White Privilege: Cashless Payment Systems
01:53 AM
Kamala Harris: Trump’s Behavior With Russia ‘Don’t Smell Right’
01:53 AM
'Shut The F*ck Up And Put On Your Mask!' By Tom McGovern
July 1st, 2020
11:18 PM
'Mummy, What's His Name?': Daughter Interrupts Expert During BBC Interview
11:18 PM
Marie Harf: Trump Picks Confederate Generals Over Funding Our Troops
11:18 PM
Donald Trump STILL Thinks Coronavirus Is Going To 'Just Disappear'
07:50 PM
Trump Calls Proposed Black Lives Matter Sign On Fifth Avenue A ‘Symbol Of Hate'
06:32 PM
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Says Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About'
05:40 PM
Laura Ingraham Smears Dr. Fauci As Joe Biden's Running Mate
05:40 PM
Far-Right Gun Nut Lauren Boebert Knocks Off Longtime GOP Rep In CO-03
05:40 PM
Fox Fires Ed 'Sex Machine' Henry For Misconduct At Work
05:14 PM
SCOTUS Delivers 'Seismic Shock' Ruling On Religious Schools
04:22 PM
In Response To Boycott, Facebook Says They'll Finally Address Hate Speech
03:30 PM
WHOA: Oklahoma Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion Despite Conservative Opposition
03:04 PM
Robert Costa: White House Hopes Clarence Thomas Helps Them By Retiring
02:12 PM
Apparent NeoNazi Assaults Black Lives Matter Protester While Deputies Do Nothing
02:12 PM
Kilmeade Cooks Up Some Ridiculous Ebola Whataboutism On Trump's Behalf
02:12 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:11 PM
Yeah, McConnell Is Concerned About Health -- The Health Of His Senate Majority
05:06 AM
Philly's Gritty Gets A Queer Eye Makeover
04:14 AM
Choir Of More Than 100 Sings Unmasked At Pence's 'Freedom' Rally As Texas Sees COVID-19 Spike
03:22 AM
Rep. Clyburn Warns GOP Reps They Won't Be Allowed To Speak Unless They Wear Masks
12:47 AM
Senate Republicans Make Sure Trump Can Hide Offers Of Foreign Election Help
June 30th, 2020
10:38 PM
Joe Biden Takes Question On 'Cognitive Decline,' Turns It Back On Trump
09:46 PM
Gilead Charges $3,120 For Covid-19 Drug Developed With $70M In Taxpayer Money
09:46 PM
'Bar Lives Matter' Protest In Response To Gov. Abbott's Shutdown Order Draws Jeers
09:20 PM
Fauci Warns U.S. Could Reach 100,000 New COVID Cases Daily
07:10 PM
CDC Official: U.S. Has ‘Way Too Much Virus’ To Get It Under Control
06:18 PM
Dem Leaders Blast White House: Russia Briefing Without Intel Community
05:00 PM
Fox And Friends Looks Miserable As They Cover-up For Russia Bounty Gate
04:34 PM
George And Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia Is Also Anti-Trump
03:42 PM
Most States Halt Their Reopenings As Coronavirus Cases Explode
02:24 PM
Associated Press: White House Knew About Russian Bounties In Early 2019
01:58 PM
In Bombshell Report, We Learn Just How Bad Trump Was With World Leaders
01:06 PM
Fox’s Mollie Hemingway Claims Trump’s ‘White Power’ Tweet Was ‘Sarcasm’
01:06 PM
GOP Witness Calls For Barr's Resignation If He Was Involved In Photo Op: 'Outrageous Use Of Power'
01:06 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up