January 23rd, 2019
10:55 PM
Kellyanne Conway Admits Trump Will Not Reopen Government Until He Gets His Way
09:37 PM
Speaker Pelosi To Trump: No SOTU Until Government Reopens
09:11 PM
Fox Biz' Dagen McDowell: 'More And More, Trump Is Owning This Shutdown'
09:11 PM
Michael Cohen Cancels Congressional Testimony After Threats From Trump And Giuliani
08:45 PM
Yes, Your Tax Refund Will Be Late Thanks To Trump Shutdown
08:19 PM
William Barber Calls Out GOP Governor For Hypocrisy In Praising MLK
07:27 PM
GOP Congressman Flies First Class, Gets Confronted By Passenger
07:27 PM
'Occupy Hart': Federal Workers Protest Trump Shutdown
07:01 PM
Covington Catholic School Student Says Wearing Blackface Was Showing 'School Spirit'
05:43 PM
Republican Wants To Tax Porn To Pay For Wall
03:33 PM
GOP Rep. Compares Immigrants To Animals: 'Keep The Critters Out!'
03:33 PM
It's Back To School As Los Angeles Teachers Announce Strike Settlement
03:33 PM
Mika Blames Dems For Not Using Their Magic Wand To End Trump's Shutdown
03:33 PM
Whitewashing White Supremacy: Media Rushes To Excuse Covington Catholic MAGA Boys
02:15 PM
Lara Trump Praises Furloughed Workers For Their Sacrifice
02:15 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:15 PM
Fox News And Their Acolytes Stalk Ocasio-Cortez' Every Word
06:01 AM
Billionaires Don't Solve World Problems, Even With Charity
05:35 AM
Oscar Nominations Are Out! Make Your Predictions
05:09 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Ten High
02:08 AM
Frank Figliuzzi: Trump Lies Because Russians Won Presidency For Him
January 22nd, 2019
09:22 PM
Chris Hayes: Mike Pence And The Whitewashing Of Martin Luther King
08:56 PM
Michael Isikoff Tells Congress: Stop Waiting For Mueller
08:56 PM
State Rep Claims Whites Were Lynched As Much As Blacks, 'For The Crime Of Being Republican'
08:30 PM
John Kerry's One Word Of Advice For Donald Trump
08:04 PM
Pelosi Visits Furloughed Workers' Relief Center But Where Is Mitch?
08:04 PM
SCOTUS Takes Away Trump's 'Bargaining Chip' On DACA
07:38 PM
Fox And Friends Guest Wrecks GOP Message: 'A Big Wall...Doesn't Really Help'
07:38 PM
SCOTUS Allows Pentagon To Limit Transgender Service
07:12 PM
Trump Blames Mean Ol' Media For Lack Of Press Briefings
06:46 PM
Lady Gaga Tells Mike Pence To Look In The Mirror
05:28 PM
On Colbert, AOC Eats Ice Cream And Calls Out McConnell
04:36 PM
What The Hell Is Rudy Giuliani Lying About Now -- And Why?
03:18 PM
Media Lionizes Trump, Even When He Fails
03:18 PM
Trump's 'Compromise' Guts Asylum Laws
03:18 PM
Why We'll Be Hearing A Lot About Emoluments This Year
03:17 PM
Libertarian Hill Writer Tries To Stoke Anger And Resentment Toward Furloughed Federal Workers
02:26 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:26 PM
Let's Welcome The New Freedom Caucus Member From The Senate: Lindsey Graham
06:12 AM
Food Is Medicine: How US Policy Is Shifting Toward Nutrition For Better Health
05:46 AM
SNL Brings The Best (And Funniest) Clint Eastwood Movie Review Ever
05:20 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Smiley Lewis
05:20 AM
It’s Time For A New Way To Regulate Social Media Platforms
January 21st, 2019
07:49 PM
Trump Spends Two Whole Minutes At MLK Memorial
07:49 PM
Ex-FBI Official: FBI Ran Counterintelligence To Keep Progressives Out Of Government
06:57 PM
How Weak Is Donald Trump's Defense? George Conway Calls Giuliani Insane
05:39 PM
Whoa! A Great Clap Back As Jake Tapper Slaps Don Jr.
05:39 PM
'Blexit' Event Hosts Prominent Black Activist Ann Coulter
05:13 PM
Sen. Merkley Asks FBI To Investigate Kirstjen Nielsen For Lying To Congress
05:13 PM
Former Prosecutor Warns: Republicans Will Try To Turn Cohen Hearing Into A Circus
04:47 PM
MAGA Hat Teen Claims Native Elder 'Was In My Face'
04:47 PM
As Details Emerge, Covington Catholic Kids STILL Are Entitled, Racist White Boys
04:47 PM
Kamala Harris Makes It Official: She's Running For President
04:21 PM
Tulsi Gabbard 'Both Sides' It With Trump's Shutdown
03:55 PM
Fox & Friends Apologizes For Unfortunate Graphic Saying Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Dead
03:29 PM
5 Movies To Watch When You Need To Escape Trump Anxiety
02:37 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:37 PM
Blue America's Already Finding Progressive All Stars For 2020
05:57 AM
How's Your Winter? Share Your Tales Of Snowmageddon
05:31 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Bill Monroe And The Blue Grass Boys
January 20th, 2019
11:54 PM
Kris Kristofferson And Gillette Should Team Up Against Toxic Masculinity
11:28 PM
Pence Compares Trump's Border Wall To The 'Life And Work Of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'
11:28 PM
Leaving Syria Without 'A Plan' And 'Believe Me There's No Plan' Puts Troops At Risk Says Former U.S. Envoy
11:02 PM
McConnell Is At The Mercy Of Trump, And Trump Is At The Mercy Of Ann Coulter
09:18 PM
Mark Levin Says Liberals Are Lying About Longest Government Shutdown: 'It's Amazing How We Count Weekends'
08:00 PM
Rudy Giuliani Smears Cohen’s Father-In-Law By Suggesting Ties To Organized Crime
07:34 PM
Chris Wallace: Why A New Summit With North Korea Since They Aren't 'Denuclearizing'?
07:08 PM
Giuliani: Trump Didn't Obstruct Justice Because He Said 'Please' Before Firing James Comey Over Russia
06:42 PM
Fox's Pirro Spews Venom Towards Pelosi, Suggests She Use A Broom As An 'Alternate Way To Fly'
06:16 PM
Chris Wallace Rings Mike Pence's Bell For Blaming Shutdown On Democrats: 'You Could Open The Government Tomorrow'
05:24 PM
Hannity's Silence On Giuliani’s Collusion Bombshell Speaks Volumes
04:58 PM
Giuliani: 'It Would Be Perfectly Normal' If Trump Talked To Cohen About Congressional Testimony
04:32 PM
Sorry GenXers, To The Media, You're Invisible
03:14 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
03:14 PM
Martin Luther King Jr., Union Man