December 2nd, 2020
05:12 AM
Obama Admits He Has Not Scheduled A Tee Time With Trump
03:02 AM
GA Republican: Trump ‘Complicit’ In Threats Against Election Officials
01:18 AM
First COVID Vaccines Could Come By Christmas, But Distribution Will Be A Challenge
December 1st, 2020
10:17 PM
Ohio Republicans Trying To Impeach Mike DeWine Over COVID-19 Measures
09:51 PM
AG Barr Finds No Evidence Of Election Fraud, Heads To White House
07:41 PM
AOC Plays Video Game; Raises $200K For Rent And Food Relief
07:41 PM
Sean Hannity Admits He Doesn't 'Vet The Facts'
07:15 PM
WATCH LIVE: President-Elect Biden Announces His Economic Team
06:49 PM
Fox And Friends Hosts Shocked To Learn That Masks Work Against COVID
06:23 PM
Maddow Tells Trump Legal Team You Can't File With SCOTUS On Twitter
05:57 PM
Arizona Governor Ducey Ignores Trump's Phone Call Trump While Certifying Election Results
05:31 PM
Lyin' Lou Dobbs Eggs On Trump By Saying 'Crimes' Have Been Committed Against Him
05:31 PM
Playboy Reporter Takes Apart Gaslighting PressSec For Demanding WHCA Investigate Him
05:05 PM
The Media Hasn't Learned A Thing, Part 3761
02:55 PM
Reality Check: When Ivy League Populists Attack!
01:37 PM
Trump Voters Aren't Owed Empathy And Media Should Stop Saying They Are
01:37 PM
Mike Flynn's Pardon Is Broad And Sketchy, Suggests Coverup
01:37 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:36 PM
Stay Alive! Act Now To Stop A Christmas Death Surge
05:23 AM
A 'Statement' From Biden's Dog, Major
02:22 AM
Dr. Death Scott Atlas, Head Of COVID White House Death Cult, Resigns
02:22 AM
Trump Lawyer Calls For Chris Krebs To 'Be Shot At Dawn' After 60 Minutes Interview
November 30th, 2020
10:03 PM
GOP Gov On Why He’s Working With Biden: ‘The Words Of President Trump Are Not Quite As Significant’
10:03 PM
Arizona Certifies Election Results, Cementing Joe Biden And Mark Kelly's Victory
09:11 PM
Midday Open Thread: Celebrate Me Home
07:53 PM
Don't Call Them 'Covidiots'
07:27 PM
Nutjob Rick Wiles Wants Trump To Shoot Liberals
07:01 PM
Georgia Gov. Kemp To Trump: GA State Law Prevents Him From Interfering In Elections
05:43 PM
Sedition On Fox And Friends As Host Calls For State Legislatures To Switch Votes To Trump
03:59 PM
Reality Check: Republicans Still Fear The Rants Of A Delusional Lame Duck
03:33 PM
Maskless Lady To Bank Teller: 'I Am A Scientist! There Is No Corona!'
03:07 PM
Trump Will Probably Say He'll Run, Wants To Keep 2024 Republican Field In Limbo
01:49 PM
Fired Cybersecurity Chief: No Computer Hacking, 95% Of Ballots Had Paper Record
01:23 PM
Fox News Host Rips Trump For Being A Whiny Loser: 'He Can't Wrap His Brain Around The Fact'
01:23 PM
Supreme Court Rules Religion Takes Precedence Over The Health And Safety Of Citizens
01:23 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:22 PM
Trump Plans To Announce 2024 Candidacy At MAGA Rally On The Day Of Biden's Inauguration
November 29th, 2020
11:32 PM
MORE Great Legal Mentoring For Jenna Ellis From Sarah Cooper Except No Hotels
07:38 PM
Completed Wisconsin Recount Increases Biden Lead By 87 Votes -- Costing Trump $34,000 Each
06:44 PM
Donald Trump Gives A Bananas Interview On Fox With Maria Bartiromo
06:18 PM
'My Mind Will Not Change': Trump Promises To Spend '125% Of My Energy' On Hopeless Election Challenges
06:18 PM
Walmart, McDonald's, Amazon, Dollar Tree, FedEx, Rely On Having Workers On SNAP And Medicaid
05:52 PM
Trump Goes Off The Rails On Fox News And Suggests FBI Is 'Involved' In Stealing Election
05:00 PM
'We Need To Get Together': Fox News Doc Urges Christmas Parties Because COVID Is 'Like A Biblical Plague'
05:00 PM
All Of The Denver Broncos Quarterbacks Go Down With COVID
04:34 PM
PA Supreme Court Dismisses With Prejudice Mail-In Ballots Lawsuit
04:08 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
03:42 PM
Can Trump Pardon Himself? Arguably No, But That Doesn't Mean He Won't Try It
02:24 PM
Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread
05:18 AM
LMNC With Faith No More
November 28th, 2020
11:41 PM
Assassination Of Iranian Scientist Likely An Effort To Kill Biden’s Chance For Peace
09:57 PM
Sarah Cooper Is Jenna Ellis' Legal Mentor, Practicing Law At A 7-11, Apparently
06:03 PM
Deputy Prosecutor Fired For Speaking Out Against Jail Time For People Who Fall Behind On Rent
06:03 PM
Fox Host Throws Cold Water On Team Trump's Chances With SCOTUS
05:37 PM
Tired Of Sign-Stealing, Austrian Village Finally Changes Its Name
05:11 PM
You Can Buy More Than Just Books At Your Favorite Independent Bookstore
04:19 PM
Trump Laughed Out Of Court Again – This Time By His Own Appointee
04:19 PM
Reminder: GOP Has Falsely Shouted 'Voter Fraud' Years Before Trump Was Elected
03:53 PM
KPop Stans Strike Again - This Time Taking Over The #BidenCheated Hashtag
02:35 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:35 PM
Trump Refuses To Concede, But Finally Admits He'll Leave The White House In January
05:03 AM
John Oliver On The Rockefeller Christmas Tree And Adam Driver
01:09 AM
Trump ‘Cannot Pardon Himself’ Says...Fox News?
November 27th, 2020
11:00 PM
DiaperDon Melts Down, Calls For The Takedown Of Twitter On Twitter
11:00 PM
Fox Would Rather Just Kill People Than Save The Restaurant Industry
08:24 PM
Trump Races To Implement Last-Minute Policies Before Inauguration
04:56 PM
What's With Donald Trump's Tiny, Tiny Desk?
04:30 PM
Donald Trump Hits Golf Ball In The Water And Screams, 'I Hate This F***ing Hole!!!'
01:02 PM
Donor Sues True The Vote To Get His $2.5 Million Back Over Promises To Prove Voter Fraud
01:02 PM
Is Sidney Powell Actually A Lawyer? Recent Filing Errors Raise Competence Questions.
01:02 PM
Trump To Reporter: 'Don't Talk To Me That Way, You're Just A Lightweight'
01:01 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:01 PM
Newsmax CEO Admits Airing Conspiracy Theories As News
05:14 AM
The 'Ultimate' Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich
02:12 AM
How Advertising Shaped Thanksgiving 'Traditions'