November 20th, 2019
05:34 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Wilson Pickett
05:34 AM
Jimmy Kimmel: Stable Genius Has A Check Up
03:24 AM
Fox News' Jesse Watters Compares Hearings To Soap Operas
03:24 AM
Trump Tax Break For Poor Went To GOP Donor’s Superyacht Marina
November 19th, 2019
11:56 PM
Jake Tapper Knocks Down Trump's Lies About Impeachment Testimony
09:46 PM
LIVE STREAM: Kurt Volker And Timothy Morrison Testify In Impeachment Inquiry
07:36 PM
WHAM! Jim Jordan's Smears Flattened By Lt. Col. Vindman
06:44 PM
Fox Begs Trump To Avoid Witness Intimidation For One Day
06:18 PM
Devin Nunes Tries To Bully Lt. Col. Vindman And Fails Miserably
06:18 PM
Vindman Tells His Father: 'I Will Be Fine For Telling The Truth'
05:00 PM
Why 'Devin Nunes Is An Idiot' Is Trending On Twitter
03:42 PM
David Hale Testified Last Night Pompeo Called Hannity About Smearing Yankovitch
03:16 PM
LIVE STREAM: Alexander Vindman And Jennifer Williams Testify In Impeachment Inquiry
03:16 PM
South Dakota Has A Meth Problem, Apparently
03:16 PM
Reality Check: Devin Nunes Is Filing Frivolous Lawsuits Just Like Trump
01:58 PM
Seth Meyers: Roger Stone Opened His Magic Umbrella And Teleported Himself To Jail
01:58 PM
Michelle Malkin Has A Long History Of White Supremacy
01:58 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
01:58 PM
Millionaires Like Gordon Sondland Buy US Ambassadorships
05:44 AM
British Labour Party Ad On Austerity Hits Home
05:18 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Wayne Shorter
04:00 AM
George Conway And Nikki Haley Get Into It On Twitter
03:08 AM
Mina Chang Resigns After Allegations Of Doctored Résumé
12:32 AM
George Conway Launches Tweet Wars With Rep. Elise Stefanik
12:32 AM
Conservative Group Fires Michelle Malkin For Being Too Racist
November 18th, 2019
11:15 PM
Fox And Friends Guest Says Watergate Was Partisan Witchhunt
08:39 PM
Marie Yovanovitch Visits A DC Jazz Club And Receives Standing Ovation
08:39 PM
Fox News Is A 'Pardon Pipeline' To The White House
08:13 PM
SCOTUS Places Temporary Block On Trump's Financial Records
07:21 PM
BREAKING: House To Investigate 'Whether' Trump Lied To Mueller
06:03 PM
WATCH: Apparent Rush To Take Trump To Walter Reed
04:19 PM
Trump Says He Will 'Consider' Testifying In Writing. Will It Actually Happen?
03:53 PM
Uh Oh! Here Comes This Week's 'Routine Medical Exam' For Trump
03:01 PM
John Oliver: If You Want To Make Trump Mad, Fill Out The Census
02:35 PM
Fox's Howard Kurtz Gripes About MSNBC's 'Unbalanced' Impeachment Panel With George Conway
02:35 PM
Trump's Walter Reed Visit Was A 'Non-Routine Visit And Scheduled Last Minute': Report
02:09 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:09 PM
Pelosi Picked The Right Guy To Clobber Trump
05:55 AM
People Who Will NOT Get The Security Deposit Back
05:29 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Jam
November 17th, 2019
09:42 PM
Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump Out For Being Insecure And Feeling Like 'An Imposter'
07:58 PM
Ron Johnson Met The Truth On Meet The Press: ‘You Seem To Blame Everyone But The President!’
07:58 PM
Twitter Mocks Trump's Literacy After He Calls Pam Bondi 'A Great Womem'
07:06 PM
Fox's Jeanine Pirro Heaps Praise On Trump After Surprise Visit To Walter Reed: 'He's Almost Superhuman!'
07:06 PM
Jim Jordan: Trump Didn't Do Anything Wrong Because Investigation Into Biden 'Never Happened'
07:06 PM
Ukrainian President Zelensky Was Going To Announce Biden Investigation On Fareed Zakaria GPS
04:56 PM
Sean Hannity Smears Yovanovitch: 'Self-Important Very Narcissistic Diplomat Snowflake'
04:56 PM
Fox's Jeanine Pirro Pushes Debunked Conspiracy Theory On Ukrainian Election Interference
04:56 PM
Chris Wallace Shuts Down Steve Scalise: 'We're Not Talking About The Whistleblower'
04:30 PM
Proposed Asylum Fees Would Make Immigrants To The US Fund Their Own Red Tape
04:30 PM
WOW: Conservative Denver Radio Host Fired DURING His Show After Criticizing Trump
03:38 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
03:38 PM
Cities And States Take Up The Battle For An Open Internet
02:20 PM
Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread
09:34 AM
SNL Cold Open: Days Of Our Impeachment
07:50 AM
C&L's Sat Nite Comedy Club With Wanda Sykes
07:24 AM
Trump Arrives At Walter Reed This Weekend For A 'Surprise' Physical
November 16th, 2019
10:19 PM
Malcolm Nance Connects Alt-Right, GOP, White Nationalism, And Russia
09:01 PM
John Harwood Rips Republicans For Hypocrisy And Tribalism
08:35 PM
The Real Witness Intimidation Was Outsourced To Bots And Trump's Son
08:35 PM
Joy Reid Shouts Out Women Standing Up To Trump During Impeachment
05:33 PM
Elise Stefanik's Democratic Opponent Raises $250,000 In Donations In 24hrs
05:07 PM
Fox News Impeachment Hearing Video Omits Democratic Questions And Yovanovitch Statement
05:07 PM
Venice City Council Floods Moments After Rejecting Climate Change Proposals
05:07 PM
'Temporary Absolute Immunity': Trump's SCOTUS Excuse On Tax Returns
03:49 PM
Surprise! Zero Miles Of Trump's 'Wall' Has Been Built
02:31 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:31 PM
David Holmes' Testimony Will Make Gordon Sondland's Hearing VERY Interesting
05:51 AM
Seth Meyers Takes 'A Closer Look' At Day One Of Impeachment
05:25 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Skull Practitioners
03:15 AM
North Korea Calls Joe Biden A 'Rabid Dog' That Should Be Beaten To Death
November 15th, 2019
10:55 PM
Samantha Bee Rejoices In GOP's Terrible Day One Of Impeachment Hearings
10:55 PM
BEAUTIFUL: Room Erupts In Applause As Yovanovitch Testimony Ends
08:19 PM
FOX News' Bret Baier Notes Trump Added An Article Of Impeachment In Real Time
07:01 PM
Kamala Harris Flays GOP, McConnell For Inaction On Guns