August 18th, 2017
05:58 AM
Open Thread - A Different Eclipse
05:29 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With R.L. Boyce
05:00 AM
Tina Fey Slams Charlottesville Demonstrators On SNL Weekend Update: 'Nazis Are Always Bad!'
01:37 AM
Fox News' Todd Piro: Trump 'Could Cure Cancer,' Media Would Still Attack Him
12:39 AM
Scarborough Gives Gary Cohn Some Advice: 'Why Are You Still There? Do Something!'
August 17th, 2017
11:40 PM
GOP Representative And White Supremacist Charles C Johnson Pay Julian Assange A Visit
11:40 PM
Corker: Trump Has Not Shown "Competence" To Lead The Country
10:42 PM
Tucker Carlson Fears Ban Because 'Millennials Are Against Free Speech'
09:15 PM
Report: Steve Bannon's Florida House Was Meth Lab And More
09:15 PM
Malcolm Nance: Charlottesville Was American Terrorist Version Of Attack In Barcelona
08:17 PM
Velshi And Ruhle Smash Trump Talking Points: 'You Can't Just Lie On TV!'
07:19 PM
Panicked Huckabee Fears If General Lee Statues Come Down Then Mt. Rushmore Is Next
07:19 PM
Gingrich Slaps Bannon For American Prospect Interview: 'This Reminds Me Of Scaramucci'
06:21 PM
Trump Ex-Partner Who Sold Condos To Russians 'Told Family He Knows He And POTUS Are Going To Prison'
05:23 PM
Fox And Friends Guests Shed Tears Trying To Explain Trump's Racist Press Conference
04:25 PM
Trump Tweet-Rages About Moral Equivalence, Confederate Statues
03:27 PM
Charlottesville: The Hippie-Blaming Begins
02:29 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
02:29 PM
Mayor Michael Nutter: Trump 'Did Everything But Have A Torch In His Hands'
05:47 AM
Open Thread - Dedicate A Song To Donald Trump
05:18 AM
Colbert Skewers Trump: Nazi Or Not? Take A Side, Mr. President
04:49 AM
Memo To Trump Voters: No More Chances For Him
03:22 AM
Tucker Carlson's Twisted Slavery Lesson: 'Watch Out, Abraham Lincoln, You're Next!'
01:27 AM
Ted Nugent Trolls Fox News Panel: 'All Lives Matter! Are You Brain-Dead?'
August 16th, 2017
11:31 PM
CBO: If Trump Cuts CSR Payments, Premiums Jump By 20%, Deficit Increases (UPDATED)
11:31 PM
Shep Smith: Fox News Bookers Failed To Find A Republican Willing To Defend Trump
10:33 PM
Fox Pundit Bursts Into Tears Trying To Defend Trump's Words
10:04 PM
Trump Disbands Business Councils After Members Resign In Droves
08:37 PM
Charlottesville Nazi Cries Like A Baby At Prospect Of Arrest
08:37 PM
Fox News' Jesse Watters: Trump Was 'Brave And Honest' During Batsh*t Presser
07:39 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
07:10 PM
Scarborough: 'He's Now Officially The President Of The White Nationalist Movement'
07:10 PM
Fox News Promoted A Video Of Cars Running Over Liberal Protesters As ‘Useful’
06:41 PM
Heather Heyer's Mom: 'If I Have To Give Her Up, We're Going To Make It Count!'
05:14 PM
Baltimore Removes 4 Confederate Statues In The Dead Of Night
04:16 PM
Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump's True Colors: White Hoods And Swastikas
03:18 PM
Nicolle Wallace: If Cabinet Doesn't Resign Today, They're 'Forever Tainted'
02:20 PM
Krauthammer Calls Ingraham's Defense Of Trump A 'Cop-out'; They Battle Over Trump's 'Moral Disgrace'
05:38 AM
Open Thread - Back To School For 12 Years
05:38 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With The Fluid
04:40 AM
Hugh Hewitt: Trump Isn't A Bigot Because Ivanka Is Jewish
01:46 AM
Fox News' Katherine Timpf: What Trump Said About Charlottesville Was 'Disgusting'
01:17 AM
David Duke Knows Trump's On His Side, And So Do We
12:48 AM
Even Fox News Panel Calling Out Trump's Hypocrisy?
12:19 AM
Nazi Sympathizer-In-Chief Needs A Lesson In American History
August 15th, 2017
11:21 PM
Star Parker: The Confederate Flag And Rainbow Flag 'Represent The Exact Same Thing'
10:52 PM
In A Disgraceful Performance, Trump Defends White Supremacists AGAIN
07:00 PM
Trump Considering Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arapaio
07:00 PM
President Retweets And Then Deletes Trump Train Running Over CNN Reporter
06:31 PM
NC Woman Confronts Her Neighbor For Flying Nazi Flag
06:31 PM
Donald Trump Is Having A Bad Twitter Day
05:33 PM
Apparently Pete Hegseth Runs The Nazi Public Relations Division At Fox News
04:35 PM
Seth Myers: If You Want To Be The Leader Of White Nationalists You Can't Also Be President
04:06 PM
Mike's Blog Round Up
03:37 PM
Trump Was Warned By FBI And DHS About Alt-Right Terrorists Months Before Virginia Attack
02:39 PM
Fox News Host: 'Mr. President, Your Initial Remarks Were Cowardly And Dangerous'
02:39 PM
Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Trump's Shameful Response To Charlottesville
05:57 AM
Open Thread: 'Please Don't Nuke Us, North Korea' (Weird Al)
05:28 AM
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Duran Duran
04:30 AM
Why Hire More Border Patrol When Illegal Immigration Is Down?
03:32 AM
Rick Perlstein Reminds Us Of The Recent Racist History Of Confederate Monuments
01:36 AM
Breitbart Spin On Charlottesville: Why Are Liberals So Mean To Trump?
12:38 AM
Nazi Protestor Gets Publicly Disowned By His Family
August 14th, 2017
11:40 PM
Trump Calls CNN Reporter 'Fake News' After Refusing To Take Questions On Racist Violence
11:40 PM
Trump Tougher On CEO Of Merck Than On US Nazis
10:42 PM
Pearl-Clutcher Rich Lowry Won't Call Out Trump Aides As White Nationalists
10:13 PM
Mike Pence Trying To 'Thread A Needle' And It's Not Working
09:15 PM
Midday Open Thread: 'Annabelle: Creation' Better Than It Should Have Been
08:17 PM
Donny Deutsch: 'We Have A Racist As A President'
07:19 PM
CIA's Mike Pompeo On North Korea: 'Nothing Imminent' ... Except Denver Might Be Nuked
06:21 PM
It's Monday After A GOP Race Embarrassment, So Ken Cuccinelli Told A Black Woman To Shut Up
05:23 PM
Nazi-Loving Trump Is Slammed On Twitter
04:54 PM
John Oliver Deconstructs Trump's Non-Response To Charlottesville
04:54 PM
Man Who Became Face Of Hate In Charlottesville Says He Didn't Mean To Look Like An 'Angry Racist'
03:27 PM
Pirro And Huckabee Justify Trump's Refusal To Denounce Charlottesville White Supremacists - Because Obama!