November 3rd, 2017
07:18 PM
Instead of $2 Trillion Corporate Tax Cut, GOP Could Give Average American Families $17,000 Each
07:18 PM
'Absurd' and 'Inexcusable': Rick Perry Pushes Fossil Fuel Expansion to Fight Sexual Assault
06:20 PM
Was Democratic Primary Rigged Against Sanders? Warren Says Definitively 'Yes'
03:26 PM
'Deeply Disturbing': Bombshell Piece Exposes 'Unethical' Clinton-DNC Fundraising Deal
November 2nd, 2017
11:59 PM
Pittance for People as #TrumpTaxScam Permanently Cuts Corporate Tax Rate to 20%
11:01 PM
3 Ways GOP Tax Plan Would Save Trump Family Millions Annually and Billions Overall
11:01 PM
Warren and Sanders Deliver 3-Minute Takedown of GOP's Pro-Billionaire Tax Scam
10:03 PM
Feeling Heat of Mueller's Russia Probe, Trump USDA Pick Sam Clovis Drops Out
07:09 PM
Japanese Warned Leaked Radiation From North Korea Nuke Site Could Be Blowing Their Way
07:09 PM
Legal Experts Aghast At Trump's Careless Call for Death Penalty for NYC Suspect
07:09 PM
Memo to Democrats: 'Taxes/Healthcare' Better 2018 Message Than 'Trump/Russia'
06:11 PM
As GOP Scrambles, Progressives Vow to Defeat Tax Scam 'Just Like We Killed Their Healthcare Bill'
05:13 PM
'Idiotic': Rights Groups Slam Trump for Reactionary 'Send Him to Gitmo' Threat
05:13 PM
Saudi Bombing Kills 29 Civilians in Yemen as Vote Looms to Stop US-Backed Carnage
04:15 PM
South Koreans Plan to Welcome 'War Lunatic' Trump With Mass Protest, Demands for Peace
November 1st, 2017
11:50 PM
Group of House Dems Organizing New Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
11:50 PM
Two-Thirds of Americans Say This Is Lowest Point in US History They Can Remember
11:50 PM
Flying Under Radar of Trump Chaos, GOP Set to Confirm Slew of 'Extremist' Judges
10:23 PM
'Not Only Unconstitutional, But Heartless': ACLU Lawsuit Demands Freedom for 10-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy
07:29 PM
New Poll Shows Just 25 Percent Think GOP Tax Plan Is a Good Idea
07:29 PM
Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule
06:31 PM
City of San Francisco Unanimously Approves Impeach Trump Resolution
06:31 PM
With New Directive, Pruitt Bars Scientists Who Aren't 'In the Pocket of Corporate Polluters' From EPA Advisory Boards
06:02 PM
Multiple Pedestrians Killed After Truck Plows Down New York City Bike Path
04:35 PM
'Systemic Failure': Study Details Black Americans' Experiences of Discrimination
04:35 PM
Report Illustrates Dire Consequences of Corporate Consolidation Throughout Global Food Chain
October 31st, 2017
10:42 PM
Lancet Study Warns of Global Health Crisis and 1 Billion Climate Refugees by 2050
10:42 PM
Fears of Radiation Leak Soar After North Korea Nuclear Site Collapse Kills 200
10:13 PM
Where's the Urgency? UN Experts Slam US Emergency Response to Puerto Rico
10:13 PM
'Both Sides' of Slavery Argument Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force
06:50 PM
Amid Indictments and Tax Push, Polls Show Trump's Disapproval at All-Time High
06:50 PM
With Million+ Signatures, Democratic Mega-Donor's Petition to Impeach Trump Surges
05:52 PM
Top Trump Pollster: 'No Question' Bernie Sanders Would Have Won
02:58 PM
Reading His Admission of Guilt Will Explain Why White House Is Distancing Itself From George Papadopoulos
02:58 PM
'Alarm Bells Ringing': Global CO2 Levels at Highest in 3 Million Years
October 30th, 2017
11:29 PM
Trump's "Blatantly Unconstitutional" Transgender Ban Blocked by Federal Judge
10:31 PM
Trump's Insistence on Coal Revival Finds Pushback Even In Coal Country
10:02 PM
Trump White House Tries to Justify Tax Cuts for the Rich With Beer-Drinking Analogy Only Your 'Fox-Watching MAGA Uncle' Could Love
09:04 PM
#FreeRosa: Supporters Demand Release of 10-Year-Old Detained by Trump's ICE
09:04 PM
Further Isolating Trump, UN Watchdog Reaffirms Iran's Compliance With Nuke Deal
09:04 PM
#ProtectMueller: Groups Vow Mass Mobilization If Trump Moves to Fire Mueller
07:08 PM
Indicted: Trump's Former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Now in FBI Custody
06:10 PM
To Address Historic Failures, Autopsy Urges 'Progressive Reboot' for Democrats
06:10 PM
Women's Convention: 'Millions of Women Coming Together to Stand Up and Fight Back'
05:12 PM
Graffiti Artist Lushsux Strikes Again: West Bank Mural of Trump, Netanyahu Locking Lips
05:12 PM
Trump Trolls Michael Moore; Moore Fights Back
02:18 PM
Thousands March on 5th Anniversary of Superstorm Sandy
October 29th, 2017
07:57 PM
White House Places All Blame for 'Astonishingly Corrupt' Whitefish Contract on Puerto Rico
October 28th, 2017
08:19 PM
Warnings of 'Disaster Capitalism' and Privatization Emerge in Puerto Rico
07:21 PM
Tensions Explode as Madrid Imposes Direct Rule on Catalonia Following Independence Declaration
07:21 PM
Pre-Wheelchair George H.W. Bush Groped Me in 2006, Fourth Woman Accuses
12:01 AM
Bowing to CIA Secrecy on JFK Assassination, Trump Blocks Release of the 'Good Stuff'
12:01 AM
'New Gilded Age' Reaches New Heights With World's Billionaires Owning Staggering $6 Trillion
October 27th, 2017
11:03 PM
Tensions Simmer as Madrid Imposes Direct Rule on Catalonia Following Independence Declaration
10:05 PM
Lawmakers Want to Forbid Trump From Launching Unauthorized Preemptive Strike Against North Korea
08:38 PM
One Hundred 'Handmaids' Greet Mike Pence to Protest GOP's Anti-Choice Agenda
07:40 PM
Opioid Plan Called 'Band-Aid on Gunshot Wound': Trump's New and Unimproved War on Drugs Predicted to Fail
06:42 PM
'Cruel' 'Ruthless' 'Morally Bankrupt': Collective Outrage After Trump Admin Detains 10-Year-Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Directly From Surgery
03:48 PM
216 GOP House Members Just Voted to Destroy the Safety Net and Deliver a Trillion-Dollar Tax Cut to the Rich
02:50 PM
'Floodgates Are Opening' as Allegations Against Powerful Men Reveal Scope of Sexual Assault and Harassment
October 26th, 2017
11:52 PM
ACLU Condemns ICE Plan to Expand Use of For-Profit Prisons for Immigrant Detention
10:25 PM
'Death Sentence for Local Media': Warnings as FCC Pushes Change to Benefit Right-Wing Media Giant
09:27 PM
Samantha Bee Skewers Trump's EPA Chief in Segment Titled "Scott Pruitt vs. The World"
08:29 PM
'Too Little, Too Late': Critics Denounce Trump-Linked Energy Firm's Apology for Puerto Rico Threat
08:29 PM
Call Congress Now, Say Progressives, To Stop GOP "Billionaire First" Budget
07:31 PM
Forcing Trump's Hand, Sanders and Dems Intro Bill to Lower 'Outrageous' Drug Prices
06:33 PM
Sworn Enemies of EPA Now Just One Step from Heading Key Agency Offices
06:33 PM
With Kids' Screen Time Surging, New Project Aims to Challenge Corporate Profiteering
05:35 PM
While Trump Opens National Parks to Fossil Fuel Drilling, Fee Hikes Would Lock Out Vacationing Families
October 25th, 2017
11:14 PM
Though 'One of Great Memories of All Time,' Trump Can't Think of Anything 'Uncivil' He Might Ever Have Done
11:14 PM
Forget What Corker and Flake Say. Look at Their Destructive 90% Pro-Trump Voting Records
10:16 PM
#JusticeforJane Step Closer as Full Appeals Court Affirms Teen's Body Is "Her Own"
09:18 PM
VP Mike Pence Swings into Senate to Deliver 'Wet-Kiss-to-Wall-Street' Tie Breaker
08:20 PM
Poll Shows Majority of Americans Agree Trump 'Reckless,' 'Dishonest,' and 'Unstable'
08:20 PM
Climate Threat Erased, Big Oil Bonanza Embraced in Leaked Draft of Interior Dept. 5-Year Plan