February 21st, 2020
12:41 AM
The Enduring Mystery of Malcolm X’s Assassination
12:16 AM
BTS Tests Out a TikTok Release and Viral Challenge Combo for ‘On’ to Get the Fan ARMY Assembled
February 20th, 2020
11:24 PM
Back Home in Oregon, U.S. Man Says He Flouted Request to Remain in Cambodia After Westerdam Passenger’s COVID-19 Diagnosis
11:24 PM
Firefighters Killed in Calif. Library Fire Allegedly Started By 2 Teens
11:24 PM
‘Your Workday Is Easier Thanks to His Revolutionary Ideas.’ Computer Scientist Who Created ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ Dies
10:32 PM
Ukrainians Hurl Stones at China Evacuees En Route to Quarantine Amid Coronavirus Fears
09:40 PM
Brigham Young University Retracts Honor Code Rule Banning Some ‘Homosexual Behavior’
09:14 PM
New Orleans Woman Struck and Killed by Mardi Gras Float During Parade
07:56 PM
Here’s How Effective the CDC Says the Flu Vaccine Has Been for Kids This Season
07:04 PM
Man Pleads Guilty for Role in Alleged Voter Fraud Scheme Involving Homeless People in Downtown Los Angeles
06:38 PM
Worrying About ‘Work-Life Balance’ Can Be a Trap. Here’s What to Try Instead
06:38 PM
American Women Won the Right to Vote After the Suffrage Movement Became More Diverse. That’s No Coincidence
06:12 PM
2 Turkish Soldiers Killed by Airstrike in Syria: Officials
06:12 PM
A Message From Our Partner: Committing to a Dream
05:46 PM
What Gravity? Let This Mom Nailing the Gymnastics Move She Always Feared Be Your New Motivation Icon
05:46 PM
Mexican Muralists Changed the Course of 20th-Century American Art. A New Exhibit Explores Their Influence
05:20 PM
Let Us Introduce You to the Party People Doing the JLo Dance Challenge and Acing It
05:20 PM
South Korean ‘Cult’ At Center of Local COVID Outbreak
04:02 PM
Trump Ally Roger Stone to Be Sentenced on Convictions for Witness Tampering
03:36 PM
Shocked Cat Looking in Two Mirrors at Once Has Extreme Self-Awareness
03:10 PM
‘We Define Ourselves.’ Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Discusses What It Means to Get Her Very Own Barbie Doll
02:18 PM
Beyond the Shouting: These 10 Questions Show Who You Think Won the Nevada Debate
02:18 PM
How Martin Luther King Jr. and Motown Saved the Sound of the Civil Rights Movement
01:52 PM
What Kids Say They Want to March for Today
01:52 PM
‘We Have to Redeem the Soul of America.’ John Lewis on What’s Changed and What Hasn’t Since the March on Washington
01:52 PM
‘There Is Not Some Separation Between Jesus and Justice.’ How Rev. William J. Barber II Uses His Faith to Fight for the Poor
01:52 PM
Enes Kanter: The Athletes of the WNBA Are Fighting for Equality. We in the NBA Need to Fight Beside Them
01:52 PM
What Happened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream of Economic Justice?
01:51 PM
A Lesson on Philanthropy From Martin Luther King Jr.
01:51 PM
How Healthcare Costs Hurt American Workers and Benefit the Wealthy
01:51 PM
Bryan Stevenson: We’re Taking the Wrong Approach to Criminal Justice Reform
01:51 PM
Janet Mock: How Television Can Be a Force for Political Change
01:51 PM
‘We Wouldn’t Be Having This Conversation.’ Henry Louis Gates Jr. on America’s Missed Opportunities for Racial Equality
12:34 PM
Could the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Be a Victim of COVID-19?
11:16 AM
Russia’s Putin Says Cabinet Dismissal ‘Nothing Unusual or Unexpected’
10:50 AM
South Korea Reports First Virus Death as 2.5 Million Urged to Stay Home
10:24 AM
Far-Right Motive Suspected in Deadly German Shooting That Killed 11
09:06 AM
Cruise Passenger Whose Coronavirus Infection Went Undetected Shows It May Not Be Possible to Stop the Outbreak From Spreading
08:40 AM
Watching the Democratic Debate, Latinos In Las Vegas Feel Left Out of the Conversation
07:22 AM
Bloomberg Bombs in Democratic Debate As Warren Fights Back
06:04 AM
Here’s What the Protesters Were Yelling to Joe Biden at the Nevada Democratic Debate
05:38 AM
2 Passengers on Coronavirus-Stricken Cruise in Japan Have Died
03:28 AM
Puerto Rico Goes to Court Against Debt-Restructuring Deal
03:02 AM
Trump Administration Completes Fewest Toxic Superfund Cleanups in More Than 30 Years
03:02 AM
Trump Taps Loyalist Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence
02:10 AM
6 Democratic Candidates Take the Nevada Debate Stage Tonight at a Crucial Moment in the 2020 Primary Cycle. Follow Along Live
01:44 AM
“Hong Kong is at an Existential Crossroads.” Joshua Wong on the Future of His Homeland.
01:18 AM
14-Year-Olds Plead Not Guilty in NYC College Student Tessa Majors’ Death
12:26 AM
Several People Shot to Death in German City: Police
12:26 AM
U.S. Judge Sides With Migrants in Case Against Border Patrol Facility Conditions
February 19th, 2020
11:08 PM
The 12 Most Underrated BTS Songs
10:42 PM
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Facebook Videos of Her Trip to Standing Rock Reveal Her Political Awakening
09:50 PM
Father Sues Airline Claiming His Son, 6, Was Sexually Assaulted During Layover
08:58 PM
Trump Offered to Pardon Julian Assange if He Cleared Russia of Leaking DNC Emails, Lawyer Says
08:32 PM
Every Child on Earth Faces ‘Existential Threats’ From Climate Change, Report Finds
08:32 PM
Melania Trump Urges Americans to Promote ‘Be Best Values’ as She Accepts Award From Christian College
07:40 PM
First Cases of Coronavirus in Iran Have Killed 2 Elderly Citizens, State News Agency Says
07:40 PM
An Anti-Abortion Activist Tried to Make Colombia’s Abortion Law More Restrictive. Here’s Why That Could Backfire
07:40 PM
U.K. Not Losing Its Marbles, Says Famed Greek Sculptures Cannot be Part of Trade Negotiations with European Union
07:14 PM
Pop Smoke, Fast-Rising Brooklyn Rapper, Dies at 20 and the Music Community Mourns
07:14 PM
Empty Cities and Stalled Industrial Production, New Analysis Shows Coronavirus Has Cut China’s Carbon Emissions by 100 Million Metric Tons
06:22 PM
‘I Didn’t Do the Things They Said.’ Rod Blagojevich Maintains His Innocence After Trump’s Commutation
06:22 PM
Bernie Sanders Supporters in Nevada Are Canvassing on Horseback to Get Out the Rural Vote
05:56 PM
Woman Doing Random Challenge Shuts It All Down With Her Amazing Singing Voice
05:04 PM
Here’s the Secret Meaning Behind the BTS Small No. 7 Memes You’re Seeing Everywhere
04:38 PM
Burger King Wants You to See How Moldy This Whopper Can Get Thanks to the March of Time
04:38 PM
U.K. Government Announces New ‘Points-Based’ Immigration System, Mandating Foreign Workers Prove They ‘Can Speak English’
04:12 PM
Watch the New Trailer for There’s Something in the Water, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel’s Documentary About Environmental Racism in Canada
04:12 PM
TIME Announces Expansion Plans and Speaker Lineup for the 2020 TIME 100 Summit
02:54 PM
New 1,640 Foot Wall Built in Indian City to Hide Slums From View During ‘Namaste Trump’ Presidential Visit
02:28 PM
Former Australian Prime Minister Claims ‘Top Levels’ of Malaysian Government Suspected Pilot of Missing Plane MH370
02:28 PM
Fist Bumps vs. Handshakes: How COVID-19 Does—and Doesn’t—Spread
02:02 PM
U.K. Patient Plays Violin During Unusual Brain Tumor Surgery
11:26 AM
China Expels Three Wall Street Journal Reporters Over Opinion Column
11:00 AM
Israeli Opera to Host Placido Domingo Despite Objections From Sexual Abuse Activists