March 17th, 2018
04:35 PM
Hotel Guest Stabbed Woman in the Face With Scissors, Police Say
04:35 PM
Skier Found Dead and 3 Others Still Missing After Avalanche in Swiss Alps
03:43 PM
This St. Patrick’s Day Parade Is Banning Spectators From Kissing Soldiers
03:17 PM
5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About St. Patrick
02:51 PM
Firing of Andrew McCabe a ‘Great Day for Democracy,’ Trump Says
12:41 PM
Stormy Daniels Could Owe $20 Million in Damages, Trump Lawyer Says
12:41 PM
An Engineer Reported Cracks on FIU Bridge 2 Days Before Deadly Collapse. No One Got the Voicemail, Officials Say
04:27 AM
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired Just Before Retirement
12:07 AM
‘It’s Now Season Two.’ How President Trump Turned White House Staffing Into a Cliffhanger
12:07 AM
Teachers Are Overwhelmingly Opposed to Carrying Guns in Schools, Says Survey
March 16th, 2018
09:57 PM
Where Are They Now? A Guide to Former Trump Administration Staffers
09:31 PM
Abortions in the U.S. Are Safe and Effective, a New Report Says
09:31 PM
Donald Trump Said America Is Going to Mars. Here’s Why that Won’t Happen Any Time Soon
09:31 PM
Why Dropping Out of School Could Actually Help Your Kid, According to One Education Expert
09:31 PM
7-Year-Old Tripp Halstead Dies After Being Struck by Falling Tree Branch in 2012
09:05 PM
Oklahoma Is Planning to Use Nitrogen Gas for Executions
08:39 PM
Dairy Truck Accident Serves As a Reminder to Us All About Spilled Milk
07:47 PM
President Trump Convinces Senate Candidate to Drop Out of Race
07:21 PM
U.S. Health Officials Are Warning Unvaccinated Travelers to Stay Away From Parts of Brazil
07:21 PM
Out-of-Control Ambulance Crashes, Killing Patient Inside
06:55 PM
Macaulay Culkin Is Mainly Focusing on Wrestlemania and Podcasting in 2018
06:55 PM
Man Convicted of Killing 2-Year-Old ‘Baby Doe’ Wants His Sentence Reduced
06:55 PM
Missouri Defends 241-Year Prison Sentence Given to Man When He Was 16
06:55 PM
There’s a Serious Story Behind Mexico’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations
06:29 PM
Man Accused of Killing 5 Teens in Deadly Car Crash to Plead Insanity
06:03 PM
Companies That Built Collapsed FIU Bridge Had Been Fined for Safety Violations
05:37 PM
Why This 98-Year-Old Nun Is Already the Real MVP of March Madness
05:37 PM
Putin Is About to Win a Fourth Term. Here’s What He’s Promised Russia
05:11 PM
The Case for Conservative Universities
05:11 PM
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Dies at 88 After Suffering a Concussion
04:45 PM
We Finally Know What Ned Stark Whispered on Game of Thrones and It Wasn’t About Cookies
04:19 PM
The Most Mind-Boggling Friends Fan Theories on the Internet
04:19 PM
Binge Drinkers Have About 7 Drinks At a Time, CDC Says
04:19 PM
Seth Meyers Found the One Element of Truth in What Trump Said to Justin Trudeau
04:19 PM
Only One Man Was Found Guilty for His Role in the My Lai Massacre. This Is What It Was Like to Cover His Trial
04:19 PM
President Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Likes Flying on Military Planes. It Hasn’t Been Cheap
04:18 PM
San Francisco Fertility Clinic Sued Again After Embryos Possibly Destroyed
04:18 PM
Meghan Markle’s Royal Wardrobe: Here’s Who Pays for It, and Why She Can’t Get Free Designer Clothes
03:53 PM
Bill to Make It Easier for the Terminally Ill to Try Unproven Treatments Likely to Pass House
03:53 PM
No, Coffee and Tea Aren’t Actually Dehydrating. Here’s Why
03:53 PM
Jennifer Garner Is As Puzzled By Her Oscars Face As You Are
03:53 PM
Former South African President Jacob Zuma Charged With Fraud, Corruption, Graft and Racketeering
03:27 PM
Jesus Christ Hit Up Oprah But It Wasn’t That Sign From God About Running for President
03:01 PM
Package Likely Containing Fentanyl Sickens 12 Employees at DC Jail
03:01 PM
A Man Is on Life Support After a Dispute Over a Handicapped Parking Spot
02:35 PM
Porn Star Stormy Daniels Was Threatened With Physical Violence, Her Lawyer Says
02:09 PM
Convicted Murderer Known as ‘Stocking Strangler’ Is Executed by Lethal Injection
02:09 PM
Husband of Suburban Mom Who Lived Double Life on the Internet Is Charged With Her Murder
01:43 PM
Feds: Russian Hackers Are Attacking U.S. Power Plants
01:43 PM
Graphic Videos of Pulse Nightclub Shooting Played for Jury
01:17 PM
Uber’s Biggest Rival Is Experimenting With All-You-Can-Ride Monthly Subscriptions
12:25 PM
The True Story Behind the Movie 7 Days in Entebbe
11:07 AM
11 Things in Your Kitchen You Need to Throw Away Now
10:41 AM
Russia Is Preparing to Blacklist More Americans in Response to Sanctions
10:15 AM
George Peabody Was Known as the ‘Father of Modern Philanthropy.’ Here’s Why Google Is Celebrating Him Today
09:23 AM
Someone Pushed a Boulder Off an Overpass and It Killed a Man. Now His Wife Wants Answers
08:57 AM
Vietnam Looks to a Peaceful Future, Fifty Years After the My Lai Massacre
08:31 AM
Uighur Muslims Around the World Protest China’s Aggressive Security Crackdown
07:39 AM
The Violent Death of a Progressive Rio Councilwoman Has Struck a Chord in Brazil
06:21 AM
This Russian Plane Was Carrying So Much Gold That Its Cargo Door Burst Open
04:37 AM
Thousands Flee as Syrian Government Troops Advance on Eastern Ghouta
03:19 AM
An Immigrant Couple Has Died in a Car Crash While Fleeing From Federal Agents
02:53 AM
A U.S. Military Helicopter With Seven People On Board Has Crashed in Iraq
02:27 AM
Alabama Executes Man Who Was Convicted of Killing His Boss
March 15th, 2018
11:25 PM
Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife Files for Divorce
10:33 PM
‘I Was Terrified.’ Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her #MeToo Moment
10:33 PM
One Game of Thrones Star Isn’t Sure the ‘Brilliant’ Finale Can Please Everyone
10:07 PM
Reps. Hoyer, Price and Schneider: Poland’s Censorship Law Ignores Its History and Undermines Its Future
10:07 PM
Trump Organization Is ‘Fully’ Cooperating With Robert Mueller’s Investigation, Lawyer Says
10:07 PM
The House Passed a School Safety Bill While Students Walked Out of Class. Here’s What’s in It. And What’s Not
09:41 PM
The White House’s Climate Change Believers Are Headed Out the Door
09:15 PM
Weekend Recipe: Quinoa With Roasted Pumpkin, Zucchini and Basil Pesto
08:49 PM
Read Donald Trump’s Remarks to Republican Donors About Lying to Justin Trudeau
08:23 PM
Toys ‘R’ Us Is Closing Forever and the Internet Is Having a Hard Time
07:57 PM
Stop Asking Whether Women ‘Love Themselves Enough’ to Leave Their Abusers