August 3rd, 2020
12:22 PM
In Detroit, signs of increased interest among Black voters, but concerns remain
12:22 PM
Latino parents face back-to-school uncertainty as COVID-19 hits families hard
12:22 PM
John Hume, Northern Irish Catholic leader and Nobel Peace laureate, dies at 83
11:04 AM
Combative and supremely loyal, Peter Navarro has emerged as one of Trump's most powerful aides
11:04 AM
Sickened by COVID-19, low-wage workers lose jobs. Others are denied paid leave.
10:38 AM
Democrats warn GOP: Don't fill a 2020 Supreme Court vacancy
10:38 AM
U.S.-German ties are bad under Trump — if Biden wins he may struggle to repair them
02:24 AM
Microsoft to 'move quickly' on TikTok deal following Trump talks
01:58 AM
She ran out of gas, then disappeared. She was found eight days later.
August 2nd, 2020
08:46 PM
Watch live: NASA astronauts return to Earth on SpaceX's Crew Dragon
08:20 PM
Mets star Yoenis Céspedes didn't report for game, team says his whereabouts are unknown
07:54 PM
20,000-acre Apple wildfire in Southern California remains zero percent contained
07:02 PM
Fighting for America's first safe injection site
07:02 PM
Pandemic ushers in a 'new normal' for historically underfunded HBCUs
06:36 PM
COVID-19: Australian state declares 'state of disaster'
06:10 PM
We are now having a mental health crisis amid a pandemic. Here's how to help.
05:44 PM
Liberating masculinity: Photo exhibit spotlights queer resistance to 'manliness'
04:52 PM
Nation's testing czar: It's "time to move on" from talk about hydroxychloroquine
04:52 PM
Scientists and environmental groups 'alarmed' by huge rise in Amazon wildfires
04:52 PM
8 missing service members presumed dead after training 'mishap' off California coast
04:00 PM
Trump's suburban pull might be eroding
03:08 PM
Torrential rain hammers South Korea leaving 6 dead
02:42 PM
Pop stars among hundreds of musicians to speak out after rapper's anti-Semitic tirade
02:16 PM
7 Best exercise bikes of 2020
01:24 PM
In Italy, a new normal amid the pandemic while bracing for a second wave
12:06 PM
What will guide Biden's VP decision
11:40 AM
Could the Navy be hiding proof of aliens? Here's the most likely explanation.
11:14 AM
I'm a student and I get the health risk of going back to school. Why doesn't Trump?
11:14 AM
How to make ice cream sandwiches at home
10:48 AM
Israeli writer, grandfather emerges as a symbol of anti-Netanyahu protests
10:48 AM
What 'defund the police' could mean for sexual assault survivors
10:48 AM
Tale of teen girl battling the Taliban takes hold in Afghanistan, a country hungry for heroes
08:38 AM
Relief on the way for Midwest — but not until after another blast-chilled day
08:38 AM
How Russia's effort to sabotage Mueller's investigation backfired
08:38 AM
Foxconn's decision to reconsider Wisconsin plant pleases a lone holdout
08:38 AM
U.S. set up a fake university to nab immigration fraud suspects
08:37 AM
Undocumented worker fired from Trump golf club to attend State of the Union
08:37 AM
Sen. Rand Paul awarded more than $580K in suit over neighbor's attack
08:37 AM
Police follow possible lead in Smollett case
08:37 AM
Louisiana law gives Supreme Court new abortion test
08:37 AM
Alleged strip search of 4 black middle school girls prompts third-party investigation
08:37 AM
Protesters in Venezuela keep pressure on Maduro
08:37 AM
UK study shows e-cigs help smokers quit
08:37 AM
Disgraced former NY attorney general now a meditation teacher
08:37 AM
'Go back to school': Trump assails intel chiefs after they contradict him on Iran, North Korea
08:37 AM
Pelicans may shut Davis down for the season if he's not traded, report says
08:37 AM
Parents of slain St. Louis officer want answers in killing by fellow officer
08:37 AM
PG&E put profits over wildfire safety, judge says
08:37 AM
Sherrod Brown rips Trump's 'phony populism' as he launches 2020 listening tour
08:37 AM
Massive 7-alarm fire rips through paper plant that makes household products
08:37 AM
Woman with baby who fell down NYC subway steps may have died from medical condition
08:12 AM
Actor Wilford Brimley dead at 85
06:28 AM
7 Best fire pits to shop in 2020
05:36 AM
Dunkin' worker accused of spitting in state trooper's coffee
02:08 AM
Portland protests peaceful after federal officers scale back presence
12:50 AM
Couple who yelled 'white power' at Black man and his girlfriend arrested
12:24 AM
Karen Bass, potential VP pick, addresses past praise of Scientology
August 1st, 2020
11:59 PM
A historic milestone: U.S. Navy's first Black female tactical air pilot earns 'Wings of Gold'
10:41 PM
Masks and the modern man: Liz Plank on what COVID-19 can teach us about manhood
10:41 PM
Marvel's 'Daredevil' problem highlights Hollywood's far bigger Asian problem
09:49 PM
Trump's threatened TikTok ban could motivate young users to vote
09:23 PM
Southern California wildfire forces evacuations
08:57 PM
Financial pain of the pandemic hits women of color hardest
08:31 PM
Rep. Raúl Grijalva tests positive for coronavirus
06:21 PM
Glenda Jackson, 84 wins BAFTA television award
05:29 PM
4 ways Biden's running mate could help — or hurt — the Democratic ticket
05:29 PM
Connie Culp, first face-transplant recipient in U.S. dies at 57
05:03 PM
Alaska lawmaker and six others die when two planes collide midair
04:37 PM
Record coronavirus case rises reported as U.S. faces stark death toll projection
03:45 PM
The harsh truth at the center of Kanye West's erratic, offensive 2020
03:45 PM
Hong Kong issues arrest warrant for U.S. citizen under new national security law
01:09 PM
Some workers sickened by COVID-19 face an extra challenge: Proving where they got it
11:51 AM
Masks, social distance and a fear of hugs? This pandemic is a lot like having cancer
10:59 AM
How the world's fastest animal is losing the race for survival
10:59 AM
Students at Vanderbilt leave fraternities and sororities, alleging racism and insensitivity