October 19th, 2019
05:46 PM
Final Rise of Skywalker Trailer to Debut on ESPN's Monday Night Football!
07:22 AM
Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net:The Exorcist, Jungle Book, Lighthouse
01:18 AM
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci face off in new image from The Irishman
01:18 AM
Michael Giacchino will compose the score for Matt Reeves' The Batman
12:26 AM
Robert Zemeckis in early talks to direct Disney's live-action Pinocchio
October 18th, 2019
11:34 PM
Sam Raimi to return to the director's chair for an island horror thriller
11:34 PM
Jennifer Hudson and full cast revealed for Aretha Franklin biopic, Respect
10:42 PM
J.J. Abrams says The Rise of Skywalker brings the saga to a cohesive ending
09:50 PM
Naomie Harris in talks to play villain Shriek for Tom Hardy's Venom sequel
09:50 PM
Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood now banned in China
08:58 PM
Sorry Spielberg! Edward Norton says movie theaters are ruining cinema
08:58 PM
Marvel conjures Jade Bartlett to pen Doctor Strange sequel
08:06 PM
Taika Waititi, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and more talk Jojo Rabbit!
08:06 PM
Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick talk Zombieland: Double Tap, Deadpool 3 & Clue!
08:05 PM
Dwayne Johnson slyly announced a production start date for Black Adam
06:22 PM
Halle Berry crafts the purrfect shout-out to new Catwoman, Zoe Kravitz
06:22 PM
Zombieland chops off $2.85M from Thursday night; Maleficent conjures $2.3M
06:22 PM
Top 10 Zombie Movies of the 21st Century
05:30 PM
The Best Movie You Never Saw: Halloween III: Season of the Witch
05:30 PM
Taika Waititi isn't sure if Bro Thor will be back for Thor: Love and Thunder
04:38 PM
A live-action Barney movie is in development from Daniel Kaluuya and Mattel
03:46 PM
Marriage Story trailer: Driver, Johansson lead acclaimed Oscar contender
01:54 AM
Damon Lindelof believes Watchmen creator Alan Moore placed a curse on him
01:02 AM
Matt Bomer can't outrun his sins in trailer for season three of The Sinner
12:11 AM
Ben Mendelsohn tackles an unexplainable case in trailer for The Outsider
October 17th, 2019
11:19 PM
Blood is shed & F-bombs dropped in Terminator: Dark Fate red-band trailer
11:19 PM
Robert Pattinson talks Batman morality and playing the "dope" Dark Knight
11:18 PM
Aidan Turner will be your sexy Leonardo da Vinci for new TV series
10:27 PM
Daisy Ridley says Rey/Kylo relationship is dealt with in Rise of Skywalker
10:27 PM
TV Review: Watchmen
10:26 PM
FX and Disney part ways with Kurt Sutter due to on set temper tantrums
08:43 PM
Paul Dano to play Riddler in Matt Reeves' The Batman
08:43 PM
The UnPopular Opinion: Batman Forever
07:51 PM
RIP Robert Forster - A Tribute
07:51 PM
Totoro, Kiki, and the entire Studio Ghibli library are headed to HBO Max
07:50 PM
Review: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
07:50 PM
Doctor Sleep to preview 9 days before opening via Fandango VIP screenings
06:07 PM
First Birds of Prey TV Spot showcases Gotham's team of femme fatales
06:07 PM
Jay & Silent Bob get schooled on reboots in Jay & Silent Bob Reboot clip
05:41 PM
A record 32 films have been submitted for the Oscars' Best Animated Feature
05:15 PM
David Duchovny joins Blumhouse's remake of The Craft
04:23 PM
James Mangold still wants an X-23 movie, but doubts it will happen soon
02:32 AM
Michelle Pfeiffer gives one piece of advice to new Catwoman Zoe Kravitz
01:40 AM
Check out the first look at the Anti-Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths
12:48 AM
Jonah Hill is no longer in talks for Matt Reeves' The Batman
October 16th, 2019
11:56 PM
Elton John says The Lion King remake was a huge disappointment
11:04 PM
Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick in talks to join the Matrix 4 cast
10:12 PM
The Witch and Lighthouse director lands massive cast for The Northman
09:20 PM
Netflix to adapt Jeff Smith's Bone for a whimsical animated series
08:28 PM
Check out a new close up of Keri Russell's Rise of Skywalker character
07:36 PM
Doug Liman hopes to film Edge of Tomorrow 2 after Mission: Impossible 8
06:44 PM
Taika Waititi confirms the return of Korg for Thor: Love and Thunder
06:44 PM
Filming update pics for The Boys Season 2 reveal new and fallen heroes
05:52 PM
Review: Zombieland: Double Tap
05:00 PM
Cast This: Two-Face
05:00 PM
Venom 2 might team Carnage with a second baddie in Shriek
05:00 PM
Review: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
04:59 PM
Doctor Sleep's official runtime makes it longer than The Shining
04:08 PM
Jada Pinkett Smith is in talks to return for The Matrix 4
02:16 AM
Ryan Reynolds & John Krasinski team up for fantasy comedy Imaginary Friends
12:32 AM
Tony Gilroy set to write and direct Cassian Andor series for Disney+
12:32 AM
Kevin Smith responds to Martin Scorsese's Marvel comments
October 15th, 2019
10:49 PM
Amanda Seyfried to join Gary Oldman for David Fincher's Mank biopic
10:49 PM
Neil Patrick Harris to head down the rabbit hole for The Matrix 4
09:05 PM
Marvel has named Kevin Feige as their Chief Creative Officer
08:13 PM
Taron Egerton says the Kingsman 3 script is a befitting end to the trilogy
07:21 PM
The Addams Family to get a kooky sequel after big box office performance
06:29 PM
Universal Studios Resort to debut The Bourne Spectacular stunt show in 2020
06:29 PM
Kidman, Theron & Robbie enter Oscar race with a bang in Bombshell trailer
05:37 PM
Kevin Smith talks Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Clerks 3, Mallrats 2 and more!
05:37 PM
The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Joaquin Phoenix
05:37 PM
Taika Waititi talks possibility of Thor 4 using cancer story for Jane Foster
04:45 PM
TV Review: Castle Rock (Season 2)
03:53 PM
Lady and the Tramp chow down on some spaghetti in new trailer
03:53 PM
Ryan Reynolds playfully teases a meeting with Marvel Studios