October 19th, 2017
03:03 AM
Josh Brolin on when X-Force may start and getting beat to shit on Deadpool 2
02:05 AM
Bill Pullman seeks justice in The Ballad of Lefty Brown trailer
01:07 AM
Denzel Washington's Roman J. Israel, Esq has been substantially re-edited
12:38 AM
Tomas Alfredson says he was unable to shoot 10-15% of The Snowman
October 18th, 2017
11:40 PM
Englund, Kirzinger, & Yu offer insight into Freddy vs. Jason winking climax
10:42 PM
Rick and Morty creators give fans a chance to record commentaries with them
10:13 PM
Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy gives solutions to combat harassment
09:44 PM
Kevin Smith to donate future Weinstein residuals to nonprofit Women in Film
09:44 PM
Michael Jackson stars in CGI animated special! Yes, that Michael Jackson
08:17 PM
Kevin Feige talks plans for Marvel's 10th anniversary of the MCU & beyond
07:48 PM
Big Bang Theory may have spoiled Green Lantern cameo in Justice League
07:19 PM
Mary And The Witch's Flower anime to screen ahead of national premiere
06:50 PM
New Bright featurette delves into characters & gritty, magical action
06:21 PM
Exclusive: Kristen Wiig has odd visions in Insensitive Bastards clip
05:52 PM
JoBlo.com's 6th Annual Halloween Costume Contest is on!
05:52 PM
Sam Neill voices an aspirational kiwi in quirky ad for Air New Zealand
05:23 PM
Jackman, Reynolds & more reportedly wanted for Detective Pikachu
04:54 PM
Review: Only the Brave
03:23 AM
Genndy Tartakovsky on why the Samurai Jack movie never happened
02:25 AM
Josh Brolin on the more severe and extremely emotional Sicario sequel
01:27 AM
Jake Chambers meets the Gunslinger in ten-minute clip from The Dark Tower
12:00 AM
Ethan Hawke goes John Wick in red-band trailer for 24 Hours to Live
12:00 AM
Jack Black is producing a small town serial killer comedy for ABC
October 17th, 2017
11:02 PM
How It Should Have Ended series sets its sights on Spider-Man: Homecoming
10:33 PM
Del Toro's Last Jedi character's backstory to be revealed via Marvel Comics
10:04 PM
Wolfenstein II promo doubles down on the Nazi punching
09:35 PM
DC releases motion picture for Justice League's The Flash!
09:06 PM
Seven scribe Kevin Walker to pen Lone Wolf and Cub adaptation for Paramount
09:06 PM
Geostorm taxi prank is ice cold!
07:39 PM
Hilary Swank to lead a new robot sci-fi thriller entitled I Am Mother
07:10 PM
The Han Solo Star Wars spin-off finally has an official title
06:41 PM
The very real Snake Outta Compton has released a very real first trailer
06:41 PM
Riz Ahmed in talks to bring modern-day Hamlet to Netflix
06:12 PM
Review: Leatherface
06:12 PM
Ledger wanted Bale to punch him for real during Dark Knight scene
04:16 PM
Rami Malek rocks out as Freddie Mercury in new set pic
03:42 AM
Netflix is planning to release 80 original movies in 2018
02:16 AM
Daniel Brühl gets inside the mind of a serial killer in The Alienist trailer
01:18 AM
Josh Boone hopes The New Mutants kicks off a trilogy of X-Men horror films
12:20 AM
Todd McFarlane on Spawn movie and Sam & Twitch TV series with Kevin Smith
12:20 AM
NBC moves ahead with plans to redevelop Nancy Drew for a rebooted series
October 16th, 2017
10:53 PM
Empire Strikes Back trailer is remade in the style of The Last Jedi trailer
10:53 PM
Ant-man and The Wasp are suited up and ready for action in new set pics
09:55 PM
Rumor: Guillermo del Toro working on documentary about Michael Mann?
09:55 PM
Karl Urban on what he needs to play Dredd for Mega-City One TV series
08:28 PM
Angelina Jolie to voice the lead for Disney's The One and Only Ivan
08:28 PM
Trailer released for Steven Soderbergh's Western miniseries Godless
07:59 PM
Cut It scene reportedly had Pennywise trying to eat a baby
07:59 PM
Call Me By Your Name director already planning a sequel
07:58 PM
Kevin Smith offers his opinion on the latest plans for the DCEU
06:03 PM
Jared Leto talks his involvement in Tron 3
04:36 PM
Review: Killing Gunther
04:36 PM
The Kill Counter: Jeepers Creepers 1&2
04:07 PM
New Black Panther trailer shows off Wakandan tech & slick action
07:54 AM
TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 16
06:27 AM
TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 15
October 15th, 2017
07:50 PM
Weekend Box Office Report: October 13-15, 2017
07:50 PM
MOVIE POLL: What is your favorite R-rated horror movie of the last ten years?
06:23 PM
Kate McKinnon is Kellywise the Dancing Clown in SNL parody sketch
05:54 PM
Deadpool 2 & X-Men: Dark Phoenix have wrapped filming
October 14th, 2017
09:08 PM
Review: The Meyerowitz Stories
08:05 AM
Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Brave, Friday The 13th, Star Wars
03:15 AM
Tessa Thompson & others want their own female-led Avengers movie
01:49 AM
Jon Bernthal befriends a killer in Sweet Virginia trailer
01:20 AM
Official title for Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson's film revealed
October 13th, 2017
11:53 PM
Check out the first few pages of the cancelled Friday the 13th sequel
11:53 PM
New Mutants director Josh Boone shares new film storyboards
11:24 PM
Netflix unleashes a new banner for The Punisher ahead of release
10:55 PM
Cinema Snob's Brad Jones writes and directs upcoming feature Disco
10:26 PM
Hulu releases music video for Sarah Silverman's I Love You, America
09:57 PM
Mike Epps & Kat Williams to lead The House Next Door horror comedy
09:28 PM
Giovanni Ribisi latest actor to return to the Avatar sequels
08:59 PM
Nicholas Cages stars as a big game tracker in the batsh*t-sounding Primal
08:30 PM
Details about the Supernatural crossover with Scooby-Doo emerge
07:03 PM
George A. Romero to finally get a star on the Walk of Fame