April 3rd, 2020
09:39 PM
Official Trailer for 'Autism: The Sequel' Doc Following-Up Years Later
08:47 PM
Watch: Outstanding Short 'Rebooted' About an Out-of-Work Skeleton
08:21 PM
Carly Chaikin & Samara Weaving in Trailer for 'Last Moment of Clarity'
07:03 PM
Offiical Trailer for Tayarisha Poe's Stylish Film 'Selah and the Spades'
05:19 PM
Capture the Wolf in New Trailer for Epic Danish 'Valhalla' Action Film
April 2nd, 2020
09:49 PM
Watch: 'Sleepwalk' Short Film - A Long Journey for a Slice of Apple Pie
09:23 PM
Sophie Stevens in First Trailer for Psychological Horror 'The Haunted'
06:21 PM
Watch: 'Faces of Cinema' Focuses on Close-Ups Throughout History
05:29 PM
Official UK Trailer for 'White Mountain' Himalayas Climbing Doc Film
03:45 PM
Intense Teaser Trailer for 'Train to Busan' Zombie Sequel 'Peninsula'
03:19 PM
Amber Anderson in Official Trailer for Gothic Horror Film 'Skin Walker'
April 1st, 2020
08:41 PM
Official Trailer for 'LA Originals' Doc About Chicano Hip Hop Culture
07:49 PM
Watch: Rodeo Short Film 'After the Smoke' Directed by Nick Waterman
05:39 PM
Carla Juri & Gemma Chan in New US Trailer for 'Intrigo: Dear Agnes'
03:55 PM
Wedding Day Craziness in Trailer for 'Love Wedding Repeat' RomCom
03:29 PM
First Trailer for Comet Disaster Movie 'Greenland' with Gerard Butler
March 31st, 2020
08:25 PM
Watch: Man & Dog Head to the Woods in 'Oscar's Bell' Horror Short
08:25 PM
Official Trailer for 'Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth' Documentary
06:41 PM
Wacky Trailer for Experimental Love Story 'She's Allergic To Cats' Film
04:05 PM
Official Trailer for 'To the Stars' Starring Kara Hayward & Liana Liberato
March 30th, 2020
06:26 PM
Watch: Ben Berman's Short Film 'The Follow-Up' Made in Quarantine
06:00 PM
Impressive Trailer for 35mm Dystopian Sci-Fi Western 'The Archivist'
04:16 PM
David Thewlis in First Intl. Trailer for Atom Egoyan's 'Guest of Honour'
03:50 PM
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Screened Out' About Tech Addiction
March 29th, 2020
06:10 PM
A Mysterious Woman Returns Home in Trailer for 'Carrion' Horror Film
March 27th, 2020
08:08 PM
The First Word Podcast - Revisiting Wolfgang Petersen's 'Outbreak'
07:42 PM
Watch: Jonny Look's Comedy Short Tries to Communicate with Plants
06:50 PM
Seth Carr Becomes a Wrestler in Fun Trailer for 'The Main Event' Film
04:40 PM
Teaser Trailer for Doggie Doc Film 'Stray' About Stray Dogs in Istanbul
04:14 PM
Official Trailer for Disneynature's New 'Elephant' & 'Dolphin Reef' Docs
03:22 PM
Felissa Rose & Elissa Dowling in Trailer for Forest Horror Film 'Rootwood'
March 26th, 2020
08:45 PM
Hugh Jackman & Allison Janney in Official Trailer for 'Bad Education'
08:19 PM
Facing Off With an Ancient Witch in Trailer for Horror 'The Wretched'
07:53 PM
Superb Trailer for Alan Yang's Film 'Tigertail' Starring Hong-Chi Lee
03:59 PM
Trailer for Indie Rock 'n Roll Comedy 'The Incoherents' with Jeff Auer
03:07 PM
Zach Galligan vs 'Evil Little Things' Official Trailer for Horror Anthology
March 25th, 2020
08:05 PM
Watch: 'There's Something in the Water' Short Doc About a Texas Lake
06:47 PM
First Trailer for Julien Leclercq's Action Crime Thriller 'Earth and Blood'
04:11 PM
Official Trailer for 'The Uncertain Kingdom' Anthology Film from UK
03:19 PM
Tiffani Fest & Felissa Rose in Trailer for Meta-Horror Film 'For Jennifer'
March 24th, 2020
09:07 PM
Review: 'Blow the Man Down' – Easter Cove and Its Darkest Secrets
08:15 PM
Bruce Willis in Home Invasion Thriller 'Survive the Night' Full Trailer
07:49 PM
Official Trailer for Documentary 'Bias' About the Toxic Effects of Bias
07:23 PM
Liam Hemsworth & Christoph Waltz in 'Most Dangerous Game' Trailer
03:55 PM
Wild Trailer for 'Coffee & Kareem' Starring Ed Helms & Taraji P. Henson
03:29 PM
Mickey Rourke & Bai Ling in Trailer for Roman War Epic 'The Legion'
March 23rd, 2020
11:28 PM
Josh Duhamel & Leslie Bibb in Trailer for 'The Lost Husband' Romance
08:00 PM
Watch: A Haunted House Short Film 'Place' Directed by Jason Gudasz
06:42 PM
Christopher Nolan Reminds Us to Make Sure Movie Theaters Live On
05:50 PM
'It Started As A Joke' Doc Trailer About Eugene Mirman's Comedy Fest
03:14 PM
First Trailer for Animated Adaptation of Lois Lowry's 'The Willoughbys'
03:14 PM
Ashley Bell in First Teaser Trailer for Horror Short Film 'Dear Guest'
02:22 PM
Official Trailer for Man-in-Suit Snow Monster Yeti Horror 'Abominable'
March 22nd, 2020
06:52 PM
Stephan James in First Full Trailer for Quibi's '#FreeRayshawn' Film
March 20th, 2020
09:24 PM
New Teaser Trailer for 'Selah and the Spades' Starring Lovie Simone
08:32 PM
First UK Trailer for Vietnamese Drama 'Monsoon' with Henry Golding
05:56 PM
Watch: French Stop-Motion 'Raymonde or the Vertical Escape' Short
03:46 PM
Rob Corddry & Alicia Silverstone in Trailer for RomCom 'Bad Therapy'
03:20 PM
Official Trailer for Wacky Desert Adventure 'Gold Dust' by David Wall
March 19th, 2020
09:35 PM
Lily Collins & Simon Pegg in First Trailer for Freaky 'Inheritance' Film
08:17 PM
Watch: 'Sundays at The Triple Nickel' Short About a Harlem Jazz Party
07:25 PM
First UK Trailer for Trapped Thriller 'Hippopotamus' with Ingvild Deila
06:59 PM
Daddario & Knoxville in 'We Summon the Darkness' Official Trailer
03:05 PM
Festival Promo Trailer for 'Before the Fire' Starring Jenna Lyng Adams
March 18th, 2020
08:55 PM
Official Trailer for Indie 'International Falls' Featuring Rachael Harris
07:11 PM
Watch: Animated Experimental Dark Comedy Short Film 'Solipsism'
06:45 PM
Review: 'Lost Girls' Hauntingly Portrays Injustice Towards Sex Workers
02:25 PM
Nicole Brydon Bloom in First Trailer for New Neighbors Horror '1BR'
March 17th, 2020
08:15 PM
Watch: Insta Meme Horror Comedy Short 'Double Tap' by Eros Vlahos
04:21 PM
Promo Trailer for Greek Contemporary Western 'Digger' from Berlinale
03:29 PM
Trailer for 'The Last Blockbuster' Doc Reminiscing About Rental Shops
03:03 PM
Time-Traveling Assassin Sci-Fi Rom-Com 'Same Boat' Official Trailer
March 16th, 2020
08:27 PM
Watch: James Gallagher's 'Love' Short About Fathers, Sons, & Tennis
06:43 PM
SXSW 2020: 'We Don’t Deserve Dogs' is Sublime Doggie Doc Heaven
04:59 PM
Addy Miller & Elizabeth Birkner in First Trailer for Horror 'Behind You'