October 19th, 2017
08:50 AM
Herc Loves Tonight’s THE GOOD PLACE!! Solomon Grundy Hits GOTHAM!! Fatherhood Vs. ARROW!! Thursday!!
03:32 AM
BRIGHT Featurette! Dannie delves into the Orcs and Elves!
02:34 AM
The new JUSTICE LEAGUE poster is unfurled!
01:36 AM
Lady Liberators! In talks! Please make this happen!
October 18th, 2017
11:40 PM
Hugh Jackman as Pikachu? BigEyes says “Yes, please!”
09:44 PM
Big Eyes wants BATMAN VS. TWO-FACE Now!
01:31 PM
Annette Kellerman Sings About ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE!
09:39 AM
Opioids Vs. SOUTH PARK!! Explosive Tribal On SURVIVOR!! Howard Stern On KIMMEL!!!! Wednesday TV!!
05:47 AM
Paramount makes a Mad Dash to remake LONE WOLF & CUB!
03:51 AM
Dave Bautista disappoints Nicodemus “Groove Tails”!
01:56 AM
Big Eyes on Rami Malek's Freddie Mercury in Bryan Singer's BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!
October 17th, 2017
11:02 PM
Opie spills the Han Solo title- finally!
08:37 PM
Big Eyes upon Cher in MAMMA MIA: Here We Go Again!
06:36 AM
06:07 AM
Letterman Returns To KIMMEL!! FLASH & LEGENDS!! Tuesday TV Talkback!!
04:40 AM
BigEyes gazes into BIG MOUTH - review
04:11 AM
"Blockers" Redband Trailer- Dannie and Precious Roy React!
October 16th, 2017
11:51 PM
PSYCHOPATHS Trailer- Madame Revenant
11:22 PM
The new Black Panther trailer is out!
09:21 AM
Psi Vs. SUPERGIRL!! Amy Schumer On KIMMEL!! Monday TV Talkback!!
03:05 AM
Happy Death Day and new Spy BurtGumerClone's armed defense!
02:07 AM
RZA brings us LOVE BEATS RHYMES trailer Mad Dashiell reports!
02:07 AM
Precious Roy thinks he’s too old for The Babysitter
01:38 AM
Hunting RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE in Louisiana Wetlands with Astro Heathen!
01:38 AM
AMAZING STORIES reboot! Mad Dashiell reports!
01:09 AM
IP MAN TV series Season One Trailer!
12:40 AM
New ADDAMS FAMILY MOVIE has a director! BigEyes sees and tells all!
October 15th, 2017
10:44 PM
Mad Dashiel shouts BEETLEJUICE 2 three times!
08:19 PM
17 minutes of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Found!Mad Dashiell
07:16 AM
‘It’s Worse Than Working For David Schwimmer!!’THE SIMPSONS Is Funny Again!! Herc Loves Tonight
05:20 AM
Avatar 2 update! Mad Dash reports
04:51 AM
Take a Mad Dash to Sean Young's AUSTIN FILM TOURS!
October 14th, 2017
10:30 AM
Herc’s Seen HALT Halt Forever!! BIG SICK’s Kumail Nanjiani Hosts SNL 43.3!! FIFTY SHADES DARKER!!
10:30 AM
Death Race Sequel! Cast and Pictures via Dannie
10:30 AM
"Death Race: Beyond Anarchy" First look at the Pictures! Frankenstein Returns! Dannie with points!
05:40 AM
RON’S GONE WRONG announcement BigEyes reports!
05:40 AM
IP MAN TV series Season One Trailer!
05:40 AM
New ADDAMS FAMILY MOVIE has a director! BigEyes sees all!
04:42 AM
‘Welcome, Strongest Avenger!!’ Hilarious New Promo For THOR III!!
02:18 AM
Precious Roy misses the magic of IT!
12:51 AM
Philip K. Dick's "ELECTRIC DREAMS" series Madame Revenant has the story and trailer!
October 13th, 2017
10:26 PM
TRAFFICKED opening TODAY Friday the 13th in Dallas - Astro Heathen Gives the Trailer a Double-take.
08:59 PM
Final STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 trailer! BigEyes
08:59 PM
BigEyes is getting chill "IN WINTER"
11:19 AM
Marvel's NEW MUTANTS trailer, Mad Dashiell reports
07:27 AM
Noah Baumbach’s MEYEROWITZ STORIES Hits Netflix!! More INHUMANS!! More EXORCIST!! Friday The 13th TV
07:27 AM
What Make The Critics Of Netflix’ New David Fincher Serial Killer Series MINDHUNTER??
03:07 AM
The Diva Del Mar Fantastic Fest Reviews: Tigers Are Not Afraid
01:40 AM
"UNCLE GLORIA: ONE HELLUVA RIDE!" Trailer and Poster Dannie loves Doc's
October 12th, 2017
11:44 PM
What’s Doing With The STAR TREK BEYOND Sequel?? Don’t Ask Karl Urban!!
11:15 PM
What’s Doing With The STAR TREK BEYOND Sequel?? Don’t Ask Karl Urban!!
11:15 PM
CREED 2!! Mad Dashiell delivers the details!!
09:19 PM
BigEyes peers into THE LANDING
02:33 PM
Annette Kellerman Chats Up The Director of PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN
09:14 AM
Theatrical Re-Release of Princess Bride!
06:49 AM
New Thor Ragnarok Clip!
05:51 AM
‘That Can Be Anything!!’ Herc Endorses Thursday’s Ben McKenzie-Scripted GOTHAM 4.4!!
05:51 AM
Bill Murray On COLBERT!! Patton Oswalt On SETH!! More GOOD PLACE!! The Return of ARROW!! Thursday!!
05:22 AM
Annette Kellerman Eats Up MY FRIEND DAHMER!
02:29 AM
Pacific Rim Fans! We Could Be Getting an ENTIRE EXTENDED UNIVERSE! -Rose Geiszler
October 11th, 2017
08:07 AM
Chaos V Coon On SOUTH PARK!! Kisses On SURVIVOR 35.3!! MR. ROBOT Reactivates!! Killam On SETH!!
04:44 AM
Star WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 Mad Dashiell's response and break down
01:22 AM
DR. WHO, DOUGLAS ADAMS, and a new teaser, oh my! BigEyes Reports on SHADA
October 10th, 2017
11:25 PM
A spoiler-free review of Blade Runner 2049 from our spy Precious_Roy
09:29 PM
Wheels hitches a ride with Netflix’s WHEELMAN!
06:06 PM
Return Of THE FLASH & LEGENDS!! Cummings & Thor On KIMMEL!! No NORM MACDONALD LIVE!! Tuesday TV Talk
06:30 AM
05:03 AM
STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 is here!
04:05 AM
01:40 AM
SPIES IN DISGUISE, BigEyes surprise!
01:40 AM
An Arena Scene From Thor Ragnarok! Dannie Aqui!
01:11 AM
CASTLE ROCK series Trailer, Stephen King and JJ Abrams team up! Mad Dashiell here with the details!
October 9th, 2017
10:46 PM
CASTLE ROCK series, Stephen King and JJ Abrams team up! Mad Dashiell here with the details!
09:48 PM
BigEyes squanches RICK AND MORTY SEASON 3
09:19 PM
Luc Besson sets his eyes on Anna