February 16th, 2018
08:45 PM
Twitter: Pokemon Was the Most-Mentioned Game Globally in 2017
08:19 PM
If You Thought Voice Was Easy, Wait Until Devices Make Predictions
07:53 PM
Gucci’s ’60s-Inspired Student Protest Ad Misses the Point About Why We’re All Mad
07:27 PM
Look Out, Trade Shows, Here Comes the Anti-Swag Swag Bag
06:35 PM
Hearts & Science Hires GroupM Executive to Help Run the AT&T Business
06:35 PM
Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan Explains the Creative Process in Brisk’s New Meta Campaign
06:35 PM
4 Deceptive Mobile Ad Tricks and What Marketers Can Learn From Them
05:17 PM
Perrier Just Remade Its Most Famous Ad, ‘Lion,’ Three Decades Later
05:17 PM
Advertisers Must Keep Up With Cord-Cutters or Else Brands Risk Creating ‘Lost Generation’
04:51 PM
PokerStars Found a Dude With the Perfect Poker Face for Its New Ad
04:25 PM
What Marketers Can Learn From the Most Effective Russian Ads of the 2016 Election
03:59 PM
‘3 Billboards’-Inspired Protest Calls for Justice Following the Fatal Grenfell Tower Fire
03:07 PM
Brand CMOs Acknowledge the Need for Better Personalized Marketing Efforts
03:07 PM
We Asked New Yorkers to Name the Brands Behind Ads From the Olympics
February 15th, 2018
11:57 PM
NBC Olympics Ratings Took a Tumble on Wednesday Night
11:57 PM
Why Scannable Shelf Tags Could Improve the Retail Experience After Beacons Failed
10:13 PM
Red Stripe Offers to Buy a New Bobsled for Jamaican Olympians
09:47 PM
iProspect Shakes Up Leadership With New U.S. CMO and First Chief Tech Officer
08:55 PM
How French Directors Megaforce Captured the Spirit of London in Nike’s Wild New Ad
08:29 PM
The U.S. Army’s Marketing Chief Briefed Congressional Staff About Adweek’s Coverage of Ongoing Audit
07:11 PM
What Is Musicbed and Why Did It Create Hypertargeted Out-of-Home Posters Calling Out Creatives?
07:11 PM
Facebook Messenger: Here’s How to Create a Secret Conversation
07:11 PM
Serena Williams Stars in New Lincoln Navigator Campaign
06:19 PM
A Deserted Small Town Is the Magical Setting for This New York Lottery Ad
06:19 PM
Health and Wellness Occupied Facebook Users’ Thoughts in January
05:53 PM
Subway’s Bold Rebranding Campaign Promises a Different Taste for Everyone
05:27 PM
R/GA Promotes Veteran Executive to New Global Chief Design Officer Role
04:09 PM
Facebook Is Opening Up Its Community Help Feature to Businesses, Organizations
04:09 PM
Snickers Opened a Valentine’s Day Restaurant, Oublié, for Couples Who Forgot to Make Reservations
03:43 PM
Reebok Has the Perfect Shoes for the Man With the World’s Fastest Feet
03:43 PM
In Safe Hands: Mobile Connections in the City
03:17 PM
Ethan Hawke Stars in The Y’s New Community-Focused Campaign
01:00 AM
NBC Olympics Tuesday Ratings Were Down From 2014, but Streaming Figures Were Huge
February 14th, 2018
11:16 PM
Las Vegas’ Ad Agency Explains Why ‘What Happens Here, Stays Here’ Isn’t Going Anywhere
10:50 PM
This AI Tool Generates Personalized Shakespearean Sonnets to Give to Your Love
09:58 PM
Ad Agencies Don’t Expect to Cut Down on Facebook as Site Continues Losing Younger Users
09:06 PM
Google Chrome’s Valentine’s Day Massacre of Bad Ads Is Only the Beginning
09:06 PM
The CW Will Expand Its Schedule to Sunday Nights in October
08:14 PM
Huge Hires Young & Rubicam Chief Strategy Officer to Head Up Global Planning
06:30 PM
Arizona Republic Editor Nicole Carroll Named Editor in Chief of USA Today
06:30 PM
How Papyrus Leveraged Its NY Fashion Week Partnership to Empower Women on the Runway
06:29 PM
Pinterest Now Lets You Archive Boards, Rearrange Pins and More
05:12 PM
Godiva Causes a Stir in Japan by Urging Women to Stop Buying Chocolates for Male Coworkers
05:12 PM
Facebook Users Talked Football in January, While Holidays Occupied Instagrammers
04:20 PM
Why Brand Love Has to Go Beyond Algorithms to be Real
04:20 PM
Unleash the Power of Geotargeting for Your Facebook Ads
03:54 PM
Athletes Gasp for Oxygen in Nike’s Dramatic Ode to Air
03:28 PM
This Valentine’s Day Store in NYC Warns Shoppers About the Darker Side of Love
03:28 PM
5 Reasons Why Demographic Targeting Is Out and Behavioral Targeting Is In for 2018
03:28 PM
As Netflix Pulls Viewers From Linear TV, It’s Also Boosting Ratings of Shows It Streams
03:02 PM
Spooked by the Pending Disney Deal, Ryan Murphy Leaves Longtime Studio Home Fox for Netflix
02:10 PM
What I Learned From Spending a Day on a Boat With 7 Influencers
12:19 AM
Will Facebook Users Soon Be Making a List and Checking It Twice?
12:19 AM
Office Depot Awards Creative and Media Business to Y&R and MediaCom
February 13th, 2018
11:27 PM
4A’s Unveils a Process for Agencies to Get Certified as an ‘Enlightened Workplace’
11:01 PM
LinkedIn Users Will Soon Know What Jobs Pay Before Applying for Them
11:01 PM
Unilever’s CMO on ‘Moving Meaningful Money’ in Push for Tech Platforms to Clean Up Content
11:01 PM
Will Consumers Develop Romantic Relationships With Their Virtual Assistants?
11:00 PM
The Winter Olympics Exceeds NBC Sports’ Ratings Guarantees, Freeing Up More Ad Inventory to Sell
10:35 PM
Agency Creatives Offer Their Own #MeToo-Era Takes on the Classic Valentine’s Day Card
10:35 PM
If You Make It ‘Facebook Official’ Around Valentine’s Day, Messenger Perks Up
10:09 PM
Meredith’s Focus on Magazines for Women Will Likely Mean Selling SI and Time
08:51 PM
Google Just Threw Its Hat Into the Stories Ring With the Launch of AMP Stories
07:59 PM
Arby’s Knows What Unites Humanity, and It’s Not the Olympics
07:59 PM
Mercedes-Benz Appoints Publicis as Global Agency Network and Digital Agency
07:33 PM
Snapchat Is Opening Up Its Marketing Platform to All Ad-Tech Players and Agencies
07:07 PM
Fox’s Ad-Tech Subsidiary TrueX Hires Former ABC Executive as CEO
06:41 PM
Whatever You’re Into, AT&T Has More of It, Says New Consumer Campaign
06:41 PM
Move Over Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate, Sweethearts Are Now the Most Popular Valentine’s Candy
06:41 PM
Fearless Girl Is Getting a Permanent Home in NYC, Though She May Be Relocated
05:49 PM
McDonald’s Absurdly Lavish ‘Bling Mac’ Ring Could Be Yours, If You Love It Enough
05:23 PM
How These 3 Tech Companies Revamped Their Products to Improve the Customer Experience
05:23 PM
Omnicom Hires First Chief Talent Officer of Global Client Leaders
04:57 PM
Facebook Messenger: Here’s How to Add a New Contact
04:31 PM
Instagram Unleashes the Ultimate Weapon for Marketers