October 22nd, 2019
05:32 AM
Twitter Wants Its Users’ Help in Developing Its Policies on Deepfakes
05:06 AM
Facebook Shuts Down More Coordinated Inauthentic Activity in Iran, Russia
12:21 AM
Esports Brands Are Now Focusing on Maintaining Players’ Health
12:21 AM
Twitter and YouTube Rethink Verification, Causing Problems for Content Creators and Brands
12:21 AM
Big Tech Is Implementing More Privacy Measures Thanks to Public Scrutiny and a Changing Market
12:21 AM
Patent Filings for Generative AI Have Grown 500% This Year as Brands Test Its Potential
October 21st, 2019
11:29 PM
Here Are the Creative Winners From Europe’s Golden Drum Festival
11:29 PM
One of the Best Diss Tracks About New York Is Courtesy of … a Cincinnati Agency?
11:03 PM
Facebook Provides Its Latest Update on Efforts to Safeguard the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election
09:19 PM
Twitch Brings on Former Zynga Executive Doug Scott as CMO
08:53 PM
Vevo Celebrates 10 Years of Music Videos
08:27 PM
After Wrapping Big Bang, Chuck Lorre Is Still Making a Big Impact on Broadcast—and Streaming
08:27 PM
Cindy Holland Relies on Data and Gut Instinct to Help Netflix Disrupt the TV Industry
08:27 PM
An AI’s ‘Dreams’ Become an Immersive Art Exhibit That Reimagines New York
07:35 PM
Hyundai America Announces New CMO
07:09 PM
Nielsen Can Now Measure (Some) Amazon Prime Video Ratings
06:43 PM
Australian Newspapers Redacted Their Front Pages for Press Freedom
06:17 PM
Impeachment Could Mean Less Ad Space for Brands
06:17 PM
Still Alive and Kik-ing: MediaLab Acquires Messaging App That Was Headed for Shutdown
05:51 PM
Rubicon Project Adds Header Bidding Tools With RTK.io Acquisition
05:25 PM
LinkedIn: Here’s How to Cancel an Event
05:25 PM
On the Adweek Podcast: The Making of the 2019 Hot List
05:25 PM
Bid Shading Is Covering for Inefficient Programmatic Algorithms
05:25 PM
Why Brands Need to Put the Consumers’ Wants and Needs at the Heart of Marketing Strategies
04:33 PM
George Clooney, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Nespresso Put a Spotlight on Puerto Rico’s Recovery
03:15 PM
HP Calls Out the Many Ways Technology Has Stripped Our Lives of Authenticity
03:15 PM
Break Your Artistic Block With Adobe’s New Amazon Alexa Skill
03:15 PM
NASA, Luster Team Up on 3D Mosaic Sculpture to Display Space Fans’ Photos
02:23 PM
Conoco’s 47-Minute Lo-Fi Mix Will Make You Fall in Love With Audio All Over Again
02:23 PM
Facebook Wants to Know the Apps You Download and Delete
01:05 PM
Revealing Adweek’s Hot List Winners; 2 CMOs Step Down: Monday’s First Things First
02:16 AM
The 2019 Publishing Hot List: The Print and Digital Media Brands Paving a Way to Profitability
02:16 AM
How the Producers of Friends Made a Show That’s as Popular Now as It Was 25 Years Ago
02:16 AM
How Programmatic Disruption Is Creating a Fourth Era of Digital Marketing
02:16 AM
The 2019 TV Hot List: The Year’s Biggest and Buzziest Shows, Networks and People
02:16 AM
Presenting the Winners of Adweek’s Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Awards
02:16 AM
The 2019 Hot List: The Digital, Publishing and TV People and Brands That Shined Brightest
02:16 AM
The 2019 Digital Hot List: The Platforms and Innovators That Shaped a Pivotal Year
02:16 AM
For Ava DuVernay, ‘Heart-Expanding’ Storytelling Matters More Than the Medium
October 19th, 2019
10:07 PM
Kimberly-Clark’s CMO Is Stepping Down
October 18th, 2019
11:35 PM
Brands Should Work With Influencers, But Only If They’re Smart About It
11:09 PM
Here’s How Xandr’s TV Ad Tool Will Work After Clypd Acquisition
09:51 PM
Anheuser-Busch Accuses MillerCoors of Stealing Trade Secrets
09:25 PM
Drink at Your Own Risk: Liquid Death Hires Witch Doctor to Hex Its Water
09:25 PM
Hyundai Motor America CMO Dean Evans Steps Down
08:07 PM
The View’s Sunny Hostin Looks at Victims’ Side of Crime in New Series
07:15 PM
Why Candidates Need to Have a Solid Video Marketing Strategy Come 2020
07:15 PM
How Brands Can Navigate the Political Minefield
06:49 PM
Condé Nast Italia Releases First US Magazine, La Cucina Italiana
05:31 PM
LinkedIn: Here’s How to Create an Event
04:13 PM
Uber Tries Ads to Guide Airport Travelers as Rideshare Is Pushed Out
03:47 PM
Holiday Ads Have Started; Learn About Influencer Marketing: Friday’s First Things First
01:11 PM
Rothy’s Won’t Chase Trends—It’s Making Them
02:21 AM
Facebook’s Tweak May Cause Organic Page Impressions to Drop
01:29 AM
5 Key Parts of Mark Zuckerberg’s Talk on Free Speech at Georgetown University
01:03 AM
AT&T’s Xandr Prepares to Buy Clypd from RTL
12:37 AM
6.5 Million People Watched Netflix’s Breaking Bad Film El Camino on Opening Weekend
October 17th, 2019
10:28 PM
GYK Antler CEO Travis York Founds York Creative Collective
09:36 PM
With Just the Right Level of Sappiness, Cost Plus Kicks Off the Holiday Season Early
09:10 PM
B8ta Is Moving Beyond Consumer Electronics and Entering Fashion and Lifestyle
07:52 PM
Arnold Splits With CEO Kiran Smith After 15 Months
07:52 PM
The ‘Quietest Library on Earth’ Faces a Noisy Coup in Design Army’s Stylish New Spot
06:34 PM
5 Celebs Who Are Experts at Branding Themselves
06:34 PM
How Zefr Uses Humans to Help YouTube’s Less-Than-Perfect Targeting
06:08 PM
Music Is in the Air for Facebook and Instagram Users in More European Markets
04:50 PM
Instagram Stories: Here’s How to Use GIFs in Create Mode
04:24 PM
Apple, Google and Amazon Remain Top Brands While Facebook Falls
03:32 PM
Snapchat Begins Testing Dynamic Ads That Work Off Brands’ Product Catalogs
03:32 PM
Movies That Changed Advertising; Netflix Eyes Its Competition: Thursday’s First Things First
03:32 PM
How Will Airlines Handle the Return of Boeing’s 737 Max 8?
03:06 PM
WWE Inspires Wild Office Brawl in Fox’s Friday Night SmackDown Spots
03:06 PM
Voice Is Top of Mind for Citi’s Global Consumer CMO Jennifer Breithaupt
02:14 PM
How Social Media Will Factor Into the Next Presidential Election
12:49 AM
Customizable Templates Roll Out for Stories Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger
12:23 AM
AdFin’s Bid to Bring Transparency to Programmatic Ends as It Shutters Its Doors