September 10th, 2019
07:27 PM
The News Isn’t Unsafe, and Brands Need to Recognize This Through Their Advertising
07:27 PM
AdRoll Group Rebrands as NextRoll, Promising Deeper Dives Into Data
07:01 PM
Facebook Will Phase Out Its Account Kit in March 2020
06:09 PM
8 Democratic Candidates Create One Ad Calling for a #GunSafetyPresident
05:43 PM
Facebook Tries to Be Proactive With Stricter Location Data Settings Coming to iOS and Android
04:51 PM
Facebook: Here’s How to Share Content from Spotify to Stories
04:51 PM
AT&T Audience Network’s Future Remains Unclear as Its Biggest Show Returns
04:25 PM
GQ Launches New Sports-Focused YouTube Channel
03:59 PM
The Atlantic Expands In-House Agency With Acquisition of Design Firm
03:07 PM
Why Harry’s Is in No Rush to Hop on the Amazon Bandwagon
03:07 PM
Adobe Adds a Photoshop-Like Tool for Data
12:57 PM
IPG’s Leadership Changes; Tide’s Latest Meta Ads: Tuesday’s FTF
12:57 PM
This Sex Toy Company Learned What Not to Do When Building a Brand
12:31 PM
Glossier’s Biggest Campaign Ever Is All About Real People
01:16 AM
Tide Goes Meta Again, Crashing Through the NFL, The Voice and Superstore
September 9th, 2019
10:41 PM
Alpacas Get Funky New ‘Dos in Samsung’s Playful Galaxy Note 10 Campaign
10:41 PM
Here’s How Amazon Will Impact the Entire Advertising Ecosystem
09:49 PM
E! President Adam Stotsky Stepping Down
09:49 PM
Here’s Gartner’s Advice for Marketers with Shiny Object Syndrome
08:31 PM
Index Exchange Brings the Ad Tech Supply Chain Out of the Shadows
07:39 PM
Viacom’s Ad-Free Streaming Service BET+ Will Launch Sept. 19
06:47 PM
Wunderman Thompson Appoints Cleve Gibbon as Chief Technology Officer in North America
06:21 PM
Publicis Sapient Hires Accenture Vet as Chief Talent Officer
05:55 PM
In a Bid to Strengthen Its Independence, Barkley Buys Back All of Its Stock
05:03 PM
Group Nine Media Raises $50 Million from Discovery, Axel Springer
05:03 PM
These Sly Ads Show the Key Difference Between a New and Refurbished iPhone
05:03 PM
Spotify and Snapchat Are Rolling Out an Integration on iOS, Android
05:03 PM
On the Adweek Podcast: Agency Drama Heats Up Miami
04:11 PM
Chad Tully Returns to Twitter as Industry Director, Travel
04:11 PM
Looking at 4 Major Ways GDPR Has Altered the Marketing Landscape
04:11 PM
IPG Signals Its Future With a Trio of Significant Leadership Changes
04:11 PM
Former Top Creative at JWT, CPB and Barton F. Graf Joins Tombras
03:45 PM
Facebook: Here’s How to Add a Constituent Badge to Your Content
03:45 PM
Facebook and Instagram Are Testing New Shopping Features
03:19 PM
Goodway Group Names Paul Frampton as European Chief of Firm’s Performance Spin-Off
03:19 PM
Shopbop Celebrates 20 Years By Embracing What They Aren’t Known For—Brick and Mortar
02:27 PM
Warner Bros. Scares Up Another Marketing Hit With ‘It: Chapter Two’ Immersive Experience
01:09 PM
Friends Turns 25; Twitter Bots Are Getting More Realistic: Monday’s First Things First
September 7th, 2019
12:58 AM
On the 20th Anniversary of WWE’s Smackdown, W+K Celebrates Wrestling’s Fans
12:07 AM
NFL Huddles Up With Reddit for a New Partnership
September 6th, 2019
11:15 PM
The Inspiration Behind the 2019 US Open’s Bright and Bold Poster
10:49 PM
2K Sports Teams Up with Snapchat on Marker Lens for NBA 2K20 Debut
10:23 PM
As 2020 Election Nears, Twitter Bots Have Only Gotten Better at Seeming Human
10:23 PM
ThinkProgress Abruptly Shutting Down
09:57 PM
Facebook, Microsoft and the Partnership on AI Form the Deepfake Detection Challenge
09:31 PM
Holding Company Plan A and Badger & Winters Back Out of Deal as JCPenney and Agency Split
09:31 PM
9 Attorneys General Will Investigate Facebook for Antitrust Issues
09:05 PM
General Motors Appoints Deborah Wahl to CMO
08:39 PM
Inside the Friends 25th Anniversary Experience in New York
08:13 PM
The Right Strategy, Culture and Partners Will Spark Digital Transformation
07:21 PM
Diageo Is Reviewing Its $320 Million Global Media Account
06:03 PM
Krispy Kreme Will Exchange Any Pumpkin Spice Product for a Pumpkin Spice Doughnut
06:03 PM
Spotify and Michelob Ultra Get Super-Personal With Customized Playlists for Your Next Run
05:11 PM
6 Steps to Prepare for Inevitable Changes to Data Privacy
05:11 PM
Facebook: Here’s How to Add Town Hall Updates to Your Feed
04:45 PM
The Brady Bunch Siblings on the TV House Props They Were Most Excited to Restore for HGTV
03:53 PM
Ford and W+K Celebrate Modern Explorers Who Reach for the Stars—and the Rotisserie Chicken
12:51 PM
Google and AT&T Reveal New Ad-Tech Tools; Facebook Dating Is Now a Thing: Friday’s First Things First
12:18 AM
AT&T’s Xandr Monetize Is Ad Tech for the Open Internet
September 5th, 2019
11:52 PM
Uber Eats Shows You a Side of Guy Fieri You’ve Definitely Never Seen
11:26 PM
Climate Change Activists Ask Jeff Bezos to Buy the Amazon Rainforest
11:00 PM
Facebook Watch Adds News Shows From European Publishers to Its Menu
10:34 PM
How Activision Blizzard Is Using Nielsen to Cut Through Faulty Esports Numbers
10:34 PM
Cruise Lines Pledge $1 Million Each for Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts
10:34 PM
Vaccines Now Have Medically Accurate, Inclusive and Free Stock Photos, Thanks to Self
09:42 PM
Facebook Dating Arrives in the U.S: Here’s What You Need to Know
08:50 PM
3 Things to Keep in Mind When Clicking on a Story
07:06 PM
YouTube’s New Fashion and Beauty Hub Teaches Brands to Think Like Vloggers
07:06 PM
Here’s a Look at the Campaigns That Won Gold in This Year’s Clios
06:40 PM
Bustle Digital Group Taps New York Times’ Elizabeth Webbe Lunny as First EVP of Revenue
05:22 PM
Lower Ad Fraud Will Be Achieved Once Increased Incrementality Takes Place
05:22 PM
Fanta Taps Snapchat’s Marker Tech AR Lenses for Its ‘It’s a Thing’ Campaign
04:56 PM
After Months of Preparation, Google Set to Roll Out First-Price Auctions
04:56 PM
Americans Trust Police, But Not Advertisers, to Use Facial Recognition Technology Responsibly
04:04 PM
Facebook: Here’s How to See Weather Forecasts for Another City