October 24th, 2018
02:01 AM
YouTube TV Is Taking Over the World Series Again With AR Ads and That Infamous Red Play Button
01:35 AM
Omnicom Picks Up Mercedes-Benz’s $950 Million Global Media Business
01:09 AM
Why Are Ouija Boards Still So Damn Creepy?
October 23rd, 2018
11:51 PM
Facebook Just Introduced Messenger 4, a Simplified Version of Its Flagship Messaging App
10:59 PM
Spotify and Warner Bros. Created a Spot With 3D Sound to Promote A Star Is Born
10:59 PM
Beto O’Rourke Was Facebook’s Big Spender on Political and Issue Ads From May Through Oct. 20
09:15 PM
The NYPD Is Investigating the Murder of a Longtime Agency Copywriter
09:15 PM
How Marketers and Telcos Can Collaborate Despite a Constantly Fluctuating Market
09:15 PM
Teens Watch Netflix Over Other Streaming Services, Survey Finds
08:49 PM
This Hilarious Ad Busts the Idea That Life Was Better Without Smartphones
07:57 PM
SoundCloud Is Now Integrated With Instagram Stories
07:31 PM
On the Adweek Podcast: Challenger Brands
07:31 PM
Hulu Subscribers Can Add On Starz Ahead of Outlander Season 4 Premiere
06:39 PM
How Brands Can Traverse These 3 Common Music Partnership Misconceptions
06:39 PM
The More, the Merrier: 6 People Can Now Participate in Video Chats via Instagram Direct
06:13 PM
Brands Should Take a Stand on Societal Issues But Avoid ‘Goodwashing,’ Study Says
05:47 PM
Facebook Removed 68 Pages and 43 Accounts in Brazil for Misrepresentation, Spam
05:47 PM
Here’s How 5G Will Change the Wireless Internet as We Know It
05:46 PM
Refinery29 Is Laying Off About 40 Employees
05:19 PM
Iconic Brand Mascots Are Shaving (and Growing) Mustaches to Support Men’s Health
05:19 PM
YouTube Revealed Costumes, Trailers and Other Things Trending for Halloween
05:19 PM
Condé Nast Reorganizes Ad Team Under Pamela Drucker Mann
04:53 PM
Planters Is the Newest Brand With a Beer, Which It’s Calling Mr. IPA-Nut
04:53 PM
T-Mobile Is Once Again Doubling Its #HR4HR Hurricane Relief Donations During the World Series
04:53 PM
The Cruel Halloween Trick of ‘Please Take One’ Is No Treat in New Reese’s Ad
04:27 PM
Creator Kenya Barris Has Stepped Back, but Black-ish Will Continue Featuring Integrations
04:01 PM
If You’re Willing to Drive 12 Hours, Popeyes Will Reward You With Free Chicken
01:50 PM
Prepare for These 4 Changes on Facebook Within the Next Year
01:16 AM
This Ad for Ubisoft’s New Game Is a Heart-Pounding, Fantastic Voyage to Wild Worlds
01:16 AM
This Creative Shop Focuses on Women Over 40, a Group Advertising Often Ignores
01:16 AM
What a Decentralized Web Means for Digital Advertising
12:50 AM
Haymaker’s Chief Creative Values Hybrid Talents Above All
October 22nd, 2018
10:40 PM
In These Charmingly Creepy Halloween Ads, the Undead Want to Talk to You About Life Insurance
10:40 PM
Oculus Co-founder Leaves Facebook Just a Month After Instagram Co-founders
10:14 PM
Grey Wins Creative Review for McCormick & Co. and Frank’s RedHot
09:22 PM
There Have Been Nearly 10 Million MLB Playoff-Related Tweets Since Oct. 2
08:56 PM
An Opioid Addict’s Three-Day Detox Was Streamed to an NYC Video Display
08:56 PM
The Drone Racing League Is Changing the Way Brands Partner With Sports Leagues
08:04 PM
4 Ad-Tech Stories You Need to Know This Week
07:38 PM
This Robot Insurance Agent Cries Fake Tears in New State Farm Ad
07:38 PM
This Marketing Agency Rented a Penthouse Apartment for Influencers to Use as a Photo Studio
06:20 PM
MDC Partners’ DonerLA Names Its First President
05:54 PM
Snapchat Joined Forces With the Ad Council for National Bullying Prevention Month
05:02 PM
10 Scary Movies to Stream for Halloween
05:02 PM
YouTube Ranked the Top 6-Second Ads on Its Platform
04:10 PM
How to Avoid Being Scammed by Bid Caching Schemes
04:10 PM
Why Magazine Covers Are Making A Comeback
03:44 PM
How to Transform From a Traditional Marketing Sphere Into an AI-Proficient One
03:18 PM
Pinterest Shared 6 Steps for Brands Prior to Kicking Off Their Ad Campaigns
01:34 PM
How 8 Ecommerce Companies Are Competing Against the Old Guard
01:34 PM
David Lynch and Showtime Are Creating a Virtual Reality Experience for Twin Peaks
01:33 PM
As Beverage Brands Flirt With Cannabis, Mastering Social Media Will Be Key
02:19 AM
15 Status Quo Defiers Distinguishing Themselves as the Latest Generation of Challenger Brands
02:19 AM
Local Ecommerce Players Around the World Are Giving Amazon and Walmart a Run for Their Money
02:19 AM
Instagram’s Future as a Social Commerce App Looks Murkier Than Ever
02:19 AM
3 Ways to Ensure Your Video Content Resonates With Your Audience
02:19 AM
Why Big Agency Names Aren’t Nearly as Relevant as They Once Were
02:19 AM
Challenger Brands intro
02:19 AM
Infographic: How Brands Can Target Millennial Women During the Holidays
12:09 AM
Adweek’s Third Elevate Installment Shed Light on Blockchain’s Effect on Advertisers and Publishers
October 20th, 2018
02:14 AM
AMC’s Charlie Collier, and Not Gary Newman, Will Run Fox Network After the Disney Merger
October 19th, 2018
10:46 PM
Turner Shuts Down Super Deluxe
09:54 PM
Jimmy Kimmel Tells New Yorkers Trump Will Overhaul Lincoln Center With Mediocre Brands
08:10 PM
After Almost 4 Years, Lenny Letter Shuts Down
07:44 PM
This Cosmetics Ad From Japan May Be the Most Romantic Love Story of the Year
07:18 PM
Cross-Device Measurement Got a Boost With the Release of Facebook Attribution
06:26 PM
What Blockchain Will Mean for Advertisers and Publishers
06:26 PM
Facebook Video Ad Metric Lawsuit Prompts Publishers to Revisit the ‘Pivot to Video’
06:25 PM
Sprint Is Selling Hulu’s Live TV Service as an Add-On Option for Subscribers
06:25 PM
The Facebook Journalism Project Is Teaming Up With Storyful to Train Reporters and Editors
06:00 PM
The Washington Post’s Chief Revenue Officer Abruptly Leaves the Company
05:34 PM
WhatsApp: Here’s How to Send a Document in a Chat
04:16 PM
How to Turn Creative Tension Into an Inspired Creative Product
03:24 PM
3 Ways to Craft a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign
03:24 PM
Tenjin and Branch.io Are Becoming Snapchat Mobile Measurement Partners