May 26th, 2017
07:26 PM
Seal Gets Eaten by a Shark in Discovery’s New Ad for Shark Week
06:57 PM
Coca-Cola Made Detachable Bottle Labels That Worked as Wristbands at Music Festivals
May 25th, 2017
10:38 PM
This 4-Minute Ad for an All-Natural Deodorant Is About as Different as the Product Itself
09:40 PM
The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor on Tinder Is Literally the Last of His Kind
07:15 PM
A Snack Brand Put Serial Killers in Its Videos in Spectacular Twitter Fail
04:21 PM
Nissan’s Stupidly Satisfying Self-Parking Office Chairs Just Won a Much-Deserved Award
03:52 PM
This Hearing Aid Becomes a Vibrating Bracelet at Night to Keep the Wearer Safe
May 23rd, 2017
07:53 PM
A Menacing Black Hole Embodies Marketers’ Greatest Fears in the Latest MailChimp Campaign
02:34 PM
Meet the Robotics Wiz Behind Old Spice’s Giant Mechanical Sea Creature
01:36 PM
Netflix Got Pete Souza, Obama’s Photographer, to Shoot ‘Candids’ of Frank Underwood
May 22nd, 2017
06:16 PM
Twin Peaks Returned Once Before, in These Surreal Japanese Coffee Ads From 1993
03:22 PM
Will AI Take Creative Jobs? Judging by These Paint Names, Probably Not Today
May 19th, 2017
10:36 PM
Old Spice Made a Giant Robotic Sea Beast, and Wants You to Run Its Bizarre Life This Weekend
May 18th, 2017
06:06 PM
These Incredible Play-Doh Ads Took 948 Pots to Make, and They’re for Grownups as Much as Kids
03:41 PM
Kendall Jenner Returns to Advertising in a More Familiar Role
May 17th, 2017
10:17 PM
Why the Marketing of Wonder Woman at Warner Bros. Is Coming Under Fire
09:19 PM
This Pop-Up Travel Agency Let Visitors Smell 16 Different Places in Europe
09:19 PM
Yo, Anything Goes in These Insane Ads for the Brooklyn Film Festival
08:21 PM
The Martin Agency’s Latest Fun Preroll Stunt: An Ad That Skips Itself
05:56 PM
Silicon Valley Fans, Rejoice! Jian-Yang’s Not Hotdog App Is Now Available on iTunes
05:27 PM
WestJet Got Vegas-Bound Passengers to Play the Biggest Game of All Even Before They Landed
03:31 PM
JWT Created a Free Public Wi-Fi Network That Sent Out a Very Disturbing Signal
May 16th, 2017
05:47 PM
McDonald’s Pulls a Nationwide With This Tactless Ad About Boy and His Dead Father
04:20 PM
Shazam Suddenly Started Forgetting Song Titles to Highlight a Little-Known Fact About Alzheimer’s
May 15th, 2017
06:06 PM
This Mother’s Day Ad for Skittles Was So Unsettling, They Pulled It Off YouTube
04:10 PM
Toyota’s Cars Are So Safe Today, Its Crash Test Dummies Are Looking for Other Work
May 12th, 2017
03:42 PM
Save the Children’s ‘Child Mother’s Day’ Site Shines Light on Girls Forced Into Motherhood
May 11th, 2017
05:56 PM
This Creepy Ad’s Story of Young Love Sets a New Bar for Twist Endings
May 10th, 2017
07:43 PM
Ikea Tells an Adoption Story in Its Latest Tough Take on Family Life
01:55 PM
Vodafone Channels the Rhythms of Rap Music to Help Kids Who Stutter
May 9th, 2017
08:32 PM
Gap Found Real People, Not Models, for Its Summer Ads Celebrating American Diversity
06:36 PM
Can This Video With a Velociraptor Change People’s Minds About Bullfighting?
06:07 PM
That Classic Agency Character, the ‘Hovering Art Director,’ Is Now an Action Figure
05:38 PM
Heineken’s ‘Worlds Apart’ Gets Torn Apart in This Sharp Parody With ‘Unused Footage’
May 8th, 2017
03:32 PM
Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Embodying the Brand Message
May 5th, 2017
06:56 PM
This Bus-Stop Ad for The Young Pope Gives Off Puffs of White Smoke
05:29 PM
Selfridges Explores the Notion of ‘Home’ for a Diversity of Creative Youths
05:00 PM
This Creepy Doll Video Is Actually a Rallying Cry for ‘Natural Beauty’
04:31 PM
Hot Dog! Why Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile Rolled All the Way to a Remote Alaska Town
May 4th, 2017
05:49 PM
The ‘Grill God’ Preaches Better Barbecuing in This Unholy Ad for a Fancy New Grill
04:22 PM
The Real Story of a Pub’s Brilliantly Lazy Ad That Became a Viral Hit
May 3rd, 2017
06:09 PM
This Food Truck Is Also an Eye Test, Only Serving Food You Can Read Off the Menu
04:42 PM
Kaplan University Threw Its Nursing and IT Grads Into Real-Life Crises, With a Twist
04:13 PM
Johnny Depp Showed Up at Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, and Everyone Freaked Out
May 2nd, 2017
06:28 PM
PETA Cleverly Flips the Script and Presents Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People
05:59 PM
Mom Leaves an Indelible Mark in This Emotional Mother’s Day Ad for American Greetings
May 1st, 2017
09:41 PM
A Couple Are Alone Together in a City of Millions in Apple’s Latest iPhone Ad
08:43 PM
Domino’s Just Made Pizza Ordering 1,000 Times Geekier With Its Coolest Innovation to Date
04:22 PM
LGBTQ Pride Marchers Now Have Their Very Own Font for Signs
April 28th, 2017
04:52 PM
84 Lumber Heads to Space for Its First Commercial Since the Super Bowl
03:25 PM
Dominos Just Made Kilt Uniforms in Scotland Out of Its New Official Tartan
April 27th, 2017
09:32 PM
Ogilvy Made Bulletproof Ads to Protest Lax Gun Laws, and Put One in Front of the White House
07:36 PM
Selling Your Car Virtually? Kelley Blue Book Made a Robot to Shake Your Hand Afterward
04:42 PM
Pedigree Remarkably Flips the Script in Its Latest Pet Adoption Ad
April 26th, 2017
11:19 PM
Stay for the Credits: How Bonus Scenes Became a Crucial Part of Movie Marketing
08:25 PM
Spotify Has Songs for All Your Awkward Family Moments in Comical New Ads
06:58 PM
Burger King Is Launching a Video Game Delivery Service in Spain. We Went There to Test It
06:00 PM
Natural Beauty Is Great. But So Is Natural-ish Beauty, Says This Crazy Ad for a Lip Plumper
April 25th, 2017
09:12 PM
Ikea Had a Great Reaction to Balenciaga Making a $2,145 Version of Its 99-Cent Blue Bag
02:55 PM
A Small Agency Tried to Punk BBDO on Facebook, but BBDO’s Response Was Even Better
April 24th, 2017
07:36 PM
Mark Wahlberg Updates AT&T’s Terms and Conditions, and They’re Much Cooler Now
05:40 PM
The Burt’s Bees 360 Experience Takes You Inside Founder Burt’s 300-Square-Foot Cabin
04:42 PM
Forbes Shows How Different Its Billionaires List Would Look If Top Earners Were Women
April 22nd, 2017
04:23 PM
Apple Talks Up Its Environmental Efforts in Charming Animated Stories for Earth Day
April 20th, 2017
09:23 PM
Breasts Sing Their Own Praises in Freaky Follow-up to Famous ‘Manboobs’ Ad (SFW-ish)
06:00 PM
A Stock Photo Agency Just Made the Cattiest (and Most Insane) Cat Video on the Internet
05:31 PM
This TV Show Is So Raunchy, the Network Made Toys to Distract Children While Parents Watch
April 19th, 2017
08:15 PM
To Sell 4K TVs, Panasonic Crafted an Ad for the Greatest Film Never Made
07:46 PM
IBM Watson’s New Job as Art Museum Guide Could Hint at Lots of Future Roles With Brands
06:48 PM
How Dove Is ‘Hacking’ Photography to Change the Way Advertising Depicts Women
April 18th, 2017
08:33 PM
Playful Ads Show the Many Things PayPal Can Do for You Every Day
08:04 PM
Why These Ad Students Are Really, Really Obsessed With One Droga5 Exec in Particular
07:35 PM
Columbia Records Launched This New Artist by Matching His Songs Exactly to Your Heartbeat
06:37 PM
How Virgin Atlantic Is Not-So-Silently Mourning the Loss of Virgin America
03:14 PM
Why Mindy Kaling Is Doing Ads for McDonald’s That Never Mention McDonald’s