July 21st, 2017
10:20 PM
Cam Newton Was Creative Director on This Campaign for His C1N Shoe by Under Armour
05:01 PM
Fruit of the Loom’s New Ads for Breathable Underwear Revel in the Product’s Awkwardness
03:05 PM
How Cleveland Reacted to a Series of Strange Billboards, and What It Says About Outdoor Ads
July 20th, 2017
08:13 PM
McDonald’s Apparel Is Here, So Make Room in Your Closet Next to Your KFC and Pizza Hut Swag
07:44 PM
Kids on Bikes Outride ADHD in This Cinematic, High-Energy Ad From Goodby Silverstein
04:50 PM
All Your Favorite Englishmen and Women Pop Up in British Airways’ New Flight Safety Video
04:21 PM
GoldieBlox’s Foot-Tapping New Ad Is a Shout-out to the Many Female Icons of the Past Year
03:23 PM
Why BBDO Rolled Out a Food Truck in NYC That Served Poisonous Meals
02:25 PM
Under Armour Tells Its Women Athletes’ Stories Through Poetry in Artful New Ads
July 19th, 2017
10:29 PM
Lyft Colorfully Took Over a Los Angeles Car Wash to Thank Its Drivers With $1 Washes
07:35 PM
Honda, W+K Take a Drive Through the Creative Process of Filmmaking in Lush New Ad
06:37 PM
Life’s a Crazy Carousel in This Gorgeous, Tuneful Spot for Nestlé Chocolate
02:45 PM
A New Baby Upends an Older Sister’s Life in McDonald’s Latest Heartwarming Ad
12:49 PM
The New ‘It Can Wait’ PSA Is Comically Slapstick, Until It Turns Deadly Serious
July 18th, 2017
07:54 PM
A Look Back at the Audacious Air Force One Graffiti Stunt That Put Droga5 on the Map
07:25 PM
After Slicing up a Fart Sandwich, Square’s Twitter Ninja Says ‘Staying Silent Would Be Deadly’
06:27 PM
Heinz Develops ‘Chicago Dog Sauce’ for the City That Won’t Put Ketchup on Its Hot Dogs
04:31 PM
Pornhub and Nina Hartley Roll Out a Sex-Ed Campaign for Seniors in Retirement Homes
04:02 PM
This Remarkable Bus-Wrap Ad Brings the Syrian War to the Streets of Copenhagen
July 17th, 2017
08:13 PM
Tourism Ireland Wove a Remarkable 250-Foot Tapestry Telling Game of Thrones’ Whole Story So Far
07:15 PM
Taco Bell Makes Fun of ‘Sadvertising’ With a Not-So-Poignant Story of Not-So-Long-Lost Friends
06:46 PM
Leo Burnett Invited Ordinary People to Record Voices for a Museum’s Dinosaurs and Other Specimens
03:52 PM
Reebok Scolds Trump With Flow Chart About When (Not) to Say ‘You’re in Such Good Shape’
01:56 PM
See Nike’s Irreverent Ad Congratulating Roger Federer on His 8th Wimbledon Title
July 14th, 2017
01:27 PM
The 10 Most Watched Ads on YouTube in June
July 13th, 2017
09:30 PM
This Buzzy Pop Singer’s New Video Has a Notable Costar: Hyatt’s Confidante Hotel
09:01 PM
Finish Line’s New Ads From Innocean Are as Fresh as the Shoes in the Store
07:34 PM
How Hollywood Markets Final Chapters in a World Where Nothing Can Ever End
07:05 PM
And the 2017 Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Commercial Are…
05:38 PM
‘Just Do It’ Is Easier Said Than Done in Nike’s Fun New Ad Campaign
04:11 PM
Heaven Is an Odd Place Indeed in This Peculiar, Otherworldly Ad for Pillows
03:42 PM
KFC Is Now Selling Apparel, Home Goods and a Meteorite Shaped Like a Chicken Sandwich
04:35 AM
Laughter Isn’t the Best Medicine in This Entertaining Ad for a Comedy Festival
03:37 AM
How an Obscure 1971 Allstate Commercial Became the Best Wedding Present Ever
July 12th, 2017
07:52 PM
Toss Out That Baby Book! Fridababy Saves New Parents in Its First Brand Campaign
06:54 PM
Burger King Is Now 3-D Printing Prosthetic Hands, All the Better to Eat Whoppers With
06:25 PM
Air France Made a Fancy Chewing Gum to Soothe Your Ears During Takeoff and Landing
05:27 PM
The 25 Best Ads of 2017 (So Far)
03:31 PM
Mayim Bialik and SodaStream Study the Primitive ‘Homoschlepiens’ and Their Bottled Water
July 11th, 2017
11:33 PM
Volvo Curated a Whole Photography Exhibit of Images Shot by the Camera in Its XC60
09:37 PM
‘Cards Against Humanity for Her’ Is the Same Game, but the Box Is Pink and It Costs $5 More
06:43 PM
Watch David Droga’s Emotional Rallying Cry to the Ad Industry at Cannes Lions
03:49 PM
Volvo Trucks and This 3-Year-Old Set a Guinness World Record With Latest Big Stunt
03:49 PM
This Classic Nike Ad from 1999 Had a Splendid Take on Unconventional Beauty
July 10th, 2017
06:33 PM
JetBlue Let Kids Plan, and Pay for, Their Next Family Vacation in Its Latest Charming Stunt
05:06 PM
These Two Well-Written Ads Perfectly Show How Humans Are Getting Stupider by the Day
03:39 PM
American Greetings Takes on Infertility In Its Latest Card Campaign for Millennials
03:10 PM
Adidas Got Women Artists to Design One-of-a-Kind Sneakers for All 50 States
July 7th, 2017
05:05 PM
Michael Madsen Takes It Outside in Hawking Recoil, the Real-World Battlefield Game
05:05 PM
Ford Invented a Whole Neurosis to Get People to Visit Its Repair Shops
04:36 PM
9 Neighbors From Hay Day, the Farming Video Game, Just Met Up on an Actual Farm
03:09 PM
Old Spice Finally Made Some Ridiculous Ads That Both Teen Boys and Their Moms Can Love
July 6th, 2017
10:15 PM
KFC Made a Weird Animatronic Harland Sanders Robot to Take Your Drive-Thru Order
04:56 PM
Wieden + Kennedy Made 100 Ass-Shaped Vases for London Pride Week
04:27 PM
Kissing Is Contagious in Absolut’s Lovely First Ad From BBH Celebrating ‘Equal Love’
04:27 PM
Heineken 0.0’s First Ads Prove You Can Have Fun Without Alcohol
July 5th, 2017
06:41 PM
This Brand’s Money-Saving Ads Just Show the Actors Auditioning for Them
04:16 PM
Get Caught Up on Game of Thrones With This Shrewd, Surprising Chatbot
03:47 PM
The Story Behind Lego’s Brilliant Print Ads From the Cannes Festival
June 30th, 2017
04:54 PM
Watch the Whimsical 10-Minute Film Michel Gondry Made for Apple Using Only an iPhone
03:27 PM
Spider-Man Now Has a High-Tech Suit, but This Influencer Campaign for the Movie Went Pure DIY
01:31 PM
VML Made a Not-for-Children Children’s Book Based on Tragic Stories From Inner-City Youth
June 29th, 2017
08:36 PM
Wieden + Kennedy’s First Ads for Instagram Were Made Almost Entirely Within the Stories App
08:07 PM
The Grimmest Ad at Cannes Trod Familiar Ground but Was Still a Gut Punch
07:09 PM
Oreo Is Sending Experimental Flavors, From Kettle Corn to Avocado, to Individual Fans
05:13 PM
The Year’s Weirdest Ad Is So Completely Bonkers, It Crosses Over Into the Sublime
04:15 PM
Kia Welcomes a New Hamster and It’s the Littlest, Wildest, Cutest One Yet
03:46 PM
Droga5 Brings Together Descendants of America’s Founders for Its First Ancestry.com Ad
03:17 PM
State Farm Breathes Life Into the Possessions We Love in Evocative ‘Backstory’ Campaign
June 28th, 2017
10:23 PM
Spike Lee Hits the Streets for Hat Store Lids in Documentary-Style Ad
09:25 PM
A Nosey Baby Elephant Knows Best in This Cute Commercial for KP Nuts
09:25 PM
Lady Gaga Surprised Middle School Students for This Staples Ad Supporting Teachers
08:27 PM
A Woman Comes With an Expiration Date in This Chinese Brand’s Latest Provocative Ad
07:58 PM
The 19 Best Outdoor Ads of the Year, as Judged in Cannes
06:02 PM
KFC Changes Its Name to K’ehFC in Canada for Country’s 150th Birthday