April 23rd, 2019
01:43 PM
Outlaws could be the name of the next Arkham game, but don't trust those leaked images just yet
01:17 PM
"I am an emotional wreck" – Read the first spoiler-free reactions to Avengers: Endgame
11:59 AM
The Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 trailer teases bloodshed before next week's 90-minute battle
11:33 AM
What’s new on Netflix US this week? (April 22-28)
04:11 AM
Marvel releases every MCU post-credits scene - here are the ones you need to see before Avengers: Endgame
03:19 AM
Anthem's upcoming update will feature a new Stronghold, bug fixes, and more
02:01 AM
Fortnite could be getting Battle Pass gifting in season 9
01:09 AM
Fans are all about Jon Snow's direwolf Ghost finally returning in the final season of Game of Thrones
April 22nd, 2019
11:26 PM
Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 is "our last night together" says producer
11:00 PM
This Minecraft remake of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's pre-Calamity Hyrule Castle even impressed Nintendo
10:34 PM
Play Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition for free until May 5
10:08 PM
Kingdom Hearts 3 adding ultra-hard Critical Mode difficulty in tomorrow's free update
09:16 PM
Forget Game of Thrones, the new Detective Pikachu trailer is here to break you
07:58 PM
See how God of War was made with Raising Kratos, a feature-length documentary coming soon from Sony
07:06 PM
Spider-Man PS4 programmer shares obscure Easter egg that went unnoticed for 8 months
06:14 PM
Sekiro patch notes: Blazing Bull nerf, Combart Art changes, easier Divine Confetti, and more
05:48 PM
Fortnite is getting an Avengers: Endgame crossover this week
11:44 AM
"The most wholesome episode ever" – The internet reacts to Game of Thrones season 8, episode 2
April 21st, 2019
03:24 PM
How to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2
01:14 PM
Introducing FIFA 20’s most wanted league: Indonesia's Go-Jek Liga 1
April 19th, 2019
11:33 PM
Wild Destiny 2 lore theory suggests players themselves are main characters
10:41 PM
Live that post-apocalypse biker life with this free Days Gone PS4 theme
08:31 PM
No Man's Sky player recreates the Notre Dame Cathedral in space
08:05 PM
Assassin's Creed Unity flooded with positive Steam reviews in support of Notre Dame restoration
05:03 PM
Bungie finally details Destiny 2 Spectral Blades nerf
04:11 PM
SFX Hot Topic: What do you think of the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?
12:11 AM
Destiny 2's Revelry event turned PvP into a clown fiesta and players aren't happy
April 18th, 2019
11:19 PM
Apex Legends' Gibraltar and Caustic buff is bugged and I feel bad for the big boys
10:27 PM
Alleged Left 4 Dead 3 leak is 29 exceedingly dull screenshots
08:17 PM
Avengers: Endgame footage shows a cool new energy shield for Iron Man
07:25 PM
After over 11 years, the Burnout Paradise servers will close this summer
07:25 PM
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players use new Stage Mode to flood Nintendo app with penises
06:33 PM
Castlevania Anniversary Collection release date and full lineup revealed, including 2 Castlevania 2s
06:07 PM
Game of Thrones gets a visit from Sesame Street's Elmo and it's perfect
05:41 PM
New Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 images tease Jaime’s judgement, and a Daenerys/Sam reconciliation
04:49 PM
Fortnite World Cup Creative features five community-made levels with a $3 million prize pool at the end
01:47 PM
Master Chief has been cast in Showtime's 2020 Halo TV series
12:55 PM
Wholesome news alert: Gamers are helping this person preserve an Xbox controller signed by his late mom
12:29 PM
WB Montreal is about to announce a Destiny-style Suicide Squad game, according to leaked marketing materials
12:29 PM
The Witcher TV show is coming in late 2019
12:03 PM
Report: A smaller, cheaper, and more portable Nintendo Switch is releasing this Fall
11:11 AM
Dragged Across Concrete director defends his controversial police drama
April 17th, 2019
11:30 PM
Game of Thrones' season 8 premiere had a helping hand from… George Lucas?!
10:12 PM
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Joker from Persona 5, Stage Builder Mode, and more to check out now
09:20 PM
The Division 2's first raid delayed to May to make room for a "large amount of balance changes"
07:10 PM
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic could return as a movie or show in a "developing" project
07:10 PM
The Last of Us Part 2 ending has been shot, so we could get a release date soon
05:26 PM
Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free as a nod to the Notre Dame Cathedral
02:24 PM
The cancelled Aliens game was basically a horror Mass Effect
01:32 PM
The Disney+ MCU shows will interact with the movies "in a very big way" according to Kevin Feige
01:32 PM
The PS5 price tag will be "appealing to gamers" says its lead architect... whatever that means
12:40 PM
Xbox's Phil Spencer promises big E3 announcements to make up for PlayStation's absence
12:40 PM
Borderlands 3 is going to have more endgame content than Borderlands 2, and my body is ready
11:48 AM
The Curse of La Llorona introduces The Conjuring's newest bogey(wo)man, with no spooky dolls in sight
12:32 AM
Risk of Rain 2 patch notes: flaming enemies and the Magma Worm get the nerfs they deserve
12:07 AM
Destiny 2 Revelry event: the Arbalest Exotic, Verdant Forest, new armor, and everything you need to know
April 16th, 2019
11:41 PM
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles in Xbox Live Gold for one monthly subscription
11:41 PM
Apex Legends Battle Pass XP bonus event is live now, don't miss the easy levels
09:31 PM
Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis DLC starts next week with Episode One: Fields of Elysium
08:13 PM
Capcom's new plug-n-play arcade system is an absolute unit
05:11 PM
Death Stranding PS5 could happen, but it will definitely be a PS4 game too
03:27 PM
BREAKING: Sony finally confirms the PS5 is coming, it's backwards compatible, and more
01:43 PM
Game of Thrones would last 13 seasons if it had followed the books, says George R.R. Martin
01:17 PM
New Anthem survey discovers over half the playerbase at launch has already quit the game for good
12:25 PM
How to avoid Avengers: Endgame spoilers, so you can browse the internet stress-free
12:25 PM
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order apparently has serious Metroid and Zelda Wind Waker vibes
12:25 PM
"Ragnarok is coming": New God of War PS4 theme might be secretly teasing a sequel
01:09 AM
Become Daenerys the Dragonborn with this impeccable Skyrim mod
12:18 AM
Apex Legends players are using bugged supply bins to soar over the map
April 15th, 2019
11:00 PM
Get a God of War theme and avatar set for free this week to celebrate its anniversary
11:00 PM
Cayde-6 lives on in a new Destiny 2 comic featuring one of his killers
09:42 PM
Overwatch's newest Archives event, Storm Rising, starts with Tracer on a motorcycle - what more do you need?
08:24 PM
Nolan North is doing an Uncharted Let's Play with Troy Baker and it's amazing
08:24 PM
New Avengers: Endgame footage shows Ant-Man flying (probably right up Thanos' ass)
06:14 PM
New Borderlands 3 art yields more teasers and Borderlands 2 Shift codes