April 23rd, 2019
01:43 PM
Epic Games Store exclusivity helps Phoenix Point achieve 191% return
12:51 PM
Is it Game Over for traditional PR?
11:59 AM
GAME and GameStop shrug off Xbox One S All-Digital Edition threat
11:07 AM
Chinese streaming platform DouYu files for $500m IPO
10:15 AM
Skybox Labs: Development and co-development in broad vistas
09:23 AM
Keywords acquires Japanese mobile studio Wizcorp
08:31 AM
Tencent raises minimum age for "digital lock" to 16
April 22nd, 2019
11:26 PM
Mortal Kombat 11: Critical Consensus
10:34 PM
Over 200 Fortnite World Cup prize winners caught cheating
08:50 PM
PUBG Corp sees $920 million in 2018 revenue
07:58 PM
UK Charts: World War Z lurches to the top in debut week
05:22 PM
Kitfox: People are more important than projects
10:26 AM
CCP Games: EVE Online's tech is "absolutely at its breaking edge"
April 19th, 2019
10:41 PM
European Esports Federation to be formed with 12 countries
09:49 PM
South Korean FTC examining consumer regulations surrounding in-game purchases
08:57 PM
China introduces new game approval process, limiting total approvals per year
05:29 PM
Nintendo stock leaps following Switch approval in China
04:37 PM
Code to Inspire is creating "Afghan Hero Girls" through education
09:41 AM
Diverging paths: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's radically different visions | Opinion
12:11 AM
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's new Stage Builder mode is recommending inappropriate content
April 18th, 2019
08:43 PM
Streamlabs: Twitch is still streaming king, though YouTube is gaining ground
05:15 PM
Life after EVE Online: From intergalactic warfare to "elegant, cosy" card games
04:23 PM
Iraq bans PUBG, Fortnite
04:23 PM
GamesIndustry.biz Magazine Issue 3 will debut at E3 2019
03:31 PM
Eight ways the UK games industry can work better with education
03:31 PM
Battlefield V and Pode lead Nordic Game Awards nominations
02:39 PM
Tencent cleared to distribute Nintendo Switch in China
12:03 PM
The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast: PlayStation 5 vs disc-less Xbox
12:03 PM
AbleGamers launches new accessibility website
11:11 AM
Stillfront Group doubled profits in 2018
11:11 AM
Mojang sets March 2022 date for Minecraft movie premiere
11:11 AM
Actor Will Smith joins $46m investment into esports organisation Gen.G
10:19 AM
Branded for success | Opinion
09:27 AM
Sony promises "appealing" price for new PlayStation console
09:27 AM
Game Informer Australia closes as GameStop cuts costs
02:31 AM
More powerful Nintendo Switch reportedly delayed due to technical issues
01:39 AM
Finnish games industry employed over 3,000, brought in over $2b in 2018
April 17th, 2019
11:56 PM
Student sues CEO of Minecraft Education Edition's Chinese publisher
10:12 PM
Ubisoft offering Assassin's Creed: Unity for free following Notre-Dame fire
10:12 PM
Ninja named to Time 100
10:12 PM
Gamigo shuts down Atlas Reactor
05:52 PM
Top 25 public game companies grossed over $100bn combined revenue last year
03:16 PM
"Picking the right door" with the future of Unity
03:16 PM
GameStop offers full refunds on selected new releases returned within 48 hours
01:32 PM
Blizzard: "We're crafting stories for a global audience so our team needs to reflect that"
11:48 AM
Google opens applications for Indie Game Accelerator
11:48 AM
Iraqi lawmakers consider ban on violent games
10:56 AM
Education summit highlights divisions between UK universities and studios | Opinion
10:04 AM
Gamescom to debut Geoff Keighley fronted live show
01:24 AM
Rocket League nixes loot boxes in Belgium, the Netherlands
12:32 AM
Fortnite cheat maker exposes professional player cheating in World Cup
April 16th, 2019
11:41 PM
Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launches May 7
11:41 PM
Microsoft announces Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
09:05 PM
Sony says #MeToo, streaming behind stricter limits on sex in games
08:13 PM
Natsume launches Indie Program
07:21 PM
Backers have pledged over $1b total to games on Kickstarter
07:21 PM
Jen MacLean joins Amazon Game Tech
05:37 PM
Plug In Digital reveals plans for China office
05:37 PM
Capcom rolling out its own retro system
04:45 PM
Line-up revealed for Stand Up for GamesAid comedy night
04:45 PM
ISFE calls on European gambling authorities to tackle online skin betting
03:53 PM
Amy Hennig: AAA industry is at "an interesting crossroads" with storytelling
03:53 PM
Machine learning bots beat DOTA 2 world champions in best-of-three
03:53 PM
Unraveling Undertale
03:52 PM
Next PlayStation will have discs, backward compatibility
01:17 PM
Native American nation files lawsuit against Valve over skins gambling
12:25 PM
Miyazaki vs Ueda: The path to compelling fantasy
11:33 AM
Devolver: Publishing Weedcraft Inc "has been a nightmare"
10:41 AM
Disc-less Xbox One leaks ahead of expected reveal
09:49 AM
Forza goes free-to-play with Forza Street
08:57 AM
UK Charts: The Division 2 holds No. 1 in another week without big releases
12:43 AM
UK Charts: The Division 2 holds No. 1 in another week without big releases
12:18 AM
Twitch launches first game, Twitch Sings
April 15th, 2019
11:26 PM
Gayming Magazine to launch in June
11:26 PM
Microsoft overhauling HR complaint process