December 6th, 2019
10:01 AM
Rockstar and Nintendo fill top five in Metacritic's Games of the 2010s
10:01 AM
Nintendo Switch faces an uphill slog in China | Opinion
02:14 AM
Kongregate acquires browser and mobile 2D battle royale
02:14 AM
Wildlife Studios raises $60m, now valued at $1.3b
01:22 AM
Black Friday saw US mobile game spending hit nearly $70m
December 5th, 2019
11:39 PM
NetEase launches its own cloud gaming platform in beta
11:39 PM
Riot Games reveals new publishing label, Riot Forge
10:47 PM
Ex-Razer employees accuse CEO of abusive behavior
04:43 PM
Gameloft UK shuts down
03:51 PM
How God of War converted a non-believer
02:59 PM
People of the Year 2019: SonicFox and Blitzchung
11:31 AM
Avakin Life dev Lockwood Publishing closes Leamington Spa studio
11:31 AM
The dawn of streaming requires contract revisions
10:39 AM
Call of Duty Mobile made almost $87m in its first two months
02:00 AM
Sony pulls PS4 Lineup video after accusations of plagiarism
01:08 AM
CD Projekt Red will shut down Gwent on consoles
12:16 AM
Nintendo Switch sees best US sales week ever
12:16 AM
Microsoft shareholders reject call for gender pay gap report
12:16 AM
Ex-Human Head devs sued by Rune II publisher
December 4th, 2019
07:56 PM
Microsoft's cheaper, discless next-gen Xbox reportedly still in the works
05:20 PM
"Winning and measuring engagement is no longer enough"
03:36 PM
Owlcat Games raises $1m for new Pathfinder video game
02:44 PM
XR Games secures £1.5m investment
02:44 PM
People of the Year 2019: Remedy Entertainment
01:52 PM
Persona 5 has sold 3.2m copies worldwide
01:00 PM
ESL reportedly shuts down Spain, France branches, UK is "at risk"
01:00 PM
Dicebreaker launches news and reviews site to serve thriving tabletop community
12:08 PM
Tencent launching Nintendo Switch in China next week
12:08 PM
Logitech commits to carbon neutrality by 2030
11:16 AM
EA removes Marco van Basten from FIFA 20 after Nazi comment
01:45 AM
Call of Duty Mobile is Google Play's best game of 2019
01:45 AM
Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin step back from executive roles
12:53 AM
In the Valley of the Gods "on hold" indefinitely
12:53 AM
Fired Google employees accuse company of union-busting
12:02 AM
E3 media study shows declining media attendance, coverage
December 3rd, 2019
05:58 PM
People of the Year 2019: Playing for the Planet Alliance
04:14 PM
PlayStations 1-4 have sold more than 450 million systems
03:22 PM
What will the next UK gaming IPO look like? | Opinion
12:46 PM
Sky: Children of the Light and Hyper Light Drifter among Apple's Games of the Year
12:46 PM
Xbox One was the UK No.1 games console over Black Friday
11:54 AM
Quantic Dream to pay former employee €7,000 over offensive photoshopped image
11:02 AM
EA donating $500,000 to Team Trees
10:10 AM
Are publishers doing enough with their brands? | Opinion
02:22 AM
Black Friday weekend digital game spending reached record $4.36b
01:30 AM
Riot Games to pay out $10m to former employees in gender discrimination settlement
December 2nd, 2019
09:11 PM
Toys R Us opens two new US stores following 2018 liquidation
09:11 PM
YouTube lightens restrictions on violent video game content
05:43 PM
Did "Fewer, Bigger, Better" actually work?
04:51 PM
Video Games Without Borders wins UN Refugee Agency's Innovation Award
04:51 PM
Dean Hall's Rocketwerkz offers unlimited annual leave
03:59 PM
People of the Year 2019: Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham
03:07 PM
The Podcast: How unconscious bias is holding back the industry
12:31 PM
Area28 raises $2.15m for cloud-based development platform
10:47 AM
Star Citizen hits $250m raised through crowdfunding
08:11 AM
Jingle Jam raises $500k for charity in one day
12:23 AM
Sea of Thieves is No.4 as Black Friday transforms UK Charts
November 29th, 2019
04:59 PM
Patrice Désilets: Ancestors fell foul of critics' expectations
04:59 PM
Football Manager 2020 releases at No. 1 in EMEAA charts
12:39 PM
Atari VCS enters final stages of pre-production following series of delays
12:39 PM
Meet the young developer turning her severe anxiety into a games career
10:55 AM
Google hires senior Assassin's Creed developers to build Stadia games
09:11 AM
Half-Life: Alyx changes the game for VR exclusives | Opinion
09:11 AM
Astralis Group plans first ever IPO for an esports team
09:11 AM
CD Projekt dismisses investor fears over Cyberpunk and Half-Life: Alyx release clash
November 28th, 2019
07:20 PM
Codemasters buys Slightly Mad Studios for $30m
04:44 PM
Overcoming unconscious bias in the games industry
01:16 PM
Oxventure raising money for Mind with Xmas charity single
12:24 PM
The truth about revenue sharing | Opinion
12:24 PM
Sega's John Clark moves to Tencent Europe
12:24 PM
Samsung reveals PlayGalaxy Link streaming app
12:23 PM
Genvid closes $26m Series B round
12:23 PM
Phil Spencer: "Nobody's asking for VR" on Xbox
12:23 PM
Shenmue III comes up short in the Japanese chart
12:23 PM
Mike Pondsmith: "If you want to get somebody to see your point of view, don't preach"
12:23 PM
Candy Crush Soda Saga and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle hit $2b lifetime revenue