February 16th, 2019
02:33 AM
Class action lawsuit against Niantic reveals proposed settlement terms
February 15th, 2019
11:57 PM
505 Games and XD Network partner to bring Human: Fall Flat to China
10:13 PM
AFL-CIO urges games industry to unionize
08:29 PM
Minecraft on mobile sees best year so far
07:37 PM
Disney promotes Jedi: Fallen Order with game-inspired toy range
05:01 PM
Tencent in talks to bring Apex Legends to China - Report
04:09 PM
Cultist Simulator passes 100,000 sales after first year
03:17 PM
Major games publishers are feeling the impact of peaking attention
03:17 PM
Next Games laying off 26 staff to cut costs
02:25 PM
Improbable hires former EA, DreamWorks exec as its new CTO
01:33 PM
The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast: Activision's record year and redundancies
01:33 PM
Alfonso Ribeiro denied copyright to Carlton dance, damaging Fortnite lawsuit
12:41 PM
134 jobs in danger at Blizzard's French office
11:49 AM
Apex Legends beats Fortnite record for single-day Twitch viewing
10:57 AM
Tencent joins Netmarble consortium in Nexon bid
09:13 AM
Stubbornness over cross-play reminds us of bad old Sony
04:01 AM
Yusuke Hashimoto departs PlatinumGames
01:26 AM
TinyBuild raises $15 million in Series A funding
February 14th, 2019
11:43 PM
Amazon Moments lets mobile developers offer digital and physical incentives
10:51 PM
Rewarding profit and nothing else | Opinion
09:10 PM
Plug In Digital raises $2.25 million for expansion to Asian markets
08:18 PM
Why Ubisoft moved The Division 2 to the Epic Games store
08:18 PM
Ubisoft holds steady in Q3 despite competitive holiday
03:58 PM
From pages to polygons: The storytelling of Metro Exodus
03:58 PM
No link between violent video games and increased aggression in teens, study finds
02:14 PM
Nintendo's greatest strength this generation is self-acceptance | Opinion
01:22 PM
Rovio prepares to sell Hatch following lacklustre financials
12:30 PM
Battle of Polytopia dev donating IAP revenue to solar energy firm
11:38 AM
God of War sweeps 2019 DICE Awards
11:38 AM
Game Workers Unite sparks campaign to fire Activision Blizzard CEO following mass layoffs
10:46 AM
Vainglory's vision of a cross-platform future
01:15 AM
Activision-Blizzard staff cuts largely hurt support teams, IT, QA, and publishing
12:23 AM
WWE Hall of Famer sues Activision for character copyright infringement
February 13th, 2019
08:55 PM
Esports now officially a profession in China
08:02 PM
AppLovin: Mobile users play games 3-4 times per week on average, but are reluctant to identify as gamers
04:34 PM
Apex Legends: Critical Consensus
03:42 PM
Double Fine, Gearbox and Versus Evil are looking to meet indie developers at PAX East
03:42 PM
Ubisoft partners with Mozilla on AI coding assistant
02:50 PM
Activision split with Bungie because Destiny “was not meeting financial expectations”
01:06 PM
Epic Games files for dismissal of 2 Milly's Fortnite dance lawsuit
01:06 PM
Konami halts sales of PES 2019 currency in Belgium over loot box ruling
12:14 PM
Riot Games: "Before we take on football, we have to be humble"
12:14 PM
Devs refute Sony claims that it's "open for business" with cross-platform play
12:14 PM
THQ Nordic net sales rose 713% to $447.6m in 2018
12:13 PM
Reawakening the fears of the past with Resident Evil 2
12:13 PM
VP of product development Jeronimo Barrera departs Rockstar Games after 20 years
12:13 PM
THQ Nordic buys Australian publisher 18Point2
12:13 PM
THQ Nordic acquires Warhorse Studios in a €33.2m cash deal
12:13 PM
Activision-Blizzard reportedly shutters King's Seattle studio
12:13 PM
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy has sold over 10m units
12:13 PM
Activision Blizzard sees "record year," plans to lay off hundreds
12:13 PM
Nexon celebrates record year for revenue and income
12:13 PM
Russ Pitts steps down from Take This, on leave from Escapist
12:13 PM
PS3 was "a stark moment of hubris" - Layden
12:13 PM
Newzoo: Global esports market will exceed $1 billion in 2019
12:13 PM
Failbetter: Sunless Skies did "far better than we needed it do"
12:13 PM
Gaming disorder diagnosis puts industry at risk - ESA
February 12th, 2019
03:26 PM
Novaquark opens Montreal studio, hires ex-Eidos exec Stéphane D'Astous
03:26 PM
Dark Slope secures $1.5 million in seed funding
02:34 PM
EA pays respects to Emiliano Sala, removes him from FIFA
01:42 PM
Unity reportedly considering IPO for 2020
12:50 PM
Activision Blizzard share price slumps to two-year low
11:06 AM
Sonic Mania dev Christian Whitehead co-founds new studio Evening Star
10:14 AM
Starbreeze sells System Shock 3 publishing rights
10:14 AM
Supercell revenue down second year in a row as titles reach revenue milestones
02:53 AM
Apex Legends reaches 25m players, 2m concurrent
02:53 AM
Jim Ryan appointed Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO
February 11th, 2019
10:33 PM
Shawn Layden: "The world has changed, but E3 hasn't necessarily changed with it"
09:41 PM
Bigben acquires publishing rights for two Cyanide titles
09:41 PM
EEDAR: Nintendo Switch attracting more women, wider age ranges over time
05:23 PM
"We had a bush-fire back then, but we're about to go through a flash-fire now"
01:56 PM
Blacklight: Retribution shutting down in March
01:04 PM
Sumo Digital opens new mobile studio in Leamington Spa
12:12 PM
Google has no plans to lower its 30% cut
11:20 AM
UK Charts: Red Dead Redemption 2 back at No.1