September 25th, 2020
10:37 AM
RuneScape to launch on Steam
10:37 AM
Rocket League passes 1m concurrent players
09:45 AM
Microsoft won't try to buy industry dominance | Opinion
September 24th, 2020
10:30 PM
GameHERs awards announced for November 19
10:30 PM
Live-action Yakuza movie is in the works
09:38 PM
Japan is Xbox's fastest growing market
08:46 PM
Amazon announces new cloud gaming service, Luna
08:46 PM
Tribeca Film Festival issues call for games submissions
03:34 PM
Stadia Makers say transition to Google's platform challenging, but rewarding
03:34 PM
Snap Games hires Kongregate and Facebook executives
01:50 PM
German consumers spent more than €3.7bn on games in H1 2020
01:50 PM
Tranzfuser in the time of Coronavirus
12:58 PM
EA, Microsoft and Epic Games join Raising Good Gamers' advisory board
12:06 PM
Kalypso Media opening publishing office in Japan
11:14 AM
Xbox Series X, S orders sell out
11:14 AM
India needs an industry where games like Raji can thrive
10:22 AM
Among Us 2 cancelled in favour of expanding the first game
September 23rd, 2020
09:23 PM
Fall Guys had the highest-earning PC launch since Overwatch in digital revenue
08:31 PM
Analyst expects PS5 and Xbox Series to sell 1.5m each in North America this year
07:39 PM
Spellbreak reaches over five million players
07:39 PM
Among Us hours watched on Twitch spiked 650% from July to August
05:03 PM
The Game Awards set for December 10
04:11 PM
GameDiscoverCo founder: "It's not selling out" to use metrics in development
03:19 PM
Mike Morhaime's new games company dreams of being an industry beacon
01:35 PM
Games industry a "prime target" for cyber attacks
01:35 PM
Ubisoft apologises after male-only Assassin's Creed promo video
12:43 PM
Mike Morhaime founds new games company, Dreamhaven
12:43 PM
UK Government launches call for evidence on loot boxes
11:51 AM
Nintendo sued for planned obsolescence over Joy-Con drift
10:59 AM
Luck is a failing strategy for developers | Opinion
10:59 AM
Melbourne International Games Week reveals nine days of online events
10:07 AM
Digital Bros. driven to full-year profit by Remedy's Control
09:15 AM
Apple launches online store in India this week
02:19 AM
Microsoft is open to still more games acquisitions
September 22nd, 2020
06:32 PM
Epic leads $15m funding round in Manticore Games
05:40 PM
Simon Carless launches GameDiscoverCo
04:48 PM
Beyond COVID-19: Lessons from an unprecedented global challenge
03:04 PM
Facebook: Why genre matters in mobile gaming
03:04 PM
Voodoo wins plagiarism lawsuit against Zynga-owned Rollic Games
02:12 PM
Spider-Man Remastered won't get physical PS5 release
01:20 PM
Why playable teasers are way better than demos
01:20 PM
Microsoft commits to becoming "water positive" by 2030
01:20 PM
Microsoft still determined to get Xbox Game Pass on iOS
12:28 PM
Gamecity Hamburg offers funding for devs to attend events
12:28 PM
Super Mario 3D All-Stars beats Avengers to No.1 | UK Charts
11:36 AM
Activision says Call of Duty account hack reports are false
09:52 AM
China is ready for the PS5 and Xbox, even if Sony and Microsoft aren't ready for China | Opinion
09:00 AM
Reboot Develop Blue delayed to April 2021
12:21 AM
Microsoft's GamePass now has over 15m subscribers
September 21st, 2020
09:45 PM
Blizzconline to take place February 19 and 20
08:53 PM
Game streaming start-up Playco lands $100m in Series A funding
08:01 PM
Krafton makes Bluehole into an independent subsidiary
07:09 PM
Skullgirls, Indivisible veterans form new studio, Future Club
06:17 PM
Google Stadia welcomes seven new games as part of its Makers program
05:25 PM
NPD analyst says higher next-gen prices shouldn't hurt sales
05:25 PM
PlayStation, pre-orders and preparing for next-gen | Podcast
04:33 PM
Legend of Grimrock leaves no stone unpressed | Why I Love
04:33 PM
"Instead of recycling your machines, can you donate them instead, please?"
03:41 PM
Xbox buys Bethesda parent ZeniMax
01:05 PM
Supercell ordered to pay $8.5 million for infringing Gree's patents
01:05 PM
Mobile Premier League raises $90m in funding
11:21 AM
Free Football Manager scores 1m new players on Epic Games Store
11:21 AM
How the UK games industry and education should work together
10:29 AM
Sony promises more PS5 pre-order stock for retailers
10:29 AM
Supergiant Games' Hades reaches 1m sales
10:29 AM
CD Projekt "shortened" Cyberpunk's campaign over length complaints
September 18th, 2020
11:34 PM
Amazon is telling those who pre-ordered PS5s they may not get them at launch
10:42 PM
The average cost to acquire a mobile game user plummeted this year
09:50 PM
Jett: The Far Shore delayed to 2021
09:50 PM
Michel Ancel departs Ubisoft and the games industry
06:22 PM
Here are the winners of the 2020 UK Best Places To Work Awards
06:22 PM
Meet the 2020 UK Best Places To Work Awards winners
04:38 PM
Unity valued at $13.7bn after successful IPO
03:46 PM
Lab Rat dev skeptical of multiplatform launches and the virtues of virtual events
03:46 PM
Stardew Valley passes 2m downloads on mobile