October 18th, 2019
10:44 PM
US legislators: Blitzchung ban could have "chilling effect" on free speech
08:08 PM
Humble Monthly becomes Humble Choice
08:08 PM
Saber Interactive acquires Bigmoon Entertainment
08:08 PM
Onmyoji server shut down in Vietnam for violating local sovereignty laws
05:32 PM
Unity to raise subscription prices
04:40 PM
What Tilt Five learned from the funding, focus stumbles of CastAR
01:12 PM
Persona series clears 10m lifetime sales
01:12 PM
FIFA 20 tops EMEAA chart for a third consecutive week
01:12 PM
Deadtoast's My Friend Pedro nears 500k sales
10:36 AM
Should Nintendo go third-party? GamesIndustry.biz answers gamers' questions at EGX 2019
10:36 AM
Three million square miles of wilderness: How Silk advances a lost genre
09:44 AM
Xbox Game Pass users are playing 40% more games - including outside Game Pass
08:52 AM
Big spending whales aren't the problem with free-to-play games | Opinion
01:56 AM
NBA 2K20 slam dunks with best US launch month sales of any sports game ever
12:13 AM
Mario Kart Tour was the third most-downloaded mobile game in Q3 2019
October 17th, 2019
11:21 PM
Nintendo Switch has sold over 15m units in North America
10:29 PM
Call of Duty tosses loot boxes along with Season Pass, DLC map packs
09:37 PM
Google Stadia's controller is wireless, but only on TV at launch
08:45 PM
Nicecactus.gg raises €5m, launches €1m esports player fund
05:17 PM
Tilting Point acquires monetization firm Gondola
05:17 PM
Deca acquires four games from Gree
04:25 PM
National Literacy Trust and Penguin Random House researching link between games and literacy
12:57 PM
"All I understood was the company wanted me to work, so I worked, worked, worked"
12:05 PM
Unit 2 Games secures $5m investment from Makers Fund
10:21 AM
Diversity isn't only skin deep: Accommodating autistic and neurodiverse people
October 16th, 2019
11:06 PM
Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab continues blockchain focus
08:30 PM
US Hearthstone players banned for Hong Kong protest
07:38 PM
Google ending Daydream
05:54 PM
Analogue shows off Pocket retro portable
05:02 PM
German regulator begins process to ban Coin Master game
05:02 PM
How does the games industry solve its problem with music licensing?
02:26 PM
Sold Out ramps development efforts with key new hire
01:34 PM
Space Ape Games: "Chasing whales is not our strategy"
11:50 AM
Riot expands beyond League of Legends with rivals to Overwatch, Hearthstone and Street Fighter
10:58 AM
Stellaris mobile beta taken offline over stolen Halo assets
10:32 AM
Kine: From "artsy bullshit" to Stadia launch title and Epic exclusive
10:06 AM
Chris Remo, Denis Dyack and Austin Wintory added to Reboot Develop Red
08:22 AM
Untitled Goose Game honoured at Australian Game Dev Awards
October 15th, 2019
11:43 PM
Ex-Bungie president wants to offer "a job that fits in your life, not something that rules it"
09:59 PM
UPlay+ subscribers report repeat charges, suspended subscriptions, other issues
09:07 PM
Capcom: "We minimize gacha elements in the mobile games we develop"
04:47 PM
Google Stadia Pro launches November 19
03:55 PM
Two Hat: Stop tweaking your game and start fixing your community
02:11 PM
G2A: "There's no place in a business like ours for shadiness or fraud"
12:27 PM
Here's everything GamesIndustry.biz is doing at EGX
11:35 AM
Blizzard cancels Overwatch live event at Nintendo World in New York
10:43 AM
UKIE prepares no-deal Brexit advice
10:43 AM
Microsoft introduces swear filters for Xbox
October 14th, 2019
10:35 PM
Halo Infinite lead producer Mary Olson leaves 343 Industries
09:43 PM
Fortnite "shuts down" ahead of battle royale's Chapter 2
07:07 PM
Bendy and the Ink Machine studio Kindly Beast lays off just under 50
06:15 PM
World of Warcraft sees Q3 streaming rise
05:23 PM
The GamesIndustry.biz Podcast: Can Blizzard recover from Blitzchung?
04:31 PM
FIFA 20 retains No.1 as Grid reaches Top Five
03:39 PM
Latinx in Gaming takes over PAX South
01:03 PM
PUBG Mobile is highest-grossing smartphone game in Q3
12:11 PM
Blitzchung says he will "be more careful" following Blizzard statement
12:11 PM
NorthEdge Capital acquires Curve Digital parent Catalis
12:11 PM
What we can learn from... successful game teams
11:19 AM
Creative England launches new £24m investment fund
11:19 AM
Daybreak Game Company suffers more layoffs
09:35 AM
Hiro Capital is "determined to fill the post-seed gap" with new €100m fund
08:43 AM
Video sharing platform Medal.tv acquires Megacool.co
October 12th, 2019
07:48 AM
Blizzard: Chinese interests "had no influence" on Blitzchung ban
October 11th, 2019
11:08 PM
Esports mobile startup Meta Games gets $2m
11:08 PM
Mixer's other co-founder also leaves Microsoft
10:16 PM
Starbreeze splits into two new companies
09:24 PM
Blizzard forces name change for gay guild
09:24 PM
Riot Games directs casters and players not to discuss politics on air
08:32 PM
Blizzard "assessing the situation" surrounding blitzchung's ban as more protests mount
04:12 PM
Busy September charts see FIFA 20 take No.1
12:44 PM
FIFA 20 tops EMEAA charts for second week since launch
12:44 PM
PlayStation partners with InnovateHer on digital bootcamp for young girls
12:44 PM
Riot Games: "We aren't telling anyone to avoid saying 'Hong Kong'"
11:52 AM
Riot Games files trademark lawsuit against esports organisation Riot Squad