October 19th, 2020
11:27 AM
Sony looking into feedback on PS4's controversial new Party system
09:43 AM
Noita review - a merciless and utterly chaotic wizarding delight
October 18th, 2020
06:34 PM
"Undetected" Destiny 2 cheat service closes after cease and desist demand from Bungie
05:42 PM
A Total War Saga: Troy's photo mode rolls out later this week
04:50 PM
Fall Guys wants to know what rounds you like and dislike
04:24 PM
This cryptic tweet suggests Rainbow Six Siege might be on its way to Xbox Game Pass
03:58 PM
Dataminer discovers clues pointing to Apex Legends Arena Mode
02:40 PM
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta gets a 24-hour extension
09:28 AM
Why I race
October 17th, 2020
11:30 PM
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's new 16-bit death effect sparks realism debate
08:54 PM
Bethesda games don't have to launch on PlayStation for Microsoft's $7.5bn deal to pay off, Xbox boss insists
07:36 PM
Stardew Valley is getting split-screen co-op
07:36 PM
Classic LucasArts remasters are coming to Xbox Game Pass
06:44 PM
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters - in the beta
11:48 AM
Asus ROG Zepyhrus Duo 15 review: future visions
09:12 AM
The 99% Invisible City has a surprising amount to say about games
October 16th, 2020
11:40 PM
Sony moves to explain PS5's new voice chat recording and moderation in more detail
06:54 PM
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom New Lands currently free on the Epic Store
05:36 PM
Here's what a Crusader Kings 3 character with every disease looks like
05:36 PM
Analogue announces its take on the PC Engine
05:10 PM
This fantastic Disco Elysium Game Boy demake is like a trippy The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
05:10 PM
Marvel's Avengers next-gen versions delayed into 2021
04:44 PM
Cyberpunk 2077 comic exclusive to GOG
04:18 PM
Among Us players are falsely accusing each other of hacking
04:18 PM
You can save £5 off select PS5 and Xbox Series X/S games and accessories at Currys
04:17 PM
Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit launches today and it's getting in the way of people's cats
03:52 PM
Rain in Mortal Kombat 11 looks pourfect
03:52 PM
We're hiring for a video producer
03:00 PM
FF8 Remastered seeing physical release on PS4
01:42 PM
Pokémon Go tweaks its Mega Evolution mechanic yet again
12:24 PM
Humble has a huge arsenal of Worms games for cheap
12:24 PM
Don't expect any more new content for StarCraft 2
12:23 PM
FIFA 21 the first in franchise history to sell more digital than physical at launch
11:32 AM
Will The Elder Scrolls 6 launch on PS5? Welcome to the Eurogamer next-gen news cast!
01:09 AM
Two Point Hospital gets some movie magic in this month's Culture Shock expansion
12:17 AM
XCOM 2 Collection making its way to iOS next month
October 15th, 2020
10:07 PM
Borderlands 3 getting second season pass adding Designer's Cut and Director's Cut
08:49 PM
Cyberpunk 2077 shows off its fast cars and fancy clothes in latest livestream
06:39 PM
The internet briefly thought Sony was listening to PS4 party chat, and the memes rolled in
04:29 PM
Sega "didn't mean to dredge up painful memories" by releasing Golden Axed game made during crunch
04:29 PM
Next-gen optimised version of Destiny 2 launches in December
03:37 PM
Our first look at the PlayStation 5 user interface - and it could be a game-changer
03:37 PM
The Xbox Series X is the least console-feeling console I've had
03:36 PM
Xbox Series X and S launch lineup is a long list of optimised titles
03:36 PM
Planet Coaster's console edition will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X launch title
01:53 PM
Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account merge turns some headsets into "paperweights", affected users say
01:01 PM
PlayStation 5 lets you upload voice chats to Sony and report your awful party mates
11:17 AM
Devs and doggos: how Nodding Head made Raji while saving stray Indian dogs
12:53 AM
Rusty Lake's Cube Escape Collection bundles 9 wonderful, darkly surreal puzzlers on Steam
12:02 AM
You can carry Spider-Cat around in your backpack in Spider-Man: Miles Morales
October 14th, 2020
11:36 PM
Spider-Man: Miles Morales has a backpack so you can carry Spider-Cat around on your adventures
10:44 PM
Enjoy a 6-hour flight in real-time with economy class sim Airplane Mode from tomorrow
09:00 PM
Sega's 60th birthday celebrations include a free Yakuza x Streets of Rage 2 mash-up on PC
06:50 PM
Seven hours with Assassin's Creed Valhalla
06:50 PM
Here's a look at PUBG's dynamic map in action
06:50 PM
Sniper Elite 4 is heading to Switch in November
05:58 PM
Spelunky 2 considering tweaks to its frustrating early levels
05:06 PM
These Eurogamer 'Essential' games are going cheap for Amazon Prime Day
05:06 PM
Monster Hunter's latest movie trailer looks brilliantly bad
05:06 PM
FIFA 21 players are already relegating themselves a week after launch
04:40 PM
Annapurna Interactive's If Found arrives on Nintendo Switch next week
03:48 PM
Upgrade your PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC storage with these Prime Day deals
03:22 PM
Currys increases Xbox Series X/S pre-order prices by £2000, surprising some customers
03:22 PM
PlayStation 5 teardown: how Sony balanced build cost with performance
02:04 PM
Amazon sells out over Prime Day, but these discounted Nintendo Switch bundles are available at Currys
01:12 PM
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's default setup has you play as both male and female Eivor at various points
01:12 PM
Infinity Ward stealth-added a new shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone
12:46 PM
I got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC down from 231GB to 168GB
12:46 PM
PlayStation 4 update merges Party and Messages, improves 2FA
11:28 AM
Someone should make a game about: Blackwater Dam
12:38 AM
Age of Empires III, Tales of Vesperia lead October's next batch of Game Pass additions
October 13th, 2020
11:21 PM
Axiom Verge 2 is delayed into the first half of next year
10:03 PM
Digital Foundry's best deals from Prime Day so far: TVs, monitors, PC peripherals and storage
08:45 PM
Röki brings its beautiful Scandinavian folklore adventure to Switch this week
08:19 PM
Lonely Mountain: Downhill's volcanic Eldfjall paid DLC is out next week