January 25th, 2021
06:14 PM
Fortnite's February £10 subscriber-only skin is a new take on a fan-favourite
05:48 PM
The Witcher prequel Blood Origin has its lead warrior
04:30 PM
Prominent GTA Online cheat website shuts down "after discussions with Take-Two"
04:30 PM
Dragon Age 4 locations confirmed
03:38 PM
RuneScape developer Jagex bought again
03:38 PM
Nuts review - if you go down in the woods today
03:12 PM
FIFA 21 pro Harry Hesketh announces retirement after EA ban for "mum joke"
01:54 PM
Pokémon issues warning to Sword, Shield and Home hackers
01:28 PM
Pokémon Go errors catapult player to the front of level cap race
01:02 PM
The PC Engine CoreGrafx Mini is at its lowest price ever
12:36 PM
CD Projekt suggests potential workaround for game-breaking bug introduced with Cyberpunk 2077 1.1 patch
11:18 AM
Destiny 2's next-gen update puts a brilliant new expansion in the best possible light
January 24th, 2021
06:52 PM
This powerful Assassin's Creed Valhalla weapon is hidden in a magic pile of rocks
06:26 PM
35 pro CS:GO players have been banned for "betting-related offences"
05:34 PM
"We'll never guess" what studio is developing a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game
04:16 PM
Minecraft's Herobrine world seed has been discovered
03:24 PM
Dying Light 2 Collector's Edition leaks online
01:14 PM
Cyberpunk 2077 is now the biggest digital game launch of all time
01:14 PM
Canadian firm files fresh class-action lawsuit against Nintendo over Joy-Con Drift
January 23rd, 2021
08:48 PM
Resident Evil Village's Maiden demo helps fans piece together the tall vampire lady's backstory
08:48 PM
Genshin Impact 1.3 update hits early Feb
04:02 PM
Hitman 3 PC: the best settings - and how it stacks up against next-gen consoles
01:26 PM
Football fans question Mbappe's inclusion in FIFA 21's Team of the Year ahead of Messi and Neymar
12:34 PM
Don't Starve dev Klei Entertainment insists it "retains full autonomy" after Tencent buys majority stake
12:08 PM
Cyberpunk 2077 gets its first major patch
11:16 AM
Is Super Mario 64's movement STILL the best in gaming?
11:16 AM
Vicarious Visions reportedly working on a Diablo 2 remake at Blizzard
10:50 AM
Microsoft in shock Xbox Live Gold price hike U-turn
January 22nd, 2021
11:35 PM
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 studio Vicarious Visions has been merged into Blizzard
10:17 PM
Asobo shares new images and details of Flight Simulator's imminent UK makeover
08:59 PM
Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend are free to try this weekend on Steam
07:41 PM
Resident Evil Village: the Maiden demo examined on PlayStation 5
06:49 PM
Warframe's mech-based Operation: Orphix Venom update now available on consoles
05:57 PM
Mass Effect 2 writer discusses impact of Fox News on game's LGBTQ+ romances
05:05 PM
35 CS:GO players slapped with bans for betting offences
05:05 PM
Get an RTX 3060 Ti and Ryzen 5600X mini PC for £1099
04:13 PM
Microsoft announces Xbox Live Gold price hike
03:21 PM
Call of Duty community calls for Warzone anti-cheat after hacking allegations rock $250k Twitch tournament
01:37 PM
Skyblivion mod shows off remastered environments and quests
01:37 PM
What we've been playing
01:37 PM
Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers and more are discounted at Currys/PC World
01:11 PM
Tom Holland's Uncharted film delayed to 2022
12:19 PM
Terminator and Sarah Connor join Fortnite
11:27 AM
Dicebreaker Recommends: Forbidden Desert, a family-friendly board game that builds rock-hard bonds between players
11:27 AM
Why we're so excited for Resident Evil: Village and its very tall lady - it's the Eurogamer next-gen news cast!
01:04 AM
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is getting an expansion pass on Switch
January 21st, 2021
11:47 PM
Everything announced in today's Resident Evil showcase
10:55 PM
Sea of Thieves' inaugural battle pass season launches next week
09:11 PM
Space-based strategy Galactic Civilizations 3 is Epic's latest free game
06:35 PM
First look at Vietnam and its leader Lady Triệu in Civilization 6
06:35 PM
Cyberpunk 2077 modders are massively improving player customisation
06:09 PM
Here's our first look at King of Fighters 15's Meitenkun in action
06:09 PM
Frogwares shares more on investigatory adventure Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
06:08 PM
Hitman 3 tech review: the Glacier Engine shines on next-gen consoles
06:08 PM
Cancelled BioWare project Revolver shown in concept art
06:08 PM
Puzzle Quest 3 announced, free-to-play coming to PC and mobile
02:41 PM
The United Nations has made a game about saving the ozone layer
01:49 PM
Bezier is on Switch and it's a twin-stick delight
01:49 PM
Twitch bans Trump for good, promises further policy changes
01:49 PM
Herman Miller x Logitech reviewed: Embody Gaming chair, Nevi desk and Ollin monitor arm
12:57 PM
Zelda modder gives Link's Breath of the Wild house a makeover
12:31 PM
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury introduces four-player Captain Toad for first time
11:13 AM
Everspace 2 - lovely shooting, lovely looting, and the caves are brilliant too
11:13 AM
Ex-EA exec Peter Moore returns to gaming at Unity
January 20th, 2021
09:48 PM
Hitman 3 on Series X has a resolution advantage over PS5
06:20 PM
There's confusion over whether Fall Guys will join Xbox Game Pass
06:20 PM
Star Fox, F-Zero and Tingle designer leaves Nintendo after 30 years
05:28 PM
Chess is having a moment on Twitch
04:36 PM
The Elder Scrolls Ritual of Mara 10K gold ring will set you back $1000
04:10 PM
Fortnite will give away $20m in prize money this year
04:10 PM
Hitman VR - the verdict
03:44 PM
Zelda: Ocarina of Time demo leak reveals Link could once transform into Navi
03:44 PM
European Commission fines Valve and five publishers €7.8m for geo-blocking Steam games
01:34 PM
What Comes After is a cuddle and a kind word when you need it most
01:34 PM
Among Us devs explain why updates are "taking so long"