September 23rd, 2020
06:48 PM
Teachers deserve two screens, and Two Screens for Teachers aims to get them just that
03:20 PM
Japanese startup Nature launches Remo 3, its home appliance smart remote, in the U.S. and Canada
September 22nd, 2020
02:13 PM
Pure Watercraft ramps up its electric outboard motors with a $23M series A
September 21st, 2020
03:16 PM
The Lumos Matrix is the ideal urban bike helmet for a smarter, safer day trip
September 18th, 2020
09:25 PM
MIT engineers develop a totally flat fisheye lens that could make wide-angle cameras easier to produce
12:38 AM
Boston Robotics delivers plan for logistics robots as early as next year
12:38 AM
Amazon makes Alexa Routines shareable
September 17th, 2020
12:49 AM
JAWS architect Glen Gordon is joining Sight Tech Global, a virtual event Dec. 2-3
September 16th, 2020
10:13 PM
iOS 14 is now available to download
08:03 PM
TouchWood puts versatile, unobtrusive interfaces inside your desk, table and walls
07:11 PM
Four perspectives on Apple’s new service bundle
September 15th, 2020
08:34 PM
This is the new iPad Air, with Touch ID built into the power button
07:42 PM
Apple introduces the Apple Watch SE, a cheaper Apple Watch
01:30 AM
N95 masks could soon be rechargeable instead of disposable
September 14th, 2020
04:50 PM
Microsoft’s Project Natick underwater datacenter experiment confirms viability of seafloor data storage
September 9th, 2020
09:13 PM
AT&T customers can now make and receive calls via Alexa
07:03 PM
Voice assistants don’t work for kids: The problem with speech recognition in the classroom
September 8th, 2020
04:38 PM
Sennheiser’s MKE 200 on-camera microphone is the perfect home videoconferencing upgrade
02:02 PM
Peloton launches new Bike+ and Tread smart home gym equipment, both at $2,495
01:36 PM
Microsoft confirms compact, $299 Xbox Series S next-gen game console
September 4th, 2020
02:22 PM
Peloton said to be launching new, cheaper treadmill and higher-end stationary smart bike
01:04 PM
Qualcomm-powered Chinese XR startup Nreal raises $40 million
12:56 AM
Nintendo rips the seal off the next generation of nostalgia, but fans fret
September 3rd, 2020
09:02 PM
Amazon launches an Alexa service for property managers
07:18 PM
This Garmin GPS aims to improve motorsport’s lap times and more
02:58 PM
Philips Hue’s new Play gradient lightstrip promises a big upgrade for home entertainment spaces
September 2nd, 2020
07:56 PM
Deep Science: Dog detectors, Mars mappers and AI-scrambling sweaters
September 1st, 2020
10:16 PM
Dell’s U3219Q 32-inch 4K monitor provides a perfect home office upgrade
04:38 PM
Oral-B’s iO smart toothbrush is a big upgrade in just about every way
August 27th, 2020
10:19 PM
The reMarkable 2 improves on the original in every way, but remains firmly in its niche
03:49 PM
Amazon debuts Halo smart health subscription service and Halo Band wearable activity tracker
03:23 PM
Christopher Ward’s C1 Moonglow moonphase automatic watch is perfect for space lovers
August 26th, 2020
08:20 PM
The Positive Grid Spark is a versatile smart amp perfect for guitarists stuck at home
August 25th, 2020
03:20 PM
Nomad’s Base Station Pro with Aira FreePower tech finally realizes the promise of wireless charging
03:20 PM
Netgear debuts a new 15.6-inch Meural WiFi Photo Frame with automatic album syncing
03:20 PM
Level Home introduces Level Touch, a sleek smart lock that doesn’t advertise its intelligence
August 22nd, 2020
06:30 PM
Hey Apple, how about a MacBook SE?
August 21st, 2020
09:42 PM
Apple contends Epic’s ban was a ‘self-inflicted’ prelude to gaming the App Store
August 19th, 2020
04:51 PM
This looping aquatic treadmill lets tiny ocean creatures swim forever under the microscope
August 12th, 2020
08:18 PM
The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box makes any home theater a bit more theatrical
03:58 PM
The Oura Ring is the personal health tracking device to beat in 2020
August 11th, 2020
09:20 PM
Zin Boats reinvents the electric speedboat in a bid to become the Tesla of the sea
06:18 PM
Power electronics and wireless charging startup Eggtronic raises $10M Series A
03:16 PM
Google’s Lookout app for vision-impaired now scans food labels and long documents
August 7th, 2020
05:19 PM
LivingPackets hopes to nurture a circular economy with its smart parcels
August 5th, 2020
03:33 PM
Genki’s Covert Dock is the perfect dock for the Nintendo Switch – and other gadgets, too
August 4th, 2020
05:54 PM
Google-Fitbit deal to be scrutinized in Europe over data competition concerns
August 1st, 2020
12:47 PM
Apple’s partners and Samsung apply for India’s $6.6 billion local smartphone production program
July 30th, 2020
06:23 PM
The road to recurring revenue for hardware startups
July 29th, 2020
04:24 PM
Where is voice tech going?
July 27th, 2020
07:23 PM
MSCHF drops an ultrasonic jamming device add-on for your Amazon Echo
05:39 PM
Pre-orders for the Analogue Pocket retro portable game console start August 3, ships May 2021
03:55 PM
VCs and startups consider HaaS model for consumer devices
July 25th, 2020
06:27 PM
Garmin global outage caused by ransomware attack, sources say
July 24th, 2020
01:27 PM
Apple begins assembling iPhone 11 in India
July 22nd, 2020
07:54 PM
Mobalytics raises $11M and adds eye tracking metrics to its automated gaming coach
04:00 PM
Adding an external GPU to your Mac is probably a better upgrade option than getting a new one
July 21st, 2020
05:03 PM
Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay E8 Sport offer the best sound in workout-friendly true wireless earbuds
July 17th, 2020
06:12 PM
India smartphone shipments slashed in half in Q2 2020
July 16th, 2020
06:24 PM
EU antitrust lawmakers kick off IoT deep dive to follow the data flows
04:40 PM
The Espresso Display is a fantastic portable display for your Mac or PC
July 14th, 2020
07:12 PM
OpenCV AI Kit aims to do for computer vision what Raspberry Pi did for hobbyist hardware
05:54 PM
Logitech’s new Mac-specific mouse and keyboards are the new best choices for Mac input devices
03:18 PM
Asmoke’s portable pellet grill is super affordable and great for small spaces
July 10th, 2020
05:45 PM
Nanoleaf’s new Hexagon Shapes are a surprisingly lively and organic addition to your home decor
July 9th, 2020
05:31 PM
The best WiFi 6 home networking tech to upgrade your setup
04:13 PM
Canon’s new R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras offer big video upgrades, bird eye autofocus and more
July 8th, 2020
04:50 PM
The TourBox adds a touch of tactile control to your editing workflow in a portable package
July 3rd, 2020
02:12 AM
Festo’s latest biomimetic robots are a flying feathered bird and ball-bottomed helper arm
June 29th, 2020
07:26 PM
The iRig Pro Duo makes managing advanced audio workflows simple anywhere
June 26th, 2020
04:57 PM
With feature updates and new accessories, the RODECaster Pro is a podcaster’s dream come true
June 24th, 2020
11:24 PM
The Loupedeck CT is a fantastic, flexible editing console for Mac and PC
June 23rd, 2020
06:23 PM
Wyze launches its $50 wire-free outdoor camera
June 22nd, 2020
09:11 PM
Apple will let you emulate old apps and run iOS apps on ARM Macs
09:29 AM
Watch Apple’s WWDC keynote live right here