August 17th, 2017
06:55 PM
A defense company put a machine gun on a drone
05:57 PM
Nintendo’s Splatoon 2 Switch bundle will be a Walmart exclusive
04:01 PM
Essential Phone now available to order, ships soon to pre-sale customers
02:05 PM
Android newbie HMD’s Nokia 8 flagship lets you livestream ‘frontbacks’
01:03 AM
Protecting 3D printers from cyberattacks could be as simple as listening carefully
August 16th, 2017
10:38 PM
Ofo comes to the US, joining the bike-share fray in Seattle
09:40 PM
Crowdfunded reMarkable e-paper tablet ships on August 29
08:13 PM
You can now make free phone calls with your Google Home
August 15th, 2017
06:36 PM
After rebranding to Puls and raising new cash, CellSavers wants to help set up your smart gadgets
01:41 AM
DJI adds an offline mode to its drones for clients with ‘sensitive operations’
August 14th, 2017
07:24 PM
Update bricks smart locks preferred by Airbnb
04:30 PM
TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 will feature some of tech’s wildest success stories
August 11th, 2017
10:48 PM
Machine learning can tell if you’re wearing swap meet Louie
10:48 PM
The Minifree Libreboot T400 is free as in freedom
07:25 PM
Mighty fills an iPod shuffle-sized hole for Spotify subscribers
03:04 PM
The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the most flexible connected video doorbell
August 10th, 2017
05:48 PM
Malicious code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it
04:50 PM
8bitdo’s NES30 Arcade Stick is a big, beautiful fighter companion
03:52 PM
Ikea smart lightbulbs get HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home support
06:12 AM
Malicous code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it
August 9th, 2017
08:02 PM
The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you’re looking at the screen
05:08 PM
Essential confirms $300M funding, Amazon and Best Buy retail availability
11:49 AM
EFF files court brief urging warrants for digital device searches at borders
August 8th, 2017
06:25 PM
BlackPods brings your AirPods to the dark side
02:33 PM
Tile’s new lost item trackers have double the range, better looks
August 7th, 2017
09:09 PM
HomePod firmware hints at upcoming Apple TV with 4K support
07:42 PM
Apple just released iOS 11 developer beta 5
05:46 PM
Apple has an official Instagram account showcasing photos shot on iPhone
04:19 PM
iPhone 8 could scan your face even if your phone is on a table
03:50 PM
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active ditches the Infinity Display for ruggedness
August 5th, 2017
09:19 PM
All the major cases where an LTE-enabled Apple Watch would be great
01:30 AM
Phree is a digital stylus that works on any surface – almost
01:01 AM
3D-printed fruit will help your real apples taste better
01:01 AM
Internet of Bees device tracks hive health
01:01 AM
Google Home users will (soon?) be able to try new features early if they know where to look
August 4th, 2017
08:40 PM
The CJR Commander adds some aviationpunk to your wrist
06:44 PM
Your Android phone can become a real Game Boy with this gadget
02:52 PM
Spotify said to be coming soon to Xbox One
August 3rd, 2017
10:56 PM
GoPro actually had a good quarter and the stock is spiking 15%
09:29 PM
Cadillac’s Super Cruise ‘autopilot’ is ready for the expressway
09:00 PM
High schooler makes 3D-printed, machine learning-powered eye disease diagnosis system
07:33 PM
HelloPlant tells you if your ficus is firsty
07:04 PM
The iPhone 8 could automatically adjust your camera settings based on the scene
05:37 PM
8bitdo’s new Nintendo Switch-compatible NES30 Arcade Stick now on sale
03:12 PM
The Moto Z2 Force Edition makes sacrifices for the sake of modularity
August 2nd, 2017
11:45 PM
Solar cell lenses give these shades a charge
11:45 PM
Fitbit tries to convince investors it’s still alive
09:20 PM
Apple appears to be working on a yoga workout mode for Apple Watch
08:22 PM
Apple Pay is coming to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UAE and more banks
07:53 PM
RED’s Hydrogen gets the hands-on treatment
05:57 PM
Fitbit turns teens off exercising, study finds
05:28 PM
Karma’s next device is a Wi-Fi hotspot with built in Tor and a VPN
04:30 PM
Ikea begins selling solar panels and home batteries in the UK
03:03 PM
HP’s new Nvidia-powered backpack VR PC is designed for work, not play
12:34 AM
Apple Watch sales up over 50% since last year
August 1st, 2017
09:11 PM
The All Controller controls all your consoles
08:13 PM
Facebook said to be working on dedicated video chat device
08:13 PM
New Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 is actually reasonably sized
07:44 PM
Nintendo will offer SNES Classic pre-orders in the U.S. in late August
07:15 PM
Cute robot Kuri will also work as your family videographer
04:50 PM
Federico Musto is out as Arduino CEO
03:23 PM
Fire TV gets Amazon Echo integration for remote control-free channel changing
02:48 AM
NASA puts $14M in funding towards soft robots, flash lidar and other research projects
July 31st, 2017
03:41 PM
HomePod firmware reveals iPhone 8 design and facial recognition
03:12 PM
Ring adds three connected Spotlight Cams to its Floodlight Cam lineup
01:45 PM
Ding’s ‘smart enough’ doorbell raises $345k+ on Seedrs
July 29th, 2017
08:37 AM
Your smartphone is the key for the Tesla Model 3
July 28th, 2017
10:29 PM
Using eye smiles to predict the state of your whole face in VR
10:00 PM
iRobot’s CEO says the company never planned to sell Roomba home mapping data
09:02 PM
Foxconn’s long con
07:06 PM
Apple paid Nokia $2 billion as part of a patent lawsuit settlement
July 27th, 2017
10:19 PM
Timekettle’s WT2 real-time translation earpieces enable ordinary conversation across language barriers
08:52 PM
Microsoft’s Imagine Cup crowns its 15th winner, the X.GLU smart glucose meter for kids
04:31 PM
BuzzFeed is getting into the smart appliance business with the Tasty One Top
03:33 PM
GoPro’s CEO believes a simple video editing app holds the key to the company’s future