November 19th, 2019
03:47 PM
The iRobot Roomba s9+ and Braava m6 are the robots you should trust to clean your house well
02:03 PM
Angell is a smart bike with an integrated display
November 18th, 2019
08:44 PM
Intel and Argonne National Lab on ‘exascale’ and their new Aurora supercomputer
07:26 PM
Logitech accessory kit makes the Xbox Adaptive Controller even more accessible
05:42 PM
Weber’s new SmokeFire pellet grill uses June technology for smart cooking
November 15th, 2019
07:58 PM
More layoffs at pivoting London ed tech startup pi-top
November 14th, 2019
08:10 PM
The new AirFly Pro is the perfect travel buddy for your AirPods Pro
07:10 AM
Motorola throws back to the future with a foldable Razr reboot
November 13th, 2019
02:44 PM
Apple’s Mac Pro ships in December with maximum 8TB of storage
02:44 PM
MacBook Pro 16” first impressions: Return of the Mack
02:18 PM
These sneakers vibrate
November 12th, 2019
08:34 PM
Review: Samsung’s Space Monitor is handsome and minimal — if you have the desk for it
12:39 AM
Smartphone maker Realme is taking India and other emerging markets by storm
November 11th, 2019
11:48 PM
Adidas backpedals on robotic shoe production with Speedfactory closures
November 8th, 2019
09:44 PM
Vape lung ‘breakthrough’ suggests lethal culprit in THC products could be vitamin E acetate
November 7th, 2019
11:14 PM
This robotic arm slows down to avoid the uncanny valley
10:22 PM
DNA testing startup Veritas Genetics confirms data breach
02:34 PM
Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 starts shipping
November 6th, 2019
12:36 PM
San Francisco smokes Juul’s hopes by voting to keep e-cigarette ban
November 5th, 2019
05:07 PM
The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a truly great game controller
01:13 PM
UK drone register takes off
01:13 PM
Xiaomi unveils Mi Watch, its $185 Apple Watch clone
November 4th, 2019
11:21 PM
BMW’s magical gesture control finally makes sense as touchscreens take over cars
09:37 PM
DJI Mavic Mini Review
November 2nd, 2019
05:39 PM
Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is a silly, gentle way to shape up
October 31st, 2019
11:15 PM
This tactile display lets visually impaired users feel on-screen 3D shapes
06:03 PM
The GoPro MAX is the ultimate pocketable travel vlogging camera
02:35 PM
Ember’s Mug 2 and Travel Mug 2 extend your coffee temperature sweet spot
08:57 AM
Femtech startup Inne takes the wraps off a hormone tracker and $8.8M in funding
October 30th, 2019
07:58 PM
This robot relies on human reflexes to keep its balance
06:14 PM
SiriusXM picks up voice control support on Google/Nest devices
October 29th, 2019
06:25 PM
Will the quantum economy change your business?
October 28th, 2019
08:46 PM
Spider eyes inspire a new kind of depth-sensing camera
07:54 PM
Here’s what the Uber Eats delivery drone looks like
06:36 PM
Apple releases iOS 13.2 with Deep Fusion
05:44 PM
Google reportedly in talks to acquire Fitbit
05:44 PM
Apple announces AirPods Pro with noise cancellation
01:24 PM
NVIDIA’s new Shield TV wins the Android TV market with amazing 4K upscaling
October 26th, 2019
05:48 PM
Quantum computing’s ‘Hello World’ moment
12:55 AM
NASA’s VIPER lunar rover will hunt water on the Moon in 2022
October 23rd, 2019
05:58 PM
A bike lover’s take on the Cowboy e-bike
05:32 PM
Sense Photonics brings its fancy new flash lidar to market
01:12 PM
Axon adds license plate recognition to police dash cams, but heeds ethics board’s concerns
October 21st, 2019
07:37 PM
Shine Bathroom raises $750K for a smart home add-on that flushes away your toilet doldrums
06:19 PM
The Los Angeles Fire Department wants more drones
October 19th, 2019
07:33 PM
The new iPhone is ugly
October 18th, 2019
11:37 PM
VR/AR startup valuations reach $45 billion (on paper)
01:31 AM
Every state but Alaska has reported vape lung victims, now numbering 1,479 nationwide
October 17th, 2019
10:56 PM
Bosch’s new ‘ear’ for the Space Station’s Astrobee robot will let it ‘hear’ potential mechanical issues
09:38 PM
New NVIDIA Shield Android TV streaming device leaks via Amazon listing
05:18 PM
Logitech’s MX Master 3 mouse and MX Keys keyboard should be your setup of choice
04:52 PM
Sentons launches SurfaceWave, a processor and tech to create software-defined surfaces that supercharge touch and gesture
04:00 PM
Microsoft accessibility grants go out to companies aiming to improve tech for the disabled
October 16th, 2019
11:33 PM
The FrankOne is a simple and portable coffee brewing gadget
08:05 PM
In the Accelerator over the Sea
05:55 PM
The Analogue Pocket might be the perfect portable video game system
October 15th, 2019
07:24 PM
Kabuto is building smart suitcases for geeks
05:40 PM
Google aims to change the definition of good photography with Pixel 4’s software-defined camera
05:40 PM
Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL not launching in India
05:40 PM
Google’s Pixel 4 ships October 24, starting at $799
05:14 PM
Google overhauls Nest Aware cloud recording plan
05:14 PM
Google launches Nest Wifi mesh router and extender with built-in Google Assistant
04:48 PM
Google launches the $649 Pixelbook Go Chromebook
12:02 PM
Smart home startup Level Home emerges from stealth with $71M and a new take on the smart lock
09:52 AM
Watch Google unveil the Pixel 4 live right here
October 14th, 2019
11:28 PM
Leo Labs and its high-fidelity space radar track orbital debris better than ever — from New Zealand
October 11th, 2019
04:13 PM
Nomad’s new Base Station Pro offers a taste of what Apple’s AirPower had promised
October 10th, 2019
11:20 PM
NASA’s new Moon-bound spacesuit is safer, smarter, and much more comfortable
02:59 AM
Creators of modern rechargeable batteries share Nobel prize
October 9th, 2019
05:27 PM
Gnarbox 2.0 backup SSD is a photographer’s best friend in the field and at home
October 8th, 2019
09:32 PM
With $15M round and 100K tablets sold, reMarkable CEO wants to make tech ‘more human’
07:22 PM
Google makes moving music and videos between speakers and screens easier
11:34 AM
With a possible Apple tag waiting in the wings, Tile unveils Sticker, an adhesive device for tracking objects
October 3rd, 2019
07:01 PM
Sony’s new A9 II mirrorless full-frame camera has the speed sports photographers need
03:25 AM
MyMilk Labs launches Mylee, a small sensor that analyzes breast milk at home