December 15th, 2017
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13 Amazing Stocking Stuffers for the Festive Season
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Hudly Makes It Easy for Drivers to Keep Their Eyes on the Road
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You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See the Ultra-Slim VETR PANL1 Speakers
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Hudly Makes It Easy for Drivers to Keep Their Eyes on the Road
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Yomee Is the Easy Way to Make Delicious Yogurt at Home
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9 Social Media Hacks for Crowdfunding Campaigns
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Meet the Robots That Will Make Tomorrow’s Gadgets
02:00 AM Will Make You an Inflatable Alter Ego
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How to Make Use of the First 3 Days of Your Crowdfunding Campaign
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Lucis Smart Wireless LED Lighting Is A Portable, Powerful, And Delightful
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OctoFit Is the Secret to Successful Home Training Sessions
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The Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns Will Make You Feel Like Bond
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Your Helpful Gadget Flow Guide to the Bitcoin Revolution
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How To Work Remotely In A Different Time Zone
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These 10 Indiegogo Partners Can Help You Boost Your Campaign
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Wacù Is a Tiny Vacuum That Will Save Space in Your Suitcase
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In a World of Portable Devices, POLATAP Is the Essential Kit for Travelers
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Sabrent 7 USB Port Hub With Power Switches Gives You Even More Control Over Your Devices
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What Will You Listen to with the X-SHOCK True Wireless Earphones?
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What Impact Will AI Have on the Future of Ecommerce?
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10 Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays
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Indulge in Audio Luxury with the TT8 Turntable
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What Impact Will AI Have on the Future of Ecommerce?
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How Facebook Ads Can Help You Get More Pledges On Kickstarter
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Yeehaw Wand Is the Ultimate Tool for 3D Creativity
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Enjoy a Warm Massage on the Move with VascoPillow
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The babocush Newborn Comfort Cushion Settles Your Baby Instantly
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Manfrotto Advanced Camera Laptop Backpack Active II for the Photographer On the Go
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Migo Is Probably the Most Accessible 3D Printer on the Market
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AprendeApps Drag n’ Drop Mobile App Creator Makes App Development a Breeze
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How to Upgrade Your Company Comms with Crux LX
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How Bluesmart Came to Be the New Name in Travel Tech
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6 Ways to Make Your Remote Job More Interesting
05:46 PM
6 Ways to Make Your Remote Job More Interesting
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Sidekick Will Backup and Charge Your Phone When You Need It Most
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Feeling Down? Get a Lift with MOJO Bracelets
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Capsule Is the Easy Way to Backup Your Photos
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BANDI Belts Are the Most Stylish Way to Carry Your Valuables
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Best Cheatsheet To Refer Before Launching a Crowdfunding Campaign
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Enjoy Peaceful Down Time with the SILENTMODE Audio Mask
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iPhone X Giveaway – Ships in November 20th
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10 Amazing Gadgets to Gift Yourself this Holiday Season
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Is Your Dog Feeling Good? The Waggit Smart Collar Can Tell You
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Quick Look on the Top 18 Resources For Crowdfunding Projects
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EINSTOFFEN Watches Display the Best of Beautiful Alpine Style
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xFyro xS2 Truly Wireless Earbuds Combine Design, Build Quality, and Convenience
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eyeQ Smart Binoculars Are the Best Way to Capture Distant Action
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Filegear Will Automatically Back Up All Your Media
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Kuri Is One Entertaining Little Robot
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Identity Vault Protects You from Digital Danger
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The Neck Hammock Can Relieve Pain in Just 10 Minutes
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Gear Up Your Home with These Useful Smart Home Gadgets
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Look After Your Vision with the EyeQue Insight Screener
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The PROTEKKT Emergency Tool Could Save Your Life
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Could This be the Best Gaming Smartphone Ever Created?
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Want Whiter Teeth? The Unico Smartbrush Will Make You Smile
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Struggle with Working on the Move? You Need to See MOBICASE
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How the Bezalel Wireless Charging System Upgraded My Life
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The Innovative Frenchie Speed Backpack Is All About Quick Access
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How to Use Email Marketing in Crowdfunding?
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Does Remote Work Create A More Humanizing Experience?
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How to Capture Your Adventures in 4K with the Moment Foldable Drone
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GOLIFIC Active Apparel Keeps You Remarkably Cool and Fresh
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Feel Secure on the Move with the Freedom Pack Anti-Theft Backpack
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5 Brands That Make Out-of-the-Box Everyday Accessories
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Top 8 Tools to Keep a Remote Team Going
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G-RO Luggage Makes It Easy to Stay Organized on the Go
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Top 10 Tools to Keep a Remote Team Going
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Terracea Is a Jacket That Will Adapt to Conditions