April 23rd, 2019
12:20 AM
Beleaguered Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch after test units break
April 22nd, 2019
11:03 PM
How to make your Mac more energy efficient
09:45 PM
5 mistakes new Mac users make
09:19 PM
Why I’ve learned to hate my Apple Watch
08:53 PM
Apple works to conserve mangroves
07:35 PM
Apple employs an in-house philosopher; won’t let him talk to the press
07:35 PM
Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s 5G iPhone coming in 2020 with bigger battery, modem chips from Qualcomm and Samsung
06:43 PM
What to expect from Apple’s Q219 earnings report
06:17 PM
Apple spends more than $30 million on Amazon Web Services every month
05:51 PM
Why the Apple MFA lawsuit should get thrown out of court
04:33 PM
Tim Cook: We grieve as Islamist terrorists’ bomb attacks kill hundreds of Catholics in Sri Lanka
04:07 PM
Next-gen ‘iPhone XI’ and ‘iPhone XI Max’ molds show triple camera layout
03:41 PM
JCPenney abruptly drops Apple Pay Support from its retail stores and mobile app
03:15 PM
Beleaguered Samsung postpones Galaxy Fold media events
03:15 PM
Apple-supplier Foxconn ‘still committed’ to 13,000 Wisconsin jobs, despite governor’s doubts
April 19th, 2019
11:10 PM
Old Apple iPhones don’t die, they get recycled
10:44 PM
Levi & Korsinsky, LLP announces class action lawsuit against Apple over false and misleading statements
10:44 PM
The Law Offices of Vincent Wong files class action lawsuit against Apple, alleging executives made false and misleading statements to the market
10:44 PM
Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman announces deadline for class action lawsuit against Apple over false and misleading statements
09:26 PM
Apple removes 4K LG UltraFine displays from online store in the U.S.
09:00 PM
Winners and Losers of the Apple-Qualcomm detente
08:34 PM
The global system of trade is being realigned; how investors should navigate globalization’s decline
07:16 PM
Macworld UK reviews Apple’s 2019 iPad mini: ‘A surprising and powerful tablet’
06:50 PM
Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time, and more coming to the Mac
05:58 PM
Danielle DePalma joins Apple as film and tv series marketing executive
05:58 PM
Performance shootout: Apple’s Intel vs. ARM systems
05:06 PM
Apple expects greater cooperation with China on clean energy
04:14 PM
Hey, Samsung, what’s the point of being first, if you can’t be good?
03:22 PM
Foxconn says it remains committed to Wisconsin investment project
03:22 PM
Why Intel’s smartphone strategy went off the rails yet again
12:14 AM
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway might have missed out as Apple again approaches $1 trillion market value
April 18th, 2019
10:56 PM
Why did Intel kill off their modem program?
10:56 PM
Apple patent application reveals force-sensing gloves for iPhone that detect gestures and grip
09:38 PM
Facebook ‘unintentionally uploaded’ email contacts of up to 1.5 million users
09:12 PM
Apple Arcade could have a big league pay off
08:20 PM
Analyst estimates Apple paid up to $6 billion to settle with Qualcomm
07:02 PM
What Hi-Fi? reviews Apple’s HomePod: ‘The best-sounding smart speaker currently available’
06:36 PM
The Schall Law Firm files class action lawsuit against Apple, alleging executives made false and misleading statements to the market
06:10 PM
Qualcomm detente is a bitter pill for Tim Cook; clock is ticking on Apple’s own modem
05:18 PM
Apple to expand Apple Watch authentication on Mac
04:52 PM
Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhones’ triple-camera system to feature new super-wide 12-megapixel lens
03:34 PM
Samsung Galaxy Fold display failures raise specter of Note 7 fiasco
03:34 PM
Apple expands global recycling programs; Daisy robots can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour
03:08 PM
Apple’s iPhone XR was the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. in February
April 17th, 2019
11:59 PM
Apple continues to dominate premium smartphone market with 51% global share
11:07 PM
CNBC reviews Samsung Galaxy Fold: Completely unusable after just two days of use
10:41 PM
The Verge reviews Samsung Galaxy Fold: Screen broke after just a day
10:41 PM
Sonos speakers enable Apple Music voice control via Amazon’s Alexa
10:15 PM
Samsung Galaxy Fold display issues emerge immediately
09:23 PM
Qualcomm CEO on Apple settlement: We’re not going to disclose how much the deal is worth
08:57 PM
Prior to settlement, Apple got Qualcomm’s fake patent injunction lifted in Germany
08:05 PM
iOS apps will make Apple’s Mac a better platform – eventually
07:39 PM
Here’s what likely happened between Apple, Qualcomm and Intel
06:47 PM
Apple CEO Cook, CFO Maestri accused of securities fraud over iPhone sales
05:55 PM
Apple working on new Tile-like hardware tag; plans replace Find My Friends and Find My iPhone with unified app
05:55 PM
Macs may need ARM processors to survive
05:55 PM
Qualcomm settlement with Apple paves way for Huawei dispute
04:37 PM
Intel axes 5G modem plans after Apple and Qualcomm settle
04:11 PM
How to mirror or extend your Mac display to Apple TV
03:45 PM
What performance gains Apple’s A13 chip might deliver
02:53 PM
Apple in talks with suppliers of sensors for autonomous vehicles
03:11 AM
Netflix forecast disappoints as streaming competition looms from the likes of Apple, Disney
12:10 AM
After settlement with Apple, Qualcomm still faces other potential legal fallout
April 16th, 2019
11:44 PM
Apple’s iPhone XR tops U.K. smartphone sales charts
10:26 PM
Walt Mossberg: Apple needs a big new innovation soon
10:00 PM
Qualcomm and Apple settle, agree to drop all litigation
09:34 PM
Apple lawyers compare Qualcomm chips to fried chicken as trial begins
08:42 PM
Donors, including Apple, pledge over 700 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral
07:24 PM
Billions at stake as Apple v. Qualcomm trial begins
06:06 PM
iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a serious computer
04:48 PM
Indian government asks Apple and Google to take down TikTok app
03:30 PM
Apple’s most important new subscription service may be Apple Arcade
03:30 PM
Apple-Qualcomm jury includes woman who’s never owned smartphone
04:14 AM
Internet Explorer exploit lets hackers steal Windows sufferers’ data – even if they never even run the damn thing
12:46 AM
Apple shares six new videos highlighting what iPad Pro’s versatility