May 19th, 2018
04:01 PM
Website flaw exposed most U.S. cellphones’ real-time locations
12:00 AM
Germany calls on chip and hardware makers to tackle processor flaws
May 18th, 2018
11:08 PM
Apple’s HomePod makes a small dent in smart speaker market in debut quarter
10:42 PM
Samsung compares Galaxy S9 to iPhone 6 in stupid new commercial
10:16 PM
Apple News features Royal Wedding coverage with special tab for UK users
09:50 PM
Group of iOS developers form ‘non-union union’ to push Apple to fix App Store issues
09:24 PM
Who’s really to blame for ‘smartphone addiction’, and who’s responsible for curbing it?
08:32 PM
Woz dumps Facebook and thinks Ethereum could be the new Apple
07:40 PM
Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Our hearts go out to the families and victims’ of Texas high school attack
07:14 PM
Bloomberg’s misleading report about institutional investors’ Apple stock sales
06:22 PM
Why are my parents’ iPhones all synced up?
05:30 PM
LGBT groups seethe as Apple eyes North Carolina site for new corporate campus
04:38 PM
How to check for – and remove – the Mac malware mshelper
04:12 PM
It’s time for iOS devices to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C
03:46 PM
Apple’s iPhone X remained the world’s best-selling smartphone in March
03:20 PM
Apple $1.8 billion tax arrears payment eases EU pressure on Ireland
May 17th, 2018
11:45 PM
What Google isn’t telling us about its ‘Duplex’ AI demo
11:19 PM
Apple begins to sell out of AirPort base stations
10:53 PM
Strategy Analytics: Apple shipped 600,000 HomePods in Q1 for 6% share of smart speaker market
10:01 PM
Apple to fight EU Irish tax clawback without U.S. support role
09:35 PM
How to password protect files and folders on your Mac
09:09 PM
Gene Munster: Apple will release Apple Glasses late in 2021
08:43 PM
Beleaguered Tidal music subscription service reportedly months behind on royalty payments
07:51 PM
Cartoonist makes digital art with iPad and Apple Pencil
07:25 PM
Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X battery could wear out in 18 months – or not
06:33 PM
Intel makes its first 10nm Cannon Lake chips official
05:41 PM
Apple again replacing 2012-2013 MacBook Pro batteries
05:15 PM
Why are analysts almost always wrong about Apple?
04:23 PM
Original Mac designer Susan Kare takes stand in Apple v. Samsung trial
03:31 PM
Apple brings ‘Everyone Can Code’ to schools serving blind and deaf students across the U.S.
03:05 PM
Apple close to deal to build major new campus in North Carolina’s Research Triangle pending tax breaks
03:49 AM
Bitcoin consumes an astonishing amount of energy and it’s only getting worse
May 16th, 2018
11:30 PM
Apple executive admits Steve Jobs ‘bet the company’ on the iPhone in drawn-out court case with Samsung
11:04 PM
ZipperDown vulnerability may impact 10% of all iOS apps, Android apps also affected
10:38 PM
President Trump signs executive order to modernize U.S. government computer systems
10:12 PM
Personal email is dead, but I still can’t quit it
09:20 PM
Here’s what Apple sent when I asked for all the data they had on me
08:28 PM
Apple quietly explores Northern Virginia for 20,000-employee campus
07:36 PM
Disney mulls allowing Pixar co-founder John Lasseter to return after unwelcome hugging accusations
06:44 PM
U.S. Senate democrats stage a phony vote on so-called ‘net neutrality’
05:52 PM
Is a stronger social mission what Apple is missing?
05:26 PM
Give your old Mac software eternal life
04:34 PM
iPhone SE 2 could pack iPhone X features into compact form factor
04:08 PM
Microsoft again plans cheap ‘Surface’ tablet line in attempt to take on Apple’s iPad juggernaut
03:42 PM
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway confirms it’s now Apple’s second-largest shareholder
03:42 PM
Apple wants $1 billion from Samsung at iPhone copying retrial; Samsung wants to pay just $28 million
May 15th, 2018
11:41 PM
Apple patent reveals future Face ID biometrics may including scanning veins in a user’s face
11:15 PM
Apple executive Eddy Cue to be deposed in Qualcomm patent battle
10:49 PM
Canal+ gives up on its cable box, switches to Apple TV
10:23 PM
Popular encrypted email standards are unsafe – researchers
09:57 PM
Apple and EFF secure podcasting win as Supreme Court refuses case from patent troll
09:05 PM
Adobe sends out 2nd wave of security updates for critical vulnerabilities
08:39 PM
Adobe makes XD Design software free through new XD CC Starter Plan
07:47 PM
Tim Bajarin: Focus on services is critical to Apple’s long-term survival
07:21 PM
New facts we just learned about the legendary Steve Jobs
06:55 PM
Google employees quitting over Pentagon drone project
05:37 PM
Apple’s FileMaker releases FileMaker 17 Platform
05:11 PM
Apple as a service: Services offer growth, visibility, and profitability
04:45 PM
Tim Cook confirms Apple Music’s 50 million users, big push into TV and movies
04:19 PM
Intel plans for $5 billion expansion in Israel
02:35 PM
Apple CEO Cook told President Trump tariffs are ‘not the right approach’ to China
01:09 AM
Apple debuts new TV ad for iPhone X: ‘Studio in your Pocket’
May 14th, 2018
11:51 PM
Apple CEO Cook continues hammering Facebook over privacy violations
10:59 PM
Is the Apple iPhone lineup about to get more colorful?
10:59 PM
Apple now has 55 self-driving cars testing in California
09:41 PM
Would an Apple–Goldman Sachs ‘Apple Pay’ credit card be a good deal or just good branding?
09:15 PM
Apple is almost a $1 trillion company, but watch out for Amazon
08:49 PM
Why the Apple Store is selling a bike helmet
07:31 PM
How to protect yourself from the EFAIL vulnerability on Mac and iOS
07:05 PM
One way to use an iPad as a display for a headless Mac
06:39 PM
Why Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is HUGE in Europe
05:47 PM
5 Mac Terminal tips you’ll want to use
05:21 PM
Om Malik on Google Photos vs. Apple Photos
04:29 PM
Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple seeks to ‘take disability out of the equation’
04:29 PM
Apple sued by claimants alleging iPhone or iPad mini took down EgyptAir flight 804, killing 66