June 26th, 2019
02:41 AM
Read 20% faster with this easy speed-reading tool
12:57 AM
HiRise Wireless charger is a useful work of art
12:06 AM
Apple hires top Drive.ai talent as self-driving startup shuts down
June 25th, 2019
10:22 PM
OWC launches fastest USB-C SSD drive ever built
10:22 PM
Elevate your carry style with this roomy roll-top backpack
09:30 PM
iWork apps for iOS and Mac just got a massive update
09:04 PM
Take a glimpse at the tech-obsessed mutants of the future
09:04 PM
New Pokémon Masters details will be revealed this week
08:12 PM
6 great iOS 13 and iPadOS features (and 3 terrible ones)
07:46 PM
These wireless chargers provide power wherever you go
07:46 PM
Apple is serious about strapping a camera to your wrist
07:45 PM
macOS Catalina public beta doesn’t support multiple iTunes libraries
07:20 PM
You could write Hollywood’s next blockbuster on your iPhone
06:54 PM
Fortnite’s newest content update brings big weapon changes
06:02 PM
How to prepare your Mac for macOS Catalina public beta
04:44 PM
Matrix-like gadget lets you snap ‘bullet-time’ selfies
04:18 PM
Apple won’t remove app criticized for being tool for radicalization
02:34 PM
Apple Watch Series 4 was last year’s wearable ‘star performer’
02:34 PM
PSA: Resist the urge to install iOS 13, iPadOS betas for now
02:08 PM
Today in Apple history: Bill Gates urges Apple to license Mac OS
01:42 PM
Apple lobbyist warns that phone and laptop prices set to soar
12:24 PM
Amazon Prime Day 2019 runs for 48 hours, promises to be best yet
11:06 AM
Apple sued over fatal apartment fire allegedly caused by iPad
02:52 AM
Lego builds record-breaking diorama promoting next iPhone game
01:08 AM
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite took off like a Nimbus 2000
12:42 AM
Apple plans to hire 2,000 workers in Seattle by 2024
June 24th, 2019
10:59 PM
Tiny USB-C hub doubles as a hard drive
09:41 PM
How to prepare your iPad or iPhone for the iOS 13 and iPadOS public betas
08:49 PM
Facebook throws shade on Apple’s ‘exclusive’ approach
08:23 PM
Apple’s not making much money off Spotify
08:23 PM
All the new keyboard shortcuts in iPadOS Safari, listed
08:23 PM
iOS 13 and iPadOS betas are now available to everyone
07:57 PM
First macOS Catalina public beta is finally here
07:31 PM
Apple Card inches closer to launch with new iOS 12.4 beta
07:05 PM
iPhone 11 might look painfully familiar
06:39 PM
Samsung: Galaxy Fold delay won’t affect new iPhone XS Max rival
05:21 PM
Microsoft plans dual-screen Surface tablet with Android apps
04:55 PM
Bill Gates says failing to challenge iOS was his ‘greatest mistake’
04:29 PM
Apple scraps plans for supercharged iPhone camera sensor
03:37 PM
Give your bookmarks manager a promotion
03:37 PM
Crime-fighter stops thief by pretending his iPhone is a gun
02:19 PM
Today in Apple history: iPhone 4 arrives with glorious Retina display
01:53 PM
Apple suppliers seek new opportunities outside China
01:27 PM
Fortnite is getting a revamped revolver this week
01:01 PM
16-inch MacBook Pro could arrive sooner than you think
11:43 AM
Nintendo fires takedown notice at fan-made Mario Royale
11:17 AM
New ads show off iPhone encryption, recycling, and privacy
June 23rd, 2019
09:26 PM
Zagg folio case offers the keys to unlock iPad Pro productivity
07:42 PM
The best firewall, reminders and video editing apps this week
05:32 PM
‘Shot on iPhone’ experiment with slo-mo water is completely mesmerizing
03:48 PM
For a limited time, get a discount on this highly rated language iPhone app
02:04 PM
Today in Apple history: Power Mac G5 packs world’s first 64-bit CPU
12:46 PM
Marshmello will host special concert inside Fortnite on Feb. 2
12:46 PM
Meizu Zero goes up for pre-order with eye-watering price tag
12:46 PM
Foxconn says it can’t afford to make TV screens in Wisconsin
12:45 PM
Disappointing holiday earnings don’t stop Apple shares from rebounding
12:45 PM
Brand new Pokémon game may be coming to iOS
12:45 PM
Move all your torrents and downloads to the cloud
12:45 PM
There’s still a way to get a cheap iPhone battery replacement
12:45 PM
Enjoy Apple Music on American Airlines without buying Wi-Fi
12:45 PM
Today in Apple history: Newton MessagePad 120 is Apple’s first great mobile device
12:45 PM
Another analyst thinks Apple shares are going cheap
12:45 PM
Gmail is getting a big redesign on Android and iOS
12:45 PM
Facebook will remove iOS app that paid users to ‘spy’ on them
12:45 PM
Lawyer claims FaceTime bug was used to eavesdrop on a client
12:45 PM
Apple won’t say how many iPhones it sold, but here’s a good guess
12:45 PM
Budget 2019 iPad needs to include Apple Keyboard
12:45 PM
Everything you need to know about Apple’s disappointing holiday quarter
12:45 PM
iPhone sales slump, but Apple’s in it ‘for the long term’
12:45 PM
Live blog: Witness Apple’s high-stakes earnings call
12:45 PM
Apple reinvents seatbelt with gesture controls
12:45 PM
Today at Apple adds 50 new sessions in expanded formats
12:45 PM
Beware: Shortcuts could steal your data
12:45 PM
Aetna’s new app lets you earn an Apple Watch by being fit
June 22nd, 2019
06:08 PM
App Store reviewers plow through up to 100 apps per day